Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 2 – Disc 2

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 2 – Okita Souji

CV – Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Track 1

2999, 3000!

I suppose that’s enough for tonight. Oh, it’s you? What is it?

You made me a snack? Hmm…I suppose I’ll take it then. I was just feeling a little hungry.

Mmm…It doesn’t taste bad. Hmm…I haven’t had enough to eat yet.

You’re going to make some more rice balls? No…that’s not what I want. I don’t want to eat rice balls. I want to eat you. Oh, what’s the matter? You look so surprised. You should have seen this coming, shouldn’t you? You’re too defenceless. You haven’t said that you’re thinking of quitting your job as my assistant, and instead you willingly came to be alone with me. This means I can do what I want now, right?

It doesn’t? That wasn’t your intention? That doesn’t matter to me. Ah…I like that expression on your face. It makes me feel good when all it takes is a few words for you to go from happy to sad. Shall I kiss you again, if you don’t mind me doing it for fun?

This time… Right… I don’t mind kissing you somewhere apart from your lips. Amazing! Your face is bright red. Shall I tell you something good? A troubled expression like that will just turn a man on.

Well, what do you want me to eat first? Tell me. Your arms? Your legs? Your neck? Hurry up and get out if you’re leaving.

That’s how it should be. It’s no good getting caught by someone like me. Well, goodnight…

You idiot. Why did you come back? I’m only coughing because it’s a little cold. It’s nothing. That’s expression on your face… What? Are you going to warm me up? Come on. Come here. Do whatever you want.

Someone might come here, but we won’t have time to move to a different room. Aren’t you going to resist? I don’t mind if you do. I might give up if you do. This might be your last chance to escape from me.

You’re trembling. Are you scared? You can run away if you hate me. You understand that things won’t end here, don’t you? You’re not going to run away. I see. Then I suppose that means you want me to do this to you.

Hey. How was your first kiss? Have you forgotten? Will this help you remember? That’s no good. Who said you could look away? Look at me and answer my question. Look at me. Hey. Have you ever thought of me and felt consumed with passion? You haven’t? Really? I see. In that case, this seems like it’ll be fun. I’m going to take all your first experiences.

Your hands are beautiful. Even though they’re rough from doing kitchen work. The rest of your skin is pure white. I’m sure this is what an undisturbed field of snow looks like. It tickles? Try your best to endure it. Come on, stay still.

Hey. I’m the one you want, aren’t I? I don’t understand why. I think there are plenty of men better than me. Tell me the reason you love me. Why are you blushing now? You’re quite an honest person. I know that you love me. You’re urging me to love you in return. But I won’t love you. Even tonight is nothing more than me acting on my impulses. I won’t become yours. I’ll use you in a way that’s convenient for me. You belong to me. You only have to obey me. It’s too late for you to have any regrets.

Hey. I’m going to satisfy you completely. So try and beg me. Try and tempt me even more.

You’re asking me how? You have plenty of ways to do that, don’t you? Shall I tell you the easiest way? Say something, and turn me on. Come on. You want it, don’t you? Say it in an excited way. Hurry up.

Well done. Alright, if you insist. I’ll use myself to satisfy you.

Track 2

Relax. Breathe gently. That’s right. You’re a good girl. Your mouth is burning hot. Let me see you more clearly. Show me what you’ve never let anyone else see. Show me completely. I want to see you breathing hard, with tears in your eyes and crying out. Stop hiding your face. Let me expose everything, from beginning to end. Go mad enough to lose control of yourself. You’re really turning me on now.

Hey. Show me that you’re ready. Tell me how serious you are. You could… Right… Will you die in my arms right now? Hey. Can you tell me that you love me enough to surrender everything to me?

It’s easy to say that. Prove it to me. That you won’t resist, no matter what I do. Does it hurt when I do this to you? Or perhaps it feels unexpectedly good?

You want me to take my hands away? Hmm? I knew it. You don’t show your love for me. Because you don’t obey me even though you say you love me. Your love for me comes from sympathy, doesn’t it? You only stayed by my side because Kondo-san and Hijikata-san told you to, didn’t you? Well?

It’s no good denying it so strongly… I can’t believe you, when you don’t even obey me. Stop resisting if you want me to believe you. That’s right.

You’re sighing. Hey. Do you still love me, even though I’m doing this? It has to be your choice to accept me. I think this is your chance to show your love.

How was it? I held back a little. It was alright, wasn’t it? Honestly, you’re getting too frightened. Did you really want me to worry about you that much? Well, that’s too bad then. It was no good.

You look a mess. But you look really beautiful. You look pathetic and pitiful. The more pathetic you look, the more excited I get. But it’s still not enough. Please tempt me even more. That’s no good. I won’t forgive you, even if you cry. If you wanted to be treated kindly, then you shouldn’t have chosen me.

What kind of pain do you want to experience this time? What kind of shame do you want to feel this time? Hey. Tell me.

Hmm? You don’t want to? I see. In that case, how about I make it really painful? Don’t look so pale. I’m interested how much I will have to hurt you before you give up on me. Because you’re so patient, I think I might not be able to resist playing with you for a while.

Well? Are you happy? As for when I’ll get bored of you…that depends on you.

Come closer to me. Come on. Why are you taking so long? That’s right. Stay still now. I’m going to bring the light over here. I can see you clearly. I told you to stay still. Don’t you understand?

You were about to cry out, weren’t you? Did that hurt? It’s okay for you to shout if you can’t bear the pain. If you do, we’ll be found by the others and I’ll be killed for breaking the Shinsengumi’s laws. If you don’t like what I’m doing to you, then shout as loud as you like.

Hmm? You’re going to try and put up with this too? I see. But this still isn’t enough. Shall I try here next? What are you doing? You can’t wait any longer, can you? You want me to satisfy you, don’t you? I’m sure it will hurt though. You’ll put up with it, won’t you?

So you finally cried out. Do you like this kind of thing? I can’t believe it. No, don’t look at me like that. I want you to cry tears of shame and pain. I don’t need you to tell me you love me. It’s so ridiculous that it makes me sick. Don’t say that again.

Keep your voice down. It’d be no good if someone out in the hall heard you. If someone finds us, both of us really will be killed. Or is it more exciting to have that kind of tension? This is good. I want to do this forever. I’ll destroy you until you’re unable to live without me. I’ll make you drown in me. You’ll be unable to even breathe without my permission.

How is it? You’re happy, aren’t you? Then tell me if you are. If you don’t…

Well done. Now I’m going to etch my proof all over your body. I’m going to leave the proof that I exist…that I existed…on you.

You’ll act as if nothing happened tomorrow. Hey. Are you listening? Oh? Are you asleep?

Are you really asleep? It’s brave of you to fall asleep on top of me. Well, what should I do? At this rate, my body is going to get cold again… A cough, hmm?

Hey. You actually know what my illness is now, don’t you? Don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret. If you keep it a secret… Right, I might tell you that I love you one day.

Track 3

Ah, it’s you. What’s the matter? You’re usually cleaning at this time. Did you miss me or something? Come on. Come here. If you insist, I can do it right here.

Hahaha. Don’t make me laugh. The birds flew away again because of you, didn’t they? It was because of that strange look on your face. Did you take that joke I just made seriously?

Haha. You really are worth fooling. Oh? The birds came back. It seems that they finally recognise you. But they’ll probably stop coming here soon. They’re migratory birds, you see. They might have forgotten us when they return here in the spring. We don’t even know whether we’ll meet again anyway.

Eh? Well, it’s true, isn’t it? We don’t know whether those birds will remember where the headquarters are, or they might run out of strength and die on the way here. I’d like to keep on watching the Shinsengumi, Kondo-san and Hijikata-san become even greater. But I don’t know what might happen. Of course, I intend to be with the Shinsengumi forever. I’m going to be with Kondo-san and Hijikata-san longer than anyone else. I won’t let myself leave before things are over. If that happened, I’d feel so much regret that I wouldn’t be able to die a peaceful death.

Haha. Why do you have that expression on your face? I was just talking about what might happen. Why do you look as if you’re about to cry? You’re an idiot. I’ve found someone else important to me, so I’ve got to keep trying my best.

Eh? Who is it? Hmm… I wonder who it could be. How about you think about it by yourself?

You’re curious about who it is? Right…If you can understand this phrase, then I’ll tell you. “If the flower and the water stay still, they’ll be parted by darkness.” [1] Well? Do you understand? You can’t ask anyone else the answer. Do your best to think about what it means by yourself. You want me to give you a clue?

Hmm…alright. The water represents Kondo-san and Hijikata-san. But you’re included too. Haha. You don’t understand? You’re an idiot and slow too. You might never understand. Well, you might be happier that way.

No, I didn’t say anything. Why don’t you get back to work soon? If you don’t start preparing dinner, the sun will set before you know it. It’s getting windy, so I’ll go back to my room soon. See you later then. I’ll be waiting in my room tonight.

I wonder why I’m not afraid of death, even though I can sense it. I suppose I’m not afraid because I’m so happy right now, with Kondo-san, Hijikata-san and you. I wanted to stay with Kondo-san and Hijikata-san to see what awaits them on the path they’re travelling. I wonder why I’m the only one who’s going to stand still so soon?

What I can do in the time I’ve got left… If I smile like I usually do until the end, it might help you a little. You’ll be the one left behind, but you might be able to understand how happy I was.

I hope Kondo-san, Hijikata-san and you will have a future as bright as the moon from that evening. As long as my life goes on, I’ll be hoping for your happiness.

[1] A poem written by Okita Souji in his final moments. One interpretation is that the flower and water represent Okita and Hijikata, while the darkness symbolises death. The message of the poem is that Okita considered he should regret that death was parting him from Hijikata, rather than fearing death.

Track 4

What are your thoughts on the recording?

  • He mentions how he found the recording tiring.
  • He says the thing he most wants now that the recording is over is something sugary/sweet.

Are there any similarities between you and Okita Souji?

  • He says that both he and Souji can be honest, but only when they’re in the right mood.
  • He doesn’t think they have any other similarities, but mentions that he enjoyed playing Souji.

Do you have a favourite Shinsengumi member?

  • He says that doesn’t have one and that he’s unexpectedly unfamiliar with history.
  • His favourite era in history is the Heian era.
  • The only Shinsengumi members he knows are Okita, Kondo and Hijikata, so he thinks he’s got to study more.

What are your thoughts on the dummy head mic?

  • He mentions how he thinks the dummy head mic has gotten popular recently as he’s been using it quite often.
  • He says it’s quite difficult to record using a dummy head mic because of how easily they pick up other noises.

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  1. Sob… I’ve listened those tracks many times, but it’s the first time I totally understand how painful these are!!!! I knew it, but I can help it, tonight I’m gonna cry a lot!!!!.
    Anyway, thanks for your translations. I really love it and I’ll love you more when you have time and translate Wasurenagusa 1 because I’m totally in love with Saitou-sama.

  2. You are stunning. Simple as that. I love how casual some of your translations are—knowing that much of Japanese speech is complex and differs greatly from English. In other words, you have a very clear translation! I appreciate that so very much!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Wow! otsukaresama. thanks for translating this! I love wasurenagusa so much. I hope you will translate the other volume too.

  4. I’ve been listening to this for a while now but when I finally coupled it with this translation, I realized how beautiful and sad Okita Souji’s endeavors are. Tattsun did a great job in this CD as well.

    Thank you for the amazing translation, Saki-san!

  5. Hi Saki-san,
    Thank you so much for this translation~ It was really easy to read and follow, and the time stamps were especially helpful. I think Suzuki Tatsuhisa may have just become my new favorite seiyuu because of this CD, haha! Would it be possible to translate the free talk too? If not I understand!
    Thanks again for the translation!! <3

  6. Thank you so much for translating this. I’ve always been interested in different Shinsengumi adaptions/interpretstions. People kept saying this is one of the best, and I can see why now. Loved the cd, but also love your translations.

    I know this is half a decade later, but is a translation for Tatsun’s free talk really out of the question? I’d appreciate it if you would translate or even just summaries those 3 minutes.

    1. There were some parts of the free talk where I wasn’t sure, so I’ve only done a little summary, but I hope you still find it useful! Thank you for reading my translations (*≧▽≦)

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