Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 3 – Disc 2

Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 3 – Nagakura Shinpachi

CV: Maeno Tomoaki

Track 6

What’s the matter?

Ah… You’ve brought some clean clothes here.

Thank you. Put them there.

Yes. I was having an evening drink by myself.

Look. The moon looks really beautiful tonight, isn’t it?

I was thinking that it’s sometimes nice to drink while looking at the moon.

Hey. Will you talk to me for a while?

I just feel like talking to someone.

There are less men around, so your work is a little easier, right?

Even though it’s easier, it feels lonely?

You’re right. There were less men around when you first arrived at the headquarters, but we recruited more men and the number of men gradually increased. Then the number of men decreased after the Goryou-Eji left. We’ll probably never see some of those men again.

Just because your work is easier, that doesn’t mean you feel happy about it, hmm? I feel the same way. There are less people I need to supervise, but that feels strangely empty.

Well, we did live under the same roof for a long time. I suppose we became like family.

Hey. Will you pour me a drink? I think the wine will taste good if you pour it.

Thank you.

Yes. It really does taste good.

You really have been a great help, Little Bird. The Shinsengumi would be no good without you!

By the way, I’m not just trying to be polite. Now you help the men feel relaxed too. Everyone says that no matter how tired they are, they can keep on going when they remember the dinner you’ve prepared for them at the headquarters.

Your cooking really is delicious. I really enjoy it too.

Ah… The cooking equipment. Now that you mention it, we bought them together when you first got here.

Well, I don’t think some equipment is enough to make food taste delicious.

Have you always used that kind of equipment?

I see. So your parents used it.

You got your cooking skills from your parents too.

Thanks to that, the men at the headquarters are used to having delicious food everyday.

I should be thankful to your parents too.

Now that I think about it, it’s been quite a long time since you first came here.

So it’s been that long since what happened at the Ikedaya… It went by so fast.

It’s a quiet evening, isn’t it?

Doesn’t it sound nice to hear the silver grass swaying?

On days like this, I end up thinking about a lot of things.

Well… That’s why I’m drinking this wine to take my mind off them.

Hey… Are you the same too, Little Bird?

Little Bird?

When I happened to look at her cheek, a single tear had rolled down.

Reflecting the moonlight, it sparkled as it fell.

I remembered having the illusion that time had stopped when I looked at her face from the side.

My chest felt tight and I gulped at the pain.

I had finally realised.

That’s right. I hadn’t seen that expression on Little Bird’s face before.

You were also smiling the first time that we met.

Your smile was always so bright that it made the men forget why you’d ended up at the headquarters.

I hadn’t really noticed it. But it hurt to see those tears and I embraced you without a second thought.

I’m sorry. I brought back bad memories.

This is the first time I’ve seen you crying though. There’s no way you wouldn’t feel sad about your parents. You always seemed so brave that I didn’t even notice you were pushing yourself too hard.

I’m sorry.

There you go. You’re a good girl. You’re always trying to be strong. Were you trying to bear it all this time?

Come on, your nose is running.

It’s alright. It doesn’t matter if my clothes get dirty.

Were you working all the time so that you didn’t have to remember the bad things that happened?

Hey… How did you fall asleep at night? What did you do when you were alone?

That’s no good. You’ve got to depend on the people around you more.

Your heart feels tired, doesn’t it?

Come on, put your arms around me. Just like this.

Depend on me like this today. You might feel a little calmer if you do.

The moment that you tightly wrapped your arms around me, I felt an intense pain in my heart.

I’m doing it again… I’m unnecessarily getting someone else’s hopes up.

Which one of us would be troubled if we fell in love? It’d be me, wouldn’t it?

But… Little Bird… I want you to believe me somehow.

Right now, you’re someone who is dear to me.

I just wanted to protect you, who seemed so small and fragile that you could be blown away.

You really are a good girl, so I want you to be happy.

But I’m sure I’m not the one who can make you happy.

Hey, Little Bird. Do you love me?

You dummy. Not like that.

Not as a person… But as a man.

Little Bird… You’re a good girl, so just do one thing that I’m asking.

Make sure you don’t fall in love with me.

I’m a member of the Shinsengumi, but unlike the rest of the men, I don’t feel as if I have to be here.

As long as I can wield a sword, then it doesn’t matter where I am.

To tell the truth, I envy everyone else for having found a place where they belong.

That’s because I’m just drifting along and there isn’t a specific reason that I’m here.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m the only member of the Shinsengumi who isn’t a true warrior.

At times like that, I can’t bear how incredibly pathetic I feel.

Even so, there wouldn’t be somewhere I wanted to go if I left the Shinsengumi.

I’m only here out of habit. I know things can’t be like this forever.

So… I’m thinking of leaving the Shinsengumi one day.

Then I’ll say goodbye to you too, Little Bird.

Were you surprised to hear me say something like that so suddenly?

I’m sorry. I might end up doing something to make you feel unhappy again.

But it’s alright. I’m not an important part of your life.

You’ve stopped crying now. Thank goodness.

If you ever feel upset, then just come to me. I can listen to you.

Sorry for stopping you so late at night.

Go back to your room and sleep.

Even though there are less men here now, your work tomorrow will be difficult.

Good night, Little Bird.

Track 7

October 1867. The sense of foreboding I had felt for some time turned out to be justified.

Ah… Little Bird!

Yes, I’m going to where the Goryou-Eji are now.

Hajime came back to the headquarters last night. He reported that they seem to be planning to assassinate Kondo-san.

So… We have to stop that from happening!

Why do bad feelings turn out to be true? I’ve begun to dislike my intuition.

Heisuke is probably there too… I’ve got to protect him!

Little Bird. You be good and wait here at the headquarters.

It’ll be fine. I’m sure it won’t turn out to be that serious.

See you later then.

Little Bird! I want you to use your magic again.

So that I can come back to the headquarters with a smile on my face.

Come on. Kiss my cheek.

Hurry up. I don’t have much time.

Thank you.


That’s right. Thanks to you, I don’t feel worried anymore.

I can definitely protect him, right?

Alright… I’m going now!

Be good and wait for me.

Then the Shinsengumi made their way towards Aburanokoji. [1]

Damn it! Get out of my way!

Where are you, Heisuke?!

I was always worried that things would turn out this way, but now there’s no hesitation in the way that I fight. As I wielded my sword, I felt relieved at heart. It was as if I had been freed from a long period of suffering. I’m sure that was because you gave me courage when I left the headquarters.

I want to use this sword to protect the people important to me. I’ve finally realised that was the reason to wield a sword which I had been searching for.

You seriously listened to what a pitiful person like me had to say and drove away my doubts. You accepted everything about me.

A warm feeling is surging through my heart. I’ll be sure of this feeling once I return to the headquarters.

Until now, I was more afraid of that than anything else, but now I don’t want to run away from this feeling any longer.

Hey. I think I can make you happy the way I am now.

I can’t stand still right now!

Heisuke! Wait for me!

Little Bird!

I’m back!

Your magic worked!

Yes. Before the battle, there was an order to let Heisuke escape. It seems like our feelings were the same.

You’re really happy for me, as if it was your own happiness. Thank you.

Ah… Yes. I came here because I wanted to tell you right away.

It’s alright. I’ve already given my report to Kondo-san and the others.

Sorry for coming here so suddenly.

I thought I might be bothering you, but I really wanted to see you.

Little Bird. It was all thanks to you. I’m really grateful.

Also… I’m not going to hold back any longer.

See you later.

[1] Aburanokoji is the street where Itou Kashitarou (the leader of the Goryou-Eji) was killed, as well as the name of the incident in which he died.

Track 8

Ah… I suppose I’ve changed a little…

Anyway, stop asking me so much! Your personality is awful!

Alright, alright. Leave it alone. Anyway, your advice is no use at all.

Ah… Yes. See you later then.

He’s observant about the strangest things…

Ah, Little Bird! Are you taking a break from your work?

Thanks for your hard work.

Yes. I was talking to Sano. You didn’t hear what we were talking about, did you?

I see. Thank goodness then.

Well… He was saying that I’ve changed recently. He doesn’t hesitate to say what he thinks.

Sometimes there are things you just don’t want to talk about.

Well… We’re good friends though.

We’ve been together since we were at the Shieikan. [1] At first glance, Sano looks as if he’s unsociable and not thinking about anything, but he’s actually pretty odd.

The other day, he said he was going to try some kinds of food that didn’t go well together and suddenly started eating all kinds of things.

Eels and pickled plums. Tempura [2] and watermelon. Walnuts and salmon too.

Anyway, he ate so many different things that he didn’t even know what made him feel sick.

Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

He’s an interesting person.

Oh? What is it? Are you curious about him?

Hmm… You’d like to talk to him properly, huh.

Are you serious about that?

Ah, I see.

Hey. Let’s stop talking about Sano already, okay?

It kind of bothers me.

Little Bird… Shouldn’t you be a little more understanding of what a man’s feelings are like?

You don’t know why I’ve got you cornered against the wall?

You’re an adult too, so you should understand.

You’re going to play dumb, even though I’ve gone this far?

Hey, Little Bird. Don’t talk about other men in front of me.


Ah… We got interrupted.

But… What happened just now was your fault.

Hey… There’s somewhere I want to take you soon.

Have you got time to go there? There’s something I want to tell you, in a place where we won’t be interrupted.

Come on! We’re almost there.

It’s somewhere that you’ll like, Little Bird.

Ah… I can see it now.

Your reaction is just what I expected.

It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it? Camellias are growing everywhere in a corner of the forest.

It was just the right time to come. I really wanted to show you this.

Why are you running around like that? The flowers aren’t going to run away.


Little Bird! There’s an insect!

Only joking! It’s just a cocklebur.

Your reaction was amazing. Didn’t you have fun playing around with these when you were a kid?

Sorry. You looked so happy that I couldn’t help teasing you.

Come on, the sun is going to set soon. Let’s watch it together.

Sit down here.

This scenery really does look nice.

I found this place a little while ago, but I think it’s become more beautiful than before.

Ah… Maybe it just looks even better than before because you’re beside me now.

Hey. Can we hold hands?

Let me tell you what I was trying to say the other day.

I’ve been trying to think how to say it… But I won’t hesitate for no reason any longer.

I… I love you.

Are you surprised?

I’m happy though. Since you’re surprised, you understand that I’m serious.

Just like I said, I’m in love with you.

You might not be interested in an unreliable man like me though…

That’s not true?

You smiled and I said “I know you’re the type of man who will protect what’s important to him with all his strength. That’s why all the other men trust you. How could I dislike such a reliable man? When you told me not to fall in love with you before, I felt really sad. At that time, I realised that I was in love with you. So I’m happy.”

I looked at you in surprise when you smiled and said that. I think that when two people share the same feeling, it is the greatest miracle that can happen between them. When the person you love also loves you in return. You probably wouldn’t find this happiness, no matter where you looked.

Thank you, Little Bird. I’m happy.

Hey. So both of us feel the same way, don’t we?

I see. So I don’t have to hold back any longer, do I?

I love you.

I love you, Little Bird.

My chest hurts a little. What are you going to do, Little Bird? It’s your fault.

Ah… I don’t know what to do.

The way things are, just seeing you talk to the other men is going to make me jealous. I want to tell everyone else that you’re mine somehow.

Is it okay if I make a mark behind your ear here? I actually want to put it here instead, but that’s probably too obvious, isn’t it?

I’ve made a mark now. Did it hurt?

Sorry. I couldn’t help it though.

Ah… That’s right. Your ears are sensitive.

Did that tickle? I’d be doing a lot more if we were in bed though.

Well, you can look forward to that once we get back.

Hmm… I suppose that won’t happen. It would go against the Shinsengumi regulations, wouldn’t it?

Ah… If Hijikata-san finds out, then I’ll have to commit seppuku. [3]

This is our secret. Alright?

I promise to protect you forever, Little Bird. So I want you to stay beside me and watch over me forever.

Did you think I was being too serious? That’s too bad. I’m a pretty serious man.

Only around you, of course. I’ve never wanted to devote myself to a woman like this.


I’m sure that the times will constantly change, but my feelings for you will always be the same.

[1] The Shieikan was a dojo in Edo (modern day Tokyo) where several of the major Shinsengumi members met each other.
[2] Tempura is a dish that consists of seafood or vegetables which have been deep fried.
[3] Seppuku is a form of ritual suicide that was originally reserved for samurai. It was used voluntarily for samurai to die with honour instead of being captured by enemies or as a punishment for samurai who had committed serious offences or done something to bring shame upon themselves.

Track 9

It happened not long after that. January 1868. Lord Yoshinobu [1] announced the Declaration of Imperial Rule. [2] The Satsuma and Choshu [3] forces established a new regime, with the emperor at its centre. Then in February, the Shinsengumi sided with Lord Yoshinobu and went to war.

We descended upon Toba Fushimi [4] in Yamashiro-no-kuni, [5] their swords in hand. The battle was begun when the Satsuma-han fired their guns at us. Our army outnumbered theirs, but they had a large number of firearms. No matter how much we attacked them, we were unable to advance as planned. It didn’t take long to realise that there was no chance of us winning this battle.

As I moved through the battlefield, I began to think about the path I should take from now on. I found the answer more quickly than I thought I would.

That’s right. I want to fight for this country in a place that I’ve chosen by myself. I don’t want to simply drift along. I want to wield my sword in a place that I’ve decided is the right one. Everything is for the sake of the people important to me and to carry out my own will.

Ah… I’m so thirsty! This is the kitchen, isn’t it?

Oh… You surprised me!

You’re still awake? It’s the middle of the night.

Hmm? What’s that? Rice balls?

What have you got those for?

Ah… You made me something to eat because I was training.

Thank you. You could have gone to sleep instead of worrying about me though.

You didn’t get much rest coming from Osaka Castle to Edo, did you?

Are you tired? Don’t push yourself too hard.

Me too, hmm?

Well, we managed to escape to Edo… But I’m sure that Choshu and Satsuma will come here after they’ve increased the size of their forces.

Things have calmed down for now, but I’m sure there’ll be another great battle. I should be on my guard until then.

Hey. Can I have that?

I just happened to be feeling hungry. Seeing as I’m going to eat, I’d like to have some tea too.

Alright. Thanks for the food.

Rice balls taste good when you eat them around this time.

You really are a genius at cooking, Little Bird.

They’re not just ordinary rice balls. I think these are the best rice balls.

You did your best making them for me too. They’re the most delicious rice balls in this world.

Hmm? I’m not exaggerating though.

I like watching you from behind. Especially when you’re standing in the kitchen like that. I really think that it looks beautiful.

I love you, Little Bird.

Tea? Yes, I’m going to have some.

I’ll drink it later. Can I talk to you about something important first?

Yes. I thought that I’d talk about this tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you sooner after all.

I think you might have noticed this, but the Shinsengumi will probably be disbanding soon. Even if the Shinsengumi is fortunate enough to avoid that, I’m planning on leaving anyway.

I’ll still continue to fight for the sake of this country though. I don’t know where I’ll end up or how long it will go on for. But I’ve got a feeling that will be my path.

It will be after the Shinsengumi has reached Koshu [6] though.

So… Little Bird… Come with me after this battle is over.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

Look this way.

Hey. You’ll come with me, won’t you?

You dummy. I won’t accept it unless you say it.

I see. I’m glad.

I’ll always take good care of you. I’m always going to be by your side.

Come closer.

Hmm? The tea?

Ah… I’ll drink it when it cools down.

Despite how I look, I don’t like drinking hot things. I probably can’t drink it yet.

I’m joking about that though.

Little Bird. I’m not going to let you escape again.

Sit down there.

Yes, that’s right. You just have to stay still like that.

You open your eyes a little when you kiss. Do you like kissing me that much?

In that case, it’s okay if you look at me even more.

Come on, open your mouth wider.

You closed your eyes. You’re embarrassed after all.

A kiss is enough to make you breathe harder? That’s cute.

Doing this in the kitchen feels kind of wrong.

It’s okay. Everyone else is asleep. No one is going to come here.

Even if someone does come here, they should realise what’s happening and leave.

Your skin looks beautiful as always.

When I’m touching you like this, I sometimes feel a sense of regret.

I wonder whether it’s alright for me to taint someone as beautiful as you with my hands.

But because I love you, I can’t hold back my urges.

Not being able to touch you when you’re so beautiful is like torture.

I stopped myself before, but now I want to find the places where you feel good.

There must be other places apart from your ears.

Like here…

Your legs trembled. It feels good when the person you love touches your vital points.

If this feels good, then perhaps it proves that you love me.

You’ve had enough already?

That’s not true though… But it’s alright. I’ll stop for now.

I’ll do it again later though.


Having you look down on me like this isn’t so bad. Your cheeks are all red.

Maybe I would’ve been able to see better if there was a little more light here.

Ah… I wish I could tell everyone else that Little Bird belongs to me.

I’m glad we can show our affection to each other in secret, but it’s a little disappointing.

I want us to live together soon.

Then I’ll be able to show my love to you like this all the time.

That’s alright. Hold onto my arm like that. If you do that, then I’ll feel as if I’m needed. I’m happy.

It’s okay for you to want me more at times like this. Then I’ll show you affection until you’re satisfied.

When you feel lonely, I’ll hold your hand all night. If something makes you unhappy, then you can take it out on me a little. I’m prepared to accept everything about you, you see.

Let me stay by your side so you’ll always be able to have good dreams.

It’s warm. My body feels like it’s melting. Just being with you is enough to make me feverish.

Does it hurt?

I see. Thank goodness.

You feel good too? Just seeing your face is enough to excite me.

Come closer to me. I want to feel you close to me.

You’re clinging onto me. That’s cute.

You really do look cute when I’m making you feel nervous.

If only we could do this all night.

I want to embrace you until morning and make you completely mine.

I love you. I really love you. Little Bird.

Hey…You say it too.

I’m happy. Just hearing those words is enough to make me feel like I can do anything.

You look as if you can’t bear it any longer.

I’m sure that we’ll have plenty of time together from now on.


Hmm? Did that tickle?

Hey, Little Bird.

Just wait a little longer until the battle is over. There’s something I want to tell you after that. I’ll hold on a little longer until then too.

[1] Tokugawa Yoshinobu was the last shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate.
[2] The Declaration of Imperial Rule was a formal edict which declared the restoration of imperial rule.
[3] Satsuma and Choshu were two feudal domains who allied together to overthrow the shogunate.
[4] Toba Fushimi is an area between Kyoto and Osaka where a battle between the Tokugawa shogunate and the allied forces of Satsuma, Choshu and Tosa took place.
[5] Yamashiro-no-kuni was a province in Japan which overlaps with the southern part of modern day Kyoto Prefecture.
[6] The Battle of Koshu-Katsunuma was fought at Katsunuma, which is located in modern day Koshu (Yamanashi Prefecture).

Track 10

After that, I took the Battle of Koshu Katsunuma [1] as an opportunity to officially leave the Shinsengumi. This didn’t mean that I’d become tired of the Shinsengumi. We had parted company, but there was nothing more difficult to give up than what I had gained in the Shinsengumi.

I’m honestly proud of the days that I was able to wield my sword as the captain of the second troop. The men will all take different paths from now on. Even so, there’s one thing that I’m sure of. None of them will ever forget the days they spent as soldiers of the Shinsengumi.

I created the Seiheitai [2] with Sano and continued to wield my sword for the sake of the country.

However, we soon discovered that the Aizu-han [3] had surrendered and returned to Edo. I feel as if the time in which I had started to choose my own path passed by in an instant. I’m sure that there will be less and less battles from now on. Before I knew it, the times had already begun to change.

Everyone began to feel their way forwards. The way forward was covered in mist and difficult to see. However, I hope there is a single ray of light ahead.

Hey. Will you be at the end of this empty path?

Little Bird. Have you got a moment?

Oh? You were cleaning your umbrella.

Ah… This brings back memories!

This is the umbrella I bought you when you’d only just come to the Shinsengumi, isn’t it?

It hasn’t broken yet…

I see. You’ve always taken good care of it and cleaned it like that.

Are you going to take it to Matsumae [4] too?

It’s something you treasure? Isn’t that exaggerating?

Well… I’m happy to hear that though.

Anyway… That umbrella still suits you.

It means you haven’t become like an adult yet.

Lipstick still doesn’t seem to suit you either.

Don’t get angry! I was complimenting you.

I like that you haven’t changed.

By the way… Will you come out for a while?

I found a place with a nice view when I was out walking. Let’s go there together!

Come on!

Ah… The wind feels good. The air is clear too.

This hill is nice because you can see the ocean from here, right?

How about we sit down here?

It’s so calm. It’s completely different from before.

Everything was all about war before, but now things are completely quiet.

We lost in the end though. That’s why peace has come into this world.

You never know what might happen in your lifetime.

The first time we met, I couldn’t have imagined us being together like this.

But now you’re so important to me that I can’t imagine living without you…

Hey, Little Bird. Let’s live together peacefully from now on.

I’ve been thinking of a way for us to live together forever. There was one thing I settled on.

This is a comb. I want you to take it.

I want to marry you. I want you to stay with me as my wife.

Let’s make a family together, Little Bird. I’m going to be your new family.

I’ll make sure you won’t be alone again.

I’ll always stay by your side. I promise.

So will you accept this comb?

Thank you! We’ll be together forever.

I can be with you from now on too.

I’m sure that even if we’re together too long and your face becomes wrinkled, I won’t notice at all.

Because I see your face everyday, I won’t notice the small changes.

One day, we’ll see the way we are now in a photo and laugh out loud.

We’ll think “We got this old without even realising”. We’ll hold each other’s wrinkled hands and smile.

I want to have that kind of future with you. Let’s be happy, Little Bird.

I’m going to love you with all my heart until the very end.

I want you to think of me all the time too.

Hmm? The red light district?

I know. Of course I won’t be going there.

I wouldn’t even notice other women when I’ve got such a lovely wife.

Anyway… I haven’t been there at all since I fell in love with you. I’m telling the truth.

From now on, we’ll be husband and wife. I don’t know what the future will be like, but I won’t feel worried if I’m with you.

No matter what happens, we’ll overcome it together.

I love you, Little Bird.

[1] The Battle of Koshu Katsunuma was a battle between the Imperial forces and the Tokugawa shogunate. The shogunate suffered an overwhelming defeat with 179 casualties out of 300 men. The leader of the Shinsengumi, Kondo Isami, escaped from this battle, but was captured and executed soon after.
[2] The Seiheitai was formed by Nagakura Shinpachi and Harada Sanosuke after leaving the Shinsengumi. They were separate from the Shinsengumi, but still on the side of the shogunate.
[3] Aizu-han was a feudal domain during the Edo period.
[4] Nagakura Shinpachi’s father was a retainer of the Matsumae Clan who were given the area around Matsumae in Hokkaido as their estate.

Track 11

This is Maeno Tomoaki, the voice of Nagakura Shinpachi.

The recording has just finished. Now my voice is hoarse.

I’m going to give my thoughts on playing the role of Shinpachi.

I think the others have said this, but it was really long, wasn’t it?

The script is 88 pages long. Those are all lines for one person.

The recording used a dummy head mic and you have to move around it, unlike a normal mic. To tell the truth, I’ve been talking from 4PM until 9PM. That’s just how much content this work has.

It’s been a while since I played Shinpachi in the previous series. I think everyone who listened to the previous CD probably cried at the shocking final scene.

This time, the story had a brilliantly happy ending. I’m glad Shinpachi got a happy ending.

Is there a scene you would particularly like everyone to hear?

Well… This work was created by the efforts of everyone involved, so I’d like you to listen to the whole CD carefully.

Please tell us two of Shinpachi’s good points.

Two? Why is it two?

Hmm… Well… It would have to be his kindness. In one of the lines, he said he liked being kind to women.

The other thing would be his ability to confront his own weaknesses. I think that kind of thing is attractive. This is more than two, but I’d say his strength too. He’s a very skilled swordsman. He was strong enough to be captain of the second troop. I’d like to be that kind of man.

Shinpachi loves sweet things and lined up so that he could buy some kashiwa mochi. What kind of sweet food would you most like to eat now that the recording is over?

Ah… Right… It’s already night time. The dummy head mic would be able to pick up the sound of your stomach rumbling and making that kind of noise would be no good.

I was given some mini anpan [1] as a snack, so I ate those to stop myself feeling hungry.

Something sweet I would like to eat right now… I think I’d rather take a bath than having something sweet to eat.

Please give everyone listening a message.

Right… Thank you very much for purchasing Nagakura Shinpachi’s CD once again.

The content of this work was incredibly long and there were many lines that I felt I would probably never use in real life, but I’d feel that it was worth working on this CD if it would be able to make you feel somewhat relaxed.

If you let the voice actors and creators know your thoughts, then there might be a continuation of this series. Perhaps even a second or third. I’ll be counting on you.

Thank you for listening for so long. This was Maeno Tomoaki, the voice of Nagakura Shinpachi. Let’s meet again.

[1] Anpan is a sweet roll filled with red bean paste.

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