Criminale! 3 – Disc 1

Criminale! 3 – Tempesta

CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki

Thank you dwokita for your commission!

Track 1

11AM. Downtown Rome, Italy.

Excuse me. Have you got a moment?

Yes. I’m talking to you.

There’s something I want to ask you.

I’m not trying to hit on you. Does it seem like I am?

Anyway… Have you got something like this?

The lid of this pocket watch is decorated with a crest, isn’t it?

Have you seen the crest engraved onto this watch before?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be on a watch.

Judging by the look of surprise on your face… You have something, don’t you?

Tell me. It’s important.

A bracelet, hmm?

Sorry. Let me have a look.

It’s alright. I’m not going to steal it.

It certainly does have the same pattern engraved on it.

So I was right after all.

Do you always wear it on your left wrist like this?

I see. You’ve worn it since you were a child.

Someone made sure that it was handed down to you.

Do you know the person who gave you this bracelet?

You got it from your mother?

No… Someone else entrusted this to your mother.

So you really don’t know anything about it.

That is unfortunate.

Someone will see us here.

Let’s go into the alleyway.

Don’t be so suspicious.

I’m not trying to hit on you or steal from you.

I’ve been looking for you.


Don’t be afraid. Listen to me.

My name is Tempesta. I’m a member of an organisation called Amphisbaena. [1]

Have you heard of Amphisbaena?

It’s an international mafia organisation which is based in Rome.

In other words, I’m a member of the mafia too.

Don’t look so shocked. I haven’t come to kill you.

Someone gave me this pocket watch.

It was the same person who gave you that bracelet.

We call him “Father”. He’s the boss of Amphisbaena.

Objects with this crest on them are proof of Father’s trust.

Only a limited number of people possess them.

You have one of those objects.

Do you understand what that means?

You probably won’t believe this, but we don’t have much time.

I want you to listen.

Our boss is your father. In other words, you’re the daughter of a mafia boss.

You were probably told that your father died when you were young, weren’t you?

However, that wasn’t true. Father cut his ties with you in order to protect you from any conflict.

That bracelet makes everything certain.

You’re Father’s daughter. The person I’ve been looking for.

Yes. I’ve been looking for you.

I don’t know how to tell you this, but your father has been murdered.

It only happened the other day.

As a result of that, there are people fighting over the right to become the next boss.

You’re the Father’s daughter, so there’ll be people trying to kill you.

They’re members of rival mafia organisations.

That’s why I came here.

I came to see you.

You still don’t believe me yet?


Tch. They’ve found us?

I spent too long trying to explain.

I understand. I’m not going to resist.

I’m not reckless enough to put up a fight when guns are being pointed at me.

Do you understand the situation now?

These members of the mafia are chasing you.

Don’t move right now. Otherwise they’re going to fill you with bullets.

What is it?


Why are you handcuffing the two of us together?

Are you going to throw us into the Adriatic Sea? [2]

Or are you going to kill us right here?

She’ll be killed if I dodge the bullet.

If I die protecting her, she won’t be able to escape while she’s dragging my body around.

I see. So that’s why you put us in handcuffs.

How terrible. You’ll kill anyone, even women and children.

It’s ridiculous. What a joke.

It really is. It’s just like that time!

I had a gun hidden underneath my coat.

Didn’t you notice?

Ah. You didn’t last long.

You can’t move already?

It’s not enough, is it?

This doesn’t mean your actions can be forgiven.

These losers are worthless!

It’s not enough. It’s not enough!

My body aches. It won’t calm down.

Ah. Where do you think you’re going?

You’re going to pull the chain too far.

Did you get surprised because I was shooting?

You can’t go anywhere as long as we’ve got these handcuffs on.

It isn’t so bad when you think of it this way.

I’ll have the target cornered right against the wall.

Wonderful. You’re trembling.

When someone tries to escape, it makes me want to destroy them after I’ve hunted them down and got them cornered.

You should resist a little more. That’s not enough.

They didn’t put up much of a fight.

I want you to put me in a better mood.

Go on. Cry and struggle. Until nothing matters anymore…

The police are here? Damn it.

I’m not going to…

Sorry. I just got a little worked up.

My medicine should start working soon.

I’m fine now. Are you okay?

I’m sorry for attacking you all of a sudden.

Tell me if you’re hurt anywhere.

It’s only natural that you’re scared.

But we’ll get caught if we stay here.

You understand now, don’t you?

That the mafia really is targeting you…

You’ll be killed if you stay here.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to come with me.

We’re wearing these handcuffs too. We can’t go our separate ways.

You don’t have a choice.

It seems that you understand.

You might be scared, but if you want to hate anyone, then you should hate me.

You can hate me as much as you want to.

But I’ll make you one promise.

I won’t let you die. It’s for the sake of my mission too.

The police are almost here. I’ve got a motorbike nearby. Let’s go.

I’ve found Father’s daughter. Now all I have to do is wait for them to make their move.

I’ll definitely kill that man.

[1] The amphisbaena is a mythological ant-eating snake, which has heads at both ends of its body.
[2] The Adriatic Sea is a body of water which separates the Italian peninsula and the Balkan peninsula.

Track 2

3PM. Downtown Naples. Four hours have passed.

It’s pretty crowded here.

This is around the time the Carnevale is held in Naples.

That’s why it’s so lively.

We came at just the right time. Let’s have a look round.

What’s the matter? Come with me.

You look as if you’re wondering why we’ve stopped here.

Unfortunately, I’m not planning on telling you.

You just have to walk around here with me.

That’s not a problem, is it?

You think this place is too dangerous because there’s someone chasing us?

You’re right. It’s not safe to stay somewhere people will see us.

But that doesn’t matter.

No… It’s nothing.

Just come with me.

Hmm? Why’d you step backwards?

Hey, don’t run away! Watch out!

What are you doing? Did you forget that we’re handcuffed together?

You would’ve fallen over if I hadn’t caught you.

Don’t be scared. I’m not going to do anything to you.

As long as you follow me obediently.


No… Just stay still.

The chains got caught on one of the decorations.

It’s the decoration behind you.

It’s pretty tangled up. Don’t move until it’s loose.

Don’t be so tense. It’s not as if I’m going to bite you all of a sudden.

It’s true that I turned on you after shooting two men.

I know I made the worst first impression possible.

But it was…

Ah… Right… It doesn’t matter if you’re scared of me.

Just listen to what I have to say though.

Seems like it’s not tangled up anymore. Does your arm hurt anywhere?

I see. I’m glad to hear that.

Let’s go somewhere with more people around.

This time you’re going to follow me without resisting.

Got it?

Alright, let’s go. There are a lot of people around, so be careful.


Sorry for bumping into you, Miss.

Are you okay?

Please don’t cry. I’m not angry.

Does it hurt anywhere?

Thank goodness. Be careful then.

Make sure you look where you’re going now.

My goodness. She’s so clumsy. She might bump into someone else.

Why do you look so surprised?

Ah… I wouldn’t get angry at such a small child.

There’s someone I know who always got excited about the Carnevale.

No… She was enjoying the Carnevale. So of course she got excited.

She can enjoy it as much as she wants to.

Is it unusual for me to say that?

You’re not supposed to agree! It seems that you really don’t like me.

It also makes things difficult for me when you’re so cautious.

Is there anything you want?

Tell me if there’s something that you want to buy or look at.

I’ve decided that things would be difficult if you didn’t trust me at all.

Let’s go around and look at the Carnevale for a while.

You can relax as if you’d come here to have fun.

Well… You probably wouldn’t come here for fun with handcuffs on.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think they’ll come off that easily.

No one will probably take any notice of them in the middle of the Carnevale.

Come on, let’s have a look around.

Be careful when you’re walking.

Unlike the stylish city of Venice where people disguise themselves with masks during the Carnevale, this one is a little more dangerous.

You’ll get eggs thrown at you if you’re standing still.


I wondered what was happening, and it turned out to be a dance in the main square.

That explains why it’s so noisy here.

Never mind the children, it’s the adults who are drinking a bit too much wine.

Everyone’s lining up at the street stalls.

Ah… There’s something I haven’t seen in a while.

That’s right. It’s a type of firework.

When you throw it on the ground, instead of sparks coming out, it releases smoke.

Children play with them.

My parents scolded me when I let one off inside.

But I’d always go and buy them when the Carnevale came around.

What’s the matter?

Ah… Well, of course I’d be curious if you were staring at me.

I see. Just wait a minute.

Excuse me. Could I get one of these?

There you go. I’ve got one.

Hmm? I thought you wanted one.

You didn’t?

You were staring at me pretty intently.

You’re surprised that I’m a normal person?

Hey… For your information, I am a normal person.

I’m not a demon or a monster. I’m a member of the mafia though.

It’s not as if I’m going to eat you up or anything.

We’re just travelling together because we have a reason to.

Do you understand now?

I see. That’s fine.

Hmm? The reason I’m travelling with you?

You don’t have to know why.

Come on. Let’s walk a little further.

Track 3

There’s someone watching us.

Are they here?

Come this way. Don’t look back.

We’re going into the alleyways. Somewhere as empty as possible.

Someone’s following us.

Don’t try and turn around.

We don’t know who it is yet.

Don’t do anything unnecessary.

Can you hear those footsteps coming from behind?

It sounds like there’s only one person.

We’re going to wait after we’ve turned at the next corner.

Keep quiet. They’re coming.

Don’t move. What do you want from us?

I’m sure I told you not to move.

Answer the question. Don’t say anything else.

I’ll shoot you if you try anything.

Why are you following us?

You don’t know what I’m talking about?


I’m not going to miss next time.

Tell me why you were following us.

Ah… You were ordered to do it? By who?

I see… That man is a mafia boss whose territory is around here.

You’re telling the truth?

Then that means those other people are your allies.

Hmm… I see. I understand now.

That makes you my enemy!

Don’t worry! It’s nothing more than a scratch!

The other two guys were too easy to kill.

I’m going to torture you to death.

It should scare them if a few of their men end up dead.

That won’t stop them from chasing us though.

As long as the Father’s daughter is here.

Once I get rid of nobodies like you, then the boss himself should make an appearance.

At that time.. That’s when I’ll get my revenge!

What’s the matter? Your injuries are nothing more than scratches!

The fun is only just beginning!

Hey! What are you doing? Don’t get in my way!

Let go! What are you trying to do?

Huh? Don’t be ridiculous!

What’s wrong with killing him?

He’s another member of the mafia who is targeting you!

He’s a piece of trash who’s better off dead!

I’m not letting you escape!

Come on! Move!

Do you plan on making me drag you there?!

You don’t know what’s going on?

It’s simple. I told you, didn’t I?

Those mafia have made you their target.

They’re desperate to kill you.

They’ll definitely approach us if we stay out in the open.

That’s how I’m going to lure them to us and kill them with my own hands.

Yes, that’s right. You’re going to be the bait that lures them to us.

Why do you look so surprised now?

I wouldn’t have taken you with me if you weren’t useful.

You’re going to make yourself useful to me.

Come on. I’m going to fill that guy with bullets.

Then I’ll kill the man I’ve been searching for.

Don’t struggle. You can’t escape. Just give up.

If you keep on struggling… I’ll put a bullet in you.

I’ll make you suffer, but it won’t be enough to kill you.

That would be exciting too. However…

I won’t be satisfied with that.

Not until I kill that man!

Let’s go. That guy ran right into the Carnevale.

Come on!

Track 4

Where did he go?

Tch… We’ll never find him in this crowd.

But he’s injured. The people around him should panic if he’s in a crowd.

Get down!

He fired his gun in the middle of this crowd!

He’s going to get innocent people involved too?

We’re going to follow the shooter! Come with me!

Wait! I’m not going to let you escape!

You’ve finally realised that you can’t run away?

You’re… I’ve finally found you.

I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’ve been looking for you.

All this time…

I’ve been waiting for the day when I could kill you since I was a child.

I can finally kill you!

Don’t think you can escape! I’m going to shoot you from behind!

Hey, you! Let go of me!

Are you trying to stop me?

The other people are running around trying to escape?

You’re right. The Carnevale is in chaos too.

Just run while you can! Aren’t you lucky you can escape?

Some people can’t escape and have no choice but to be killed.

Run as far as you can!

However, he is the only one who won’t be allowed to escape.

I have to kill that man.

Just let go of me. If you try and stop me again, I’m going to kill you and drag you with me!

You don’t want to die, do you? Come with me!

He ran into the alleyway… There he is!

It’s a dead end. I’ve finally got you cornered.

I’ve been waiting for this moment… The time when I would shoot you to pieces with this gun!

You probably don’t remember me. There are too many people with a grudge against you.

I haven’t forgotten though.

The moment that my father, mother and younger sister were killed!

Don’t move!

What… Where did that come from?

All these people were hidden away…

I can’t believe you lured me in and waited for me.

Did you think that would stop me?

Even if I get shot or my body is torn to shreds, I’m not going to stop!

Not until I kill you!

Don’t get carried away just because you managed to hit my shoulder!

You… You’re the only person I won’t forgive!

What is it? Don’t pull on the chains!

You want us to run away? There’s no way I can do that.

I don’t care if I get killed. We’ll all be dead in a hundred years anyway.

It’s only a matter of time.

Hey! What are you doing?

A smoke screen?!

The toy we bought at the street stall…

Don’t pull me! Let go, damn it!

Let go of me!

Track 5

6PM. A sewer in the city of Naples. Seven hours have passed.

I was so close… I was almost there…

I was just about to kill him…

Shut up! If you hadn’t interrupted me…

The injury on my shoulder doesn’t matter.

I don’t need to treat it!

Hey… That’s…

You’re going to use your scarf as a bandage?

Don’t worry about me!

No… That’s not what I meant…

Damn it…

I’m sorry. I lost my cool.

Will you treat my injury then?

Sorry for the trouble.

I know that you’re right.

I would’ve been killed if I’d kept on fighting.

The damage would have spread throughout the city too.

Losing my cool and not caring who I’m shooting at makes me no different from those other guys.

I’m sorry about your scarf. I’ll get you a new one sometime.

It’s as if you’re looking at a completely different person, isn’t it?

The way I was earlier and the way I am now…

You must have noticed. Sometimes I start acting strangely and I can’t control myself.

That’s why I need this medicine. It’s a sedative.

When I get attacks like that one, I can’t calm down unless I take this medicine.

I can’t stop myself from wanting to break everything.

It happens right away when I see those guys…

Yes, those guys. Unlike us, they’re cruel men who’ve gone far beyond what the normal mafia are.

You saw that big guy, didn’t you? He’s one of the bosses.

He won’t even hesitate to torment and crush someone who can’t fight back.

That’s what kind of people they are.

He killed my family too.

Yes. It happened when I was still a child.

My father, mother and younger sister…

They were killed and I was the only one left alive.

At that time, I promised I would get my revenge.

That I would kill him with my own hands…

Hey. You look really tense.

Did I frighten you?

If you’re feeling sorry for me, then there’s no need to.

You saw what I looked like when I had the gun in my hand, didn’t you?

The man in front of you isn’t someone you should feel sorry for.

I’m the kind of person who hasn’t thought of anything but revenge since becoming an orphan.

I became a member of Amphisbaena for that reason. The best way to fight a member of the mafia is to become one yourself.

I still wasn’t able to find that man though.

He’s careful and he won’t show his face that easily.

He finally made his move when I came here.

The leader of Amphisbaena was assassinated.

It was uncertain who the new leader would be.

They started fighting for the position of the boss.

Do you know the word “Conclave”?

That’s what we call the conflict over the right to become the next boss.

You’re the key to the current Conclave.

According to the rules, you can choose the next boss as you’re a blood relative of the Father.

That’s why people are targeting you.

There are people who want to use you and others who will kill you, then take advantage of the confusion.

We’ll be approached by our enemies as long as you’re here.

There’s no way that you wouldn’t be used.

I came here because their headquarters are in Naples.

That’s right. I was making use of your father’s death and you being the key to the struggle for power.

Aren’t you going to say anything?

It’s alright for you to be angry.

You’re not going to get angry? Why not?

You finally understand the situation. You must be angry.

It doesn’t matter if you criticise me. I deserve it.

I couldn’t even complain if you killed me.

You don’t have to deny it like that. It’s the truth.

It doesn’t matter if someone like me gets killed.

I’m the one person who’s most aware of that.

I know I’m not normal. There’s been something strange about me for a long time.

I can’t let him get away with this though.

I’m not going to miss this opportunity that’s taken me years to find.

I’m going to blow his brains out. I won’t fail to do it.

What is it? Something’s coming this way.

No… It’s not a person…

This is…

Yes, they’re rats. Plenty of them too.

Stay behind me if you’re scared.

They’re all going in the same direction.

What’s going on?

Hold your breath! It’s poisonous gas!

Don’t breathe! Get out of here quickly!

No… We won’t be able to hold our breath for that long!

I’ll make sure at least you survive…

I’m sorry. You need to stay unconscious for a little while.

Damn it…

Track 6

11PM. At a safe-house in Naples. Twelve hours have passed.

Are you awake? How are you feeling?

Can you get up?

Yes. This is a safe-house.

Do you understand what that means?

We’ve got hideouts all over Italy.

Fortunately, we were able to get here without them finding us.

It must actually hurt. I’m sorry.

I didn’t have a choice about knocking you out.

Someone filled the sewer with poisonous gas.

That’s why all the rats were running away.

If you had been breathing, the gas would have entered your body.

You’d breathe in less of the gas if you were unconscious rather than running around in a panic.

You shouldn’t have been affected by the gas.

You’re not going to die.

What about me?

That’s nothing for you to be concerned about.

Just don’t worry about it.

Since I didn’t die immediately, it must be a slow-acting poison.

That’s right. I breathed in a lot of the gas.

You don’t have to be surprised. I knew what I was doing.

They were probably planning to slowly torture me to death.

That’s the kind of thing that man would do.

I still have some time left though.

Time to kill that man…

Don’t worry about it. It was just a little difficult to breathe.

I should go to hospital? There’s no point in doing that.

I wouldn’t be in this mess if you could find the antidote at a hospital.

Killing him is more important than that.

As long as my body lasts long enough to do that, I don’t care what happens next.

Don’t stop me. I’m going to find that man.

Even if it kills me.

That’s right. I won’t forgive that man, even after I’m dead.

I was so close. This time I’m going to turn him the colour of blood, just like he did to my family.

It doesn’t matter if everything is destroyed.

Those men… Myself… And everything else…

What is it? Why are you trying to stop me?

There’s no way that you’d understand my feelings… The despair I felt…

Or should I tell you right now?

You want me to stop? Then you just have to fight back.

Try to escape on your own.

You can’t escape? Then you’ll just have to stay like this.

I didn’t think you’d be the type of person to kick someone.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get that far away as long as we’re handcuffed together.

Come on. What are you going to do?

You don’t mind if I catch you?

Run away. Hurry up.

You understand, don’t you? The handcuffs won’t come off.

Hey. How does it feel being unable to escape?

I like that look on your face. I want you to feel even more despair.

Cry out. Become broken.

I like that painful expression.

Keep on crying. No one’s going to come here anyway.

Cry out for help as much as you want to. Shout out loud.

It’s not enough. It’s not enough to stop my attacks.

I won’t be satisfied unless I destroy everything.

That’s right. I’ve never been able to stop them before.

I’ve been broken for a long time now. I can’t go back to normal.

Everything was broken back then.

My father, mother and younger sister. Everything important to me was broken!

What’s the matter? Why did you stop fighting back?

Keep on struggling!

I can still get it back? What do you mean?

The dead can’t come back to life! The past can’t be changed either!

I’m not broken yet…? I can change things…?

A person who loses control of themselves like an animal can look normal?

Then try and stop those attacks!

Prove that I can go back to being a normal person!

What’s the matter? Try and resist.

This isn’t enough? It seems like you won’t understand unless I make this more painful for you.

It’s so simple. It doesn’t take much to push you down.

Your clothes are in the way. You look terrible.

Just look. Your reflection is in that mirror.

Your skin is exposed. I’m doing whatever I like with you.

How do you feel right now?

Make sure you look. This is what you’re like right now.

You look pathetic. You’re about to become even more pitiful.

I wonder how much of this you can put up with.

Keep looking at the mirror. Fall into despair and go down to hell.

It seems that you can’t bear this.

Ah… Hey… Get up.

I’m going to do something fun while I embrace you from behind like this.

You can see these chains, can’t you?

They connect my left hand and your right hand.

I’m going to move your right hand.

I’ll touch these taut chains against your skin.

All I did was press them against your collar bone.

Were they cold enough to make you tremble?

Come on. Look at the mirror.

I’ll slowly bring the chains down and brush them against your skin.

Going past your chest and down to your stomach.

How does it feel to have the cold metal brush against your skin?

Does feel better than me using my hands?

Why’d you shake your head?

You don’t know the answer?

I’ll do it one more time then.

This time I’ll start from your stomach and go upwards.

What’s the matter? Is this spot good?

Even if you deny it, you can’t take your mind off it, can you?

I’ll brush the chains against your skin over and over.


You wriggle when the chains brush against your skin, don’t you?

Just look. You’ve got a pitiful expression on your face.

Don’t close your eyes. If you’re not going to look properly…

Come on. Look carefully.

That’s right. Keep your eyes open.

This is reality. No one can escape from it, even if they close their eyes.

No matter how many times I wake up and fall asleep, it never disappears.

It’s difficult to breathe when I hold the chains around your neck, isn’t it?

It’s painful enough to make you breathe harder.

You’re exhausted, aren’t you?

Hey… Someone who’s lived a peaceful life like you have probably doesn’t know anything about the realities people don’t want to face.

Now I’m going to tell you about the fear of being unable to escape that reality.

The cruel reality that will never go away.

What is it? How can you say that it doesn’t bother you?

Do you know what I’m going to do now?

Why… Why aren’t you resisting?

You’re frightened of me, aren’t you?

You can still say that, even after I’ve pushed you down?

Even now?

Why are you accepting it?


I’m going to strangle you now.

No… I’ll break your neck instead.

I’ll rip off your nails one by one and shoot you in the stomach.

I’ll even make your corpse look horrible.

Are you happy with that?

Why are you saying yes? Of course it’s not okay!

Damn it… Don’t look at me like that!

Stop it! I don’t want to go back to being sane!

I want you to hate me! Let me keep being a terrible man!

Break me now…!

Be quiet. It’s just the poison going round my body.

Don’t be concerned about me.

Please… Please don’t accept me.

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