Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 5 – Disc 1

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 5 – Hijikata Toshizo

CV – Hosoya Yoshimasa

Track 1

It was the first year of the Genji era [1] and we Shinsengumi lived in the midst of that time. Inside the capital where the shogunate had less control, there were a violent crowd of people believed in revering the emperor and expelling any foreigners. We gathered around Kondo-san with loyalty and patriotism in our thoughts so we could control those men. We came all the way to Kyoto to protect the peace that was created by the emperor. I have lived through many battles as the vice captain of the Shinsengumi because of that ideal.

I cut down those who freely cause violence in the name of revering the emperor. For the sake of the shogunate. For the sake of the Shinsengumi. And for the sake of Kondo-san too. I will place my pride and ambition on my sword and continue to wield it. Even if my life comes to an end.

On the 5th of June that year, we had a chance to make the Shinsengumi name known. That was the Ikedaya Affair.

The soldiers of the Sonno Faction planned to set fire to the Imperial Palace and take the emperor to Choshu. We Shinsengumi immediately reported to the officials in Kyoto and gathered at Gion Kaisho [2], in front of Yasaka Shrine [3], then waited for the reinforcements.

But they didn’t appear at the appointed time. We grew impatient and split into two groups, Kondo’s troops and my troops, then began to make our move. We ended up searching around the rice field footpaths which led from the Gion area, where many lawless people were said to have been seen.

Tch. This isn’t the right place? That means they went from the market and along Hiyamachi Street?

We’re done searching here! Let’s find Kondo-san’s troop! Hurry!

That’s the Ikedaya! Hurry!

As I’d expect from Kondo-san, many of them have been dealt with already. Then there’s one job for me to do.

Alright! Take out the survivors! Don’t let anyone escape!

Hah! So you’re leaving already? Do you think you can run from me?

What? Are you afraid now that you’ve seen your friend die?

Tch. You idiot. Only a worthless soldier would turn his back on the enemy!

Come on! Who’s next?

Most of them are down now, hmm?

Hmm? That’s…

Well, well. The men from Aizu and Kuwana [4] are all together.

What do you want? Unfortunately, the Hijikata and Kondo troops have taken control of this area. It’s nothing you need to be troubled with. Please watch the soldiers at work from over there.

Those who deliberately turned up at the last moment don’t have the right to take all the glory. We’re not like those who are concerned with saving face and their own safety. We truly have given up our lives. That is what the Shinsengumi are. We can’t fall behind those who simply wander around taking bribes and carrying a sword which never leaves it sheath. Someday, the Shinsengumi will be one of a kind.

[1] Genji era – An era which began on February 1st, 1864.
[2] Gion Kaisho – A meeting place where cultural events took place, which is best known as the location where the Shinsengumi met before the Ikedaya Affair.
[3] Yasaka Shrine – A Shinto shrine in the Gion district of Kyoto.
[4] Aizu and Kuwana – Two domains that existed during the Edo period.

Track 2

Hmm? A woman?

Saito-kun brought her here? What on earth was he thinking?

She was caught up in the disturbance earlier and her parents were killed?

That kind of thing happens all the time. She’s not a cat or dog. If we keep picking up people like that, they’ll just keep coming.

A dog or cat would at least be useful. I’m saying she might be a spy for Choshu!

Right. I suppose I’ll go and take a look at her.

Her? She looks like a corpse. Something quite frightening must have happened to her.

Hey. Wake up. I’m telling you to wake up.

I’ve got no choice. I suppose I’ll come back tomorrow.

Hey. Keep an eye on this room. One of you in the corridor and one of you outside. It’d be no good if she got up and started looking around the headquarters at night. A talented spy makes their enemy let their guard down. Don’t relax just because she’s a woman.

Tell Saito-kun to come to my room too. I’m going to ask why he brought a stranger into the headquarters.

Honestly! He’s brought trouble here.

Oh well. If she really has no family, we can use her here. If she turns out to be useless, then making her into my dog wouldn’t be a bad idea.

That should help pass the time. She looks harmless. She seems as if she wouldn’t bite.

Track 3

Alright! Next!

What’s the matter? You don’t need to hold back.

Strike me seriously! Let your body remember how to attack!


You’re backing away! Don’t be afraid! Do you think you’ll be able to fight like that?!



Hey, you. What are you doing there?

You want to see the vice-captain, Hijikata?

Why do you want to see him? Do you think a stranger like you would be allowed to meet him so easily?

What? You want to know whether you can stay here?

Don’t be silly. A stranger wouldn’t be allowed to stay here that easily.

What? You won’t know until you ask him yourself?

I’m Hijikata. It’s unfortunate that I’m not the kind man you imagined.

What? You’ll do anything to stay here?

Don’t make me laugh.

Why do your hands look like this?

You apparently worked at a restaurant, but your hands look like they belong to a princess! You’ve probably only done a little work.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think we’re just a random gathering of men. This isn’t a place for a girl like you.

You’re getting in the way of practice. The men are distracted when a woman is around! Go away!

Why are you spacing out? Next!

Come in.

I think Kondo-san has already spoken to you, but you’ve been allowed to live at these headquarters. The Shinsengumi has grown quite a lot, you see. The lower ranking members had shared the chores until now, but now we’re quite busy, it might be a good idea to have someone to do these little jobs.

You should be thanking Heisuke. He was the one who came and asked me.

Why are you so happy?

Listen up. This doesn’t mean I trust you. The Shinsengumi headquarters aren’t a place for refuge. We can’t just trust anyone and open up the gates to them. The same goes for those who aren’t soldiers. If you want to stay here, then give up all your naïve thoughts! I won’t go easy on you just because you’re a woman!

Why are you looking like that?

Hey. Are you crying? Why are you doing that? I only told you the truth. No matter what anyone else says, you’ll do as I say. Those are the rules here. If you want to stay, then think how to make me acknowledge you. Understand?

First of all, work hard as a servant.

I’m done talking. Get back to work.

Honestly. This is why women are such a bother. Do they think crying will make people forgive them?

But what a boring woman she was. There was nothing exciting or beautiful about her. Saito-kun could have chosen someone better to pick up.

Oh well. I can’t leave her alone like this now. I should make sure she’s under my control.

Track 4

Alright. That’s all for now. Kondo-san will get confirmation from me by the end of today. I’ll let the other soldiers know tomorrow afternoon. Make preparations with that in mind. Anything else?

Then we’re done. Return to your posts.

Hey. You over there.

I’m talking to you. Bring some tea to my room.

Ah. Come in.

Don’t put it on top of the desk. My notes…

You can’t even carry a single teacup properly?

Saitou-kun and Heisuke complimented you, but I see this is what you’re really like.

You’re nervous in front of me? Are you scared of me?

Hey. You spilled tea on the floor and my clothes. What are you going to do about it?

You’re sorry? You think an apology is enough?

What should you do? Well, well… You can’t understand unless someone tells you?

If you can’t do anything without being told, then you’re just like an animal.

Fine. I’ll tell you if you don’t know. In return for that, you’ll do as I say. Understand?

First… That’s right. Take off my wet clothes.

Why are you looking at me like that? You made a mistake. It’s only natural for you to deal with it.

What’s the matter? Aren’t you going to do as I say? I’m telling you to take off my clothes and dress me. Hurry up. Don’t make me even more angry.

What are you doing? You can’t even help someone get changed? Or is this your first time seeing a man’s body? I can see you’ll have a hard time staying here any longer.

There’ll be plenty of times when you touch or see a man’s body, even if you don’t want it to happen. Are you going to have such an indecent look on your face when you do?

You haven’t? If you don’t think so, then look this way. I’ll tell you what your face looks like. Your cheeks are red and your mouth is open. Your eyes are wet too. A servant girl looking at men with an expression of desire on her face would affect the discipline at the headquarters.

It’s because you’re not used to this? Then just get used to it like this. Or are you dissatisfied with me? What do you think of a man’s body? Even the nape of your neck is red. Your heart is beating fast.

Your expression is even more indecent than before. Are you embarrassed? Or is it actually desire?

Don’t look away. Look this way. Look at me. Don’t run away.

You’re a useless dog. Is doing as you’re told without question the only thing you’re capable of?

It seems that you don’t know how to handle men at all. Your body doesn’t know anything. You’ve probably never considered yourself the subject of men’s desires before. They may be righteous soldiers, but they’re men too. There might be someone who falls in love with you, who is close. There might be someone who desires to see your body. What would you do about that?

You don’t know? Then… You’ll stay with me. You’re my dog. Understand?

What’s your answer?

Good answer.

Go away now!

What is it? You look as if you want to tell me I’m cruel.

You’re the fool who took off my clothes when I asked you to. You believed your master’s words and were punished for the first time.

You really are a dog. A mongrel that hasn’t been trained.

I’ve got no interest in fools, even when they are just dogs. Become a little more intelligent if you want me to acknowledge you.

Track 5

Another misunderstanding? Honestly!

Although fighting in the city is forbidden, there was no choice about getting involved. It’d be easy for experienced soldiers to avoid them. But the new soldiers would get involved in some kind of trouble. This era might be the reason for the struggles within the Shinsengumi.

What’s the matter? Did something happen?

The woman? Ah… What about her?

What? She betrayed us?!

To who?!

A man from the Kaisendon [1] restaurant?!

Alright. Bring her here immediately.

I suspected you of being a spy when you first came here, but I didn’t think you’d get exposed now. Did you let your guard down?

You don’t understand what I’m saying?

Never mind. I’ll tell you. The letter you got from the man who said he was an apprentice at the Kaisendon restaurant was a trap. The soldier summoned by that man was almost dead when he brought to the clinic just now. It was the man you handed the letter to.

You understand what you’ve done, don’t you? I told you before. If an apology were enough, then there wouldn’t be any trouble. When you accepted the letter, I should have let Kondo-san know and asked for his decision. If I had done that, that man wouldn’t be close to death. What do you think the soldier who came to report to me said about you? He said you had betrayed us.

You entered the headquarters, investigated what happens around here and gave information to the Joi. [2]

A misunderstanding? So what?! That doesn’t change the fact your careless behaviour caused this! How are you doing to take responsibility if that man dies?!

This is a serious crime. You understand, don’t you? Outsiders only bring misfortune. It might be better for the troop if I deal with you right now.

What? Are you going to cry for forgiveness again? You’re useless. Unfortunately, I can kill anyone without hesitation, if I’m doing it for the sake of the troop. No matter who they are.

What’s the matter? You can’t think of even one explanation? Or you want me to kill you right now?

How boring. You really are just a foolishly honest woman. No spy would cry right away like this.

Get up. How long are you going to be on your hands and knees like that?

Come on. We’ll go and apologise to Kondo-san. No matter why it happened, you still caused trouble. Kondo-san is the kind of person who’ll understand if you talk to him honestly. I’ll tell the other soldiers later.

Honestly. I imagined you’d do something sooner or later, but…

Come on! Stop crying! If you walk behind me with that face, it’ll be unbearable. This is why women are so bothersome.

You’re more like a child than a woman!

Come on. I’ll go with you.

Hmm? What is it?

You’re thanking me for believing in you?

Hmph. What a thoughtless woman you are. It seems that you only think of things in a way that’s convenient for you. Dealing with trouble in the headquarters is my job. I just want to deal with trouble as soon as possible.

Listen up. Don’t think you can cry for forgiveness just because you’re a woman. I won’t always be able to settle things peacefully either. Don’t make mistakes when I’m watching. When you do, I’ll tie a rope around your neck.

If you don’t want that, then remember this. You won’t get another chance.


Who’s there?

You? Why on earth are you…

Hmm? Water and a towel? For me?

Oh. That’s quite thoughtful, even for you. How long have you been there?

You’ve been watching me for a while? Honestly. You’ve got too much free time.

I know we’re only in the garden, but a woman shouldn’t be wandering around at night like this. Are you trying to cause trouble again? Have you already forgotten what just happened?

Hmm? You want to know what happened to the soldier? What’s the point in asking that? You won’t be able to do anything by knowing that.

It’s more important for you to reflect on your actions. Not just you. The soldiers have been letting their guard down recently. I told them to have their doubts when something happens and inform me properly.

He’s fine. He can’t come back to the headquarters yet, but his life isn’t in danger. Kondo-san found a skilled doctor by himself and arranged for his treatment. You should thank Kondo-san too.

Hmm? Have you got some kind of complaint?

Missing out? I am? What are you talking about?

Everyone admires Kondo-san and thinks I’m strict?

Hmph. What’s wrong with that? Our positions are different.

Kondo-san is fine as he is. He’s kind and open minded. He’s an ideal leader who anyone would want to follow. So I need to be a suitable right hand man who can emphasise that.

Because Kondo-san is open-minded, being strict is also necessary. Making sure the crimes of others are punished. An opposite existence that is feared makes Kondo-san seem even more wonderful. The Shinsengumi exists for that reason.

Of course, it’s thanks to the work of Souji, Heisuke, Saito-kun and Yamazaki too.

I suppose you wouldn’t understand. I’ve turned out the way I am now because of the Shinsengumi. The Shinsengumi is the place I belong. I was called a demon and even feared by my family. Someone unnecessary like me doesn’t have any worth.

Beside Kondo-san, I finally found a reason for living. There was not one reason to feel ashamed, although we were looked down upon for being Miburo [3]. Because I had allies and I had an aim. The Shinsengumi is a gathering of those people. Well, it might be meaningless to tell you this though.

I see. You’re alone too.

The soldiers often talk about you.

Ah, it’s nothing bad. They tell me about things like how you sewed up their torn clothes or how good the rice balls they took out with them were. You seem to be of use to the Shinsengumi.

Why do you look so surprised? Do you think I’m lying?

Huh? You didn’t think I’d say something like that? Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t say it to make you happy. You’re not perfect, but you’re doing the best you can. I don’t always see you when you’re working, but when I hear the men talk about you, I understand.

Hmm? You’re grateful to me? Then become better at everything you do. I don’t know about the others, but I’m definitely not satisfied with you yet. If you want to stay here, then do your very best to work. If you want the Shinsengumi to be your place, then have the same spirit as we do. Even if you don’t wield a sword.

It’s late. Go back to your room.

The moon looks beautiful tonight.

[1] Kaisendon – A rice and seafood dish.
[2] Joi faction – A group who supported restoring power to the emperor and expelling foreigners from Japan.
[3] Miburo – The Shinsengumi were originally known as the “Miburo” (Masterless samurai of Mibu). Mibu was the area of Kyoto where they were stationed.

Track 6

Kondo-san. I’m coming in.

Hey, Kondo-san. Honestly, that man… He’s gone out again, hmm?

Where’d he go after calling me here?

Now I’ll never get my work done. The city and the headquarters have been busy lately…

These are…sweets? They’re half eaten and the tea cup is half empty. So he was here recently?

Honestly, he’s always bringing these things in… Now there’s no point in being so strict to the soldiers about following the rules.

I’d like him to be in my position for once.

Hmm? They’re unexpectedly good. The filling is white bean jam, hmm?

What? It’s you! What are you doing here?

Hmm? Kondo-san called you here too?

His clothes? Just put them over there.

Hmm? Why are you staring at me? There’s something on my face?

You’re asking if it’s okay to eat someone else’s sweets without asking?

Shut up! It’s Kondo-san’s fault for calling me here and not being around.

You’re asking if I eat sweets too? I do…sometimes.

What? Don’t laugh! You saw me doing something strange…

Hey. Come here.

Open your mouth.

Just do as I say!

Here. Say “ah”. Alright, you’ve eaten it. Now you’re guilty too.

You think I’m being cruel? What? You were the one who ate it. I only told you to open your mouth.

Kondo-san is a troublesome man for buying these things though.

Hmm? Because it’s the winter solstice? What are you talking about?

Yuzu [1] buns?

Ah… That smell earlier was yuzu.

Come to think of it… These red and white sweets are camellia and daffodil.

I see. They’re quite sophisticated, even though they’re just sweets.

What? I’m not going to say it’s alright. They’re good considering they’re sweets, but we can’t have everyone bringing in luxury things like that. I’m sure something bothersome will happen again.

You think I’m a serious person? I’ve said this several times. This is my duty. Leave me alone.

What? I told you not to laugh! Honestly!

Those buns are better than these. You try one too.

Hmm… They taste good.

[1] Yuzu – A type of citrus fruit. One custom during the winter solstice is putting yuzu into a hot bath.

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