Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa 7 – Disc 2

Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa 7 – Saitou Hajime

CV – Takahashi Naozumi

Track 1

It’s not locked? How careless. So they didn’t even have time for that?

Well, the rain will stop soon. Let’s sit down and wait until then.

Hmm, what’s the matter?

Ah. Now that you mention it, it’s been a while since it was just the two of us like this.

I came here all the way from Kofu without having you look at my shoulder.

Come closer. Stay close and keep warm.

It’s strange. When we’re like this, I feel as if everything like the Shinsengumi, Aizu and the war all go further away.

It’s as if I just encountered this place on a journey with you and am stopping by here, like so.

Right, you didn’t mention anything about my dominant hand.

That’s right. Everyone is usually right-handed, but I’m left-handed, aren’t I?

Originally, it was considered an improper thing though.

It’s how I am and it’s good? Well, it’s not completely bad.

Everyone is usually right-handed. And so, when facing someone else, it’s normal to put your sheath on the right so the sword can’t slip out. Of course I have to do that too. But because I’m left-handed, the sword has a better reach than when kept on the right side. I withdraw it immediately and take one stroke.

There are people who die with a calm look on their faces too.

People die because they don’t realise that the world is a tough place for them to survive by believing white lies.

You don’t want to talk about this?

You really are curious. When I’m talking about this, I remember the first time I went to the Shieikan and met Kondo-san. He was the only one who accepted that I was left-handed.

When I was younger, I thought I was descended from the gokenin [1].

However, when I found out my father, who I thought was a gokenin, was actually an ashigaru [2] who bought gokenin kabu [3], everything in this world seemed so empty. I wondered what I had believed all along.

So now that I think about it, that might have been my form of rebellion, despite being so young. I definitely wasn’t going to change the hands I had been born with. I wouldn’t sacrifice myself. So I would always devote myself to training alone. At that time, I met Kondo-san, who was at the Shieikan.

When he accepted me, I was able to think that I had found a place where I could live for the first time. We were a collection of country people, without money, honour or a position. Even so, we had a place where we could wield our swords. I think the Shinsengumi started there.

You’re the first person I’ve talked to about this. I wonder why I did. Perhaps I wanted you to know a different side to Saito Hajime. Proof that I had lived.

Let me hold you like this for a while. Please.

I’m really impressed you came this far. On a path that even a man would complain about, you didn’t complain about a thing. Your strength is being able to come here as a woman. I don’t often compliment someone like this. Remember it well.

You’re doing well.

So I’m going to give you one very important mission. Go to Kyoto.

Don’t say anything. This is an order from someone who commands the Shinsengumi.

Don’t look so sad. Listen carefully, alright?

Go to Kyoto with this. Deliver this letter.

Now there are men who will fight together with us. This letter asks for their assistance. If they receive it from you, who worked at the headquarters, they will trust it and come here immediately. Then they will attack the lawless individuals who call the Shinsengumi and Aizu a rebel army from both sides.

If they do, we will surely win.

Why aren’t you agreeing to do it? I’ll say it once more. This is an order. Leave Aizu and go to Kyoto.

When did you become important enough to disobey my orders? I said it’s an order! I forgave you once because you’re a woman, but how can you disobey me once again?

Never mind. At this point, your will doesn’t matter.

Go. Go and take the letter right now.

Why aren’t you moving?

What are you doing?

What is it? You’re that unhappy that I asked them to care of you in the letter?

My goodness. You disobeyed orders and tore up the letter.

So you really are a spy!

You’re not? There’s no doubt that you are!

This is my mistake for not completely distrusting you when we first met.

I’m wrong? Then why are you disobeying me? I can’t keep a woman like you beside me any longer. I’d like to torture you and abandon you in the wild somewhere. But it would trouble my conscience to kill a woman. I’ll spare your life.

My sword doesn’t starve for your unclean blood. Go away right now!

You’re still not moving, which means you’re prepared to throw away your life.

Very well then.

Hey, you. I’ll let you go if you disappear right now. Or do you have something to say before I cut you down?

You want to stay here with me?

I thought you’d beg for your life, but that’s what you’re saying?

Know your place, woman! What good will someone like you do?

Come here!

Considering your skills, I’m surprised you can say you want to stay by my side. But now you understand how much of a burden you’ll be, don’t you?

You won’t just die a pitiful death, there’s no doubt you’ll endanger your allies too!

How disgraceful!

You’re still holding onto your sword? Fine then. So cut me down! I’m not going to run away or hide.

What’s the matter? You’re prepared to do that much, aren’t you?

What are you doing?

Come on! Ready your sword! Cut me down!

The enemy won’t wait on the battlefield.

Even if they seem to be begging for their life, they’ll use that one moment to come and cut you down.

That’s right. It’s hell. If you’re going to stay here while knowing that, then cut me down now!

You can’t do it, can you? You’re that type of person.

And that hesitation will lead to your death.

I won’t hesitate. Because this sword has already shed so much blood.

Give up already. On top of disobeying orders, you don’t have any strength.

Why should I leave you here when you’re suspected of being a spy anyway? If you’re still around by daytime tomorrow, then I really will kill you.

No, I’ll kill someone in your place. That’ll probably affect you more.

Well then…

What is it? You still want something?

You’re not going to leave my side, despite all I’ve said?

I don’t get it. What makes you do that much?

Your feelings towards me?

I wondered what it might be, and that’s what it is! Those won’t be any use at all. Abandon them now.

Anyway, why are you misunderstanding just because we slept together? I didn’t turn you away in Kofu because I thought you could become a poison taster or my personal soldier. But now there are plenty of people who can replace you.

You’re just an eyesore.

Go on and cry. Cry and cry until you know how pathetic you are, then leave this place!

What I said while were on the boat?

That was…

Shut up. Shut up!

Why don’t you understand?

The words I said on the boat…

You’re going to make me go as far as saying those were a lie too?

I remember your confused expressions completely.

You responded to my feelings. I won’t forget that moment. I wonder whether I had ever believed in words, which have no form, that much before.

That’s enough.

I had kept on taking the lives of others and I found some good fortune I didn’t deserve. That’s good enough. There’s no chance of winning any battles from now on. Rather than that, all that remains is a pitiful death. Not a proper battle. Our loss has been decided from the very beginning. But I still won’t abandon my sword. I’m going to keep on fighting until my life is over.

You should choose the path of life.

Women are survivors.

Please. I don’t want to make you cry anymore.

You still don’t understand?

Fine then. I’ll make you understand!

Just how much of a powerless woman you are.

I’m holding you down and all you can do is let me violate you.

What an interesting sight. That look in your eyes which says you definitely won’t back down makes me feel sadistic.

This is what I’m going to do!

How does it feel to be unclothed and indecent? Hmm?

All it takes is for me to run my fingers along here…

I can easily understand what feels good for you.

That’s right. Like…

It feels good here, doesn’t it?

Don’t breathe so hard. I’ll save this for later.

Next is…here.

You’re already this wet. When did your body end up desiring a man so much?

Don’t cry out. You want me to touch you more here, don’t you?

That’s right. Then bite your lip and bear it.

Your skin has become a little redder.

You really like this happening to you that much?

I’m starting to hear your cries.

That turns me on even more. But…

Not yet. Open wider.

I’m not patient tonight. Even if you’re not in the mood, I’m…

It seems as if you’ve been waiting for this.

Hey, you.

Why? Why aren’t you resisting?

Why are you trying to accept a man who defiles you like this?

Because it’s me? There’s no way that reason would make me understand!

Don’t make me laugh.

I… I…


That’s right. You’re putting your hand on my cheek right now, but I won’t be able to do anything for you from now on.

All I’ll do is die a pathetic death and make you unhappy.

You say that doesn’t matter?

I… I don’t want that to happen.

I don’t want you to be caught up in my fate.

Even so…

Not being able to see your beautiful smile when I die tears my heart apart.

Even though I don’t want to let you die, I don’t want to let you go.

Why didn’t you leave before I said that?

We can’t go back now. Are you really okay with that?

I see. You are a truly foolish woman.

I’ve accepted that you’re prepared.

I’ll live and fight on this land. Tell me once more that you don’t mind my hands which are stained with the unfading scent of blood!

I’m sorry I treated you roughly.

Forgive me.

You don’t like me touching you like this now?

I see. You really are a lovely woman.

I can’t believe words like that are coming from me…

Let me hear your voice even more.

The voice that desires me.

I want to remember you with all of my body.

Everything, without missing a thing.

Your hands are beautiful. You might not have realised, but I often looked at them.

Now that I think about it, I should have held onto you like this at those times.


No matter how much I held you, I wouldn’t have been satisfied.

Then I would have held you again and again…

Your voice, your scent and the softness of your lips all drive me so crazy.

Let me touch you even more deeply.

Now I want to feel that I’m the closest person to you in this world.

Can I touch you like this?

Hey, tell me. I want to know you even better.

Don’t tease me.

Ah, my hand is completely…

What is it? I can do whatever I like because you’re mine, right?

You’re covered in sweat…

Everything is mine… Mine alone.

Let me hear your sweet breath even more.

You’re a complete mess. That’s good. It looks beautiful.

Don’t hide away. You look more beautiful like this.

Show me even more. So that there’s nothing I don’t know in this world.

It’s strange. I’ve become so unsatisfied that I end up kissing you like this. I can’t stop thinking that I want to do this over and over again.

I want to become one with you, and let our hearts and lives overlap with one another.


There… There’s no need to hide anything in my heart now. I want to tell you all the feelings I have for you.

You’re dear to me. So dear that I can’t bear it. This much…

I’m going to use my life to continue protecting you.

And when my life comes to an end…

We’ll die together.

[1] Gokenin – A vassal of the shogunate.
[2] Ashigaru – Ordinary foot soldiers employed by samurai.
[3] Gokenin kabu – The status of “gokenin”, which was able to be purchased by ordinary men.

Track 2

Get out of my way!

Did I make it in time?

If the enemy has come this far, it means they’re faster than we predicted.

Damn it!

Are you… Are you hurt?

Your leg is bleeding.

I’m sorry. I want to treat your injury, but this isn’t the right time. Will you be able to bear it?

I see. You’re right. You’re a strong woman who wouldn’t start complaining at a time like this.

Don’t worry about me. This isn’t enough to kill me.

But we can’t hide in this shed any longer. It will soon fall into enemy hands.

You can still run, can’t you?

That’s right. Make sure not to drop your sword. Think of everyone you encounter from now on as a beast.

Not a human, but a beast that is starving for blood.

Come on, we’re going to run!

Clear the path!

Damn it! Just a little further ahead…

Let’s run!

What’s the matter?

Ah… The injury on your leg has gotten this bad?!

Leave you behind? Don’t say ridiculous things at a time like this!

I’m not going to do that. It’ll be meaningless if I’m the only one to escape. We’ll go together!

Damn it! We’re surrounded?

Be quiet. No matter how many times you say it, I’m not planning on leaving you behind.

Listen up. Sit there quietly.

One. Two. Three. Four.

You think you can stop me like this?

There’s no need to fear men who can’t handle a sword, unless they rely on numbers!

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know me, the captain of the Shinsengumi’s third troop, Saito Hajime.

It would be a great achievement if you managed to take my life. But I don’t feel like dying right now.

Alright! Come at me if you don’t value your life!

Track 3

Alright. Let’s hide in this forest for a while.

Aizu… The Shinsengumi have been defeated now.

But I’ve survived.

Hey. Stay in my arms.

Make it clear to me that you’re alive.

Alive. You’re alive.

Yes. You really have to survive.

Listen up, alright? We’re going to stay here a little while until the sun sets. At any rate, you can’t move with your leg.

If we stay here, the surviving soldiers should pass by eventually. They’re good men who trust me. They definitely won’t abandon you.

Why do you look so pale? You’re alive.

Come on. Smile.

I survived and brought you this far. I think I’ve lived a good life.

Why do you look so confused?

You’ve seen the end of someone’s life plenty of times. My life is just another one of those. So don’t stand still here. You must go when the time comes.

You mustn’t follow me.

You should live. Understand?

Don’t say you can’t live without me. You’re a strong woman. The woman I loved.

I… I’m not going to die.

Everything… That’s right. I’m going to entrust it to you. The existence of Saitou Hajime from the Shinsengumi is a great one.

I won’t forgive you if you abandon it so easily.

Listen up. You’re going to live.

That’s right. That’s good.


Enemies, hmm?

I knew it. Fine then!

I won’t hide or run away.

They can take everything. The Shinsengumi and my allies. I’ll even give them my life!

But I’m going to protect you!

Track 4

Looking at my wounded left arm, I realised I could no longer wield a sword.

So… So what?!

Even in my right hand, the sword would tremble.

I would abandon anything for the sake of the woman who knew why that was.

When I swing my sword, your smile enters my mind.

At some point, I kept on cutting down enemies, to try and bring it closer.

I no longer cared where I was and who I was. I just wanted to see that smile again.

I’m… I’m not dead yet…

Are you feeling cold after being soaked by the rain?

I see. You really do smile all the time, even without me around.

That’s good.

I’m sorry. I wanted to take you to a more peaceful place.

That’s right.

A place where the flowers bloom and where the moon is beautiful at night.

There you would smile at me. I don’t need anything else. Now I’ve finally realised what it was that I wanted to have when I carried out my will and wielded my sword. It was peaceful days spent with you.

The flowers. The moon. The silence we can feel is beautiful.

Look. It’s beautiful. Tonight was another wonderful moonlit night.

Track 5

Hey, you.


Why are you crying?

You haven’t forgotten that I told you to smile, have you?

Come on.

Where did you learn how to smile while crying? You’re pretty clever.


At last. It’s finally mine. A moment where I can do this with you.

You and I are no longer important. So no one will interrupt us.

We can finally be together. At last.

Did I keep you waiting again?

I see. I’m glad.

So where would you like to go?

I was always taking you around, so I’ll listen to what you say this time. We could go to your favourite dango shop or look at hairpins. If not that…

You don’t mind where you go, as long as you’re with me?

I thought you’d say that.

You’re right. Follow me everywhere then.

I’m not going to let go of you again.

Come on, let’s go!

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