Criminale! 6 – Disc 1

Criminale! 6 – Chara

CV – Shimono Hiro

Track 1

7AM. In a dimly-lit room.

Oh? So you’re finally awake, huh?

You were out cold for a long time. It seems like the drugs those guys used really affected you.

Calm down. Getting scared won’t do any good.

Hmm? I don’t know where we are. The only thing I do know is that we’re in a room somewhere and that the door over there is locked, so we can’t get out.

That’s right. We’ve been locked up. And the two us are chained together with these things.

Why? Hahaha! You worry about such ridiculous things.

If you want to have a happy life, don’t worry about things that have already happened.

It won’t change the fact that we’re chained together. So instead of thinking about the reason why, shouldn’t you think about what to do next?

Hmm? You should see the look on your face. It’ll be fine. Things will work out by themselves.

What is it? Why are you surprised?

Ah… Hmm, so you’ve finally noticed?

Are you scared of my right eye?

I’m not angry. I’m used to that kind of reaction.

Anyone would normally react like that if they saw someone whose eye was completely black.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Despite my appearance, I’m not a monster. I’m not going to eat you.

My name is Chara. Have you heard of Amphisbaena [1]?

You haven’t, right?

It’s a large mafia organisation, which has its base in Rome. I’m a member of that organisation.

I messed up on a important mission and got caught like this, by another group of mafia that opposes us. You just happened to be passing by when you got caught up in this.

Don’t you remember what happened before you got knocked out?

Ah, you don’t have to remember. That’s how it was. You were walking around the city when you bumped into me. Then we were captured together. That’s all it was.

What? The expression on your face is even worse. Have you gotten really scared?

Well, I guess you can’t help it, considering the person who is in front of you now.

If only I had been a reliable guy, who is your type.

This right eye is useful though. I can even make quick work of a difficult job. That’s because most people are scared like you.

Shall I let you take a closer look then? It’s unusual, isn’t it? For the white part of my eye to have gotten this black.

I can still see perfectly well. Your terrified face. Your trembling lips. Everything.

Don’t go all tense.

Okay, okay. I won’t get too close to you if you’re scared.

But I can’t go that far, seeing as we’re handcuffed together.

Well, what are we gonna do now?

An explosion?

This is our chance!

It’s obvious. Our chance to escape.

We’ll use this confusion to our advantage and get out of here.

A shoot-out is perfectly normal. I said all of us were mafia, didn’t I? I don’t know who’s attacking this place right now, but I should be grateful to them.

Hey, get up. We’re going to kick down the door and get out of here.

It’s locked, so breaking it is our only option. This rundown old door will break easily.

Of course I’ve been waiting for this opportunity. They won’t notice with all this gunfire.

Let’s go!

Huh? You’re coming with me. We can’t stay apart because of the handcuffs, right?

Or do you want to end up as meat sauce? I’m telling you that you’ll get killed if you stay here.

Come with me if you want to stay alive. Now that we’ve been chained together, our fates are linked.

[1] Amphisbaena – The amphisbaena is a mythological ant-eating snake, which has heads at both ends of its body.

Track 2

This fight is crazy! Looks like they won’t even notice us. We’ll get killed if we’re caught up in the gunfire. Let’s try and go somewhere quieter. Run as fast as you can, even if you’re out of breath!

Wait! Shh. Be quiet.

So things won’t be that easy, huh?

Look over there. That guy is in a troublesome position.

He’s keeping watch over the outside. He’s not looking over here.

We’ve got no choice. We’ll move a little closer. You stay behind me. As close as you can. Hide behind me.

Don’t worry. I’m going to beat him and get us out of here.

Hmm? This? It looks like an ordinary belt buckle, right? But when you do this… It’s got poison needles inside.

I’m going to throw it and it’ll stab that guy in the neck. That’s it.

I’ve got lots of things like that.

This is my second favourite weapon. My favourite weapon is these wires. They don’t make a sound, spill any blood and they’re reliable.

Well, we’re just going to knock this guy out for a while. There’ll be trouble later on if I kill anyone unnecessarily.

Let’s go.

Okay, that’s sorted. I’m used to that.

Well then…

That bastard! There were more of them?

This is my third favourite weapon. Knives spill blood, so I prefer not to use them.

Why are you thrashing about like that? A grown man should be able to put up with that kind of injury. If you don’t like it, then go and cry to your mommy.

Now’s not the time to be saying that! They came here because they heard gunshots. Let’s run for now!

Damn it! They’re following us! We’ve got to hide somewhere and let them pass.

No! A dead end!

This is no good! We’ll get killed if we turn back!

What should we do? That’s it!

On the roof! The square which looks like a window. We can hide in the roof space! We’ll use the wires to get up there.

Come on! Hold on!

They’re still wandering around. But it seems like they haven’t even considered that we could be right above them.

It’s a good thing we sneaked into the roof space. We’ll move along here and get out this way, I guess. There are a lot of spiders’ nests though.

Hey, are you hurt?

Hmm? Me?

Ah, you’re right. My arm is bleeding. Did I get scratched by a bullet?

Even though I was asking about you, I ended up being the one who’s hurt. That’s no good.

Anyway… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my blood.

I’ve been crazy about the Sicilian pizza with lots of cheese recently. My brother teases me and says “Your blood is going to end up the colour of cheese if you eat that all the time.”

Hmm… So it’s red as usual then.

Oh? Not really. It doesn’t hurt.

I’ve got to stop the bleeding though. It’d be no good if my blood left a trail behind.

We can’t stay here forever though. Let’s hurry up and get out of here. We’ve got a time limit too.

You didn’t notice? Look carefully at the handcuffs.

See, it’s right in the middle of the chain. A small bomb with a timer.

There 48 hours left. Ah, now it’s 47 hours.

Hmm? I don’t know why they put something like this on. Well, they’ve done something complicated like this instead of killing us right away, so there must be some kind of reason.

The handcuffs we’ve got on have a bomb attached. That’s the greatest present.

What, are you afraid?

You’re afraid of dying?

That’s what you’re afraid of?

I think you probably won’t understand this, but there are plenty of things in this world that are more frightening than dying.

If you’re going to experience hell while you’re alive, then it’s better to die and go to heaven. Being killed quickly by a bomb is easier.

You look as if you don’t understand. Shall I tell you then? What it feels like to think dying would be better…

I was just kidding. Now isn’t the time to be dying anyway.

Let’s hurry up and get out of here, okay?

9AM. At an unknown location. Two hours have passed.

We were able to escape in the end. But where are we?

Jeez. My stuff got taken away, so I can’t contact any of my allies.

Hey! What’s the matter? Are you feeling sick?

What? You’re just tired?

Well, you’ve been running around at full speed.

There’s a bench over there. Let’s rest for a little while.

Hmm? Hey, look at that. The sky looks really beautiful today.

Cobalt blue. It’s clear like painted glass.

Relaxing and looking at the sky like this is great.

Hmm? The time limit?

Ah… These handcuffs. I want to get them off quickly, but the bomb might go off if I make a mistake. It’d be terrible if it went “boom!” as soon as the handcuffs were off, right?

It’s difficult to move, but let’s keep them on a little longer.

Don’t look at me like that.

Well, a slight impact isn’t enough to make them go off.

There’s no way they’d put on something that’d kill us so easily.

Hmm? No, not really. I just had that feeling. Don’t worry about it.

We’ve still got time. All we have to do is get them off before time runs out, right? Panicking won’t do any good. Think of it as a game and try to have fun.

Well… When you’re a member of the mafia, things like this happen everyday. There are plenty of sights worse than this.

Yes, I’ve seen them too. I might actually be the one who’s experienced them the most.

I’m known as a hyena, and I do all the dirty work in the organisation. Dealing with dead bodies, transporting things and taking care of traitors. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve almost died. Getting handcuffed and being attached to a bomb doesn’t surprise me now.

You don’t seem surprised by that. You’re easy to understand. Your face gives away your thoughts. You were thinking that I’m a dangerous guy, just like my appearance suggests, weren’t you? You being afraid of the mafia and reacting like that is exactly the reaction I was looking for. I’m used to being hated.

I told you, didn’t I? I do all the dirty work. Even the other members of the family usually avoid me.

What is it? You’re all tense again.

Were you reminded how disgusting my eye is, now that you can see it in the light of day?

You don’t think I’m human like you?

Hey. What would you do if I really was a demon? Would you pray for God to help you?

Hmm? You’re pretty smart. Did you think that it would be a bad idea to put me in a bad mood in this situation?

Well, it’ll help if you’re obedient. If you make a fuss, then I’ll have to make you stop talking.

Remember this well. Our fates are linked to each other. If we’re going to survive, then let’s cooperate. Even if it’s only on the surface.

Alright, shall we go soon?

We’re going back to the family’s hideout. Amphisbaena’s base is in Rome. If we get there, we can do something about the bomb.

Where are we anyway? It looks like a town somewhere.

Ah, there’s a direction board over there. Let’s take a look.

Hmm… If you go east, there’s a national art gallery. If you go west, there’s the Basilica of San Francesco [1]. So this is Bologna?

Right now we’re in the Piazza Maggiore [2]. Over there is the Fountain of Neptune [3].

They took us pretty far. Well, we can’t help that. Let’s get back to Rome.

We’ll pass by Florence if we take the train from Bologna. We’ll be in their territory, but it’ll be too much of a detour if we take a different route.

Come on, let’s go to the station.

[1] Basilica of San Francesco – A church founded in the 13th century.
[2] Piazza Maggiore – A square in Bologna which is surrounded by several palaces and a church.
[3] Fountain of Neptune – A fountain completed in 1565, which is located in the Piazza del Nettuno, next to the Piazza Maggiore.

Track 3

10AM. Bologna Central Station. Three hours have passed.

What? Why aren’t there any trains?

Alright, I’m sorry, Mister. I wasn’t telling you how to do your job.

It can’t really be helped if there aren’t any trains. We’ll try somewhere else. Goodbye.

Jeez. We’re really out of luck. They’re having trouble on today of all days. Well, if there aren’t any trains, then it’s no use being here any longer.

What should we do then? We’ll have to find some way of travelling for now, huh? We’re going to be helpless without any transport.

How about stealing that car over there?

Hmm? What is it? Damn, it’s the police. I thought I heard the sound of a bike… Trouble just keeps on coming!

Hey. Keep quiet, no matter what they ask. Unless you can follow my lead. We won’t be able to get back to Rome if we’re caught by the police. We’re completely done for if that happens.

What’s up, Mister? We’re in a hurry.

You’re on high alert? What for?

A terrorism notice?

Ah, I see. So that’s why the trains have been stopped.

Isn’t it just a simple prank? I know this place is troubled by that kind of thing, but you’re worrying too much.

Hey, I’m not a suspicious person. But I guess you can’t help being suspicious of the way I look.

Then why don’t you take a closer look? This black eye looks pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Huh? Handcuffs?

Tch. So that’s why they got suspicious, huh?

These? They’re nothing important. We’re just into that kind of thing. Can’t you see?

Why? Sometimes you just want a bit of excitement. A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days. [1] Haven’t you heard that saying?

You can check what I’m carrying. I haven’t got anything suspicious.

See. Are you satisfied now?

Hey! Why are you trying to touch her too? You’re not trying to grope a woman’s body, are you?

Don’t touch her!

How does it feel to be strangled with a wire?

Don’t worry. I’ll strangle you and send you to the other side.

Miss! Stay back! I’ll deal with this guy right away.

No matter how you look at it, he was trying to touch you.

Remembering it really bothers me! Of course this piece of trash needs to die!

Huh? We shouldn’t cause trouble here?


Is that alright now?

It’s alright. He’s just unconscious. I haven’t killed him.

But the people around us have gotten scared. Let’s get out of here before any more police turn up.

I lost my cool. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help doing it when I thought he might touch you, Miss.

Ah… I was calling you “Miss” because you’re a young lady. There’s no particular meaning behind it!

Anyway, let’s get away from the station. Let’s find some transport somewhere else.

[1] This is a quote from the German writer, Goethe.

Track 4

11AM. In Bologna city. Four hours have passed.

I see. It seems like it’ll take a few hours for the trains to start moving.

That’s how it is.

I don’t have any choice about eavesdropping! They’d get scared if I started talking to them.

Especially normal travellers like them.

Well, we’ve got the information, so it’s all good.

We’ll make it to Rome in time. There’s no need to worry.

I wonder what we can do to pass the time?

How about looking for a store? We should get some food and drinks, right?

Those guys took my things, but I’ve got a bit of money. Together with the weapons I’m hiding.

I’ve got them underneath my clothes, so don’t worry.

Hmm? There aren’t any customers around.

Well, it’s better that way.

We’re chained together like this. Someone might be suspicious, like that police officer earlier. And my appearance stands out too much. It’s not a bad thing that there’s no one here.

Oh? Most of the drinks are sold out. There’s not much choice in this shop. It makes sense that there aren’t any customers.

It’s just mineral water, but is that okay? And we’ve got this too.

What is it? They’re potato chips. Samourai [1] sauce flavour. I recommend them.

You’re hungry, aren’t you? I’ve heard your stomach rumbling for a while now.

Alright, let’s hurry up and pay.

Hey, Mister! I’ll take these.

Hey, Mister… What are you doing? It’s pretty rude to point a gun at your customer all of a sudden.

He closed the shutters.

Tch. We’re locked in?

Ah, so there’s more of you… This is your territory, isn’t it? I’d completely forgotten.

Don’t worry. I’ll do something.

But even so, you wouldn’t believe the words of someone like me. Well, you don’t have to believe me. Just watch.

This way! We’re going to take cover in the shadows of the shelves and approach the enemy! Make sure you keep up!

It’s okay. Just stay low while you’re moving.

Alright! Help me out, Miss. We’re going to push these shelves down.

Just one more!

You’re out of bullets, huh?

Ah… My clothes are soaked. Ugh… They’re sticky too. Next time I hit someone with a bottle, I should make sure it’s not juice. That was pathetic.

Are you hurt, Miss?

Hey! Are you okay? What’s the matter?

You’re relieved?

What? You scared me.

Well, I’m glad you’re alright.

We can’t relax just yet. Things are getting crazy outside.

Their allies, huh?

We can’t go out the back. We’ll end up being surrounded.

Damn it. We’ll just have to hide somewhere and wait it out.

Hmm? What’s the matter? Down by our feet?

This is…a cut out? It’s a door?

There’s a basement room?

We’ll have to take a chance and hide down there.

I’ll go first. Come with me, Miss.

[1] Samourai – A spicy sauce made from oil, egg yolks, mustard, ketchup and chilli paste.

Track 5

1PM. Bologna. The basement storeroom of the general store. Six hours have passed.

Things are finally quiet up there. I’m glad those guys weren’t too smart.

Are you okay, Miss? You did a good job putting up with this. At this rate, even if the trains have started moving again, we won’t be able to reach the station.

It’d be no surprise if they were waiting for us. Maybe we should find a car somewhere around here and travel by road after all. We’ll wait a little longer before we leave, just in case.

Well, we’ve got food and water, so we should be fine.

The store was probably using this place for storage.

Shall we eat something?

So I guess you’re not feeling hungry after suddenly getting attacked? But you should eat while you can. You won’t have any strength when you need it most.

Hmm? Why are you thanking me?

Huh? You think I’m kind?

What are you talking about? Are you half-asleep? Or are you still feeling confused now that you’re exhausted? I’m surprised you can say that now, even though you were scared when you first saw me.

I don’t know if you’re trying to please me, but don’t say that without meaning it.

Words are empty things, aren’t they?

“That which issues from the heart alone, will bend the hearts of others to your own.”

You haven’t heard that before? It’s from the book “Faust” [1], by Goethe [2].

Hmm? You’re being serious?

Then say it while looking at me directly. Can you say it while you look me in the eye? That I’m a kind and good person.

No one could truly be thankful to someone like me, someone so strange and unclean. There’s no one like that.

You’re so stubborn. That stubbornness reminds me of someone!

Why are you saying that now? Even though you looked at me the same way other people do…

I was calling you “Miss”, but you’re just a normal girl in the end…

It’s nothing. Anyway, there’s something you should understand.

Why are you looking at me like that? Are you afraid?

Is it because of my eye or because of a man pushing you down?

I’m one of the mafia. You probably imagined that you’d get treated a little roughly. If you didn’t consider it at all, then you’re too naïve. That might be good for you, but you can still probably imagine what I’m going to do.

Right. What shall I do?

If I wrap these chains around your neck, they’d be a perfect replacement for my wires.

Look. If I put a little effort into it, your neck will feel tight. I’m the type of man to do this kind of thing.

Stay still. The buttons on these clothes come off so easily. Look. Your body is gradually being exposed. Your beautiful skin doesn’t have a single mark on it. It seems that you were raised very carefully.

You cried out like that just because I touched your skin. You’re really sensitive.

You didn’t think I’d be as rough as this?

Hey. I told you not to struggle, didn’t I? Don’t excite me too much. You don’t want something terrible happening to you, do you? For example…

Not yet. I’m not going to let go yet.

Your face is bright red. Are you that embarrassed?

I like that expression on your face. It really turns me on.

What is it? You want me to stop?

Then why don’t you call for help? If you call out “I’m being attacked by someone from the mafia” those guys might come and save you. That’d be troublesome and desperate situation.

I’ve got to keep your dangerous lips shut.

What is it? You’ve got tears in your eyes. Your face is a mess too.

Do you finally understand? This is what kind of person I am.

Just try saying something shameful again. The same thing will happen to you again.

Hmm? What was that sound?

Watch out!

Damn it. This shelf fell because it had too much on it.

Are you okay, Miss? I’m holding up the shelf, so you get out from underneath me. Hurry up!

Damn it! Can you take off the chains around your neck by yourself? Don’t panic. Just take your time.

I’m fine. It just hit me a little.

Move away a little. I’m going to push the shelves over there.

Jeez. Don’t scare me like that.

I know it was just by chance, but it’s a good thing you were underneath me.

But wrapping those chains around you was a failure.

You’re not hurt, are you?

I told you not to thank me! I wasn’t trying to be kind. I’d just be in trouble if you got hurt.

Huh? I called you “Miss” again?

Like I said, there’s no particular meaning behind it.

I’m no match for you, Miss. Or maybe I’m just a fool.

You found out I was pretending to be a bad guy. It’s just not how I am.

That’s right. I wasn’t just handcuffed to you by chance.

You’re not just an unlucky passer-by who got caught up in this either.

You’re the young lady I’ve been looking for. I’m sorry for not saying anything. Once again, I’m pleased to meet you, Miss… Father’s daughter.

[1] Faust – A tragic play in which the Devil makes a bet with God that he will be able to lure God’s favourite human being (Faust) away from his righteous pursuits.
[2] Goethe – A German writer and statesman who lived between 1749-1832.

Track 6

7PM. On the highway. 12 hours have passed.

How are you feeling? You’re not travel sick, are you?

That’s good.

It took some time, but I’m glad we got out of Bologna. We managed to get a car too.

We’ll keep going along the highway and stop at Florence. Then we’ll take the train to Rome. We could even drive all the way to Rome. That is, if someone doesn’t come after us.

A question? What is it?

Oh, that… Even though I called you Father’s daughter, it didn’t make any sense.

Things were so crazy that I didn’t have the chance to talk about it. Can I explain it to you now?

Father is our… Amphisbaena’s leader. That’s what we call him. You’re his daughter. It’s only natural for you to be surprised. It was kept a secret until now. Even the members of Amphisbaena didn’t know. I’m sure you were told your father was dead, as you were growing up.

I don’t know whether it was because his family were a burden in the other side of society, or because he wanted to distance his daughter from the world of the mafia, I don’t know the reason now. But I know you lived your life while having no idea your father was a mafia boss, and you should have continued to live peacefully, but it didn’t work out like that.

Father was killed the other day. Now Amphisbaena has lost its leader and is a complete mess. We’ve got to choose the next Father as soon as possible. It’s called a conclave.

Someone related to Father by blood can designate a new leader in his place. And you’re his only blood relative.

Without you, Amphisbaena will remain in chaos. That’d be convenient for the mafia who are our enemies. That’s why people from several different organisations are looking for you. In a frenzy.
I’m one of those people.

That’s right. This is the important mission I was talking about. To find you and bring you safely back to Rome. I didn’t think I’d end up with a time limit though. This timed bomb is like a form of interrogation too. No matter whether I’m punched or stabbed, I won’t feel any pain, you see.

Instead of that, I’ve got this. When the time comes, your precious young lady will be blown to pieces. I was told to give up information about Amphisbaena before that would happen. You don’t really remember what happened when you got caught, right? Your memories are probably in chaos. I came to help you when you were about to get kidnapped. Well, I ended up getting caught too though.

Forgive me for not being able to help you coolly. We were able to escape together like this anyway. But… I guess we can’t let our guard down until these handcuffs are off.

Don’t worry. We’ll definitely get them off. I’m not going to let you die.

That’s… I didn’t… I didn’t plan to trick you from the start. It’s just that when you first saw me, you…

There’s no particular meaning behind it. I certainly did act worse than I needed to. I thought it’d be easier to understand that way. I kept quiet about who you really were because I thought it’d be less trouble. So don’t make strange misunderstandings like you did earlier.

I’m just as you see me. A strange and horrifying hyena.

Even you were scared when you first saw me, weren’t you? Your first impressions were correct.

I’m not trying to trick you. I’m telling you things as they are. I told you, didn’t I? Protecting you and covering for you is my duty. It’s because it was an order from Father. I’m not being kind or considerate. You’re thinking too highly of me.

We’re about thirty minutes from Florence, huh? I thought someone might follow us, but it seems things are fine.

Hmm? What’s that? A person?

Jeez. What are they doing standing in the middle of the road? What kind of idiot would be walking on a main highway?

No, that’s… Miss! Get down!

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