Criminale! 5 – Disc 2

Criminale! 5 – Nero

CV – Hirakawa Daisuke

This translation was a commission for themadpuppy85@tumblr. Thank you for allowing me to share it here too!

Track 01

Time unknown. In a small, dark space. An unknown amount of hours has passed.

Are you awake?

Thank goodness. I didn’t know what I’d do if you didn’t wake up.

Don’t move about too much.

Well… I don’t think you’ll be able to move anyway. I was even having trouble turning, you see. It’s too dark to see anything, but I think we’re in the trunk of a car. I’m sure we were locked in here after we were knocked out. It looks like all our things were taken away too.

I don’t have my phone either, so I can’t even find out where we are now. I wonder where they’re taking us. Are they taking us to their hideout? Or perhaps they’ll throw us into the sea?

Are you scared?

You don’t seem to be okay. When we’re this close, I can tell you’re trembling. I’ll hold onto you, so don’t worry.

I’m sorry. You were surprised because I touched you all of a sudden, weren’t you? I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to. I won’t do anything.

I’m sorry… Can you talk about something? It doesn’t matter what. I can hear the sound of the engine, but I can’t feel calm when there’s no one speaking.

What’s the matter?

You found out. That’s right. I’ve been trembling for a while too. Being here made me remember something from the past. When I made a mistake during training, I was locked up in a small room without a window, just like this. It was small, dark and I couldn’t hear anything. I don’t like quiet places because of that. I always play music when I go to sleep, but they’ve taken away my mp3 player too.

Now… I think might be scared…

Umm… Why did you hug me?

I don’t hate it. I’m really happy. I’ve calmed down a little.

Hmm? Yes… I was scared the whole time you were asleep.

No… I couldn’t have forced you to wake up. You would have been in a cold and small place after waking up. I’m sure you would have been afraid. So wouldn’t it have been better for you to sleep?

What’s the matter? I can’t see your face, so I won’t understand if you don’t say anything.

Eh? No… I don’t think I’ve done anything for you to thank me.

Weren’t you scared of me? Are you okay now?

I wonder what’s the matter. Up until a few hours ago, just touching you was enough to make me happy. But it’s different now. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Hey… Can I hold you too?

Your body is small and warm. I feel calm. Do you feel a little less scared like this?

Hmm? I see.

The car slowed down. It might be stopping.

This is our chance! I’m sure they’ll open the trunk. We’ll jump out immediately when they do.

It’s alright. I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out. Trust me.

Really? You’re really going to trust me?

Thank you.

It’s alright. I’m definitely going to protect you.

It’s stopped.

They’re coming closer. Well then… Let’s get them!

One more! Alright!

No! There was one more!

Miss… That was a surprise. Where’d you get that umbrella?

It was a good weapon. You looked cool when you hit him with all your strength. He probably didn’t think you would’ve used the umbrella he left in the trunk.

You were able to defeat a man suddenly like that… You really are Father’s daughter.

Alright! They probably won’t be able to follow us if we tie them up like this. It’s a good thing they had some rope with them too. Now all we have to do is get everything that was taken away from us…

My phone and mp3 player are here, but not the key to the handcuffs… Maybe they threw it away somewhere, thinking it was useless?

Don’t look so hopeless. We’ll be able to get them off once we find someone with the right skills. We’ll take them off once things get sorted out.

Yes. Good girl.

Right… We should find out where we are now.

Ah… It looks like we’re near Pisa. I suppose they really did plan on throwing us into the sea.

Sorry. Just wait a moment. I’ll contact my allies. I’m sure they must be worried.

This is Nero. I’m sorry I couldn’t report to you sooner.

Hmm? What’s the matter? The reception isn’t good. Your voice sounds fuzzy too. Did something happen?

Eh? Milan? Sorry, I can’t hear you very well.

Ah… It got cut off.

It’s nothing… It just seems that the reception wasn’t very good. That shouldn’t be possible though. I set it up so it couldn’t be hacked.

Yes… I’m a little worried, but I don’t think anything strange will happen to them. Let’s do what we can.

They told us to go to Milan. We don’t have any other choice for now.

It’s alright. I’m sure they’ll find the bomb planted in Rome right away.

Hey, we’re going all the way to Milan, so let’s think of something fun to do. Is there anywhere you’d like to see?

La Scala? [1] Even though you’re not that familiar with opera?

No… I do know that! Everything else about you too.

So why do you want to go there?

Eh? The place where he proposed?

Your father… So you mean Father?

It’s the place where Father told the person he loved how he felt. What a wonderful story. I didn’t know that was an important place to your parents.

Alright. Shall we go there once we’ve dealt with a few things? I’ll definitely take you there. Come on, let’s keep moving.

[1] Also known as Teatro alla Scala, it is considered one of the leading theatres of ballet and opera.

Track 02

5:00PM. Outside of Milan. 26 hours have passed.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been Milan. It took us a long time, but I’m glad we arrived safely. It’s a surprise there was nothing set up on the road though.

Ah, I’m sorry! It’s my phone.

Hello. This is Nero.

Ah. It seems like the reception is bad again, but are you okay? A lot has happened, but we’ve reached Milan.

She’s safe too. What about Rome?

I’m so glad! That’s just what I expected. I’m relieved.

Yes. Okay, got it. We’ll take our time coming back. See you later.

Alright. The bomb in Rome was safely dealt with. We don’t need to worry anymore.

Hey, Miss! Are you okay?!

You were so relieved that you felt exhausted?

You did your best.

It seems like they still have some things to sort out. So they want us to stay in Milan overnight. Shall we get a hotel and stay here for now?

Why don’t we walk around Milan a little while we look for a hotel?

We’ve been running for a long time. It’d be better to relax here.

Okay. Let’s go then.

This accessory looks cute. You like this colour, don’t you?

Of course I know what you like.

Ah. I think you’d like this hair clip too.

I thought so.

Hey. I’ll put it on for you.

It’s okay! It’s got a sharp end, so it’d be no good if you hurt yourself by mistake. Stay still.

Yes. It’s cute. It suits you. Shall I buy it for you?

It’s alright. Let me give it to you as a gift. I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

Hey… Shall we watch a movie after this? Then we’ll go to La Scala, where you wanted to go.

Ah… I wonder if we can get tickets for La Scala. Shall we just go to see if there are any free seats? If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to watch an opera.

Yes. Let’s go then.

This feels like a date.

8:00PM. On the outskirts of Milan. 29 hours have passed.

Ah. Hey, look. There’s a bar [1] over there. I was just feeling hungry. Let’s have some tea.

This is a nice place. Because the terrace is open, you can see the cathedral over there.

The movie we just saw was interesting, wasn’t it? We watched it without knowing it was an action movie involving a bomb, so I couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

You see, there was that one scene. The main character tried to defuse the bomb with his girlfriend. The last things remaining were a red wire and a blue wire. It would have blown up immediately if they cut the wrong one. They cut the blue one, because they didn’t want to cut their red thread. [2]

I think I understand. I wouldn’t be able to cut the thread that was connecting me. Just like these handcuffs.

Hmm? No, it was nothing.

Anyway, it’s good that we got tickets to go to La Scala tomorrow afternoon, isn’t it?

It’s okay. We can just go back to Rome after watching the opera. I want to go to La Scala with you too.

Right, how about we order something? What would you like?

Ah, they have ice-cream too. Shall we order pistachio flavour?


Ah… I know everything you like. That’s because I’ve been watching you for a long time.

Why do you have a strange look on your face?

Is that so? Is there something strange about the way I do things? I think it’s normal to know what the girl you like is interested in.

So it’s normally something you’d understand by spending time together?

In my case, I wasn’t able to get any closer to you than was necessary. But now I’ll be able to ask you directly about what you like.

Ah… No… We won’t have to be together after this mission is over, so I might not be able to do that either.

I’m sorry. I made things weird. Let’s hurry up and order, okay?

I think I’ll have this. Fruits of the Forest.

I like fruits. Have you decided on something too?

Huh? You’re okay with having the same thing as me?

Ah.. No… Of course it’s okay. I was just a little embarrassed.

You’re right. It’s good that we’re talking like this and getting to know what we both like.

We’ll have two Fruits of the Forest and two teas.

This really is like a date.

Hey. If we really were on a date, what else would we do? Would we do things like kissing?

I see. Shall we try then?

Hmm? Just kidding.

It was a joke. I’m sorry.

Hmm? Why are you staring at me so intently?

That’s right. Even I was surprised just now. So this is what it’s like when I laugh.

Being with you is fun. I naturally end up smiling. I don’t know the right way to say this, but the warped and twisted things inside of me feel as if they’re returning to normal.

I thought that eating at restaurants and going round museums was just something that only happened in the movies. At the very least, they had nothing to do with me. So it feels like I’m dreaming now. My date with you is over now, isn’t it?

Shall we go back to the hotel once we’ve finished eating? Let’s rest well tonight.

You’re right. We’ve got handcuffs on, so we’ll be in the same room. I suppose we’ll have to use the bed and shower together too.

Don’t worry. I won’t do anything strange. I might hold you or kiss you, but I won’t do anything more than that.

Oh? That look on your face… Did I say something strange again?

[1] Some bars in Italy are more similar to cafes, as aside from alcoholic drinks, they also serve coffee, tea and a variety of foods such as sandwiches and ice-cream.
[2] There is a legend in Japan that two people who are destined to be together are connected by a red thread.

Track 03

11:00AM. On the outskirts of Milan. 44 hours have passed.

The weather is great! The white cathedral looks wonderful against the blue sky!

What’s the matter? Are you still angry about last night?

Just like I promised, all I did was hold you and kiss you.

Come on, smile. I’ll end up wanting to kiss you if you pout too much.

Only joking.

Shall we go after we’ve eaten? We’re going to La Scala, of course. Just as I promised we would.

2:40PM. La Scala. 47 hours and 40 minutes have passed.

Hmm… Our seats are… There they are.

There are 20 minutes until the performance starts, hmm? We’re right on time. This is my first time going to La Scala, and it’s amazing. I wonder how many seats there are. This place feels even more special when I think that Father proposed to the woman he loved here.

Your father met your mother and they got to know each other, then they fell in love.

I think I’m a little envious of that. Just having a connection with someone else is a fortunate thing.

Ah. It’s my phone. Jeez. The performance is going to start soon though…

Hello, this is Nero. I’m sorry. If it’s not something urgent, I’ll call you back.

No. It’s alright. I want to keep talking.

Who is this? How do you know this number?

Unfortunately, the bomb in Rome has been dealt with by my allies.

Your plan has been ruined. Go and run back to your doghouse.

What does that mean? How did you know we were in Milan?

No way…

Damn it!

Well done for coming all the way to La Scala. I’m not planning on putting up a fight. I don’t want to get shot. I can tell what you’re pointing at me, even from underneath your coat. If I make a wrong move, you’ll probably shoot innocent people too.

What a disgusting way of doing things. This young lady hates that kind of thing. Let’s do this peacefully.

I understand. We’re going to leave obediently.

I’m sorry, Miss. We’ll do as they say for now.

It was a trap. There never was a bomb in Rome. They knew that we would run away to somewhere safe if they threatened us with that. Then all they had to do was chase us and lead us somewhere.

They were pretending to be our allies. They did something to my smart phone when we were locked inside the trunk of the car.

The phone call about the bomb being dealt with wasn’t real. Now that I think about it, it’s really strange that they told us to have fun in Milan. They lured us out to Milan. They were kind enough to tell me the reason why on the phone earlier. The bomb wasn’t in Rome, it was here, at La Scala in Milan.

Track 04

2:50PM. Backstage at La Scala. Ten minutes until the bomb explodes.

Those terrible guys tied us up and left us here…!

It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to escape… Are you okay, Miss?

You don’t have to push yourself too hard. You’re trembling.

This is a warning to Amphisbaena. The damage will be greater if they say we were alive and crying out until the last second before being killed by a timed bomb, rather than being shot.

That’s why they tied us up here in front of this bomb. They want Father’s daughter to die a heroic death. This is a stage for that purpose.

I’m sorry. I got carried away because I was with you. I wouldn’t normally make a mistake like this.

It’s not like that! It’s not your fault. It’s not! I… I lost my cool.

For some reason, I just can’t stay calm when I’m with you. I get carried away because of insignificant things. But I didn’t think that was a bad thing. I never felt like this before in my life. I’m really happy to feel this way. So I don’t want to lose this feeling.

There are 8 minutes left, hmm?

Hey. I love you. I love you.

That’s not it. I’m not saying that because I’m prepared to die. It’s because I want to protect you and stay beside you from now on. That’s why I told you. It’s a promise that I’ll definitely protect you.

I wouldn’t break a promise and make a girl cry. I wouldn’t do anything that would be a disgrace to Italian men.

So can you give me your reply to my feelings? I love you.

Thank you. Those words… My connection with you… are enough to make me think I can do anything.

Now that I’ve made you a promise, I’ve got to survive.

Miss! Let me borrow your hairpin. It might get a little dirty, so I’ll buy you a new one. If I do this right, the end could be used like a knife. I’m going to use it to cut the rope.

It’s alright. If I tear it like this…

Okay. I’ve cut it.

My ribs hurt a little, but I’m fine. I had to put all my effort into it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to cut anything.

I’m fine. Deal with the bomb quickly. We don’t have time to run away. We’ll have to defuse it.

2.55PM. Five minutes before the bomb explodes.

The lid is screwed on! Damn it!

Stage tools? Right! There might be a screwdriver! Let’s try and find one!

2.57PM. Three minutes before the bomb explodes.

Alright, the screws are off now. I’m going to open the lid. Then if I cut the wires on the inside…

This is…

2.58PM. Two minutes before the bomb explodes.

In the movie we saw before, the two wires were red and blue. Leaving the red one uncut because they didn’t want to break their bond was the right answer. But now they’re all red…

There aren’t just one or two. Why are there so many? What should I do?

I’m good at dealing with people, but I’ve never dealt with a bomb before. Which one should I cut? What should I do?


Thank you for encouraging me. Your hands are trembling though.

I feel the same way. I’m scared. But you’re by my side. There’s no way that I can give up. I can’t look pathetic in front of the person I love.

Hey. Can you entrust your life to me?

I understand. In that case… I won’t hesitate anymore. If all these lines are connected to you, just like in that movie, then this is my answer…

I’m going to cut all these red wires!

It stopped… Thank goodness!

Hmm? No, I didn’t know the right answer. I just thought that if those really were the lines that connected you and me, then cutting them all wouldn’t matter.

Even if we weren’t connected by those things, as long as our feelings were connected, then we’d be okay. That’s what I thought. Being with you…

Is it okay for you to be the one embracing me? I’m not going to let go of you again.

I see… I won’t let go again then. Never again, okay?

We can’t keep our hands like this, can we? They’ll definitely come here once they figure out the bomb hasn’t gone off.

It would have bothered me if we’d run away now. I made this happen to you. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t make up for that a little. We weren’t even able to watch the opera we came to see. I’ve got to make up for that too.

I’m sure that there were mannequins backstage, weren’t there?

Oh? So you’re finally here?

It’s too bad that we’ve defused the bomb. As you can see, me and the young lady are alive.

But just look. You can tell she’s exhausted by the near death experience she had.

I feel sorry for her. She’s become so weak that she can’t stand up without my help.

Are you going to fire your guns here? Shall I tell you something useful instead? Watch your head when you’re backstage.

Miss! It’s okay! Push them down!

Haha. Those things were on top of the beams. It’s pretty painful when something hits you directly, isn’t it? It seems that you’re still able to move, so perhaps I’ll tie you up with some rope.

You probably didn’t think she’d be up there. I was holding a mannequin. I suppose you didn’t realise because it was wrapped up in a blanket.

Why do you look so surprised? Ah… You’re surprised that we got the handcuffs off?

Hmm… I wonder how we were able to remove them?

3:00PM. On the outskirts of Milan. Going back to when 48 hours had passed.

I’m sure that there were mannequins backstage, weren’t there? How about I handcuff one of them to me and pretend it’s you? Then you’ll go up there while I act as distraction.

Just push anything from on top of those beams onto those guys. I want you to knock the enemy out.

Hmm? We can take these handcuffs off.

Umm… Where did I drop that hairpin?

Ah, there it is. Because it has a narrow tip…

I’m good at picking locks. I practised doing it at the orphanage because I kept wanting to run away.


Hmm? Your mouth is wide open. What’s the matter?

Oh no… Losing the key doesn’t mean you can’t take off the handcuffs.

I just didn’t want to be separated from you.

Ah… Don’t sit down like that.

My goodness… I understand. I’m sorry I forced you to be handcuffed to me. But it’s okay now. I’m not worried when we’re apart. I can finally feel that way.

Hey, Miss. Will you stay beside me, even without the handcuffs?

You’re a cheerful, kind and beautiful person who lives in a different world to me. I’ve always admired you.

But now I think of you as someone I’m close to, who is important to me. No… I’ve become able to consider you as an important person. Now that I can be beside you and face you directly, I don’t need the handcuffs anymore.

I suppose it’s no good saying that to these guys.

Stay here for a little while. Some members of Amphisbaena will come and find you soon enough. There’ll be plenty of gratitude for you. Make sure you accept it.

Miss! I’ll come and get you, so just stay on top of the beams!

Come on, let’s go home!

Track 05

4:00PM. A hotel on the outskirts of Milan.

My allies contacted me. They had no trouble capturing those guys. A train back to Rome has been arranged for you. It’ll leave at night. You’ll choose who the next Father will be when you get back to Amphisbaena. This trouble will come to an end if you do. It’s finally over, isn’t it?

I had quite a good time with you, so I’m a little sad. Would you be angry if I said that?

Ah. Thank you.

Hey. Are you saying that as a friend?

When the bomb was in front of us, it was my intention to confess to you. Do you really love me?

Then can I continue to stay by your side from now on? We’ll go on dates, watch movies and eat together… Is it okay for me to be with you?

Thank you! I was satisfied with just watching you from afar. I didn’t mind it being one-sided. I thought that was how my love was.

But now I can’t help wanting to touch you. Is it okay for me to feel you a little closer to me?

No. One more time.

What should I do? I’m about to cry.

Even though I’m happy to be able to touch you…

For some reason, there was a lump in my throat and I felt sad.

Hey. Don’t look away. Make sure you look at me. Otherwise this is what I’m going to do…

Stay still.

Your ears are really soft.

I wonder whether your ears or your lips are softer. I won’t know unless I check it out a little more.

Here too…

Your ears are completely red. So this is where you’re sensitive?

I’ll make sure to remember that.

You’ve gradually begun to relax.

Why? If you can’t answer, then shall I answer for you?

My kiss feels good. You want to keep going. That’s why you’re not resisting, isn’t it?

I won’t accept any excuses. I’m going to ask your response directly from here, you see. If you don’t hate it, then I’ll be even more affectionate to you.

Not just your ears and lips, the whole of your body too…

You’re all mine. Make sure you’re ready.

That’s no good. I won’t let you escape.

Didn’t you promise you’d stay by my side?

I’m not going to let go of you. Well… I’m trying to get you to say that you don’t want us to be apart.

I’m going to work hard at making my feelings known until you obediently ask me for that.

Hmm? There’s still time before the train. But wouldn’t it be alright to miss it? Then we’d stay for another night and enjoy Milan. Right?

Several months later. 3:00PM. On the outskirts of Milan.

Here you go. This is your ice-cream. Shall we eat while we walk?

I’m finally having a date with you in Milan! I wish I could have come earlier, but I’ve been busy for the past few months.

Ah… You don’t need to worry. Everything is going fine. Because you chose the next Father, things have calmed down in Amphisbaena. I’ve got to work even harder than before now. I can’t do anything pathetic while you’re looking.

I didn’t think we would ever become lovers. I thought that it was something unattainable, but things are different now. I feel as if I’ve finally left that small and dark room.

Thanks to you I was finally able to come out into the light. It might take a little longer for my eyes to get used to it, but I’m not scared of anything when you’re with me. I honestly feel that way.

Ah! Your ice-cream is melting! There! There! Hey, come over here!

Just kidding. Caught you.

You’re blushing again. We’ve kissed plenty of times, haven’t we? Why do you always react like that?

Your lips are sweeter than usual. They’ve got the sweet flavour of chocolate and strawberry. I think that I might even melt.

Don’t be embarrassed. You’re always so cute.

Hey. Shall we go to La Scala after this? We didn’t get to see it properly before.

Okay. Let’s watch an opera together. There’s something I want to tell you after that.

Hmm? Just look forward to finding out later. Perhaps you probably already know what it is though.

I’ll never let go of you again. It’s not because I want to control you.

I want to do it so I can make you happy by myself.

But if you ever do something like cheat on me, I’ll do more than just handcuff you. Remember that.

I love you. I always will.

No matter what trouble I face, or whatever awaits me in the future, I definitely won’t let go of you. I’ll love you forever.

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