Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 4 – Disc 1

Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 4 – Harada Sanosuke

CV – Tachibana Shinnosuke

Track 1

July 1864. The Shinsengumi, who had defeated the radical Choshu members at the Ikedaya, immediately spread themselves throughout Kyoto in order to defeat the remaining lawless samurai who had escaped. All throughout the city, a clearing operation was carried out and Choshu members were to be killed without any question. With a spear in my hand, I led the tenth troop through the city. Once again, the city of Kyoto smells like blood tonight.

How pathetic. What was that scream for? Come on! Attack me!

That’s right. Fight back! Show me a really good time!

Let out an even uglier scream, struggle ungracefully and pathetically cling to life!

Don’t let your guard down. Otherwise everything you’ve done until now will just fade away in an instant! You’re scared, aren’t you?

What’s the matter? Are you already done?

Then die after your blood blooms into red flowers!

For the sake of peace. For the sake of the country. For the sake of the future. Now there are more men who wield their swords in the name of those things. There’s nothing more annoying than that. I have no interest in things like that. However, I actively tried silence those men. The blood that flowed from the men I stabbed with my spear was just like red flowers.

The dull landscape that was normally the faded colour of sand was dyed a brilliant red by the sprays of blood. I couldn’t stop myself from desiring the red flowers I could see when I killed someone. I’m sure that I’m only living for the sake of making these flowers bloom.

But flowers cannot bloom infinitely. A flower that has bloomed gradually fades and the sight before my eyes returns to its colourless state. The world is dull and full of meaningless things. I stood still as I considered the reason for my momentary excitement.

Now things are uninteresting once more.

I’m tired. It’s definitely morning now. I suppose that really was the last one. I was looking around, thinking that I’d be able to kill someone else, but it was a waste of time.

Hmm? Ah. What are you doing so early in the morning?

Ah… The other men have started coming back. So you’re going out early in order to greet them? You’re too obedient. Why didn’t you just pretend to be asleep?

Well… Even if the other men are taking towels, I don’t need one. I’m covered in so much blood, that I don’t think a towel would be any use. I’m going to take a bath, so leave me alone.

Hmm? So the bath is crowded because all the other men are using it? Well, they would have gotten sweaty after running around all night. In that case, come and call me when the bath is free. I’ll be in the garden.

Why? I thought I’d spend some time in the rain. It’ll be perfect for washing away the blood.

It won’t rain long enough for me to catch a cold. It’s definitely just a sudden shower. But if it doesn’t rain a little harder, it might not be enough to wash off the blood.

Well, I’ll wash off the rest in the bath, so it doesn’t really matter.

What do you mean it isn’t good for my health? That’s got nothing to do with you. It’s none of your business if I get wet in the rain and catch a cold, or if it gets worse and I end up dying. I won’t blame you either. I won’t end up haunting you, so why don’t you go away?

You’re still concerned, even though I’ve said it’s got nothing to do with you? What’s the meaning of that stupidity? You have such an annoying way of living.

How bothersome.

Fine. I’ll take a towel. So I just have to wipe down my body, don’t I?

If you’ve got time to be heating water in a pot, then I’d rather you went and chased the men out of the bath.

Ah… But with all those men there, I wouldn’t be able to use the bath without you preparing a fresh bath. Does it take a long time?

I think I’ll wash it off in the rain after all. Then I’ll do the rest when I’m in the bath. That’s alright, isn’t it?

Washing the blood off in the rain is no good. Catching a cold is no good. Waiting here for the bath to be free is no good. Why are you saying everything is no good? Just when did I ask for your opinion? You’re just being a bother.

I didn’t say anything strange. It only sounds strange to you because our outlook on things is different.

Ah. It’s fine, as long as you understand.

Hmm… I see. It’s your job to work for the sake of the Shinsengumi, so looking after me is also your job. So doesn’t that make you a nosy person? That’s what you’re trying to say.

You’re quite stubborn. I’m obviously bothered by you, so why haven’t you given up?

Kondo-san has hired a troublesome person to be our maid.

Alright. You can heat the water in the kitchen and I’ll use that to wash myself. That’ll be enough, won’t it?

Hurry up and do it. Otherwise the rain will wash away all the blood.

Eh? Ah… The rain stopped.

Hmm? Ah, the hot water’s ready? Let me see.

This is one pot full? I’ll only be able to pour it over myself once.

Of course it’s not enough! Come on, look at my arms. The blood has started to dry in the places the rain didn’t touch. Pouring water over myself once won’t be enough to wash it off.

Are you an idiot? I said I’d wash it off in the rain because wiping myself was a bother.

You’ll do it? Hmm… Go on then.

Why are you panicking? You were the one who said you’d wipe it off.

You must really be an idiot if you couldn’t figure out that I’d be taking off my clothes. There’s no way you could wipe it all off if I kept my clothes on, could you?

Okay. I’ll leave the rest to you.

Now you’re just patting me. Put some more effort into wiping.

That’s right.

The rain didn’t wash the blood away at all.

Hmm? My hand? Here you go.

That’s good. I feel much better.

You want me to bend down?

Ah, so it got onto my neck too?

There you go.

Being wiped like this feels good. Maybe it was a good thing I gave into your persuasion.

Don’t just wipe almost everything. I want my whole body done.

Look, there’s still some left under my arms.

Hmm? The wound on my stomach?

Well… It draws people’s attention, but it doesn’t hurt anymore, so it’s not important.

That’s right. I think I’ve got more injuries compared to the other men.

Hmm? You’re paying more attention than I thought.

Despite how much you panicked when I took off my clothes… So you were actually interested.

Ah… That’s right. You certainly wouldn’t be able to wipe my body without looking. Then look as much as you like while you wipe my body.

Ah, wipe my shoulder too.

I’ve got a lot of scars, but it’s not as if they’re a record of my experience as a soldier. I always avoid attacks at the last minute when I fight. Most of the scars I’ve got are from the times when I couldn’t dodge the attacks well enough. So these are nothing more than scars that show when I almost died, but didn’t quite manage it. The injury on my stomach is one of those.

Well, aren’t most soldiers proud of their scars?

I’m not like that though. Unlike the other men, I’m not fighting for peace or my own ambitions, you see.

It’s because I like red flowers.

I’m going to ask a question too. What are you living for?

Your parents were killed in front of you, weren’t they? Aren’t you going to follow them?

Why are you still alive?

Because someone saved your life?

Hmm… Even if someone saved my life, I wouldn’t feel that way. So that’s another way of looking at it…

I can’t understand you living in this place full of men just because you want to repay your debt. You’ve narrowly escaped death, so wouldn’t you rather live a more unusual life?

Well, that’s got nothing to do with me though.

No idea. That’s actually what I’d like to know. How can you make sure everyday is an unusual one? This world is full of uninteresting things, but everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves.

Hey, your hands have stopped moving. How long are you going to keep looking at my body?

Ah, what are you doing? It’s a long time since I’ve seen someone stumble over nothing. Why are you panicking so much?

It’s not as if I got hurt. There’s no need to apologise. But you haven’t wiped off all the blood, so heat up some fresh water. The water was getting dirty, so wasn’t it actually a good thing?

I don’t mind waiting, but make sure you wipe my body completely. Don’t look away either.

Track 2

Hmm? Ah, it’s you.

Ah, I just finished training.

Oh? Why are you thanking me for my hard work? It’s not like I’ve been working that hard.

Isn’t that wrong too? It’s not as if I was having a hard time either.

Now you’re saying hello to me? Don’t you understand? There’s no need to greet me unless there’s something you particularly want from me.

Why? Isn’t greeting someone else just a waste of time?

Whoa… It’s started again. You’re going to tell me greetings are important, aren’t you? Okay, okay. I get it.

Hello. Are you satisfied now?

Hmm… Hey. Are you in love with me?

You’re not? Then this makes even less sense.

Why are you smiling so happily just because someone you don’t even love returned your greeting?

What? I didn’t understand, so say it again.

It feels good when someone returns your greeting?

I see. It looks like we have quite different ways of thinking.

I really can’t understand what you just said. I’ve never felt good greeting someone and I’ve never heard of that happening either. Aren’t you a strange person?

There’s no way I’d understand that feeling after greeting someone everyday. Don’t assume that would happen. Your life must be fun if all it takes to change your mood is a simple greeting. I can’t understand it, but I’m a little envious.

So why do I have to greet you too?

I won’t know unless I try, hmm? What a convenient thing to say.

Well, I might try and do it if I feel like it or I remember. I’m not going to make any promises though. Can I go now? It’s no good talking to you any longer.

See you later then?

Ah… So that’s a greeting too?

Okay, okay. See you later.

Track 3

Hey, you.

You’re a liar, aren’t you?

Well, you are. I tried greeting everyone and it didn’t feel good at all.

Rather than that, Nagakura thought I was strange and Heisuke was afraid. I shouldn’t have listened to you. Greeting people is meaningless.

You smiled again. What are you so happy about this time?

Is that all? Is the thought of me trying to greet someone something to be that happy about?

You really aren’t normal. You’re a fool.

Why are you happy about that? Even though I’m telling you that it wasn’t interesting at all.

What? I don’t think the outcome will be any different if I try a more friendly greeting. What are you talking about? What would be a friendly greeting anyway?

Ah… You and I are a man and a woman, so a more friendly greeting would be like this, I suppose?

Oh? Why aren’t you reacting?

Come on, I’m almost touching your lips. Aren’t you going to stop me?

Hmm… You started blushing right away.

You don’t have to be so surprised, do you? You’re not used to this, are you? Could it be that you’ve never kissed someone? Why don’t you try it sometime soon?

Ah… I should have kissed you earlier then. If I had kept going, then you might have got carried away and accepted it. That was unfortunate. Let me try again.

Alright. Don’t move. I’m going to kiss you.

You really are tense.

Alright, just a little more.

This feels really soft.

Hmm… You aren’t reacting at all.

Alright, I’m going to try this ear too.

Ah. Maybe it’s better to get your lips used to this, instead of your ears?

One more time. I’m going to make it a long kiss this time.

Open your mouth. I can’t get my tongue in, can I?

This is the first time I’ve seen someone react so little.

If you don’t reject me soon, then I won’t be able to stop.

The other men will see us here, so will you come to my room?

You finally moved. I thought you’d fallen unconscious, but I was wrong.

You’re so annoying. You didn’t even say anything to reject me, so why are you getting angry now?

I’m going to kiss you again.

You’re blushing even more. Did you remember the kiss we just had? If you want more, then I’ll give it to you.

Huh? Baked potato? What are you talking about? It’s too obvious that you’re trying to change the subject. That was far too sudden. Why don’t you try and do it a little better?

Ah, you’re going to burn those fallen leaves and bake potatoes? Hmm…

Me too?

I’ve got time because my rounds aren’t until the evening, but I’m not planning on standing round a fire with you. Why don’t you ask someone else?

Freshly baked potato? Well, I suppose it does taste good.

But I’m surprised you want to invite me to have baked potatoes when I gave you a kiss you weren’t asking for.

Why didn’t you just have them after I’d gone?

Ah… You’re in a hurry because Kondo-san is looking forward to them.

Hmm… Well, I suppose I don’t mind having a baked potato. I’ll stay with you, so hurry up and light the fire. Where’s the flint?

You’re so careless.

I’ll go and get one, so you prepare the potatoes by putting them on sticks.

It’s so warm. Aren’t they ready yet?

They smell good. I’m hungry.

Aren’t these potatoes ready now?

What? Not yet?

I see.

Not really. It’s not that I like them… It’s just that the weather is cold.

I was just thinking that it’d be nice to eat them if they’re freshly baked.

I wouldn’t stay here if I hated baked potatoes. Why didn’t you think about that before saying anything?

You laughed again. I didn’t say anything funny though.

You laugh a lot, don’t you? Why is that?

You enjoy being with me? Are you serious about that?

Hmm… That’s the first time someone has said that to me.

You really are strange, aren’t you?

Me? Not at all. I’ve never felt like I’ve enjoyed myself with you. I think it’s a little less boring than usual, but it’s probably because you’re always saying something unpredictable. In other words, that means you’re quite an odd person.

You’re not angry? Hmm…

Most people get angry and say “I don’t want to hear that from you” when I call them odd.

It really is strange that you’re saying you don’t mind.

You should realise that you are strange. Otherwise you’ll get into trouble later on.

You’re laughing again. That’s enough.

Hmm? Is this already cooked?

I’ll take it then.

I know it’s hot. You don’t have to tell me everything.

Hey… Get me some water…

I’m fine now.

It was hotter than I thought it’d be. I was careless.

What’s so funny about someone getting their mouth burned?

I don’t want to hear that from you. Even other people think you look like the kind of person who can’t be left alone. You fall when there’s nothing there. You can’t even reject a kiss. You’re clumsy, careless and you let your guard down. You should worry about yourself instead of me.

I’ll be going now. Crouching down made my legs hurt. I’ll be taking this baked potato.

I’ll eat it when it cools down. Bye.

Track 4

It’s so cold. I wonder whether Toshi-san is in his room. I’m going to tell him that I didn’t see anything unusual during my rounds…

Hmm? What are you doing over there? The snow hasn’t been swept away yet, so your legs must be cold. How about you get out of there before you slip and fall?

Oh? Is there something over there?

Ah… A nandina [1]? What about it?

Oh? You were so happy about finding it, that you wanted to show me and called me over?

There’s nothing unusual about a nandina, is there? Why did you get so happy about seeing something like that?

For starters, you wouldn’t go all the way to the corner of this garden unless you had a reason, would you?

Ah… So you can use its berries in medicine? In that case, someone like Yamazaki-san might be pleased. If you want someone to be happy with, shall I call him?

Oh? Is that so?

You’re always like that. What are you so happy about? I don’t understand at all.

Ah. Hmm. So that’s what it was. Because you saw something red amongst the white snow…

Well, I suppose that’s something to be happy about.

I’m not happy at all. It’s no good asking me to feel the same.

But there are times when I have a similar feeling… I’m sure it’s completely different from what you feel.

Anyway, wouldn’t it be better to leave here soon? Your clothes are soaking wet.

I knew it, I’m covered in snow too.

Spring is still a long way off. The snow isn’t melting at all.

Hmm… Won’t it snow again? We’re having this cold weather, you see.

Well, it’s good that it’s getting warmer… But why are you talking about such pointless things anyway?

Talking to me about the weather isn’t any use. You don’t have to force yourself to find something to talk about. I don’t think you have to get excited like you do either.

Hmm? You thought I didn’t notice? You weren’t that excited about a mere nandina, were you? You don’t have to do that kind of thing.

Are you going to keep playing dumb? Your eyelids look all puffy. It’s completely obvious that you were crying earlier. You were probably thinking about how Yamanami committed suicide. I suppose you were in the corner of the garden so you could cry alone, weren’t you? I’m sorry for passing by here.

Hmm? Why are you lying? I’m not trying to tell you off.

You’re concerned about strange things as usual. What does that have to do with no one else crying or you being a newcomer here? If you want to cry, then just cry and don’t let something peculiar like that hold you back.

It didn’t make me feel like crying, but I know there are men in the troop who can’t cry, even though they want to. Even you’ve noticed that, haven’t you?

In that case, just think that you’re crying on behalf of them too.

Wouldn’t Yamanami be somewhat happy if you cried alone for him, rather than no one crying for him at all?

Your eyes are already puffy, so wouldn’t it be better to cry as much as you like?

If you want to be alone, then I’ll be going now.

Hmm? That’s fine.

I won’t cry with you. If you don’t mind that, then I’ll stay here.

Hmm, what is it?

I don’t know either. He might have compared the weight of his ambitions and the weight of his life. I can’t be the judge of whether that was right or not.

Perhaps no one is at fault. Everyone acted upon their belief in their own ambitions, and that was the end result. But it may have been better for someone like me, who lacks their own ambitions and justice, to be the one who died.

I’m not joking. For a long time, when I said goodbye to those who have been greatly missed by many others, I felt that it would have been better for me to die.

Why are you so angry? I honestly feel that way, so it’s no use being angry.

I told you this before. You’ve got nothing to do with me, so if our opinions ever conflict with each other, then you don’t have to pay any attention to them.

You really are honest. You really are the complete opposite of me. Just consider what I said about it being better for me to have died as a joke then. That’s fine, isn’t it?

Then just forget that you ever heard it. I didn’t say it to make you angry. I’m always just saying what I think.

I wasn’t saying it out loud because I wanted you to do something about it.

You’re going to cry again? You’ll get too cold if you don’t come inside soon.

Ah… You’ve got a terrible look on your face. This is the first time I’ve seen someone with such puffy eyes. Your nose is bright red too, so you shouldn’t really let other people see you either, should you?

Ouch! What? Why did you get angry again all of a sudden? I was only telling the truth. You really are confusing.

[1] The nandina is a flowering plant native to East Asia which produces red berries. It’s also known as the heavenly bamboo or the sacred bamboo.

Track 5

Summer 1865. Winter and spring had both passed by, making way for summer, but that incident had still left its mark on the headquarters. Despite my unsociable manner, even I could tell that the atmosphere inside the headquarters was getting worse. I wonder whether the situation will improve from now on.

Hmm? It’s you.

What is it?

I see, Toshi-san asked you to buy some uchiko [1].

So what’s the matter?

What? You don’t know what uchiko is?

I think you’ll make him angry and end up having to commit seppuku if you buy the one that’s meant for making soba noodles.

If you don’t know what it is, you should have asked him earlier.

Ah… Toshi-san certainly has been annoyed lately. It might be difficult to ask him.

If only Itou-san would learn a little more about how to treat Toshi-san. Toshi-san probably doesn’t like someone being so familiar with him. Itou-san really annoys him.

Ah… We were talking about uchiko, weren’t we? Uchiko is something you use to maintain swords.

It’s not sold as a powder, it’s in this shape…

Ah… Well… I think the sword merchant will understand if you go and tell them you want uchiko.

Never mind, I’ll go with you. I’ve got time. I’m concerned about you going alone.

Come on, let’s go.

It’s so hot. We should have waited until the evening before going it.

You’re welcome. You’d get a long lecture if you bought the wrong thing. Well, if I’m not at fault, then it doesn’t really matter. I thought it would be good to go out into the town with you.

It’d be a bother going with anyone else, I’d never do it.

Hmm? What’s the meaning of that reaction?

Your face is a little red.

Ah… I see. Now that you mention it, this is the first time I’ve been out with you.

But we’re only doing some shopping, so you don’t have to think that hard about it being the first time.

You were planning to ask me to come here with you sometime soon?


Ah… Do you actually love me?

Hmm? You don’t?

Why did you ask me then? It’s quite bold of you to ask a man you don’t love to do that.

What? You want to show me something?

Hmm… I see. Shall we go and buy the uchiko now then?

I’m a little interested in what you want to show me.

Are we there yet? We’re already outside of the town.

What are we going to see in a place like this?

Just ahead of here? Where?


The place you brought me to had a huge field. In one part of the field, there were many hollyhock flowers blooming. Red flowers bathed in the summer sun, shaken by the wind.

I’m sure most people would be moved by that sight, and words like “it’s beautiful” or “I was fascinated” would suit it. I tried to consider how you had felt, inviting me to town so you could show me this place. I then thought that it would be good to say that it was beautiful or that I was impressed, even if I would be lying. While I was hesitating, you began to speak, with the usual smile on your face. The same cheerful smile you always had. As I looked upon your smile, I couldn’t help doubting whether it was directed at me and for the first time, I was regretful that I didn’t feel moved like you did.


Ah… It was because I said I liked red flowers?

Hmm? Did I tell you that?

I’m surprised you remember something that I’m not even sure I told you. Even though you’re an idiot.

You like flowers too, hmm?

I see. I was the first person you wanted to show?

I’m sorry though. I don’t like these kinds of flowers. If only I had been able to say that I appreciated this scenery. Well, I don’t have a reason to lie. I’ll accept your good intentions though. Thank you.

Yes. The flowers I like are different. I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to imagine them.

Those flowers are called… I’m not going to tell you. You don’t have to know.

Yes. I’m sure it’s better that way.

Oh… Rain? The sky is clear though.

Ah. That tree is perfect for sheltering from the rain. Shall we wait there until the rain stops? We’re going to run.

[1] Uchiko is a powder used when cleaning swords. The powder is usually wrapped in silk, which allows only a small amount of powder to get through. Uchiko can also translate as “flour”.

Track 6

Shall we sit down? It’s not wet here.

It’s hot, so going back will be easier because of the rain. But because of the sudden shower, we didn’t have time to appreciate the cool breeze.

Hmm? Is that so? Have we ever been in the middle of a sudden rain shower together?

Ah… Hmm… Now I remember.

It was the time you wiped my body, wasn’t it?

I didn’t forget about it. To put it more accurately, I never had any intention of remembering. I have quite a good memory of what you say and do when we’re together.

I often forget about what I’ve said, the place and the weather though. You see, the things I talk about and the weather aren’t important, are they?

Hmm… I remember most of what you say, compared to what other people say. Because you always say something different to what I think, it leaves a strong impression. I think I’ll remember the hollyhocks we saw today though.

I’m not remembering them to make you happy.

Well… It doesn’t matter why, does it? How about you think about it yourself sometimes?

The rain isn’t stopping yet.

A bridal procession?

Ah… A bridal procession for a fox? [1]

You’re right. The procession might be a long one. Well, it might be a long one because the fox is a young lady from a good family.

If you’ve got the time to be thinking about the wedding of a fox which might not even exist, then why not worry about your own marriage?

Eh? You don’t have a partner?

But your looks aren’t too bad. It seems like there’d be one or two men interested in you.

Hmm… Why don’t you marry me then?

Why are you looking at me like that? This is the first time I’ve seen that.

So that’s how you look when you’re surprised. I think you look better when you’re smiling and blushing.

Why…? It’s difficult to explain.

Right… I don’t really understand love… But…

For example… If you had to get married to someone else right away… Then I would get married to you. I was just saying that because it came into my mind.

Ah… Well, that’s right. I’d have to think what to do about the Shinsengumi regulations if we did.

I’d buy some tasty sweets for Kondo-san and give Toshi-san a free massage, then they might be won over.

Ah… You don’t have to seem so troubled, do you? It’s not as if I’m asking you to become my wife right away.

Hmm? You mean you can’t tell whether you’ll love someone if you don’t know them well?

Ah… Love is quite complicated. Will I fall in love with you if I get to know you better?

I’ve made up my mind. From now on, I’m going to try and get to know you better, then you’ll do the same for me.

You’re asking me why again?

You really don’t understand what I’m saying?

Ah… But I suppose it’s only natural since our way of thinking is so different.

There are several reasons, but they’re probably all too insignificant to mention. For example, I sometimes think about you before going to sleep. They’re all unimportant things like you being bothersome about greetings and being used to making baked potatoes. I’d normally forget about those kinds of things right away. That’s because there’s no point in remembering them. But not forgetting them probably means I’m curious about you. So that means it’d be fine for us to become husband and wife.

What do you think?

I already told you. You don’t have to seem so troubled. I’m not saying we have to do it now. I’m only telling you a thought I just had. If you don’t have anyone to marry later on, then consider it.

If you’ve understood, then shall we get going? The rain has almost stopped.


Ah… A rainbow? Where?

It’s true…

That’s right… I suppose it is beautiful.

No, I don’t think so. It just looks like the colour of sand to me.

That’s not it. If there really was an illness that made everything look the colour of sand, then it wouldn’t be possible for me to like red flowers.

You’re an idiot.

If you think I said something confusing, then that’s fine. It doesn’t change that the fact that you’re an idiot though. You should understand that.

I know what colour it is.

The indigo white sky. The deep red hollyhock. The evergreen leaves. The light blue colour of the haori [2]. I know them all. But I don’t feel any emotion. Everyone gets excited about the beauty of a rainbow or a blooming flower, but I don’t feel anything when I see those things. I’ve never felt what it’s like to be captivated or moved by something. That’s not normal, is it? It’s just the same as there not being a colour that can move me. So I think that everything I see is a dull sight which looks as if it has been dyed the colour of sand.

That’s why I said it looks like the colour of sand. Do you understand?

Ah… Well… The reason I like red flowers… I don’t want to tell you why.

We’ve only just decided to get to know each other better. But there are some things you don’t have to know, so I’m not going to tell you.

I’ve told other people about it and there are plenty of men in the troop who know about it. So it’s not something special. But I don’t think I want you to know about it. So this conversation is over. Alright?

Right. Shall we go now then? If I get told off for coming back late, then accompanying you will have been meaningless.

[1] 狐の嫁入り行列 (Kitsune no yomeiri gyouretsu, Fox’s bridal procession) refers to when it rains while the sun is out as it is said that foxes hold their wedding processions during this time.
[2] A haori is a kimono-like jacket which is either hip or thigh length. The Shinsengumi are well known for wearing a light blue haori.

Track 7

What are you doing?

You hurt your little finger just now, didn’t you?

You get surprised too easily.

I’m going out on my rounds now. But I thought I’d see what you were doing before I went. Do you want to move that bucket?

It looks quite heavy. What’s inside?

Miso [1], hmm? So that’s why it’s heavy.

It’s too difficult for you to carry by yourself, isn’t it? You’re an idiot.

You want to move it over there?


There you go. Is that alright?

You’re welcome. Tell me if there’s anything else heavy that you’re having trouble with.

You’re not? I’m going out on my rounds then. See you later.

Hey. Are you looking where you’re going?

Ah, what a disaster.

Why were you carrying so many clothes this early in the morning?

It doesn’t look as if you were going to wash them.

Ah… Sewing, hmm?

I suppose Heisuke had been saving them up.

I knew it.

Here you go. That’s everything.

They’re probably light because they’re clothes, but if you’ve got this many, then why don’t you divide them up before carrying them?

You fall over a lot and it’d be dangerous if you couldn’t see where you were going.

Be careful.

Are you planning on sewing all of these by yourself? I’m good at sewing, by the way.

I see. Well, I don’t think you’re doing it alone because you don’t want help with your work.

Hmm… If you’re saying that you’ll be fine on your own, then can you finish them in an hour?

You won’t be alright if you get behind on your other work.

I see. In that case, if you’re really having trouble, let me know and I can help you.

I’m going to check whether you’ve done them all after an hour. See you later.

Hey. Are you here? I’m coming in.

You were preparing lots of fish earlier, weren’t you?

Thanks for your hard work.

You looked as if you were about to take a break, so I thought we could eat this daifuku [2] I brought with me.

You’re feeling hungry now, aren’t you?

Here you go.

Why have you got a strange look on your face? Is there something the matter?

What are you talking about? It doesn’t seem like we’re together too often, aren’t you imagining things?

Come on, why aren’t you eating?

Aside from bean paste, there’s one with sweet potato too. I bought it because I remembered the baked potato I ate with you.

Hmm… This is my first time eating daifuku with a filling that’s not bean paste, but it tastes good.

The shop I got these from just opened and is apparently popular.

There were lots of other strange types of daifuku, so why don’t I take you there sometime?

Alright. Tell when you have some free time then.

Ah. You surprised me! What is it?

Hmm? Earlier?

Ah… About us spending time together recently?

It’s the truth though…

Is that so? I don’t think we’ve spent enough time together to make people start talking. Aren’t you worrying about it too much?

There’s nothing to worry about, is there?

We haven’t held hands yet.

Ah… We’ve kissed though.

But that’s all it was. It’s perfectly natural, so I don’t think I’ll be ordered to commit seppuku.

What? You want us to stop seeing each other?

I refuse.

You see, now that I’m staying with you as often as possible, I’ve gradually come to understand you. Having less opportunities to get to know you better would be unfortunate.

Because you like flowers, you take care of the garden when you have time. Your cooking tastes good, but you’re no good at cleaning up. You’re quite a good-natured person. I’ve come to know a lot of things about you since then.

Even you know me a little better now, don’t you? It would be a different matter if you didn’t like that though… As long as you don’t mind it, then I’m against the idea of seeing you less often.

I’m against ending our relationship. I can’t allow that! I don’t agree! Anyway, I’m telling you that I’m against it.

You don’t plan on changing your mind, despite how much I’ve said?

Does it really draw that much attention when we’re together?

I hadn’t realised. Is that so?

I understand. I used to check on you in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. I’ll make it morning, evening and night then. Is that alright?

But I want to check on you when I wake up in the morning. I’m busy in the afternoon, so I can put up with it somehow. Evening is the perfect time for us to eat sweets and talk to each other like this. As for the night, it’s normal to see each other before going to sleep, isn’t it? There’s nothing else I can take away, is there?

That’s that then. I’ll come again later tonight. See you later.

[1] Miso is a traditional seasoning made from fermented soybeans.
[2] Daifuku is a type of rice cake which usually has a sweet filling such as red bean paste.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for this beautifully detailed translation.

    This is probably my fav drama cd of all time
    Tysm for helping me understand and enjoy it better

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