Criminale! F 6 – Disc 2

Criminale! F 6 – Chara

CV – Shimono Hiro

Track 6

3PM. Barcelona, Spain. Near Catalonia Station. 25 hours have passed.

Yes, we were able to reach Barcelona in the end. We should be fine now that we’ve come this far.

We lost those guys in Valencia. We can’t let our guard down though.

I’ll make sure I get in contact with Amphisbaena today.

Don’t look so worried. I’m sure you can live a peaceful and carefree life once you get back. Just like you did before you got involved with Amphisbaena.

You don’t need to worry. I’ll sort things out.

Ah, you gave me a shock! Don’t stop all of a sudden.

Ah… There’s a mark on your wrist. Are you okay?

Huh? Look at what?

Oh… That, hmm?

Why do you look so happy about a fountain?

You’re like a little kid, Miss.

Haha. I’m sorry.

It is beautiful though. It looks even more beautiful at night. It’s called the Magic Fountain [1]. It’s a tourist attraction around here. It’s lit up at night and there’s a show involving water and light.

I guess so. I planned on coming here with you anyway.

Of course! I was looking forward to it quite a lot. A little while ago, I hadn’t even thought of travelling with someone else like this.

The Sagrada Familia [2] and the Palace of Catalan Music [3]. I thought we might even go as far as Ronda [4]. I know how things have turned out, but it’s good we were able to see at least one of those places. I’m glad I got to see this fountain with you.

It’s too bad it’s not night time though.

Why’d you pull me all of a sudden?

Hey… Right now? Of course it’s impossible right now. We don’t know when someone might come after us.

Of course, I’m not going to let them have their way any longer though.

Alright, alright. I really am no match for you.

So where would you like to go, My Princess?

Anywhere, as long as you’re with me? Don’t say such embarrassing things so easily!

Jeez. Guess I don’t have a choice. Come on, give me your hand.

You really are a strange person too. I don’t know how come you’re so happy holding hands with someone like me.

Is that so?

It almost seems as if I could feel normal too when I’m walking around like this. It’s probably because you’re treating me normally. But I really don’t think I can be the type of lover that you want, Miss.

Why? Well, I’m a member of the mafia and I’m sure you’ll live a more normal life if you don’t get involved with me. That’s better for you…


I’m an idiot? It’s for your sake!

You dummy! Don’t struggle!

Miss! Miss! Are you okay?

You only fell over? So you weren’t hit anywhere?

Yes, they’re shooting at us. I let my guard down.

Anyway, we’re going to run somewhere else for now. Hold on tight, so you don’t fall!

They’re attacking us without question! Aren’t they concerned about the other tourists? I don’t hate that kind of determination though.

Miss! We’re going inside that building! We’re almost there, so don’t fall!

Miss! Show me your injury.

It’s just a scratch? It’s bleeding quite a lot though!

Damn it! Is there anything I can use to patch it up?

Why’d you rip your clothes all of a sudden?

It’ll be fine like that?

Damn it!

I’m sorry. If I’d been looking properly…

No, it’s my fault. It was wrong of me to get so worked up about you that I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. I’m really sorry!

I’m definitely going to save you! Just hold on for a little while…

They’re trying to force us out?

What was that?

Shh. Be quiet. It’s one of the shooter’s allies.

It’ll be no good if we get surrounded.

Damn it. Is this as far as we can go?

Tch. This isn’t like me, is it? Trembling because of something like this…

No… I said this before, but I’m not scared of dying. I’m a member of the mafia and I’ve always been prepared for that to happen at any time. Normally, I would think that there’s no point worrying about dying like this. I’ve got no intention of doing something to be ashamed of either. But when I think of your warmth disappearing…

So that’s how it is, huh?

I’m an idiot. Even though you’ve kept me alive, I didn’t even realise that. I would’ve given up a long time ago if you weren’t here. I would’ve let things end without even trying to survive. That was how much I wasn’t attached to living.

But now I’m definitely not going to let things end here. So that I can protect you…

There’s no sign of anyone coming for backup. They might be going round the back. At this rate, we’ll be surrounded and everything will be over.

It’s risky, but we have to leave.

Hold on a little longer, Miss. We’re going to get away from here. Make sure you don’t show your face. No matter what happens.

It’s my first time running into a storm of bullets too. I’m always experiencing new things when I’m with you.

You dummy. If I’m with you, then this kind of thing isn’t so bad either.

Let’s go!

Those guys are shooting at us from every direction!

Their aim is pretty good!

I told you, didn’t I? Don’t show your face!

I’m fine, this is just a scratch!

Trust me!


[1] The Magic Fountain – A large fountain built in 1929. On certain evenings, there is a light and water show involving the fountain.
[2] The Sagrada Familia – A Roman Catholic church in Barcelona that was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí and built in 1882.
[3] The Palace of Catalan Music – A concert hall in the older part of Barcelona, which was built between 1905 and 1908.
[4] Ronda – A mountaintop city in the province of Malaga, located within the community of Andalucia.

Track 7

5PM. Barcelona, Spain. In a backstreet, near Catalonia Station. 27 hours have passed.

We were able to lose them somehow.

Ah, my injuries aren’t that bad. They don’t hurt.

Anyway, why are you hiding that injury you got earlier?

It’s completely obvious! Come on, move your hand.

I knew it. The blood is showing through that makeshift bandage.

We’ve got to treat your injury for now. We need to contact Amphisbaena too.

There’s somewhere we can go. I know a spy here in Catalonia. Let’s go to his place.

You dummy! Don’t force yourself to stand.

It’s not too far from here. We can move around without drawing too much attention now.

So come on. Climb onto my back.

You’re so annoying. If you don’t get on, then I’m going to pick you up myself.

Or would you prefer to be carried like a princess?

Haha. You’re not the obedient type. Even though I’ve carried you plenty of times before.

Okay, okay. I’ll accept that’s what it is. Come on, let’s go.

6PM. Barcelona, Spain. At a solitary house in Catalonia. 28 hours have passed.

We’re here. Hmm… It seems pretty quiet, I guess there’s no one here.

Well, he works undercover and often leaves his house empty for a long time.

Yes, I know where the spare key is. Us spies share information and places to stay for when things like this happen.

I can count the number of people who’ll help me on one hand though.

It’s open…

What’s going on here?

Damn it! They’ve gotten to this place too?

No… It’s alright. There’s no sign of them being here. But now I’m sure what their aim is.

They plan on destroying Amphisbaena. That’s why they’re targeting you.

At first, they were targeting you to destroy us effectively, but after the shootings earlier, I’m sure that they’re trying to kill you. They don’t intend to make a deal, they’re going to attack.

Amphisbaena must have some information too, but they don’t know exactly what’s going on.

Yes, we’re in big trouble. We can’t give up though. That place is important to me too.

And it’s something that Father… your father had always protected.

We haven’t got much time though.

Yes, I’m not going to stop you again. You’ll have to treat your injury first though. Come on, show it to me.

Is it really okay for you to move?

I said I wouldn’t stop you, but I’ll be angry if you push yourself too hard.

That’s good then.

Hey. What are you trying to pick up?

Don’t carry anything heavy. It’ll make your injury open up.

Hey… That’s a short-wave radio!

Good job, Miss!

Yes, we can use this to contact Amphisbaena.

Okay, it works!

If we go to the right frequency…

It’s connected!

Hello? Can you hear me? It’s Chara.

Yes, I think you’ve got some information too…

I thought so. Got it.

She’s with me too, so I want you to pick us up right away. The location is…

Yes, they hung up. It might have gotten tapped if we went on any longer.

Never mind about that anyway…

I know what you want to say. But what if something happened to you?

I asked my allies to pick us up, but now that we’re in Spain, it’s impossible. The people chasing us have control over the oceans, so picking up a boat will be impossible.

That’s right. There isn’t a realistic chance of us being rescued from the beach.

They said they’d think about what to do, so let’s do the same.

Moving around at night will only make us tired.

Anyway, if we don’t rest a little, we won’t be able to move at all.

You come here and sit down too.


Ah, they won’t come back to somewhere they’ve already attacked.

It’s not the most comfortable place, but it’s the best place for us to rest now, isn’t it?

Are you worried?

Well, I can understand that.

But I think this is the best thing to do right now.

“Whoever exerts himself in constant striving, Him we can save”

It’s a quote from “Faust” [1] by Goethe.

Running around isn’t necessarily the best effort, is it? Having a rest, being patient and getting our strength back is also a form of effort.

Don’t be so tense, come and lean on me instead.

I’m sorry. Did that hurt?

Of course you’re not okay!

A normal girl wouldn’t get caught up in something dangerous like this. You’re hurt too…

Your clothes are a mess. If things are going to be like this…

It’s no good after all!

I’m sorry. I’ve considered leaving you several times, but when you look at me and believe in me, that comforts me.

You got angry at me in the freight train and I’ve been thinking ever since then.

I was running away because I didn’t want to see you get hurt.

I only thought about my own problems, and that was all I talked about. But when we were surrounded by enemies and I thought we had no chance, you were in my arms.

I didn’t want to let the person who had faced me die. I thought that I wanted to protect you from then on. I’ve never felt that I wanted to live as much as I did then. Even though I used to think that it didn’t matter when I might die.

I think I’ve finally found a reason to live. So I need you.

If you hold me that tightly, then your injury is gonna…

I see. Right…

It hurts me too. I ignored your feelings and made up my own mind…

I’m really sorry. It was pathetic of me not to notice.


Jeez. I’m no match for you.

That kind of man, isn’t cool right? Making a mistake once is more than enough.

I’m not going to say we should break up again.

Even if you tell me you want to break up, I’m not letting go.

You dummy. That should have been my line.

Thank you. And… I love you.

[1] Faust – A tragic play in which the Devil makes a bet with God that he will be able to lure God’s favourite human being (Faust) away from his righteous pursuits.

Track 8

7AM. Barcelona, Spain. At a house in Catalonia. 41 hours have passed.

Oh? Are you awake?

What are you talking about? There’s no way I could’ve woken you up. We’ve been running all this time, but you finally got some rest.

You were drooling and snoring while you slept too. I would’ve felt sorry for you if I’d woken you up.

Haha. Italian men are kind. Don’t forget that!

Hahaha! I’m sorry!

Hmm? Oh, this map?

Since it became impossible for us to leave by boat yesterday, I’ve been thinking about it all this time. I was looking for another route.

The sea is their territory. That means we’ll automatically end up travelling on land.

Of course, I considered getting picked up by plane, but that’d draw too much attention. I want to get out of Spain without them noticing us.

If possible, it would be safer to meet with the others after we’ve crossed the border. So we’ll be going here.

That’s right, Andorra [1]. You get ready and wait. I’ll contact Amphisbaena and we’ll leave immediately.

This is Chara. I’ve decided our meeting point. The location is Andorra.

Yes, that country in the border between France and Spain. Please pick us up there.

Alright, I’ve explained everything.

We’ve got a way of getting to Andorra. It’s no problem.

I knew it’d be safe. There wasn’t any sign of this place being ransacked, you see.

But I’m not sure whether it’ll still work…

Alright, it looks like it’ll be able to go!

As for the gas… I guess we’ll just about make it to Andorra.

Hmm? What are you holding?

Is that gas?!

Hmm… It’s only a little, but it’s better than nothing. I’ll keep it in the back seat.

Yeah, his car is full of nothing but junk. If you keep something in the back seat, you’ll be able to use it right away if something happens, won’t you?

You hurry up and get in too. We’re leaving.

Okay. I don’t know whether we’re heading for heaven or hell, but let’s drive to Andorra, shall we?

9AM. On Highway 10. 43 hours have passed.

Hmm, I guess so? Well, just look at the Pyrenees [2]! There aren’t any cars in front of us. Driving with you while looking at this magnificent scenery is something amazing, right?

I know, right? The only time I remember driving with you was during a car chase.

Well, the situation was pretty similar to this one, but it’s good that we aren’t being chased.

There’s no sign of any enemies either.

If we keep going like this, we’ll get to Andorra without any trouble. But before that…

Let’s stop at the next town. I thought we might not be able to get any food before arriving in Andorra, but I think we’ll be fine now.

It’s a small town, but it’s pretty nice. It’s peaceful and the people here have kind expressions on their faces.

I look out of place here though.

Haha. I’m sorry. Saying things like that has become like a habit.

Huh? A photo? Of you and me?

I guess it’s okay… But are you sure?

Hmm, I see. I hated the idea of you looking at them, so I hadn’t taken many photos, but I want a photo with you too.

Don’t laugh! Anyway, is coffee enough for you?

I’m fine. But when I go somewhere I don’t normally visit, I like to try something you can only find in that place…

Miss, come this way!

They’re trying to blend in, but I’m sure they’re not from around here. They have the same scent as I do.

Hyenas can smell their own kind.

Yes, we’ll go from behind and start running right away. Once we get to the border, it won’t be so easy for them to get us. Let’s go.

Tch! I wasn’t letting my guard down, but these guys really are persistent! Guys who constantly chase someone will never be popular!

The gas is… What perfect timing! Damn it!

I want to shake them off, but there’s not enough gas!

If we stop for gas, then it’ll be game over for this car chase! We don’t have a gun either, what are we supposed to do?

Huh? The gas? You mean the gas we brought from Barcelona?

But we can’t stop to refill the tank…

Huh? An explosion? We don’t have anything to light it!

And even if we did that, we might get caught up in the explosion too!

Right… Miss! What’s in the glove compartment?

Okay! It looks like fate was expecting a crazy ending.

The seatbelt will only get in the way of what I’m going to do next!

Miss, come this way! Turning the steering wheel is enough! Take over the driving for me!

We don’t have time to waste! Do you want to hesitate and end up dead?

There are still so many things I want to do with you! So I’m going to hold onto life as tightly as I can!

Hehe. That’s just what I expected, Miss!

Listen up. I’ll be pressing down on the accelerator. Drive on without thinking too hard!

[1] Andorra – A small state in Southwestern Europe which is bordered by Spain and France.
[2] Pyrenees – A mountain range which forms a border between France and Spain.

Track 9

2PM. By a lake in Andorra. 48 hours have passed.

It’s so quiet.

Yes, it’s fine. Now that we’ve come this far, they won’t be able to get us so easily.

Now we just have to wait for Amphisbaena to rescue us.

It feels like what happened earlier wasn’t real. The sounds of gunfire, people screaming and the smell of blood don’t suit this place. That’s what it’s like here.

Ah… The sky is blue and the clouds are slowly drifting by.

I can’t quite believe that I’m looking up at the sky like this right now.

Hmm? My body doesn’t hurt at all. I told you, didn’t I? I don’t feel pain.

Well, I was bleeding quite a lot. But I’m alive, so isn’t that fine?

How about you?

I see. If we’d failed back then, you could have died too.

I know it wasn’t a serious injury, but a scrape like that has gotta hurt, hasn’t it?

I’m sorry. I wanted to protect you from getting hurt.

But if I hadn’t done what I did back there, I think we’d be dead.

Midnight. On Highway 10, driving to Andorra. Going back to when 46 hours had passed.

Tch! Is shooting all you’re good at?

Miss! Keep your head down as low as you can and hold the steering wheel!

You’re doing your best, so I’ve got to do my job too!

I understood once I heard there was a small clock in the glove compartment.

Yes, we can’t set something alight with this. However, if we use the battery from this clock and the wrapper from the gum we bought, we should be able to set something alight.

The wrapping will go on both ends of the battery. Aluminium easily conducts electricity.

Right, now we’ll put this on a piece of paper to light it up.

Miss, their car will definitely explode if we throw this. They’re so close to us, we won’t escape without getting injured. This might even kill us. But I’ve decided that I’m not giving up, so please trust me with your life!

Thank you.

Listen up. When I give the signal, turn the wheel. We’ll only have one chance.

Right behind us? We’ve got them in the perfect position!

They don’t know that their windscreen is about to be covered in gas.

That’s obvious. If you’re going to blow something up, you do it like this!

Hah, take that! Your expensive white car is all yellow now!

I’m going to turn it into trash right now!

Now, Miss! Let go of the steering wheel! We’re getting out!

Do you want to end up like a firework too?

Good girl. It’ll be at the same moment the flame is thrown. Grit your teeth so you don’t bite your tongue!

I thought we were going to die back then.

That’s what I should be saying. You’ve been the one helping me.

Even though I’ve never felt afraid of dying before, when I thought you could have died earlier, I really was scared.

Dying and leaving you behind scares me too. That’s how much I want to be with you. So you saved me back then by being there.

Thank you.

Why’d you hug me all of sudden? You really are a bold person.

No, I’m not going to let you go.

You’ve always been the one pushing me down.

This happened in the freight train too, didn’t it?

Now I feel as if I said something really stupid back then. I was about to let go of something important to me. It seems like we’ve got a connection to freight trains, haven’t we?

Well, isn’t that right?

I confessed to you, and we also talked about breaking up, both in a freight train.

Well, breaking up was something I’d decided alone…

They might make good memories, but we were being chased both times. It was too unlucky.

I’m not going to ride a freight train again. That confession wasn’t very romantic either.

So… We’re going to change places.

“When you have seriously anything to say, is it necessary to hunt for words?” [1]

I don’t think there’s any need to look for the words, but it’s alright to look for the right place, isn’t it?

A dirty freight train suits a hyena, but it doesn’t suit you. I want to tell you again, in this beautiful place.

My world is a brighter place when you’re around. No matter how much this eye is surrounded by darkness, I won’t be swallowed up by that darkness any longer. Thank you for bringing the light back to my eyes. Thank you for helping me enjoy life.

You dummy. Don’t cry.

But… Your face looks beautiful when you’re crying too.

I love you. I’m not going to let go again.

[1] This is a quote from Faust, a play written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Track 10

This is the free talk for Criminale! F, Chara Chapter. Hello, I’m Shimono Hiro, the voice actor for Chara. Right now, the recording has just ended. Thanks for listening! I went round the mic once!

First of all, there are several things to talk about.

What were my thoughts on the recording? Right… Once again, Criminale! has become a drama CD, in the form of Criminale! F. It’s really great to be recording again this time. It’s thanks to everyone else who supported me. I really do think so.

Hmm… I feel as if my relationship with Chara-kun has been quite a long one now.

What I’m really curious about is what the “F” in “Criminale! F” stands for.

Hmm… I know what “Criminale!” is, but I haven’t been told what the “F” means, so I really wonder what it is. Perhaps someone will explain it to me after this. Well, don’t think too hard about it.

As for the scene which left the greatest impression on me… Right… The scene that left the greatest impression… Hmm… Well… As before, they were handcuffed together. They really were.

Ah, I suppose this was understandable, but they were being chased around too much. Criminale! is a CD where you can enjoy being in a dangerous situation. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I wonder if when we meet again that they’ll get handcuffed together again. I wonder how it will be? The thought of being in handcuffs interests me personally.

Well… There were many different scenes, and I’m going to say this with the assumption that you’ve already heard the CD, but Chara, who was quite negative at the start, became more positive, thanks to the heroine.

The parts involving his negative outlook and lack of confidence in himself, and his change in feelings, is what I would really like you to listen to. I felt it was interesting to perform that dialogue in my own way.

The next question is “What does Spain make you think of?” Hmm… There are many different things. Like flamenco, soccer, the food and world heritage sites. I guess the first thing I think of is San Fermin [1].

Maybe you haven’t heard of it? Bulls run through the town and people are chased by those bulls until they reach the bullring. It’s a celebration where the bulls are led to the bullring.

I think it must be tough and the bulls are probably fast, but I’d like to take part. There is actually a reason I’d like to take part. I haven’t gotten involved in anything like this, but in “How Do You Like Wednesday?” [2], there was a bug-chasing festival instead of a bull-chasing festival.

I’m not sure where it took place… A… It was at Ishigaki-jima [3]. I had a feeling that I want to try bull-chasing. I feel as if I’d like to try a lot of different things for the memories. I want to try things I’ve never done before. Well… I don’t know where I can ask about that though. I’d like to take a photo of the bull-chasing festival. Please tell I’m Enterprise about that!

I’d be really grateful if someone contacted I’m Enterprise if they want them to say to me “We’ll have a photoshoot and take you to Spain”. But my agency might just say no without even asking me first. If they’re told “We really want Shimono-san to take part in the bull-chasing festival” the agency might say “That’s a bit too much…” or “That sounds great, let’s go!”. Then I would feel like I’m Enterprise was even more reliable. I think it’ll be okay. I’m sure they’ll give it proper consideration.

Last of all, I’m going to give a message to the maidens who listened to Criminale! F, Chara Chapter.

Right… Thank you for listening to the mafia story, Criminale! There were some sweet parts, but it had a hardboiled feel to it too. It was a drama CD full of action. I’d like everyone to keep on supporting Criminale!

The cast of Criminale! has some new members this time, which makes me think that there must be something happening in the future too, so please keep on supporting the series.

Perhaps they’ll release a game or hold an event? They could add some action elements in the game, the kind of light action that players more used to the otome genre could handle. They could have the action, as well as some sweet parts.

An event would be possible too. The participants could have guns or wires and action could be involved somewhere. Please try to imagine everyone standing in a line, dressed in black. An event like that depends on all you maidens. Please continue supporting the series!

This was Shimono Hiro, voice actor for Criminale! F, Chara Chapter. I’m looking forward to meeting again. Bye bye.

[1] San Fermin – A week long festival in Pamplona, Spain, which features a bull run, as well as other traditional events.
[2] How Do you Like Wednesday? – A Japanese variety show which appeared on TV between 1996-2002. Shimono Hiro is said to be a fan of the show.
[3] Ishigaki-jima – A Japanese island located to the west of the main island of Okinawa.

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    1. I’m not really sure who the car and house belonged to. It seems like Chara knows them pretty well (and they are a spy like Nero is), but the CD didn’t specifically mention that it’s Nero.

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