Criminale! 1 – Disc 1

Criminale! 1 – Gerardo

CV – Midorikawa Hikaru

A request from Mia. Thank you for requesting!

Track 1

1AM. A rundown factory.

Hey! How long are you gonna keep me locked up here?

Tch. You’re ignoring me?

You won’t get much attention from the ladies if you’re so unsociable.

Hmm? So you’re finally awake, huh?

You don’t look so good. I guess it’s because those guys used a taser on you.

Just put up with it. The same thing happened to me.

Jeez, this makes me sick. Even a cold pizza would’ve been better than that.

On top of that, I’m locked up here and the guard just ignores me when I call him.

This is really annoying.

Oh, he’s angry?

If you’re angry, then unlock the door and come in. I don’t mind taking you on.

You’re going quiet again? You’re such a chicken!

You’re having a rough time too. You got locked up with someone like me…

Are you half asleep? You haven’t forgotten that those guys kidnapped you in the middle of the street, have you?

What’s your name?

Hmm… That’s not a bad name. My name’s Gerardo.

How long are you going to lie down there?

Come on, get up. You’ve been pulling on my arm for a while now.

Why are you surprised? As you can see, they’re handcuffs. Those guys put them on us. Now we’re handcuffed together like this.

Jeez, those guys are pretty awful! Did they think I’d keep quiet if I was handcuffed to an ordinary person like you?

At any rate, there’s no way of getting them off, so I’ve given up.

Well, at least the chain is pretty long. We’d be able to sit opposite each other for a game of poker.

I never thought I’d end up getting kidnapped with this stupid girl… Today is not my lucky day.

I wonder which one of us is worse off, considering you accidentally got caught up in a fight between mafia. Isn’t that right, Miss?

Since they’ve locked us up here instead of killing us, they’re either going to interrogate us or sell us off.

Hmm? Yes, I’m a member of the mafia. Those guys are too.

Hey! Don’t move! Have you already forgotten that we’re chained together?

Oh… So this is your first time seeing a member of the mafia?

You look so pale. Are you that scared of me?

Don’t pretend you’re not. It’s written all over your face.

Hey. You shouldn’t put me in a bad mood.

I could kill you right away if I wanted to.


There’s no way you can escape. Even if you try your best, we’re chained together. We won’t be able to get away from each other.

It’s no use. These chains are made of metal. Pulling at them won’t break them.

Where are you going? There’s a wall behind you.

See, it’s a dead end. There’s nowhere for you to run.

You’re acting tough, but haven’t you noticed something?

Your voice has been trembling for a while now.

How? Your voice is trembling.

Well, I don’t hate girls like you who try as hard as they can.

Consider the situation we’re in though. You’re going to do as I say for a while. If you start yelling, then things won’t be pretty.

You think I can’t do anything?

Even if my weapons are gone, I’ve still got something I can use. Like these handcuffs…

So… How do the handcuffs feel? Even you would know that I could easily break your neck by wrapping these chains around you.

Wrapping the chains around you, tightening them and using a little strength…

Hey. What does it feel like? The sensation of the cold chains being wrapped around you… It doesn’t hurt yet, does it? But it would be easy to do if I wanted to.

You’d die more painfully than if I just shot you.

Are you that frightened? Remember this well then. It’s up to me whether you live or die. Be smart if you don’t want to end up dead.

I’ll take off the chains. If you behave yourself, then I won’t do anything bad either. I’m not like the guys on the other side of that door, you see.

Yes, I’m completely different. I don’t want to be compared to them. I’m a member of Amphisbaena [1].

You haven’t heard of it? Amphisbaena… A mafia family based in Rome. A large organisation which controls the underworld of society. No one in the underworld of society hasn’t heard of it.

The guys out there are just a new family. They have no true achievements or any pride. They killed the Father of my family, you see.

That’s right, they killed him. He was assassinated.

You understand the situation, don’t you? I was kidnapped by the organisation who killed the head of my family.

I’d say that I’ve got a right to be this angry.

As if I’d know why I was kidnapped! There are too many possibilities.

I’m a leader in the organisation and a candidate to become the next Father. There are probably a lot of different reasons they could use me.

Well, I’m not planning on becoming the next Father though. There’s something more important that I’ve got to do…

Anyway… We’re going to get out of here. Sorry, but I haven’t got much time.

There are 48 hours left, huh? I’ve got to hurry.

What? You don’t want to leave?

You want to stay in this small and stuffy place with a man like me? What a good choice.

But if you don’t want that, then help me out. We’re handcuffed together. You’ll have to come with me.

You want to know how we’re getting out? Don’t worry. I’ve got a good idea.

Close your eyes. Cover your ears too.

Here we go!

[1] The amphisbaena is a mythological ant-eating snake, which has heads at both ends of its body.

Track 2

It worked! We’re getting out of here!

Hey! Don’t just stand there! Come with me!

Huh? It was an amazing explosion?

Thanks. But it’s actually nothing special compared to the other bombs I’ve got.

Bombs can be discovered during body searches. I made one that wouldn’t get noticed. It’s not that strong, but it can easily break a door down.

So where’s the guard from earlier?

Ah, there he is. He’s out cold.

It’s obvious. I’m looking for the stuff which was taken away from me earlier.

Ah, there they are.

That’s right, twin guns. That’s what I was looking for.

I knew they’d be here.

My phone? Of course it’s not here. Our phones were probably thrown into the sea or crushed to pieces like a biscuit a long time ago.

I don’t have any way of contacting my allies and this guy doesn’t have the key to the handcuffs either.

Damn it. I guess I don’t have time to be looking for the keys.

Tch. Look, the rest of those guys are here.

What are you doing? Let’s get out of here while we can!

It’s dark. Even though it’s night, there are hardly any lights on. Where are we?

We got hit with a taser and taken somewhere else. I don’t know where we are either.

A steam whistle? So this is a factory district near the sea?

That means we’re in a port town…

Here they come!

Yes, they’re chasing us.

Jeez. Those guys are idiots, but they’re good at running.

We’ll never get away if we try and take them on. We’re getting out of here! Hurry up!

Damn it! They didn’t hesitate to shoot.

Why are you surprised by a gunshot? If you get surprised at every single thing, then you’ll cause trouble for me too.

This really is too much…

Let’s hide somewhere and wait it out!

We’re going to hide here.

It doesn’t matter where! As long as there’s a wall.

We’re going in there!

I don’t know! It’s a storeroom or something!

The door’s unlocked! We’re in luck!

This place is a real rat house, huh.

We managed to get in, but it’s smaller than I thought it’d be.

Don’t move. There’s not much room here. You’ll make a sound as soon as you move. Stay still.

What is it?

I suppose it’s only natural for you to be so tense when you’re this close to me.

Hey, hey. You still don’t trust me?

I told you earlier. I really am a member of the mafia.

In that case, shall I make you believe me?

What should I do?

Cut up your pretty face with this knife?

I only touched your cheek. I wouldn’t do anything weird like that anyway. But if they find us, we’ll end up full of bullets. Be quiet if you don’t want to end up like Swiss cheese.

This is what’ll happen if you slow me down. I’ll pull the trigger and blow your brains out. You don’t want to end up as that kind of corpse, do you?

Hmm… You’re scared, but you’re not looking away. You’re doing pretty good.

Tch. They’re here.

Just don’t make a sound. If you don’t keep quiet, I’ll be pointing my gun in your face again. We seriously will be done for if we get discovered. We’d actually be lucky if all we did was get shot.

If we get caught, we might end up cut into pieces or set on fire with gasoline. We definitely won’t be treated well.

Hmm? Are you trembling?

Hmph. Didn’t you push yourself too hard after all?

I don’t care if you’re trembling, just don’t make a sound. If you’re scared, then close your eyes.

I’m not going to do anything. I just put my hand there.

You won’t tremble so much if I do this. Everything will be over if you make a sound. Take a deep breath and calm down.

This isn’t good. They’re coming this way.

They’ve stopped. Have they noticed us?

Don’t tremble. Stay still.

Come on. Close your eyes and let me hold you. Don’t think about anything. Or think about something like your favourite dessert instead. Then everything will be over quickly.

It seems like they’re looking for us.

Jeez. Go away.

They’re gone.


What is it? You lost all your strength because you were so relieved?

Just make sure you don’t lose consciousness too.

Jeez. I’d leave you behind if I could get these handcuffs off.

I’d like to cut these handcuffs off, but I don’t have time to try.

Damn it.

I guess I’ll just have to go on the run with you.

Hey. We’re getting out of here.

We’re leaving this industrial area. Once we get to somewhere crowded like the port or the town, they won’t be able to try anything too crazy.

Don’t space out! Let’s go!

They were waiting out here!

They’re trying to kill us!

This is really bad!

You don’t need to tell me to come up with a plan! If we hide, we’ll just end up getting surrounded.

Damn it! In that case…

Hey, can you swim?

Answer me now!

You shouldn’t need me to explain that!

Jump into the sea! This way!

We don’t have a choice, so don’t complain!

Let’s go! Jump!

Track 3

4AM. Out on the ocean. Three hours have passed.

It’s a good thing there was a harbour within swimming distance. We managed to get away.

Yes, they shouldn’t come this far to look for us.

They’ll draw too much attention if they look at every boat.

We really would’ve ended up getting shot if we hadn’t jumped.

What is it? You got scared when you remembered it?

Hah. You’re trying to be tough again.

For your information, even if you survive getting shot, it still hurts a lot.

Shall I show you how much it hurts?

I’m only joking.

You’ve noticed too, haven’t you?

We’re probably in Naples. We’ll rest here until our clothes are dry.

Yes, it’s fine. We’ll get found out if we start moving now.

And if we try to walk with wet clothes on, it’ll out tire us out.

I know we have to hurry though.


That’s right. I don’t have much time. I’m looking for someone. I have to find that person and return to the family’s hideout within two days. Otherwise my allies and I will all be dead.

It’s not something unusual in this world. It probably doesn’t seem real to an ordinary girl though.

Anyway, it should be okay if we deal with these chains now. Shall we try to break them?

Hey. Move over there. We’re going to make the chains taut.

It’s because I’m going to shoot in the direction of the sea.

That’s right. With this.

Of course I’m not going to make a hole in the boat.

Hurry up and move!

That’s far enough. The impact might surprise you, but just deal with it. Don’t let the chains move.

Alright then.

Damn it. So it’s no good?

I couldn’t make a single scratch, never mind breaking them.

They’re pretty tough.

It’s an annoying inconvenience, but we’ll just have to stay like this.

I’ll be counting on you for a while then, Miss.

Don’t start crying or slow me down.

I can go back to Rome once I find who I’m looking for. There’ll be someone who can take off these handcuffs when we get back to the hideout.

Behave yourself and follow me until then. I wanted to get the handcuffs off and leave you as soon as possible though. If that gun fight was enough to make you turn pale, then you’re going to have a hard time from now on. Those guys had no trouble shooting at an ordinary person, and one who was a woman at that…

Of course I’m not like them.

I wouldn’t fire my gun inside the city unless it was really necessary. All mafia are bad people. But we’re not completely thoughtless. We won’t cause any trouble for ordinary people.

Huh? I’m kind?

You really don’t get it. I’m not kind. The man in front of you now is a member of the mafia. A villain who will kill if necessary. There’s no doubt about that.

See. You’re scared right now. If you’re scared, then don’t try to be friendly with me. Even though we’re kept together by these handcuffs…

What is it? You’re not scared?

It’s fine if you want to be stubborn, but you should remember just what the mafia are like.

I’ve got time now. Shall I show you?

You don’t know what I’m going to do?

This is what I’m going to do.

Hey. Don’t struggle.

I’m not going to stop.

Give up. You can’t do anything when I’m holding you like this.

I told you to stay still. If you won’t understand no matter how many times I tell you, then maybe this will be a quicker way.

You tensed up like an idiot…

Is this the first time someone has done this to your ears?

There’s nothing charming about you at all.

Well, resisting like that is no use. You probably didn’t take me seriously because you think I won’t kill you, isn’t that right?

Bad men are bad men. Do you understand what happens when you’re kind to them?

See… I’m not just going to do it to your ears, but here too…

Your neck is another weak spot?

Your reaction was pretty cute.

You didn’t like being licked?

I told you not to struggle. You’re such annoying girl.

We’re chained together. Even if you’re out of my reach, you can’t escape.

You can shout if you want to. If you don’t mind being caught by those guys from earlier, that is.

You’ve finally understood how dangerous being unable to get away from me actually is.

You won’t be able to do anything if I wrap your arms together with this chain.

It’s no use. Not even a gun could break these chains. There’s no way you could take them off yourself.

These guns are my favourite weapon. They’re pretty powerful. Would you like to see for yourself?

Do as I say if you don’t want to get shot. Having a gun pointed at you is scary, isn’t it?

Don’t forget what that fear feels like.

That’s right. I’m a bad person. I just choose the people who I use my strength against. I carry the pride of the mafia with me.

I like that look in your eyes. That fear suits you much better. Should I help you understand a little more?

The way you’re looking at me… Are you ashamed that I’ve disarranged your clothes with the muzzle of my gun?

Ah… A button from your shirt fell off. But it’s only the one at the top, so I suppose you’re not that bothered about it.

The second one. If you move, then I’ll shoot.

The third one. Shall I make things more embarrassing?

See. I’ll make a mark in this place that’s been exposed.

You’re an idiot.

Wriggling around in a situation like this is the same as being turned on.

It’s really red. Because you’re being so cute, I accidentally made a deep mark.

I’ll keep going. Even lower than this.

Hmm? Did something just fall down?

Don’t move! Stay still!

A bracelet?

This is…

Where did you get this bracelet? Why have you got this?

You got it from your mom when you were a kid?

No way… Then you’re…

Hey. Do you know who your dad is?

You don’t know? You were told that he died when you were young?

I see… Damn it! Why didn’t I notice sooner?

Get up and sit down. I’m not going to do anything else to you.

Have a look at this. It’s my bracelet.

Yes. It’s the same as yours. Even this seal is the same.

Why? That’s what I’d like to know.

I got this from Father. This seal is a symbol of trust that’s not just given to anyone.

Only a few people have received one. When he was about to die, the man who gave away this seal brought those people together and said “Protect the daughter who was separated from me as a young girl”. That’s why I was looking for Father’s daughter. Aside from the family… She was the one person Father trusted… No… The one person he loved…

Now that I’ve said this much, you understand, don’t you? A girl who has a bracelet with the same seal as the ones belonging to the people he cared for… Father’s daughter, who I’ve been searching for… That’s you.

Track 4

7AM. Outside the city of Naples. Six hours have passed.

We finally got out of the city.

What is it? You look as if you can’t quite believe this yet. There’s no doubt about it though. That bracelet is proof. You are the daughter of Amphisbaena’s boss. Father was suddenly murdered and now the family is in a state of chaos.

Times like this are dangerous. There’ll be no end to the number of people who want to destroy us. Even the people on the inside can cause us trouble. Someone who can be an absolute replacement for Father is necessary. A true successor who can unite everyone.

Ah. I’m not asking you to become that person. Someone related to Father by blood, in other words, you, have the right to choose that successor. That’s what the rule is.

Conclave. The election of the new Father. The time limit is one week. The new Father has to be decided by the time of the conclave. Otherwise the family will be destroyed. The only thing that awaits us is death. That’s why I was trying so hard to find you. In order to appoint our new boss…

Five days have passed. There are two days left. No… It’s not even two whole days.

We’ve got to get back to the hideout in Rome in the remaining 42 hours, otherwise we’ll all be dead. Of course you, Father’s relative, won’t survive either.

No, I won’t let them kill you. I was given one last order by Father. I’m going to protect you. I’ve got these handcuffs on, so you don’t have a choice anyway. You’ll be coming to Rome with me.

That’s how it is. We’ve got to go on the run together. You make sure you’re prepared too.

Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?

Ah, just forget about what happened on the boat. I did it to threaten you. I wasn’t serious.

A normal person really shouldn’t be friendly with the mafia!

I thought you wouldn’t get close to me if I scared you a little.

But when I tried to do that, I found out you were the boss’s daughter…

Anyway… Maybe pulling off your clothes was too much…

I’m sorry. Jeez!

That’s no good. It seems like you’re completely suspicious of me.

What is it? It’s so noisy, considering it’s morning.

Over there. Kids are playing in that plaza. They’re having a lot of fun playing ball.

Jeez. Why aren’t they at school?

They’re cute? Really?

They just look cheeky to me.

They’re just like the kids from downtown Rome. Sometimes I talk to them and they’re pretty noisy. They’re little kids who don’t know a whole lot yet, you see.

They’re pretty careless though, aren’t they? They look like they might run out onto the street at any moment. Even though there are cars there.

The ball went into the street!

You idiot! Don’t run out there! Damn it!

That was close.

Yes. I shot the tire. I’m glad the car didn’t hit anything.

Hey! Don’t start running like that! Have you forgotten about the handcuffs?

I’ll go too, so don’t panic!

Are you okay, kid? Can you get up?

Grab hold of my hand!

You don’t seem to be hurt. Alright.

You know, it’s dangerous to run out in the street all of a sudden. Do you want to get hit by a car and end up like that ball did?

Be careful from now on then!

There, you can go now.

He’s gone now, huh.

Why are you looking at me like that? Is it that unusual for the mafia to help someone else?

Wait. Don’t say anything else.

I know. You’re going to tell me I’m kind or something, aren’t you?

I’m not trying to act like a good person, but I’m not all bad either.

Did you want to see a traffic accident happen right in front of you?

Exactly. That was the only reason.

Right, we should be going too.

I had to fire my gun, so we shouldn’t stay here too long.

From here on is the old city, Spaccanapoli [1].

Now that I think about it, we haven’t had anything to eat or drink. Let’s get something.

Of course there are a lot of people passing by. Will it draw too much attention if the chains are showing?

Hey, hold out your hand.

You want to know why? We’re going to hold hands. If we stay close to each other, then the handcuffs and chain are difficult to see, right?

Don’t complain! It’s better than drawing attention to ourselves.

Don’t be so tense! I know you don’t like staying close to me, but it’s only while we’re walking through the city. Just be patient.

Even if I say I won’t do anything, you probably won’t believe me.

Huh? You’re going to trust me?

Hmm… Well, thanks. What made that happen?

Hey… It was only a coincidence that I helped that boy earlier. You shouldn’t feel moved by that kind of thing! I told you this earlier, but I’m a bad person.

It’d be no good if you were cautious about me all the time though.

Damn it. Never mind. Just keep close to me.

Right, let’s look for a cafe that’s open.

What are you doing? How long are you going to spend eating that salad?

It’s difficult to eat? Well, the handcuffs are hanging under the table… But aren’t you still taking too long? Watch me.

That’s it. In other words, you’re really slow.

Why are you sulking? Alright, alright. I just have to do this, right?

Come on.

What? You can tell by looking, can’t you? I’m going to feed it to you.

Is this really the time to be embarrassed?

It’s more strange that I’m just holding out this fork for no reason. Hurry up and open your mouth.

That’s right. You should’ve done that from the start. I guess you can have some pasta next.


There you go.

It feels like I’m giving treats to a dog.

Don’t get angry! Alright, one more bite.

Ah, I’m sorry! I reached too far.

Don’t cough so much!

Are you okay?

Tch. We ended up drawing attention to ourselves anyway. Have some water. Hurry up and eat so we can get out of here.

Once we get out of here, we’ll buy some things we need at the market and ride the train to Rome.

The Eurostar won’t take that much time. Even if we take into account the time we’ll spend shopping, we should be able to get on the train before 11.

Come on, hurry up and eat.

[1] Spaccanapoli – A narrow street which passes through the historic centre of Naples.

Track 5

1PM. Outside the city of Rome. Twelve hours have passed.

We rode north on the Eurostar from the central station of Naples and arrived at the terminal station in Rome.

We were in Rome before we knew it. It didn’t take long. Now we’re going to Amphisbaena’s main base. We’ll get the handcuffs off there. Then you’ll decide who the next Father will be.

Who should you choose? You can think about it when you get there. There are plenty of capable people, so don’t worry.

What? I told you I’m not planning to become the next Father. I’m not that type of person.


Wait! Those guys…

Yes, they don’t seem to be normal people.

It seems like they were waiting for us.

Damn it! This is gonna be trouble!

So they’re not going to give up so easily after all.

Let’s hide! They’re coming this way!

The way things are, they’re probably wandering all around Rome.

It’ll be difficult to get to the main base like this.

There’s nothing we can do about that.

Amphisbaena has a hideout near here. That’s where we’re going.

6PM. Inside Rome. At a hideout. Sixteen hours have passed.

You look bored.

Don’t open that window. It’s dangerous and bugs will get in too.

I hate bugs.

Well, I know it’s uncomfortable being in here while handcuffed together.

Just hold on until tomorrow.

We’ll try to go early tomorrow morning. Those guys won’t be able to move in a large group because it’ll draw too much attention.

We’ll leave here before dawn and take the quieter streets. If we do that, it won’t take us long to reach the main base.

I’ve finished getting my weapons ready too. I’ve got several backup weapons, so I’m completely prepared.

Anyway, resting here tonight is the most important thing. I know it’s early, but if you’ve got nothing to do, then how about going to sleep?

There is a proper place to sleep, although it is just one bed.

Yes. We don’t have a choice about sleeping in the same bed. We can’t get any further apart than this, you see.

You’ll have a hard time tomorrow if you don’t rest now.

Huh? You’re going to sleep on the floor?

Why would you do that when there’s a bed here?

Ah… Hey!

Why’d you fall over? You really are an odd person.

You’re like a dog after all.

We’re connected at just the right length by these handcuffs too. Shall I pull you back here?

Come on, come back. You shouldn’t keep running from your master, should you?

Your face is bright red.

Hey. Could it be that you’re interested in me?

Is that so? If you’re not, then I suppose you won’t mind sharing a bed.

We’re only going to be sleeping in the same bed for one night.

But… You’re going to be sleeping beside the man who did all those things to you on the boat, and who is a member of the mafia…

You don’t think nothing will happen, do you?

It’s too easy to push you down.

So… You’ll be fine, won’t you? Even if you spend the whole night with me…

Alright. I was only joking.

Jeez. You’re such an odd person.

Well, let’s think about the bed later. Before that, I’ve got something good for you.

This is it. You’ll sleep well if you drink it.

Sit down. On top of the bed should be fine.

Come on, drink it.

What? Aren’t you going to drink it?

Don’t say something like that. Drink up!

Respect for the mafia’s blood ties and sense of courtesy…

Yes, it’s good manners.

That’s the spirit!


My body is warming up from the inside. I wish I’d had this in Naples.

Ah, I’m sorry. Was I staring that much?

It feels kind of strange to be drinking with Father’s daughter when I didn’t even know he had one before.

You probably never imagined your father was a mafia boss, did you?

On top of that, you found out that your father died and you ended up getting involved in a dispute between the mafia. I feel sorry for you.

It doesn’t feel real? Well, I guess that’s only natural. You don’t know what Father looks like.

I think that he loved you. He kept himself hidden so that you wouldn’t get involved. He was always concerned about you though. Otherwise his final order wouldn’t have been to protect you.

I used to drink with him sometimes. He was someone special to me. I respected him.

When I heard his final words asking to protect his daughter, I felt that I had to grant that wish. That was the last thing I could do for him, you see.

There’s something else I can do for him?

Becoming Father and protecting the family definitely is something that I can do for him. My allies have recommended me too. But I don’t plan on doing that.

You want to know why? Are you interested in getting to know me?

Jeez, you really are a strange person. It wasn’t that long ago that just looking at me was enough to make you tremble. Don’t get too curious. You’re a normal girl. You’re not going to become a member of the family.

When the conclave is over, you’re going to go back to your normal life. You’ll end up in trouble if you get too involved.

Alright, alright. What do you want to know? The reason why I became a member of the family?

It’s not really an interesting story. You still want to hear it?

I used to live in downtown Rome. It was just the three of us, me and my parents. We weren’t rich, but we lived peacefully, without any trouble. However, that life suddenly came to an end one day. We were caught up in a gunfight between the mafia.

My father was the first to get shot, and my mother died protecting me.

That’s right. Right in front of me. I stared at my mother, who was covered in blood and shouting at me to run. I couldn’t do anything. Before I knew it, I was running as I heard the bullets raining down, pushed forward by her shouts telling me to run.

After losing my parents, I became a pickpocket in order to survive. It was Father who called out to me at that time. Just when I thought that I had been found by someone kind, it turned out he was a member of the mafia too. However, he was a good, caring man. He apologised when he heard the story of my parents. Even though the incident was caused by a family who had nothing to do with him.

When I met Father, I realised that the mafia had a sense of duty and humanity. Unlike the police… They did nothing when my parents were killed. An evil organisation that protects is much better than allies of justice who won’t protect anyone. I made a promise to Father and became a member of Amphisbaena.

I can’t believe that look on your face. You asked me to tell my story, didn’t you?

I don’t need any sympathy. It’s not something unusual in this world.

Right. You’re satisfied now, aren’t you?

Anyway, you should hurry up and sleep. It’s time for kids to go to bed.

I’m surprised you can say that. You’re just a kid who keeps on tripping up.

Alright, I’m going to sleep too.

See, you really are a kid. Don’t panic just because I kissed your cheek.

We’ve got an early start tomorrow. I really am going to sleep.

I’ll be fine on the floor. Do what you want with the bed. Make sure you get a good rest.

Good night.

Track 6

7AM. Inside Rome. At Amphisbaena’s main base. Thirty hours have passed.

Here we are. I really didn’t think we’d get here without anyone getting in our way.

That’s right, welcome to Amphisbaena. This is our main base.

We made it here somehow. There are eighteen hours until the conclave is over.

Well, I suppose we got here with plenty of time to spare.

Right… Now isn’t the time to be celebrating. We’ve got to take these handcuffs off first.

Why are you so restless? Are you that happy to get the handcuffs off?

Of course I’m happy too. But… That’s right… It’s too bad that I won’t be able to tease you any longer.

We won’t be handcuffed together for much longer. I might just tease you while I still can.

Ah! Hey! Don’t run away! You can’t get away from me anyway.

Come on, stop moving! Be good and stay here…

Gunshots? How come?

Those are no ordinary guys…

Damn it! Machine guns?

Calm down. My allies will stop the enemies from moving forward.

Damn it! They’re not just bad guys, they’re crazy too! I can’t believe they’d attack the main base…

No. Even though the family doesn’t have a Father, it wouldn’t be that easy for them to get in. There must have been a spy in the family!

This is bad! They’re moving in this direction.

They’re coming! Get behind me!

Huh? Don’t underestimate my twin guns!

Hey, this way! Hide in those shadows!

They’re coming one after another. They’re looking for you. You’ll get killed if you stay here.

If you die, then the rest of us are done for too. I can’t let that happen, no matter what.

Let’s go! We’ll escape through the window!

We’re going down! Hold on tight!

Tch! Some of them were waiting outside too…

Run! All we can do right now is run!

Don’t look back! We’ll go right at the next turning!

Damn it!

Hey! Pull yourself together! Hey!

Hey… You’ve got to be kidding! Open your eyes!

Hey! Hey!

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