Kuro Yoshiwara Melancholia 3 – Disc 2

Kuro Yoshiwara Melancholia 3 – Shinonoi Seno

CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki

A commission for Nurie. Thank you for your commission!

Track 6

Sometimes things go well, and sometimes they don’t. It’s only natural for that to keep on happening, isn’t it? Back then, I had completely lost sight of myself. It might have been because of the success I had experienced for the first time in my life. Perhaps it was because of the twisted feelings I had for you.

I did something really terrible to you, didn’t I, Chou-san? And to you as well, Nanami… What would have happened to me if you and Chou-san had abandoned me? It’s so frightening that I don’t want to think about it.

Why have you got a bitter smile on your face? Do you think I’m a helpless man?

Who has chosen that helpless man though?

It’s you, of course.

Nanami! Are you here?

I’m here to see you. We couldn’t take things slowly last time.

Hey, Nanami. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to buy your freedom. I’m a participant in the game too, you see. I’ve got the right to do that, haven’t I?

I need you. It was crazy of me to give up on you because of the money.

Things will work out somehow. Fortunately, because of the painting you modelled for, I’ve got some money to hand. I only need a little more to buy your freedom. I’ll be able to work something out soon. The rest depends on how you feel. Isn’t that right?

Hey, Nanami. Say that you’ll choose me. I don’t mind if that’s all you say. I’m sure you’ll be happy if you choose me. I can create unbelievably wonderful paintings if you’re with me. I’ll be noticed by society, just like I was before. I can take good care of you too. I’ll definitely make you happy! So let me win the game… Please…

You’re so noisy! Hey, Chou-san. Can you be quiet for now? I’m having an important conversation with Nanami right now.

Oh, this? I’ve got to take Chou-san somewhere after this. That’s why I’ve put him in his cage today.

It’s already gotten this late! I won’t make it in time for my appointment if I don’t go now.

I’ll be busy going around a few different places. Since I’ve seen your face, I think everything will go well again.

Ah, Nanami… I don’t want to go. I want to stay with you a little longer. Soon I won’t have to feel like this anymore. Everything will work out once you’re mine.

I want you to look forward to it. See you later.

Nanami. You belong to me. I’ll definitely make you mine. My very own lucky mermaid.

How annoying! Who could that be?

Hello, this is Shinonoi.

Ah. Hirasawa-san, hmm? Put me through to him then.

What on earth do you want? I’m busy right now, so don’t bother me.

What do I mean? I meant exactly what I said. I can’t accept any more work from you. I’ve found a much better job. I don’t have time to waste drawing illustrations for a third rate magazine.

I’ve already made up my mind. Sorry, but you’ll have to ask someone else.

I’m going to hang up now.

Ah, right… Could you pay me for last month’s work soon? Thanks.

My goodness! How annoying!

What on earth is it now?

Eh? Soshundo?

Alright, put me through to them.

Hello? I’ve been waiting for your call! Have you got any news on that job?

I see. Then could we go ahead with it right now? I’ll even draw erotic art if it makes me money.

Let me just confirm something. There aren’t any particular requests regarding the painting, are there?

Well, you aren’t going to be fussy about an illustration for an insignificant advertisement, are you? A popular artist like me can do anything…

Haha. I thought so. I’ll do it just like I did before then. It doesn’t matter, as long as I get paid.

Anyway, I just need to make a lot of money right now. I’m counting on you.

Nanami! I’m here to see you.

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry.

Eh? You’re asking me what’s the matter?

Nothing at all. I suppose I have lost a little weight though. I’ve been busy working again recently. But when I consider that I’m doing it all for your sake, I don’t feel unhappy at all. I feel as if I’ve got to work even harder.

Thanks to that, I’ve got almost enough money to buy your freedom. So you don’t have to worry about choosing me.

Of course you’re going to choose me, aren’t you? Nanami.

Why have you got that expression on your face?

I want to buy your freedom and take you home with me soon. Then I’ll be able to see you all the time, without having to come all the way here.

I’m sure every day will be an enjoyable one. Everything will work out and we’ll enjoy ourselves all the time.

As long as you’re around, I’ll be able to create amazing paintings. It was the same at that time too. The day when I first painted a picture of you. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things since then. Good things always happen when I’m with you. I paint one picture after another and I earn money too. It’s all thanks to your mysterious power.

You’re saying that again… It’s no good pretending. I know everything, you see. When I saw you the other day, I was able to paint something that sold reasonably well. You did something to help me, didn’t you?

Why are you denying it? You helped me, didn’t you? That was your answer to me, wasn’t it? Because I felt that way, I even gave Chou-san away.

That’s right. A man who owns a show tent contacted me a while ago. He wanted me to give Chou-san to him. As you know, Chou-san is a very handsome and intelligent bird. He wanted to teach him to speak and make him the star attraction of his show tent.

I’d never considered giving Chou-san away before. Chou-san was my only family, you see. But I need a lot of money in order to make you mine. If you’re mine, then I’ll be fine without Chou-san. I’m not lonely at all. I’m actually satisfied that I’ve got a lot of money.

Hey, Nanami. I want you to be mine soon.

Come, let’s exchange cups of wine. I heard that we must exchange cups of wine if we’re going to spend the night together. Perhaps you didn’t give me answer before because we hadn’t exchanged cups of wine? If that was the case, then you should have said so.

Here you go. Have a drink, Nanami. Let’s put an end to this ridiculous fight quickly.

What’s the matter? Come on, pick up the wine cup quickly.

Why? Do you hate me?

Then why are you refusing? I need you. I’d do anything to make you mine! That’s why I’ve been working to scrape together some money, no matter how vulgar the magazine was or how indecent the advertisement was! You used your powers to help me, didn’t you? You did that because you cared about me, didn’t you? You’re saying you won’t choose me now, despite that? I can’t agree with that!

It’s not like that? What do you mean?

You haven’t done anything? That can’t be true! You see, I can even sense your power now. When I see your face, I feel excited and happy. I can forget about bad things and I feel sure that I’ll be able to paint good pictures too!

It’s because I’m with you. This is your power. I’m sure that it was because of this power that my works were suddenly accepted by society.

My skills? No… That’s not right.

Even if that was the case, you were the one who drew out my skills. You don’t understand, no matter how much I say? Everything that happened was all thanks to you! I know that!

Perhaps it was something you did without realising? I don’t mind if that’s what it was. But then that’s even more reason for me not to leave you here. You’re a miraculous being who hides a great power. Wouldn’t you be troubled if someone else found out and tried to take you away?

I’m the one who will own your power. So listen to what I say, Nanami.

I was a little rough, but I suppose this counts as exchanging cups of wine.

Hey. Come on and say you’ll choose me. That’s all you need to do now.

Or are you telling me that you’ve found someone better than me?

Stop? What are you talking about? There’s no way I can do that. You’re going to be mine now, Nanami.

It’s alright. I won’t hurt you. I’ll be disqualified from the game if I do that. I’ll be gentle, so don’t resist me any longer. Entrust yourself to me.

Track 7

I did something pretty terrible to you, didn’t I? Even the things I said were unreasonable.

It would’ve only been natural if you ended up hating me, never mind about choosing me.

But I honestly did believe it back then. That everything was the result of a miracle you had performed… It might be more accurate to say that I clung to that idea. In the end, I probably didn’t have any confidence about the paintings I did. That’s why I couldn’t believe in my own abilities. It was all thanks to you that everything went well. When things didn’t go so well, it was because you weren’t there. That was what I thought and I didn’t try to face myself.

I wouldn’t be able to paint a good picture like that. You made me realise that. What would I have been doing right now if I hadn’t realised? I might have lost everything and ended up dead. You might have been living a better life after someone important bought your freedom.

Why are you shaking your head? Could it be that you’re still happy you chose me?

I see. You really are a good-natured person, or perhaps an incredible idiot.

What do you mean I can’t buy her freedom?! I’m a participant in the game! I’ve got the money ready too! I’ve got the right to buy her freedom! Anyway, wasn’t it you who asked me to be one of the participants? So why are you saying that now?!

She did… What are you talking about?

Then let me see Nanami right now! Otherwise…

Nanami…! You came at just the right time! Look! I’ve finally got the money to buy your freedom!

I’m sorry I kept you waiting. Come on! Come with me!

Why not?

Why are you saying that? Do you intend to betray me?

That’s not true? You don’t understand me, despite all I’ve said? There’s no problem with us being together! Haven’t I kept telling you that only good things have happened? Everything goes well when you’re around! But if you’re not around, nothing goes right!

I need you! You should understand that by now!

What do you mean? You want to forget everything that has happened?

Why is that…?

Of course I can’t do it! If you’re not around, then from now on, I…

A gift? I don’t want that! You see… It’s only you that I want!

Chou-san… What’s going on? Why have you got Chou-san?

It can’t be…You’re going to ask me to give up on you in return for bringing him back?

What’s the meaning of that? Stop making a fool of me!

No! I’m not leaving!

Wait! Wait! Nanami!

Stop! Let go of me! Nanami!

Wait! I don’t want this! I don’t want it!

Track 8

We should never have met. I was completely unaware that those words were a sign of your kindness.

When I finally realised, I had done something that I couldn’t take back.

Why did things turn out like this…? Everything’s over… It’s over…

Do you hate me now? Or did someone else win your affection?

I’m sure that’s what happened. You were dazzled by the status and fortunes of the other participants. I don’t know whether they were nobles or something else, but I’ve been made a fool of!

Just like the other courtesans, she only wanted to deceive men and cheat them out of their money! I was tricked! She pretended to be someone from the countryside who knew nothing… She treated me like a plaything!

I’m sure that’s why she used the power of a mermaid to help me!

I can’t forgive her. I definitely can’t.

I’m not going to let her end up being happy with another man!

Nanami… You’re going to be mine. You’ve got to stay by my side and use that mysterious power.

Hmm… There are quite a few people here seeing him off. So that man is a regular customer?

Ah, Nanami… You’re more beautiful than everyone else again today.

There are so many courtesans around, but not one of them compares to you.

You’re smiling… Are you that fond of that other man?

You haven’t smiled at me recently, have you?

If I get rid of all the other participants, then she’ll have to choose me. But you probably won’t smile again…

The military police…

Hmm, what’s the matter? Are you doing your rounds?

Thanks for your hard work. Goodbye then.

What is it? Let go of me! I’m going home!

No… It’s not like that… I’m not trying to make excuses… I said I’m going home! I don’t have any more business here!

I can’t believe you’d shoot an ordinary person all of a sudden…

That’s right… But I’m an artist… I can’t sharpen charcoal without a knife… It’s not like I was waving it around.

I wonder what would happen if anyone found out that the military police shot an ordinary person by mistake…

I’m going home. I’m going to go home and forget about everything.

She’ll probably never be mine. Even if I try and force you to be mine… Nanami… You probably won’t smile at me again…

In that case… It doesn’t matter… Nothing matters anymore…

Chou…san… What are you doing here?

Ah… I see… You ran away from Kirarou the other day…

Hey… Chou-san… I’m sorry… You were like family to me, but I did terrible things to you. I’m really sorry. I won’t ask you to forgive me now though.

Ah… He’s gone… Of course he would go… If I’m going to die alone now, then that’s fine…

I was able to apologise to Chou-san, so won’t it be alright? But at the very end, I’d like to see Nanami, even if it is only for a moment…

Oh? Nanami… Is that really you…?

I thought you didn’t want to see me again.

Chou-san… Chou-san brought you here?

I see… You really are intelligent, Chou-san.

I wanted to see you. There’s something I have to tell you.

Hey… Why do you look as if you’re about to cry? Even though you abandoned me so cruelly… You really are an idiot…

You said this before, didn’t you? That we should never have met… I suppose that’s true… It was a mistake for me to set foot in Yoshiwara, somewhere I don’t even belong…

I should have thrown away that letter without reading it… If I had done that, I would still be living a carefree life with Chou-san… I wouldn’t have known about the game or the rumours about the mermaid…

Even if I wasn’t popular, I would have worked hard and painted the picture that I wanted to paint someday… I would have had something to aim for too… If only I could take back everything that happened… If only I could go back to how I was before and do everything again… That’s how I feel.

But… Nanami… I still don’t feel as if we should never have met. You see… I really do love you.

I got distracted by unnecessary things like the mermaid’s power and the game, then before I knew it, I was only thinking about how to make you mine. But I didn’t actually want to do that. I just loved you. I wanted you to love me too. I’m sorry I couldn’t say it properly.

I saw an illusion in my clouded mind. It was as if I was in the sea. Before me, there was a beautiful mermaid princess, just like one from an illustration in a book from the West.

She had an incredibly sorrowful expression on her face and wouldn’t stop crying. I thought it was strange, considering she was in the sea. But her beauty was breathtaking.

When I saw her, I thought “I want to paint a picture right now”. However, it would be a better painting if she was smiling. Ahaha.

After that, I suddenly felt my body floating to the surface.

I’m… What on earth happened? I thought I was dead… I was in so much pain earlier too… I don’t feel any pain at all now…

Nanami… Did you do something?

What? I can’t hear you! Speak more loudly!

It can’t be… You’ve lost your voice… Is it because you cried for me? Are you really a mermaid?

Why…? But… That other time… This didn’t happen when we watched the cinematograph together… I’m sure you cried, but you didn’t lose your voice!

Why? Hey, try to remember! What was different about that time… Once we know that, we could find a way to get your voice back!

I can’t understand like that! My goodness! What am I supposed to do?

Right! Write here! If you do that, then I’m sure… Come on! Use your finger to write on the palm of my hand!

I… love… you…

Hey… Will your voice return to normal if you abandon that feeling?

I see… But I’m a little relieved to hear that…

You see… You’ll have to end up hating me for your voice to come back…

Now that we’ve understood each other’s feelings, I don’t want that to happen.

I’m sorry for being selfish. But I’m really happy that you told me you love me.

I ended up sacrificing you, didn’t I? Even though I wanted you to smile…

But there’s one thing I can do, isn’t there? I’ll paint plenty of good pictures so that you’ll be able to smile. For the sake of the person I love.

Track 9

So this time I definitely will take responsibility for her.

That’s alright, isn’t it, Nanami?

As for the fee, please accept this.

Thank goodness.

However, things will be more difficult from now on. I haven’t got a single penny left after paying the fee.

Are you worried?

It’s alright. I’m going to work hard so that you’ll be comfortable.

Well, we might have to make do with Russian bread for a while though. I’ve given up on creating all those indecent paintings just for the sake of money. I won’t do anything like that again. Now I feel the same way I did when I first painted a picture of you. Even I got excited about it being a good painting while I was working on it. I really wanted to complete it quickly. I still feel the same way now.

Anyway, I want to paint something soon! Ideas for things I want to paint are coming into my mind one after another! I think I’ll be able to make all of them into good paintings! If I paint a good picture, then I can help you relax a little. I’ve got to work hard!

I’m not relying on the mermaid’s power like I did before though. I really do feel as if I can paint better pictures than I usually do when you’re by my side. The person I love is by my side, you see. So of course I’d feel motivated!

Oh? You’re blushing. Are you embarrassed? Is it because I called you the person I love?

Hmm… You’re looking down. So you really are embarrassed.

You can’t do that though. Come closer. Tonight is the last time I’ll see you in Kirarou.

When I think about us leaving here tomorrow and living together, I should feel really happy…

But it’s a little sad that I won’t see you looking like this again. So much so that I’d like to paint a picture of you looking like this.

I won’t paint a picture of you like this after all. I don’t have any drawing materials with me. I want to keep the expression you’ve got right now all to myself too… Someone else would see it if I painted a picture, wouldn’t they? I don’t want that to happen.

Hey, Nanami. How shall we spend our days from now on? What would you like to do when you leave this place?

I want to paint pictures. I would like to paint your picture too, but first of all I’m going to paint a picture of the sea, just like I promised I would. The sea in your hometown. I’d like to keep practising the Western style of art, then go and paint a picture of that sea someday. Together with you.

Even if it takes me ten or twenty years to finish, I hope that I can give you a painting that’ll make you happy. Sorry, but I won’t be giving up. You’ll wait for me, won’t you? By my side, until that day.

Thank you. It’ll be fine. I’m sure I can do it. I’ll certainly try to paint a picture that will surprise the whole of Japan… No… The whole world… I’ll be doing it for you, of course.

Track 10

Ah… We got so carried away talking about the past that we lost track of time. We’ll go down to the river tomorrow after all. It’s gotten quite cold too.

Right… I got some wine as a gift, so shall we warm it up and have some? We’ll put some thin slices of apple in it too. I’m sure it’ll make us feel warm.

Ah… Who could be calling at this time? I suppose we shouldn’t have gotten a phone here after all. You wouldn’t use it anyway. I need it for work though…

Hello, this is Shinonoi.

Eh… A call from Hirasawa-san?

No, I don’t mind. Please put him through.

Is that you, Hirasawa-san? It’s been a while since we last spoke. I’m surprised you knew the phone number of this house.

I’m sorry you had to go to all that trouble. I moved house without telling you how to contact me, you see.

Something important? What is it?

Eh? The competition that took place the other day?

Hmm… Well… Yes, I was the one who painted that entry in the competition. But the painting was in a Western style instead of ukiyo-e. I didn’t use the name “Shinonoi” either. I’m surprised that you knew it was me.

Ah… Well, I’m surprised to receive a compliment from you.

I got carried away the last time we talked and I was quite rude. I’m very sorry about that.

In Gekkan Roman? Is that alright?

Ah… A special feature?! But if you’d like me to do it, then I’ll make sure to do a good job! What kind of painting would you like?

You’re going to let me decide? I can’t do that… But… Well… If you’ve seen the painting I entered in the competition, then how about another picture of the sea?

I considered that, but I think I’ll go for something else after all! Wasn’t there a painting of a beautiful woman that you admired before? What if I were to use the same woman as the model this time too? Of course, it will be in a Western style of art this time.

Thank goodness! I’m glad about that! I can make arrangements for the model immediately.

Yes… Well, we’re more than just friends. My wife was the model for that painting.

Hey, Nanami! This is important!

I’m going to paint something now, so just sit there. I suppose you should sit with your legs out to the side, instead of kneeling. I think I can get the pose drawn out before it gets dark. Hirasawa-san is going to publish my paintings in Gekkan Roman again! He’ll be making a special feature too! It seems like he’s pretty excited! So I want to paint something soon!

He said he saw the Western style painting that I recently entered in a competition. The painting of the sea in your hometown that I did when we’d just moved here.

It was a small competition, but I won a prize. I enjoyed painting that picture, so I’m glad that someone else noticed it like this.

Hmm? Even you look happy! But I like that expression! I’ve made up my mind! This time I’m going to paint a picture of a mermaid princess, with you as the model. Since the incidents involving Kuro Yoshiwara, I’ve avoided painting something with the theme of mermaids because I felt as if it wasn’t right. But now I think I’ll be able to create a good painting.

Although it will be a painting of a mermaid, I don’t want it to be a tragic painting which reminds people of stories from the West, but something more cheerful. I’ve seen plenty of illustrations like that before anyway, you see.

The theme will be “a mermaid’s smile”… Let’s go with that! I’m going to use your smiling face as a reference for it!

Hey, look! Even Chou-san agrees!

Ah… How about I include Chou-san in the painting too?

Hmm… But I suppose the combination of a mermaid and a parakeet is quite strange, isn’t it? Though there’s no doubt that it’s original, so I suppose it doesn’t matter. Anyway, all I have to do is work hard at painting what I want to paint. Everything else doesn’t really matter.

Chou-san seems to be really excited about this too! Let’s start right away!

We’ll work out the composition and the pose first.

I enjoy every day that I’m with you and I just keep on thinking of new things I want to paint. But there’s no need to rush. I’ll let everything take shape gradually. I’ve got plenty of time, you see. I’m going to create plenty of wonderful paintings from now on. So that you, the person I love, will smile like you are doing now. Forever and ever…

Track 11

This is Morikawa Toshiyuki, the voice actor for Shinonoi Seno. Now it’s time for the free talk. I’ve just finished recording the two discs of this CD. As for my thoughts on it… I feel a sense of accomplishment. But after this there are still some extra recordings to be done. Now I don’t think that’s possible though.

It was fun. I played the part of an ukiyo-e artist. I felt it was an unusual and artistic role at first.

Although there was that aspect, he had the feel of a young man. It was fun!

I’m sorry. I was messing around.

Was there a scene that left an impression on you? Please tell us what it is.

Hmm… I wonder whether I should tell you. Alright, I’m going to tell you.

I don’t know how it was for the other cast members, but there was an animal making an appearance this time! A parakeet called Chou-san appeared in the story.

He was an unexpectedly important person in the story. Ah, not an important person… More like an important bird.

He was really important and was like a family member. The parakeet called Chou-san lived together with Seno as a family member. There is also someone called Chou-san in my line of work, so I laughed at first. However, I was able to get into the role without feeling anything like that. Sometimes I would take a break as it felt strange to keep saying “Chou-san”. I suppose it’s not important though.

Anyway, back to that important bird called Chou-san… People say that love is blind. Seno was going to sell Chou-san, a member of his family, for the money to buy Nanami’s freedom.

I think people listening to this have already heard the main story… So he sold that important bird Chou-san to someone else. Chou-san is not just a side character. That was a very shocking scene. People really do become blind when they fall in love.

But Chou-san comes back. He comes back chirping loudly. I think you would be moved by the scene where he comes back. It shows the depth of this work. That’s a good scene. I think you should listen to it… Ah, but you have heard it. Of course you have. Anyway, I think you’ll be even more moved if you listen to it again.

Seno watched a movie with the main character in Asakusa. A cinematograph. Please tell us a story involving the first movie you saw.

A movie, hmm? What if that movie was rated 18? Of course not. I saw one a long time before that. The first movie I saw with the allowance I got… It was… Hmm, what was it? Ah, got it! I wonder if I can say it? The title is like “Space Battles”. It involves people fighting each other in space. It’s a series of movies that’s still going on. It has episode something or other in the title. I am in it too [1]. It’s a good role. This is difficult, I can’t say everything. I’m being ambiguous about this so important people won’t have to worry about it.

A movie that’s a big hit all over the world. A popular major work. The first time I went to see a movie with my own allowance. My hometown is in Yokohama and when soldiers from the US army came to the movie theatre on Sundays, they would go and watch that movie. So there were a lot of foreigners and when the movie started, from the upper seats you would hear “ahh” and “whoa” and “yeah” while popcorn would rain down. It felt like I wasn’t in Japan.

If that kind of thing happened in Japan, I think people would say “please watch more quietly”. I guess people from the US often make noise like that, laugh without hesitation and show their excitement during the exciting scenes by calling out things like “YEAH!”. That was pretty amazing. I guess that was the first movie I saw with my own allowance.

I love movies and I often went to the small movie theatre where I lived to watch to watch triple features. You can stay the whole day for one entrance fee. I would watch the same film twice and see six films in one day. I was in the movie theatre for the whole time. That’s what my childhood was like.

The theme of this CD is mermaids. Mermaids are a legendary creature said to live underwater. Please try to draw a mermaid from memory.

Right… What should I do?

Ah! The staff have brought a pen and some paper. I’ve got to use those to draw. It seems that I’ve got to talk while drawing too. Will I be able to do this? I’ll try my best.

Just wait a moment. Oh, where’d the pen go?

Alright. I’m going to draw a mermaid. I don’t know what kind of mermaid it will be when I’m doing it from memory.

A mermaid is part human and part fish. They seem to go together pretty well.

I wonder how it is? I suppose I’ll start with the face.

Ah… Alright, I’m going to start!



It looks like a shishamo [2]. What should I do?

They have hands, don’t they?

Oh… It’s turned into something unfortunate.

Ah… I’m sorry.

One, two, three. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.


It looks scary.

I can’t start again, can I?

What should I do? Ah! I’ll draw some eyelashes. Maybe it’ll look more like a woman then.

Ahaha! It’s scary! This is crazy.

I’m sorry. I think that’s done.

Right… I need to draw a seashell bra.

A seashell bra… A seashell bra…

It’s the Takeda Kumiko [3] of our generation…

What shall I do? This is a rock…

It looks pretty amazing…

Ah, it looks more like a mermaid now.

I’m being particular about the strap on the seashell bra.

Oh? It looks a little like an ama-san [4].

I’m finished. This is a mermaid.

Are you going to give this as a present to someone?

You won’t? I see, you won’t. Well, it’ll probably get thrown away somewhere.

Thank you very much. I drew a mermaid.

Last of all, give a message to the listeners.

I would like to finish by saying that I hope for Shinonoi Seno from Kuro Yoshiwara Melancholia to develop even more from now on.

This series might actually become popular enough to continue, but it might be no good because of this terrible mermaid I’ve drawn.

It’s not my fault. It was the fault of the person who asked me to draw. That was unfortunate. I suppose it’s strange to say it’s unfortunate.

I think you will be able to make an interesting connection with the rest of the cast from now on, so please continue to support Kuro Yoshiwara Melancholia. Thank you very much. This was Morikawa Toshiyuki. Goodbye.

[1] Morikawa is referring to Star Wars, in which he does the Japanese voice for Obi wan Kenobi.
[2] Shishamo are small saltwater fish. Their name literally translates as “willow leaf fish”.
[3] Takeda Kumiko is an actress who wore a seashell bikini on one of her photobook covers.
[4] Ama-san are women who dive for shellfish and pearls, mainly in the sea around Mie Prefecture.

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