I can translate manga, drama CDs and song lyrics. Other text such as blog posts, magazine articles and tweets can also be requested. I won’t translate whole games, but a few chapters or a specific route would be fine. I do accept NSFW and R18 commissions, but you may double check with me if you’re unsure about the content of something.


Lyrics ~ $5.00 each
Manga ~ $0.50 per page
Audio ~ $0.50 per minute
Articles/Interviews ~ $4.00 per page

Contact Info

Tumblr: kirinosuke
Twitter: yumegasakis


I accept payment by Paypal and Ko-fi. I normally ask for 50% of the total upfront and the remaining amount can be paid when I’ve completed your commission, though you are welcome to discuss a different arrangement with me.


A commission takes approximately two weeks to complete, though I will let you know if I expect to take longer than this. Please inform me if you have any special requests such as if you would prefer not to have your commission posted publicly or would like to remain anonymous.

If there is anything else I haven’t answered, you can contact me using the info above. Thanks for checking out my commission page and hope to hear from you soon!

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    1. Hello! ^^ It would be $29.50 without the free talk and $33.50 if you would like the free talk translated.

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