Are You Alice? Drink Me

Sakurai Takahiro
Hirata Hiroaki
Ohkawa Tohru
Fujiwara Keiji
Morikubo Shoutaro
Inoue Kazuhiko

Track 1

Alice: What’s my name? I don’t remember. I’m sure that I abandoned it somewhere, so I won’t make an effort to look for it.

When I fell head-first into the hole, it wasn’t because somebody pushed me. I tripped myself up to fulfill my own desires.

Alice: Seven kilolitres ’til Wonderland… What a tacky sign.

Hey… Will I find what I’m looking for here?

I’ll go to the bank for the time being.

Mad Hatter: Are You Alice? Drink Me

Woman: Your Majesty…

Mad Hatter: Ah… The new girl is being harassed…

Excuse me… I’m sorry to bother you…

Queen of Hearts: Oh, it’s you.

I don’t mind, come in.


Woman: Yes, Your Majesty.

Mad Hatter: Okay, I’m coming in.

Queen of Hearts: You’re right on time. You’re exactly 15 minutes and 37 seconds late. I wasted one and half minutes thinking of a way to pass the time while waiting for you…

Mad Hatter: Sorry, the tea party went on a little longer than expected.

Queen of Hearts: As usual, it seems that your watch has stopped.

May I think of that as a sign of loyalty towards me?

Mad Hatter: Of course, my master.

Queen of Hearts: I admire your dedication.

You’ve done enough, leave.

Woman: Yes, Your Majesty. Excuse me.

Mad Hatter: Good day.

Well, what business do you have with me today, Your Majesty?

Queen of Hearts: It’s nothing to worry about. You’ve come all this way, so relax. Or don’t you like drinking tea with me?

Mad Hatter: That’s absurd! I just like drinking tea on my own, Your Majesty.

What did you want to speak to me about?

Queen of Hearts: It seems that the Duchess’ pet cat is wandering around.

Mad Hatter: I hate cats, but I sense his mistress’ style in his mysterious actions.

Queen of Hearts: The thing that we are looking for may be quite close.

Mad Hatter: Alice…

You’ve kept us waiting for quite some time. It’s been about a year and five months.

Queen of Hearts: It’s been two years and eight months. You should get your watch fixed.

Mad Hatter: No, it’s not a problem. It doesn’t matter if my watch loses time.

Queen of Hearts: It won’t be long before he gets out of the hole.

A key is necessary to open the door.

Hatter, I have high expectations of you.

Mad Hatter: Everything will be as you wish.

Well, Queen of Hearts, give me your next order.

Queen of Hearts: The White Rabbit, off with his head!

White Rabbit: Hey, don’t you think humans are stupid creatures? Even if someone tells you the location, you won’t find what you’re looking for.

If someone knows the place, then it’s not the thing you’re looking for. So don’t worry, Mary-Anne. I’m sure they’ll get lonely soon. They’ll die in a selfish manner! Like a weak and tiny rabbit!

One intruder. You don’t need a name.

I don’t have any more time…

Track 2

Cheshire Cat: Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

Alice: You’ve got the wrong person. Sorry, but that’s not my name.

Cheshire Cat: You’re so quick to deny it! There are many people who hate their names, but you’re the first person to deny their name.

Alice: You’re the one who’s doing things suddenly!

Who are you? How do you know my name? And why are you following me?

Cheshire Cat: Why? That’s difficult. Do I really have to give a reason?

Alice: I didn’t say that. I just…

Never mind, I suppose my name could be Alice. That’s fine, isn’t it?

Cheshire Cat: That’s a good, ambiguous response. Have you got any other questions?

Alice: I don’t. Go away.

Cheshire Cat: Why?

Alice: Because you told me not to ask anything.

Cheshire Cat: That’s too bad. I wasn’t trying to give you an order.

It’s not good to take everything as it’s said. I’m not the Queen of Hearts, you see.

Alice: The Queen of Hearts? That’s the most important person in this country?

Cheshire Cat: That’s because they’re the Queen. A queen is usually important.

Alice: It’s like ants and bees.

Cheshire Cat: That’s right. It’s like chocolate and rubix cubes.

It’s not that way, turn right.

Alice: That’s left.

Sorry… Can I ask you a question after all?

Cheshire Cat: The reason I brought you here? That’s easy. I was told to bring you here.

Alice: Is that an order from the Queen?

Cheshire Cat: You’re good at remembering things.

Let’s go. It’s better if you don’t turn around.

The regrets that cling to the past will attract their companions.

Alice: Regrets? What are those? Enemies?

Cheshire Cat: Enemies? What are those?

Regrets only want to be beside the people they like.

But… That’s where there’s a problem.

Alice: Hmm? The sky suddenly turned dark…

What do you mean?

Cheshire Cat: There are three kinds of people regrets are fond of.

For example, Alice in Wonderland, a suicide victim three seconds before their death…

Ah, but you don’t often see those kinds of people.

Hmm? What was the other one? I’m sure it was…

Alice: Wait a minute! You just said “Alice in Wonderland”… Could that be…

Cheshire Cat: Ah, that’s right. That’s you, Alice.

Alice: What do you mean “Ah, that’s right”?!

What are they? Ghosts?!

Cheshire Cat: They are regrets.

Traitors who were originally humans and those who were betrayed by the White Rabbit.

Alice: What?! That’s so complicated!

What did I do to these crazy things anyway?!


Regrets: Alice…

Alice: Wait a minute…

Regrets: Alice…

Alice: What’s going on?

Regrets: Alice…

Alice: Even though I don’t feel anything…

Regrets: Alice… Alice…

Alice: Why does it hurt so much?

Regrets: Alice… Alice… Alice…

Cheshire Cat: See… That’s why I told you not to turn around.

I’ll explain. You haven’t done anything wrong.

Regrets break the rules and are the souls which are pulled out from bodies while they are still living.

They devour everything in your body that gets in the way and try to make it their own…

That’s about it. Are you listening to me?

Alice: I’m not…

What should I do afterwards though? A way that wouldn’t involve dying like this, if possible…

Cheshire Cat: Don’t worry. Basically, running from regrets is impossible.

It’s often said that if you’re caught, it’s quite hopeless.

However, there’s actually a simple way. Just one.

Alice: Hey… Where are you going?!

Damn it…

In other words, there’s no way!

You must be kidding! I don’t want to be killed by these things I don’t even understand!

Mad Hatter: If you’ve got the energy to talk that much, then be quiet for a while.

Alice: The pain stopped…

Mad Hatter: Can you stand?

Alice: Who are you?

Mad Hatter: You idiot. You get attacked by the regrets because you show an interest in things.

We’re going out to the main street, alright? If you don’t want to die, don’t turn around again.

Alice: Are you an enemy?

Mad Hatter: Enemy? You say some pretty strange things.

You should judge that for yourself, Alice.

Alice: What is it?

Mad Hatter: It’s nothing…

I just wonder if it’s okay for you not to be suspicious when someone you’ve met for the first time knows your name.

Alice: Not really…

Mad Hatter: I see… You met the Cheshire Cat…

He was the one who got you involved with the regrets…

Alice: Cheshire Cat?

Cheshire Cat: Mad Hatter.

You seem to be extremely prejudiced towards me, but it wasn’t me who brought Alice and the regrets together. It was just a coincidence.

Mad Hatter: Shut up. As if I care about your circumstances…

Alice: Hey, where did you come from? The cat… Is that him?

Mad Hatter: If you met him, fine. Just don’t see him again.

Alice: Huh?

Cheshire Cat: The Mad Hatter can’t see me. Apparently he really hates cats.

Mad Hatter: That’s not right. I really hate you. I love all other cats so much that I’m writhing in agony.

Cheshire Cat: Alright, very well.

Mad Hatter: Get out of here. The regrets make a fuss when you’re around.

Cheshire Cat: Even if you say that, my mistress will be angry if I don’t do what she says.

Mad Hatter: What a coincidence.

Nothing good will come of me leaving things to you, so I was told to find Alice and take him with me. It’s an order from the Queen.

Give my regards to the Duchess and let her know that Alice is safe.

Cheshire Cat: Well, that can’t be helped.

I’m sorry, Alice. I did want to talk to you for a little longer, but the Mad Hatter wants to be all alone with you. He’s the Queen’s favourite, you see. I’m scared to disobey him.

Alice: And the Cheshire Cat isn’t?

Mad Hatter: He’s a cat from another place.

He wouldn’t listen to the Queen’s orders, even if it meant him getting killed.

Alice: Wait a minute! Earlier you said that the Queen’s orders were…

Hey… Where did he go?

Mad Hatter: I don’t know… I couldn’t see him to begin with.

Alice: That’s how you use it…?

Alice: Hey, I’m a guest. Aren’t you going to serve some tea?

Mad Hatter: Sorry. This house isn’t meant for entertaining.

If you want tea, then serve it yourself and drink as much as you like.

Alice: How long do I have to stay here?

Mad Hatter: Hmm? Is there somewhere you want to go?

Alice: The bank.

Mad Hatter: What?

Alice: I didn’t have anything with me when I left the house.

I also thought I’d look around seeing as I’m here. Aren’t there any famous places around here?

Mad Hatter: I don’t know if this counts, but I’m taking you to see the Queen of Hearts at 6 o’clock.

Stay here until then. Don’t go out, got it?

Go to the bank after that. It’s another matter whether there is one or not…

Alice: It’s been bothering me for a while… Why do you have to take me there?

The Queen is the most important person in this country, right? Why do I have to meet the Queen?

Mad Hatter: Who knows…? I certainly don’t know anything about it.

I’m only following the Queen’s orders.

I don’t have to answer questions such as “Why” and so on.

Alice: Ah, that’s right. People in this country hate answering questions.

Just like that Cheshire Cat.

Mad Hatter: It’s because you’re Alice, isn’t it?

Alice: Alice?

Mad Hatter: Am I wrong?

Alice: Maybe.

Mad Hatter: What are you talking about?

Well, not that it matters.

There’d be trouble if you didn’t do what you had to.

Take that, it’s yours.

Alice: What’s this?

Mad Hatter: Don’t you understand not to ask me about every single thing?

However you look at it, that’s a gun.

Alice: That’s not what I’m asking! Are you serious?

If you’re giving this to a kid and saying “protect yourself”, I think that the smartest thing for me to do is shoot you first.

Mad Hatter: I see, it certainly is like that. You’re pretty smart for a kid.

Alice: Sorry, it doesn’t seem that the Queen’s orders apply to me.

Mad Hatter: That’s wrong. You can’t judge whether they apply to you or not.

It’s up to you whether you shoot, but you can’t kill me or the regrets that are after you.

Alice: Regrets?

Mad Hatter: Didn’t you realise? They’ve been wandering around the house since earlier.

Listen carefully.

If you take one step outside of here, you’ll be bait for the regrets.

It’s a pain having to save you every time, so stay close to me.

Alice: Don’t tell me what to do all the time!

Are you making a fool of me?

I don’t think there’d be anyone stupid enough to miss from this distance.

Mad Hatter: Well, you are quite an idiot.

Alice: Don’t mess with me!

Mad Hatter: This is a warning for the guy stupid enough to miss from this distance.

At least check if there are any bullets in the gun someone else gives you.

Well, I didn’t really think you’d shoot.

Anyway, even if there were bullets, that doesn’t mean you’d be able to kill me.

Alice: Why not?

Mad Hatter: Who knows… Isn’t it easier to say that it’s because this is Wonderland?

Alice: You really are annoying.

Mad Hatter: It’s already 6 o’clock. Let’s go.

I forgot to say this, but I don’t care what kind of person you are.

It’s my job to protect you from enemies, whoever you are.

That’s why there’s no need for you to protect yourself.

Alice: I don’t know where I should start, but first of all, it’s not 6 o’clock yet. It’s only 2 o’clock.

Shouldn’t you have your watch fixed?

Mad Hatter: There’s no problem. It’s always exactly 6 o’clock.

It’s because I’ve given my time to the Queen of Hearts.

Alice: The Queen of Hearts… I’d like it if she was the kind of pretty girl that I’m into…

Mad Hatter: Well, just look forward to it then…

Queen of Hearts: So let me hear your name first, Alice.

Alice: You called me that, but you’re asking me to say my name?

Queen of Hearts: It’s meaningless unless you say it.

Alice: Your Majesty, my name is Alice.

Queen of Hearts: Very well, Alice. Let’s get down to business right away. You met the White Rabbit, didn’t you? The one who brought you to Wonderland.

Alice: The White Rabbit?

Queen of Hearts: He has quite an odd habit.

He brings ignorant people like you here, gives them a name and imprisons them in this inescapable country. You got given a name by the White Rabbit, didn’t you?

Alice: Maybe I did.

Queen of Hearts: I don’t like ambiguous responses.

Never mind, there’s one reason I called you here.

I’ll have you participate in a game from now on. A game to kill the White Rabbit.

Alice: A game to kill the White Rabbit?

Queen of Hearts: That’s right.

The rules of the game are quite simple. First is giving Alice in Wonderland the power to kill the White Rabbit. The game ends in victory if Alice succeeds in killing the White Rabbit.

How about it? The game is quite straightforward, isn’t it? You’ll make use of these rules and kill the White Rabbit. You’re the only one I can ask. Only Alice can kill the White Rabbit.

Alice: Wait a minute! This is too sudden!

Sorry, but I’m probably not the Alice you’re looking for.

Queen of Hearts: No, you are Alice. You said so yourself earlier. These rules came into force the moment you told me you were Alice.

The rules of the game are absolute. Going against them can only be considered betrayal. You had no right to refuse from the beginning.

Alice: If you had no intention to ask me, then you should have said so from the beginning.

Woman: Good day, Mad Hatter. Aren’t you going inside today?

Mad Hatter: I wanted to, but I was chased away.

Woman: By His Majesty?

Mad Hatter: Yes, he’s talking to Alice at the moment. He probably thought that I might shoot him. How many years will I have to work before he trusts me?

Woman: That won’t happen. Even if you shot Alice, wouldn’t you be doing it to protect His Majesty? Also, His Majesty will be fine. Alice cannot kill His Majesty.

Mad Hatter: You’ve been well trained.

Woman: Eh?

Mad Hatter: No… That’s a natural opinion to have, but what I’m saying is the opposite.

The reason I was chased out of the room was because I have the ability to kill His Majesty. If your darling Queen of Hearts turns against Alice that is…

Unfortunately, this time, Alice is not the kind of person to obediently listen to orders.

Alice: In other words, the White Rabbit is the god who made this country and despite the fact that you’re the Queen, there is no way to kill him other than participating in the game.

Queen of Hearts: That’s right.

The White Rabbit is an existence we cannot kill, even if we want to.

Alice: Hmm… Then not having the right to disobey the Queen’s orders is a rule too?

Queen of Hearts: Not quite. The Queen makes the Queen’s rules. However, I did not make the rules of this game.

Don’t you think it’s strange, Alice? The most important person in the country is the Queen, so the one who changes the country has to be me, the Queen.

So that would make the White Rabbit useless, wouldn’t it?

Alice: I understand why this country is mad. I refuse.

Sorry, but there’s no advantage in following your orders.

Queen of Hearts: Advantage? That’s not necessary.

Only Alice can kill the White Rabbit and because of that Alice cannot kill anyone except the White Rabbit. That is all the power that has been given to you.

You can’t just murder whoever you like in this country. However, you can kill specific people according to the abilities given to you. This is another rule defined by the White Rabbit.

Do you understand, Alice? This is an order. Kill the White Rabbit. You cannot kill me, but I can kill you at any time. If you think that I’m lying, then try to do it now.

Alice: No thanks, I just tried it earlier.

You must be kidding! That’s not why I came to this country.

Queen of Hearts: Everyone brought to Wonderland says the same thing to me.

Don’t worry, all you have to do is carry out the mission given to you.

Alice: Mission? Is it really something that only I can do?

Queen of Hearts: That’s right, as long as you are Alice, it’s something that only you can do. We need your power, Alice.

Alice: I understand, I’ll obey the Queen’s orders.

Well, there’s something I want to ask…

Queen of Hearts: Hmm?

Alice: As a reward for killing the White Rabbit, please give me status. I’ll follow your orders on the condition that I’m given the status to live in freedom and security afterwards.

If that’s no good, I’ll blow my brains out right now.

Queen of Hearts: Very well, the negotiations are complete. I’ll have you go together with the Mad Hatter so that you don’t do such rebellious things.

He’ll make a good partner for you. He can kill anyone who turns against Alice. I forgot to mention that’s also one of the rules. That’s why I had him leave the room this time.

Alice: You really do have an odd personality…

Mad Hatter: Hey, I’m glad you’re safe.

Alice: You knew everything, didn’t you?

Mad Hatter: Yes, that’s because I was ordered to bring you to the Queen.

Alice: I see… You’re well trained, Queen’s assassin…

Mad Hatter: I’m a hatter.

Alice: Whatever. All I have to do is kill the White Rabbit, right?

I’ll do it and this time I’ll live the way I want in this country!

A contract has to be written, so that no one complains this time, that means the darling Queen too.

Mad Hatter: Wait…. What on earth did you talk to the Queen about?

Alice: Huh? Well… Those were your dear Queen’s orders, weren’t they?

Mad Hatter: My goodness… You’re quite an amazing Alice.

It’s 6 o’clock, let’s hurry home! We won’t be in time for tea!

Anyway, I’ve got to take back those words from earlier… I’ve become interested in knowing what kind of person you are…

Alice: Of course, that’s because I’m Alice in Wonderland.

Queen of Hearts: Jack… Don’t you think he’s a rather interesting man? Unfaltering, even with death before him. Was there ever an Alice who tried to bargain with me?

No… Perhaps he’s not Alice? That’s why he might be able to find the way out. I’m really looking forward to what happens from now on.

Track 3

Cheshire Cat: Are you treating yourself to roast cat for lunch?

Well, I don’t particularly recommend baking me.

White Rabbit: It’s because I thought you were a guest.

Hmm? It’s the neighbour’s kitty…

Cheshire Cat: That’s quite unexpected. I’m a wonderful guest too. I won’t make tea without permission and I have my own spare key.

Ah, but I don’t really recommend your usual welcome of thrusting a sword against someone’s back.
Anyway, could you stop that?

Cheshire Cat: Thank you.

White Rabbit: You’re not very well mannered. Aren’t you begging the wrong person for food? Where’s your darling mistress?

Cheshire Cat: I’m sure that the master is home for the first time in five months. My darling mistress is underneath him. He even wants to do that at home, from morning until night.

White Rabbit: I see. Out of consideration for the poor cat who’s forgotten the instinct to hunt for food, I’ll invite him to lunch today.

If you don’t mind eating the scraps like a stray cat should, that is.

Cheshire Cat: I’d be grateful for that. It seems like I’ll be able to eat something splendid for once. I always thought that the wine and food you went to the trouble of preparing everyday ended up going to waste. She probably can’t eat it anyway.

Ah, was that rude of me to say?

If I’ve put you in a bad mood today, then I’ll apologise.

White Rabbit: What do you want?

Cheshire Cat: It’s about him… The one I met just now. The Alice you’ve brought this time is rather interesting. Things might be exciting for once.

White Rabbit: Alice? Ahaha… Unfortunately, he’s already dead. It was just a coincidence. That’s right, it was an accident.

Cheshire Cat: Thank goodness. I was sure it was a trap someone had set to kill Alice. Your regrets that appeared in front of Alice by chance, were all dealt with by the Hatter when he happened to pass by. Unfortunately, he’s still alive.

White Rabbit: Hatter?

Cheshire Cat: Yes. There’s nothing you could have done, he’s a hero of justice that protects Alice.

Hmm? So, the bad guy in the shadows who tried to kidnap Alice…

Wouldn’t I be the enemy in this case?

White Rabbit: He’s different! He’s not Alice! He ended up here of his own will!

Cheshire Cat: Is that so? Then why would someone who’s not Alice say that they are?

White Rabbit: Don’t play dumb, Cheshire Cat. It’s because you gave him that name.

Cheshire Cat: I did? It’d be troublesome if you misunderstood. I just did what my mistress told me to and took Alice to the Hatter. Even you should know that I’m just a powerless pet cat.

What are you getting so worked up about?

White Rabbit: Never mind, I’m sure we’ll soon be saying farewell to him. If you like that fake so much, then prepare his grave now!

Cheshire Cat: Hmm? Are you planning something fun again, Little Rabbit?

Well, you made this country, so you can do what you like.

I’ll come again… When you’re done eating, okay?

Cheshire Cat: Ah, that’s right. I came to warn you about something today. The current Alice is a little different, White Rabbit. You shouldn’t underestimate him too much.

Well, it might be okay to taste [1] him once…

White Rabbit: I’ve got a warning for you too. Don’t forget that you’re in the way too, Cheshire Cat! It seems that the regrets are quite fond of you. It’s tough being a popular kitty!

Cheshire Cat: Hahaha! Well, that’s definitely the kind of thing I’d like to hear from the regrets themselves. Their confession of love, that is…

They might be able to awaken my forgotten instincts…

Alice: Well, who are we waiting for?

Mad Hatter: You’re a good boy, so be quiet. Can you run?

Alice: Is it an enemy? Can I shoot them?

Mad Hatter: Don’t shoot.

Don’t fire that gun for no reason either.

Jeez… This is why I hate kids.

Alice: It’s your fault for bringing me here without any explanation.

Don’t underestimate a kid. You can’t even do anything without me.

Or are you going to kill me?

Mad Hatter: Idiot. Anyone could kill you.

No matter how much I’d like to kill you right now, there’s a waiting list.

If you understand, be good and put that away.

Alice: Okay.

Mad Hatter: We’re going to meet an informant now. Since you love talking about enemies and allies so much, I’d say he’s the latter. He’s really nervous though.

No, he’s the careful type and as long as nothing happens he doesn’t really show his face. Don’t startle him too much.

Alice: Information… Is it about the White Rabbit?

Well, not that you’ve talked about anything else.

Mad Hatter: Do you think I’m even more predictable than a metronome and you’re unconsciously deciding what I’m like?

Alice: You’re making it seem that way with that persecution complex.

I was just curious why you follow the Queen’s orders so faithfully.

Judging from your response, it seems like it’d be a boring reason anyway.

I’d hate it if it turned out to be a long explanation, so I won’t ask.

Mad Hatter: Is that so?

Alice: Anyway, there’s nothing I’m so stubborn about that I need to ask you. That wouldn’t be fair or interesting.

Mad Hatter: I see.

Alice: Is the informant a necessary power in the game too?

Mad Hatter: Yeah, all the residents of this country received an ability because of some kind of rule made by the White Rabbit. It’s not just about whether they can or cannot kill someone.

On the other hand, if it’s not in the rules no one can kill anyone else. If you want to break the set rules, then there’s no other way apart from making a contract with the White Rabbit.

The informants control the information from the allies who have a contract with the White Rabbit and this is a good thing for certain individuals.

Alice: Allies? It’s not like they directly tell them where the boss is, right?

Mad Hatter: Yeah, it’s that kind of rule.

Also, you’re the only one who can shoot the White Rabbit’s allies.

Alice: Is that a rule too?

Who said this was a simple game? It’s actually really complicated!

Still… Allies, huh?

Mad Hatter: Rabbits can’t act alone. They’ll die if they get lonely.

Alice: I know… The rabbits here are the same, huh?

Mad Hatter: Yeah, humans are the same too. That’s why they make allies. That’s the only lead we can grab hold of.

I haven’t said anything particularly difficult, but have you got any questions?

Alice: Your way of doing things is pretty ordinary for an assassin. Don’t you get bored?

Mad Hatter: Yeah. It’s already surpassed being boring!

Anyway, I’m not an assassin. I said I was a hatter.

Alice: That’s not being bored, that’s giving up.

Mad Hatter: Well, just give up then. This is the only way we’ve got at the moment.

There’s a 5% chance that the ones who know where the rabbit lives are his happy friends who made a contract with him.

The other option is the Duchess’ stupid pet cat. That’s out of the question though. He only listens to his mistress’s orders.

Alice: The cat…? You mean…

Cheshire Cat: How awful. Aren’t you the one who only listens to his master’s orders? I’m sure that I’ve never said I had no intention to say where the White Rabbit lives.

Mad Hatter: How long have you been here?

Alice: He’s been here from the start, sitting next to me.

Mad Hatter: You should say important things like that sooner!

Alice: Are you really sure that you can’t see him?

Cheshire Cat: Ahaha. Well, it’s not as if I was following you today. Don’t get so angry!

Even I have times when I want to drink alone.

Mad Hatter: I don’t care about your situation! I don’t want to see you again, got it?

Cheshire Cat: You shouldn’t ignore the rules.

Alice: Hey, do you really know where the White Rabbit is?

Cheshire Cat: Hmm… That’s right, I do.

He lives nearby. To add one more thing, Hatter knows that I know where the White Rabbit lives and how to get me to tell you that.

Mad Hatter: Shut up! Suggesting those conditions makes things impossible!

Alice: Conditions?

Cheshire Cat: In exchange for telling him the information he wants to know, the Hatter has to do whatever I ask.

Alice: Listen to his request, whatever it is.

Mad Hatter: Don’t look at me so pitifully.

Anyway, aren’t you the one who’s retreating completely?

Well, my answer is still the same. Today and tomorrow, at six o’clock. The Queen is the only one who can give me orders, and that’s enough.

Alice: There you go.

Cheshire Cat: Well, there’s nothing we can do if he says that.

It’s good that you’re quite loyal.

Hatter, more predictable than a metronome.

Mad Hatter: I’m going to kill you!

Alice: You were the one who said that!

Cheshire Cat: I’ll be obedient and go home today.

If I’m here, the mouse won’t come because he’s scared.

Ah, that’s right… Shall we go together, Alice?

Alice: Me?

Cheshire Cat: That’s right. You look bored being with the Hatter, who only listens to the Queen’s orders. I’ll take you somewhere more interesting.

For example… That’s right… The rabbit’s house, perhaps…

You shouldn’t ignore the rules. A hero of justice should shoot without hesitation.

Mad Hatter: If you know you’re in the way, then get out of here alone.

You’re the only one Alice isn’t supposed to be with. It’s an order from the Queen.

Cheshire Cat: Eh? You’re quite well prepared this time. Do you really regret that I took away the previous Alice?

Mad Hatter: I hesitated the first time, but I won’t miss next time.

Cheshire Cat: Good night.

Alice: Hey… You got your own orders without me knowing.

Mad Hatter: Huh? Shut up. I can never understand the things you get angry about. Explain things to me instead of sulking!

Alice: Shut up! Don’t tell me what to do all the time!

Unlike you, I don’t follow orders. Anyway, you told me not to wave a gun around, but you don’t seem to hesitate to shoot. What are you, some pseudo honour student?

Mad Hatter: What do you mean “some pseudo honour student”? Hey, Alice!

Jeez… This is why I hate looking after kids…

Cheshire Cat: What’s wrong, Alice? Are you going to see me off, or are you coming with me?

Alice: I don’t care which one.

Cheshire Cat: Well, well. How troublesome.

Alice: Even though you’re a pet cat, you don’t wear a collar.

Cheshire Cat: Hmm? Ah… My mistress doesn’t like collars.

There are a lot of reasons… Like it’s uncomfortable…

Alice: Hmm…

Cheshire Cat: Is that a problem?

Alice: No… It’s okay if you have somewhere to go back to.

You don’t seem to have friends, you see. Just like me.

Cheshire Cat: Don’t worry, I don’t intend to be in need of a place to stay.

That’s why I don’t have a collar either.

Alice: I wouldn’t worry, even if you weren’t making excuses.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to trust you again.

Cheshire Cat: Ahaha. I see… An excuse…

Well, I suppose it is true that I don’t have any friends.

This is far enough, it’s cold outside. I’ll take you with me another time.

Alice: Eh? You’re scared of the Queen’s orders after all.

Cheshire Cat: No, I’m more scared of your knight than I am of the Queen.

Thank you, Alice. Sweet dreams. Be nice to the Hatter.

Alice: Which one is it?

Cheshire Cat: How boring, I’m alone again today too.

Humans really are weaker creatures than rabbits. I’m so lonely I could die.

Or will you be accompanying me today? It’s too noisy to talk about love here… Shall I lead you to a place that’s dark and quiet, princess?

Mad Hatter: Well, Alice… You’re back quite early.

Did you have fun escaping with the Cheshire Cat?

Alice: Before running away with the cat, I thought I’d ask the pseudo honour student another question.

Mad Hatter: What?

Alice: Why do you need me?

Mad Hatter: Who knows? Isn’t it because I’m lonely?

Alice: Not because it’s an order from the Queen?

Mad Hatter: Ah, sorry… I should have answered that way.

Alice: Don’t apologise, that’s annoying.

Dormouse: Jeez… I can’t stand how humans are all so noisy. You’re not a mouse living in the attic.

Well, what can I do to sleep in peace, Hatter?

Mad Hatter: The same as usual. I don’t intend to disturb your sleep…

If I get the information I need, that is.

Dormouse: That’s much appreciated. If the information can guarantee me a quiet sleep, then I’ll give you as much as you want. I’m the careful type, you see.

Mad Hatter: I know.

Alice: He’s the informant?

[1] There’s a play on words here, since ‘nameru’ can mean ‘underestimate’ as well as ‘lick’ or ‘taste’.

Track 4

Alice: Number 47 of Wonderland’s 100 carefully selected famous views, The Pool of Tears.

Ride the boat of tears that melts from the passionate power of your love and experience an unbroken view of the misty scenery that reflects your future.

It’s the perfect date spot for a happy couple. Apparently, my darling…

Mad Hatter: If you don’t want me to kill you, then keep quiet until you’re dead, my honey.

Alice: Hey… Could it be that he’s really angry, but he’s just not showing it?

See, you pointed that gun when we passed by.

Mad Hatter: Why me?

Alice: What if a more gentlemanly encounter was expected?

I think you should take your hat and bow, like a man would.

Mad Hatter: So why does it have to be me?

Anyway, I can’t take this hat off.

It doesn’t belong to me.

Alice: Is that an order too?

Mad Hatter: You idiot! This is meant for sale.

I’m a hatter, but it’s not my policy to own my own hat.

Alice: He doesn’t talk, does he?

Mad Hatter: Don’t ignore me so casually! I’ll make you sing!

Alice: Why doesn’t he talk?

Cheshire Cat: Isn’t that because he’s a bird?

Have you ever seen a talking dodo, Alice?

Alice: Why don’t you stop appearing like that all of a sudden?

Cheshire Cat: Don’t worry, I’ll disappear of my own will.

Anyway, I was curious what you two were doing in this place so early in the morning.

There’s a rumour that The Pool of Tears is a famous place for farewells, made from the tears of regrets.

Alice: I see, so that’s the best place for a date.

Cheshire Cat: Are you having a farewell party?

Alice: He’s an ally of the White Rabbit.

Cheshire Cat: Ah… He’s pretty impressive for a bird.

I wonder how he signed the contract.

Alice: That probably has nothing to do with this.

Anyway, is it okay for a contract with the White Rabbit to be so practical?

Cheshire Cat: It’s not about whether it’s good or bad.

There are times when you need evidence, aren’t there?

Alice: I’m sure that’s true, but…

Mad Hatter: Be quiet for a while, you two.

You’re not the ones who I want to hear talking.

Cheshire Cat: Hey, Alice… Do you think the Hatter’s angry?

Alice: Who knows? He always looks angry to me…

Cheshire Cat: You see… He didn’t react at all when I suddenly appeared.

He always says “Get lost!”, “I’ll kill you!” or “I’ll destroy you until you’re nothing but cells!”

Even though he uses insults that make me distrust humans…

Alice: You really do get on well though…

Well, that’s understandable.

He seems to be the nocturnal type and it doesn’t look like he’s going to say anything either.

Cheshire Cat: Well, he’s a bird, you see.

Birds can’t talk after all.

Alice: They do talk. Like parrots and parakeets…

Canaries sing pretty well too.

Cheshire Cat: Is that so? That one looks tasty…

Mad Hatter: I’ll make you unable to talk again!

Alice: Don’t shoot as if you’re serious about hitting!

Can’t you follow the things you say for once?!

Mad Hatter: Shut up! It doesn’t matter! I’ll destroy anyone who doesn’t listen!

Alice: You really are an awful person!

Mad Hatter: You too! Why don’t you learn from them and say something?!

If you keep looking down on us like that, I’ll make you into cat food!

Cheshire Cat: No thanks, I’m quite a gourmet.

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.

Alice: Ah, it spoke.

Cheshire Cat: It did.

Mad Hatter: Of course it talks, it’s a bird.

What’s the Caucus Race anyway?

Cheshire Cat: Who knows?

Alice: Same as him.

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.

Alice: Ah, it spoke again.

Cheshire Cat: Hmm… It really can talk, even though it is a bird.

Mad Hatter: We know it can talk! The problem is what’s ahead of that.

We’re asking about how to get into a fight to the death that’ll satisfy you?! You game loving traitor!

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.

Mad Hatter: Is he a parrot or something?

Alice: Are you sure that informant wasn’t lying to you?

Mad Hatter: If that’s the case, then the mouse will be first to become cat food!

Cheshire Cat: No thanks, I’m quite a gourmet.

Mad Hatter: The Pool of Tears? That’s another troublesome place.

Dormouse: There’s no point in complaining. It hasn’t been long since Alice came to this country. Don’t blame me for the shortage of information.

Mad Hatter: Okay, I get it. Sorry for asking too much.

Dormouse: The current target is a game loving traitor. It might not be in your nature, but I recommend listening carefully to what he says and requesting a fight to the death in a gentlemanly manner. Well, try your best.

Mad Hatter: Game loving?

Alice: Okay! It’s okay to shoot him, right?

Mad Hatter: It’s not okay! I told you not to shoot. Let’s listen to what he says first.

Dormouse: Hahaha… The current Alice is quite enthusiastic.

That’s just what I’d expect from someone who made a deal with the Queen.

You might be able to find it unexpectedly easily.

The way out of Wonderland, that is.

Alice: Way out? What’s that?

I thought that didn’t exist here.

Dormouse: Didn’t you explain that to him, Hatter?

Mad Hatter: Who knows?

I intend to tell him about everything I remember.

Anyway, this game has too many complicated rules.

I’m trying my best to remember all the rules related to me.

Dormouse: Haha, you haven’t changed.

Listen up, Alice. Just like every race has a finish line, there’s a way out of this country.

If you can find the key to open the door, that is.

Alice: The key? Could it be…?

Dormouse: That’s right. The guy you’re chasing… The White Rabbit. His boss has the key.

The Queen and those who made a contract with the White Rabbit are all aiming at that. The only ones who know where the White Rabbit is are the ones who made a contract with him as his allies, you see.

Alice: Hmm…

Dormouse: However, you mustn’t be impatient. When they can see the finish line, humans start to speed up. Unable to act carefully, just like the weak hearted ones.

If all you think about is your aim, you’ll forget your limit. That’s why you won’t notice the simple traps set before the finish line. Without realising that is the greatest trap in the race…

Alice: Trap?

Mad Hatter: You don’t say! Isn’t setting foot in this country the greatest trap of all for us?

Dormouse: Yeah, you’re right. To put it simply, doing nothing is most important when you want to survive for a long time.

I’m the careful type, so I’ll have a rest while I’m waiting. All that’s left is to wish you luck.

Mad Hatter: How ridiculous!

Alice: Huh?

Mad Hatter: Hey, it’s okay for him to shoot you now.

Alice: Umm… You were the one who told me not to shoot before listening to what he had to say. He might have information about the White Rabbit, right?

Mad Hatter: You idiot! How are you going to find out where the White Rabbit is from someone who can’t talk because of the game’s rules?

So I only just realised! Have you got a problem with that? It’s a waste of time, kill him already! I want to go home too, the 6 o’clock tea party is waiting for me!

Alice: Don’t say all those things at once! Are you a kid?!

Cheshire Cat: Hahaha… It’s quite unusual for the Hatter to talk about time!

What will you do, Alice?

Alice: What will I do?

Hey… Will he really die if I shoot him?

Mad Hatter: Wouldn’t a bird normally die?

Birds didn’t die if you shot them in the country where you lived before?

Alice: I wonder… I didn’t try to find out.

Mad Hatter: Then what’s holding you back?

Alice: I don’t have one.

Mad Hatter: Eh?

Alice: There’s no reason for me to shoot him.

He’s not my enemy yet.

Mad Hatter: That’s another bothersome reason.

I told you that it’s easier for you to follow orders, just like we do.

Shoot him. Never mind whether he’s your enemy or your ally.

I don’t care if you’re worrying, just shoot him already.

You’re cutting down on my time with the dear Queen.

Alice: Queen?

Mad Hatter: Yeah, when the contract between the White Rabbit and his allies comes to an end…

Couldn’t you have shot after listening to what I said?

Anyone you shoot must be beheaded by the Queen! Otherwise…

Cheshire Cat: Wait a minute, Hatter. Something’s wrong.

Mad Hatter: What is it?

If we got this far and still couldn’t kill him…

Alice: I couldn’t kill him…

Mad Hatter: Eh?

Alice: Why didn’t he die?!

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.

Dormouse: The rules of the Caucus Race are simple. You start from the position you like and start running when you want to.

Then all you have to do is stop your heart beating when you want to. It doesn’t need a precise form. Who wins isn’t important.

Hey… Such simple rules are necessary for a game, aren’t they?

However, you mustn’t be impatient. The easier the game is, the more careful we have to be. If we don’t, we’ll soon be caught in a trap and die. In the race’s greatest trap, that is.

Well, perhaps I should start soon?

Can you keep up with me, Hatter?

Cheshire Cat: His contract has already come to an end, hasn’t it?

It’s not your fault that you can’t kill him, Alice. It’s because he’s not one of the White Rabbit’s allies anymore.

This means that someone else apart from the White Rabbit forced the contract to be broken.

Alice: Someone else apart from the White Rabbit?

Cheshire Cat: The White Rabbit wouldn’t break his own contract just to force someone into a trap. If he did that, then there wouldn’t be people he could trust when he needed them, right?

Loneliness symbolises the death of a rabbit. I think that betraying their allies has its risks and isn’t something that’s allowed to be desired.

Alice: Wait! So that’s…

Mad Hatter: A game loving traitor.

Alice: Hey… Where are you going?!

Mad Hatter: Alice, you stay there.

Alice: You… It can’t be…

Cheshire Cat: Hatter! Is it okay to leave me alone with Alice?

Mad Hatter: I’ll leave him to you.

Cheshire Cat: Got it.

Alice: Hatter! Answer me! Who’s your enemy? Isn’t he your ally?!

Mad Hatter: The greatest trap in the race. Unable to act carefully, just like the weak hearted ones.

Hahaha… I’m glad I held back. I was able to remain a weak hearted person.

Alice: You idiot!

White Rabbit: Who’s your enemy?

Who’s your ally?

Who’s the one in a hurry?

Track 5

Dormouse: What on earth are you planning, Hatter?

Mad Hatter: I was thinking about closing up shop for a while.

Dormouse: Listen up, what you’re trying to do won’t make any difference to the traitors who made a contract with the White Rabbit. Becoming an assassin who works directly underneath the Queen isn’t something a sane person would do.

Mad Hatter: Tell me if there’s anyone who hasn’t gone insane locked up in this place. Everyone in this country is somewhat crazy.

After seeing people get killed in front of me, I realised that I’ve never had a single sane thought. This isn’t the kind of place that you would escape to for your own satisfaction.

I’ve done enough running. That’s why I want to leave this country. That’s all.

Dormouse: Leaving this country… Is that your aim?

Mad Hatter: My aim? I suppose it does sound pretty good when you put it that way.

Dormouse: Is that so? Forget we had this conversation then. I’m not trying to stop you.

I want you to stay alive, Hatter. You’re the only person in this country that I’ve acknowledged.

I’ll give you all the information you need if it’ll save you.

The Dormouse is a careful person, you see.

Mad Hatter: I’m aware of that.

Queen of Hearts: It’s you… How unusual to see you so early in the morning.

I’m sure that the Dormouse is a nocturnal creature.

Dormouse: I’m sorry. There’s someone I’d like to introduce to the Queen. Someone that ought to be exterminated. I heard that your capable assassin is away dealing with a different matter.

Queen of Hearts: I see… So you’ve come here to kill them yourself.

How interesting. Very well. Then tell me the name of the pitiful person who will be exterminated by the Dormouse.

Alice: There’s nothing to do.

Cheshire Cat: Nothing at all.

Alice: I wonder why that informant lied.

He seemed to be good friends with the Hatter.

Cheshire Cat: You can still lie to someone you’re good friends with, can’t you?

No… I suppose you could say that when you’re friends with someone else, there are times when you have to lie.

Alice: Hmm… Have you told that kind of lie?

Cheshire Cat: Unfortunately, there isn’t even anyone who I’m close enough to lie to.

Alice: The same goes for me.

When I couldn’t shoot the White Rabbit’s ally earlier, I thought I might not be the Alice that this country needs.

Then maybe the Queen… And the Hatter… would stop paying attention to me.

Cheshire Cat: Hmm?

So what do you think the ideal Alice for Wonderland would be like?

It doesn’t change that you’re trying to kill the White Rabbit.

That’s what the rule is, so there’s nothing that can be done.

In other words, you’re the Alice that this country needs.

Would you hate to think about it that way?

This really is difficult.

I’m incredibly happy that you’re here as Alice though.

Alice: Isn’t that because you called me here?

Cheshire Cat: Hmm? What are you talking about?

Alice: Never mind.

By the way, there’s something I’d like to ask you.

Cheshire Cat: Right… There was also something I forgot to tell you.

Alice: Why do the allies of the White Rabbit who’ve had their contracts broken need to be beheaded by the Queen?

Cheshire Cat: If they aren’t beheaded by the Queen, they turn into regrets and attack Alice.

Alice: You could’ve said that sooner!

Damn it! This is terrible!

I would’ve run away immediately if I’d known that earlier.

Cheshire Cat: Would you really?

Even if you were aware of the existence of regrets, I think you would have been in this place at this time.

It’s because Alice can’t betray the Hatter, you see.

Alice: Stop deciding what I’m like!

No matter what you say, my life is the most important thing.

I’m not going to listen to orders from other people!

But now I don’t have a reason to run anymore.

The lie that the informant told was definitely one he shouldn’t have told.

That’s why he’s my enemy.

I’ll be able to defeat him without hesitation next time.

Cheshire Cat: You really are the ideal Alice.

To me, at least.

But only the Hatter can defeat the regrets who adore Alice.

So what will you do?

Alice: I suppose I’ll keep running for now.

Dormouse: You can’t defeat the regrets.

Alice: I know.

They almost killed me once before.

Dormouse: Let’s start from the beginning.

We’re talking about the Hatter here.

He probably hasn’t told you everything.

Alice: Make it short.

Your explanations are too long.

Dormouse: I’ll take that into consideration.

The regrets are worthless souls whose contract with the White Rabbit has been broken.

They attack people regardless of their ability and the rules of the game.

So do you know why the Hatter is able to shoot the regrets?

Alice: Why? Isn’t it because he has that ability?

Anyone who is an enemy of Alice…

Dormouse: That’s not the reason.

I told you, didn’t I? The rules of the game, abilities and common sense have no effect on the regrets.

The gun in your right hand which can shoot those who disobey the Queen’s orders and the gun in your left hand which can shoot anyone who becomes an enemy of Alice.

The Hatter’s rules aren’t for defeating the regrets.

Something he has, but you don’t.

It will become a weapon to defeat the regrets.

Alice: What’s that supposed to mean?

Dormouse: Well, you wouldn’t be able to understand.

That’s why longer explanations are best.

Anyway, the best thing is not to get close to the regrets. But if you happen to encounter them, hiding behind the Hatter would be the best thing to do.

Alice: Are those the actions of a careful person?

Dormouse: That’s right.

Alice: Why do they chase me when there’s no way to defeat them?

Isn’t that against the rules?

Cheshire Cat: We can’t do anything about it. That’s because they adore Alice.

Don’t people often say that there are no rules for love?

Alice: Aren’t you embarrassed to say that?

Cheshire Cat: What kind of regrets could a bird have anyway?

Let me say a few words!

Something like that, I suppose?

Alice: Hey! You said something before, didn’t you?

The regrets adore Alice. What else was there?

Cheshire Cat: Hmm? Did I say that?

Alice: You did! There are three types of people that the regrets like.

The first was Alice in Wonderland. Never mind the second one!

There’s one more!

Cheshire Cat: Hmm…

Alice in Wonderland. Something that doesn’t matter.

And then… I’m sure it was something to do with disappearing.

Alice: No!

That’s just you being unfairly able to escape from the regrets so easily!

Cheshire Cat: You’re good at that now, aren’t you? Dear Alice.

Scolding me like the Hatter does.

Alice: Why, thank you.

You’re not going to tell me you’ve forgotten or you don’t know, are you?

Cheshire Cat: Ah.

Alice: Have you remembered?

Cheshire Cat: In front of you!

You’ll be in trouble if you don’t look.

Alice: Thank you.

Cheshire Cat: You’re welcome.

Alice: That one was different from the other regrets.

It was like I was being made a fool of…

Wasn’t it playing with me?

Cheshire Cat: The Pool of Tears is the ideal hunting ground for the regrets because the fog makes it difficult to see.

The Caucus Race, hmm?

The Dormouse has thought long and hard about it.

Alice: Right… That informant said…

Something the Hatter has, but I lack is what can defeat the regrets.

What the Hatter has, but I lack… What is that?

Cheshire Cat: That’s another challenging question.

Something others possess, but you lack… There are plenty of things like that.

Alice: You’re right.

Now that I think about it, I don’t know anything about him.

He’s the Queen’s assassin… And the Queen’s orders…

Are those rules in the game?

Cheshire Cat: No. It was his decision to serve the Queen.

I’m sure it was when the first Alice died.

He probably thought that being with the Queen was the best way to achieve his aim.

Alice: Huh?

What do you mean “the first Alice”?

Cheshire Cat: Alice… Right, now I remember!

The regrets like humans without a purpose.

Alice: A purpose? Then…

Cheshire Cat: That’s right.

Something the Hatter has, but you lack.

None of the residents of Wonderland have a purpose.

Except for the Hatter.

Alice: What’s that supposed to mean?

Even I have a purpose!

Killing the…

Cheshire Cat: White Rabbit?

That’s not right.

It’s not what you should really be doing, is it?

Alice: That’s not it!

Killing the White Rabbit… Then…

Living the way I want to in this country.

Is that my purpose?

No… That’s right…

It’s not the reason I came to this country!

What I want to do… What I should be doing…

What on earth is my purpose in this country?

What am I doing in this country?

Cheshire Cat: Forget about your regrets of the past and lose your reason for living.

Everyone forgets about them just like that.

It doesn’t mean you’re at fault.

Alice in Wonderland, who is always following her dreams, just can’t survive in this country.

Alice: Alice?

Cheshire: Right… That’s you, Alice.

Alice: What are you doing with the regrets?

Who on earth are you?

Cheshire Cat: You always love asking questions.

Don’t worry. He’s a regret that can’t die.

Because he’s a bird.

But there’s just a little problem.

He just might feel a little pain unlike before.

Ah… But this isn’t his fault.

It’s because someone who wasn’t the White Rabbit broke the contract.

Alice: You tricked me, didn’t you?

Cheshire Cat: I didn’t trick you.

I told you, didn’t I?

There isn’t anyone I’m close enough to lie to.

Alice: This is more than just a little pain!

It’s different from how it felt before.

It’s as if I’m falling down somewhere.

It makes me sick.

Cheshire Cat: Sorry. I have to fulfil my duty as a pet cat.

I’m not planning on becoming your enemy though.

Not like the Mad Hatter’s friend…

Alice: Don’t be ridiculous.

That’s not your decision to make.

Cheshire Cat: Sorry.

Stop that. Alice isn’t here now.

The White Rabbit always likes to do things violently.

I’ve shown him the way. You can do what you want now.

Alice will hate me again because you always make me do these things.

That hurts… He really did shoot me.

Dormouse: Queen of Hearts.

You’re the most pitiful human being.

Queen of Hearts: It seems that you despise me.

Should you be shooting at my heart?

Dormouse: You’d sacrifice anyone to get what you want.

You don’t plan on letting the Hatter out, do you?

Queen of Hearts: What do you mean?

Woman: Your Majesty…

It’s dangerous here…

Please run away now! Your Majesty!

Queen of Hearts: What are you doing?

Who ordered you to protect me?

Woman: What?

Queen of Hearts: That goes against my orders.

Don’t ever touch me again.

Woman: Your Majesty…

What are you saying?

Queen of Hearts: The red colour of blood is so ugly.

Jack. Clean this up.

Informant… You’re an intelligent man.

I don’t plan on inquiring as to what you have done for the past three years and what your aim is, but even if the current Alice finds the way out, I won’t do anything to stop the Hatter.

Of course, that is if he really wants to leave this country.

Dormouse: He will be leaving.

He is the necessary contract with the White Rabbit.

Queen of Hearts: I see.

I thought being cautious was your speciality, but it appears that it was my imagination.

Listen carefully. You have overlooked something of great importance.

The Hatter, who you’re so determined to help, is still my capable and faithful subordinate.

Dormouse: I see. You’ve noticed the trap pretty quickly, even for you.

Mad Hatter: That’s because I don’t seem to be the cautious type, unlike you.

Are you hurt, Your Majesty?

Queen of Hearts: I’m fine.

Because you’re here, you see.

It’s just that one of my cards has been torn to shreds.

Mad Hatter: Did you kill them?

Dormouse: Hey.

It was your Queen who mercilessly finished them off.

How awful of you to become a faithful hound.

Mad Hatter: Throw away your gun.

Dormouse: I can’t do that.

There isn’t anyone who can order me around anymore.

Mad Hatter: Dormouse. Why are you doing this?

Why are you so determined to kill the Queen that you would even make a contract with the White Rabbit?

Are you my enemy?

Dormouse: Enemy, you say?

This is the first time you’ve used such a childish expression.

That’s right. I’m your enemy.

I’ve actually found some interesting information.

I was thinking about showing you what the Queen is truly like on the inside.

Those insides which have been hollowed out by bright red hands are darker than an attic mouse.

Mad Hatter: You…

Queen of Hearts: Hatter…

It seems that he is already tired.

Of this never-ending life which is like a game where he is bound by the rules.

You can bring that to an end.

It’s an order from the Queen.

Off with the Dormouse’s head!

Mad Hatter: Your Majesty…

Dormouse: That’s how it is.

You can kill me without hesitation if the Queen orders you to.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m an enemy or an ally.

Isn’t that what you were taught to do?

Then pull the trigger without hesitation.

Track 6

Alice: There’s one memory that I have.

The name of the person who gave me that memory.

Their slender arms always pulled me by the hand and took me to many different places.

There was one thing I lied to the Queen about.

I came to this country of my own will.

So I’m sure that I’m not Alice.

My name isn’t Alice.

Then who on earth am I?

White Rabbit: Hey.

Are you awake, Alice?

Alice: You’ve got the wrong person.

White Rabbit: I know that.

You’re a fake. That’s because you’re not an Alice that I brought here.

Alice: The White Rabbit, huh?

White Rabbit: That’s right.

This is the first time we’ve met. Fake Alice.

Welcome to the country of broken toys.

What would you like to break?

Alice: You…

White Rabbit: Perfect!

You have the kind of personality the cat would like.

Ah… Make sure you forgive him though!

I was the one who asked him to bring you here.

See… The cat is the only one who knows where my house is.

There was no one else I could ask.

I actually didn’t want to do it though.

He becomes annoying when I owe him a favour.

And the way his personality is…

He gets into a bad mood if you don’t give him more than what he’s owed.

I think it’s because he isn’t well trained.

The Queen of Hearts’ dog is perfect in that sense though.

I wish I had a pet like that!

Are you listening?

Alice: No.

I’m honoured that you went to the trouble of seeing me.

It almost makes me sick.

White Rabbit: This is a place where the Regrets pass by.

I think it might be a little painful for you.

I don’t mind if you relax somewhere.

I wish I could say that… But I don’t have time today.

Can I keep going?

Alice: You couldn’t possibly have invited me to a place like this to talk.

Even though I’m a fake, I have the ability to kill you.

White Rabbit: That’s right.

I made that rule, so there’s no doubt about it.

You admitted it yourself, so you’re Alice.

Ah… Or would killing me be more worthwhile if I took a cue from your mood and looked more scared?

Alice: I don’t care either way.

White Rabbit: I see.

I won’t do anything meaningless then.

You’re the third person I haven’t been able to name.

I can’t really welcome those people.

Dealing with them is a bother when they do things of their own will…

It’s annoying.

I have to get rid of those humans by myself.

Hmm… If you want to say it in a more complicated manner…


I wanted to make the Queen take care of all those bothersome people.

But of course there’s nothing I can do about that.

I usually leave them alone, but you’re different!

You’ll even come to kill me in my dreams, won’t you?

You’ll come shooting at me until I’m unable to move and my arms, legs, head and heart are all bloody, won’t you?

The real Alice in Wonderland would do that.

Alice: What kind of crazy Alice is that?

White Rabbit: It’s no use running away.

You’re making this difficult.

Alice: I’ve had enough.

I hate this.

Pain and suffering…

Remembering the past…

Cheshire Cat: Alice was an adult’s toy to begin with.

If Alice was that important, he should have been killed immediately.

You should know all about the pain and fear he will experience from now on.

Don’t make me keep saying it, Hatter.

Mad Hatter: Wait a minute. I…

Dormouse: What is there to worry about?

Listen up, Hatter. I’m a traitor to the Queen.

Kill me with your own hands.

Don’t lose sight of your aim.

Kill whoever the Queen orders you to, whether they are friend or foe.

Why can’t you do such a simple thing now?

At this rate, you won’t be able to defeat the Regrets, never mind a mere mouse.

Mad Hatter: I see…

That was the unpleasant quality that the Regret at The Pool of Tears had.

Dormouse: The Regret?

What are you talking about?

That’s just a powerless bird.

Getting him to learn how to talk was hard work though.

Mad Hatter: What did you say?

Dormouse: Hatter…

I’m a traitor.

I can no longer find the allies who have made contracts with the White Rabbit.

I can’t be much help to you either.

The rules of the Caucus Race.

Once you start running, you’re no longer allowed to stop.

Whether you kill your opponent or you die, you have to keep on running.

Just for the sake of your aim.

Was he able to say that?

Mad Hatter: Yes.

I think that was pretty much the right direction.

Dormouse: I’m glad to hear that.

Mad Hatter: My goodness.

Today’s not a lucky day for him or me.

That’s to be expected from a place that’s known for farewells.

Dormouse: You’ve finally come around, have you?

Mad Hatter: That’s right.

Thanks to you, I’ve got some valuable information.

Nothing good comes from asking a cat to do something.

He’s waiting.

I’m sorry, Dormouse.

I’m going to kill you.

Dormouse: Why should you apologise, Hatter?

You were the one who taught me to hold what’s important to me with my dominant hand.

You can’t kill me with the gun in your left hand which is meant to protect Alice.

Mad Hatter: I apologised because I lied to you about something.

The rule the White Rabbit gave me was actually “Use the gun in your right hand against those who disobey the Queen’s orders. Use the gun in your left hand against those who Alice believes to be an enemy.”

Dormouse: What did you say?

Mad Hatter: This game has too many complicated rules to keep up with.

I’ve got my hands full keeping up with my rules.

Dormouse: My goodness.

You haven’t changed at all.

Then you really don’t have to apologise.

Neither of us do.

Mad Hatter: Goodbye, Dormouse.

The game to kill the White Rabbit is nothing more than a child’s game.

The rules, the weapons and killing you.

Those things are nothing more than tools to achieve my aim.

I’m going to leave this country, together with Alice.

In order to achieve my aim.

Dormouse: That was what I wanted to hear.

Alice: Wait a minute.

Why am I running?

I have to kill the White Rabbit, don’t I?

Only Alice can kill the White Rabbit.

I think I’m Alice.

Umm… What on earth am I saying?

It’s not as if I don’t want to kill him.

No… It’s not as if I can’t kill him.

I’m the only one who can kill him, aren’t I?

In other words, there’s no need for me to be running, is there?

That’s what I want to say to Alice!

So I’m not that Alice?

Huh? The path is disappearing…

Damn it… It’s a dead end?

White Rabbit: It would be more accurate to say that it’s the last stop of your dream.

Alice: I see. That’s why it was so short.

White Rabbit: You’re not Alice.

The end of your dream will come quickly.

I’ve never heard of an Alice running around chased by the White Rabbit.

My goodness.

I wouldn’t have had to do something troublesome like this if you hadn’t taken that cat’s joke seriously and called yourself Alice!

I’ll have to get the Queen to change the rules soon.

So that there won’t be another Alice who does whatever they like…

And then…

Alice: You’re pretty talkative for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time.

You let your guard down.

You don’t have to keep telling me.

I know that I’m not Alice.

White Rabbit: That hurt.

Hmm? So you can shoot.

However… Unfortunately…

It didn’t take much to turn things around.

It seems that the Regrets are particularly fond of you.

But it’s not because you’re Alice in Wonderland.

It’s because you don’t have a single purpose.

You’re just a vessel who has lost its soul.

That’s why the Regrets are after you.

Alice: A purpose…

Cheshire Cat: None of the residents of Wonderland have a purpose.

Alice: What’s that supposed to mean?

Even I have a purpose.

Mad Hatter: You might actually be able to find the way out of Wonderland.

Alice: Is that really something only I can do?

Queen of Hearts: That’s right. We need your ability. Alice.

Alice: Alice?

Mad Hatter: It’s because you’re Alice, aren’t you?

Alice: Hey. Will I find what I’m looking for here?

White Rabbit: You did your best to make a worthless resistance.

Why don’t you give up now? Die.

Alice: Die, you say?

Don’t be ridiculous, bunny.

A mere herbivore can’t order me around.

White Rabbit: What? You’re still going to resist?

You’re not that intelligent.

You can’t kill me.

Alice: Shut up!

I told you not to decide on your own!

I’m not going to die here!

White Rabbit: What will you do without a dream or purpose?

Your dream is already finished.

You’re old enough to understand that, aren’t you?

There’s just one bullet left…

What are you going to do?

Alice: I’m going to shoot you.

White Rabbit: Wonderful.

But that’s not a purpose.

Alice: I know that.

But because I don’t have a dream or purpose, I can’t die yet.

And I’ve got to get out of here immediately and wait for someone.

I’m sorry I kept you waiting.

I won’t run away any longer, so please don’t worry.

White Rabbit. I’m going to kill you.

White Rabbit: That’s good enough, Alice.

Alice: What’s that?

White Rabbit: The Regrets are disappearing.

They’re going back to where they originally came from.

I didn’t think I’d be able to find it like this though.

Mary-Ann. I think I’ve finally found the Alice who can release your chains.

Alice: Mary-Ann…

White Rabbit: The operation to prevent her from growing up was perfect.

Prolonging life. Rebirth. Controlling the whole of time according to your will.

That’s the ability Alice in Wonderland possesses.

The power to kill me.

There’s no other way for me to live with you, Mary-Ann…

Alice: What’s with this guy?

Who is he talking to?

No… I know her.

Mary-Ann isn’t her name!

My sister…

Queen of Hearts: Thank you for your hard work, Hatter.

Mad Hatter: Not at all. I was just following your orders.

Queen of Hearts: I see. Then did he die as I ordered him to?

Mad Hatter: Probably.

Queen of Hearts: I don’t like vague answers though.

Take care of your injuries immediately.

I’ll leave it to you, Jack.

You can go back to Alice.

Mad Hatter: Your Majesty…

Queen of Hearts: He was once a capable subordinate of mine.

And there is still work that I would like you to do.

Alice needs you, Hatter.

Mad Hatter: Aren’t you going to give me any orders?

Queen of Hearts: You won’t go to help Alice unless I order you to?

Mad Hatter: Please excuse me.

Queen of Hearts: Dormouse.

Was this your aim?

Not killing me… But getting the Hatter to subdue himself.

Dormouse: That’s right.

I died when he shot me, but for some reason I’m still alive.

It’s enough for this to be the truth.

Don’t do anything unnecessary.

I don’t want you saving me.

Queen of Hearts: Don’t say such sorrowful things.

You were once a capable subordinate of mine.

But there’s no need to worry.

There’s still something that you have to do.

The very important job of being killed by the Mad Hatter.

And unfortunately, your aim of breaking the contract between him and I will not be fulfilled.

Dormouse: At any rate, what happens next will depend on his feelings.

But now I’ll be able to rest somewhat peacefully.

Queen of Hearts: What are you doing?!

Stop that!

Alice: That’s not right. I took everything away.

Dreams. Purpose. Everything.

What is my sister doing here?

I’m sure that she died ten years ago! I was…

White Rabbit: Mary-Ann is a resident of Wonderland.

She can continue to live in the dream world without being ruined by the foul air outside.

Sleeping Beauty Alice.

So Alice… Use that gun to kill me!

There’s no more time!

I’m going to continue resting with Mary-Ann!

That is my dream and purpose.

It’s strange though. No one comes to kill me.

Everyone is bound by ridiculous rules and can’t kill me.

Alice: Hey…

Didn’t you create the game to kill the White Rabbit and make its rules?

White Rabbit: That’s right.

It’s because it’s meaningless if Alice doesn’t kill me.

In order for me to be with Mary-Ann…

Alice: You…

Who on earth are you?!

White Rabbit: Who am I?

Don’t ask strange questions!

Have you forgotten even though we were always together?

We were always together, weren’t we?

Mary-Ann and I…

Mad Hatter: Alice!

White Rabbit: You’re always getting in the way, Mad Hatter!

Never mind.

Listen up, Alice.

You’re the Alice this country needs and the one that I desire.

Come and kill me this time.

Alice: Wait! You know my name, don’t you?

Answer me! What’s my name?!

Mad Hatter: Alice. Wake up.

Alice: Alice…

Who is that?

My name isn’t Alice.

That’s not right.

The Alice who wandered into this country…

The Alice who this country needs…

Alice is…



Answer me…


Mad Hatter: Sister…?

Alice: If someone will answer, then please tell me.

It was left somewhere, forgotten and abandoned.

What is my name?

Who on earth am I?

Alice! Alice! Alice!

Track 7

Queen of Hearts: The White Rabbit’s whereabouts are unknown?

Now that we don’t have any clues, we can’t make our move.

Well, I suppose that is more convenient for us.

Will Alice still be able to move?

Mad Hatter: He’s not dead yet.

Queen of Hearts: There’s no problem then.

You can report to me regarding the current matter when Alice awakens.

That’s the informant’s compensation.

I’ll be waiting for it with great expectations.

Mad Hatter: Your Majesty…

The Dormouse…

Queen of Hearts: Ah…

Come to think of it, I haven’t told you yet.

It seems that he found the way out of this country before you did.

Mad Hatter: Hmm?

Queen of Hearts: On that day you failed to kill him…

No… The informant who you were meant to kill died when he beheaded himself.

You look as if you want to say something, Hatter.

Or will you go and join the Dormouse in his eternal slumber?

Mad Hatter: No… I’ll do it if you order me to.

Queen of Hearts: I’m counting on you.

Mad Hatter: That fool!

Just who else does he want me to be suspicious of?

Cheshire Cat: How wonderful!

Now it’s clear that you truly were friends.

Or was it a warning from that careful man to say that only those left behind are at a disadvantage?

No… Perhaps it was a cynical presentation?

Oh, excuse me!

I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but I’m here with the Duchess today.

Mad Hatter: Then shouldn’t you be with your mistress?

The Queen of Hearts is incredibly persistent about taking away what is important to others.

He seems to be better than the Duke.

Cheshire Cat: Don’t have indecent thoughts about someone else’s husband.

He despises cats. He told me not to stay near her.

Hmm… I think he said he had an allergy?

You should go home soon too.

No one will be making their move for a while.

Now is your chance to live in peace.

Mad Hatter: Wait.

Cheshire Cat: You’re holding something violent again.

Unfortunately, I’m not interested in being killed by you.

Unlike your friend.

Mad Hatter: Be quiet.

Do you want your Regrets to be beaten down again?

Cheshire Cat: My goodness. You’re not very honest.

There’s no need to threaten me. I’ll listen to your worries.

Mad Hatter: You don’t have to do that.

Talk to me about Alice.

Cheshire Cat: You should just talk to Alice himself.

I don’t know all the details yet.

Mad Hatter: I don’t care what happened then.

If you’re planning to kill Alice again, then there’s just one thing for me to do now.

Cheshire Cat: What an unpleasant thing to say.

You always try to make me an enemy of dear Alice like that.

I think that’s worse than giving someone a name without asking.

Mad Hatter: That injury… Was he the one who did it?

Cheshire Cat: No… This isn’t Alice’s fault.

I injured my right arm because I suddenly used it to protect something.

My heart…

Mad Hatter: How awful.

Cheshire Cat: Hey, Hatter.

Don’t you want to know about it too?

The reason why the White Rabbit is in a panic…

He knows what will happen in this country from now on.

That’s because he made this country.

It’s only natural that he has the right.


Although he can freely control time in this world, he always says he is running out of time.

Mad Hatter: How ridiculous.

I don’t have much time either.

Cheshire Cat: That’s right.

Well, why don’t we just observe things for a little longer?

This ridiculous country will probably fall apart this time.

Ah… It’s just a theory I have though.

Mad Hatter: Does that make you Alice’s enemy then?

Cheshire Cat: Well…

Let’s make that question your assignment for the next time we meet.

It wouldn’t be too late for you to shoot me then, would it?

Mad Hatter: Do whatever you want.

No matter what you’re thinking, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re the person I despise the most!

Cheshire Cat: It hurts that you’re so outspoken.

Never mind. This is the first time we’ve talked in a while.

I had a good time. Come and see me if anything happens.

I can listen to your romantic worries anytime you want me to.

Mad Hatter: Go away obediently! You dummy.

There’s one more price for the informant to pay.

Mad Hatter: Hey, Cheshire Cat!

I’m going to accept your conditions.

Give me your orders.

Mad Hatter: That’s a bad cough you’ve got.

Alice: What? I’m not dead?

Mad Hatter: Be quiet and sleep if you want to stay alive.

You didn’t lose much blood, but your bones are broken.

You took some weird painkiller, so just stay there a while.

Is there something you want to ask me?

Alice: The way to kill you…

Mad Hatter: As if I would know that.

Alice: I see…

Mad Hatter: You look as if you’ve woken up thinking everything was a dream.

Everyone who wakes up after being brought here has the same expression.

How ridiculous. As if everything could conveniently be a dream like that…

Alice: I haven’t even said anything. You’re so annoying.

Mad Hatter: Well, don’t worry about it.

Didn’t you do pretty well considering it was your first time?

Alice: I did well? Are you an idiot?

I’m more concerned about you!

How can you say something so casually?

You know, don’t you? I can’t kill the White Rabbit.

I’m not the Alice you want!

Why did you save a fake like me?

Mad Hatter: You really do ask a lot of questions.

You got carried away just because you were beaten up once.

If you didn’t want to be saved, then I’ve made a mistake.

I’ll take responsibility for that and shoot you.

Then your game will be over.

Alice: I…

Mad Hatter: The informant is dead.

I killed him. Just like the Queen ordered me to.

Perhaps I really am concerned.

But no matter whether he dies, or you fall asleep for several days, it’s always six o’clock.

Nothing has changed.

Let me say something careless for once.

Alice: Why am I weak?

Why can I only scream like a fool even though there’s something I want to protect right in front of me?

Why do I still wake up and feel relieved when I realise that I’m alive?

Mad Hatter: If you want to become strong, then there are plenty of ways to do that.

I’ll tell you if you want to know.

But is that for the sake of killing the White Rabbit?

Right… It’s for the sake of your purpose.

If you’ve found it, then all you have to do is not lose sight of it, even if you die.

The thing you want to do… You can try as many times as you like, as long as you live.

Alice: You… Why…

Mad Hatter: The Regrets suddenly calmed down.

Listen carefully, Alice. The rest is up to you.

Whatever you choose has nothing to do with me.

The only thing I can do is protect you. No matter what happens.

Alice: Hey. Can you tell me something?

I’m not dead yet, am I?

Mad Hatter: That’s right. You’ve got some life left in you.


Reflecting upon things is fine, but you’d better think of an excuse to report to the Queen first.

My orders are to take Alice in Wonderland to the Queen.

Try not to get found out, Alice.

Alice: Found out?

Kids are good at making excuses.

Mad Hatter: I should think so.

Alice: Thank you.

Mad Hatter: It was my pleasure.

Alice: I’m not Alice.

Then who on earth am I?

Sister… Would the real Alice know?

My true name…

In that case, there’s only one thing for me to do.

Mad Hatter: I really haven’t seen an Alice like you before.

A fake? That’s just perfect.

It wouldn’t be fun if things just turned out to be a dream.

Well… This is the third time I’ve disobeyed the Queen’s orders.

Disobeying orders for a third time will break the contract.

Dormouse. I was able to make your wish come true.

Now there’s just one thing for me to do.

It’s fifteen minutes past six. Teatime is over.