drama cd translations

Doronuma Renai

Doronuma Renai

Tohru Mayama (CV: Soma Saito)

Yousuke Takamura (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)

Track 1 – Because of Love

What does it taste like? You can tell by looking, can’t you?

Here you go, try it. It was good.

You really have gotten better at cooking. When we first started dating, you’d always make hamburgers or curry, things that even a kid could make. I thought you were trying to make me fat, but now I think it’d be okay for us to get married anytime.

Hmm? It was just a figure of speech. I’m saying that’s how much your cooking has improved.

Ah… I got carried away and ate too much though. I’m completely full.

Oh, I don’t need any coffee.

Never mind that. Come here.

Sorry. Let me lie on your lap.

This really is the place I feel calmest.

You smell good. Are you wearing some kind of perfume?

Hmm… So is it shampoo or fabric softener?

You don’t have to know. It’s fine if I’m the only one who knows what your scent is like.

Hey. Don’t laugh.

Hey… That look on your face… You were thinking “someone proud like Yousuke is saying something childish”, didn’t you?

So you really were thinking that. I can’t help it, can I?

I’ve been so busy at work recently that I haven’t been at home.

And when I do go home, my dad bothers me. “You’re the heir to the Takamura family. Do you understand what it means to take over Takamura Construction, a company with over 7000 employees?”

It’s tough, but I know what I have to do.

Ah… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be saying things like that to you. But because I’m pushing myself so hard when I’m away from here, I don’t want to think too hard when I’m with you.

Thank you. But if I complain, then I’m sure I’ll end up depending on you. I’ll try not to say anything.

I want to stay like this right now though.


It doesn’t matter. You’re more important right now.

Jeez… They’re so persistent! Who is it?

Ah, I’m sorry. It looks like it’s a phone call from work.


Well… Does it need to be done right away?


No, it’s fine. I understand. Should I come over there?

Alright, got it.

Can you make this the last time?

I know.

Yes, see you later then.

Hey. You heard what I was saying, right?

I’m sorry. I have to go back to the office.

It seems that I can’t get out of it.

I’m really sorry.

I’m lucky to have such an understanding girlfriend.

It’s late, so you go to bed first.

Hey. You’re actually sulking, aren’t you?

That’s not true. Cheer up, alright?

Do you think you’ll feel better now?

Okay, okay. You’re difficult to please, aren’t you?

Are you satisfied?

You look happy. Come on, go to sleep now. I’ll take you to the bedroom.

Have you lost some weight? It feels like you’ve gotten lighter.

I see. Even though I’m sure that you’re eating the same things as I am…

Hmm? Ah… Unlike you, I’m still doing exercise, even though I haven’t got much time for it.

Here we are.

Are you feeling better?

Yeah. I’m sorry too. These days, I keep getting called out suddenly and I don’t even have time to pat your head.

I’m not treating you like a child. I’m sorry that even though I’m your boyfriend, I haven’t had enough physical contact with you. I know I’ve made you feel sad.

But I have to work hard so I can continue to be with you.

Ah… That expression isn’t fair.

Hmm… If I keep going, then I won’t be able to stop myself.

I have to go, so we’ll continue this another time.

Don’t look at me like that. I won’t be able to leave you.

Alright, I really am going now.

It’s encouraging to hear you say that. Thank you.

See you later. Make sure you go to sleep first. Goodnight.

I’m really sorry.

Track 2 – I’m Your Friend. But Even Though I’m Your Friend…

Hey, pretty lady!

Are you on your way home? Want to go for a drink?

Ah, wait! I’m sorry, I took the joke too far.

But I think you could’ve at least checked who it was.

It’s me, Tohru.

I’m sorry! I didn’t think you’d be so surprised. I was a little worried because you were walking around with a serious look on your face.

Your beautiful face will be ruined if you look like that. Did something bad happen at work?

Hmm… So it’s not because of your work?

Is it because of Yousuke then?

It looks like I’m right.

Hmm… You’re on your way home from work now, aren’t you?

I see, that’s good. Shall we go home together then?

We can talk about it, if you like.

You don’t have to worry about that now. It’s more worrying to see you looking the way you are.

Come on, let’s go.

So what happened?

I see, Yousuke is hiding something.

So that’s why you had such a serious look on your face.

You looked as if the world was about to end.

Do you think he’s cheating on you?

Should I take your silence as a yes?

But it’s not like you’ve seen him doing anything like that, have you?

It seems like now is an important time for him. He’s the heir to Takamura Construction after all. Right now, he’s even more into his work. Yousuke has never liked losing, has he?

He even hates getting special treatment at work and seems to be doing the same work as the regular employees. He said that if you’re going to become the type of person who employs others, you have to understand the position of the people being employed.

He’s still as proud as ever though. But I think he really is busy.

To tell the truth… This is just between you and me, but the whole management of Takamura Construction is going through a rough patch. There’s a rumour that they might be bought out by a foreign company too. It really is just a rumour though.

I think he’s doing the best he can to get some results at work. So don’t be too hard on him.

I’m sorry. I made you feel worse, didn’t I?

Right… Do you want to go out for a drink now?

I’ll buy the drinks, I know a good bar around here. It might make you feel a little better too. Okay?

I’m sure it was around here… I’m sorry something like this happened when I invited you out… It’s definitely somewhere near here…


It’s nothing! I’ll go ahead, so just stay here…

I’m sorry. When I saw you, I couldn’t help wanting to hold you.

I’m sorry. I wasn’t telling the truth. That was why I told you to stay here.

You saw it, didn’t you?

I think it was Yousuke, but I only saw him for a moment, so I could be wrong… The woman he’s with might be someone from his work.

They certainly did look close, but it might be nothing more than that. It doesn’t mean they were doing something unusual. It’s alright. It’s alright…

Don’t cry, alright?

It’s alright. I’m here. It’s alright.

It’s a little cold, so I guess this one would be good.

Thanks for waiting. It’s café au lait. It’ll warm you up.

Have you calmed down a little?

I hadn’t realised you were worried enough to cry. I’m sorry.

It really is frustrating though.

Even though you’ve been feeling hurt all this time…

Hey… I know I shouldn’t say this, but I can’t watch you getting hurt anymore.

What I’m going to say now might end up hurting you. Will you be able to forgive me?

Ah… I’m sorry. I won’t say anything after all.

What on earth am I trying to say? I’m really sorry.

Alright, got it. Tell me if you don’t want to hear it though. I’ll stop talking right away.

The woman Yousuke was with earlier is a new employee from the planning department. She’s actually the granddaughter of the chairman of Central Hotels, which is used by VIPs.

In other words, she’s not like us. She’s one of those people, just like Yousuke. Someone who’s had everything since the day they were born. It seems that she’s trying to learn from him, but there’s a rumour going around that she’s actually Yousuke’s fiancée and is trying to spend more time with him.

I don’t know whether it’s true. But if those two companies form a partnership, then Takamura Construction won’t be bought out.

If they get married, then Takamura Construction will be safe.

I’m sorry. That was a shock, wasn’t it?

But I thought you had the right to know.

I was thinking that could suddenly happen anytime soon and you’d be the one who ended up getting even more hurt, without knowing what was going on.

I should be trying to comfort you. What am I doing…?

Ah… If I was in Yousuke’s position, I’d never do anything to hurt you.

You’re not a good judge of character.

That’s right.

Hey. If I was the one dating you, and I did something to worry you like Yousuke has, would you have felt sad, worried and hurt like you do now?

Just kidding. I just felt like saying that. I was thinking that Yousuke is lucky to have a girlfriend like you.

Right! How about the three of us go drinking sometime?

If I’m there, it’ll be easy to ask him how he really feels.

Okay? So cheer up! I’m on your side, you see.

Track 3 – Their Conflict

Tohru: So be a little kinder to her, alright?

Yousuke: It’s got nothing to do with you.

Tohru: Hmm… I think I’ll order a gin and tonic… How about you? What would you like to drink next?

You like Cassis Orange, right? Or would you prefer water?

Alright, got it.

How about you, Yousuke?

Yousuke: I’m not going to drink anything else tonight.

Tohru: Eh? Already? Have a little more! You don’t seem to be a strong drinker like before.

Yousuke: I’m trying not to drink too much. I can’t be as reckless as I was in the past. I’m in a position of responsibility, you see.

Tohru: Oh… I see. You’re saying you have to escort the princess after this?

Yousuke: That’s right. She isn’t a strong drinker, you see. I’ve got to stay sober. The both of us can’t get drunk.

Tohru: I’m here, so it doesn’t matter if you aren’t.

Yousuke: Did you say something?

Tohru: No, nothing at all.

If a cute girl like you was wandering around drunk, you certainly might get picked up by a strange guy. For example, someone like me…

Yousuke: Hey, Tohru.

Tohru: I was joking. I’m not a strange guy anyway.

Yousuke: Are you drunk?

Tohru: Hmm… I don’t think so…

Yousuke: Hmm?

Yes, this certainly is a nice place. I didn’t know there was somewhere like this. The drinks here are pretty good.

What do you two always talk about when you come here?

Tohru: What do we talk about? Is there any reason to tell you?

Yousuke: Not really. It’s just that you’ve been taking care of her recently, instead of me.

Tohru: That’s a strangely harsh way of putting it.

Yousuke: That’s not what I meant. I was just thinking how you’d ended up doing that too. Shouldn’t you find a girlfriend soon? You’ve got good looks and personality, but if you keep acting like my girlfriend’s babysitter, then you really will be single forever.

Tohru: What’s that supposed to mean? Something unpleasant?

Yousuke: Not really. I don’t mind introducing you to someone I know.

One of your co-workers is a cute girl, right? She wanted to meet someone good looking, so how about we introduce her to Tohru?

Tohru: Why are you asking her that?

Yousuke: I’m doing it for your sake.

Tohru: Of course someone like you, who’s popular with girls, would say something like that.

Yousuke: What? What are you talking about?

Tohru: I’m going to make it clear on this occasion.

Yousuke: What is it?

Tohru: Do you really love her?

Yousuke: What?

Tohru: I don’t think you actually care about her. You just look like you’re being possessive because she treats you so well.

Yousuke: You… Don’t be ridiculous!

You be quiet!

Tohru: Violence? I see you haven’t changed.

Face the reality. I’m much kinder to her than you are. I take her out for drinks and I listen to her talk when she’s unhappy. Do you know what she’s worried about right now?

Yousuke: Shut up…

Tohru: Hmm… I see… You like playing around with other people’s feelings.

Yousuke: Shut up!

Tohru: Why are you apologising? There’s no reason for you to be sorry.

Yousuke: Hey. We’re leaving. It’s no use talking to a drunk.

Just come on!

Yousuke: You’re sorry? What are you apologising for?

I didn’t know you two normally talked about those kinds of things.

Tohru is trying to make a move on you, isn’t he? He just seems that way.

Advice? About whether I’m just being possessive of you?

You don’t trust me either?

A woman? Are you talking about what happened on Monday?

My relationship with her is nothing for you to worry about.

She’s someone I know from work.

My forehead wrinkles when I’m lying? I’ve got a habit of doing that?

I’m sorry. I can’t tell you how I know her, but it really isn’t what you’re thinking!

You’ve had enough?

Hey! Where are you going?

You’re going home? You dummy! I can’t let you go home alone at this time! You’re not sober either!

Hey! Wait!

Listen up.

Don’t say no. I’m telling you to listen to me.

I’m only going to say this once. Look at me.

No matter what anyone says, I’ve only got eyes for you.

You’re still the only person I love. I’d do anything to protect our relationship!

Do you understand? If you do, then look this way.

That’s right. Look this way. It doesn’t matter who’s looking. If it means I won’t lose you, then I don’t care about the people around me. So trust me…

Track 4 – I’ve Always Loved You

I see. So Yousuke said that to you.

Hey. Is what Yousuke said really true?

I might be getting too involved in this again, but there’s something I want you to see.

It’s this picture.

I was really concerned about you. I wanted you to stop worrying.

So I followed Yousuke the other day. I’m sorry for doing it without saying anything.

But I don’t mind being a terrible person for the sake of your happiness.

So I want you to see the truth. I’m sure you’ll be shocked, but look carefully.

This one and this one too… They’re all pictures of Yousuke and that woman from before.

And this one… The two of them were kissing. I know what I did was wrong. It probably seems like I’m trying to break you and Yousuke up. I’d understand if you ended up hating me. But I just can’t ignore a good girl like you dating the type of guy who would betray other people.

You’re not surprised? You mean you were prepared for this to happen?

You’re not the right person for Yousuke? Well, he is one of those people…

What are you going to do?

I see. If the person you’re dating doesn’t open up, then it gets tiring, doesn’t it?

Hey… I would never cheat on you. You’re the only one I’d look at.

Even up until now, you’re the only one I’ve been looking at. Ever since the day I first met you.

I know it’s unfair of me to say this right now, but I can’t wait any longer.

Am I not good enough?

I won’t make you worried like Yousuke does. I’m confident that I can always make you smile.

I want to take you to lots of places on dates and share all kinds of food with you.

I ended up talking about what I want halfway through…

To tell the truth, I was hurt for a long time. Hearing you talk about Yousuke and seeing the two of you happy together. But Yousuke is a dear friend of mine and you’re someone I truly love.

That’s why I tried to support you. I really did.

But I don’t want to see you crying. I’d rather make you happy.

You don’t have to give me your answer right away. I’d be happy if you considered it though.

Thank you. I’m only going to kiss your forehead for now, okay?

Track 5 – Accident

Welcome home. You’re back a bit late, aren’t you?

What? What am I doing?

What does it look like?

I’m standing in front of the apartment where you live.

What else could I be doing apart from waiting for you?

Why haven’t you contacted me for two weeks?

Wait a minute!

Time alone to think? Think about what?

All the things you’re thinking about by yourself are probably pointless!

Now you’re ignoring me?

Hey! What’s the matter with you?

You ignored my calls and messages. What are you trying to do?

What? If you’ve got something to say, then say it out loud. It won’t solve anything if you don’t.

What? You heard something from Tohru? What was it?

Damn it… Tohru was fooling around again!

You said you wanted to believe me, but instead you believe Tohru and that photo of me kissing someone else!

So I suppose this is what it feels like to be betrayed?

I said that you’re the only one I want, didn’t I?

Listen up. Don’t listen to anyone except me. Don’t believe anyone else.

Don’t look at anyone else. Don’t think about anyone else.

Don’t cry.

What? You want us to break up? Are you serious?

I definitely won’t allow that. Definitely not!

I’ll explain everything once it’s all sorted out!

I can’t tell you about it yet.

Wait a minute! Where are you going?

We’re not done talking! There’s no way I’m leaving you by yourself!

I don’t plan on breaking up with you.

Wait! I said, wait!

That way is…! Watch out!

Track 6 – Now We’ll Always Be Together (Tohru End)

How is Yousuke doing?

I see. He hasn’t woken up yet. But I’m glad he survived.

I spoke to the nurses just now and it doesn’t seem like he suffered any brain damage.

Yes, he’s badly hurt though. It was only a light concussion, so he should wake up soon. That’s good, isn’t it?

It seems like someone troublesome has turned up. Let’s go home for now.

I’m sure it’s Yousuke’s family. We don’t know what they might do if they find out Yousuke got into an accident while protecting you.

It’d be better if you didn’t see them. They might ask you for compensation you could never afford. Or they might not even stop there.

Yousuke will be fine. I’m sure he’ll wake up soon. You can just come and see him another time, can’t you?

I’m sure apologising to his family won’t solve anything. If you’re going to apologise, I think you should do it when things have calmed down a little.

It seems like you haven’t slept much either. This might be inconsiderate of me, but I’m more worried about that.

Come on, come home with me today. Okay?

It’s going to be alright. I’ll protect you.

Here you go, it’s camomile tea. I think you’ll be able to calm down a little if you drink it.

I’m sorry I had to invite you to my place, but I was worried about leaving you by yourself right now.

Poor you. You’re trembling so much.

It’s okay. I’m here.

I’ll stay by your side, instead of Yousuke.

Hey… You left Yousuke behind and came to my place… Is it okay for me to think that I still have a chance?

That’s right… I shouldn’t be thinking about that right now.

But… You don’t hate me, do you?

I see. I’m glad.

In other words, if Yousuke wasn’t around, you’d be mine, wouldn’t you?

That’s right, isn’t it? You don’t hate me right now. You even trust me.

But Yousuke is the one who has a place in your heart now. So I can’t become the most important person to you.

What? I said this before, didn’t I? That you’ve always been the only one I’ve been looking at… I want you more than anything else.

At first, I wanted you because you were Yousuke’s girlfriend. But things are different now.

You were even kind to someone like me. You surrounded me with warmth.

Now I don’t just want you because you’re someone important to Yousuke. My heart desires you.

I’ve always imagined this. What you might look like when I pushed you down like this…

You look really beautiful. I can finally kiss you on the lips now.

I’d decided that I’d kiss you on the lips when we were alone together.

Why? Why don’t you like this?

Don’t look away. You don’t hate me, do you?

Hey. Forget about Yousuke now and just think about me.

You don’t need me either? You don’t want me?

Please don’t abandon me. I want to be the most important person to you.

I don’t want to be alone anymore.

Yousuke has always had everything I wanted.

No one has ever loved me.

Hey. You’re enough for me. I don’t need anything else. So don’t look at anyone else.

I’ll make sure you won’t get hurt. I’ll show you plenty of affection.

I’m glad. So you’ll do the things you did with Yousuke with me too, won’t you?

Ah, let’s go to that restaurant! The Italian restaurant where you spilt tomato pasta on your white dress.

How do I know about that? It’s because I was always watching you two.

A long, long time. The time you had a date in the park. The time you two kissed by the roadside. I’ve seen everything.

It’s not fair that it’s always Yousuke. So I thought that if we did the same things, your memories would be about the two of us instead.

Don’t move. You’re a good girl, so stay still.

Where are you going? Are you going to see Yousuke?

I won’t let you go.

You can’t see Yousuke anymore. Otherwise you’ll never be able to forget Yousuke.

Caught you!

Don’t look at me so pitifully.

Hey. I promise that I’ll love you more than anyone else, so please…

Don’t leave me.

Good morning, my lovely princess.

I’m sorry. The handcuffs must hurt, right?

I’ll take them off if you be a good girl.

Yousuke died last night. It was only supposed to be a light concussion though.

Don’t cry like that. I’ll always be by your side. Okay?

It’s alright. I’ll protect you forever. So don’t go out of my sight. You can promise me that, can’t you?

I love you more than anyone else. You’re my only reason for living, you see. We’ll stay together forever, alright?

Track 7 – Truth

Tohru: How is Yousuke?!

I see. He hasn’t woken up yet. I can’t believe he got into an accident trying to save you…

I’m glad he survived though.

The nurses said he might not wake up today. So let’s go home.

Why not? Yousuke will be fine. He’s a strong person. So let’s go home.

I see. Then I’ll stay here too.

We’ll wait for Yousuke to wake up together.

I can’t leave you alone, you see.

Hey, can I ask you something?

Is Yousuke that important to you?

Can’t I be the most important person to you?

Even though you’re only one I care about… So why…

Yousuke: Where am I…?

You… Tohru too…

Tohru: It’s a good thing Yousuke woke up.

Come on, don’t cry like that.

Yousuke: Hey, Tohru… Don’t touch her.

Tohru: What’s the matter, Yousuke?

Ah, does it still hurt somewhere?

Yousuke: Quit fooling around.

Tohru: I’m not. Why are you so angry? I was worried about you…

Yousuke: Shut up!

I thought I’d wait until everything was sorted out, but I can’t do that any longer.

You made the accident happen, didn’t you, Tohru?

Tohru: What are you talking about? I was really worried about you, so how can you say something so terrible?!

Yousuke: There’s no need for you to put on an act. You watched me get hit, didn’t you?

The last thing I saw at the moment I got hit was you, smiling in the darkness.

Tohru: Weren’t you just seeing things? You might be having trouble remembering things because of your head injury.

Yousuke: Tohru. Tell the truth.

Yes. I should explain everything to you too.

Tohru: There’s no need to tell her, is there?

Yousuke: No, she’s a victim too. So she has a right to know.

The woman you saw me with had been threatening me for a long time. I’m ashamed to say it. She told me that she’d hurt you if I didn’t do as she said.

But sometimes that woman would act strangely and I wondered if there was actually someone else responsible for everything. It was a dirty way of doing things, but I paid that woman to give up the name of the person who hired her. She gave me your name, Tohru.

Tohru: That’s right. So I’ve been found out, have I? Even though I made sure she’d keep quiet…

Jeez. It took you long enough to realise.

That’s right. I did everything.

You look as if you don’t understand why.

Well… I wonder where to start?

Hmm… I suppose I’ll start with my side of the story.

My dad was a single parent and he abused me as I was growing up. He told me he didn’t want me. He said I should have never been born. He told me those things everyday.

My mom died giving birth to me.

I wondered why my dad beat me up all the time. When I was in fifth grade, I was able to understand why. It was the result of a blood test I had at school.

That’s right, a blood test. My blood type meant my father and I definitely couldn’t be related.

A child from a man he didn’t know. It was only natural that I’d be rejected. Even though I was a child, I could still understand that. I was somewhat aware that there really were people in this world who weren’t necessary.

People at school found out that my dad was a single father and that he abused me. Then they started bullying me.

No one tried to help me.

I think it was in the fifth grade… When I was feeling depressed about being bullied, another boy approached me. He said “Come and play with me, Tohru-kun.”

That boy was really kind to someone like me, even though he was a rich kid.

Yousuke: Tohru…

Tohru: How happy do you think I felt? He was my one and only friend. That one friend was like a great hope for me though. However, that friendship was nothing more than an illusion.

One day, when I asked if we could walk home together, he said “Alright, the penalty game is over” with an ice cold look in his eyes.

It makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

It was a penalty game between him and his friends. That rich kid said “No one is going to be friends with a gloomy kid like you”.

Yousuke: Stop that, Tohru!

Tohru: I’m not going to stop. She has the right to know, doesn’t she?

Then even my dad abandoned me and I was sent to an orphanage. As a result of that, I transferred schools. I spent every day honestly wishing that I was dead.

I hated that man who beat me everyday, that woman who was irresponsible enough to give birth to me and the person who betrayed me.

Do you want to know the name of the person who betrayed me? Of course you do! A mean kid like that one is pretty unusual…

Yousuke: That’s enough, Tohru! Stop it!

Tohru: I think you’ve already realised, but his name was…

Yousuke: That happened when we were kids!

Tohru: You think kids can be forgiven, no matter what?

Yousuke: Is that why you threatened me?

Tohru: Hmm… You’re half right.

Yousuke: You’re dragging up something that happened when we were kids, and you tried to make me break up with her so you could feel better?

Tohru: You’re not far from the truth. That wasn’t the only thing. There’s one other reason why I hate you.

Hey, what do you think it is?

You look so cute with that blank look on your face.

Yousuke: Get away from her!

Tohru: Don’t get so angry, Yousuke-nii-san.

Yousuke: What? Nii-san?

Tohru: That’s right. Yousuke-nii-san. I’ve done my research. I went to the hospital to ask who my father was, but I didn’t find out anything, so I kept on searching. When I looked through the few things that my mom owned, I found a photo. My mom and Yuichiro Takamura were in the photo, and it seemed as if they were pretty close.

Yousuke: Takamura…? You…

Tohru: Your father. I secretly had a DNA test carried out. We’re half brothers.

Do you hate me?

But I like seeing you with that kind of expression too…

It means you’re thinking of me, doesn’t it?

Yousuke: Hey. There’s no need to feel sorry for Tohru. He was the one who hurt us.

Tohru: I don’t have any regrets. My pain wasn’t something temporary like yours, you see. After I left my dad’s place, I worked like crazy at some part-time jobs and got myself into university. There I met Yousuke Takamura, the boy who once betrayed me, and you, who stood beside him smiling.

Yousuke: You approached us just for the sake of revenge?

Tohru: Not quite, I felt that I had to get my revenge because I had found you.

Yousuke: I thought you were my friend…

Tohru: I could say the same to you. Now do you understand how I felt when I was a kid?

I’m sorry. You hate me now, don’t you?

I approached you, the person that Yousuke cared about, because I wanted my revenge.

That’s the truth. But then I ended up honestly liking you. I truly wanted you. Those things I said to you before were my true feelings. I’ll definitely take good care of you. I’ll give up on my revenge and I’ll do anything you ask.

Yousuke: No! Don’t listen to him!

Tohru: It’s alright, isn’t it? You already have everything, don’t you?

At least give something to me.

Yousuke: She’s not an object!

Tohru: I know. She has a kind heart. That’s why I fell in love with her…

Hey. Come with me. I’ll definitely take good care of you.

Take my hand.

I see. So your answer is no?

That’s right. You’re not the type of cold person who’d leave the man who tried to protect you.

I see, so you still consider me your friend.

If you’re too kind, then a strange man will misunderstand you. Someone like me…

Yousuke: Hey, Tohru.

Tohru: What is it, Yousuke?

Are you going to report me to the police?

Yousuke: No. I know it happened in the past, but I’m still at fault. Just promise that you won’t involve her any longer.

Tohru: I’m not going to put her in danger again. I love her so much that I don’t want to make her unhappy.


Yousuke: What is it?

Tohru: I’m going to compete with you fairly from now on. Not just at Takamura Construction.

You might end up getting hurt if you underestimate me. You see, I’m part of the Takamura family too…

Yousuke: Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no way I’d lose to you.

Tohru: Don’t be too confident. Goodbye.

If you get fed up of Yousuke, come to me.

Yousuke: That’s not going to happen, don’t you worry!

Tohru: Hmm, I wonder about that… See you later.

Track 8 – I’ll Never Let Go of You (Yousuke End)

It’s been a while since we last came to the beach.

Are you cold? We don’t normally come to the beach around this time.

Give me your hands.

It feels a little warmer like this, doesn’t it?

What’s with that smile on your face? Are you that happy about holding hands with me?

Oww! You touched me somewhere that hasn’t healed yet…

Just kidding! My injuries have healed. I just wanted to scare you a little.

You don’t have to worry that much, do you?

Ah, I see. It certainly was possible that I might never have woken up.

That was insensitive of me. I’m sorry.

Come on, don’t look as if you’re about to cry.

We’re on a date, right? I’m sorry, so try to smile.

Shall we sit down and talk? We can have a more relaxed conversation that way, can’t we?

Wait. This is where you’re going to sit.

What? You don’t want to sit on my lap?

It’s pretty cold here, so you sit on my lap.

This makes me feel warm too. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it?

I was so busy after the accident, I didn’t have time to give you a proper explanation.

Where should I start?

You… Tohru is the first thing you’re worried about? Jeez.

Tohru is doing his best. It seems that his personality has changed a little. But I think he’s acting more naturally now.

I can’t forgive him for getting you into danger, but I can’t blame everything on him. I’ve learned that if you hurt someone, then that’s going to come back to you.

I like to think that things can work out with him from now on. There’s one more thing I can’t forgive him for though. It seems like he still hasn’t given up on you. I don’t intend on letting him have you. I don’t plan on breaking up with you either.

Really? You were completely suspicious of me before, you see.

I’m not blaming you, I was just worried. I realised that if I didn’t pay attention, I’d easily lose you to another man.

So… Well…

Will you accept this?

This ring isn’t just a present.

I want you to accept it as an engagement ring.

I’m asking you to marry me.

Could it be that… You don’t want to?

I’m not insisting that you do it. I just…

Really? Thank you! I’ll definitely make you happy!

I want you to stay by my side forever.

Don’t put anything on your left ring finger until the day we get married.

I’m going to put the ring here now. Your right ring finger. Now you won’t get bothered by anyone weird.

I was finally able to give it to you. I hope we’ll continue to be happy together.

Shall we go home soon? I’m feeling hungry too. What are you making today?

My favourite food? I’m looking forward to it.

Hey. Move a little further that way. I won’t be able to lie down.

I keep offering to buy you a bigger bed because this happens all the time.

Why do you always say no?

It’s a secret? Hmm… It’s quite cheeky of you to keep a secret from me.

Alright, I’m going to poke your forehead! You know how much it hurts when I do it, don’t you?

If you don’t want to get in trouble, then tell me your secret!

What? You… That’s not fair…

I certainly did ask you to tell me… But are you really that happy sleeping close to me?

You’re too cute. So should I have a single bed at my new place too?

Ah… I didn’t tell you? I’m thinking of moving out of my parents’ place.

So how about we move in together?

Ah… You don’t have to give me your answer right away. Think about it.

You seem to look cuter than usual today. It’s because it’s been a long time since we’ve slept in the same bed like this.

Why do you look so surprised? Should I make it clearer?

I’m telling you that I’m turned on.

I’m going to love you even more than before. So don’t look at anyone else. Just look at me. You can keep that promise this time, can’t you?

That’s a good answer.

I love you.

Track 9 – Ishikawa Kaito’s Free Talk

Hello, this is Kaito Ishikawa, the voice actor for Yousuke Takamura! As for my feelings regarding the recording, first of all, the character I played was older than I am. I often play characters older than myself, but it was still tough. The person acting alongside me was older than me, but he seemed to be more easygoing and shorter than me. I wondered what I should do.

Soma-san recorded his part earlier and I listened it myself, during parts such as the argument scene I enjoyed playing my part while thinking “ah, so this scene is acted like this” and it was interesting to switch and think “so if I were Tohru, I guess I would do it like this”.

I’d be happy if you appreciated my character, Yousuke Takamura and Tohru Mayama, who was played by Soma-san.

What’s your impression of your character and the one played by your fellow cast member?

Hmm… My character is almost 30 years old and I feel he is pretty mature. But when I read the script, I felt that he depends on his girlfriend more than I expected him to. However, towards Tohru, he has an unexpectedly aggressive attitude and often raises his voice towards him.

Right… I ended up with the unexpected thought that 28 year olds can be like this. If I were to think about whether I’ve changed much since high school, then I don’t really think I have.

When I turn 28, I think that I won’t really want to have changed, but I would like to have matured though. So in that sense, I hoped that I made my character true to himself, but with the ability to look ahead.

As for Tohru Mayama, who was played by Soma-san, he made me feel annoyed. It was such good acting! He had such an easygoing feeling, that I wondered whether he was trying to make a fool of other people. I really liked that about him.

Is there a scene you particularly recommend?

My recommendation? Hmm… I would like people to listen to the argument between Yousuke and Tohru more than once. Listening to it and performing my part feels like quite a one-sided thing, but it does make me wonder how someone else will interpret my part.

Just as I would expect from Saito Soma, the recording was a lot of fun. That argument scene is memorable to me and I’d like other people to hear it.

Last of all, please give a message to the listeners.

Right… Thank you for buying the dummy head mic drama CD featuring these two characters. It’s been a long time since I got together with Soma-san like this. I had fun because the two roles were completely different. As for what I enjoyed the most, it was the characters. Tohru was easygoing person with a hidden side to himself and Yousuke seemed serious and mature, but was actually the type who wants affection from others. I suppose that’s a little embarrassing.

Both of them were enjoyable characters. The phrase “killing two birds with one stone” appeared in the script, and I would definitely like it if you enjoyed everything as much as I did. This was Kaito Ishikawa, the voice actor for Yousuke Takamura. I hope we’ll meet again.

Track 10 – Saito Soma’s Free Talk

Hello everyone, thank you for listening. I’m Soma Saito, the voice actor of Tohru Mayama. The recording has just finished and I think it went smoothly. I really enjoyed it.

As you’ve just heard, the story involved your boyfriend and another man competing for your attention. I played the part of the other man. This is also another occasion where I’ve worked together with Kaito Ishikawa.

I received the concept of Doronuma Renai some time ago, then I saw the script and wondered how I should play the character.

Tohru was responsible for a lot of things that happened. It also seems that Yousuke was at fault for the things he did when he was younger. I couldn’t imagine doing those things.

My friends and manager told me this role was completely right for me, as if I had been imagined as a fictional character. My feelings about that were quite complicated. I really enjoyed working on this CD. Yousuke-kun was a serious character, while my character was the opposite, but hiding a darker side. That difference was what interested me.

The scene I would most like other people to listen to is the one where Tohru is laughing loudly and suddenly changes from being a good guy. I wouldn’t say that he’s a bad guy though, in one sense he is actually a victim.

Because he hasn’t experienced what love is like, I think he is forced to show his feelings towards other people in a twisted way. I feel that it’s quite complicated.

This CD was recorded with dummy head mic and as I haven’t had much experience with it yet, I’m nervous every time I work with it. If anything, rather than saying sweet lines, I was actually saying scary things with a smile on my face. I wonder whether the listeners who have heard my other works which use the dummy head mic have enjoyed hearing a different side of myself.

In one sense, the thought of having two people fighting over someone else could be a happy thing. I think I was both excited and nervous. I’d be happy if you would enjoy listening to the CD more than once and imagine the process of the recording. Thanks for listening until now. This was Soma Saito, voice of Tohru Mayama.


Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 4


Criminale! F 6


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