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Shukan Soine 3

Shukan Soine Volume 3 – Tomoya

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke

Track 1 – I’ll give you a hug

Ah… The cat and the sea, hmm? I see…

Oh? Did I wake you?

Me? I was reading a book.

Ah. Was the light too bright? Sorry, I’ll turn it off now…

I can’t turn off the light when you’re holding onto my sleeve.

It wasn’t too bright? Then what’s the matter? I won’t understand unless you make it clear.

Hey… Are you crying? Did I say something to upset you?

I didn’t?

You had a dream? You were crying because you had a scary dream… You’re like a child.

Hmm? What are you so annoyed about? I was telling you that you’re cute and childlike.

Okay, okay. I’m sorry it was difficult to understand.

Come on, come here. I’ll give you a hug.

What’s the matter? Stop spacing out and come here quickly.

You’re embarrassed? I think there’s no difference between sleeping beside someone and giving them a hug though.

Why do you think they’re different?

Hmm… Do you want me to give you a hug or not?

I won’t give you a hug if you don’t hurry up and come over here.

You’re here now. Unfortunately, you’re out of time. The deadline for my hug has passed.

I like the way you reacted.

Yes, of course I was teasing you.

The space in my arms belongs to you, so there’s no deadline.

It was cute seeing you panic. I enjoy seeing the different expressions you make when I tease you. But I won’t do anything more right now. I’ve got to make you forget your bad dream completely.

Track 2 – The tale of the cat and the sea

Are you feeling awake?

I see. So you won’t be able to sleep for a while.

Well, just stay awake if you can’t sleep. I might fall asleep before you do though.

I wasn’t telling the truth. Did you believe me?

I told a joke to see how you’d react, of course. I’m awake. I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.

A book?

Ah… You’re curious about the book I was reading earlier? It’s a fairytale I borrowed to use as a reference for my work.

Right. I might as well take this opportunity to ask what you think about the book. I’m actually designing the character merchandise for this book and the promotion has been left to me. The target is young women, so I think your opinion would be helpful.

How about it?

I see. That’s good.

Alright. I’m going to tell the story, so you listen quietly.

The Tale of the Cat and the Sea

Somewhere, there was a cat who lived a happy and peaceful life every day. As usual, the cat went out for a walk, but decided to take a different route for some reason. Then the cat discovered a pool of water bigger than he had ever seen. The cat became interested in the pool and came closer so he could drink from it, but a passing cat said “You can’t drink that water because it’s salty.”

Hmm? Do you know what the pool was?

That’s right, it was the sea.

After that, the cat became curious about the sea after that and watched the sea from afar every night. Perhaps it was because he was embarrassed to look at the sea up close. The other cats thought he must have been going to see the cat he loved because he would walk a long way every night. The cat hadn’t experienced what love was like before. Because of what the other cats were saying, he realised that he might be in love with the ocean.

Then the cat approached the ocean and looked at its face. He decided to find out whether he really loved the sea. But he ran away when he realised he could only see his reflection and not the face of the sea. The cat ran away because he thought the sea hated him as it wouldn’t show its face.

It’s always been said that love makes you a coward, hasn’t it? So that’d mean the cat was in love with the sea, wouldn’t it?

From then on, the cat began avoiding the sea and tried to stop thinking about the sea. But he was unable to forget about the sea, no matter what. So the cat thought he might forget the sea if he went to look at it, even if he only looked from afar. The cat deliberately chose a day when there would be a total eclipse and went to the sea.

Hmm? Why’d the cat choose that day? I wonder why? I forgot… I’ll read the story again later and tell you if I find out.

When the cat tried to look at the sea from afar, the sea asked “Do you dislike me?”

That’s right, it seems that the sea was thinking the same thing as the cat was.

So the two of them decided to talk about how they felt. The cat was surprised to hear that the sea did not dislike him. The cat confessed he was happy that the sea had approached him. The sea actually knew that the cat had been watching from afar. But the sea said he felt lonely as the cat ran away the first time he approached the sea.

Then the cat admitted that he ran away as he thought the sea didn’t want him to come near when he saw his own face reflected in the sea. The sea said shyly “I don’t have a face. But I can reflect my feelings on the water’s surface instead. So that’s why you saw yourself.”

What an embarrassing thing to say. I don’t think I could say it. If you were the sea, I wonder what would be reflected on your surface? No… I wonder who would?

Then the cat and the sea told each other their feelings and lived together happily ever after. The end.

What did you think?

I see. If you like it, then I think the current promotion should be well received. But this kind of story is something that could happen in real life. Love isn’t something you can experience alone, so I think there’ll always be some misunderstandings. No matter how well two people get on, they’re still two different people. At times like that, it’s good if two people can understand each other’s feelings well and talk about them like the sea and cat did.

Hmm? What is it? Are you worried there are misunderstandings between us? It’s no good worrying about what might happen from now on. It’s better to think of the way you should be in the present.

Like how you want me to show you affection now.

But is there some doubt in your heart which makes you feel that way?

Because I haven’t told you I love you?

I don’t like saying “I love you” all the time. I think saying “I love you” would have less meaning if I did that. Then it would be useless when I really wanted to tell you. That’s why I don’t like it.

But if you’re worried, I’ll try and show my feelings in my own way.

Hmm… This isn’t enough, is it?

Well… How many kisses should I give you?

I don’t know either. Because this alone isn’t enough to express my feelings.

This really isn’t enough. Where should I kiss you next?

Do you understand?

Hmm… So that’s all you think my feelings are?

Why are you closing your eyes? I won’t allow that. The only time you can close your eyes is when I kiss your eyelids.

You’ve got to see how much I care and where I kiss you.

I love you.

What? Are you that happy? Even I can tell you I love you sometimes. I don’t like saying it, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t say it. I was in the mood to say it now.

Right now, I don’t think even something greater than a kiss could express how I feel. That’s how crazy I am about you. So you’re wasting your time worrying. Use that time to think of me instead.

Fill your heart with me. So you can only think about me…

Track 3 – Reliance

Come to think of it, you worry about strange things a lot.

Hmm? You don’t think so? I think you do.

I was glad you cooked something the other day, but you made a lot because you said it’d be no good if there wasn’t enough. We’ve eaten curry three times since you got back. I did say I liked curry, but just how much did you think I’d eat?

Why would you stop cooking? I wasn’t complaining, I was just telling the truth. I didn’t say making a lot of food was a bad thing.

It might be too much for two at the moment, but won’t it be just right sooner or later?

Hmm… I wonder what “just right” could mean? If you don’t know, that means it won’t happen yet. But now you know you worry about strange things, don’t you?

Oh? You sneezed… Are you cold? Then… I’ll hug you like this again.

Hmm? You didn’t say anything… So you don’t feel warm when I hug you? Then maybe I’ll stop.

Why’d you move away from me? I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I just teased you a little because you didn’t say anything.

Come on. If you’re cold, then stay as close to me as you want.

If only you were able to tell me exactly what you want. And to rely on me too. If you did, I’d hug you tightly like this.

Come on. So tell me what you want. Rely on me. I don’t mind how much you rely on me. I’ll accept everything. Especially for you.

It’s okay for me to rely on you too? Are you serious?

Then I’ll do as you say.

I’m going to pinch your cheeks. There we go. A duck.

Yes. That’s cute. You look really cute.

Hey! You turned your back on me. Don’t get so angry. Come on, turn this way.

Are you still angry? I guess don’t have a choice now. I was happy you told me to depend on you too, but I teased you because I didn’t want you to think of me that way. I’m sorry.

But I’ve always relied on you, even before you said that. No… Since we started dating.

You look as if you don’t believe me. It’s true though. I’m not cruel enough to lie at a time like this. Having you accept me completely is my way of relying on you. I tease you because I depend on you. So this is enough. It’s alright. I won’t be able to stop myself if I depend on you anymore than this.

Track 4 – Take it easy

Now your face is bright red because of what happened earlier.

Hmm? Why are you looking away? I can’t see your face now.

Look this way. Show me your face.

I thought this earlier when I kissed you… Even though we’ve been dating for a while, your reactions are always so innocent.

I don’t mind you being like that. Right…

Hey. Lift your head up a little. You can rest on my arm. Then our faces will be in the same position and I’ll be able to see your face, even if you avoid my gaze.

I can finally see you. Now you’ll even be near me when you wake up. You’re always lying a little far from me when you wake up. I don’t really like that.

What? You think I’m cute? It doesn’t make me happy to hear that.

Hey! You called me cute again. I’m going to punish you for saying that…

Just doing it once doesn’t seem to have any effect. I’m going to kiss your eyelids this time.

Your face is close to mine in this position, so it’s easy to kiss you. This was a pretty good idea I had. Maybe you could rest your head on my arm when we sleep together from now on.

Hmm? I guess I’m feeling a little sleepy. But I’ll stay awake until you fall asleep.

I’m not trying too hard. I don’t mind seeing your sleeping face. When I see you drool, I think “Ah. Today was another peaceful day.”

You don’t have to panic and wipe your mouth. It wasn’t true. You thought I was being serious, didn’t you?

You’re such a cute dummy. No… You’re stupidly cute.

You’re yawning too? Did you start feeling sleepy because of me?

Close your eyes. Then I’m sure you’ll fall asleep soon. Come on.

Good night.

Hmm? What is it?

I’m not asleep.

Hmm? What’s the matter? I’m right here.

Did you get lonely because I stopped talking all of a sudden?

How come? I didn’t want to disturb you because you finally got to sleep. Did you actually want me to disturb you?

In that case… Maybe I’ll get you to stay up with me until morning.

Right? So relax and go to sleep now.

I’ll let you hear my voice as much as you want when you’re awake. I’ll even be affectionate to you, if that’s what you want.

You nodded in agreement, right? Then I’ll decide how to do that by tomorrow.

So go to sleep soon. Come on. You don’t have to keep nodding.

Relax and go to sleep.

It seems like you’re finally asleep. You’ve got a comfortable look on your face. So I guess today was another peaceful day. You had a scary dream earlier, so I hope you’re having a happy one now.

Good night.

Track 5 – After you fall asleep

Hey. Don’t pull the blanket away.

Are you cold? In that case… You should just come closer to me. I wonder why you’re relying on the blanket. That doesn’t make me happy.

Why am I saying that to you when you’re asleep?

Hey. I love you. I suppose it might be better for me to tell you my feelings like this sometimes. Especially if you’re worried. Even if I’m the only one who feels this way, it’s meaningless for you not to know. But I can show you how I feel through my actions, not just words. I’ve always tried to show you that way.

Well… Your reactions are so cute, I can’t help teasing you a lot. I suppose that’s why we end up having misunderstandings over small things, like in the fairytale earlier. But you’re the only person I love and consider dear to me. This feeling won’t ever change.

So we’ll be okay. No matter how many misunderstandings we have, I’ll bring you close to me.

What am I talking about? This isn’t like me.

You just happened to move. I thought you’d heard me. You have a happy expression on your face when you’re sleeping. I’m sure you’re having a nice dream. I hope you won’t have a bad dream again. But if you do, call me in your dream. I’ll make your dream into a happy one.

I guess I’ll go to sleep too. Good night.

Track 6 – When you wake up in the morning

It’s morning already?

Good morning. I’m sleepy.

I haven’t had enough sleep. I’m going to sleep for a little longer.

Why do I have to get up?

Because it’s morning? Who decided that? Someone important?

It’s got nothing to do with me anyway.

Stop tickling me!

That tickles! Fine!

I’m going to get up.

I think I feel sleepy after all. Good night.

I can’t lie down when you’re holding onto my arm.

I see. You’re holding onto my arm because you really want to lie down with me.

Hmm? What is it? I don’t pay attention to things that aren’t convenient for me, so I can’t hear what you’re saying.

I’m going back to sleep again.

So you’re going to sleep with me too.

Good night.

What is it? I can’t sleep if you struggle like that.

I’ll have to do this then.

You’re finally quiet. Your face is red too. That’s cute.

Hey. Do you remember what I said yesterday?

I told you I’d be affectionate to you, didn’t I?

I don’t mind waking up for that.


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