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Yomei Kareshi 2

Yomei Kareshi 2

CV: Aoi Shouta

Track 1 – Something That Goes Well With Tea

It’s open!

I can’t come to the door right now, so just let yourself in.

You’re right on time. I was thinking you’d be here around now, so I started preparing some tea.

It smells good, right? It’s cherry flavour!

It’s decaffeinated too. That’s really unusual, isn’t it?

It’s a new product. There are some cute cherry pieces mixed in with the tea leaves. It looks good too, doesn’t it?

You like things like this, don’t you?

I thought you would!

Even while I was at the tea shop, I felt glad when I imagined the happy look on your face.

Ah, I think it’s almost done.

Ahh, it smells good!

Ah, you can sit down first.

I’ll bring you the tea.

You’re going to help me?

It’s not fair of you to look at me in such a cute way. You look like a penguin the way you’re sitting.

Alright, Miss Penguin. Will you carry this tea for me?

Here you go.


This box really is cute.

Hmm? You want to know what I’m holding?

Are you curious about the box I’ve got?

Hmm… I’ll give you a hint…

Ah! Don’t read the name on the box!

Ah… You found out.

Jeez. I wanted to make you happy with a surprise.

Never mind. Just seeing the box made you this happy already.

Here we go.

Ta-dah! Are you surprised?

It’s cake! There were so many I wanted to eat, I ended up buying six cakes.

They’re all different flavours. This shop was introduced on TV recently and you said you wanted to try their cakes, right?

You’re surprised I remembered? Of course I did!

Your eyes were shining bright like a child’s at that time and you were so cute.

Look, you’re making the same face you did back then.

Don’t look so embarrassed!

Well, which one would you like to eat?

You can’t decide which one to take?

You’re going to have that one?

Right. Okay, here you go.

I think I’ll have this chocolate one then.

Ah. This cake is so soft, it looks like it’s going to fall!


Okay. It’s safe!

I thought it was going to fall apart.

Alright! Let’s eat!

It’s so yummy!

Look at this! I thought it was a sweet chocolate mousse, but it tastes like coffee.

How is it? Does that one taste good too?

I’m glad you like it.

Ah! Hey. I want to try your cake too.

Let’s feed each other. You want to try the different flavours, right?

I’ll start then.

Okay. Say “ah”.

What do you think? Does it taste good?

Isn’t it good because it’s not too sweet?

Let me try yours this time.


Yours is yummy too!

I thought these cakes would be sweeter. Didn’t you think so too?

Umm… The inside of the shop was really cute too!

Let’s go there together sometime, okay?

Ah, the phone is ringing.

Just wait a little while.

Ah, hello.

Yes, thank you for all your help.

Yes, I’m busy at the moment.

Can I call you back later?



Well then, please excuse me.

I’m sorry the phone rang all of a sudden.


Right, let’s eat cake!

You can choose what you like.

Which one will you have next?

Track 2 – A Curious Phone Call

I’m so full! We ended up eating all six cakes by ourselves.

It thought it was a lot at first, but we ate them up right away.

Alright! Shall we tidy up?

Stack the plates up here.

Here I go to the kitchen! Come with me.

Ah, it’s okay. I’ll wash up.

You’re going to cheer for me, okay?

You really want to help? Then can you dry the clean plates?

The dishes always pile up if you don’t get them done right away, don’t they?

Okay, please dry this one and this one.

Ah, I didn’t do the washing up the other day. I’ve been working late at the research lab a lot lately too. When I get home, it’s really troublesome!

At that time, I thought I should at least keep the kitchen clean!

A sign of a new life-form coming from the dishes I left behind… Something like that!

It’s not that funny, is it?

Okay, these two are the only ones left. We’ll be done when you’ve dried them.

Ah, it really is faster with the two of us.

Oh, what’s the matter?

The phone call earlier?

Don’t I have to call them back?

Did I make you worry? I’m sorry.

It was a phone call from the university hospital where my dad works.

It’s okay. I’ll make sure to email them later. Don’t worry.

Hmm? Did something happen?

Ah… Umm…

They wanted to ask something about the illness I’m researching at university.

I might have mentioned it a little when I first met you, but my mom passed away because of that illness. I was unwell when I was younger and I was told that I might have inherited my mom’s illness. My parents created an environment where I could concentrate on getting better and my condition improved.

I wanted to ask my dad, the leading researcher of that illness, his opinion on something.

I’m dedicated to my studies, right?

I’m really lucky to have two parents who are doctors and be in an environment where I can ask a lot of questions.

But we’re together today, so I want to spend this time with you. Okay?

Right. Shall we go back to the living room now?

Ah! I bought a travel guidebook, so let’s plan something together!

Track 3 – Travel Plans


Ah. Is this the place you said you wanted to go before?

Hmm… You really do want to go somewhere far, right?

We both have long vacations, but if only our schedules were the same…

If possible, it’d be a room with an outdoor bath. Like a ryokan [1] where we can both relax, even it’s it’s small.

Hmm? Seeing as we’d be travelling, you’d like to go abroad?

You’re right! Going abroad would be nice too.

Ah. Come to think of it, there are places in Europe where you can stay in a castle.

You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

When my mom was still well, our whole family went to a castle together. I was about five years old, but I still remember it now. My father was busy working as a doctor, but because he got some proper time off, my mom was happily talking about how we could holiday as a family.

That’s right. At the time, we stayed there for four days. I became friendly with the people in the castle and people the same age as me who lived nearby. We didn’t speak the same language, but even after returning home, I wrote them letters for a while. When I sent photos, they would send lots of pictures and photos too. I had fun just looking at them.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t been on holiday since then. I want to show you that scenery too.

You’re feeling a little sleepy, right? Will you stay over tonight?

I’m glad. We can be together longer than usual today.

Come on, come here.

Haha, you’re cute.

Your body feels warm.

I’ve gotten sleepy too. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep here, won’t you?

Come on. I’ll carry you, so you hold onto me.

Where are we going? We’re going to bed, of course.

Here we go.


It’s okay. You’re not heavy.

There we are. We’re here!

I’ll tuck you in, so just stay there.

Is this duvet enough?

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Haha. Am I going to sleep with you?

Hmm… I’m sleepy too. But I haven’t finished the assignment I’m submitting tomorrow. I’ve got to do it.

Jeez. Don’t look at me like that!

I guess I don’t have a choice. I’ll stay until you fall asleep then.

Come closer. Look this way.

I’m sorry we haven’t had much time together like this recently.

When I’m close to you like this, I don’t feel like doing anything all day.

Do I always think that way? I do.

I think about you all the time, like an idiot.

The next time? Right… I think we’ll see each other in two weeks.

Huh? I’d like to say that too. The research lab has a field trip next week.

Well, I call it a field trip, but I suppose it’s more like a camp school where everyone can stay together and get to know each other better. After that I’ve got a research presentation and I’ll have to go away for a little while.

I’ll buy you a souvenir, so will you forgive me?

You don’t want a souvenir, but some time with me instead?

Ah… Haha. I’m embarrassed to say it myself.

I guess I laughed too much. I’m coughing a lot at night recently.

It’s okay. I’m having regular examinations.

Hmm? That’s right, regular ones.

Hey. Never mind about me, go to sleep.

Ah… I’m the one who’s not letting you sleep, aren’t I? Sorry.

I’ve got an early start tomorrow, so I’ll go without waking you up. Just put the key in the letterbox like you always do.

Come on, don’t get upset. I’ll give you a kiss before I go, so don’t worry.

Make sure you rest. Good night.

[1] Ryokan – A traditional Japanese inn.

Track 4 – All of a Sudden…

Come in.

Waah! You surprised me!

You hurried all the way here?!

I was just feeling depressed because I thought you’d gotten angry and weren’t replying.

I’m really sorry I made you worry.

I can’t believe I got admitted to hospital when we’d made plans to meet tomorrow.

Because I said I’d been admitted to my dad’s hospital without explaining properly, I made you worry, didn’t I?

Hmm… After leaving the research lab, I was coming to this hospital because my dad called me. I remember arriving at the station and walking to the hospital, but it seems that I lost consciousness on my way.

I was already in the hospital when I woke up. I was thinking all about meeting you after the two weeks we hadn’t seen each other, and I guess I spaced out. I wonder how much I must have been thinking about you for me to end up collapsing.

How am I feeling? Hmm… I guess it feels like I’ve got a light fever. I’m feeling well enough to wonder what I’m doing in hospital.

Well, I’m at my father’s hospital, so I’m sure they’ll help me no matter what happens.

Haha. I guess I said too much.

Hmm? The result of the examination?

Umm… Yeah. I got them to tell me somehow.

I told you I start coughing at night sometimes, right?

I thought it might be a symptom of some illness and so I went to the hospital.

But they said they can’t be certain right now. So now it’s like I’m going in for a proper examination for a little while.

Ah! It’s nothing that big. See, I’m well, aren’t I?

Haha. Of course we can see each other. I’ll make sure to contact you everyday too.

Don’t worry. But this place is quite far from your house, isn’t it?

You don’t have to go to the trouble of coming to visit. I know you’re doing it because you’re worried.

Ah… I was the one trying too hard to begin with.

Huh? No, it’s okay! I’ll make sure to send you messages to say “good morning” and “goodnight”.

I’m sad about not being able to see you too.

Ah, that’s right! There’s one favour I want to ask you.

It doesn’t matter when, but could you bring me a sweatshirt and sweatpants from my room?

Ah, it’s okay for you to mail it here.

That’s right, the ones I always wear at home.

Huh? Are they really that worn out? I think they’re nice though.

The hospital pyjamas are a bit baggy and I’m a little cold. Most of all, I’m almost feeling sick with worry.

Alright, hold out your hand. This is my key.

This key is cute, right? You can have the design you like printed on a key like this. There was a penguin design, so I had one made without a second thought.

I thought I’d give it to you the next time we met, but I didn’t think I’d be using it like this.

If only I’d had it made sooner and handed it over in a much cooler way.

Oh? Hey, what time is it?

Ah, I thought so. It’s already this late.

You’re right. It was already dark outside when you got here, wasn’t it?

Visiting hours will probably be over soon. I won’t be able to take you home, so I’m more worried about your journey back home.

You should go home soon. Sorry for making you hurry about.

Make sure you contact me when you get home, okay?

If you don’t tell me that you got home safe, I’ll be too worried to sleep.

Thanks for coming today. Take care.

Ah. You mustn’t go with any strangers, even if you get offered sweets.

See you later.

Track 5 – Penguin Garden

Ah, there she is!

Hey, I’ve been waiting!

Hurry up! Come over here!

Okay. Sit next to me.

Ah. You noticed?

That’s right! Thanks for these penguin pyjamas. They fit perfectly.

Do they suit me?

You brought them while I was being examined, right?

I’m sorry I wasn’t there, even though you went to the trouble of coming.

That day, when I came back to my room after the long examination, these were on the bed. I felt a lot better!

Sweatpants and sweatshirts are annoying because they have to be rolled up. Thanks to these, the examination was a lot easier too!

Thank you. The nurse complimented me on my cute pyjamas too!

When I said that I love penguins and that my girlfriend picked these pyjamas, she said she wanted to meet that kind girlfriend!

I’m proud of my pyjamas. And I’m proud of my girlfriend. I’m a lucky person, aren’t I?

I’m sorry! I got so excited that I ended up coughing.

Hey, isn’t this place really beautiful?

I’d always seen this place from my room and when I asked the nurse if I could come here, she went to the trouble of asking my dad and I got permission to come here.

Right now, I’m focusing on my treatment and there are a lot of restrictions, so I definitely thought he’d say no. That’s why I was really happy!

It really pays to ask, doesn’t it?

You were surprised when I said I’d be waiting outside my room, weren’t you?

Come closer. Come on.

I thought we could take our time talking here, you see.

Don’t be so surprised. I’ve wanted to hug you for a while.

You don’t like it?

You’re embarrassed because we’re outside?

Then just close your eyes.

Give me a kiss too.

Thank you.

It’d be dangerous to do this in my room because someone might see us, right?

And wouldn’t they be considerate and pretend not to notice?

Come on.

Just for now, this is our garden.

Hey. Do you love me?

Don’t look away.

I’ll ask you again. Do you love me?

Yes. I understand.

Alright, here’s your reward. I love you much more than you think.

Hmm… Right… I love you so much that nothing else compares to you.

You thought I’d say I love you most in the world?

I wouldn’t say that. I love you much more than that and you’re precious to me.

It’s embarrassing when I say it like that. It really is.

It’s time for me to go back to my room?

Huh? Just a little longer!


Don’t look at me like that. I don’t want to see you worried.

Okay. I’ll go back to my room without making a fuss.

I’m sorry.

I guess it was because I stood up all of a sudden.

I’m okay! Let’s go, alright?

Track 6 – What I Can Do

Hello? Where are you right now?

Ah, that’s not the right place. Sorry it was difficult to understand.

Go straight ahead on the path behind the hospital. That’s where I am.

No way! Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ll be waiting for you.

What should I do? When should I give it to her? I wonder whether I’ll be able to give it to her.


Ah, you surprised me. How long have you been here?

Jeez, you gave me a shock!

I just had a little cough.

Did you hear what I was saying?

No… Well… I was just nervous because we haven’t seen each other for a while. Even though we’ve spoken on the phone, meeting face to face…umm…

I’m acting kind of strange, aren’t I?

How did I get here?

Ah, I said to the nurse who complimented my pyjamas that I wanted to talk to you outside, where I could get some fresh air. At first she said no, but I kept on trying. I said I wouldn’t have any more treatment if she wouldn’t take me here. I promised to return by the time I’m supposed to have my night-time IV. She pushed me here in my wheelchair.

Even I know I did something bad. But we wouldn’t have been able to be alone if I hadn’t. I wanted to show this scenery to you too.

Hey. Can you come closer?

Look. Doesn’t the town look like a beautiful miniature from here? The boy in the room next to me, who got discharged last week, told me that the scenery looked beautiful from here.

I wanted to see it after I got released, but I was so excited that I couldn’t wait until then. I came here because I wanted to show it to you.

I’m feeling much better today. I’m taking my medicine so I don’t end up like I did before. I came on my wheelchair, so I’ve kept my IV on too.

It’s not like I can’t walk, I just didn’t have the strength to walk here. I had to rely on this wheelchair. Doesn’t it seem like I could go anywhere with this?

Just kidding. I can’t move if you don’t push it sometimes.

Moving this by myself uses up a lot of arm strength. There are sports you can play in a wheelchair, but I’ve got zero muscle strength in my arms, so I think it’d be impossible.

I’m okay. I’m okay!

My dad knows that you’ve been visiting me. He was surprised that I have such a cute girlfriend.

It was because he asked if you were the one who brought the pyjamas. Then he said I should be more thankful to you.

Have I been able to get my feelings across properly?

I’m really thankful for everything. I can do my best because you’re here. So I was thinking what I could do for you.

It’s my first time, so I don’t know if I’ve made it the right way…

Hey. Could you bend down a little?

There you go.

I think this is it?

A flower crown. I made it because I thought it’d look good on you.

It really does suit you. You’re like a fairy.

Ah! You can’t take it off just because you can’t see it while you’re wearing it!

Hey. Can you hug me now?

I’m having a big operation tomorrow. I was feeling a little nervous. I’m sorry I’ve always been complaining since I got admitted to hospital.

To be honest… I’m scared of the operation. I kept on thinking what I’d do if I didn’t wake up.

I want to keep doing this. If only time could stop now.

Stay like this a little longer.

Track 7 – Letter

My dearest,

Hello. Are you well?

I didn’t know how to start writing this letter, so it took me a long time to write. There are a lot of things I want to say, but I can’t put any of them into words.

I wonder if you’ve found this letter and are reading it. Or was I able to give it to you that day? I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about the operation until the last minute.

I wanted to say “I’ll definitely wake up!”, but I’ve researched the illness myself, so I know my own limits. But I didn’t want to make you worry. So I pretended to be cheerful, like an idiot.

My life expectancy was actually calculated right after I was born. I had a weak body when I was younger and I was told that it wasn’t certain whether I’d survive until I was sixteen.

When I was younger, my parents did all they could for me. Even after my mom passed away, my dad did everything he could. Thanks to that, I was miraculously able to live long enough to graduate from high school.

Then I became a university student and met you. But the same illness which my mom had suffered from came back. At that time, I was told I had three more years to live.

To be honest, I thought I would be able to break up with you naturally if I had two years. But I was weak and couldn’t do that. I was more afraid of leaving you than disappearing myself. Since meeting you, everyday has been so much fun that I thought my illness might have gone away.

My body wasn’t healed that easily though. The only option left was to have this surgery, which has a lot of risks.

Hey. If my surgery goes well and I wake up, what should I say to you next? If I see you again, I’ll promise to be with you forever. At that time, I’ll be different from usual and say it in a cooler way.

I’ll be happy if you say yes. Thanks for always making me smile.

I love you.

Track 8 – Cast Commentary

Alright. This is Aoi Shouta, the voice of Subaru. Thank you very much for listening to Kagiriaru Toki Yomei Kareshi.

What did you think of your character, Subaru?
Well, he’s a kind boy and I think we have a similar aura.

I’m going to answer a few questions in this track. It won’t be long, but I’d be glad if you enjoyed it.

By the way… I wonder if you can tell. I’m going to give my comments with this dummy head mic. Okay. Let’s get started now.

Are there any similarities between you and the character you played?
He likes sweet things. I love sweet things too. Even in the story, there was a scene where I was eating cake with everyone.

He likes penguins, but I’m born in the year of the rabbit, so I like rabbits. I think his kind personality and light-hearted aura are quite similar though.

There was a scene where you had flavoured tea and cakes, but what kind of cake do you like? Please tell us what you like to drink with cake too.

Hmm… I like shortcake and cheesecake, but if you’re having something with tea, then wouldn’t it be pancake nowadays? I love pancakes too. Warm herbal tea is nice, but there are teas infused in cold water too. After they’re infused in cold water you take the used tea leaves and put them in yoghurt or something, then eat it. That kind of tea exists too. It’s cool, isn’t it? I think I’d like to eat and drink those together.

If you were to have an emergency long stay in hospital, what would you like to bring or have someone bring you?
Would a cellphone be okay? I get worried when I’m without my cellphone. Because of my work. Even if I was in hospital, I’d still be concerned about my work.

Right. I’d like someone else to bring me bananas or peaches or apples. Fruits. Umm… I could have just said “fruits” to begin with, but I’ve been pretty addicted to bananas recently. I got so addicted to them that I don’t even know why I did. It would be nice to get Vitamin C from bananas.

What if your life expectancy had been decided?
Right… At the end, I would make a tape for everyone who supports me. I’d like to leave a recorded message. Like Subaru, I want to leave behind my thankful feelings.

Last of all, please say a few words to everyone listening.
Once again, thank you for listening to volume two. Right… The importance of spending the limited time you have and the support you receive in daily life is something that brings happiness. I’d be happy if you experienced those two things.

Subaru was a very cute character, even in his illustration too. So I was nervous whether I could play him well, but thanks to the support of all the staff, I was able to do it right. I’d be happy if listening to this work leaves an impression on you.

Well, this work had quite a gentle [1] feel to it. I also felt as if I was gentle too, but I had fun! I’d be glad if you support Yomei Kareshi from now on. This was Aoi Shouta. See you later!

[1] I came across another translation of this free talk and it has this part as “sad” rather than “gentle”. Although it fits, I just can’t seem to find any evidence of しっとり being translated this way. So I stuck with the definition I’m certain of just to be safe.


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  1. TT^TT Thank you so much for translating this! It made me cry the first time I listened to it and now that the meaning is 100% clear it’s made me cry again!
    Keep the hard work!

  2. Oh my gosh, I still can’t believe that you noticed me, senpai and you translated my request! With that, I thank you so much *cries* Thank you for the hard work, Saki-senpai! I cried a bucket more because I could finally clearly understand what was going on!

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be waiting for vol.8 of kekkonroku!

    • Saki

      I’m happy you were able to see your request done! Glad you’re looking forward to Kekkonroku 8 as well~

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    ohmygod. TEARS. it started at that really adorable flower crown scene and then, “I was more afraid of leaving you than disappearing myself,” and then the letter and the open ending. Made me remember ‘Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu’ and that didn’t help stop the waterworks either.

    Thank you as always for the translation, Saki-san!

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