Criminale! 6 – Disc 2

Criminale! 6 – Chara

CV – Shimono Hiro

Track 7

8PM. On the highway. 13 hours have passed.

Jeez! Those guys are so persistent!

I can’t believe they were lying in wait on the highway! And they sent all those cars after us too…

Look. All the cars around us got hit and are stuck where they are. I didn’t want to get caught up in this, but there’s nothing we can do.

Damn it. The glass of the back window broke. We can’t take anymore of this…

It’s okay. My arm just got scratched.

Never mind about it. Just put your head down!

Hmm? The blood? Well, of course someone would bleed if they got hurt.

Despite how I look, I am human.

There’s no need to worry. But I won’t forgive them for getting my leather jacket dirty.

Jeez. I’m going to make sure they get the cleaning bill later.

We’re going to get away now! We’ll be going as fast as a roller-coaster, so make sure you don’t bite your tongue!

9PM. Near Florence. 14 hours have passed.

We finally lost them.

Can you check the car’s navigation system, Miss? Where are we now?

So we’ll be in Florence soon? Well, we’re making pretty good time, considering we got interrupted.

Ah… Tch. So this is as far as it’ll go?

It got like this because it took all those bullets. It’s actually lucky that it kept moving this long. Sorry, but we’ll have to walk the rest of the way. We’ll walk to the station in Florence, then take the train to Rome. Let’s go.

Jeez. That turned out to be a terrible drive.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Ah… I’m still bleeding?

Well, it should be okay. It was a pretty deep cut, and it might take a long time to heal. But it’s alright.

Ah, now that I look carefully, my leather jacket is a mess. It’s not just the cleaning bill I’ll be sending, but the repair bill too.

You look as if you want to say something.

Well, now that you mention it, I suppose so. From your point of view, it would be strange. I’m laughing so much, even though I’m hurt.

I don’t feel pain most of the time.

Why? Hmm, I wonder what the reason was. There are too many possibilities.

I told you that I’m a hyena who does all the dirty work, didn’t I? When I was younger, I was trained somewhere. No, it might be more accurate to say that I was forcibly educated… I wasn’t even treated like a human. Well, it was only natural. That institution was meant to create machina.

Humans who are unaffected by feelings, never make a mistake and listen to any order, just like a robot. There was a foolish leader among us who tried to make them.

I was thrown in an institution together with my elder twin brother. Everyday we were given education and torture.

I was subjected to many things I wouldn’t want you to hear about. When I thought to myself that I was in pain, it hurt even more. So I convinced myself that it didn’t hurt when I was being tortured. Then one day, I really did stop feeling pain.

That wasn’t the only thing I stopped feeling. I didn’t even feel as if I was alive.

That’s why I’m not scared of dying either.

That’s why I’m not even scared of being attached to this bomb.

I don’t actually understand why you look so pale. If you or I were to die, the most I would feel is “oh, well”.

I’m not going to die a meaningless death. There’s no way I can let you die.

The plan to create machina that I just mentioned was abandoned in the end. My brother and I were no longer necessary, so we should have been destroyed without anyone knowing… That was when Father saved us.

I’ve got a debt to Father.. your father… that I cannot repay. So his last words… the order to protect his daughter is absolute. I’m going to protect you. For that reason, I can’t let myself get killed so easily.

What is it? Don’t be so quiet. I’m sorry if that bored you.

Well, you understand now, don’t you? Just as you can see, I’m a monstrous creature.

Why are you denying that? Someone who looks like me definitely is strange. I’ve been called names like “demon” or “monster” since I was a kid. Ever since my eye got like this in the institution. It was probably around the time when I stopped feeling pain that my eye changed colour. I felt sick when I saw my reflection in the mirror. Even I think it’s strange. My body that doesn’t feel any pain and my black eye. My very existence is strange.

Ah… There might be another reason that I’m not afraid to die. I don’t want to live very long either. Well, it might be better for a monster like me to die quickly.

Hmm? Are you in a position to say that’s not true? You were scared when you first saw me.

Oh… You’re not scared anymore? Then look closely at my eye.

Come on. Look at me directly. Look into my eyes.

Can you look at my black eye without turning away?

Why aren’t you looking away?

I’m done with this. What are we doing looking at each other? It’s ridiculous. Looking at something like this won’t make you feel happy.

You really are stubborn. You get that from your father. I’m surprised you did that while looking so pale.

You are! You’re completely pale. You’re as white as a sheet…

Wait a minute! Aren’t you feeling sick?

You dummy! Don’t pretend you’re not! You’re even having trouble standing!

Don’t apologise. You’ve come close to dying several times in the past day.

It’s only natural that you’d feel tired. I’m sorry, but it’s dangerous for us to rest here. Hold onto me, I’ll help you.

Huh? You’re being so obedient. I thought you’d be more reluctant.

Hmm? What is it?

I told you not to thank me. Come on, let’s go.

Track 8

The next day. 10AM. Inside Florence. 28 hours have passed.

Hmm… Florence Station… It’s over there?

We’re going to walk for a little longer. Will you be okay? I want us to get on a train before the enemy finds us.

There are 20 hours left before the bomb will explode. We can’t afford to take our time.

There are a lot of people around here though… It’s only to be expected because Florence is a tourist destination, but still…

Hmm? What are you looking at?

The church? Oh, that. It’s the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella [1], right? It’s a geometrical and beautiful building, isn’t it?

Many important works of art are also kept there, like The Birth of Mary by Ghirlandaio [2] and Masaccio’s Holy Trinity [3].

Right… Florence also has the Uffizi Gallery [4]. The Accademia Gallery [5] and National Central Library [6] too. When you look at it like this, Florence is a treasure trove of art. If we weren’t in this situation, I’d take my time looking…


Well, I suppose so. I like art and literature. You want to know what I like most?

I think it would have to be Goethe’s books.

Egmont [7], Hermann and Dorothea [8]… I suppose the most well-known one would be “The Sorrows of Young Werther” [9]…

What? You haven’t read it? It’s a masterpiece of German literature. You might be asked to write a report on it at school, you should at least know the plot.

What’s the matter? Why do you look so surprised?

Well… A lot of people say that it’s unusual… No one would imagine that someone who looks like me would be interested in art and literature. Even I think it doesn’t suit me. I said too much again, didn’t I?

Listen up. Forget what I just said.

Just forget it! Why do you need to remember it anyway? It won’t be any use to you.

Alright, alright. Fine then. If you want to hear about it, then I’ll tell you all about art and books.

Yes, I’m telling the truth.

Jeez, you really are a curious person. What do you want to talk about then? Classical literature? Or modern novels?

1PM. On the train to Pisa. 30 hours have passed.

Ah… We ended up taking the long way round. I didn’t know the trains between Florence and Rome had stopped too. But at least there’s a train going to Pisa. We can change at Pisa to go to Rome.

This is pretty boring… Why don’t we talk about something?

We’re going to talk about books! I’ve thought of some books you might like. I’ll tell you about them, if you like.

Okay… This one is a fairy-tale, by the way. A rat, dog and rabbit appear in the story. It’s pretty funny!

Lightning strikes the naughty rat, but the dog and rabbit who were holding hands with him got struck too.

Hmm? What is it?

Huh? Why are you laughing?

Did I look that happy?

I wasn’t really trying to cheer you up.

No… I was just thinking that you’ve become able to smile in front of me a lot. I’m not angry.

It’s not like that… To be honest, I’m confused. I’ll misunderstand again, so don’t show me that face too often.

Nothing, I was just talking to myself.

Anyway… It looks like we’re here. Come on, let’s go.

Wait. Don’t move. Look outside the window. That man standing on the platform is an enemy. He’d look like an ordinary businessman to most people, but that suit looks unnaturally bulky. It looks like that when someone is hiding a weapon underneath.

Sorry, Miss. You’re going to experience something a little scary, but please forgive me. We’re going to hide inside the toilet. I’m best at close-hand fighting. I’ll be at a disadvantage somewhere wide like a platform. Alright, let’s go.

[1] Basilica of Santa Maria Novella – A church opposite the main railway station in Florence, which was built between 1246-1360.
[2] The Birth of Mary – A painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Domenico Ghirlandaio, which shows the Virgin Mary as a baby and her mother, St Anne.
[3] The Holy Trinity – A painting depicting Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, by Masaccio, the first great Italian painter of the 15th century.
[4] Uffizi Gallery – One of the oldest museums in the world, it was established in 1581 and is home to well-known works of art such as The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli.
[5] Accademia Gallery – An art museum founded in 1784, which is home to Michaelango’s sculpture of David.
[6] National Central Library – A library founded in 1714, when the scholar Antonio Magliabechi donated his entire collection of books to the city of Florence.
[7] Egmont – A play which relates the Count of Egmont’s fight against the Duke of Alba.
[8] Hermann and Dorothea – A poem set at the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars (1792), in which Hermann, the son of a rich innkeeper falls in love with Dorothea, a poor maid.
[9] The Sorrows of Young Werther – A novel written in the form of a collection of letters from Werther (a sensitive and passionate artist) to his friend Wilhelm.

Track 9

Stay still. Don’t say anything.

He’s coming. We’ll make our move when he comes near. We’re going to jump out when I give the signal. I’ll strangle him with this wire. Got it?


Don’t worry about it. I’m not going to kill him. He’s just going to rest for a little while.

Thanks. Everything went well because you helped.

Alright… I guess I should take his weapon.

Hmm? A taser?

You don’t know what it is? When you press the switch, your opponent will be unable to move, as if they’ve been electrocuted. It’s useful for catching someone without killing them. It won’t work on me though!

He’s got backup! Let’s get out of here, Miss! We’re going to break the window and jump out.

I’m going to use this. This pendant of this necklace can be used as a punch for getting out. It won’t be a clean break, so take care not to get hit by any shards of glass. Let’s go!

3PM. On the railroad tracks. 32 hours have passed.

We should be okay now we’ve got this far.

Damn it… We’re pretty far from the station. There are enemies at the station. Getting on the train to Rome is impossible. But if we wait around too long, we’ll run out of time.

Should we steal another car? No… We got attacked while we were driving. It’s too dangerous, huh?

Damn it…

Ah… You’re right! That’s it!

If we can’t get on a passenger train, then we’ll take a freight train!

That was a great idea, Miss! I know where we’re going next then. We’ll keep following this railroad…

Hmm? What’s wrong with your leg, Miss?

It’s swollen! Did you sprain it when we jumped out the window?

You’re okay? Like hell you are! I can see that it’s gotten red. I’m sure you’re having trouble standing.

Are you an idiot? You can’t walk with your leg like this! It’s strange that you were able to even run this far.

No… I’m the one who’s an idiot. I should have noticed sooner.

I’m not trying to be kind. Why are you looking so happy, even though you’re hurt?

Don’t thank me. I don’t need that kind of thing.

Like I said… Quit trying to be friendly with me!

I’m tired of you counting on me!

I know the only reason you think I’m kind is because you don’t have anyone else to rely on. That’s called Stockholm syndrome. A state of mind where you try to befriend the person who holds your life in their hands, so that you can survive.

You’re trying to be friendly with me because of the frightening opponents and frightening situation! Because you don’t want to die! Isn’t that right?!

You went quiet all of a sudden… So I’m right, huh?

What’s the matter, Miss?


Stop! Don’t hit me again! Why’d you do that all of a sudden anyway?!

You’re right… You couldn’t suddenly hit someone who really scares you…

But if you aren’t forcing yourself to follow me… How can I make sense of you becoming attached to me?

Is it okay for me to believe that you really aren’t scared of me?

Hey, Miss… Look right at me. Look me in the eye. Will you really trust me? Are you serious about relying on someone who looks like me?


You’re the third person to look at me directly and say yes. Only my brother, Father and you have been able to do it.

I’m sorry for complaining. I wasted our time.

It’s fine now! Let’s go. We can’t keep standing here in the middle of the railroad either.

Hmm? What is it? There’s no way I’m going to let you walk. I’ve got to carry you like this, right? You’re going to trust me and rely on me, aren’t you? Let me carry you then.

Okay. Tell me right away if your leg hurts.

Hey, Miss. I shouldn’t be able to feel pain, but what you did earlier was strangely painful.

10PM. Beside the railroad. 39 hours have passed.

How’s your leg? Does it hurt?

All we could do was patch it up a little and rest for 12 hours. If you push yourself too hard, it’ll get worse again. Tell me right away if it starts to hurt.

Ah. There’s the freight train. Okay, this way.

We’re going to hide in the shadow of this container and wait for the railway staff to leave. Once we get inside the container safely, all we have to do is wait until we arrive in Rome. If we fail, then it’ll all be over.

Looks like they’re gone. Okay, let’s get inside the container now.

I see you’re a stubborn guy too. I understand. I’m not going to move. I’ll stay like this.

What? So you’re not going to kill me right away?

You think I’m going to give up information about Amphisbaena just because you threatened me with a gun?

Stop! Don’t touch her!

Damn it! I know how you guys do things. You’re going to kill us after I give you the information, aren’t you?

If she disappears, then the next Father won’t be chosen. If you use the information I’ve given up to destroy all our hideouts, then Amphisbaena will disappear. I’m one of the lowest people, so I might actually lose to your organisation.

You think I’m going to keep quiet just because you’re holding a gun to my head? I’m not going to do that. Unfortunately, I’m not afraid of dying.

Yeah, she’s more scared than I am. She’s a normal girl, you see. But something like that won’t be enough to break her. Isn’t that right, Miss?


Hey, Miss. You remember, don’t you? You know, that thing. The rat, dog and rabbit.

You really are smart, Miss. You’re not Father’s daughter for nothing.

Ah, you didn’t understand? I’ll give you a hint then. Metal conducts electricity. Did you know that?

That’s right. So electricity will travel through our handcuffs and your gun. Electricity can pass through human bodies too.

You don’t know what I’m talking about? Alright, Miss. I’ll leave the rest to you.

I’m sorry, Miss. Do it!

The answer is a taser!

You look as if you don’t know what happened. You didn’t notice her putting her hand in her pocket, did you?

1PM. Inside a train going to Pisa. Flashback to when 30 hours had passed.

Hmm? A taser?

You don’t know what it is? When you press the switch, your opponent will be unable to move, as if they’ve been electrocuted. It’s useful for catching someone without killing them. It won’t work on me though!

You take this, Miss. Use it to protect yourself in case something happens.

You pointed the gun at my head, didn’t you? That was your mistake. She used the taser that was in her pocket on herself. So that all of us would be shocked together.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel any pain. That’s why I can still move like this!

He’s out cold?

Are you okay? You did great, Miss.

You took notice of the fairy-tale. You really were bold. I didn’t know whether you’d pick up on my strategy. I’m glad that conversation was enough. I was pretty happy.

That must have hurt. I’m sorry! This wouldn’t have happened if I’d noticed what was behind me…

No… You’ll hit me again if I say that. Well… Thank you, Miss.

Track 10

11PM. Inside the freight train container. 41 hours have passed.

A freight train is pretty shaky.

I think my body is going to hurt all over once we arrive in Rome.

But now we can finally relax. If things go according to plan, we’ll arrive in Rome early in the morning. Then we can finally release ourselves from this annoying bomb.

You must be tired after all those new experiences you’ve been having since yesterday, right? Lie down until we get to Rome. But… It must be difficult to lie on the floor of a container.

Hmm? What’s this bag? Earth for gardening?

Well, you could use this as a cushion…

Are you okay? No need to worry about me.

We should move away from this position… We can’t stay close together like this.

I don’t really mind… But you must hate it…

What? You don’t? We’ll stay like this the whole time then…

Your body feels warm and soft all over. It seems like the perfect thing to hold while you sleep.

Hey, Miss… You should put up a little resistance. I won’t be able to stop myself if you don’t…

Even though I did my best to hide things from you, it’s all going to be a waste. Even though I said to myself that I wouldn’t count on anyone, I feel strange when I look at you.

You wouldn’t understand when I’m saying this all of a sudden.

You’ve always been someone special to me. I’m a hyena. Even my allies in Amphisbaena avoided me. Even though people fear me, they’ve never liked me. There was never a time when other people thought I wasn’t strange.

That’s why building a wall around myself became a habit. If people hated me from the very beginning, then I wouldn’t get hurt.

If I pretended to be someone frightening, just like my looks suggest, then I could feel like “I deserved this”, no matter how someone looked at me. That’s how I’ve lived until now.

But selfishly enough, while I felt that way, I was also hoping for something. Just like you said, I’m only pretending to be a frightening person. I don’t like violence either. Although I said I wouldn’t mind dying, I’d always been wanting something. You’re the daughter of the person I owe my life to. Perhaps you’re different from everyone else. Maybe you’ll accept me without being afraid. That’s what I was expecting.

But at that time, when you woke up in that room, you were afraid when you looked at me. That was no surprise, considering that someone as strange as me appeared before you. You haven’t done anything wrong. It was stupid of me to expect something. So then I decided that I would keep pretending to be a frightening person.

Why are you apologising? I told you earlier, didn’t I? You haven’t done anything wrong. If you didn’t react when you saw my eye, that would have made me bothered.

Hey, we’ve looked at each other directly like this before. You didn’t look away, right? Are you really okay with this?

You really aren’t scared of me, are you? My arms and my body are stained forever… Can you still manage not to be afraid of me?

I see… Right.

It’s no good. I can’t hold back any longer.

Miss… I love you. It’s not just because you’re the daughter of the man I owe my life too. I love you as a person…as a woman… I truly love you.

I’m not used to saying things like this… But…

I lo…

Don’t say it first! I was trying to do it… Jeez!

I love you.

Don’t look at me like that. A kiss won’t be enough for me if you do.

I’m not going to stop now. I held back until now, because I thought there was no way that you’d love me. But things are different now. I want you to know how much I love you.

I want to show you how much I care about you until you can’t bear it any longer.

Your voice is amazing… I felt this way before, but you really are sensitive. Or is that your ears are particularly sensitive? Then what about here?

So you’re sensitive everywhere?

But I’m glad no one else got to see you like this.

Is it okay someone like me to touch you? That’s what I would have said until now… But I’m not going to do that anymore.

You trust me. You weren’t afraid of me. You saw who I really am. I want to respond to those feelings you have.

Being straightforward, without hiding anything. I want to tell you my honest feelings. I want you completely. I want you to be all mine.

Holding onto me all of a sudden isn’t fair. If you do something cute like that, it’ll be even harder for me to stop.

It’s no good. I want to love you even more.

Your body really does feel warm. It tells me that you’re alive. When I’m holding you like this, I regret wanting to die.

I don’t want to die. I want to keep on living. So I’m still able to feel this way too.

I imagined that not wanting to die was something that weak people felt when they were just about to die. That’s not right. Because I want to keep living. Because I don’t want to be separated from the person I love. Those things are what make you feel that way. I want to keep living. I want to be with you. Even after I get back to Rome. From now on, forever.

I’m happy that you feel the same way. Let’s be together forever then. Let’s go together as far as we can. It’s a promise.

Track 11

5AM. Inside the freight container. 47 hours have passed.

Hey, wake up.

Good morning. How are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere?

I’m glad to hear that. You really did sleep well though. Was is really that good? My…

I’m only joking! Don’t get angry!

We’ll be in Rome in about thirty minutes. Amphisbaena’s base isn’t far from the station. We’ll defuse the bomb as soon as we get there. If we do, then we’ve won.

Alright, let’s just relax and enjoy the rest of the train journey. How about we talk about books again…?

What was that? An explosion?

Watch out, Miss!

Are you okay, Miss?

Look outside. The train has derailed. It’s fallen completely on its side.

Seriously? I’m surprised we survived.

Right! How much time have we got left?

What? We only have 10 minutes?

We were out cold for that long after the train derailed?

Damn it! Even though we were so close to Rome!

We’re supposed to just stay here and count down the time we’ve got left?!

It’s okay. I won’t let that happen. I’m not going to!

I finally feel that I want to keep living. I want to be happy with you!

There’s no way I’m dying here!

Don’t give up, Miss! Let’s fight against this!

As long as we have even a second left, we can’t give up. Right?

Alright! That’s why you’re my girl!

This is a gas cylinder? Liquid nitrogen?

I see! So that’s why this container was full of gardening things. It’s probably for making dried flowers.

You know about it, right? You freeze flowers with liquid nitrogen. If you do, they’ll look the same for many years. Time stops…

Isn’t this it? It might work!

We’re going to freeze the bomb! Let’s take this chance! It’s better than doing nothing!

Let’s go, Miss!

Hey. It’s almost been 48 hours since we met. If we survive and get through more than 48 hours… Will you be the first one to kiss me?

It’s a promise!

6AM. Time is up. 48 hours have passed. And…

Keep your promise.

That’s right. We were able to survive. This is the end of the 48 hours we spent on the run.

Several months later. Florence.

Okay! Let’s go to the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella next. We only passed by it the other time we came here. We’ll take our time looking at the The Birth of Mary and Masaccio’s Holy Trinity.

You chose Father’s successor and ended the conclave. It’s strange for me to say this, but peace is something great.

Hmm? Alright, alright. Let’s hurry then. You really are an energetic person. What happened to how obedient you were with the handcuffs on?

Well, I guess I’m the same. I couldn’t have imagined smiling like this back then.

Right, this is what Goethe said: Great is the joy of existence, and greater yet we feel in the presence of the world.”

And he also said: Love is the truthful crown of existence. An endless good fortune.

It’s all thanks to you that I feel happy now. You’re the crown of my existence and endless good fortune.

Thank you for loving someone like me. Let’s stay together from now on. Let’s spend our time together. I love you.

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