Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 4 – Disc 2

Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 4 – Harada Sanosuke

CV – Tachibana Shinnosuke

Track 8

I’ve found you. Where were you?

Even though you’re usually resting in your room around this time, you weren’t there today.

It doesn’t seem like someone asked you to run an errand. Don’t disappear like that, it gave me a shock!

Anyway… Why are you carrying a plant?

You bought it? Why?

What? It’s for me?

I’m not interested in trees or flowers though.

What is this plant anyway?

It’s spring, but it doesn’t have any buds on it.

Is it one that doesn’t have any flowers?

Ah… A hydrangea [1], hmm?

You bought something that’s out of season.

You should have bought a plant which was flowering.

Hmm… Waiting for it to blossom is fun?

Oh… So why are you giving this to me?

What? You’re telling me to look after it instead of spending time with you?

You want to avoid being with me that much?

If you do, then you should make it clear…


Ah… You’re going to look after it too, so we’ll talk together when we do?

Hmm… You’re pretty thoughtful for an idiot.

I heard that hydrangeas are difficult to take care of.

So we can talk naturally while looking after it, can’t we?

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s fine.

Give me the pot.

Isn’t this pot a bit small?

It’ll probably get too small right away.

Wouldn’t it be better to plant it somewhere else?

Here you go.

Ah… I see. So I’m going to be looking after it too.

Alright. I’ll do it.

Let’s plant it somewhere spacious in the garden.

Is that enough digging?

Put it here then. I’ll fill up the hole.

What? You’re going to do it by hand?

Ah… So the spade would damage the roots?


But why did you choose a hydrangea?

There are plenty of other flowers, aren’t there?

What are you talking about?

I’m surprised to hear that from you!

Just what makes me difficult to deal with?

Don’t compare me to the hydrangea.

You’re difficult to handle too.

And you’re also careless.

We’re not similar. I’m not difficult to deal with.

How did you get that impression of me? I can’t understand it at all.

Hmm… I suppose I can understand that hydrangeas have a sense of purity…

Why does that remind you of me? How strange.

In that case, all flowers remind me of you.

They suit you well, you see.

You blushed and went quiet after that, so I didn’t say anything either and began placing the earth around the hydrangea instead.

And then the daily task of looking after that hydrangea with you began.

When I wasn’t out on a mission, and you weren’t doing cleaning or laundry, we would take the chance to go to the hydrangea and take care of it. We’d go to a plant seller and ask how to care for it, change how often we watered it and trim the leaves.

While we were doing that, the story of you and I taking care of the hydrangea spread amongst the men and they seemed to take an interest. Sometimes Kondo-san and Nagakura would water it, and I was surprised when even Saito-san said he would like to water it.

The hydrangea was cared for by you, I and the other men, and grew quickly. However, when the seasons passed by and the rainy season came round, the hydrangea did not blossom. Even now that another season has come, the hydrangea still hasn’t bloomed. Before long, the Shinsengumi ended up moving to a new headquarters. We left the hydrangea behind at Nishi Honganji [2] and made Fudodo Village [3] our new base.

[1] The hydrangea is also the flower featured on the cover of Sanosuke’s CD. According to Japanese flower language, the general meaning of the hydrangea is “fickle”, “cruel”, “cold-hearted” and “conceited”, while blue hydrangeas represent “patient love”.
[2] Nishi Honganji is a temple in Kyoto which the Shinsengumi made their headquarters in 1865.
[3] Fudodo Village was the third headquarters of the Shinsengumi and was given to them as a reward for their achievements.

Track 9

December 18th, 1867 [1]. At a certain street.

Together with the men who had hidden in the darkness, I ran out, wielding my spear.

The flowers bloomed. When I stab through the bodies in front of me, red flowers bloom.

I don’t get as excited as I did before. I wonder why that is. Perhaps it was because I was turning my former allies into corpses. Or maybe it was your existence within my heart. I didn’t find the answer, but as I gazed at the red flowers at my feet, I longed to see you.

Of course she’s asleep.

Ah. I woke her up.

You can go back to sleep.

You don’t mind staying awake?

Yes, just until a little while ago. Then I wanted to see you.

We fought against the Goryou-Eji.

I killed my former allies.

I saw many of the red flowers I liked so much. But they seemed to be more faded than usual and I didn’t think they were particularly beautiful. Looking at the hydrangea which didn’t bloom was much better than seeing those flowers.

The men who I used to consider my allies were lying on top of those flowers.

Nagakura even looked as if he was about to cry. However, just as I thought, I couldn’t cry. Once again, I thought that I should have died instead of them.

As I thought about that, it was your face came to mind. When I thought of you, I was glad that I hadn’t died. Then I was shocked that I had finally become able to think of something so terrible.

But I was no longer able to feel as if I should have been the one to die, no matter what. While I was wondering why I felt that way, I gradually began to feel as if I wanted to see you.

What is it? What’s the matter, all of a sudden?

It’s normal? Why? Why is it normal to feel glad that it wasn’t me?

I haven’t felt like that before… Does it mean I didn’t want to die because I didn’t want to leave you behind? In other words… I’m in love with you? So that’s why I wanted to see you?

I see. I suppose that’s it. I don’t want to leave you behind and die in someone else’s place, but when I thought about the possibility of you dying, I felt that I would be happy to die in your place. I want you to keep on living.

That means… You love me too. That’s why you want me to keep on living, don’t you?

If I’m wrong, then tell me now. Nod if it’s true.

You really…love me? Even you told me you didn’t before…

I…see… You…love me…

Right… I see… So that’s why you embraced me earlier…

You never did that for me before, did you?

But that doesn’t change that you love me, does it? In that case, the reason doesn’t matter.

Look at me directly and say it again. Say that you love me.

I love you too.

I’m sorry. I want to feel you closer to me.

I want you to help me forget about the red flowers I saw today.

Your lips are warm, so I feel that you’re alive.

I want you. I don’t care about the Shinsengumi regulations. If I had to choose between not making love to you or making love to you and having to commit seppuku, I would choose the latter. That’s how much I desire you. That’s alright, isn’t it?

Put your arms around me. I want you to feel the warmth of my body too.

Look this way.

That’s right.

When we did this before, you didn’t react at all, did you? That was something new to me and I found it somewhat interesting, but it really is better when you react. It’s because you love me. You’re ready for this.

No. Don’t look away. Show me the face of the woman who loves me. I want to see it clearly.

Your hair feels so soft. It makes me want to tell you how beautiful your skin and hair is.

You are beautiful.

Just touching your hair and skin is enough to make me feel good, but how do you feel?

I see. Then… I want you to feel even better…

Don’t get so tense this time.

Your skin is really smooth.

Your hands feel tense. You’re nervous.

Let me take your hands.

Does that tickle?

But if you can’t hold your voice back any longer, then dig your nails into my skin and I’ll kiss you.

Even if you can hold back, but you want a kiss, then dig your nails into my skin too. I’ll kiss you right away. Just like this…

You did it… So you want more…

You’re embarrassed? It’s alright. I’ll take off my clothes too. Then we’ll be the same.

Well, you’ve already seen my body before, so this probably isn’t the first time. I suppose the conditions are a little different though, aren’t they?

But… I want to see yours, so show it to me. I want to see you completely, the person who loves me.

See. You really are beautiful.

You feel even warmer. Being close to someone else feels good.

Your eyes look so gentle. They’re so brilliant too. It makes me feel calm. Even your eyes are beautiful.

Did that surprise you? I want this too.

Can you see me?

We’re alive. You and me.

If only everything that happened this evening had been a dream…

Hey. If something happens… If there’s a reason for me to die… If I want to die… Will you kill me?

When I die, I want you to be the one who kills me.

Promise me that you’ll kill me.

Hmm? You’ll never do it? Why not?

I would kill you if you wanted to die. So that’s alright, isn’t it?

It’s no good at all?

You won’t allow me to die?

I see. You’re stricter than I thought.


In that case I’ll choose to live in boredom. I think I’ll still be able to live a better life than I have up until now if I’m with you.

Hmm? What isn’t right?

I won’t be bored if I live with you? Really?

You’re going to entertain me enough to make me forget about wanting to die?

I see. You say some amazing things.

But I think you’re the one person who can actually do it.

Even now I don’t feel bored.

I also hope I can to entertain you enough to keep you smiling all the time.

I love you.

I’m glad you didn’t die at the Ikedaya. I’m glad we met. Didn’t you survive just for the sake of loving me?

There’s no doubt about it.

Show me that the two of us really are alive. Make me feel as if the two of us are lovers.

[1] This is the date of the Aburanokoji Incident, where Itou Kashitarou was killed.

Track 10

Ever since we became lovers, you warned me not to see you too often. I didn’t have that intention at all, so I think you’re being too careful. It seems that you were being quite careful to make sure our relationship wasn’t discovered. Thanks to that, we weren’t forced to commit seppuku and for a short time, we were able to spend our time peacefully without anything happening.

However, the same couldn’t be said for the other men. The situation that the Shinsengumi was in was only getting worse. One cause of that was likely to be the increasing calls for the shogunate to be overthrown after Lord Yoshinobu [1] returned power to the imperial court.

At some point, it probably became impossible for the Shinsengumi to escape.

The winter of 1867. The sparks which seemed as if they could light at any moment, silently scattered themselves around the Shinsengumi. The new year was closing in.

Is now a good time? I’m coming in.

I would like you to accompany me. I want to go into the city.

Yes. I’m going shopping. There’s something I want to talk about too. It’s difficult to talk about it here.

I see. Get ready and we’ll leave right away.

My breath is completely white.

There’s no one else around. Alright, listen carefully. There’s something I want to tell you.

You’ve also noticed the Shinsengumi’s current situation and the way the world is moving, haven’t you? There’ll be a war soon. I’m sure it’ll be a great war.

You won’t be called to the front lines though. Doing the odd jobs around the headquarters is a maid’s work, but going to the front lines is a different matter.

You’ve done more than enough for the Shinsengumi. I’m probably not the only one who feels that way either. Haven’t you already paid us back for saving your life? So there’s no need for you to come to the front lines.

However… I don’t want to leave you behind. So I intend to take you to the front lines, whether you like it or not. A man would normally leave a woman behind at a time like this. But there’s no way I can do that. I don’t want to lie either. I can only tell you the truth.

I want you to come with me. So come with me.

Hmm? You felt the same way too?

I see. Of course I’m not going to say you can’t. I really want to be with you. There’s no way I could leave you behind. I thought you would be a little more hesitant about going though. I didn’t think we’d be able to talk about it this quickly.

In that case, there’s something else I want to talk about.

If you’re coming to the front lines with me, then I’ve decided to take you there as my wife, not as a maid of the Shinsengumi. It’d be strange to bring a mere maid to the battlefield and put her in danger, but things would be different if we’ve promised to have a future together.

I don’t want to send you somewhere far away just because you’ll be in danger. When I think that you might end up with another man, I won’t be able to concentrate on the battle. So I want you to become my wife.

I love you, so this feeling won’t change from now on.

I’ll always love you. So I want you to be with me. No matter how dangerous the places we go might be, I think that I’ll be fine if we’re together.

What do you think? Before you looked as it might be unthinkable, but will you be my wife now?

You’re crying? What does that mean? It doesn’t mean you hate the idea so much that you’re crying, does it?

I see. You’re going to become my wife. Thank you.

I don’t really know why you’re crying, but I’ll wipe away your tears.

We’re going shopping next.

You want to immerse yourself in this moment? What? I still don’t really understand you. I don’t really get what you’re trying to immerse yourself in, but can’t you do it at home?

We’re going shopping now, alright? Come on. Let’s go.

Not that way. This way.

Choose something you want here.

That’s right. One of these combs.

We’re going to be husband and wife, so we’ve got to have one, haven’t we?

You’ll accept it, won’t you?

Ah… You’re crying again. You’re crying a lot today, aren’t you?

We’re in front of other people, so I want you to hold back a little. Save your crying and immersing in whatever it is you were doing until you get back.

Alright, choose one. I want to buy it and give it to you right away. Then you’ll be my wife,won’t you?

Ah… Then tonight will be our first night together.

Ouch! What is it? Why’d you hit me all of a sudden?

I don’t mind if anyone else hears us. It’s the truth, you see. It’s true that you’re going to be my wife and that tonight will be our first night together…

Ouch! I can’t believe it! There was no need to hit me twice! I would’ve fought back, if it hadn’t been you.


Ah. You want this comb? Alright, I’m going to buy it then.

Excuse me. I’ll take this one.

Ah, it’s fine as it is. Thank you.

I’ve got it. Come here, I’ll put it into your hair.

It suits you. Now you’re mine, aren’t you?

Earlier, I said it didn’t matter what danger we might face, but I don’t plan on putting you in danger for a long time.

There’s something I’ve been thinking about. I just want a little longer until I make up my mind. Stay with me until then. I’ll make sure to protect you. Let’s stay together.

It wasn’t long before it happened. The Shinsengumi made their way to Fushimi [2] under the orders of Lord Yoshinobu and went into battle. This era will undergo some great changes. Many of the men lost their lives in this battle and the Shinsengumi was destroyed. Lord Yoshinobu became an enemy of the emperor. After several battles, I left the Shinsengumi together with Nagakura and several other men.

Determination was necessary to make that decision. I don’t have great ambitions like Kondo-san and Hijkata-san do. Even so…

I wanted to see the future of the Shinsengumi, who had taken care of me for such a long time. I wondered what form Kondo-san’s ideals would take and I couldn’t abandon the feeling of wanting to help. However, I chose to leave the Shinsengumi as I wanted to live a long life with you. As I was less ambitious than the other men, I probably had more choices open to me. That’s why I chose this answer. I plan to leave the battles behind and live with you.

Yet, there was something I understood after leaving. It seems that I was more attached to the Shinsengumi than I first thought.

Soon I will experience an extremely sorrowful feeling. When I told you that, you smiled and said “I think everyone knows that you love the Shinsengumi”.

After that, you were lost in thought for a while. You said there was something I could keep beside me as a remembrance of the Shinsengumi, even though you didn’t know whether it would feel like a true connection to them.

I was surprised that it was so easy for us to get permission to take the hydrangea away. They said they didn’t mind us taking a flower that’d probably never bloom. It still hasn’t bloomed yet, has it? This brings back memories…

Ah. There it is. It’s grown since the last time I saw it. I hope we’ll be able to put it into the pot we brought with us.

Yes, we’ll replant it right away.

Alright, let’s start digging. I’ll only use the spade part of the way. Starting to dig from here won’t hurt the roots, will it?

Ah. These are the hydrangea’s roots? Shall I use my hands to dig?

Ah… They’ve grown longer. They weren’t that long when we planted it though.

Although it hasn’t bloomed, it had put down its roots where they couldn’t be seen.

Seeing this makes me wonder whether I had put down my roots in the Shinsengumi. I thought there was no reason for me to be around, but perhaps even I was necessary as a member of the Shinsengumi.

Of course I was? You’re right.

I wish that everyone else would be able to see the hydrangea bloom with us.

[1] Tokugawa Yoshinobu was the last shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate, who unsuccessfully tried to reform the shogunate.
[2] Fushimi (located near Kyoto) was an important area during the time that the Tokugawa shogunate was in power.

Track 11


Oh… She’s not here…

Where is she? Outside?

What is it? You’re so energetic early in the morning.

What? There are some buds on the hydrangea?

Let me see.

Ah… It’s true. There are some buds on it.

The flowers might finally bloom this year. I doubted that it would blossom, but it was worth taking care of it.

The buds are…blue…

I see… Light blue…

Yes. Everyone in the Shinsengumi looked after it together. It might be only natural for a light blue [1] hydrangea to bloom.

I didn’t think I’d see that light blue colour here again…

What is it? You’re trying your hardest to reach up and pat my head… Don’t treat me like a child.

If you’re going to touch me, then touch me here.

I want to do it. I know we’ve only just woken up, but it’s alright, isn’t it?

Why not? I made sure to return your kiss, didn’t I? We’d always usually do it after that…


A baby?

Ah… Just now, Sanjuu came to mind. A name for the baby. If it’s a girl…

Ah. Which one is it?

You don’t know? Alright, I’ll think up names for both now then.

Anyway… You were running just now, weren’t you? Aren’t you being an idiot?

You’ve got to rest. Hurry… Go inside! This way!

Come inside. Sit there.

Never mind! No more running or walking quickly. I won’t allow it. Don’t do it again.

Hurry up and sit down. Stop standing up!

What would you like to eat?

I’ll make it, so you sit down!

Or would it be better for you to lie down?

Lie down over there. Just stay still.

Is that so? I don’t think it’s alright…

You won’t fall over if you don’t move. I don’t know how long it takes for a baby to be born, but wouldn’t it be better to rest until then?

I haven’t said anything strange, have I? You really do laugh at the strangest times.

Hmm? What is it?

I should be the one saying that. I hope we’ll continue to have a good relationship too.

Can I hold you? I’ll try not to touch your stomach.

You know… You’re my reason for living.

From now on, keep on saying things that I just wouldn’t imagine and keep me entertained. As long as I’m with you, I won’t feel bored. I’m glad I became your husband. I’m grateful for that.

Thank you. Please stay by my side from now on. Smile everyday. I love you.

[1] 浅葱色 (asagi-iro, light blue) was the colour of the haori jackets worn by the Shinsengumi.

Track 12

Tachibana introduces himself and says that he’ll be using the dummy head mic for the free talk too. He also mentions that this is his second time playing Sanosuke in the series, after his first appearance in Kekkonroku. He isn’t sure whether he has already said this previously in Kekkonroku or another Rejet series, but he feels that all of Rejet’s series are very long.

He talks about how Sanosuke had a tragic end in the previous series, Kekkonroku, but also says that a happy ending was especially created for everyone who wished for one. He feels that performing a happy ending was more difficult as he was used to the idea of Sanosuke as a slightly abnormal person, so it was difficult to connect him with the idea of a happy ending. He isn’t sure how the listeners might interpret it, but he thinks that he was able to create a somewhat sweeter version of Sanosuke this time.

The aspect of the story which interested him the most was the hydrangea plant. He mentions how in acidic soil blue flowers will bloom, but in alkali or neutral soil, red flowers will bloom. He recalls being curious about a hydrangea which bloomed a single red flower and suspecting that there’d be a body underneath it. By taking in the aluminium ions from acidic soil, hydrangea flowers become blue. However, if there was a body underneath the plant, the phosphoric acid from its bones would bond to the aluminium ions and become aluminium phosphate, which cannot be dissolved in water. Therefore the hydrangea won’t be able to absorb the aluminium ions and will become red.

He mentions the scene where the heroine and Sanosuke were digging a hole, and suggests the story wouldn’t be such a happy ending if they had been digging a hole to bury someone. However, contrary to his expectations, they replanted the tree as normal.

He then tells the listeners to direct their requests to Rejet if they’d like to hear any more “special lectures from Tachibana-sensei”. He goes on to mention that his CD is only the fourth, and the series will be eight CDs in total. He hopes that everyone will also listen to the other Hiyokuroku CDs.

He isn’t yet sure whether there will be a continuation of the Wasurenagusa series, but he still hopes that there’ll be a chance for the listeners and him to meet again.

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