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Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Snow White

Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Snow White

CV: Hiiragi Santa (Ono Yuuki)

Thank you Yona for your commission!

Track 1

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess. Her skin was as white as snow, and she was given the name “Snow White”. Everyone loved her.

However, her stepmother was not fond of her. Her stepmother loved her own son as he was also very handsome. When she would ask the magic mirror “Who is the fairest of them all?”, she was satisfied when she saw her son’s image reflected in the mirror.

Yet, the princess became more beautiful as the years went by, and because of that, her stepmother began to treat her even more cruelly. Using her position as the queen, she would harshly punish the princess for something as simple as their eyes meeting.

Unable to rely on anyone else, the princess was all alone in the castle. When the princess turned eighteen, her image was the one reflected in the magic mirror.

What is it? I’m busy right now.

A delivery? Tch. The door’s open.

What are you talking about? When I asked the mirror who was the fairest of them all, it told me it was you.

I can’t believe it! No matter how you look at it, it should be me.

This is strange… It was me up until yesterday, as usual, but what’s so different about today?!


It’s your birthday today?

Are you serious? Today, hmm?

Never mind that! I don’t care how old you are, but this means you surpassed me as soon as your birthday came around?! You’re the most beautiful person in this world? I don’t believe it!

What? Of course! I don’t need you to tell me I’m cool!

Well, you’re not so bad either. I’m number one though!

This really is unbelievable though! Isn’t this mirror broken?

Will it work if I hit it?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a magic mirror, things usually start working again when you hit them.

I think I heard that somewhere a long time ago. Was it just my imagination?

Hey, didn’t you say you had something to deliver?

A letter? It’s probably another invitation to a ridiculous event like a dinner party or a ball. Rip it up and throw it away.

Fine! That woman wants me to go, doesn’t she? She really wants to steal the crown from you and make me king. Otherwise this would be the job of the king and his close relatives.

So what are you doing? You’re not even allowed to do the job of a princess, you’re delivering things instead. Aren’t you no different from a maid?

I see. If you enjoy being treated like a maid so much, why not just become one?

Ah. Wait a minute. That might be a good idea. Become my personal maid.

What? Why not?

Stop being nothing more than a princess in name only. You must be tired of a life where you can’t count on anyone else and I’m the only one you can have a proper conversation with.

Hey. You’re happy that you’re getting special treatment from me, aren’t you? I’ll treat you affectionately all day long.

Why do you look like that? You’re like a prey who’s about to be eaten.

Hmm… A tuna fish!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s carp or tuna! Anyway, looking at your face has made me angry again! I really can’t agree with that mirror!

Could its magic have weakened? Will it be fixed if I recharge its magic? But if I make a mistake…

Hmm? I guess so.

It’s not mine, it belongs to that woman. If you ask this mirror something, there’s a hundred percent chance it’ll give you the right answer. Supposedly.

It’s no good like this. I’ll try asking her.

Ah. Wait a minute!

Here you go.

It’s your birthday. There probably won’t be anyone wishing you a happy birthday, so I’ll give you something.

I thought it was tomorrow though.

Ah… Yeah, yeah. You should be truly grateful for my kindness!

Hey! Don’t open it here! It’s embarrassing!

There’s nothing wrong with me choosing a toy bear!

Track 2

Come here!

Just come here! We’re getting out of here!

It’s so small. It really is nothing more than a place to sleep.

But we’d be found right away if we didn’t go this deep into the forest.

The sheets are covered in dust too!

Alright. I suppose this will do.

Hey. You come over here and sit down.

Force you to leave the castle and kill you right away. That’s what she told me to do.

I told her about the mirror. She had probably been on her guard for a while now. It felt like it finally happened.

You’re not getting upset. Even though I’m saying you might get killed…

You probably won’t show up in the mirror again if I ruin your face.

Not really. What good would asking about my reasons do? I’ve got to be the most beautiful. There’s no particular reason for it. Not for that woman or for me.

I don’t think you’d understand me, so don’t worry about it.

So aren’t you going to fight back?

You can’t even answer a simple question like this?

In that case…

The surface of this apple is covered in poison. That woman made it to kill you, so I’m sure you won’t fail to die. Eat it.

You’re not going to eat it? Then…

Don’t get so worried. Come here.

I like that look on your face.

Unfortunately… There’s no poison on it at all.

I’m not interested in dying together with you here. I’ve thought of a good way to defile you without using that woman’s poison. If the mirror says you’re beautiful, then all I have to do is defile your face, body and heart. It’s a good idea, isn’t it?

Cry out in a lovely voice.

See. Your neck is gradually turning red.

What’s that? Are you trying to resist?

Do you think that’s going to have any effect?

Your arms are in the way.

I like that look on your face. You’ve got tears in the corners of your eyes. It excites me a little.

I’m not going to be gentle, but I don’t plan on forcing you either.

Relax. Entrust your body to me.

You’ve finally calmed down.

I thought you’d have a childlike body, but you’re a real woman.

And you’re already this tense here, when I haven’t even done anything…

Why would I lie about that? You’re so tense, I can feel it through your underwear. When I run my nails over it like this…

Where’d that voice come from? You’re usually so absent-minded. The way your voice sounds when you feel good is really indecent. Let me hear even more of it.

Hey. Doing that with your underwear on doesn’t feel right, does it? I’ll let go of your arms, so take them off.

You can’t do it?

I’m going to touch you here first then… You’re already wet here. You can feel it yourself too, can’t you?

When you run your finger across like this, there’s so much…

The princess is quite a sensitive person…

Why are you denying it? You’ve become this wet because you feel good, haven’t you?

I’m going to let you choose. Take off your top or your skirt by yourself. Which one will it be?

Ah. You can’t say you don’t want to take either of them off. Hurry up and choose. Otherwise I’ll make you do them both.

Your top, hmm.

Come on. Give me your hand. It’ll be easier to do when you’re sitting up.

You won’t be able to take it off when you’re trembling so much.

You said you wanted to take off your top, so do it properly.

Hmm? I bit you. Doesn’t seeing a bright red ear in front of you make you want to bite it?

Anyway… Isn’t it lucky you got that off properly now? Stop hiding and take it away.

Now I’m going to take off your skirt.

Of course. I only asked whether you’d take your clothes off or let me do it. Refusing wasn’t one of the options.

You’re saying you don’t like it, but your nipples are really hard. Aren’t you expecting something? That I’m going to do terrible things to you…

In that case… Your body isn’t listening to anything you say. Even though you think you hate it, your body is so wet. It’s really wet when I touch it directly.

Won’t I be able to enter you easily when you’re this wet? If I enter you and defile you, then the mirror won’t choose you as number one, will it?

See, I went in really easily. It’s up to the top of my finger. When I rub my fingers inside, it makes an even more indecent sound.

It gets tighter when I put more fingers inside. Can’t you relax a little more?

Look up and turn your gaze this way.

Don’t run away.

It even feels warm inside your mouth.

What? Why?

Nothing really. It’s because you’re really nervous.

It’s not like that! If you’re trembling all the time, it’ll be impossible for me to enter you…

That’s enough. Raise your hips. I’m going to take off your underwear.

What? I’m going to take my clothes off too.

Don’t stare. There’s no need for me to take off all my clothes, is there? Or you’re saying that you want to see my naked body?

Hmm… I’ll show it to you. If there’s a next time, that is.

Don’t close your legs.

This might hurt. So tell me if you really can’t bear it.

It’s nothing.

I’m going to enter you.

It’s tight… But it feels really good…

This is as far as I can go? It’s really tight…

Put your arms around my neck instead of holding onto the sheets…

You can even dig your nails in. As much as you like…

In return for that, I’ll be punishing you later though…

I was only joking. I’m going to start moving now.

I don’t have time to keep talking.

Hey. Why are you crying?

Is it because you hate what I’m doing to you?

What is it then?

What are you saying? It feels so good that you’re crying…

You dummy.

Hey… Don’t tighten up. I can’t go on much longer. I’m not going to hold back.

Even if you cry and beg, I’m not going to stop.

Does it feel good when I rub against there? You get really tight when I do.

Loosen up! If you tighten up that much, then I won’t last much longer…

Track 3

I’m going back to the castle.

Today, you were poisoned by me and died. That’s what I’m going to say.

Why are you asking me that?

You want me to kill you?

It’s not about whether I’m obeying her orders or not, I’m asking what you want.

That woman and I are the ones to blame for your situation. We took away your freedom and the place you belonged. Aren’t you the one who wants to kill me?

Hah. It was everything, wasn’t it? Just what have you got left?

Me? What? It’s not as if I’m taking care of you…

I was… Well… I was teasing you.

What are you talking about?

Hey… What do you think of me?

Well… You know, don’t you?

Never mind! You said something strange, so I was sure that…

Nothing! If only you’d been a worse person than you actually are…

Anyway, I’m going to say that you died here.

I seduced you to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

I’ll come up with a plan just in case you happen to show up in the mirror, so it’ll be fine.

Isn’t this the first time in my life that I’ve disobeyed her?

Just because.

I didn’t want to follow her orders for the rest of my life, and you don’t seem to want to live either. There’s no fun in killing someone like that.

I’m letting you survive, so think of something you want to do.

Do you really need to worry about it that much? What a boring woman.

What? Of course, there are plenty of things I want to do and places I want to go.

I don’t think I can do those things in that cramped castle, so I’ll be leaving soon.

Definitely not! I’d rather die than become a prince. A bounty hunter would be better than that.

Together? You’re not tagging along!

That’s only because you don’t know anything else that’s fun. You’ll definitely lose interest in spending time with me if you find something.

I’ll come again in the evening.

Track 4

The news of the princess having been poisoned to death by the queen and her son soon spread throughout the country. Everyone who loved the kind and beautiful princess sorrowfully mourned for her. They regretted not doing anything because they had been afraid of being punished. Before long, that regret became anger, and a secret revolution to force the queen and her son out of the castle began.

On the other hand, there was also a rumour that the body of the princess was lying deep in the forest, looking as beautiful as she did when she was alive. There was no end to the number of people searching for her.

What is it?

Assassination? I should run away right now?

Where’d you hear about that?

Hmm… So the prince came here then?

The rumour that your body is lying in the forest somewhere has travelled quite far.

This country is cooperating with his country to kill that woman and I? They know they’ll be no match for us.

You worrying won’t change a thing. There’s not much time before sunset either. That woman is no longer around either.

When I went to her room earlier, she was collapsed on her bed. A bottle of poison had fallen beside her hand.

She ran away, abandoning me, the only person related to her by blood. I’ve probably been nothing more than a tool to her since the day I was born. We’re mother and son, so I thought it wouldn’t matter if we were executed together.

Isn’t it a happy story? The revolution was mostly a success, without any effort. Then if I get caught and killed, they’ll have got everything they wanted.

Why didn’t you run away? You saw the prince, didn’t you? You should have got him to take you away.

I should run away because I’m going to get killed tonight? Why did you want to tell me that?

Isn’t it better for you if that woman and I are dead? Then you’ll marry the prince and live happily ever after, won’t you?

I’m not wrong! What do you want me to do?

You’re always like that. Even though you follow orders when they’re given, you can’t answer when someone asks what you want. You should know your own feelings, even if you know nothing else.




You want to run away. That means you don’t want to die, doesn’t it?

What makes you feel that way?

You said you didn’t know when I asked you before. You’ve only just realised?

Well… Even if you love me, I hate you.

I’m not telling the truth. I wished you could have been the person I hated the most. But I’ve never even hated you once, since the day we met…

If you want me to escape, then you’ll come too. If you want me to live, then so will you. Take responsibility and come with me. You dummy.

Track 5

It’s still here. I was sure it’d been destroyed.

Yes, it was before that woman got married. I lived here up until five years ago.

We’ll hide here tonight. Someone will find us if we stay in that hut. The prince said he’d come again at night, didn’t he?

Why’d you let a stranger in anyway?

The door wasn’t locked?

Hey, I’m not the only one they’re looking for. They’re looking for you too.

There’s a rumour going round that the murdered princess is lying somewhere in the forest, looking as beautiful as she did when she was alive. That prince was one of the people looking for you.

He probably couldn’t believe you were still alive… So he’s not going to give up coming.

You and I are both wanted people, with a great reward for our capture. I’m so happy I could cry.

Hmm? Ah… That picture was still around?

It seems as if you don’t know who it is. It’s me and that woman, when I was a child. She hated her own face. She was covered in freckles and had crooked teeth. That’s why she used magic to create a different face, one that she wanted. She was beautiful enough to make the king fall in love, but that was also why mirrors didn’t show her reflection.

Because of her looks, she was concerned about how I looked. Especially after she married the king. She kept on repeating “the most beautiful will be the most loved”, just like a curse. That’s why I kept on giving her the answer she wanted.

I said it before, didn’t I? That woman and I didn’t have much of a reason. It really was ridiculous enough to make someone laugh.

That’s right. I think my mother is much more beautiful in this picture too.

The mirror’s answer probably won’t change. If you ask it who is the fairest of them all, you’ll probably appear in the mirror.

No. I don’t have any way of finding out. That’s because the mirror is broken. Even after I defiled you, the mirror still chose you. It annoyed me, but I honestly had a feeling that would happen. Nothing would change, no matter what I did.

But then people would know I lied about killing you, wouldn’t they? That’s why I broke it. Even though it had magic cast on it, it was still just a mirror. There’d be no way of fixing it if it was smashed to pieces.

That’s right. I destroyed her precious mirror, so this time you’re going to answer.

Who is the fairest of them all?

Say it again.

That’s right.

A reward for giving the right answer. If you make a mistake, you’ll have a hard time. Prepare yourself for that.

Don’t run away. I’ll do something like this…

There’s an obvious mark on your neck. Your skin is really pale, so it’s really noticeable.

Not just here… Shall I make lots of marks where they can be seen?

Hmm? Is that so? Shall I stop that for today then?

Well, I’m going to do something similar though.

Come on. Open your mouth.

You’re getting a little wet down there. Did having your neck bitten feel good?

I’m not wrong. You’re really wet now that I’m kissing you while touching you. You like being touched there, don’t you? You’re really trembling just because I’m caressing you.

So it really feels good enough to make you hold onto me?

I’ll touch you even more then.

How shameful of you to cry out in an erotic voice. Aren’t you even more sensitive than before?

You’re a natural at this, aren’t you? Princess…

My finger is already inside. It should be easy for me to put one more in.

It’s deep inside you, making an indecent sound. You like it when I’m moving my finger inside you, don’t you? Just like this…

I like the sound of your voice.

Don’t cover your mouth. You’re embarrassed that I’m hearing your voice like this, aren’t you? Even your ears are red. How cute.

I don’t mind you holding back, but you’ll eventually feel so good that you can’t stop yourself from crying out. If I enter you…

You can tell I’m getting hard too, can’t you?

I can’t bear it any longer, so I want you to pleasure me with your hands.

What should you do? You really don’t know anything, do you?

Put your hand here…

Of course it feels hot.

Don’t just touch it with the tips of your fingers. Hold onto it properly.

Then move your hand up and down.

You’re doing it too gently. Hold on tighter. Like this…

You’ve got a little better at this, haven’t you?

Don’t stare at me. It’s embarrassing. Jeez…

Keep on moving like that.

What? I’m taking off your clothes. You can tell by looking, can’t you?

You’ve got to take care of up here too.

Just don’t stop moving your hand. You’re really tense here too. You look like you want me to touch you there.

They got even harder when all I did was touch them. But this isn’t enough, is it? You like being treated roughly.

Don’t hold on so tightly all of a sudden! All I did was run my nails across slightly.

You can let go now. I’m not satisfied with the way you’ve been turning me on and I can’t take it any longer.

I can enter you now, can’t I?

Answer me.

You’re already so wet. Do you want me or not? You know that much, don’t you?

Well, I suppose you succeeded. Beg me in a cuter way next time.

Lie on your back now.

Wait a minute. Doing the same thing as last time won’t be interesting.

Turn the other way. I’m telling you to turn the other way and get down on all fours.

What? What do you mean it’s impossible?

You can do it, can’t you? Come on.

You look amazing like that.

Can you feel it touching you? Going inside you…

You’re really warm on the inside. It’s going in tightly… It feels really good. I’m going to enter you without stopping…

I’m inside you. When I enter you from behind, it touches somewhere different, doesn’t it? Like here… Deep inside…

You’re too tight. Loosen up a little.

You’ve got tears in your eyes again.

Hey. I want to see your face while we’re doing this after all.

You’re so tight that I can’t get out easily…

Ah… Doing it this way really does feel more relaxing.

Is it a sense of superiority? Or a sense of power?

Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter which.

I’m going to start moving. Don’t close your eyes. Watch what’s being done to you and who’s doing it.

Hey… Why did you tense up like that? You’re not going to say that it feels good to look at me, are you?

Look. I’m going to move faster.

What? You’re already about to come? I’ve only just entered you.

Alright, go on then. I’m going to take it out for now. Don’t think that we’re done yet though.

You’re really tight…

I’m coming…now…

Seeing that against your pale thighs is really .

Hey. Why are you lying down like that? I told you we’re not done yet, didn’t I?

I’m not at all satisfied yet. We’re not going to stop yet, Princess.

Track 6

Ugh… What’s the meaning of this terrible amount of money? If the two of us get caught, couldn’t the person who does it live an easy life for ten years?

Of course there’d be a difference between the amount offered for a terrible magician and a beloved princess, depending on who you want to find first.

I really have taken something troublesome with me.

What? There’s no way I’m giving you back. I’ve run away like this because you wanted me to live. Take responsibility for your words until the very end. Whether I’m going to end up in a jail cell or hell, you’ll be coming with me.

Why are you smiling? I meant that as a threat, not as something romantic!

Hey… You still haven’t found something you want to do?

I don’t have a choice then. I’ll stay with you until you find something.

You dummy. There’s no way I could be stuck doing that for the rest of my life.

Hey. Answer my question.

Just do it. Who’s the fairest of them all?

Who’s the greatest of them all?

Who do you love most?

Well done.

So the princess and the magician travelled around countries where no one knew them, and lived happily ever after. The End.


Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Cinderella


Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 4


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