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Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Cinderella

CV: Sakurai Masato (Fukushima Jun)

Thank you Yona for your commission!

Track 1

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. She came from a wealthy family, lived in a luxurious house and her parents were kind. The girl, who was blessed in every way, grew up to be honest and very kind.

However, her happy life came to a sudden end one day. Her mother became ill and passed away. Her father later remarried, but her stepmother and the two daughters she brought with her were all very cruel. They treated her just like a slave. They made her work from morning until night, laughing at the girl in her ragged clothes and calling her “Cinderella”.

One day, a ball was being held at the palace. There was great excitement in the town as it was rumoured that the prince would choose his future wife there. Cinderella longed to attend the wonderful ball, but of course, she was not allowed to. As she watched her stepmother and stepsisters, who were dressed in their best clothes, leaving to attend the ball, a magician appeared before her.

You were watching the carriage quite intently. Aren’t you going to the ball?

Ah… You’re not, are you?

You haven’t decided not to go, you’re not allowed to go.

It’s not going to open. I’ve cast magic on it.

That’s right. Magic. I’m a magician, you see.

It doesn’t matter how many times you try. That door won’t open now.

I’m sorry… Could you give up trying to escape into the house?

There’s no need to be afraid. I’m not going to be cruel to you. Not like your stepmother and stepsisters.

It’s nothing to be surprised about.

It’s only natural that people would be talking if you were getting shouted at loudly everyday in this small town. Cinderella is a terrible nickname, isn’t it? Even though you’re so pretty…

Don’t run away. I told you this earlier. I’m not going to hurt you.

Hey. Don’t you think it’s unfair? You work hard everyday, sacrificing yourself for the sake of someone you don’t even want to devote yourself to. But you’re not even allowed to go to the ball… Isn’t that unfair? Poor you.

Try and imagine it.

Elegant music. The chandeliers on the ceiling. A dreamlike time, dancing with the prince while wearing a beautiful dress. You were invited, so why are you staying at home? Why are you the only one who can’t go to the place you’re longing for?

Hey… You’re a good girl who always works hard. I’ll take you to the ball as a reward.

I’m telling the truth. I wouldn’t say something I couldn’t do. If you really don’t believe me, then shall I show you again? I’m going to cast some magic on your feet, so lift up your skirt a little.


You’ve got to have beautiful shoes if you’re going to the ball.

What do you think?

It looks like they fit perfectly too. Those glass shoes really suit you.

Now you believe that I’m a magician, what will you do? I don’t think there’s any need for you to hesitate though. There’s something you’re wishing for, and I’ve got the power to make that wish come true. I’ve proved that ability to you just now.

Could it be that you’re wondering why I would make your wish come true?

To tell the truth… There’s a really important reason. An important reason from ten years ago. Would you believe me if I said that?

I’m sorry. Don’t think too hard. It’s just like I said earlier. I want to give you a reward for always working hard. You have a right to that reward. Just think of it as a present you received by chance.

Do you want to go to the ball or not? If you say yes, then I’ll make it happen.

Hey. What’s your answer?

Well done. I like girls who are honest.

We’ve got to get ready right away then. Take off your clothes.

Why are you so surprised? Hurry up and take off your clothes. You’re not thinking of going in that dusty apron and dress, are you?

You’re trusting someone you only just met just because they said a few kind words to you… You’re so simple.

I’m not tricking you. Everything I said was true. I know you’re working in in a difficult environment. That’s why I came here and wanted to send you to the ball you’re longing to attend.

Well, that’s not the only reason though.

You can reject me if you want… But you want to attend the ball, don’t you?

The contract was formed when you agreed to that. I think you should do as I say. Anyway, I’m going to change those clothes into a dress, so take them off.

I could do it while you’re wearing them, but it’s more trouble than doing the shoes. If you insist that you can’t take them off by yourself, then I’ll help you.

That’s too bad. It’d be no good if you got even more suspicious of me, so I’m going to look the other way. Tell me when you’ve finished undressing.

Hey. Why haven’t you run away from this house? I think a girl from a good family like you would normally get tired of being a servant and run away.

Just because of your father? I can understand wanting to stay with your only relative, but your father isn’t helping you either, is he?

A promise? From ten years ago?

No… It’s nothing.

Are you finished?

Ah, I see. It was meaningless to have turned around just now. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry to trouble you while you’re doing you’re best to cover yourself, can you give me the clothes you’ve taken off?

It’s alright. Once I’ve seen you, the second or third times won’t make any difference.

I suppose I don’t have a choice. I’ll turn around again. You’ll hand it over while I’m facing the other way, won’t you?

Thank you.

I wonder what’d be a good colour.

Here you go. Try it on.

I’m glad you like it.

I made it a light pink colour. I’m sure it’ll go well with those shoes too. Tell me when you’re done changing.

By the way… Why do you even want to go to the ball in the first place? I just think the showy events at the castle are nothing more than an annoyance. I don’t want to get involved with them.

Something you dream of doing, hmm?

No… I just remembered that I seem to have heard the same thing before.

Right… I suppose they are a friend. I haven’t seen them since then, so I think they’ve forgotten me.

Oh, you’re done?

Yes, it looks good on you. Much better than what you were wearing earlier. I’m sure the prince will definitely approach you. You’re easily fooled, so you’ll be easily seduced.

I’m not trying to be cruel. You’re clumsy, so I’m giving you a warning to stop you getting hurt.

You don’t understand? To put it bluntly, you’re a good natured person who’s also naïve. That’s why you got caught by someone like me.

Are you angry?

I’m sorry I didn’t live up to my first impression. It’s an honour that you considered me to be like a prince just because I was pretending to seem innocent. Unfortunately, I’m not a prince, but a wicked magician. I’m going to make sure I get something in return.

Well, shall I get the carriage ready?

Track 2

Let me take your hand.

Put your foot there.

You don’t have to step so nervously. It’s not going to break. It won’t disappear when you touch it either. Even though it’s made from a pumpkin and some mice, I’ve cast magic on it, so you can rely on it.

Oh, right. I forgot to tell you something important. All the magic cast on the shoes, dress and carriage will run out at midnight. Just make sure not to forget that.

That’s right. Midnight. If you forget what time it is while you’re having fun at the ball, you’ll turn back into the Cinderella you were before right in front of the prince.

You look worried. Are you afraid of going now?

Or you’re still not feeling confident about yourself?

It looks like I’m right. Even if you go, you’ll probably still feel nervous. You don’t need to feel that way, do you?

It’s alright. You’re pretty. Much prettier than anyone else at the ball.

Are you embarrassed? That’s cute too.

You really are an idiot. I just warned you that you’re good natured and naïve. Have you already forgotten? I’m sure I told you. I’m going to make sure I get something in return.

It’s too late for you to run away. There’s no where to run in this small place, is there?

What is it? I’m doing the finishing touches. I’m going to cast some special magic on you. It’s a magic that feels really good and makes a woman look her most beautiful.

Hey. You want to know, don’t you?

Are you relaxed now? This magic has a similar effect to an instant aphrodisiac.

It’s alright. All you have to do is feel good.

All I did was kiss you, but you’re already looking dazed.

Are you embarrassed? That’s no good. I’m going to do even more embarrassing things after this.

Look this way. Put your tongue out.

Were you holding your breath? Of course it’d hurt if you were.

Is it your first time doing something like this?

Hmm… Those uncertain kisses might actually turn me on too.

So that means I’ve taken your first time, doesn’t it? Before the prince did…

I’m just going to undo the buttons on your dress. I’d prefer to take everything off though.

Does your neck feel ticklish? The place where it tickles is an erogenous zone.

See. When I lick you like this…

Your voice has gotten sweeter. Are you feeling good?

Your collarbone now…

You don’t have to be afraid. Not having any strength left in your body and feeling good is all because of the magic. It can’t be helped.

That’s right. No one will blame you for being violated while magic was cast on you. If there’s an excuse, you won’t feel guilty either, will you?

So show me what your face looks like when you’re feeling good.

You’re already feeling tense here. I can even tell without touching you directly. You’re already this tense when all I’ve done is kiss and lick you. I’m going to move your underwear out of the way.

Can I lick you there? Ah… But you’ll say no if I ask you. So I’m not going to ask.

Do you like being licked this way?

You’ve been trembling for a while.

Then how about I bite your skin gently? You’re feeling good because of a little pain… Is that the kind of thing you like?

It’s not? Hmm… Shall I try it again?

Your voice is amazing. How indecent.

Why did you cover your mouth with your hand? Don’t do that. Let me hear your voice. I want to hear you feeling satisfied.

There’s no need to be embarrassed. I’m the only one who can hear it.

Even if you cover your mouth, I can still hear your voice.

If you insist on doing that, then I can tie your hands up. You’ll move your hands if you don’t want to be teased any longer, won’t you?

Well done. I’m going to touch you somewhere that’ll make you feel even better.

Doing it with your clothes on might be more immoral. As soon as I raised your skirt, I couldn’t help reaching inside. You’re all wet.

You’re telling me you don’t like this and you’re ashamed, but you’re feeling good. No matter how much magic I cast, you wouldn’t normally get this wet.

See. All I did was brush my hand across and it’s enough to make my hand slide across.

Does this feel good? Higher up? Here, hmm?

I’m not even touching you directly, but your legs are trembling.

You’ve got no strength left? How about you lie down then?

I’ll help you lie down, so just let me hold you.

Ah, can you lift up your hips again? I’m going to take off your underwear.

Well, it’ll feel bad when they’re this wet, won’t it?

Open your legs.

Don’t keep them closed! Wider than that.

You’re all tense here. Maybe it’s because I touched you while you still had your underwear on?

I’m going to touch you directly.

Don’t do that? Why not?

You seem to be feeling really good though. Would it be too much for me to touch you directly?

Your body is so indecent, but your reactions are cute. You’re good at turning men on.

Right… Shall I put my fingers inside? I’m going to do it slowly. It makes a sound when I rub my fingers inside. Can you hear it? It’s making a “rub rub” noise when I move my fingers.

You mustn’t cover your ears. It proves that I’m making you feel good with my fingers, you see.

Hey. Don’t be embarrassed, look this way.

You feel tighter when I kiss you. This time I’ll move my fingers while I kiss you.

I put two fingers inside you. Is it too tight? Are you alright?

I’m glad. I’m going to move a little more roughly then. Does it feel good when I move my fingers like that? You’re really warm on the inside.

What’s the matter?

Ah… You’re about to come.

Go on then. I’ll touch you where it feels good.

Your voice really is cute. Let me make you feel even better. Only think about me, instead of the prince.

You came. It’s flowing out from you again. It’s even on your thighs.

Your skin is completely pale. It might turn redder if I kiss you like this.

You look like you haven’t had enough yet. The places where I touched you are aching unbearably. You want me to do even more to make you feel good.

I’m not going to do anything else though. I told you, didn’t I? That I’d cast the type of magic which made a woman look the most beautiful.

You look incredibly beautiful now. You’re aroused and there’s an indecent expression on your face.

There is. You’ll see just what kind of effect it’ll have when you get to the ball.

Alright. You’re ready, so you should get going. The real show starts now.

Just make sure not to forget about midnight.

You really are good natured. You wouldn’t normally thank someone when you had to pay them with your own body. I’m happy you’re thanking me for the ball though.

You’re misunderstanding something. I wasn’t ever planning to let the prince have you.

Track 3

Isn’t it a shame for you to be standing by the wall? Even though I made you look beautiful…

Are you surprised? I was worried whether you’d be able to dance properly, and so I came to see how you were doing.

If you couldn’t dance, then I was thinking of secretly casting some magic on your shoes. It seems like you’ve been turning down offers to dance for a while now. Are you feeling unwell?

Hmm… You’re not.

Ah… These clothes, hmm? Of course I’m not silly enough to turn up wearing my robe to a ball in a country where magic is forbidden. If I disguise myself like this, I seem like a guest, don’t I?

Did you get to see the prince?

Is that so? He might have already found his partner then. It’s also possible that he could have left because he couldn’t find a girl who interested him.

Anyway… Isn’t this ball an incredibly luxurious one, as they usually are?

I’ve never been to one. But I know about them. I’m from this country too, you see.

Yes, magic is completely forbidden. There’s no way a magician could live here.

I know I shouldn’t do it here, but would you listen to me talk about my past for a little while, just to pass the time?

Thank you.

My mother was born in this country. It seems that my father was a magician, but he died before I was born. My mother was alone and brought me back here, to her home country. She knew that I had magical abilities and did her best to keep it hidden as she raised me… But she died when I was seven.

I could only rely on the power of magic to survive by myself. I would be persecuted if I used my magic. Everyday was like hell. Because of my past, I hate this country. I actually never wanted to come back here again.

Why…? Would you believe me if I said I came here to see you?

It seems like you’ve learnt a little. Don’t believe other people’s words so easily. I’m happy you remembered what I said.

The next piece of music has begun. Let’s stop talking about the past.

Right… Seeing as we’re here, will you dance for one song? Beautiful young lady.

You don’t have to worry. I’ll take the lead. Alright?

Right. Left. One step back.

Left. Right. Repeat.

Come closer to me so you won’t bump into anyone.

Hmm? Why are you looking down?

It seems as if you’re concerned about something. Like a throbbing sensation in your body…

Come to think of it, the effects of the magic haven’t worn off yet, it can’t be helped.

Is that why you turned down the invitations and were sitting down?

You can’t dance properly because your body trembles when you’re touched.

Your ears are bright red. The magic worked. See, everyone is looking at you. You look attractive and incredibly beautiful.

Those men are both looking at you instead of their partner. But no one realises you’re trembling like this.

Hmm? The prince is here. See.

He’s looking at you. The prince is like the other men. He can’t take his eyes off how attractive you are. He’s fascinated and he’s got a look of desire on his face.

Look. You’re getting the steps wrong. You’ve got to dance properly. You can’t make a mistake in front of the person you’ve been longing for, can you?

The song is almost over, so you’ve got to hold on until the end.

The prince is coming over here. Maybe he’s going to ask you to dance.

What should you do? Why are you worried? Your wish is coming true, so you should be a little happier.

Alright, I’m going. Good luck.

Track 4

Welcome back. So you kept to the agreement.

I was lying when I said the magic would wear off when it got to midnight though.

Your dress and hair are still the same, aren’t they?

The magic will keep going unless I stop it. That’s the truth.

I’m sorry. But that’s the only lie I’ve told you. I’m telling the truth about that.

Why? You want to know the reason why. You’ve come back to me like this. I don’t think there’s any greater clue than that.

If I said that to you, you’d even push away the prince so he wouldn’t see who you really are, and then you’d come back to me.

You actually came back. It was all part of my plan. Appearing before you tonight and casting that aphrodisiac magic on you too. Lying to you that the magic would run out at midnight. It was because I wanted to make you mine.

Unfortunately, I’m not joking or lying this time. I pretended to make your wish come true and tricked you in order to make you mine. I used the thing that you were dreaming of.

I’m cruel? I’m told you from the beginning that I was a bad magician. I was thinking of taking you away right now.

You look a mess. One of your shoes has fallen off. You’re bleeding too.

On the stairs? You were probably in such a hurry that you lost your shoe. It’s only natural that you’d get hurt while running barefoot.

Sit down there. I’m going to treat your injury. I think I’ve told you this already, but I don’t want to hurt you.

Well, that isn’t the right thing to be saying after I’ve hurt you emotionally though…

Sit down. Stretch your leg this way. I can make a bandage with magic, but there’s nothing to use as disinfectant, so it’ll only be a temporary solution.

I can’t believe I’m the one treating your injury this time.

Eh? Ah… You don’t have to worry about the shoe.

I thought you’d remembered.

I told you I had an important reason for making your wish come true, didn’t I?

That wasn’t a lie either. You’ve probably forgotten, but in the past, you treated my injuries, just like this.

I’m going to continue to talk about the past. After my mother passed away, my daily life was a cruel one. I was alone and the victim of senseless violence.

I even thought that I might die. There was also a ball being held on the day I met you and the town was very lively. Everyone was in high spirits, but I was covered in injuries and wearing worn out clothes. It was incredibly pathetic.

When I was crying with frustration and sadness, you called out to me. You asked me where it hurt. You were really insistent back then. No matter how many times I said I was fine, you said you were going to treat my injuries. Because no one had ever worried about me like that, I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I pushed you away roughly and told you to stop.

Have you remembered?

I’m sorry about what happened back then. Of course I think I went too far, but I was sure you’d give up. Instead you told me that I had to make sure it healed properly if it hurt so much that it was making me cry, then grabbed hold of my arm again. It was so unexpected, I was torn between being surprised and giving up. In the end, you took care of my injuries. You wrapped your handkerchief around my bleeding arm. Your smoothly moving hands were almost like magic.

I’m not exaggerating. I really did think that. It was the first time anyone apart from my mother had been kind to me, so it made even more of an impression.

That’s right.

Back then, it was you who told me that girls dream of attending balls. That’s what you replied when I said I didn’t understand why girls made such a fuss over them. You said you’d like to attend one. So I wanted to make that wish come true. To thank you for the magic you cast on me.

But… I left this country after that. I was found by a magician from a foreign country. Because I felt as if I couldn’t stay here any longer, I left this place, deciding that I would see you again someday. My ability as a magician was acknowledged and I started looking for you. But I couldn’t find you. When I’d found you, your life was completely different.

You were just like I was back then. You were treated unreasonably everyday. If you were going to be kept locked up there, then I thought I’d take you out by force and make you mine. That’s why I appeared before you tonight.

I’m sorry. That’s right. Even though I had promised to see you soon, I couldn’t keep that promise. I asked you why you didn’t run away because I knew you had experienced pain while waiting here.

I was happy, but I regretted not coming sooner. I’ve missed you. I’ve always wanted to hold you like this.

I wanted to save you, just like you saved me. I’ve loved you since the first time I met you.

Your body feels warm. If you don’t like this, just push me away. Just like I did to you back then. That probably won’t be enough to make me give up either though.

You’re not running away. In that case…

I wanted to be your prince. But I’m a bad magician, so I’m going to make you mine in a way that’s a little unfair.

I’m going to fulfil that promise from ten years ago. I’ve come to see you. So will you take my hand instead of the prince’s hand? Princess.

Track 5

We’re in a carriage, so it’ll take a while. We’ll probably arrive in the morning. We can’t do anything about it being bumpy, so just bear with it for a while.

I’m too close? I can’t do anything about that. There’s not much space in this carriage. We’ll just have to stay close like this.

Come on, come closer.

Hey. Has the magic already worn off?

Hmm… The magic affects different people differently, so I don’t know either. Shall we try and find out?

I like your lips, they’re so soft. When I kiss you, I don’t want to stop.

Your ears are bright red. They look tasty.

Your ears are your weak spot. Hmm…

Then I’m going to kiss your other ear too.

You’re crying out like that when all I did was lick your ears. I thought the magic would’ve worn off by now, but perhaps it hasn’t?

Shall I take off your dress?

The light? But I’ve seen you during the day. And I’d be troubled if I didn’t get to see what your face looks like when you’re feeling good, so I refuse.

Was the corset painful? It must feel tight if you’re not used to it.

There’s a little mark there. Does it tickle when I run my fingers along your back? Or does it feel arousing? It feels so tense here.

See. Your nipples are red. Your ears and cheeks too. You’re blushing all over. You look cute.

I’m going to touch you while I lick your ears.

Hey. Aren’t you already wet down there?

I thought so. It’s almost overflowing. Has it been like this because I stopped halfway through earlier? How indecent. You’re so wet that I’ll be able to enter you easily.

Sit on top of me now. Lower your hips slowly.

It’s alright. I think it’ll be a little tight, but you can take it slowly.

It really does feel warm inside you. I feel as if I’m about to melt. I’m almost in.

I’m completely inside. Can you feel me inside you?

I shouldn’t move? But even if I don’t move, your body still tightens around mine, so it’s already quite tight.

Are you alright? It was the carriage’s fault, so it was out of my control.

I wanted to say that, but I’m sorry. I can’t take this any longer either.

This feels good. You’re getting even wetter there too. Can you open your legs a little wider?

Yes, that’s right. See. I went in a little further, right? I’m going to keep moving.

Your face really is cute. Your half-open lips are really sexy too.

You’re about to come again? I’m going to touch the places that make you feel good.

If you’re that tight… then I’m going to…

I’m sorry. I really can’t hold on any longer. I want to come too.

Is it okay for me to come?

Thank you. Shall we come together then?

I’m sorry. I really couldn’t wait. I wanted to take things more slowly though…

I was so happy that you’re finally mine now and I couldn’t wait.

You’re laughing, but it really was a long time. Just when I’d finally found you, you were in that situation… I thought that I might sneak in during the night and kidnap you… But I also wanted to repay my debt to you, by giving you what you’d dreamed of…

I ended up using that though… I feel calm now that I can touch you.

I won’t be like the prince, but I’m intending to make you happy. So stay by my side.

Well… Even if you want to escape, I’m not going to let go of you now. I won’t return what I’ve taken.

Track 6

Is that fountain really that unusual?

I’m back now.

The water has had magic cast on it. From when it comes out, until it splashes down, it takes on several different shapes. Likes stars and hearts. When I looked the other day, there was even a bear. You can’t help looking at it, can you?

Ah, that’s right! I was able to get everything. Shall we go home now?

Haha. If you keep looking, you’re going to bump into someone. Come on, give me your hand.

We haven’t been out much since coming to this town. There are probably some things you find unusual. That’s because a lot of things naturally use magic.

Come to think of it, I heard in the shop just now that the prince is still looking for you.

It seems that he’s going around looking for you, using the glass slipper you left behind that evening to help him.

You don’t have to worry about dropping it. Anyway, releasing the magic is easy. But if the glass slipper suddenly changes…

Why would that happen? There’s no need for me to worry about who the prince marries now. I’d be in trouble if it was found out that magic was involved. We’re finally able to have a relaxed life here too, you see.

But I hate the idea of him treasuring the shoe you wore. Maybe I’ll go there and smash it to pieces one day.

You’ll go too? I see, your father is probably worried.

Do you want to go back? This country is convenient for magicians, but it’s difficult for you to live here when you can’t use magic.

You always deny it like that, but just tell me if you ever experience any trouble or something bad happens.

Ah. What’s the meaning of that cautious look on your face?

Do you think that there must be another side to my kindness?

I’m right? Hmm… It wasn’t like that at all. I’m hurt.

Will you do it with me to make up for that?

Come here then.

Don’t look so defenceless.

Otherwise… I’ll want to kiss you.

I’m already doing it? Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

I can’t be that much of a gentleman, so don’t overestimate how rational I am.

I’m feeling hungry. Shall we eat when we get back?

No, it’s nothing… I was just thinking that even though everyday is an ordinary one, I enjoy them when I’m with you. That’s all.

Shall we go?

And so, the princess and the magician lived happily ever after. The End.


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  1. Idk why but Warui series tends to make ALL of my childhood stories (Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty) destroyed/twisted. Man, Cinderella was the classic Disney stories of all time… But out of all Warui series, this one is my ultimate favorite ;D Thanks for the translation again, and I hope you don’t overwork yourself since the progress list seems to getting longer than before…

    • Saki

      You’re welcome and thank you for reading my translation! Ah, don’t worry about it ^^ I was away for a few weeks, so I’m just trying to do a little more to catch up.

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