Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Sleeping Beauty – Stellaworth Tokuten

CV: Murakami Tatsuya (Takeuchi Ken)

Thank you Yona for your commission!

I’ve finally found you!

I told you to wait in front of that shop because I knew you’d get lost.

I’ll go to as many shops as you want, so don’t disappear without saying anything! I was worried that you weren’t there when I got out.

Hmm? What’s the matter? Did something happen?

This is your favourite hair-clip, isn’t it? Did it break?

Ah… The metal part is broken. It probably came off when you dropped it.

Don’t look so sad. I’m sorry. If only I could fix it, but I’m not that good at restoration magic. If I make a mistake, I might break it even more.

Right… There was a general shop back there. Let’s go and buy a new hair-clip. I know that one was important to you, so it might not be much of a replacement, but it’s better than not having one, isn’t it?

Alright, shall we go then?

Ah, wait a minute. Give me your hand… So you won’t get lost or bump into somebody and drop something again. You’re a bit clumsy, you see.

That hair-clip suits you. It’s a good thing there was one you liked.

Ah… It’s gotten pretty cloudy.

Come to think of it, I heard it might rain later this afternoon, but it seems like it could start at any moment.

Ah! It’s started raining. We won’t find somewhere to go unless we go out onto the main street. Let’s find somewhere we can shelter from the rain.

That rain was really strong. It’s probably just a short shower, so it should stop within the hour. Let’s rest here for a while.

Don’t look around so much. You go and take a bath first. You’ll catch a cold if you stay in those wet clothes. I’ll run the bath for you.

Hmm? No… I can take a bath later. I probably won’t catch a cold and it wouldn’t even trouble me if I did.

Shall we take a bath together?

This is the first time we’ve taken a bath together.

That’s right. You said not to turn on the light, didn’t you? I can see a little because of the light coming from the room though.

Alright, alright. I know it’s embarrassing. I can only see your back, so don’t worry.

Make sure the water reaches up to your shoulders, so you don’t catch a cold.

Hey. Do you remember? When I caught a cold a long time ago, you went to the trouble of coming to see me.

That’s right. You heard that fruits would help and you brought some that you’d begged the cook for. It was such a big basket, it seemed like I was actually staying in hospital instead. That was funny.

I know. I really was happy. In the end, you caught my cold and then I was the one visiting you. Because you had a weak body, your fever wouldn’t go down and you were asleep for about three days. When I stayed beside you waiting for you to wake up, my perception of time gradually faded away. I was thinking that if the curse had been activated, then things would be the same for a hundred years.

I wonder… At the very least, I wasn’t bored. When I looked at your face as you slept, while thinking what to do if you woke up, time passed by in an instant.

Thank you. I would rather spend hundred years talking to you and touching you like this than watching you sleep for a hundred years.

Hey. It might be wrong for me to ask you this…

No, never mind. Shall we get out of the bath? We’ll get dizzy if we stay in too long. I’ll get out first.

You get out and sit here. I’ll wash your body for you.

I’m going to start with your back. It might tickle a little, but just bear with it.

I can tell by touching your back that you’re tense. If you think about me like that even though I’m just washing your back, then I’ll be nervous too, won’t I?

You can feel it when we touch like this, can’t you? My heart is beating faster.

Your ears are sensitive as usual.

I’m going to wash the front of your body too.

Your nipples are really hard. Even though all I’m doing is washing you… Does this feel good?

We’re in the bathroom, so our voices echo. Let me hear your sweet voice even more.

Does it feel good when I slide my fingers inside you? You’ve got to make sure everywhere else is clean too.

Open your legs. You’re really wet down there. Is it this slippery because of the soap? Or is it because of you?

I won’t know if you don’t say anything. Well, I’ll know once I rinse down there.

I knew it. You’re still wet, even though I’ve rinsed you down there. When I hold the shower over there, you’re still wet. Does that kind of stimulation feel good too?

You’re moving your hips. Your body really has become lustful. The stimulation from the shower isn’t enough, is it? What do you want me to do?

I won’t understand if all you say is “touch me”. How do you want to be touched?

You’ve got tears in your eyes.

How do you want me to touch you with my fingers? Would you like me to touch you gently all the time? Or only when you’re less tense?

I knew it. You like being touched here. Your voice is getting higher, even when all I’ve done is touch you a little.

You can tell what just brushed against your hips, can’t you? It’s getting warm and hard. I want to put it inside you.

That’s alright, isn’t it? Turn this way. Sit on top of me. Lower your waist. Just do it slowly.

That’s right. You’re doing it well. The more you rest your weight upon me, the deeper inside I can go.

Look up. It’s easy to kiss you and I can touch your breasts right away.

Is it alright for me to start moving? You can hold onto my shoulders.

It feels warmer inside you than usual. It’s tight. It feels good. I feel even better when I’m making love to you. Is it because your body remembers mine?

Where does it feel good? Here? Even deeper than that? Or here?

You got tighter again.

Hey. Look up. Look beside you. You can see us in the mirror, can’t you? You’re doing something indecent with me and it feels good.

Why are you looking away? Look at it. It feels so good when I’m inside you that you’ve got tears in your eyes.

Your heart is beating fast. It’s so fast that it seems like it might break.

Are you going to come? It’s okay. Go on. I’m going to come too.

I’m going to come. I’m going to come too.

Even though I’ve already come, I still want to stay like this. I want to keep holding you and feel how warm it is inside you. When I realise that I’m connected to you like this, it makes me feel calm.

I know. You won’t go anywhere. You made a promise to me, after all. I know that. I probably can’t completely believe it because I’m a coward.

I’ll dry your hair, so you sit here.

You’ll just let it stay wet if I don’t. It’d be meaningless to do that after you’ve warmed up in the bath. Make sure you keep your eyes closed. Okay.

Hey. I tried to ask you a question earlier… Can I ask you that question now? Do you regret choosing me? It might be wrong of me to ask you this when I don’t plan on letting you go, but I think about it everyday. Whether this really was the right thing to do and whether you’re happy.

Really? It’s so easy to make you happy. I’m surprised that I’m the only thing you want… But if that’s what you want, then I’ll give it to you. I’ve promised to do that, you see.

It doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop. Let’s stay here for today. It’s no use hurrying around in the rain.

It’s alright. We don’t have any plans, do we? We’ll go wherever you want, whenever you want. That’s our only aim. There’s no need to hurry, we’ve got plenty of time. Ten years, twenty years or perhaps even more… We can go anywhere. Let’s go to the next town once the rain stops. Together.