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Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Sleeping Beauty

Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Sleeping Beauty

CV: Murakami Tatsuya (Takeuchi Ken)

Thank you Yona for your commission!

Track 1

Once upon a time, in a small kingdom, there was a king and queen who were worried that they had not been blessed with a child. If that were to continue, they would have no successor.

A girl was finally born to the troubled couple. The king held a ceremony at the palace to celebrate her birth. Twelve magicians who had been acknowledged for their abilities were invited and each of them gave the princess a magical gift. One gave her beauty, another gifted a pure heart and when the last magician was about to give his gift, there was a sudden commotion in the hall. The thirteenth magician, who had not been invited, angrily entered the castle.

Amidst that confusion, the princess was cursed by the magician. It was a frightening and fatal curse, which would cause the princess to die if she pricked her finger on a needle. The twelfth magician, who had not yet cast his spell, changed the spell so that the princess would instead fall asleep for a hundred years, but the king was still incredibly worried. The king immediately gathered all the spinning wheels and needles in the country, then ordered them to be burned. The princess was raised carefully, without being allowed to set one foot outside of the castle.

I’m coming in.

How long are you going to keep sulking like that? You won’t be able to get out, even if you keep glaring out of the window.

Or are you planning to jump out?

Considering how high up this room is, even if you do manage to get outside, you might not survive. Isn’t it better not to think about stupid things?

I told you it’s no good pouting like that. I heard from the guards that you were causing trouble at the castle gate again. While you were saying goodbye to the king and queen, who were going to visit a neighbouring country, you tried to take advantage of the situation and leave too. It happens all the time, so you should learn your lesson by now. The gate guards aren’t so incompetent that they would let you out.

You should consider their position too. If they let you out of this castle, they’d experience the king’s wrath and be executed right away.

You can only say that won’t happen because you don’t know anything. The king is very fond of you. He doesn’t want his beloved daughter hearing bloody tales of executions.

That devoted king has been worrying about something recently. His beloved daughter talks about going outside every time she sees him and also tries to get out, just like she did today. He was seriously asking for my advice recently. He wanted to know whether you were trying to be independent from your parents or just going through a rebellious phase. He was having trouble getting through to you, so he asked me to talk to you, as I’m just like a brother to you.

Alright, alright. I know you don’t like being overprotected.

I’m trying to understand your feelings. You’ve been inside the castle for all of the eighteen years since your birth and that’s probably been uncomfortable. I wish I could let you go out, but it’s not that easy.

That’s right. It’s partly because of the curse. But even without the curse, you’re the king and queen’s only daughter, and their precious heir. You can be protected inside the narrow world of the castle, but I can’t promise it will be the same in the outside world. As long as I serve as an adviser to protect you, I can’t agree to anything that might result in you getting hurt. Can you understand that?

Well, if you were going to agree obediently, then you wouldn’t have wanted to leave in the first place.

I’m sorry. It really is something I should understand after serving you for eighteen years. Although I’m your adviser, I have so many roles, such as being your protector and teacher that I almost forget what my position is.

Ah, I’m also like a brother to you.

You think I’m treating you like a child just because I patted your head? You don’t like always being treated like a child? Then you should find a prince quickly and become a queen.

I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help teasing you. Don’t take it seriously.

Alright, it’s almost time for lunch. Shall I bring yours here?

Hmm? Why don’t you have it in your room instead of going all the way there?

What are you talking about? Having your food brought to you and eating it in your room won’t make you useless.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with someone in your position doing that, so why don’t you just accept it? You don’t have to be able to do anything. You don’t have to know anything. That’s what a princess is like.

And… I feel as if I’m more satisfied serving you like that.

Your ears are all red.

You’ve been locked up in the castle, so going outside is probably the same as freedom to you. However, that’s not necessarily true, is it?

You might actually be safer and have more freedom if you stay inside the castle all the time.

Well, that’s right too. You won’t know for sure unless you go out.

I’ll escort you to the dining hall.

Track 2

Ah! It’s you?

I’m always telling you not to run in the corridor…


What’s the matter? Did something happen?

The king? Come to think of it, he did say he wanted to talk to you this morning.

I know! I know! I’ll hear you out. Just calm down!

Was it something to make you panic that much?


No… I heard what you said. Even though I heard what you said, I’m surprised there’d be talk of a prospective marriage partner the day after I told you to hurry up and become a queen. Which family is he from?

Ah… So that’s why they were visiting one of the neighbouring countries together. We certainly do have a deep relationship with that country. It’s never come up before, so it’s a surprise to hear about it now, but he is an appropriate partner…

I understand! Just calm down for a moment. If there’s anyone passing by in the corridor, they’ll wonder what’s going on. I understand that you’ve had an offer of marriage, that the partner is the prince of a neighbouring country and that you’re not willing to accept.

What should you do? Don’t look as if you’re about to cry. Do you hate it so much that you would cry?

“I don’t have to get married”. Isn’t that what you want to say to me? Strictly speaking, as you’ve been born a princess of this country, it is something unavoidable. The partner you marry will become the next king and continue to rule this country. You’ve now turned eighteen and your partner is a prince from a neighbouring country. This country relies on them for all its clothing, daily goods and weaving goods. Considering the relations between the two countries, the proposal probably cannot be turned down. So it would be wise for you to obediently get married. In an objective sense, anyway.

No matter what the objective viewpoint is, if you don’t want to get married, then I’ll respect that. Your meeting with the prince hasn’t definitely been decided, has it?

In that case, there’s no use worrying about it now. You’re probably confused by such a sudden development, so we’ll talk again after you’ve calmed down. If you want to turn the proposal down, then I’ll help you as much as I can.

Of course I will. There’s no reason to doubt me now, is there? Has there ever been a time when I haven’t helped you?

That’s right. I don’t know why you look so worried. Are you feeling helpless because of this sudden talk of marriage?

You’re so silly. Don’t worry, I won’t be going anywhere. I’ll always be by your side, as your ally. Whether it’s as your personal attendant, guard, teacher or brother. It doesn’t matter what I am.

Ah… But if you get married, I won’t be needed then, will I? At last…

No, I was just thinking that I would at last be relieved of that position. We’ve been together so long that it’s a little sad.

I’ll be going now. I promised to have a look at your studies this afternoon, didn’t I? We can talk about the marriage proposal again then.

Hmm? Why’d you grab hold of my clothes all of a sudden?

What? Well… I suppose that’s right. You don’t really hear about anyone keeping the same adviser after marriage. Don’t tell me you’re feeling sad too?

I was joking. See you this afternoon.

Track 3

Shall we stop here for now?

Considering what happened this morning, it will be difficult for you to concentrate.

Let’s make some tea and have a break.

Ah, it’s alright. I’ll do it. You sit down.

I said it’s alright. Do you think that’d make you useless, like you said yesterday?

Could you help me then? I’ll boil the water, so can you get the cups from the shelf? It’s dangerous to reach the higher shelf, so use the cups from the lower shelf.

I’m sorry for what I said about the marriage proposal earlier. I said a lot of things when you didn’t even have all your feelings sorted out. It’s only natural for you to be worried. I went to see the king earlier for a different matter, and I talked to him about it, but it seems that it was the neighbouring country who brought up the proposal this time. You rarely attend any social gatherings, so they probably heard about you from rumours.

Haven’t you heard the rumours? A beautiful princess who was carefully raised away from human eyes. The frightening curse that was cast on her can be broken by the true love of a prince. Some people have heard that rumour.

No, rumours are just that. I don’t know the truth, but it probably can’t be broken by something like the love of a prince.

You’re willing to try anything. However, I’m sure of it even without trying.

Ah! Thanks for the cups. You don’t need to do anything else. I’ll bring the tea over there, so you sit down first.


Yes. No matter what. You were given a fatal curse. Magic cast by someone wishing for another person’s death is stronger and more evil than any other magic. Even though the curse was changed, it can never be broken once it’s been cast. Not even by the person who cast it.

No, it’s nothing.

Take care not to burn yourself. Until now, there were princes who took the rumours seriously and asked for your hand in marriage, but the king paid no attention to them. You probably never heard about that. Considering that, you seem to be thinking about it really positively.

Well, it’s a question of the diplomatic relations with that neighbouring country.

It’s difficult to say what that country is like, but is has much more land and a much greater population than this country. Various industries such as steel and timber are prospering, so their products are being imported elsewhere. They’re quite proactive with regard to their diplomatic relations too. It’s not just this country, there are many others relying on their exports. The markets inside the country are quite busy. Well, what I’m saying is based on quite an old experience. I don’t know whether things are still the same.

It was before you were born. I went there with the king and queen when I was about seven.

Is it that surprising?

Ah, it’s been so natural for me to be by your side, that I haven’t really talked about my past. I was raised in the palace orphanage and I’m indebted to the king and queen. Being able to use magic and having black hair was an unusual thing in this country. They treated me like a real son. There were other people saying that they loved me so much that they’d adopt me and make me their heir. I don’t need to inherit the throne though. It was true that the place they gave me was everything to me. So when you were born, even though I was just a child, I felt as if I was no longer necessary. I thought I had to give up my place for you.

The king said the same thing you did. That it wasn’t possible at all. Rather than that, they gave me the role of protecting you as your adviser. I didn’t know how to treat you at first.

No, I’m not saying that you were a difficult child. I felt uncertain about how obediently you followed me… We’ve gone quite far off topic.

Shall we get back to talking about the proposal? I think the neighbouring country is quite an appropriate one to receive a proposal from, the only issue is the prince himself. You just have to meet him and see for yourself.

I can see confusion written all over your face again. You show your feelings so easily. If you don’t see your partner first, then you won’t even be able to say yes or no to the proposal. Why don’t you just go and meet him, instead of thinking about not being ready?

You don’t even want to meet him? If you’re this strict, then I wonder what kind of man you are interested in.

Ah, could it be that you’re turning the proposal down because you already have someone else like that?

Hmm? Is that true then?

You don’t have to be in such a hurry to deny it.

Ah, I see. So that’s how it was?

I’m a little sad. You used to say “I’m going to marry my big brother in the future”.


Ah… Why are your ears all red? You’re not still going to say childish things like that, are you?

I know that you love me. But your feelings aren’t true love. I’m sorry. I should have made things clearer. We spent too much time together and you only know the small world of the castle. You’re just misunderstanding your feelings as love. You’ll realise as soon as you think calmly.

You mustn’t fall in love with me. I don’t want to fall in love with you either.

Ah… Hey!

Track 4

The king ordered them all to be destroyed. Thank you for your help.

Ah… It seems that the prince has already left. Goodbye then.

You… Wait!

I’m sorry about the other day. You’ve been avoiding me recently because of what I said. haven’t you?

You’re not worried about it? Then why…

I understand. If you insist, then I won’t talk about this again.

You’re here to say goodbye to the prince? He’s been coming here everyday recently. Do you think things will work out?

You can’t say “I think we’ll be good friends” about someone who’s come to see you as a potential marriage partner. Although he doesn’t stay long, he must be serious if he’s coming so often. Despite you two being close in age, there doesn’t seem to be anything you two have in common. What do you talk about?

Ah… I see. That country certainly does have successful diplomatic relations. He probably knows about all sorts of countries. I suppose it’s something new to you, who’s never set foot out of the castle.

If you marry that prince, then he’ll probably take you to many different countries. You might be able to do the things you’ve always been dreaming of.

You’re going to accept the proposal just because you’d be able to go outside of the castle?

You’re not sure? You’re not saying you definitely wouldn’t accept, like you did before. In the two weeks that you’ve been meeting the prince, you’ve kept on living normally without relying on me and those meetings have taken place without any trouble. Even the king said that you’ve matured into a proper princess. This proposal might be a good opportunity for you to be free.

Well, consider what I’ve said too. You’ll have to marry someone eventually. That’s the duty of someone born as a princess. My duty is to protect you until the day you marry a prince and I’m no longer needed. So if you decide to get married, I will no longer be your adviser, guard, teacher and brother. Making amends for what I did wrong will end now too.

Ah… Spending eighteen years taking care of the person I tried to kill… It was a terrible mistake.

It’s unfortunate, as I actually thought things would be alright like this. Now that I’ve been released from my duty, I can do what I want. That includes treating you how I want…

Hey. You really want to leave this castle, don’t you? It doesn’t have to be a prince who gets you out of the castle, does it? In that case, I’ll take you away from here…

Track 5

Are you awake?

This is a forest right on the edge of the country.

Even you must have heard of it too. A forest of death that people and even animals rarely visit. Unfortunately, it seems that the rumours are true. I couldn’t find anywhere apart from this small house. It must be very small, but just bear with it.

Why? I’m not sure whether you’re confused about your memories from before you were unconscious, but I brought you out because you wanted to leave the castle.

I won’t let you escape. I’ve turned all the trees outside into briars. If you want to get out, then just try. But even if you manage to get out, your whole body will be pricked by the thorns and you certainly won’t find the way out the forest.

No one can approach this forest any longer. Not the king, queen or anyone else from the castle. Of course, the prince cannot come to save you either.

Stop that. Don’t look at me with those pleading eyes. Do you still think what I’m saying is a dream or something else? It’s not a dream or a lie. Eighteen years ago, I was the one who cursed you with death at the celebration of your birth. The thirteenth magician and I were connected. I was told to do it if she couldn’t.

Her magic failed and I, who was beside you as your guard, cast the magic myself. The reason is a simple one. I told you didn’t I? That I would no longer have a place to be once you were born. I was seven years old, without any relatives, and that scared me. I cursed you for my sake alone. With my own hands. In spite of that, the king left me with the important duty of being your adviser, rather than abandoning me.

I regretted it. When I saw you everyday, it was as if my sins were being thrown in front of me and at first, it caused me nothing but pain. However, as you matured and began to honestly love me like a brother, my pain didn’t fade and turned to a different pain instead.

I didn’t want to fall in love with you. I wanted to end my duties soon, then forget about you and my sins. Yet… Eighteen years was too long.

Hey. You said you loved me, didn’t you? What did you want to happen between you and me?

I’ve always wanted to do this to you.

Kissing you. Touching you. I wanted to make you completely mine. Although I claimed to be like a brother to you, I’ve never regarded you as my younger sister. As our relationship began from lies and betrayal, my guilt became even stronger when you told me you loved me. That was because I didn’t think you’d say the same thing if you knew the truth.

You despise me now, don’t you? There’s no need for you to forgive me. You can hate me. It doesn’t matter to me now if your heart will never be mine. I don’t want that now. But I won’t let anyone else have you.

Calm down. You won’t be able to get out anyway, so you should just give up quickly. You don’t want to get hurt, do you? Give up and accept me. Just give yourself to me without thinking of anything else. I’ll make you feel good if you do…

You’ve relaxed now. So just entrust your body to me. I’ll carry you to the bed.

You don’t want that? You think that’s enough to stop me?

I would have obeyed if I were your adviser, but I’ve abandoned that role now.

I don’t really mind if you want to do it on the floor. You wouldn’t want to be forced to experience your first time on this cold floor though, would you?

Your lips are really soft. Now that I’ve kissed you once, I can’t stop.

Hey. It makes me excited to hear you breathing so hard when I kiss you deeply. Your shoulders tremble when I whisper in your ear. Could it be that your ears are your sensitive spot?

I knew it. Your shoulders are trembling.

I’m going to kiss your other ear too.

I’m going to take off your dress.

I’m going to start undoing the clothes on your back, so turn the other way.

Your breasts are really soft. But just touching you like this isn’t enough, is it?

Your nipples are really hard. It seems like you want to be touched there too. They get even harder when I run my fingers over them. Your breathing is getting more lustful too. Does it feel that good to be touched here? Then how about if I pinch them a little roughly or run my nails over them slightly?

I like your reaction. Simply caressing you with my hands was enough to make you react that way, so then what will happen if I lick you?

Your nipples are even harder than before. I’m going to kiss this breast while using my hands to make the other one feel good too.

Your hips are trembling. So you want me touch you somewhere else apart from your breasts? Like here…

It was only my knee that touched you there. I didn’t even reach underneath your clothes. If I touched you directly, your voice might sound even more lustful…

I’m going to remove your dress completely, so lift up your hips.

I’m going to take off your underwear too. Otherwise I won’t be able to touch you directly.

Hey. Is it normal to be this sensitive for your first time? Or are you particularly sensitive? You’re saying you don’t like this, but you’re really wet. It seems like I’ll be able to get one finger in really easily.

See. It went in smoothly. Does it feel good when I’m rubbing my finger inside you? You cry out when my finger reaches deep inside you.

Hey. Can I lick you here?

Why not? It’s not dirty at all. There’s nothing dirty about your body.

Don’t close your legs. Keep them open. Wider than that.

Does it feel good when I lick you there?

You don’t have to hold back your cries.

I don’t want to let other men hear your voice like that.

Hmm? Something strange? Doesn’t that mean you’re about to come?

It’s alright. Go on then. I’ll caress you where it feels good even more.

It looks like you were able to come. You’re breathing quite hard. I’m not going to let you rest though. I can’t wait any longer after seeing what your face looks like when you’re feeling good and about to come.

It feels hot, doesn’t it? I want to be inside you.

You tensed up just because it brushed against you.

It’s not impossible. I’ve made it ready, you see. Relax. I’m going to enter you slowly.

I’m sorry. It hurts, doesn’t it? Just bear with it for a while.

Can you feel me inside you? It feels so tight and warm inside you. It feels good.

I’m deep inside you now. We’re finally together like this… I’ve always wanted you. You were the only one I wanted. But you were the only one I couldn’t have.

I’m going to start moving.

Your body tightens around mine when I move. It feels good…

Does that hurt? Don’t hold onto the sheets. Hold onto my back instead. You can even dig your nails into my back.

You get even tighter when I kiss you while I’m moving.

Your voice sounds so lustful. Does this feel good?

It feels good for me too.

You’re taking me deep inside you and won’t let go.

Are you going to come again?

That’s alright. I’ll make you do it again and again. I’ll keep going deep inside you.

I’m sorry. I’m sure you’ll never be mine again. Because I understood that, I thought you should find someone else quickly. I thought I’d be free from my sins if you did.

Having the truth forced upon you was unforgivable. There’s nothing so selfish as that, is there?

Why are you looking at me like that? You could just cry and blame me. Why?

I wonder where I should start over from?

No… I was wrong from the very start, so I suppose the conclusion won’t change, no matter where I start over from. In that case…

Track 6

The king, queen and even the prince were desperately searching for the princess, who had suddenly disappeared from the castle. However, they were unable to find the princess.

That was only natural. No one would think that the princess would be in this dark forest of briars. The princess, who had been locked up in an even smaller world than the castle, was struggling with the pain and sadness of being hurt by the lies and betrayal of the magician she had loved.

No matter what happened to her, the days that had gone by didn’t fade away. Wouldn’t it have been better if she ended up disliking him?

One day, the princess realised something. When the magician went out, the briars covering the small house would open up to the forest’s exit. It was only for a moment, but she might be able to make it out if she ran. Being imprisoned here definitely wouldn’t change anything. Clinging to the single ray of light she could see, the princess made up her mind to leave.

I’ll be going out for a little while. I think you already know this, but don’t try to escape. Well, I suppose there’s no way you’ll be able to get out, is there? I pushed you so hard yesterday, you probably won’t get out of bed.

I’ll leave the water here. See you later.

I’m sure I told you not to leave.

You look as if you wanted to say “how did I know?”. There’s no way I wouldn’t know what you have a habit of doing when you’re trying to hide something, is there? Your face gives away your thoughts too easily.

Your arms have scratches all over them. You’re bleeding from when you fell earlier too. I told you, didn’t I? Don’t run away. You should stop the bleeding for now. Come back to the house for a while.

You really want to run away from here, don’t you? Away from my side… It’s no good saying it out loud. It’s useless keeping you imprisoned in these briars. I’ll just have to make you unable to move.

They’re needles. You can’t get them in this country anymore, so I asked the messenger who came with the prince from the neighbouring country.

Your dress has been caught on the thorns. You can’t run any further, can you? If you get pricked by a needle, then you’ll fall asleep for a hundred years, won’t you? You won’t go anywhere once you fall asleep.

You won’t be able to go anywhere. You’ll always be mine. When you wake up in a hundred years’ time, you’ll probably think the events of the past eighteen years were a dream. You might have forgotten them. And me too. You just have to forget everything and rest.

Because I remember everything, you see.

I can’t believe you’d go as far as ripping your dress in order to escape. You really are… Your personality is completely different from mine. Even though we’re siblings.

Eighteen years ago, the night before the celebration of your birth, a sorceress appeared before me. She said “I despise the king! When I had given birth to a child, he took that child away from me. I despise the king, who threw his lover out of the castle. That’s why I want to cast a fatal curse on the child born to the king and queen.”

Just like me, she had jet black hair. Black hair and magical abilities aren’t things that come together by coincidence. I knew when I met her. She was my real mother. And I am the child who was born to your father, the king, and that sorceress.

You’re surprised, aren’t you? I was surprised too.

But if you think about it, the royal family wouldn’t take in a child from an orphanage just because that child was unusual. Because we were related, they took care of me as a substitute until their own child was born.

That’s right. I’m not just like a brother to you. We’re actually related by blood. I’m your half-brother.

When I refused to cooperate, the sorceress laughed and said “Now that they’ve got their own daughter, a child like you, who’s only half-related to them will certainly be abandoned. Just like the king threw me out of the castle. Kill that child if you want to protect yourself. You can do it without getting your own hands dirty too, if that’s what you want.”

I took those words seriously and cursed you in order to protect my place. I tried to kill you. Now you know everything.

I wasn’t actually planning to tell you. But I thought that I should tell you everything at the very end.

Hey. Will you use this knife to kill me?

The story ends with the evil being defeated. Isn’t that right? Because we’ve been together for eighteen years, even I can no longer tell whether what I’m feeling is guilt or love. Even though it hurts to be beside you, I can’t even consider being apart from you. I don’t want to let go of you. It’s as if I’m cursed. I’m sure this curse will never be broken. As long as it can’t be broken, I’ll control and hurt you. So I want you to end everything.

Why not? Why can’t you do it? You’d obviously be happier without me.

It hurts when you hold me that tightly. Why are you crying?

I actually wish I could be with you forever. That’s my wish. If that will come true, then I want to make all your wishes come true. All of them…

Being together forever… Isn’t that my wish?

Why…? You know everything that happened in the past, don’t you? Our relationship and what I did to you… So why have you chosen me…?

I said I’d make all your wishes come true, didn’t I? If that’s what you truly wish for, then I’ll make it come true. That’s because I need you. Not as the princess or my younger sister, I only want you.

No, it’s fine. You don’t have to lie down.

You’re already feeling tense here. I can even tell without touching you underneath your clothing. All I did was kiss you… Are you expecting something else to happen next? Such as…

Being licked like this… Or… Being lightly bitten like this…

You’re even more tense than you were earlier. Your body has become completely lustful.

It’s my fault? Because I’m doing these things to you…

Does your body remember? Your body easily remembers things, you see… What’s the matter? Aren’t you wet?

See. I knew it. It was the same the first time we did this, but you really are sensitive. You like being touched in this place that’s all tense, don’t you? You’re reacting like that just because I caressed you with my fingers.

You’re cute. I’m going to touch you even more, so look this way. The way you look and the things you do when you’re feeling good really are indecent. You’re cute. I don’t want anyone else to see you.

When I hear what your voice sounds like when you’re feeling good, I get turned on too and it makes me want to do even worse things to you.

See. You know what it’s like here, don’t you? It’s already hard, isn’t it? I want to come inside of you today.

You’re blushing again. Shall I give you an even more embarrassing order then?

I’m going to enter you from behind, so get down on your hands and knees. You can do it, can’t you?

Raise your hips a little higher. It’s reacting here just because I touched it slightly. How indecent.

I’m going to enter you now. I’ve made you relax, but you’re still pretty tight.

Just a little more… I’m inside you.

When I move like this, it always touches somewhere different, doesn’t it?

What a shameful sight. You’re on your hands and knees and I’m holding onto your waist. Does it feel good when I’m doing this from behind?

See. You got tight again. Bring one of your hands behind. I can go deeper like this, can’t I?

I’m about to come…

Hey. Can we change position? I want to see your face when I’m coming.

I’m going to take it out for now then. Lie down on your back. I’m going to come as soon as I’m inside you.

That’d be a waste, wouldn’t it? Because in one sense, this is my first time with you… If we got finished right away…

Don’t turn me on too much like that.

Since you said so, I’ll accompany you again and again…

Are you going to come too? I’ll go even deeper inside then.

I’m coming… I’m going to come… It’s going to come out…

Track 7

Are you ready?


Hey. Why did you tell me that you’d stay with me?

Because you love me? I might not be able to believe that just yet. Of course I have romantic feelings for you, but that’s not all.

Eighteen years’ worth of regret, guilt and admiration. It’s almost as if I’m dependent on you or attached to you. Those feelings are so great that I’m unable to believe and it makes me worry. I’m sure that I’ll try to control you because I’m worried.

You really don’t mind that?

In that case, I’ll never let you go. Even though there’s a curse holding you back, I’ll always love you.

Where shall we go once we leave this place?

Me? I don’t mind where we go. All that matters is that I’m with you.

Shall we go then?

And so, the princess, who was now free, travelled to many different countries with the magician and they lived happily ever after.


Criminale! 5


Warui Mahoutsukai ni Hime ga Ryakudatsu Sarete Shimaimashita – Sleeping Beauty – Stellaworth Tokuten


  1. LOL What a plot twist……

  2. Kim

    Thank you so much for the translation

  3. xAkemyx

    I was there reading and listening one of the most beautiful stories when bum!!! the story becomes R18…and the boy hate me!!!? Jejeje I liked anyways, thanks so much for the translation.

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