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Amemakura 1

Amemakura 1 – Subaru

Subaru Warren (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Track 1 – Hail on Christmas Eve

It’s still raining. It’s gotten pretty cold, I guess you should close the window.

Hmm? You’ve poured some camomile tea? So you’re already getting ready for bed? It’s a bit soon for that.

It’s good that you’ve got into the habit of preparing herb tea while we’ve been living together. You’ve gotten good at preparing tea too. At first, the tea tasted different every day, but every evening, I now get to enjoy a flavour that’s as gentle as you are.

You really are my girl.

Why are you embarrassed now? I don’t get it. We sleep together every night.

Hmm? Ah, I understand. You’re trying to hide your embarrassment. I’m glad you haven’t lost your innocent side.

Come on, don’t just stand there. Let’s drink camomile tea and rest together like we always do.

Hurry up and come over here. Don’t make me wait.

Good girl. Let’s take it easy now. We’ll drink camomile tea like we always do and rest while talking to each other.

The tea smells good now. A bittersweet apple-like scent wafts through the air. I think the tea leaves must be brewed by now.

Ah, thank you.

Drinking this makes me feel calm. It’s like a sign that the day is over. Spending every evening with you like this is already a familiar thing to me. At some point, a lot of things became natural for me like this.

Now it’s natural for you to be here and for you to take care of me. My birthday really is a special day though. I’m glad I was able to do something special on this special day. Every year, I usually have an impressive party on my birthday, but this year I was able to be with you and take things easy. Thank you.

Walking through the lit-up streets, looking at the shop windows, and then eating dinner at a restaurant. Little things like that are probably ordinary for you, but they’re special to me. Being with you and having a peaceful time has made me really happy tonight. This was my best birthday. But I’d like to make next year my best too.

The only unfortunate thing was that it began raining on the way home. It doesn’t seem like it’ll stop tonight.

Let’s lie down. I think I’ll go to sleep while remembering you eating dessert to your heart’s content. I might also imagine you panicking as you step on the scales tomorrow morning.

Waah! What are you doing? Don’t throw pillows at me! Why are you angry? Even if you put on a few kilos, your cute and happy face will stay the same. There’s no problem, right? I like girls who look like that when they’re eating.

Come on, let’s go to sleep.

Track 2 – The Sound of Rain

Ah, I feel so calm. I can relax when I’m lying down with you. Am I beginning to feel sleepy now because of the camomile tea or because I feel tired today? I want to watch you fall asleep. I’ve got to make sure you’re asleep before I fall asleep.

I’ll gently stroke your hair like I always do. Slowly and gently, again and again. You feel calm when I do this, don’t you? Today is a special day. We can even hear a sound that will make us fall asleep more easily. Close your eyes. If you do, you’ll hear the sound of rain more clearly. I was annoyed that it started to rain when we were going home, but it’s just right for when you’re going to sleep. It drizzles onto the ground and taps against the window. I like the sound of rain. It makes me feel really sleepy.

Relax your body and breathe gently. If you do, you’ll gradually feel yourself getting sleepy. Lying in my arms, you calmly and quietly feel yourself sinking into the bed. You find yourself sinking into sleepiness, sinking into my arms, sinking into the bed. You experience a pleasurable feeling and a pleasurable scent. The bittersweet scent of camomile and the scent of freshly washed sheets. You can feel that pleasant scent spread throughout your chest just by breathing gently, right? Come on. Breathe more comfortably and calmly while experiencing that scent.

Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in deeply and breathe out gently. Breathe in. Breathe out. I’m breathing with you. Together with you. Breathe in. Breathe out. The sound of rain tickles your ears, and the smell of herbs tickles your nose. Both of them make you feel sleepy. Breathe in. Breathe out. This time I’ll breathe at the same pace as you. So breathe at the speed that’s comfortable for you. Slowly and calmly. I’ll breathe at the same pace as you. I’ll stay beside you the whole time, like I always do. That’s right, do it slowly. Slowly.

It seems like your body isn’t relaxed yet. Come on, slowly stretch out your legs. Stretch them until they’re taut, as if you’re being pulled from below. Relax yourself slowly. That’s right, well done. Stretch your legs one more time. I’ll count to three. One. Two. Three. Relax yourself slowly. Come on, do it one more time. Stretch your legs. One. Two. Three. Relax yourself.

How does it feel? Your legs are relaxed and you can feel them gradually getting heavier in a comfortable way, can’t you? You feel as if you’re sinking into the bed. You feel calm and relaxed.

Alright, do your hands now. Hold my hand tightly and then relax. Come on, hold onto my hand. I’ll count to three. One. Two. Three. Slowly relax. Hold onto my hand once more. One. Two. Three. Relax. You feel as if warm blood is spreading throughout your hand, don’t you? Come on, try it once more. Hold my hand. One. Two. Three. Let go slowly.

Your hands should gradually begin to feel heavy too. They feel warm and heavy. Your legs, arms and eyelids feel heavy, warm and comfortable. The comfortable tiredness from the day makes your arms, legs and body sink into the bed. You don’t want to get up anymore. There’s no need for you to get up either. Sleep comfortably like this until morning. Start another day comfortably, together with me. You feel really calm and happy right now, don’t you? You feel as if you might fall asleep gently right now. It feels really good, doesn’t it? Remember the fun things that happened today while you fall asleep. Feel happy as you fall asleep.

The lights we saw today really were beautiful. In Las Vegas and New York, seeing a wonderful night scene from a high building isn’t an unusual thing, but that scene was greater than any other. You had a really happy look on your face when you looked down at the town from the restaurant at the top of the building. It’s strange. When I see your smile, I feel happy too. I feel joy and happiness. I want to do things that make you happy.

In other words, I suppose you could say it’s for my own self-satisfaction. Of course, I honestly want you to be happy too. That’s not all. I feel satisfied when I see you with a happy expression on your face. Thinking of someone else and being kind to them were things I wouldn’t have considered doing in the past.

The food we had today was good. It tasted better than I thought. I understand why you were happy too. I’d like to go there with you again. I think I’ll remember it every time my birthday comes around. We looked at the lights while having dinner and had a great time together. Looking at each other and smiling like this, even if we don’t speak. Looking at the same thing. Eating the same thing. That satisfies me more than anything. I think I’ll remember my happy feelings from today every year.

Track 3 – Camomile Oil

Are you asleep yet?

Not yet, huh? Did I wake you up? It seems like your body is ready to fall asleep though. You feel warm when I touch you. Your hands have a gentle warmth.

You can feel your legs warming up too, can’t you? The warmth of your right hand. The warmth of your left hand. The warmth of your right leg. The warmth of your left leg. The warmth we feel when our chests are close together. When you feel that warmth, your heartbeat becomes quieter, as if you are relaxed. The sound of your heartbeat quietens down, just like your breathing. Try to imagine the calmness of your breathing and the feeling of your breath slowly moving throughout your body.

Thump. Thump. Your heart beats regularly. The air you breathe in quietly through your nose slowly fills your chest. It feels good and you begin to relax. When you breathe out the air that has filled your chest, your body feels even more relaxed. Your body becomes even warmer. See. The warmth is gradually spreading throughout your, isn’t it? It has even spread to where your stomach is.

When I gently caress you like I always do, you should feel even more comfortable. Slowly, slowly. The pleasure and warmth spreads even further. From the front of your body to inside your stomach. I’ll caress you gently so that you relax and feel satisfied. Again and again. Slowly. Again and again. Your body feels completely warm, doesn’t it? I’m going to massage your head a little. I’ll pour some fragrant orange oil onto your head and massage it so you can relax. The scent of sweet orange leads you to a comfortable sleep. A deep and pleasurable sleep.

When I massage your head like this, your head slowly begins to feel lighter. You feel as if the stress is leaving you, right? I’ll gently massage you so your body and heart are healed. The fragrance of sweet orange mixes with the scent of shampoo from your freshly washed hair. You feel completely refreshed. When your head feels light and refreshed, it’ll be easier for you to sleep. I’ll massage your neck and shoulders too. I’m pretty good at this, aren’t I?

It’s because I understand you completely. I’m always touching you like this, so there’s no way I wouldn’t know. Look. You’re falling asleep now, so why don’t you relax? Your neck feels comfortable, doesn’t it?

I slowly pour the aromatic oil onto you, rub it into your skin and gently massage you. Your neck and shoulders feel tiredness more than you think. It’s not just your body that feels tired, you get tired when you concentrate too. You’re taking care of me every day as well.

I’m thankful to you. It really is important to show that I’m thankful by honestly showing you like this. Does that feel good? It does, right? I gently massage your neck and your shoulder muscles. Your stiff and strained muscles become softer. When they do, your body feels so comfortable that it might melt. You feel as if you might fall asleep in an instant. But you want to experience this comfortable feeling a little longer, don’t you?

The sensation of your body melting, beginning with your neck and shoulders. It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s okay for you to fall asleep. We’ll always be together, so I can give you this kind of massage anytime. So relax and go to sleep. Don’t force yourself to stay awake. When you go to sleep, I’ll fall asleep beside you. Relax. I’m always with you, aren’t I?

Track 4 – The Big Family of Sheep

Are you still awake? I guess I don’t have a choice. I’ll stop massaging you and I’ll come to lie beside you instead. You’ll be able to relax and go to sleep if I do, won’t you? I’ll be able to relax too.

Ah, that’s right. I’ll tell you a special story. It’s a story I heard when I was a child. My older sister always told me it when I couldn’t sleep. It’s the story of ten sheep.

You look like you’re thinking fairy tales aren’t the type of story I’d listen to. Well, I suppose you’re be right. My siblings and I tried to be strong and not show our weaknesses to anyone. But that doesn’t mean stories weren’t important to us. My parents would come home at around midnight because they were attending parties and seminars. While they were out, they’d call at exactly 9pm. But when they said goodnight over the phone, it made me feel lonely when I was a child.

Sometimes I couldn’t sleep when the wind was too strong or when there was a storm. There were even times when there was no particular reason I couldn’t sleep. But I couldn’t tell the maids or my grandmother that I was scared to sleep at night. At those times, the sister who was the closest in age to me out of my 10 siblings, would talk to me at my bedside. She’d say “I’m going to tell you a story that I made myself about ten sheep, so let’s count them together”.

I was sure I wouldn’t fall asleep when that cute story about the sheep began, but I became sleepy as I listened to it and never got to hear the end of the story. I was much older when I got to hear the story of the tenth sheep. Tonight I’m going to tell a story of ten sheep that I made just for you. I’m sure you’ll be able to fall asleep. A story about ten cute sheep. A story of some cute and mysterious sheep, that happened long, long ago.

Come on, get inside the blanket properly. Now the important thing is to get inside the blanket properly, imagining that you’re being surrounded by the warm wool of a sheep. This blanket is a woollen one, so it’s perfect. It’s fluffy and warm. Did you air out the blanket today? It was sunny during the day, so the blanket smells like the sun. The sun was out and the weather was great. The rain hasn’t stopped yet, has it? But it might have stopped tomorrow morning.

That’s right. I’m saying something without any proof, like I always do. But we have the day off tomorrow, right? I can relax with you again tomorrow. I’d really like it to be sunny on that day. If I think it’ll be sunny, it’ll be sunny. That’s how it is.

Come on. Be quiet and stay still. Wrap yourself up in the warm blanket while listening to the sound of the rain outside. Lie in my arms quietly and calmly. Try to imagine this. Green fields which stretch out as far as the eye can see. Beautiful flowers blooming here and there. The air is clear and calm too. It’s a very comfortable place. There are ten sheep grazing calmly in that place. All the sheep are a different shape, size and colour. Cute sheep, who are all unique. They all act individually – eating, playing and taking naps. They all live together happily and peacefully. Then the rain begins to drip down. The rain drops fall onto the field. It’s your job to lead the sheep to the pen. The intelligent sheep begin running toward the pen where you are waiting.

Look, there’s the first sheep. You can see it, can’t you? A sheep with fluffy, pure white wool runs towards you. He’s a small and cute sheep. A young lamb who was only born two months ago. You gently pick up the lamb which cries in a feeble voice. He is small, warm and soft. You feel as if you want to hold him forever. It’s a pleasant feeling. The scent of the sun. The lamb is dear to you. You gently stroke its soft wool.

Now the second sheep is coming. The second sheep is the mother of the lamb which just came to you. She chases after the lamb worriedly and bleats. The mother sheep is calms and comes closer when you gently put the lamb on the grass. You smile at the intimate sight of the lamb and its mother cuddling together. The lamb goes into the pen, encouraged by its mother. You watch over the two of them, feeling a warm sensation.

The third sheep is the youngest of three brothers. A small, timid sheep that is a cry-baby. He has slender legs and it walks slowly. He usually comes last at everything, but the youngest sheep adores you and is the first of the brothers to come to you today. He wanders around your feet and his fluffy wool brushes against you. The wool tickles and feels warm.

The fourth sheep is the middle child of the three brothers. This sheep is a fat, mischievous one who hates to lose. He chases after the youngest sheep and runs into you. The fluffy sheep charges into your arms and you smile bitterly. After the youngest sheep panics and runs into the pen, the fat sheep shifts its heavy body and chases after the younger sheep.

The fifth sheep is the eldest of the three brothers. He is an intelligent and obedient sheep. He slowly returns to the pen whilst watching over his two brothers. Slowly, slowly. He isn’t in a hurry.

The sixth sheep is a handsome sheep. He comes back, angry that the wool he is so proud of is getting soaked by the rain. He shakes all the raindrops off like a dog and begs you to brush him.

The seventh sheep is a shaggy sheep. He has so much wool that he needs to be shorn every year. He stumbles back like he always does, unable to see because of how woolly he is.

The eighth sheep is a curious one. Lots of things catch his eye and he’s always looking round and running about. He can’t help being curious about the rain and wonders where the sun has gone. He can’t seem to calm down.

The ninth sheep is a sheep who wants to sing. He always bleats in the beautiful voice that he’s proud of, calling everyone to gather with his beautiful voice. Even the eighth, curious sheep moves forward. The ninth sheep comes back, proud that he is the last one to return.

But the tenth sheep is still behind him. He moves slowly and calmly. What kind of sheep is the last one? That’s right. It’s the chief sheep, the one you trust the most. The sheep with splendid horns came back calmly. He always watches over everyone. He always becomes a source of strength for you. A splendid, splendid male sheep.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.

The ten sheep.

Track 5 – A White Dream

It seems like you’re asleep now. I started feeling sleepy while I was talking too. Even though I’m used to doing this before going to sleep, I always end up feeling sleepy. Although I see your sleeping face every day, I never get tired of it. You look defenceless and comfortable wrapped up in the blanket. You can’t say mean things when you’re asleep either. You just look cute and breathe gently as you sleep.

Did I almost wake you up? I won’t touch you anymore today. I’ll go to sleep too.

Hmm? Come to think of it, the rain seems to have stopped at some point. Ah…snow… It’s snow! The rain turned into snow at some point. It looks beautiful.

Hey, I’m sure you’ll be surprised when you wake up. The pure white snow is fluttering down. I wonder whether you like snow. The scenery I’ve seen with you many times before looks different to how it usually does. The lights of the town are shining upon the falling snow, making it sparkle. I wonder what you’ll say when you wake up. You’ll jump up in surprise and run to the window, being happy in your usual, innocent way.

I can’t wait to see you looking happy. I actually want to wake you up right now and tell you about the snow, but I’ll be patient. I’ll imagine how your happy face will look tomorrow morning. I’ll imagine us looking at the snowy landscape tomorrow calmly and happily. I hope that it will stay in our memories. The memories of a special day. The special and beautiful landscape. Seeing it together with you, a special person to me.

You’re the first person I’ve cared about this much. I’m glad you’re here. I’m really glad I met you and got to spend time with you like this.

This was the greatest birthday I’ve ever had. I hope the snow settles. Merry Christmas.

Track 6 – Free talk

Nice to meet you all. I’m Shinnosuke Tachibana, the voice actor for Subaru. Well, I’ve just finished recording the CD for peaceful sleep, Amemakura, with the dummy head mic. This time I spoke slowly. I spoke more slowly than I think I ever have before. How was it? Did you sleep peacefully?

Hello, I’m Shinnosuke Tachibana.

Dummy head mics come in several shapes. The one in front of me now even has a body. It has a nice face. Ones I’ve used before looked like robots, so I haven’t used one with a human face until today. I was pretty excited when I used it. I whispered a lot of things for this CD which is supposed to help you have a peaceful sleep. Speaking into the left side, right side and from behind the dummy head mic makes things sound interesting. I wonder if things went well. I was asked to whisper various things in the left and right ears.

I’m Shinnosuke Tachibana. I played Subaru. I whispered into the mic like that. How was it, everyone? Of course, please use headphones when you listen to this. It would be no good if your family heard this. I wonder what hearing this properly is like. How about you try and sleep peacefully for once? If you can have a peaceful sleep, then just try.

This was made to be a really sweet CD, but I wonder how it actually sounds. I don’t know whether you’ve heard the CD already or will listen to it after this, but I think it’s an interesting story. When I read the story, I liked the concept of a fairy tale. I’d be glad if it turned out to be an enjoyable story.

Subaru is the son of a rich and important family. He is somewhat bossy but he is also crazy about the person he loves. I wonder if you enjoyed that side of him too. Well, I hope we’ll meet again somewhere. If you can have a peaceful sleep, then just try. If you manage to fall asleep peacefully before the end, then give your thoughts anyway. Thanks for listening. This was Shinnosuke Tachibana, Subaru’s voice actor. See you later!


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