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Kindan Vampire 2

Forbidden Vampire 2 ~ The Prince of the White Rose

Mateus von Weiseheldenburg (CV: Shimono Hiro)

Chapter 1 – History Repeats Itself

Track 1 – An Encounter in the Town

Forbidden Vampire ~ The Prince of the White Rose

Excuse me.


Ah, it’s nothing. Could you show me those flowers?

Roses, hmm? They’re what Weiseheldenburg is famous for, aren’t they? White roses are the purest of those flowers.

Ah, do you know what the flower language for “white rose” is?

Hmm? You don’t know what flower language is? Ah, it’s become popular at the royal court recently. I understand that it was invented in Turkey. Well, I suppose that doesn’t matter though.

May I have these roses, Princess? In return for that, could you tell me about yourself?

Your hair is an unusual and beautiful colour. Your eyes are lovely too.

Hmm? You haven’t seen me around here? Ah, I heard the war was over, so I decided to go outside for once. I’m really tired. I’m hungry as well.

You’re hungry too? Then why don’t we have a meal together?

Oh? You still have work to do? I think I’ll take all these flowers then. Now your work for today is done.

You want to know what I’m going to do with all these flowers? I’m going to display them, of course. I won’t throw them away. I’d feel sorry for the roses if I did that.

How am I going to display them all? My home is bigger than you think, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Oh? You don’t believe me? Hmm…then come and visit my home. I’ll let you eat some delicious food if you do.

You want to know if it’s near here? Well…you have to go through the forest, so I suppose it’s a little far. You don’t need to worry though, there’s a good way for you to get there. It’s a special kind of magic.

So come and visit my home. That’s alright, isn’t it?

Hmm? Is it really alright? Aren’t you being a little careless?

Oh? You can’t remember that well, but you have a strange feeling that we’ve met before. Because of that, you feel as if you can trust me somehow.

Hmm…is that so? But you can’t remember me, can you?

Anyway, that special magic has a rule you must follow. My voice must be as close to your ears as possible. I’ll teach you this spell which has been handed down throughout my family.

Instead of speakers, use earphones or headphones to listen.

Long ago, a magician came from a far away country and told my family this spell. However, no one understands its meaning now.

Well, are you ready? Not yet? Women always take their time getting ready. You still look beautiful even if you don’t spend all that time getting ready.

I’m going to tease you if you take too long. Only joking.

So are you ready now? Then I’m going to steal you away with the power of magic. In that place, I’ll be able to get even closer to you than I am now.

Hmm? Are you feeling scared? It’s too late for that. I’m going to steal you away. This magic can no longer be stopped.

Why? That’s because I’ve got no intention of stopping it. Come here, let’s go together.

Track 2 – The Beginning of Magic

Can you hear my voice? My lovely princess.

You’re so close that I could even count your eyelashes. If the magic works, I should be on your right. Well? If you’ve confused left and right, then you’re quite clumsy.

Oh? Haven’t you got your skirt on the wrong way round? I’m only joking. It’s not true. I’m sorry for teasing you. You’re so lovely that I couldn’t help teasing you. Will you forgive me?

Thank you. You’re a kind princess. Hmm…has the magic really worked? Let me check if it has, alright?

First, your right ear. Did that surprise you?

Now, your left ear. Does that tickle? You even look lovely when you’re surprised.

Alright, next I’ll…

[01: 43]
Hmm? You think I’ve checked enough? I’m not so sure. I’m not that confident about it yet. So I’m going to do a little more checking.

This time I’ll start with your left ear. Then I’ll move over here to your right ear.

Now I’m behind you. Yes, you look wonderful, no matter where I look from. From the right, from behind and from the left. But it seems that looking directly at you from the front is best.

Your cheeks are soft and your eyes are brilliant. The light in your eyes hasn’t changed since then.

Hmm? Since when? That’s still a secret. Be patient for now. Well, I’m not a patient kind of person though. You see, I’m already unable to endure this.

What should I do? No, that’s no good. I can’t do that.

Aren’t you more interested in where you are now than the past? This is Weiseheldenburg Castle.

Ah, I didn’t introduce myself yet. My name is Mateus [1]. Mateus von Weiseheldenburg. People call me the “Prince of the White Rose”.

[1] A Portuguese name meaning “Gift of God”.

Track 3 – Dinner Together

Come. Follow me, Princess.

Hmm? You’re surprised that I live in a castle? I told you that my home was bigger than you would think, didn’t I?

The castle is constructed in a complicated way, and is protected by magic. You’ll never be able to leave again if you get lost. Perhaps you’ve heard the rumours too. Nobody knows what happens to thieves after they enter this castle.

Don’t worry. You’ll be fine if you follow me, so come closer to me. I’m going to hold your hand, alright? My lovely princess.

Come, we’ve almost reached the banquet hall. When we reach that room, I think you’ll realise that this is a magical castle.

See, the door opens without being touched and food is ready on the table in an instant. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Shall I tell you something even stranger? We’re the only ones in this castle right now. The other members of the family will be away for a while.

Hmm? You’re worried about the food? Ah, there’s no need to worry. It tastes wonderful. The master of this castle is quite particular about food, even when that food is created by magic.

Come on, sit here. You don’t have to be so nervous. Do you think I’m going to eat you? Or could it be that you’re not used to being in a big castle?

I see, so you’re not used to that. Will you sit on my lap then? Hahaha. You look lovely when you’re embarrassed like that. It was just a joke.

Alright, let’s open the wine. All the wine in this castle is red wine. I enjoy white wine too, but this is a tradition of Weiseheldenburg. Come, let us have a toast. Cheers.

This is a toast to our reunion. That’s right, our reunion. We have met each other before, but you probably don’t remember. That’s why I instinctively called out to you when we met in the town. Even though I thought that I wouldn’t have any more contact with other people…

What is it? Have you remembered something? You’ve got a strange look on your face. You can’t remember things clearly, but you feel uncomfortable. It’s like your memories are contradicting each other.

Do you want to remember the time you met me? Do you really want to? You can’t. I don’t want to talk about it. This magical time will come to an end if I do.

Come, let’s start the meal. I’ll take you back to the town when we’re finished.

Ah, that’s right. I’m going to give this to you. If you want to see me again, then wear this ring. The ring is the sign of a promise. If you have this, then I can go to see my princess. I’d prefer not to go outside though.

Chapter 2 – The Prince of the Magic Castle

Track 4 – By the Window, on a Moonlit Night

Good evening, Miss. It’s a wonderful moonlit night, isn’t it? You look beautiful with the moonlight shining upon you.

Are you surprised?

You want to know how I found your house? That ring really does suit you.

That’s right. That magical ring told me where you live. If it didn’t, I’d have to wander through the town looking for you. I don’t like crowds or being in the town during the day.

In other words, that ring is a magical light to show me where you are on a dark night. I’m glad you’re wearing it, because the magic of that ring isn’t effective when you take it off.

Come here and look at the starry sky.

It’s really beautiful. The night sky really is beautiful. It looks down at the human world ignorantly.

Are you cold? You’re shivering a little. Here, I’ll wrap you up in my cloak.

I love the night sky, but I sometimes feel afraid. When I look up at the sky from this window, I feel as if my existence is insignificant and that I might disappear.

You’re going to hold my hand? That’s right, I’m here. You really are a kind person.

Thank you. That’s enough for tonight. I’ll come and see you again, so make sure to keep wearing the ring. Promise me.

Track 5 – Secret Meetings

I’ve visited you like this many times now.

Thank you for everything, my lovely princess. The time I spend with you is my only enjoyment. I’ve been reunited with you, you’ve become a beautiful woman and we’re looking at the stars like this. This is enough for me. I wouldn’t ask for anything more.

So please don’t ask me to talk about myself or our first encounter again. I don’t want to do that. If I say any more, you might fear and despise me. I wouldn’t be able to endure that kind of thing again. I don’t want to lose this time that finally belongs to me. Let’s just enjoy ourselves for now.

We won’t talk about the past or our memories. We needn’t understand each other too deeply.

You’re a troublesome person, aren’t you, my lovely princess? It makes me a little angry when you look directly at me like that. Not everyone can live as honestly as you do!

That’s enough! If you’re so interested in the truth, then we’ll play a game. Just a little game. If you can last until the end of that game, then I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Hold onto me, we’ll go to the castle.

Track 6 – Until You Ask Me to Forgive You

We’re here. This is a different room from the one we were in before. Do you know where this is? It’s a prison for criminals that’s deep inside Weiseheldenburg Castle.

The game will be a torture, fit for this place. Come, I’m going to put these chains on you now. I can stop if you don’t want that.

Hahaha. You’re quite persistent. Alright, I’m going to put them on.

These are magical chains. They won’t come off until I say they can.

It won’t hurt. In fact, it’ll be the opposite. You’ll experience a dull sensation of pleasure and thirst.

You’ll lose if you’re unable to bear this or you decide that you don’t care about the truth any longer. You’ll win if you’re able to endure this.

You seem to be scared. You also look wonderful with a fearful expression on your face. I can still stop the game now.

You’re going to keep going? Are you that interested in knowing the truth? Alright, shall we start then? It’s too late to tell me to stop now.

I’ve cast some magic upon you. You can no longer move. Alright, close your eyes and listen to my voice. My voice will travel through your ears and spread throughout your body.

First breathe gently. Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out. Air reaches deep into your body. My voice and my words melt into you as well. You gradually become unable to defy my words.

The inside of your body warms up and you feel the warmth throughout your body. Is it because of the wine you drank earlier? No, that’s not right, is it? The heat gradually comes from inside of you. Then that heat slowly begins to overcome you.

That heat is my words. The places my breath touches get even hotter.

Let’s try it. Your right ear. Your left ear too. From behind. From the front. Your right and left ears.

You’re bright red. You feel hot, don’t you?

You can’t bear it, can you? But you’ve realised that it’s not enough. Feeling my breath on you isn’t enough, is it? That’s right, you can’t bear that I’m not touching you. Even though I’m close to you, I won’t touch you, no matter what.

You’re shaking so much…my lovely princess. But it’s no good. You’ve already realised it, haven’t you? What you should do. How to make me forgive you. That’s right, say those words. Beg me to end this. Come on.

You really are persistent. Well then, I’ll try once more.

Well? You can’t bear it any longer, can you?

How long are you going to put up with this? Why is something meaningless like the truth important to you? People are happier when they don’t know anything. All I wanted was for these happy times to continue! You insist on trying to open a forbidden box.

I understand. I’ll stop playing with you. I’ve lost the game. I’ve released the magic and the chains, so you can leave now. I’ll tell you about myself and the day we met each other. Then we’ll say farewell, because you will fear me and run away when I’ve told you about myself. Come over here and sit on my lap. Well then, shall we begin?

Chapter 3 – A White Rose Blooms in the Midst of a Storm

Track 7 – The First Battle

When I was born, the world had begun to change greatly. Weiseheldenburg was no exception. My family ended up losing their control over this land.

You don’t know anything about it? That’s because it happened before you were born. I wasn’t born at this castle. When I was old enough to understand what was happening around me, a long, long war had begun. A war that involved the whole of Europe. My family were involved in that war too, and before long, even I was thrown into the battle.

The enemy who attacked us was a hero known as the “Lion of the North” [1], and my first battle was a terrible experience.

Did we lose? No, we won. It was an overwhelming victory. We easily occupied the enemy territory and gained what we desired. What our army desired was something our enemy had, but our allies didn’t. That was…food.

The actions an army takes when it lacks food are simple. They take things by force. The destiny of the village which became our target really was a tragic one. The village was engulfed in flames and burned for three days straight. I heard that the village was destroyed and very few people remained. I ran away from the burning village. That’s right, I betrayed my allies. I couldn’t trust them any longer. No…it was humans that I couldn’t trust.

Why are humans capable of such cruel things? What was even more unbelievable was that I stood in the midst of that choking, bloody massacre and felt delighted. That was when I first became aware of the urge to bathe in that blood, the urge that had been inside me since the time I was born. I tried to get away, but I could not escape from the battle.

That’s right. It was only natural that there was nowhere for a deserter to go. I disguised myself as a mercenary and kept on fighting. No…perhaps I was just unable to resist my desire for blood.

The war showed no sign of ending and so I travelled through many lands. Then the ghost of my father began to chase me. I don’t know why it did. Perhaps he was an illusion that represented my guilt. I ran away when his illusion appeared, but his shadow still chased me. Before long, I had nowhere to go and I travelled over to England. There I met a man who was the leader of a revolution.

[1] The Lion of the North – Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden (the King of Sweden between 1611-1632) was also known by this name.

Track 8 – Revolution and Imprisonment

His battle was one for the sake of the people. The people stood up to the power of the king’s army. He seemed so bright to me, but he was suffering. The king’s army was powerful, yet the revolutionary army was weak, so I assisted him. Now that I think about it, that battle was the only meaningful day of my life. I fought for the sake of his ideals. I’d always been running away until then, but for once I was fighting for someone else’s sake. The fight was a difficult one, but we were victorious.

I had achieved something by my own will for the first time. I had never had a place I could call home, but now I had gained my own country with my own hands. But although the revolution was victorious, he didn’t stop fighting. He invaded neighbouring countries and occupied them. He was no different from the king he had defeated and had only become a new dictator. Then the dictator who had everything realised that I possessed the only other thing he wanted.

But I didn’t give it to him. I wonder why I didn’t. It was true that he had become a dictator, but that doesn’t mean I hated him. So I should have saved him when he became ill. All I had to do was give him what he wanted, but I didn’t do that. I couldn’t do it, no matter what. The illness took his life and I lost my home once again. Then I returned to Europe, and there I found a place that was right for me.

Where do you think that place was? It was a prison. Going outside became an annoyance to me. The only thing in the outside world was betrayal, so I believed that living inside a prison was much better than that.

My crime? Being born into a cursed family is a good enough reason. It seems that you really want to know my secrets.

My existence was kept a secret and I was made to wear a mask when I was outside, but the cell was a pleasant place. A gloomy and closed world was what I desired. I intended to live there with my sin forever. The sin of being born into this world. But before long, the Weiseheldenburg family found me and because they had regained their power, it was easy for them to release me from the cell.

So then I came to this castle. But fortunately, my life here isn’t much different from my life in the cell. Well, I suppose the food is a little more luxurious. That’s only because it was my choice to lock myself away, deep inside the castle. This place doesn’t feel like home to me, I have nowhere to call home. Nowhere at all.

Track 9 – Our Meeting Was Like a Flower

I’m not saying that I dislike this town, I actually think it’s a beautiful place. The gentle mist feels familiar to me and the roses bloom abundantly. My favourite rose is the white rose. I even wear a white rose on my clothing. Because of that, I began to be called “The Prince of the White Rose” at some point. A corrupted existence like myself couldn’t help admiring the pure white. On the rare occasions that I went out, it was to pick those white roses. All the roses in this castle are red, you see.

On that day, I really wanted some white roses and so I decided to go into the town. There I met a girl who was selling flowers. She was still quite young, but there was probably a reason she had to work. She might have lost her parents during the war. Even so, she was working hard to survive. She had probably come here from a different land, but she spread her roots here and tried to grow strongly. I still remember the beauty of that hardworking girl. I bought one white rose from that girl.

From then on, I rarely went outside, but thinking of her maturing was my personal enjoyment. I was sure that she must have grown into a beautiful woman. Even though we might never meet again, I felt as if my emptiness was being filled by something.

Track 10 – Darkness and Reunion

What’s the matter? Have you remembered?

That’s right, I bought a rose from you ten years ago. It really was a coincidence that we met each other in the town, because I had no intention of meeting you again.

Why? Because if you saw me again you’d realise that my appearance hadn’t changed at all in ten years.

That’s right, you should know by now. The story I told you took place over the course of several hundred years. There’s no way I’d be alive if I was human.

Vampir. Vampire. Nosferatu. [1] A repulsive monster cursed by God and hungers for blood.

This is goodbye. I want you to have happiness and freedom. I’ve really enjoyed the time we spent together until now. Thank you.

You’re so beautiful now that you’ve grown up, I almost made another mistake. Things are better this way. I want you to live in the light of the sun while I’ll keep on living in the world of darkness. I’ll be alright. I’ve got the memories you gave me. The memory of your beauty will keep on shining within me.

Come on, get out of here!

[1] Nosferatu is thought to come from an Old Slavonic word “nesufuratu” which was related to the Greek word “nosophoros”, meaning “plague carrier”. In the past, vampires were associated with the spread of disease such as tuberculosis, whose cause was unknown.

Track 11 – An Incomplete Vampire

It’s no good. Now I’m unable to control the urge inside of me. I’m going to tell you something important. I’ve always held back the urge to bite you and devour you. So hurry up and get out of here!

You don’t want to? Why won’t you leave?! It’s no good, it’ll be too late! I don’t want to hurt you.

There’s one thing I haven’t told you. I’m not a complete vampire. I don’t know how to make the person I’ve exchanged the contractual kiss with into a member of my family. My family said that I’d know when the time came, but I couldn’t save him [1] when I should have. He died because of that…! I know that I’m imperfect. So I really will end up biting you to death!

What’s the matter? Why aren’t you running away?! Please! Hurry up and run away! Why do you look so sad? You think you’re going to save me? Even though you don’t know how…

It’s no good. I can’t hold back my urges! My memories with you…you…were the home I’d finally found! I’m going to destroy that with my own hands!

I’m sorry. It’s no good. I’m going to kill you now. I love you.

[1] The revolutionary leader referred to in track 8.

Track 12 – Truth

Why…why didn’t you run away? Are you telling me to go on living like this, in eternal loneliness? You’re such a cruel person.

Then all I can do is hold you like this.

It can’t be…you’re alive? That’s…that’s…why?

I see…so that’s what it meant…the contract was successful. Why? I see…so love was necessary for the contractual kiss. But…I made you into a monster because of my own urges!

Why are you smiling? You’re still going to look at me kindly, even after what I’ve done to you?

This can’t be… Ah, I see. The other key to the contract was that you loved me in return. You loved me in return… Thank you.

Chapter 4 – A Kiss, the Way I Desire It

Track 13 – A Beautiful Experiment

But you don’t look like you’ve changed much. Have you really turned into a vampire? It’s my first time, so there’s a lot I don’t know.

Ah…should I see whether my magic still works on you? Hmm…well? Can you move?

Is that true? I’m going to try something then. See if you can resist. Alright, first your right ear. Then your left ear too.

You can’t move? Really? Maybe you can move, but you’re just pretending you can’t. Alright then, I’m going to be a little rougher.

It seems like you really can’t move. So my magic still works on you then? That’s good. Alright, now I’m going to use some magic which will control what you feel.

Close your eyes. I’m going to kiss you now, so tell me where I’ve kissed you. I’ll make you more sensitive.

First I’m going to kiss you here. Alright, tell me where I kissed you.

Yes, that’s right. Next I’ll kiss you here. Well, where was it?

That’s right, you’re becoming more sensitive. Now I’m going to kiss you here. This one might be a little difficult.

That’s right. I wonder how I should reward you? With a kiss? Or…

No, not yet. So what about this? Come on, tell me where I licked you. Stop blushing.

That’s right. It seems like my magic is working completely.

Track 14 – Sleeping Beside the Prince of the White Rose

It’s no good. An urge different from my desire for blood is rising up inside me. I’m going to take you to my room. Come on, come over here. Oh?

That’s right, the magic is still working. I wonder what I should do. I could release the magic. Ah, I’ve got a good idea.

I’ve picked you up. It’s called a princess carry, right? My lovely princess. Alright, I’m going to carry you to my room now.

We’re here now. There you go, this is your place. Why are you surprised? It’s a bed, of course.

You can’t do that, I’m not going to release the magic yet.

Hmm? You’re thirsty? Close your eyes.

Yes, that’s right. Alright, I’m going to give you some wine to drink.

Hmm? How did I give it to you? I wonder how… I’m sure you know what I did. That’s how it is, alright?

Today was a busy day, so I feel a little tired. I know not changing into my nightclothes is bad manners, but I think I’m going to lie in bed too. I’m going to lie next to you, of course.

Oh? Why are you blushing when all I’m doing is lying next to you? What are you imagining? You’re so indecent. This is my bed, so it’s only natural for me to sleep here. Have I made some kind of mistake?

You’re lying beside me. It feels somewhat strange to be together like this. I’ve lived alone until now, but when you’re beside me like this, I know I’m not alone. I can hold you right away too.

You’re so close to me. I’m going to hold you like this forever. I’m close enough to kiss you right away if I want to. Maybe I’ll do what you’re imagining next.

You’re embarrassed. You really are lovely. Perhaps I’ll tease you a little. It’s no good. When I’m like this, I can’t contain my desire for blood.

I’m sorry. It hurts, doesn’t it? That’s part of a vampire’s nature. I want you to forgive me.

Well? Is my magic still controlling you? Really? Maybe you’re just pretending you can’t move? Well, I don’t mind if that’s the case.

Track 15 – The Flower Language for “White Rose”

Alright, I’ll release the magic I cast on you. You can move now, so I want you to respond to my kiss. You can do it, can’t you?

There’s no need to worry. Your instincts will tell you what to do. First, I’d like you to hold onto me. More than that. Even more. I suppose this is as much as your slender arms can manage. This feels really good. Well then, give me a kiss.

It’s amazing. I want more. I shouldn’t rush though. We’ve got plenty of time. I’ll make you my prisoner on this first night. Thank you so much for loving me, my dear princess. You saved me, so I’ll promise to love you forever. I’ll give you everything.

Hey. Do you remember that you asked what the flower language for white rose [1] is? A white rose means “I’m the right one for you”. I wonder whether I can become the one who is right for you.

Thank you. You’re so kind. I’m going to make you happy, no matter what. So I want you to promise that I’ll be the only one you ever love.

Really? From now on, our lives will be painfully dark. But I’m sure we’ll be fine if we stay together. No matter what happens, let’s stay together forever. Promise me that. I’ll love you forever.

Forbidden Vampire – The Prince of the White Rose

[1] The white rose can also signify “respect”, “innocence” and “purity”.

Track 16 – Lunar Nocturne (Theme Song)

Lyrics/arrangement: Sunamori Taketeru Vocals: Jack

Anata e no omoi wo
Tojikometa hako
Koware kaketa kagi ga
Sotto oto wo tateru

The box which locked away
my feelings for you
The crumbling key
makes a quiet sound

Kasaneta te no hira wa
Itsuka no hanabira
Mabuta no uragawa ni
Keseru mama azayaka

The connected hands are
flower petals from a certain time
They remain brilliant
even when you can no longer see them

“Yakusoku wo ima mo oboeteimasu ka”

“Do you still remember the promise?”

Mikagami ni nazotta
Anata no omokage
Ikuyo mo kurikaesu
Yurusarenu yume Ah

Your face,
traced upon the water’s surface
A forbidden dream
which comes night after night Ah

Tsuki no hikari furu sono madobe ni
Shizuka ni shizuka ni sotto
Mai oriyou
Tsuki no hikari yori nao hakanaku
Anata wo anata wo
Kudakeru hodo ni dakou

The light of the moon falls by that window
It comes down
peacefully and gently
You’re more fleeting than the moon’s light
I hold
onto you tightly

Michite yuku tsuki ga
Kuruwaseru yume
Koware kaketa kagi ni
Sotto yubi wo kakeru Ah

The waxing moon is
a maddening dream
I gently place my hand
on the crumbling key Ah

Tsuki no hikari sae todokanu yoru
Kokoro ni kokoro ni sotto
Kakushite okou
Tsuki no hikari yori nao kagayaku
Anata wo anata wo
Yama no naka e to saraou

A night not even the moonlight reaches
I gently
hide it in my heart
You shine brighter than the moonlight
I carry you away
to the mountains

Tsuki no hikari furu sono madobe ni
Shizuka ni shizuka ni sotto
Mai oriyou
Tsuki no hikari yori nao hakanaku
Anata wo anata wo
Kudakeru hodo ni dakou

The light of the moon falls by that window
It comes down
peacefully and gently
You’re more fleeting than the moon’s light
I hold
onto you tightly

kagi wa

The broken
key cannot
be mended [1]

[1] This part of the Japanese lyrics doesn’t actually have a verb, so it’s open to interpretation about what the final word might be. I personally thought that the key not being able to be fixed fits with the rest of the song, but my interpretation is by no means the only one possible.

Chapter 5

Track 17 – Free Talk

Thank you very much for buying Forbidden Vampire – The Prince of the White Rose! I’m Hiro Shimono, the voice of Mateus von Weiseheldenburg. How was the CD? Did you enjoy it? So this is the free talk. I’m going to try my best so everyone enjoys it! Nice to meet you!

As you probably realised, the Forbidden Vampire CD was recorded with a dummy head mic. When I first heard this CD would be about a vampire, I was reminded about how I really like Dracula. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Dracula was one of my favourite things. I was really interested in monsters and other occult things when I was a child, and I particularly liked Dracula. I like him so much that I plan on visiting Bulgaria one day.

Did you see how Mateus looks? Even I was surprised at how cool he looks. I tried my best to play him. Mateus is a cool character, but many of the characters I play seem quite childish. I felt glad to play a different type of character this time. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts about how I did, so please feel free to tell me them.

On the official twitter, the staff asked for some lines that you wanted Mateus to say. Now I’m going to choose some of those and whisper them to you. I think you’re already expecting something now…but I’m going to say these lines without having prepared in advance. There are quite a few of them. Okay, here I go!

Hey. Kneel at my feet and let me see you crying even more.

What’s the matter? Why’d you hold onto me all of a sudden? You’re quite a nervous person, aren’t you? Shall I do something frightening to you?

Your skin feels smooth and your face looks beautiful. Don’t be afraid, my dear. Share a passionate kiss with me, my lovely princess.

Tell me what you want me to do. If you beg me the right way, I’ll give you a reward. My lovely princess.

Alright, that’s all of the lines I had to read out. How were they? Did you enjoy them? Thank you very much for submitting all those lines. Here I go… Danke schön!

You must be surprised because I shouted it from behind. Right, I just said “Danke schön” and Mateus occasionally speaks German too. I’d be happy if you thought “Shimono-san, you really tried your best speaking German”.

Unfortunately, it’s almost time for me to say goodbye. Thank you very much for listening. Please continue to support Mateus from Forbidden Vampire from now on! This was Hiro Shimono!

Are you serious? I’m going to say this? I’m not sure about the accent. Alright then… Auf wiedersehen!

Last of all, I’d like to give you a message as Mateus.

Why are you so far away from me? Come closer to me. Come on, come where I can reach you. My dear princess. Let me hold onto you. I won’t let you escape, even if you try to get away from me.

I remember that you promised to give me a kiss today, didn’t you?

Hmm? You don’t know how to do it? I’ll have to show you how then. Remember this well. You do it like this.

You’d become even more beautiful if I could make a red flower bloom on your white skin.

I’m sorry. Did that hurt? I’m not going to stop though. You belong completely to me. Because I love you, I can’t stop, no matter what.

You’re my first and last love, so you’re all I want. I only want your blood. Promise me you’ll stay with me, alright? My love will always belong to you. You’ll belong completely to me, because you’ve been captured by me. Prepare yourself to make me the only one you ever love. I love you. Let’s stay together forever.


Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru 7


Amemakura 1


  1. G G

    uwwwwwwwwwaaaa ^____^)/ thank you so much!!! you’re awesome!! you even translated the free talk!! ADFHFG thank you so much ^^

  2. This blog is gonna be the death of me, if not the drama cd itself. Thank you so much for this! I love Kindan Vampire and hopefully, more people would appreciate this series now that there’s an available amazingly done translation!

    • Yukihito

      Thanks so much for commenting! I really hope more people will like Kindan Vampire too.

  3. mashail

    That’s great
    Thank you for the translation

  4. llamia

    Omg, you even did the theme song and freetalk!! Thank you so much for translating~ *3*

  5. medusawitch

    Thank you so much!

  6. I love youuuu! I love Mateus and I love your translation. Thank you so much!!!!! Your blog now is a must for me. I’ll be waiting for your next translations.

  7. Thank you so much~ Shimono and Mateus are both adorable. Thank u for the hard work, it was a long CD but I truly enjoyed it ^\^

  8. Quinn

    Wow, wowwwww, this translation was so beautifully written. I’ve gone through a few (and attempted a few) but this is by far, the most well written translation I’ve seen <3

    Thank you so much for this! You even translated the free talk! You are a m a z i n g. Thank you <3

    • Yukihito

      Thanks for your kind comment <3 I'm really glad you enjoyed my translation!

  9. Viktoria

    Thank you so much for this! 🙂

  10. Crystina

    um…this is a question…but do you know what this kindan vampire is generally about? Thanks >_<

    • Saki

      Well… The main character is a girl Mateus met a long time ago, while she was selling flowers. In the first track, she’s still a flower seller and that’s when Mateus meets her again. I hope that’s a good enough answer >_<

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