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Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru 7

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru 7 – Arima

G (CV: Fujiwara Keiji)
Arima (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

Track 1 – Prologue

Welcome, this place is a world of dreams. In this place, the worried and tired women of the world are listened to and given the chance to relax.

Oh? What’s the matter? Are you scared for some reason? It’s alright. No one here will hurt you.

Ah, I forgot to tell you that you can call me “G”. You came here tonight because there’s something troubling you, isn’t there?

Well, troubled young lady. Please choose the CD (Compact Dream) bath powder you would like from among these ones. This CD contains natural whispers to relax your tired spirit and make love awaken, but please understand that they won’t affect everyone. If you feel unwell or your heart beats too fast during while listening, then I recommend you stop and take a deep breath. Well then, I hope that you’ll completely experience the greatest relaxation there is.

Track 2 – A Flower of Love in the Bathroom

Arima: You begin to feel dizzy in the bath – Hot spring personification collection – Arima chapter

G: Place 1 – A Flower of Love in the Bathroom.

Arima: I finally got out of that cramped place! Thanks, Miss!

Oh? Why are you trembling and looking so shocked?

Oh no, you’re so clumsy! It’s easy to slip inside the bathroom, so be careful.

Come on, what’s your reply? Your reply?

Jeez! You can’t talk either?

Alright! So you can actually talk! I’m Arima, nice to meet you!

Okay, give me some tea now.

I feel completely relaxed… If you’re Japanese, you’ve got to drink tea! So what about the tea cakes? You’ve got to serve tea cakes with tea when you have a guest, right?

What? You haven’t got any? Oh, well.

This is a local speciality at Arima Hot Spring, black bean pudding. You can have some too!

Hey! Why are you running away? This is natural for a hot spring spirit to do.

What’s a hot spring spirit? Huh?! You haven’t heard of hot spring spirits either? Hot spring spirits are…umm…

You opened the packet of bath powder, didn’t you? And the contents poured out, right? Umm…what happens next?

Umm…ah, that’s right! We’re spirits whose duty it is to relax women who are tired, troubled and worried. Well, even though relaxing those women is our duty, that doesn’t mean we do anything in particular.

Huh? Are you disappointed about something? Don’t worry. While we can’t do anything in particular, this doesn’t mean we’re useless.

Especially me! The spirit of the world famous Arima Hot Spring is unique!

Huh? What is Arima Hot Spring? You don’t know who I am? Have you been living under a rock?! By the way, diving [1] and swimming is forbidden at a hot spring!

Anyway, never mind that! Arima Hot Spring is the most famous (according to me) and is (said to be) the oldest hot spring in Japan (there are many different opinions, so the truth will have to wait until the time machine is invented).

See, do you know a lady called Sei Shonagon Wagashi [2]? She wrote a book called “Cleaning the Pillow”.

Huh? It’s Sei Shonagon and “The Pillow Book” [3]? You sometimes change the pillow cover and clean it, don’t you? And that lady might have liked sweet things! What I’m saying isn’t wrong!

Why are you looking at me like that? Is there some kind of problem?

Yes, yes. That’s right. How about it? Have you understood how awesome I am?

Hmm? You understand that Arima Hot Spring is old, but I you don’t know much more than that? Hmm…you’re honest. I like that about you! Okay, helping you relax isn’t enough! I’ll make you my subordinate!

You can sit on my lap. Listen up! I’m the most famous, cool and amazing hot spring in Japan. So what am I trying to say? Hot springs aren’t such formal places. There are only a few that are difficult to get into. There are visitors to hot springs who say things like it feels good or that is cured their nerve pain. They’re happy and for the first time, they feel like visiting a hot spring was a good thing to do. Worrying about dignity and formality is what a newbie without any experience does. As long as I’m confident about my hot water, then I’m fine as I am.

Alright, I’ve opened it. Eat my pudding. What? You can’t eat my pudding?

You dummy. It’s not like it’s got poison in it.

Ah! That was great! I think this is the tastiest thing in Arima. Eat this and try to smile.

Where’s the spoon? A man wouldn’t use one of those…ah, I see. You’re a woman. Wait a minute. Here, use this spoon.

Your mouth is small, isn’t it?

Hmm? No, I was just kind of impressed, because I don’t use a spoon to eat pudding. I can eat it in one go, see. It’s kind of like cult…culture…culture shock. Oh, never mind.

Do you want another one?

You don’t? You didn’t like it?

That’s not what you meant? You think you’ll put on weight? If eating it is going to make you put on weight, then you just have to go running afterwards!

Huh? You get tired? It’s annoying? You don’t get much exercise, do you?

You go for a walk every day? For how long?

Hmm…show me your face.

Huh? My face is too close? Don’t be so annoying. Stay still. Ah…this is no good. Your face and neck are really pale. Your lips don’t have much colour either. Jeez, I guess I don’t have a choice.

What is it? Why’d you run away all of a sudden?

Huh? Because I kissed you? Are you surprised just because I kissed you? I don’t know whether you’re trying to get white skin or look elegant, but nobody would find someone who looks like a ghost attractive! That was my way of helping you, as your boss! See, look in the mirror. The colour of your lips looks better, doesn’t it?

Alright, we’ve had pudding, so let’s get in the bath. Did you forget that I’m a hot spring spirit? I’ll relax my subordinate in my own way.

Alright! You’ve wrapped a towel around your head and body, and you’ve got a washbowl, right? Okay, can you wash my body then? Why are you surprised? It’s natural for a subordinate to wash their boss’s back isn’t it?

I was supposed to make you relax? That’s right! I’m going to do it in my own way, of course. Okay, here’s the sponge and the soap. I won’t ask you to do everything. First use these to scrub my back.

Hey, why are you doing it so weakly? Put some more effort into it! Haha, that tickles! More! Oww…that hurts! Do it more gently! That’s right. That’s the amount of strength you should use. Wash my shoulders too, not just my back.

Do my arms next. Here. Okay, okay. Good job. Hmm…that feels good.

Why are you angry?

You’re asking why you have to do this? It’s because you’re my subordinate. Hahaha! You’re angry and your face is bright red. You’ve worked up quite a sweat too. You need quite a lot of strength to wash someone with a small sponge, right? Especially when you’re inside a hot bathroom. You can’t be getting much exercise if this kind of thing makes you tired. It was a good workout, right?

Come on, it’s your turn now. I’ll show you how to do it, so come over here. First go from your chest area to your arms and legs, and then wash your back.

Well? Does it feel good? Washing your body doesn’t just mean removing the surface dirt, so rubbing your skin for a few moments isn’t enough. It’s also a massage which stimulates your skin and improves your circulation. You can use your hands or a washcloth. A gentle massage where you don’t rub too hard is what’s important, so I recommend this loofah. It’s not too hard, removes dirt and stimulates the skin in a positive way. The more you use it, the more it becomes suited to your skin. Its disadvantages are that it’s hard to wash your back and it gets ruined easily if you don’t dry it properly.

Okay, I’m going to rinse you with the shower. Alright, you rinse me next. Right, we’re both clean now. Let’s get in the bath then!

Hmm? You always have a shower, so it’s been a long time since you had a bath? I see. Then I’ll count to a hundred to make sure you soak properly.

[1] Arima refers to the listener as 潜り[moguri] (literally “unqualified”) when she doesn’t know who he is. The verb “moguru” also means “to dive”, which is why Arima mentions that diving is forbidden at the hot spring.
[2] Wagashi are Japanese style sweets. Arima mistakenly adds “Wagashi” to Sei Shonagon’s name and when he’s corrected by the listener, he says he can’t be wrong as the author might have liked sweet things too.
[3] The Pillow Book is a well-known book about court life in 11th century Japan. Arima calls it “Makura no Souji” (The Pillow Cleaning), but its actual name is “Makura no Soshi”.

Track 3 – Love Countdown

G: Place 2 – Love Countdown.

Arima counts to 20.

Why are you so restless?

Arima counts from 21-40.

Don’t get out until I say it’s okay.

Arima counts from 41-60.

Huh? Are you feeling dizzy? Hmm…I see.

Arima counts from 61-80.

Hmm? Ah, it’s nothing.

Arima counts from 81-95.

You’re really sweaty. Shall I wipe your sweat away? There’s no need to be shy, you’re my special subordinate, you see.

96, 97. Right, do you want some pudding?

You don’t want it? Come on, don’t be shy!

98. Come on, open your mouth.

99. One…ah, I think I’ll take a bite. That was great!

Hmm? What is it? You look kind of sad. Come on, it’s okay for you to have a little.

Ah, 100! Come on, let’s get out.

Track 4 – Massage Time

G: Place 3 – Massage Time.

Arima: What’s the matter? You can get out now.

Hmm? Your face is kind of red.

Huh? You’re feeling dizzy? You dummy! You should’ve said that sooner!

Jeez, you tried to do too much. I was the one who told you not to get out until I said it was okay though… Here, drink this. It’ll clear your head. It’s cold mineral water from Arima. It’s made with spring water from Mount Rokko [1] and it’s got ice in it, so it’ll be easy to drink.

How are you feeling?

I see. That’s good. Well, your body is all stiff because you don’t get much exercise, so it’s natural for you to get dizzy when your circulation improves. I guess I’ll have to teach you some stretches you can do in the bath that won’t make you dizzy.

What? You’re tired from being in the bath? And the bathroom is small? Oh, well. I’ll teach you something simple you can do while sitting. First, stretch out your arm…

Huh? Aren’t you…strangely soft? Ah…your body is stiff, but your upper arm seems to be squishy…

Ah! I didn’t mean it in a bad way! I didn’t! It wasn’t an insult!

Umm…well…you’re soft…

No…that’s not what I meant! I’m not envious! No…I think I am envious after all.

If your skin is soft, then massages are more effective. And it makes you feminine too…

Am I envious that you’re feminine? Ah…no! I didn’t say envious, I said bitter! [2]

Did you know that there are lots of haunted places at Mount Rokko, which is near Arima Hot Spring! Couples often go for a drive there. Right, couples! See, if I was your boyfriend… If you’re going for a drive at Mount Rokko, then I think a gentle one would be better… No! You’re my subordinate! So it doesn’t matter if you’re feminine! It doesn’t!

We’re going to stretch! Stretch! First, sit down. Stretch your arm out. Hold onto your right arm with your left hand and stretch your upper arm, then your elbow. Stretch straight forward. Stretch from side to side. Up, then behind your back. Down. Repeat that three times. That should make your shoulders loosen up and you’ll be able to stretch them comfortably. When you’re finished with the right side, do the left one. Then do your back last of all. Move your shoulder blades.

Huh? Where are the shoulder blades? There’s something that sticks out when you raise your arm backwards, right?

What? You can’t do that? Just how stiff is your body? Alright then, I’ll move them. There you go. Turn your back this way. Slightly stretch your back muscles and then stretch them as if sticking out your chest.

Sorry. There’s something I’ve got to say…

[1] Mount Rokko is a group of mountains in Hyogo Prefecture and is one of the 300 famous mountains in Japan.
[2] “Bitter” [urameshii] and “envious” [urayamashii] have a similar pronunciation in Japanese. “Urameshii” is a word often used to describe ghosts, which explains why Arima began talking about haunted places.

Track 5 – Intermission

I understand, Arima-kun. You’re experiencing what youth is like. You’re going through adolescence. I don’t think a hot spring spirit should be doing that, but I understand your feelings. I’m sure you’re not that young though, Arima-kun. Hmm…I suppose you’re young at heart? I won’t lose to you then! Ah. I’ll quietly observe what happens.

Track 6 – I’m crazy about you!

G: Place 4 – I’m crazy about you!

Arima: Are you okay? Did you get blood on you?

What? Why are you laughing?

Huh? Even hot spring spirits get nosebleeds? I guess so…

Hot springs are near volcanoes which can erupt. There are geysers which release strong jets of hot water too. At Arima, there are some places where carbon gushes out as well. So nosebleeds happen too!

Eh? Why did I have a nosebleed? Well…that’s because I was dizzy of course!

Why are you looking at me like that? You’re asking me if I looked at your chest?

Huh?! Why are you saying something so crazy?! I want to see a sexy, bouncing chest! I’m not interested it seeing my subordinate’s chest, which is so flat that it looks no different from her back! I don’t feel anything!

Eh? Hey…what’s the matter? Are you crying?

Wait a minute! Don’t cry! I said too much! Don’t cry, okay?

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I said too much. I can’t say the right thing. I’m a little embarrassed too…I want to compliment you, but I can’t find the right words. It might actually be my heart that’s hard.

Hey, will you get in the bath with me? It’s a little embarrassing, but we’re both feeling the same way. It’ll be a sign that you’ve forgiven me.

It feels really small with the two of us in here. The water is about to overflow. Both of use are sitting with our legs bent. Did you know that holding onto the edge of the bathtub firmly and twisting your waist is a good exercise? It firms your upper arm and makes your waist slimmer.

Hey! Don’t try it now! You splashed water on me. Do it when you’re on your own. Ah, I want to stretch my arms and legs.

Hey. I’ll sit with my legs stretched out and you sit on top of me, okay?

Hmm? I’ll hold onto you.

Hey. Can I ask you to do something? Can you sit facing me? I’ll sit with my legs stretched out and if you sit on top of me with your legs stretched out, we’ll both have room to move, won’t we? I’ll be able to see your face clearly too.

Your face looked like a mask when we first met, but now it seems more like a flower. It was only meant to be a comparison! Your face was pale and expressionless before you got into the bath, but now your skin is quite warm. It’s not just your face, your neck and body are pink too. You look kind of beautiful…

I can’t think about that! You’re my subordinate and I’m your boss. A man shouldn’t get excited about or be fascinated by his subordinate. What am I saying…?

Hey…my face is really red right now. I held you without thinking because I didn’t want you to see that. Now I’m even more embarrassed.

I came here to help you relax, but it feels as if I’m doing something different. It’s like I haven’t achieved anything. If you don’t mind…can we stay like this a little longer? I feel kind of calm. It’s strange. Even though I came to help you relax, it feels like I’m the one who feels relaxed. I wonder why that is?

Although you’re a woman, I didn’t pay any particular attention to you at first. I didn’t think you were attractive or anything like that. I wasn’t thinking you were cute either. But I couldn’t take my eyes off you, and I wanted to become closer, even if it was only a little. I didn’t want anyone else to have you and so I told you to become my subordinate.

Is that what’s called “love at first sight”? Is this love? Then I…

I’ve run out of time already? Listen carefully. I’m a hot spring spirit. When the effects of the bath powder wear off, I can’t stay with you any longer. I don’t want to leave you. I’ll give you all the relaxation I’ve got. Even when the effects of the bath powder wear off, I’ll be in this hot water and I’ll continue helping you to relax – so I might be able to last just a little longer. I don’t want to disappear. I don’t want to forget you. I want to stay beside you longer than this.

So it’s no good struggling, huh? That doesn’t matter. If I have to disappear, then I’ll go out with a bang. I’m going to disappear, but don’t forget me. That’s an order. Do you hear me?

Right! Good answer. I’ll be able to come back, as long as you don’t forget me. Don’t forget me. I don’t like to admit it, but I’ve fallen in love with you.

Track 7 – Epilogue

Oh, what is it? You seem to have a determined look on your face. Arima Hot Spring is very famous. It’s in a verdant mountain area, and is an elegant and atmospheric hot spring. The path is steep and reaching it might be difficult. But it’s up to you to choose whether you believe in him and wait or whether you go to find him. That’s right, it’s up to you.

Track 8 – Extra track: Getting out of the bath – G’s Arima Hot Spring Guide Journey

Arima: Extra track: Getting out of the bath – G’s Arima Hot Spring Guide Journey

G: Miss, won’t you accompany me on a journey this time?

Ah, that was a good bath. Arima is a pleasant hot spring with delicious food and attentive service.

Arima: Of course! It’s the number one hot spring in Japan!

G: But the price is somewhat…

Arima: That’s because it’s got history and formality. Firstly, it provides good hot water and good service. Its spirit for showing hospitality to the hot spring guests stands out from all the rest! And this is the best room as Arima Hot Spring!

G: I see. That’s why this number seems bigger than expected. But recently the number of reasonably priced baths is increasing, so why don’t you look for some of them?

Arima Hot Spring is located in Kita-ku, Kobe, which is in Hyogo prefecture. The hot spring town of Arima is at the base of Momiji-dani [1], on the northern side of Mount Rokko. The hot spring water contains seven out of nine of the qualities (Alkaline spring, carbon dioxide spring, hydrogen carbonate spring, chloride spring, ferruginous spring, sulphur spring, acid spring and radon spring) the Ministry of the Environment says defines a recuperative spring. It is a hot spring with a mixture of substances that is rare worldwide. The three types of spring at Arima are a ferruginous spring, which contains a large quantity of salt and iron, a carbon dioxide spring, which contains a large quantity of carbonic acid and a radon spring which contains a large quantity of radium.

Arima: Some of the springs are clear at the source, but the ferruginous spring, which contains a large quantity of salt, changes colour when it comes into contact with air, and is known as the “Gold Spring”. The other clear spring is called the “Silver Spring”.

G: “Silver Spring” sounds like the name of a cold water spring… I see, so that’s what kind of spring it is. The spring is said to be effective for curing burns, cuts, rheumatism, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, chronic women’s diseases, neuralgia, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, gout and gallstones. But the effects vary, depending on the water, so you should check what the effects are in advance.

Arima: As a result of communication with visitors to the hot spring, there are now excellent guided tours. The souvenirs I recommend are black beans and turtle merchandise from Tousen Shrine [2].

G: Tousen Shrine? How wonderful. It seems natural that Arima would have a shrine as it’s proud of its long history.

Arima: History isn’t the only important thing at Arima Hot Spring, it’s always trying new things too.

G: Interesting events like the world pillow fight championships were held there, weren’t they?

Arima: An event called Arima Anime will take place in September 2011. During the event you can dress up in cosplay and walk around the town of Arima. Taking photos is okay too. You can eat and go shopping as well. Last of all, there’ll be a concert with voice actors, as well as anime and game composers.

G: Oh! That’s really great! Further details about the event can be found on the Arima tourism organisation homepage.

Arima: You think of udon when you think of Kansai, but Arima is famous for soba too.

G: The selection of rice wine is also quite good.

Arima: I didn’t get to exchange rice wine with her as boss and subordinate. No…next time, we won’t exchange cups as boss and subordinate, but as husband and wife. Ah…what did I just say?!

G: Arima-kun. What’s the matter all of a sudden?

Arima: Before that, we’ll take a drive through Mount Rokko and… No! No! We can’t do that!

G: Arima! Arima-kun! Recommend me some local rice wine!

This CD uses a personification of Arima Hot Spring and its effects as its theme. I think there will be some aspects different from the real Arima Hot Spring, but please be understanding of that. Well, madam, I hope you have a good journey.

[1] Momiji-dani is the name of the mountain trail which connects Mount Rokko to the Arima Hot Spring.
[2] Tousen Shrine is a temple in Arima which honours the three gods who were said to have discovered the Arima region.


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