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Androidays ver. Deuce

Androidays ver. Deuce

CV: Yunomachi Kakeru (Nogami Shou)

Track 1

Androidays Version Deuce

Hmm? What’s the matter?

You’re always smiling, but you seem to be nervous today.

This is the first time I’ve seen that expression… In other words, you’ve shown me another side of yourself. I’m really happy about that.

Oh? I see… So this is the real world.

I’m sorry. You were here, so I was sure I was still dreaming.

Hello. My name is Deuce.

How are you feeling, Princess?

Track 2

Shall I help you?

Alright. I’ll just wait quietly then.

You did a good job.

I heard that carrying cardboard boxes makes your hands rough.

Have you got any hand cream? Shall I put some on for you?

You’re nervous? Why’s that?

I see. I’m happy to hear that.

You see… Pursuing an aim is human nature.

You don’t need my permission. You can do it anytime.

I belong to you. I want you to touch me whenever you feel like it.

I want you to touch me all the time too.

Yes. The feel of my skin is as close to human skin as possible.

My body temperature is also the same as that of a human.

Your hands really are graceful and soft. It makes my heart beat faster.

Hey. Let’s compare the size of our hands.

Your hands are small and warm. They’re so cute.

I feel a sense of love when I touch them.

What do you think? Is my temperature warm?

I hope you feel comfortable when I’m embracing you.

Really? How much?

I’m happy you answered me properly.

Thank you. I feel incredibly happy to be embracing you like this too.

Hmm? You’re embarrassed?

Oh… I see.

My body utilises the latest technology and is as similar to the human body as it possibly can be, but I’m embarrassed to say that my mind still has some way to go.

So I don’t really understand why you’re embarrassed now.

Hey. We’re going to be living together from now on. I don’t have much experience, so I’d like you to teach me all kinds of things.

Well… I think I know enough to have a reasonable conversation with you…

Umm… In the beginning, sexaroids are sleeping in their tanks, with their minds in an empty state.

Then a cable is used to transmit data directly into their minds.

Their creator decides what kind of data is transmitted. That’s when their responses become individual to them.

Hmm… Right… A lot of different things were input… However…

Ah, I’m sorry!

There were a lot of fairytales among the data that was transmitted to me.

I know plenty of Japanese and foreign fairytales.

I’ll read some to you when you can’t sleep.

No, it’s not like that! I was laughing earlier because there was a fairytale with a princess in it.

The princess looked like you. That’s why I couldn’t help calling you “Princess” when we first met.

I really was surprised. Since there was a princess there when I opened my eyes…

I thought I’d become lost in the world of fairytales.

I’m not joking. I’m telling the truth.

Hey. Look this way.

The more I look, the more similar you seem.

Hey. Do you really exist?

Maybe I’m still sleeping in my tank, in the world of fairytales.

This room certainly does look lived in.

It doesn’t have the same atmosphere as a palace from a fairytale.

But you have a cheerful voice and a beautiful appearance. You’re at home in both worlds.

It really is strange.

When I look at you, I feel as if I’m still dreaming.

Hey. I’m actually still dreaming, aren’t I?

Right… Can I touch you again?

Let me be sure that you’re real.

I can’t get enough of the delicate shape of your cheeks.

They’re gradually getting warmer and turning slightly pink.

That isn’t a bad sign, is it?

Hey. Can I make one more selfish request?

Let me touch your beautiful lips too.

More… Deeper…

I want to feel you.

Your tongue feels so soft.

It’s wonderful…

The way your tongue clumsily entwines with mine…

It’s so cute.

Your body feels tense. You don’t like this?

I see. Then are you scared?

It’s alright. Don’t be afraid. I’ll treat you gently.

Slowly try to relax.

Yes. That’s good.

Look at me again.

Your eyes are really beautiful.

Your heart is beating faster, isn’t it?

The tears in your eyes are making them sparkle.

They look like jewels.

You’re breathing harder too.

Your breath is warm and seductive.

Your cheeks are pinker than they were earlier too.

Hey. Are you turned on because of me?

I’m turned on.

Close your eyes, Princess.

Then leave everything to me.

Your earlobes are so soft.

It’s no good. I want to bite them.

No… Not when you’re feeling this good after I licked your ears…

You might go crazy if I bite them.

Don’t spoil me like that, Princess.

I want to see you looking that wild one day though. It’s a promise.

Shall we do a pinky promise?

Pinky promise. I’ll have to swallow a thousand needles if I lie.

Pinky promise…

It’s no good, right?

Don’t laugh, okay? I don’t want to do it.

I don’t want to let go of your pinky.

I love you.

I’m sure that I was drawn to you before I even woke up.

Hey. I want a deeper connection with you.

What about you, Princess?

Track 3

Hey. Are you nervous?

I see. If you’re only a little nervous, then you’re pretty reliable.

Now that you’re in front of me, my heart is beating really fast.

Go on. Try and touch my chest.

Can you feel my heartbeat?

It’s fast, isn’t it?

You feel warm too. It’s a gentle warmth that helps me feel calm.

Hey. It’s pathetic of me to feel nervous. Can you help me calm down?

Thank you. I really am happy when you embrace me.

Although I’m being satisfied this much, I can’t help being greedy.

It’s a mysterious feeling.

That’s right. Even though I feel incredibly happy that you’re embracing me, it feels as if it’s not enough somehow.

For example… I think this is in my way.

I even feel like the existence of this clothing which keeps us apart is unforgivable.

See… I’m a greedy person, aren’t I?

Have I disappointed you?

You can be honest. Use your beautiful voice to tell me off for being so pathetic.

Hmm? That can’t be… Really?

You really felt the same way I did?

That’s wonderful.

My goodness. You’re amazing, Princess.

Just how happy are you going to make me?

In that case, shall I get rid of the things in our way?

Your skin is beautiful. It’s smooth and embraces my hands closely.

I’m in love with the beautiful shape of your body.

It’s like a work of art.

No. I’m going to look. I’ll take my time.

You see… You’re so beautiful.

I want to look at your breasts forever.

I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to trick you.

I was just so focused on taking your clothes off. I’m sorry.

But it was pretty bold of you to ask me to take your clothes off.

It’s not like that? Hmm…

I don’t mind it either way. It turns me on when you’re bold and sexy.

I like it. I feel like wanting to kiss you.

You always look like that when you kiss me.

You close your eyes and purse your lips a little.

You wait for me with that innocent expression on your face.

Don’t get angry. I’ll make sure to kiss you.

However… I’m going to kiss your breasts.

Hey. This place…

It seems as if you like it here.

You react the most when I kiss you here.

Hey. How does it feel? Tell me.

No. Don’t cover yourself up.

My goodness. You get embarrassed right away.

That’s really cute though.

Your light pink cheeks and the troubled expression on your face are also cute.

They’re lovely.

I love them.

I’m going to ask you again. How does it feel?

Ah. You look confused.

I think it’s going to be a while before you tell me.

In that case, I think I’ll ask your body directly.

I made sure to give every part of your soft breasts my attention, but your voice sounds sexiest when I kiss your nipples.

It’s not like that. I don’t want to make you embarrassed.

I’m saying that I love how sexy your voice sounds.

So I want to hear even more of it.

I told you that I was a greedy person, didn’t I?

Your nipples are really hard now.

It’s so cute.

This proves that you’re feeling good.

Hmm? It’s not like that?

What is it then?

Are your nipples becoming this indecent to make it easier for me to caress them?

Of course it’s true.

I love seeing my tongue and hands make you become so indecent.

Your tearful eyes, pink cheeks, pure skin and your indecent nipples which tremble, covered in my saliva… They’re all unbearably beautiful.

I want to see even more of you changing in my arms.

First of all, I’m going to suck your sensitive nipples hard and then I’m going to play with them.

You’re trembling.

Hey. Does it hurt?

Amazing… I’m sucking so hard… But it seems that you’ve accepted all my love…

I’m happy. I want to suck your lovely nipples all day.

You don’t want me to suck your nipples anymore?

What’s the matter? If there’s something you want to say, then tell me what it is.

I want to follow all your orders, no matter what they are.

Okay. Not just your nipples…

I’m sorry. I was teasing you a little just now.

Alright. You don’t need to say anything else.

You want me to show my affection to other parts of your body.

I understand. I’ll do as you wish, Princess.

But since you didn’t tell me exactly where, I’m going to caress your whole body completely, from head to toe.

Track 4

Your hair is soft and beautiful. It feels like silk.

It smells really good too. I love your scent.

Let me feel it even more.

Oh no. I said I was going to love your whole body, didn’t I?

I love how cute your ears are, so I got sidetracked. I should hurry forward.

So where should I go next?

The gentle shape of your shoulders… It feels like a work of art.

I want to leave my mark on your clear and beautiful skin.

I really am surprised at myself. I can’t believe I want to show my love in such a sinful way.

Beautiful things are only meant to be looked at… Right…

Although I thought it would be enough just to touch you gently…

Right now, my heart is filled with a terrible desire to possess you completely.

I really am shocked at myself. You’re slowly driving me insane, Princess.

Hey. Are you aware of that?

That you’ve captivated me this much…

Hmm… So you haven’t realised.

In that case, you’re quite a sinful person too.

Is it too bold of me to consider both of us as sinful, although our reasons are different?

It’s okay? That means I’ve got one more thing in common with you. I’m really happy about that.

In that case… Let me leave proof of that on your collarbone.

This elegant shape turns me on. I love it.

I’ve left my mark on your pure white skin. Perhaps I sucked a little too hard.

It’s a dark red colour and looks a little painful. I’m sorry.

You’re too kind, Princess. You mustn’t spoil me like that.

That kind of thing is my job, isn’t it?

Yes. I want to spoil you completely.

I want to spoil you until you melt.

I love you. I love you.

I love you, Princess.

You’re right. I just said that I’d love your whole body, but I’ve come back to your lips again.

When I see your wet and shiny lips, I want to kiss them right away. How troublesome.

Hmm… Right… How about this then?

I’ll leave my disobedient lips as they are and let my fingers do the work.

In other words, I’ll keep kissing you while my fingers look for the places where you feel good.

Alright. Just relax then.

I experienced this earlier, but your breasts really are flexible and soft.

Touching them feels so good.

I want to caress them forever, but the rest of your body is waiting for me. I’m reluctant to leave them alone.

I really like this part of your body too.

Your soft skin and the smooth shape of your body… They’re very feminine.

I like your bellybutton too.

It sticks out just enough for me to run my fingers over. It’s such a lovely shape.

It’s really cute… Does your bellybutton tickle?

I’ll go to the next place then. Going along the line of your waist…

There’s something bothersome in my way again.

You don’t mind if I take it away, do you?

I suppose it’s because they’re usually covered up… Your pale legs look so bright.

They’re wonderfully smooth. I want to caress them completely with my hands, but before that…

Are you okay? Were you surprised?

Or did you feel good?

From the look on your face, it seems like you felt good.

That’s cute.

I can tell you’re wet, even with your underwear on.

Why are you embarrassed? If you feel good, that means I’m turning you on, doesn’t it?

Then there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, is there?

I love seeing an embarrassed look on your face though.

Then maybe it’s better for you to be embarrassed?

Hmm… I’m not going to think about anything difficult right now.

The one thing I’m sure of is that you’re soaking wet down here.

It’s so wet… It just keeps tightening around my fingers.

Your honey is flowing out.

Hey. Can you hear that?

Listen to it. It’s a really indecent sound.

I’m getting turned on.

It feels so soft down here.

It’s really soft… This feels good, doesn’t it?

Your voice is so sweet that it excites me.

You’re really cute. I want to keep playing with this wet place.

I want to make you feel good.

You don’t like it? What’s the matter?

Did that hurt? Are you okay?

You want us to feel good together?

Your cheeks are all red… You were embarrassed, weren’t you?

I’m sorry you had to say that. I’m really happy though.

That’s because I feel the same way.

Come on. Touch me.

Can you tell that it’s hard?

It means that I want us to become one.

Let’s feel good together then.

You feel hot down there too. Let’s become connected and melt into the same temperature.

It’s a little tight. Relax.

Hmm? You are relaxed?

That means you’re even embracing me tightly down there.

Are you happy?

I love you.

Princess… I’m halfway inside now…

You’re so warm inside. It’s a gentle warmth.

But… It’s so passionate how it tightens around me.

I like that too.

Princess… I really love you…

I’m completely inside you.

Hey. Can you tell that we’re connected?

Amazing… I’m quickly being satisfied by the warmth I feel from you.

Becoming one makes me feel so happy.

I can’t hold back any longer. I want us to feel even better.

I’m going to start moving now.

You’re so wet inside.

It’s so warm, soft and tight… It feels good.

Hey. Does it hurt?

It seems like you’re okay.

You see… Your voice doesn’t sound like you’re hurt.

Your voice is just like down here. It’s melting completely.

You like it when I go deeper, don’t you?

You see… When I thrust like this, your body trembles.

I want to know even more about where you feel good…

Tell me where it feels good. I’ll keep it a secret.

That’s the place you like? You’re so cute.

Alright. I’m going to show you plenty of affection there.

You really do like it here. When I caress you here, you tremble on the inside and it makes me feel good. You’re so adorable. I can’t bear it.

I want to love you even more. Until you say you don’t want it anymore.

No… I want to keep on loving you, even if you say you don’t want it.

Your face looks really beautiful when you’re feeling good. Your sweaty body turns me on too.

It’s all so amazing. I’m captivated by the pleasure you’re giving me.

I feel as if I’m going to drown.

Hey. At this rate, I’ll be carried away.

Please… Hold onto me.

Hold me here with your kiss.

I love you… Princess… I love you…

I love you completely.

I know that making you relax and feel calm is my duty, but you’re so lovely that I just can’t do it…

Do you love me in the same way?

Don’t say that. I’m becoming even more satisfied and I’m about to go crazy.

It feels as if your body is tightening around mine even more quickly.

You’re about to come, aren’t you? Princess…

It’s okay.

I’m going to thrust hard deep inside you, in the place you like best and come at the same time.

Let’s come together. I wanted to take my time to help you relax, but you’ve been tempting me since I awakened in this room.

I haven’t used any of the knowledge that was input to help you relax.

It’s not okay. You can only say that because you’re a kind person.

You really are too kind…

Alright. Tomorrow, the day after that and all the days from then on… I promise that you’re the only one I’m going to love.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

You’re at your limit.

It’s okay. You can come. I’m going to come too.

Amazing… Our temperatures are melting into each other. I can’t get enough of it.

The place where we’re connected is trembling.

I want us to stay connected until it calms down.

Track 5

Does your body hurt anywhere?

Thank goodness.

To tell the truth, I was worried.

You looked so lovely when you were naked that I was afraid to touch you because you seemed so fragile.

That’s why I felt as if I had to treat you carefully, but I was so captivated when I touched your skin.

I’m sure that I wasn’t completely gentle with you.

That’s right. I’m sorry.


My love for you?

I love you more, of course!

Huh? Your feelings for me? You love me two times as much?

I’ll take back what I said then. I love you three times as much.

Five times as much? In that case, I…

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Oh… So this is something childish.

I see… We should stop doing it then.

Hmm… In that case, I love you ten times as much!

Okay! That’s enough trying to compete with each other.

I don’t care if I’m being unfair. I want to love you more than you love me.

I’m not going to give that up. I can’t lose.

I love you.

Oh? I guess you’ve got a visitor.

How impolite of them to come at this time.

Wait. You forgot something.

Come back as soon as you can. I’ll be waiting for you, Princess.

It seems that I’ve surprised you. Your eyes are wide open.

I was just thinking that you might be getting lonely, so I came to hug you.

I’m feeling lonely, you see. You’re not feeling lonely?

And… I can’t keep my cool when you’re talking to another man in front of me.

I love your scent. Let me sense it even more.

I’m happy enough just looking at you, but you’re so close to me.

Not being able to touch you is torture.

I can’t stop loving you.

Although there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s unfortunate that your right ear is busy.

I’m not asking for anything, but I belong completely to you.

Even if it’s just your right ear that’s occupied with something else, it really is unforgivable.

I love you, Princess.

Please forgive me for loving your left ear enough to make up for your right ear.

Your body is restless. It’s so cute.

It tickles, doesn’t it?

I’m not going to let you escape.

Welcome back, Princess.

I was lonely.

Oh? Are you angry?

Your cheeks are all red. I’m sorry.

I regret making you angry like that.

Hmm? Your face really is bright red.

Your temperature is going up too.

Are you okay? Are you feeling unwell?

Hmm? What did I do?

Oh? Ah… So that’s what it was.

In other words, you were feeling good.

Let me see… How excited were you?

Wow… You’re so wet. Your ears really are your weak spot.

It’s overflowing.

Hey. I can’t keep my cool when I’ve got such a sexy princess in my arms.

I won’t even last the distance to the bed.

I’m going to start with your right ear, which got left out earlier.

I’m going to use my tongue to violate this ear that was occupied with something else before.

When I licked your ear, sticky honey flowed out from down there again.

I’m happy that your right ear makes you feel good too.

You’re trembling. Your body is tightening around my fingers.

Could it be that you were feeling sad?

Alright. I’ll make sure you feel really good.

Okay. Put your hand against the wall.

I can’t get enough of this soft and feminine sensation.

No. Don’t run away.

Relax, okay?

Amazing… I could tell you were wet when I touched you with my fingers…

But now you’re completely melting…

You’re accepting me so easily… I can’t stop my hips from moving either.

I’m completely inside you. Did it hurt?

I went in all at once… I’m deep inside you.

It’s so wet and soft… It’s really hot… It feels so passionate…

It seems a shame to move. I’ll end up coming if I move. It’ll also be a sign that things have ended.

That’s why…

You’re slowly tightening around me…

It’s as if I’m becoming part of you…

Becoming one in that way isn’t so bad…

I want to take my time enjoying these warm and gentle waves, but I’m about to lose to my desire.


I can’t believe that a woman would beg me in such a sexy way… You’re so naughty.

There’s no way that I’d hate you.

You show me your indecent side as well as your cute side. I’m scared how perfect you are.

It’s okay. The hot temperature of this narrow and soft place is wrapping itself around me.

It’s like mixing melted chocolate. Cum is flowing out from down there…

My heart is beating so fast… I love you…

Really? Then let me check…

It’s true. Your heart is pounding.

I can feel your heartbeat through my hands. It’s incredibly dear to me.

Your cute nipples are all hard. Your breasts are feeling desire too.

I want to love everything… All the places where you feel good…

I love you…

I want to leave my mark on your pale and beautiful back…

On your beautiful skin…

I love you, Princess.

You’re all sweaty. I love your scent. It excites me.

Your body trembles when I run my tongue down your spine.

So your back is sensitive too.

Tell me more… About the places you like the most…

Where it feels good… I want us to have even more fun together…

But it seems like you’re at your limit…

Your voice sounds really sweet.

See… My feelings of love for you are about to overflow…

Can you tell that I’m trembling inside of you?

I see… You too…

I love you, Princess.

I… I want us to feel good together.

It feels good when you’re this tight…

Hey… Hey… I want to come while I’m kissing you.

I love you. I love you. Those words aren’t enough.

I love you. I love you. Princess…

Are you okay? You look tired.

Our indecent bodily fluids are flowing out from inside you.

The floor is dirty.

You’re tired, aren’t you? I’ll carry you to the bed, so have a good rest.

I’ve got just one request before you go to sleep.

I hope you’ll dream about me.

Track 6

Are you awake?

Good morning.

You’re so ticklish. I’ll make this the last one then.

You see… You’re supposed to wake a princess with a kiss, aren’t you?

That why I kissed you. Was I wrong?

Umm… The time…

Well… The sun has already set.

The stars are scattered throughout the sky.

Yes. You slept well.

You looked really cute when you were sleeping too.

My heart was beating fast.

Hmm… I suppose I’m hungry.

Oh? You’re going to cook whatever I want?

In that case…

Hey. Are you really going to do it?

I’d like to have you then.

I’m not saying it as a joke though.

I love you, Princess.

I really love you.

If you’re going to cook something, then can I stay beside you and watch?

I’d like to help if I can. I also get lonely easily.

I love you, Princess.

I’m really, really happy that I got to wake up in this room beside you.


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