Luciole no Hime 3 – Gauche

CV: Tamaru Atsushi

Thank you s.e.kwan for your commission!

So this is what being too shocked to say anything feels like.

I had to come with you because you insisted upon going, but you’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t listen once they’ve got an idea in their head.

Don’t be silly. You wouldn’t be fine by yourself. What would you do if you went into the forest alone and got lost? It’s said that people are unable to find their way back to the palace once they get lost in this forest. I’ve told you this several times, but we’re only going as far as the lake. We’ll turn back once we get there.

We have to leave the forest and return to the castle before it gets dark. Understand?

Don’t be like that. Take that unhappy look off your face too.

Anyway, not even I know what’s inside the forest. The only thing the prison chief told me was the way to the lake.

Once we get to the lake, don’t say anything ridiculous like wanting to go further into the forest.

Come on. Hurry up and do it.

I’m talking about giving me your hand! It’s difficult to walk here because there’s so much undergrowth. You can understand that, can’t you?

It’d be my fault if you got hurt. I definitely don’t want that.

What is it? That’s just disgusting. Stop smiling like that.

I’m not holding hands with you for your sake. I just don’t want to get into trouble if you get hurt. I’m always telling you that. I’m not happy about holding hands with you!

We’ve finally arrived at the lake!

I told you this forest was a big place, didn’t I? We didn’t get lost because we followed a straight path most of the time. I can’t believe it’s taken us until the afternoon to get here though.

Shall we have a rest for now?

We can get some shade under that tree there.

I’m so tired.

So, did you see a way out of the forest on our way here?

I told you so. Of course there isn’t one. Are you satisfied now?

You don’t sound very convinced.

I don’t want to go any further than this. We’ll definitely get lost if we do.

We won’t be able to get back to the castle before sunset.

We didn’t tell anyone that we were coming to the forest today either.

What is it? Don’t drag me along.

That’s… A deer?

This is also my first time seeing a living deer.

Ah… So it came here to drink some water.

Its antlers are huge… You wouldn’t stand a chance if you got stabbed by those.

It won’t notice us if we stay still. But it’s a wild animal, so if we make even the slightest noise, I think it’ll get scared and run away.

Hey… You must be incredibly careless to do that right after I warned you about it!

See. Now the deer is looking this way. Don’t do it again. Be careful.

Come on… I can’t believe this! Stop moving.

My goodness… That’s enough! You can tell there are branches on the ground, can’t you?

That’s why I told you to be careful!

Don’t tell me to be quiet! You’re the one who needs to be quiet!

You’ve been stepping on those branches all this time! You’re not being careful at all!

The way things are going, the deer is going to run away…

The deer is coming this way… Why?!

Princess… Doesn’t that deer look angry?

What are we supposed to do? If it attacks us with its antlers, we’ll be lucky to survive.

We’ve got to get away quickly. Hold onto my hand!

What are you doing?! You’ve got to run faster than that!

Hurry up! Come on!

That’s what I’d like to know.

We’re close to the mountains, so I think we’ve come in the opposite direction to the castle.

Hey… If we could have gone home, then I would’ve done that a long time ago.

We’re in trouble because we don’t know the way!

It looks like it’s going to rain too.

I haven’t done anything wrong! All I did was warn you about stepping on all those branches!

Even if you didn’t do it on purpose, you kept stepping on all those branches, so the deer noticed and started coming towards us!

We just came here because it was the safest place, where the deer wouldn’t find us!

I knew where we were going up until we reached the lake.

I just panicked!

It’s raining? We’re going to get soaked!

We’ve got to find some shelter.

Oh? Over there!

There’s a cave on the mountain.

Let’s go!

I can’t tell because of the weather, but I think it’s going to be night soon.

If things had gone to plan, we would have been back at the castle a long time ago.

This has been a terrible day.

From now on, don’t ever say that you want to go to the forest.

We came here because you said you wanted to go to the forest, didn’t we?

You really wanted to leave the forest. You were sure that there was a way out. It was all because you said stupid things like that.

You only had a feeling we could get out, didn’t you?!

In that case, you shouldn’t have said we could definitely get out. Isn’t that why we ended up getting lost?

So you’re hungry…

We can’t go anywhere in this rain, so we’ll sleep here tonight.

Once you’re asleep, I’m sure you won’t worry about being hungry.

Goodnight then.

My goodness… What is that noise?

It’s so horrible that I can’t even sleep!

It’s no good. I can’t sleep after all.

Hey, Princess… Are you asleep yet?

If you’re awake, then let’s talk about something interesting to distract ourselves.

The both of us probably can’t sleep anyway.


Come to think of it… There’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you. Can I ask you about it now?

Hmm… Tell me the name of the person you like.

I wanted to hear you saying it for once.

You can tell me instead of keeping it to yourself.

It’s not like you’ve got anything to lose.

What? Of course you don’t!

Tell me what you can then. Alright?

Hurry up and tell me.

Just give me a hint then.

Well, of course they’d be a person!

That’s not even a useful hint!