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Luciole no Hime 3

Luciole no Hime 3 – Gauche

CV: Tamaru Atsushi

Thank you s.e.kwan for your commission!

Track 1


Princess. It’s me, Gauche.

I’m coming in.

You were still asleep, even though it’s already midday?

My goodness. I came here at the time we agreed…

What? This is your room, isn’t it?

So what did you want?

You called me here, but you don’t even know anything…

Well… That’s how you usually are, Princess.

You’re not the princess? You’ve been saying silly things for a while now.

Have you gone mad or something?

This is Luciole Castle, which is ruled over by the renowned Vincent family.

You are the only heir and a descendant of theirs.

I think you’d normally call that type of person a princess.

Am I wrong?

Save your sleep-talk for when you’re actually sleeping.

If you’re still half-asleep, then why don’t you wash your face? Princess.

It’s not wrong. No matter how you look at it, you are the Princess.

What is it now?

A smartphone?

What’s that? Is that the name of that toy?

I thought it was unusual for you to summon me. So you were just trying to annoy me after all.

Well… I thought it was strange of you to summon me specifically. You’re in a bad mood because Droite isn’t here, aren’t you?

I’m sorry that I’m the one who is here now. You like Droite more than me, don’t you?

You don’t know who Droite is? You’re saying something unbelievable again.

You play with him affectionately everyday, as if he were your favourite doll.

Have you summoned me because you’ve become tired of playing with Droite?

At any rate, you must be doing this out of spite.

I understand. It doesn’t matter anymore.

What do you mean it’s not true? That’s not how things are, is it?

If it’s not true, then tell me why you summoned me here.

See. You can’t tell me, can you?

Don’t summon me without any reason.


Why are you out of breath?

I’m surprised you’ve chased after me when you just said that you didn’t want anything.

Why are you apologising to me?

What possible reason could there be?

Did you call out to me because you’ve mistaken me for Droite?

He’s always by your side, so you might have one or two reasons to apologise to him.

You certainly were at fault earlier. I went to your room, just as I was told to, but you didn’t want anything from me.

I understand! It doesn’t matter anymore.

Don’t look so happy about little things like that. If you were going to end up apologising, then you shouldn’t have done something wrong to begin with.

Now? I’ve got some time.

What is it?

You want to talk to me? About what?

We can go to your room if it’s difficult to talk out here.

If you had something to talk about, then you could have said it earlier.

You said you didn’t know anything, but didn’t you summon me to talk about that?

Hey. Where are you going?

Your room isn’t over there. It’s this way.

You’re saying some ridiculous things today. Is this supposed to be a new game?

This is your palace, isn’t it? It’s impossible for you to get lost inside.

Were you sleepwalking?

If you’re certain that you’re not the princess, then what proof do you have?

No matter how I look at it, you’re the princess that I know.

Your silky, golden hair, porcelain skin and brilliant eyes. I’ve got no doubt that it’s you, Princess.

You’re the miraculous princess who the Vincent family has at last been blessed with, aren’t you?

The luxurious dress you’re wearing right now is a favourite of yours, which you wear almost every day. Am I wrong?


In that case, what did you look like?

What is it this time?

Ah… The toy from before. That probably…

Watch out!

That gave me a shock. Are you alright?

My goodness. What were you doing?

Tripping over your dress isn’t funny at all.


Come on. Look where you’re going while you’re walking.

It’s your fault for almost falling over. I didn’t grab hold of you because I wanted to.

You see… If you got hurt, I’d get the blame for it because I was with you.

It’s only because that’d be a bother. Don’t misunderstand.

What’s going on? It really does disgust me when you apologise and thank me.

Don’t get upset just because I said I was disgusted! You don’t have to react to every single thing that I say.

Anyway… This place doesn’t get much light, so it’s difficult to see where you’re going. You should hold onto something when you walk. I’ll be in trouble if you fall over again.

Here you go.

Come on. Take my hand. Hurry up.

Just do it. Hurry up and hold out your hand.

Let’s go.

Why are you smiling?

I’ve already told you this. Don’t react to every single thing I say.

By the way… If you’re going to talk to me about something useless, then I’ll go back to my room right away. There isn’t anything I particularly have to be doing, but it’s not as if I’ve got that much time on my hands either.

Well… I’m just hearing you out because you insisted upon it.

So what did you want to talk about?

Hmm? What are you even saying?

You’re not the princess. You were suddenly transported to this castle. Do you think anyone is going to believe that?

Alright. In that case, where did you come from?

A different time from this one?

Isn’t that the toy you were playing with earlier?

So what about that smartphone?

Well… It is unusual, isn’t it?

So is that smartphone proof that you aren’t the princess?

No… It can’t be, can it?

You wouldn’t be able to get such an unusual toy if you weren’t the princess, would you?

It just proves that you’re the princess.

There’s no way that I’d understand, is there?

Is that really all you wanted to talk about?

We’re alone together. I think there are other things we could be doing.

Don’t you know what those are?

Didn’t you want to do something different?

What do you usually do with my younger brother in this room?

Didn’t you invite me here because you’re tired of my brother?

Isn’t that the reason why you’re acting different from usual today?

You’re saying that you don’t know anything again…

I see…

Alright then. Just keep pretending that you don’t know anything.

Your face is bright red. So you were expecting something after all.

You should just be honest instead of saying something indirect like telling me you want to talk.

Come on. Come over here.

I’ll prove to you that I know you better than Droite does.

I know everything about you. Like the different ways your voice will sound, depending on where I kiss you. I haven’t forgotten.

You just have to do as I say and don’t look at anyone else, except me.

Shh. Keep quiet. The servants will come running if you’re too loud.

Just behave yourself and let me have you.

A kiss is enough to make you blush… Even though you’d usually be the one to desire me.

You’re being rather quiet today. You could just tell me if you want more.

You’re talking about Droite again now?

That doesn’t have anything to do with you, does it? Don’t ask so many questions about everything.

That’s enough! I don’t want to hear you say his name.

I understand. I’ll tell her.

The tea and sweets are ready. You’ll have them in the drawing room, like you usually do.

That’s right… You don’t know where anything is in this castle. I’ll show you the way then. It’d be no good if you got lost again.

It doesn’t matter. I’m not in the mood anymore.

I told you this earlier, but if you were going to end up apologising, then you shouldn’t have mentioned it to begin with.

Do you understand?

Track 2

Thank you for your hard work. You can go now.

I’ll do the rest.

It’s nothing to be so happy about, is it?

I think it’s the same as usual.

A table full of cakes.

I’ll eat as much as I like, depending on the mood I’m in. Isn’t that what you always said?

Of course I won’t mind if you eat all the cakes. They’re for you anyway.

What is it? Why aren’t you eating?

Don’t say silly things like that. There’s no way that I can sit at the same table as you.

I think you know this, but we eat all our meals separately. That’s how it is.

Even if you think it’ll taste more delicious when you’re with someone else, it doesn’t have to be me, does it?

If that’s not what you mean, then what are you trying to say?

Ah… You want to pretend you’re playing with a doll and feed me some cake?

Droite would probably do as you say and happily eat the cakes, but I’m not interested in that.

I’m tired of being his substitute.

You don’t want to eat them with anyone else?

Just me?

Well… If you insist, then I’ll have to do as you say.

I’m going to sit next to you.

Which one would you like? I’ll get it for you.

Strawberry roll cake and pear tart. Mille crepe and apple pie.

Berry mouse and chocolate tart. Banana pound cake and mini cream puffs.

Why don’t you have the chocolate tart then?

It has small nuts sprinkled on top and looks delicious.

Here you go.

Hey. What are you doing?

It’s difficult to cut up a tart when all you’re using is a fork, so you’ve got to cut it with a knife.

What? You’ve always cut it up with a knife before eating it, haven’t you?

It’s unbelievable that you’d try to break it apart with a fork.

My goodness… You’re so annoying! Stop looking at me like that all the time.

I’ll do it for you. Give it to me.

There you go. You’ll be able to eat it without making a mess now, won’t you?

Of course it’s delicious. I was the one who chose it.

I don’t want any. There’s only one knife and fork anyway.

No thank you. So you just wanted to play with me like a doll after all?

If there’s only one fork, then all you have to do is get another one, don’t you?

You’re still as lazy as ever.

Fine. I just have to open my mouth then, do I?


My goodness. What if someone else saw us?

Yes. It’s delicious. Very delicious.

I’m not the only one, am I? You play with other people like this, don’t you?

Don’t lie about this being the first time you’ve done it. Droite is always with you instead of me. There’s no way that you haven’t done it.

If you insist upon choosing me, then I suppose I can hear you out.

Fine! I understand!

You don’t have to remind me. We’re together now, aren’t we?

You really are acting strangely today though.

Not that it really matters.

Look. There’s still some tart left.

I went to the trouble of cutting it up for you, so make sure you eat it.

I won’t let you leave any of it behind.

That look on your face… You’re planning something, aren’t you?

Alright, alright. I can tell without you saying anything.

You want me to feed you some cake, don’t you?

You really are a troublesome person.

Alright. Say “ah”.

Ah… Your face looks ridiculous.

I’ve had enough of it.

I’m not happy at all! Hurry up and eat instead of looking at me!

What? You think my eyes look beautiful?

Why’d you say that all of a sudden?

Isn’t it strange for you to say that now? It’s been ten years since we first met.

That’s right. You found my brother and I ten years ago.

Ah… Why don’t we go and look at the squirrels one day?

It’s been raining recently, so we haven’t been able to go out much, but we can go the next time the weather is good.

You know, the home of the squirrels that live in the forest.

The secret place we used visit all the time.

I think there should be some baby squirrels around this time.

Some small and cute squirrels will happily dash out from their nest if you bring them some food.

Alright, alright. I understand.

I’ll take you there, so we’ll meet each other at the entrance to the forest.

Make sure you’re on time. I’ll leave you behind if you’re late.

Yes. It’s a promise.

Hmm? What are you talking about?

We won’t go deep into the forest. The squirrel’s nest isn’t far.

You won’t be able to find a way out of the forest. There’s no point in looking.

So were you happy about being able to leave the castle?

I’m not happy to see you so pleased about that.

You’d always rush to follow me when I said I was going to see the squirrels. You’ve changed a lot.

It’s no good trying to make excuses now.

That’s right. I did make a promise to you.

You really have to? I suppose I don’t have a choice then.

If you’re insisting upon it, then I understand.

You don’t get to see baby squirrels that often anyway.

We don’t have to ask Droite to come. I’m here!

You took my hand when I offered it to you.

You came to my room too. You even let me eat the same food as you…

But are you saying you prefer him to me?

Why would you invite my younger brother when we’re the ones going out together?

Ah… I knew it. I’m just a substitute for him, aren’t I?

You just called me to pass the time while Droite is in bed with a fever.

You prefer Droite after all. Isn’t that right?

I’m just an ugly doll! A useless good-for-nothing!

My younger brother is always treated kindly.

Droite! Droite! Droite! It’s always him!

Why is that? Even though we’re twins. Even though we look the same.

Even though you took out one of my eyes too! Why is it always him?!

Princess. I’m surprised you found my room.

Well… I’m not the only servant who can show you the way around the castle.

Why have you come all the way to my room? Droite isn’t here.

If you haven’t come to see Droite, then are you here to scold me for leaving in anger?

Alright. If you want to talk, then we’ll go to your room.

I can’t let you inside a miserable place like this.

So what is it?

What? Why are you apologising?

You made me talk about Droite… You really are a terrible person.

So you want to ask about the relationship between you, me and Droite…

Alright then. This is a good opportunity, so I’m going to tell you about it.

Droite and I were born into a poor family.

Our lives were terrible and we never had anything to eat. We even ate weeds and dirt sometimes.

On cold days we would fight over the thin blanket we had.

When we walked on the streets, the nobles would kick us for no reason.

However, you found us one day and brought us home with you.

You said you liked our eyes. Our lives changed completely on the day you found us and brought us to this castle.

We weren’t going to starve or feel cold again. You saved us from that hell.

As long as we have you, we don’t need family or a home.

That’s why we killed our parents and set fire to that old hut.

We laughed as we saw it burn down in an instant.

That wasn’t the only thing. We would put poisoned rats in soup and feed them to the chefs who couldn’t cook well. We cut off the arms of the waiter who spilled tea on your dress. We really did have so much fun everyday. All the games you invited us to play were so much fun. We did everything together, didn’t we?

Your doll. Your most important playmate. Your favourite. That’s who I was.

Even my eye…

That’s right. I gave you my left eye. I didn’t have anything else I could give you.

But why… Why did you choose Droite then?

Didn’t you ask me to give you my left eye in return for a precious eye that glowed like a firefly and was the only one of its kind?

I gladly gave you my eye. You see… It was a request from someone I loved.

The surgery was difficult, but I thought it’d be fine if it made you happy.

My left eye was terribly swollen and I couldn’t even open it.

You laughed loudly when you saw me like that.

How ugly! I don’t want an ugly doll like that!

That’s what you said.

You’d always kept me by your side until then. But you didn’t even hesitate to replace me with Droite!

Didn’t you choose Droite because I’m useless and unwanted?

You were even lying when you said there was only one eye which glowed like a firefly!

Droite had the same operation and had his right eye replaced with the same eye!

From then on, you’ve only been letting Droite into your room. You’ve hardly ever called me.

When you finally called me the other day, you said you didn’t even know me. I can do anything you want me to, so why did you abandon me?!

Let go of me.

What do you mean I’m wrong? Stop trying to avoid the question by holding my hand.

Aren’t you terrible? You of all people said you didn’t need me!

You always leave me behind, don’t you? I always end up alone!

I don’t have any family. I don’t have a home to return to either.

There’s nothing else I can do except live as your doll.

What am I supposed to do if you reject me?

What? With me instead of my younger brother?

Really? You’ll really go with me to look at the squirrels?

Then make me a promise.

Please… Make me a promise.

Don’t say Droite’s name in front of me again.

Promise me that you won’t say his name again.


You’re really going to choose me. I’ll be the only one you need.

It’s alright, isn’t it?

I can stay by your side, can’t I?

Ah… Princess…

Track 3

Come on. Walk faster.

You were late, so we should hurry.

I suppose you did make it on time.

But you arrived later than I did, didn’t you?

Well, you’re a popular person. So it wouldn’t be strange for you to get stopped by someone else and waste your time talking to them.

Hmm? If you were looking forward to seeing me, then wouldn’t it make sense for you to wake up earlier?

Weren’t you planning to sleep in the afternoon again?

Fine. If you say so.

So what food did you bring?

If you woke up on time, then I think you would’ve had time to prepare something.

I knew it. I thought that might happen.

You really are a fool.

I’ve brought some crusts of bread.

Here you go. I’ve brought a lot, so I can share a little with you.

You know, the noble princess of Luciole shouldn’t be so happy about something like that.

My goodness.

Come on. Let’s hurry.

I told you it was in walking distance, didn’t I?

You’ll see it if you walk a little further.

Make sure you don’t get lost. It’s said that you’ll never be able to leave the forest again if you accidentally get lost. That’s how huge and complex this forest is.

Try to keep up with me so we don’t get separated. Alright?

Oh… It was just a fox. I’m glad it wasn’t something bigger than that.

There are bears and wolves too. But don’t worry, they don’t usually come out this far.

I can see it. There’s a little house on top of that tree, isn’t there?

That’s the house where the squirrels live.

One of them just came down! Can you see it?

We’ll be able to get a closer look. Come on, let’s hurry.

Here you go. Sit on this chair. It’s a special seat that I’ve prepared just for you.

Tear the crusts of bread into small pieces just like this…

Here you go. Eat up.

There are lots of squirrels gathered here, aren’t there?

I think they’ll take food from your hand now.

Try it yourself.

There you go.

When you’ve got another piece of food, try calling that baby squirrel over there.

It’s small and cute, isn’t it?

Why don’t you try and get it to climb onto your hand?

It’s alright. The squirrels around here aren’t afraid of people.

Now that I think about it… Something like this happened before.

Do you remember? The first time we came here, you were really happy, just like you are now.

You had a baby squirrel in your hand. It was so small and fluffy.

When you grabbed it, it desperately moved its arms and legs, trying to fight back.

You said even that was cute. But once you grab hold of a squirrel, it can’t escape, no matter how much it tries to fight back.

That’s what you said as you crushed the squirrel with your hands.

Hmm? Why’d you scream?

Ah… The squirrel’s blood made your clothes dirty.

If you don’t want them to get dirtier, then just stop at one squirrel for now.

What are you talking about?

Hey… Your face is completely pale.

Did the squirrel bite you? Are you hurt somewhere?

That’s alright then.

Killing one little squirrel is nothing to worry about, is it?

Why are you so scared?

What’s the matter? There’s nothing to cry about, is there?

You haven’t done anything wrong. You don’t have to worry about killing the squirrel.

My goodness… You’re trembling so much.

Calm down. I’m glad I was the one with you.

You really have been acting strangely recently.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell anyone about what happened today.

You wouldn’t like it if there was a rumour that the princess of Luciole had gone mad, would you?

Come on. Let’s go back now.

I’ll make sure that you get back to the castle.

Track 4

I’m coming in, Princess.

Are you alright?

I came to check on you because I was worried about you after what happened this morning.

There’s no need to think too hard about it.

You’re just acting a little strange at the moment.

You’ll be back to normal if you wait a while.

Why don’t you go out and get some fresh air if you can’t sleep?

You’ll be fine if I’m with you, won’t you?

There are quite a few fireflies around tonight.

There was something you used to say a lot before.

Fireflies are beautiful. They look wonderful when they’re shining brightly at night. I love them.

But fireflies are worthless since they can only shine brightly at night.

Princess. The eye you gave me shines just like a firefly, doesn’t it?

You gave me this eye because you wanted to see an eye which shines like a firefly all the time.

I cover it with an eyepatch because I’ve decided that you’re the only person I’m going to show it to.

It’s true that it gets uncomfortable sometimes, but this is something you gave me. I don’t want to show it to anyone else.

Oh? You think both my eyes are beautiful?

Even after the swelling had gone down, you still made fun of me. You said it didn’t look right. You told me I was ugly and worthless. You abandoned me because this eye didn’t suit me.

This is the first time you’ve said that they’re both beautiful…

Isn’t there something special about tonight? I feel as if we understand each other.

It’s a very warm feeling.

How strange. I also felt as if I wanted to hold your hand right now.

I see… Then do you feel the same way about this too?

Track 5

Damn it…

I can’t believe I got sick because of Droite! He’s the worst.

Where did he go?

Well… I don’t want to see him, so it’s better that he isn’t here.

It hurts… I want to see the princess…

We’re finally able to understand each other’s feelings…

I wonder if she’ll come to see me?

But it’d be no good if she got sick too, so I suppose there’s no point in hoping for it.

Good morning, Princess.

We haven’t seen each other for a while. It was only a few days though.

I’m feeling a lot better.

What did you just say?

Oh? You were with me every night?

Damn you, Droite!

Look carefully, Princess. Was it really me?

Was I the one who saw you every night?

Then which of my eyes was shining?

The left? The right? Which one?

You don’t remember which one it was.

I see…

What is this? What happened to your chest?

It’s no good hiding it now.

Why… Why… Why…

Didn’t you say you were only going to look at me?!

Didn’t you say I was the most important?!

So why did you do something terrible like this?!

In the end, Droite and I are just the same to you, aren’t we?!

Isn’t that right?!

There’s no way that I’m wrong! Don’t make excuses! You’re lying!

You just wanted to be close to someone who looks like me, didn’t you?

It didn’t matter who you loved… Isn’t that what you thought?!

What you just said… Are you telling the truth?

Say it one more time. It’d be no good if I misheard what you said.

So you love me? It’s alright for me to think that, isn’t it?

I see… I understand. Stay here then.

Ah… I should have done this from the very beginning.

It was actually something simple. Why didn’t I realise?

I really am an idiot.

Hmm? These? I got them from the prison chief.

He told me to use them if I ever needed them.

I was thinking of throwing them away because I hadn’t used them.

I’m glad I kept them.

Now you belong to me alone.

Well, Princess… I have some business with Droite, so I’ll see you later.

It’s no good banging on the door. I’m the only one with the key.

You see… That way, no one else will be able to come in.

Not even my twin brother.

Track 6

It’s time for you to eat, Princess.

You’ll have to wait a moment though.

I’m going to lock the door from the inside.

You never know who might come in if they have the chance.

I suppose it’ll be impossible to do while I’m holding these cakes.

Alright… It’s locked.

Listen to this, Princess! The kitchen staff were being so annoying when I went to get you some food. They asked me how long I was going to play dolls with you. It’s got nothing to do with them!

Ah… Princess. I should kill them! Just like I did to Droite.

Killing anyone who gets in our way is the best thing to do. Isn’t that right?

I could make them into soup after killing them, but cutting them up would be a bother.

I wonder whether animals would eat their bodies if I dumped them somewhere in the forest.

Hmm… Which cake should we have today?

What would you like to have?

In that case, I’ll choose for you. The fork is too heavy for you to pick up anyway.

Have this one then. Here you go.

Open your mouth and say “ah”.

You’re not going to open your mouth?

You kept on shouting for help, so I sewed your mouth shut.

That blue thread really suits you.

You can’t think. You won’t disobey me. You really are like a doll.

This is amazing!

Oh? Now that I’m looking closely, your hair has grown quite long.

It’ll only get in the way of you seeing me. I’ll cut it for you.

How much should I cut off?

What style would you like?

It’ll grow back right away, so I suppose I’ll cut it short.

What do you think?

Ah… You look so lovely. Short hair really suits you too!

You’re welcome.

You’re a precious doll, so it’s only natural for me to take care of you.

The princess with cursed blood.

The demon of Luciole is my very own precious doll.

Ah… There’s some cream on your lips. I’ll wipe it off for you.

You can’t even eat your food properly… You’re so foolishly cute.

By the way… That dress I put on you this morning really does suit you.

It’s white and frilly… Just like a wedding dress!

Ah… Let’s have a pretend wedding when we’ve finished eating!

We’re going to promise eternal love to each other. Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Let’s do that.

Ah… I’m looking forward to it.


Villain -the case of trickster-


Luciole no Hime 3 Animate Tokuten


  1. Bashiek

    Dear Mikorin-san,

    O-hisashiburi desu. I hope you have been well. Thanks very much for this and all of your work on this series. It’s quite different from the other types of DCDs. Do you feel the same way?

    Take care of yourself.

    • Saki

      Thank you for your comment! I feel like this series is a bit confusing. I’ve listened to the first four CDs, but I still have a lot of questions about it. But I hope I can listen to the last two CDs soon and maybe those questions will be answered.

  2. Bashiek

    Dear Mikorin-san,

    I agree that the series is confusing and that is probably because they made the heroine the villain! And such an evil villain, I myself couldn’t believe it. I think that they have never done this before, at least I think that they never have. The boys are usually either the saviors or the bad guys (like in Corpse Heart or Grimm); maybe that is why we are having such a tough time with it. But maybe the intrigue is the reason that we all are listening to this series. The music in the PV was amazing too!

    Thanks for the reply. Take care of yourself.

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