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Androidays ver. Yuni

Androidays ver. Yuni

CV: Nimaigai Hokki (Nakajima Yoshiki)

Thank you Anonymous for your commission!

Track 1

Androidays, Version Yuni.

Where am I…

Huh… Your voice sounds louder than usual.

I can’t believe it… Why?

I’m awake…?

This tank…

I see… I was asleep in this tank.

I’m awake, so I should say good morning, shouldn’t I?

That information has been input into me.

Good morning.

Did I say it right?

Thank goodness.

My body…

Yes! It’s fine.

I can’t sense anything wrong with it.

So the comforting voice I always heard while I was sleeping belongs to you.

I’m really happy to see you.

No… Happiness isn’t enough to express how I feel.

As I slept, I hoped that I would meet you someday.

You look even more beautiful than I imagined you would.

Ah… I’m sorry! I did it without thinking.

But I couldn’t help it. The person I’ve admired all this time is right in front of me. It’s only natural that I touch your cheek.

That’s right! It was unavoidable.

I actually wanted to embrace you, but then you’d get wet.

And I’m sure I’d hold you so tightly that you’d say it hurts.

That’s no good! I can’t do anything to cause you pain!

So I’m going to be patient!

That’s right, I was patient! I did it!

Will you praise me for that?

What is this? Magic?

My heart beats faster when you pat my head.

My temperature goes up too…

No. They’re within normal limits.

But it’s strange for them to rise all at once.

What should I do?

Is there a problem with me?

Am I broken?

Will I have to go to sleep again?

I don’t want that! We’ve finally met…

I’ve finally been able to meet you…

I want to…

Why do I feel calmer when you hold my hand, even though my heart is still beating fast?

It’s strange. It really is strange.

This information wasn’t input while I was sleeping.

Umm… What should I call you?

Ah… While I was sleeping I called you “my dear”!

Yes… It’s because your gentle voice was dear to me.

Whenever I heard your voice while I was sleeping, I always thought that it was dear to me.

That’s why I called you “my dear”. I can call you that if you don’t mind.

I understand. I won’t call you that then.

Umm… You’re the person who created me, aren’t you?

Then should I call you “Mom”?

That’s not quite right?

Hmm… This seems complicated.

Umm… Hmm… What about “Professor” then?

Hmm… That’d be the name of your occupation.

I’d like something that only I can call you.

Right… How about “Master”?

Alright! I’ll call you “Master” then.

I’m going to start using it now.


You replied to me! You really did!

Master! Master!


I was calling you the whole time I was asleep.

But my voice didn’t reach you.

I was sleeping, so there wasn’t anything I could do, but I still felt really sad and disappointed.

So I’m happy that my voice reaches you now.

I’m happy you replied to me in the voice that I love.

Master! I’m calling your name. Will you call mine too?

Call me Yuni. I want to reply to you.

Yes! Master…

Alright! Okay!

It’s wonderful when you call my name. I’m happy!

I’m happy, Master!

I’ve always wanted to meet you!

I’ve finally been able to meet you!

Master! Master!

Hey, Master! Can I hug you?

I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt.

You’re right. You’ll get wet.

Hmm… Then just let me hold your hand tightly!

Alright, Master?

You held my hand earlier, so it’s okay, right?

Ah… Your hand is so small, pale and soft.

It feels so smooth.

I liked hearing your voice while I slept.

Then after waking up, I began to love your face.

Now I love your hands.

I love your hands.

Your slender fingers, soft skin and shiny nails.

My chest feels painfully tight when I touch your hand.

I don’t want to let go of your hand.

I want to keep holding your hand forever, even if it hurts.

Ah… Master… I can’t bear it any longer.

I was so captivated that I kissed you without thinking!

I only wanted to hold your hand. A kiss is too much, isn’t it?

I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Master!

I love you so much that my feelings just overflowed…

I couldn’t help it!

I’m really sorry! I’m so sorry!

I couldn’t blame you if you got angry.

I want you to be angry. I’d like to see you get angry too.

I’m sure that when you’re angry, your calm expression will change completely and you’ll have a strong gaze that stares right through me. Your gentle voice will become strict and commanding. But I’m sure it will be beautiful enough to fascinate me!

Ah… You’re always charming, no matter how you are.

I’m happy for you to get angry at me. I’ll gladly accept punishment for kissing your hand.

But I don’t want you to hate me.

No, no, no! It’s impossible!

I really don’t want that!

I love you, Master! I’m sorry!

Please forgive me!

Don’t end up hating me!

No, no! I love you!

Track 2

Yes. I think they fit perfectly.

Umm… Master…

Do human clothes suit me?

Thank you so much!

Do I look like a human then?


So I’m just like you then.

I’m just like you. Just like you…

I’m happy.

The shower?

Yes. I figured out how to use it.

It seems that the information for daily living that was input into me has been useful.

But I didn’t know the right temperature to use, so I put it on the highest temperature.

Yes. It was on 50 degrees.

Hmm? What is it, Master?

You’re being so forward. So you like taking my clothes off…

I don’t mind. I’m a sexaroid, so I’ll do my best to satisfy you.

Hmm? So that’s what it was?

No. My skin and the rest of my body is fine.

I see… So 50 degrees was too high.

I didn’t know. I’ll be more careful next time.

Umm… So what is the right temperature to use?

I understand.

But Master… I know that showers aren’t just for getting clean. They help you relax too.

So the temperature that helps me relax would be 36 degrees, the same as your body temperature.

Do I still have to take showers at a particular temperature from now on?

If I take a shower at the same temperature as your body temperature, then I’ll be able to feel your touch all over my body while I shower.

When I tried to imagine feeling the gentle warmth of my dear Master all over my body, not only did I feel relaxed, I felt a sense of happiness too.

I see. So it’s not good that taking a shower also makes me happy.

I understand. I’ll set it at 41 degrees from now on.

Alright. I’ll sit down.

By the way, where am I?

A personal lounge… So you’re the only one who uses this room?

That’s why I can smell your scent in this room.

It smells good…

You’re embarrassed? Why?

I love your scent.

Do I really have to?

Alright. I don’t want to do anything that bothers you.

I won’t do it anymore.

By the way, does anyone else come to this room?

I see. That’s good.

So there won’t be any men coming here, like in the research lab.

No… While I was sleeping in the tank, I sometimes heard the voices of other people.

Not just other women, but men too.

Don’t try to hide it! I know that you were meeting other men!

I was asleep, but you were still being friendly with them in front of me.

Do you know how I felt hearing those conversations? Your voice sounded so happy.

I couldn’t bear it. A man would come at the same time everyday and say “Thanks for your hard work. I’m here to make a delivery.” Then you would say “Thank you too!” in a happy voice.

You sounded so happy that I… I’m sure you were smiling at that time.

You were by my side, smiling at another man.

You must be close to someone if you welcome them with a smile everyday.

I only want you to smile at me that way…

I don’t want you to smile or even look at another man…

Huh? A packed lunch?

So all that man does is bring you lunch everyday…

You don’t have any romantic feelings for him…

I see… I’m sorry about that!

Right… Then I’ll make your lunch from tomorrow!

No… I’m not really interested in cooking, but if I make your lunch, then you won’t see that man anymore.

And when I think about you eating the food I’ve made…

If I put my love into the food I make and you eat that food, my love will spread throughout your body… That makes me excited!

I’ve got to calm down.

I wonder what I should make.

I’ll definitely make some rice balls. An omelette too…

Yes! Just leave it to me!

I’ll make a packed lunch so delicious that you’ll fall in love with me!

Tell me your favourite filling for rice balls.

Umm… Master!

Could you sit beside me?

I wanted to feel you close to me.

I won’t get in the way of your work.

I’ll help you out! So I’d like you to sit beside me if you can…

I’m happy sitting next to you.

That’s because I love you. I’m happy because I love you.

A question?

Just ask me anything you like!

The hot water earlier? Hmm… I didn’t feel like it was hot.

Ah… I do understand the meaning of the word “hot”.

I suppose it didn’t feel that good either. I was just concentrating on washing the water from the tank off.

I understand that.

I know that this calm feeling which makes my heart beat a little faster when I’m embracing you like this is something that feels good.

Is that right?

It’s not completely right?

It seems that there’s a reason why you can’t say that it’s right.

You’re so complicated, Master.

But I like that about you too.

I really like it.

It’s interesting how mysterious you are. It makes me excited.

I’m going to try and uncover all your mysteries.

Everything… I want to know everything.

Master… Your gentle voice, beautiful appearance, comforting warmth and the secret of your wonderful scent… In other words, I want to know everything about you.

Not just things that no one else knows. I even want to know the things that you aren’t aware of. Everything…

That’s right. I want to make you, the person who is in my arms right now, completely mine.

Yes! How could I… I’m sorry!

I couldn’t help imagining it. By knowing more about you, your presence would be a part of me…

My memory would be filled with you. Then…

What is this called?


No… That’s not quite right.

Umm… Excitement?

That’s right! I’m excited!

Master… I know what it’s like to feel excited!


Is that so? I’m only really interested in you though…

I should read this magazine?

Yes. I’m a sexaroid for women. I’m made to relax a woman’s mind and body.

I’m still inexperienced though.


I see. So I should use this magazine to learn.

The perfect way to style an outfit… Answers to all the questions about make-up that you’ve been afraid to ask…

Hmm… So this is what women are interested in…

I don’t have any information like this in my database.

Master… I’m sorry… Something unexpected happened…

The lipstick in this feature on make-up seemed like it would suit you and I wanted to know more about it. When I connected my memory to the information on that brand, all the information entered my mind in one go…

That’s what I’d expect from a well established brand. There was so much information… Even information about related companies was entered into my memory…

The same company also owns some cafes… I can even tell you the name of the company’s founder…

Umm… The company’s stock price is…

I’m fine. I’m just surprised and feeling dizzy.

The personal history of the people who founded those make-up brands also entered my mind…

I’m interested in your personal history, but not theirs…

I want to fill my mind with information about you.

I want to know about your personal history too, but I’d rather know even more about you as you are right now. I want to fill my mind with you.

I want to overwrite my whole memory with everything about you!

I want to immerse myself in you completely.

This world might be a surprisingly difficult environment for me.

Just thinking about something leads to all kinds of unnecessary information entering my mind.

While I was sleeping, all I did was listen to your gentle voice, so I only stored information about beautiful things in my memory.

If being broken means being in poor condition, then I am not broken.

I’ve loved you since the very beginning.

If waking up is the same as being born, then I’ve loved you since before I was even born.

There’s something I want to know, Master.

Tell me the warmth and taste of your lips.



Your mouth feels so warm on the inside.

Your tongue too…

It’s beautifully flexible…

It’s amazing… Kissing you is amazing…

Your tongue feels so soft that it’s making my heart beat faster.

I’m excited…

I can’t stop myself.

The kiss I imagined… The one I dreamed of while I was sleeping…

This kiss is hundreds of times more amazing than that one.

My circuits can’t handle it…

This tastes so sweet.

I want to kiss you forever.

I’m being so indecent.

The way I’m kissing you now is sexier than the kiss that I imagined.

You’re such a perverted person, Master.

Could you keep your mouth open like that?

This is your tongue. It was entwined with mine.

It’s so cute!

Ah… Don’t close your mouth!

I want to take my time looking at it.

It’s a brilliant pink colour. I love it.

I love it! I love your tongue.

It’s so beautiful that it makes me tremble.

I want to touch it. Stay still, Master.

I’m going to put my finger inside your mouth.

It’s okay. I’m only using the tip of my finger.

Your tongue feels so soft.

Saliva keeps on flowing out.

I think you really are a pervert.

You see… You’re making my heart beat this quickly.

Master… I can’t take it any longer.

Master… I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Just like you said earlier, I might be curious.

I want to know even more about you.

Let me etch you onto my memory.

Track 3


Master… I love you.

Hmm? I should calm down?

It’s strange… Judging from the way my heart is beating and how much I’m sweating, I should be excited. But when I’m embracing you, my mind feels incredibly calm.

My mind and body aren’t in sync. Am I broken?

Master… Did you try and escape just now?

No… No… I’m not going to let you escape!

I definitely won’t let you escape!

Master… Please stay in my arms forever…

Okay? I’ll be good… So let me hold you forever…

Take a deep breath?

Is that okay?

My heartbeat has slowed down a little.

Are you okay too?

Your heart is beating faster than mine now.

See, try and touch my chest.

This is the sound of my heartbeat.

Can you feel it with your hand?

And the sound of your heartbeat…

Yours is definitely faster.

Are you feeling sick?!

Thank goodness. I’d hate it if you were feeling sick.

You mustn’t get sick!

The comforting warmth that I can feel through my hands becoming colder…

This precious heartbeat slowing down…

Just imagining it stop scares me.

I don’t want that! You have to stay with me and be healthy!


I like that! I like it when you rub my back!

You’re amazing, Master. You discover all the things I like.

I love you, Master. I want to do the things you like too.


What’s the matter, Master? Why did you shout so loudly? Please calm down.

What is it? I’m just doing something for you in return.

I want you to accept it.

I know that women like to have their breasts caressed.

Don’t worry. I’m sure that… Umm… That I’m good at it!

That’s because I’m a sexaroid.

Your breasts feel so soft.

They’re really cute.

I want to touch them forever.

I love your breasts…

I want to look at your breasts.

Your breasts are really beautiful. They’re a wonderful shape.

No! Don’t hide them! I’m still looking.

They’re bouncing… I want to keep touching them and making them bounce, but you’ll hide them again if I take my hands away, won’t you?

I’m going to do this then…

They feel soft against my tongue too.

I love you. I love you, Master!

I made a kiss mark on your breasts. It’s a little red.

This makes me excited. I’ve made my mark on you.

In other words, this is a sign that you’re mine.

I want to make even more marks on you.

Master… Your soft nipples are hard now.

Master… Your voice sounds so sexy.

It’s no good hiding it.

Your voice is sexy, but now that your nipples are hard, they look so sexy too.

This means you’re feeling good, doesn’t it?

Your nipples are so cute, Master.

They look darker than before.

Your breasts are so cute and sexy. I love them.

I love you. I love you, Master.

Hmm? I want to see you lose your mind.

I wonder what you’ll look like. I’m really interested.

I’m sure you’ll look cute though.

So now I’m going to make you go crazy.

Track 4

You’re still saying that?

I’ve only just been born, so I don’t really understand that.

But there are still two things that I’m sure of.

The first is that your breasts feel really soft.

You’re blushing, Master.

You look so cute. I love it.

And the other one is… You love it when I play with your breasts.

Of course you do! I know it’s true.

You see… You’re wet down here, which proves that you felt good.

That’s not true?

I understood that when a woman feels sexual excitement or physical pleasure, a clear liquid flows out from her body. Was that wrong?

I just want you to feel good.

Did you hate it when I massaged your breasts?

You didn’t like it when I sucked your nipples?

You’re really wet though…

You’re embarrassed?

I understand! You were embarrassed that you got into an erotic mood at work!

It’s alright, Master. I won’t tell anyone. I’ll keep it a secret.

So this is a secret… Our secret… I’m so excited!

A secret that only we know about…

I want more secrets with you!

So let’s make even more secrets.

Ah… Don’t close your legs. Stay still.

It certainly is the same shape that I learned about from the information I had.

But I didn’t know it was so warm and soft.

It feels so squishy and cute.

No! I want to keep looking!

I’m going to keep looking.

I’m comparing my knowledge of the female body to the real thing.

I know that this is necessary for a sexaroid to do.

I’m happy that you understand.

I’m going to open your legs then.

Amazing… A clear liquid is flowing out…

It’s wetter than I imagined it would be.

It’s soaking wet.

Will you have a look at it too?

Listen to how it sounds then.

See… It sounds so sexy.

Are you embarrassed, Master?

I’ll keep this sound a secret too.

An indecent sound that belongs only to me.

It just keeps on flowing out.

It’s going to get spilled. That would be a waste.

Your taste…

It’s not bitter or sweet. It’s a mysterious flavour.

My heart beats really fast when I’m licking it.

You’re so soft and smooth down here.

Hmm? What’s the matter, Master?

Your body is trembling.

Are you feeling good?

This tense place… It’s the clitoris, isn’t it?

That’s right… I know that it’s an erogenous zone.

Master… You look so sexy.

I want to make you look even sexier.

Your clitoris… It’s cute how hard it’s gotten.

Your cum just keeps flowing out when I lick you down there.

Master… I’m going to put my fingers inside you.

The inside of your body feels so soft. It’s so hot that I feel like I’m melting…

My fingers are covered in your cum…

When I lick your clitoris with my fingers still inside you, your body tightens up.

It’s so cute. It’s as if you’re embracing my fingers.

I’m so happy. I love you, Master.

Here… And here… Here too…

They all belong to me.

I want to know even more about the deepest parts of you.

I want to touch the places that my tongue and fingers can’t reach.

Hey, Master…

I want you to touch me. Is that okay?

Your fingers feel so good.

They’re colder than my body is down there…

I want you to wrap your fingers around it.

Master… Your fingers are getting warmer.

It’s because my warmth is making your hands warmer, isn’t it?

I want us to become one, sharing our warmth like this.

I want to warm up your saliva too.

I love you. I love you, Master.

Master… I want you to relax.

Your body is swallowing mine.

I’m already halfway in.

Does it hurt?

Thank goodness. I’m going to enter you completely then.

I’m completely inside. I’m reaching deep inside you.

The inside of your body fits perfectly around mine.

It’s so hot.

Master… Can you feel my warmth?

I can feel the warmth from deep inside you.

I love you. I love you, Master.

I want you to feel amazing. Let me help you feel good.

Master… It feels so good inside you.

I love your wet body tightening around mine.

I’m feeling so good… I don’t know what to do…

I wish I could do this forever.

I love having sex with you.

I wanted… I wanted to take my time showing my love for you…

But my hips are moving faster…

No… The way things are going, I’ll come right away…

No… You feel too good inside… I’m going to melt…

I’ll become wet down there, just like you…

Is this what it’s like to become one with someone?

Master… Your warmth will become my warmth…

And my warmth is becoming your warmth…

Is my pleasure giving you pleasure too?

I want us to melt together completely. To become one…

I want us to share everything.

I love you. I love you.

Master… I want to kiss you.

Master… It feels so good. I love you.

I’m happy.

I don’t know anymore. Even my mind feels as if it’s melting.

Master… You’ve got a pleasured expression on your face too.

It’s so cute.

I do too?

I’m happy that we’re the same…

It makes me happy that we’re the same.

I love you, Master.

Then I want… I want us to come at the same time.

I want to feel good with you.

So tell me…

Tell me when you’re going to come.

Okay, Master?

The inside of your body is trembling.

I can’t stop my hips from moving. The inside of your body is embracing mine.

I’m so happy. I love you, Master.

Master… Are you going to come?

I’ll come too then.

Together with you…

I’m coming… I’m going to come with you.

I came inside you.

Hey, Master. Can you feel my cum inside you?

Track 5

Hmm? Why is that?

The warmth of your body feels so comfortable that I don’t want to leave you.

I can’t stop my feelings of love for you either.

Let’s do it one more time.

Don’t worry. You’re already wet down here.

It won’t hurt if I enter you.

Why don’t you want to do it?

Do you… Do you hate me, Master?

Was I the only one who thought the sex we just had was amazing?!

It was a wonderful time that felt sweet and beautiful. I wanted it to last forever!

Master… You didn’t feel the same way?

You didn’t feel any pleasure at all?

I don’t like it!

I don’t like it if you don’t feel the same pleasure that I feel!

No… More importantly than that, I won’t like it if you don’t love me as much as I love you!

I really don’t like it!

I don’t like it. I don’t like it, Master!

I love you. I really love you.

In that case, I can’t let you out of this room until your mind is full of me.

Hmm? What is it, Master?

I see. I can understand that reason.

But isn’t it your job to research and create sexaroids?

Then wouldn’t you want some data about whether I can have sex several times in a row?

I think this would be an important piece of data regarding the durability and endurance of sexaroids.

In other words, this is just another part of your work.

You really are a researcher. I can tell just by looking at your face that you’re interested.

You really are cute.

So it’s alright, isn’t it, Master?

Okay, that’s agreed then!

If we’re going to do it one more time, then let’s go somewhere a bit more spacious than the sofa.

Alright, we’re going to the bed then.

Let’s continue, Master.

I really love kissing you, Master.

Master… I want you to entwine your tongue with mine more.

You’re really wet, Master.

Do you want me right now?

Hmm? My fingers are soaking wet, you see.

Because you’re in an indecent mood…

I see. I understand why you’re so wet.

It looks like my cum is mixed with yours.

Its colour is a pale white.

My cum which flowed out from inside you and your cum.

The two liquids have become one and are mixed together.

Do you want to see, Master?

Huh… I see. That’s too bad.

Then just listen to the sound it makes.

It’s a sexy sound, isn’t it? It makes my heart beat faster.

Come on… You should be excited too.

Huh? Wait, Master!

Hmm? Why were you trying to escape?

You hate me after all?

No… I’d hate that!

I’d hate it if you didn’t love me!

You’re embarrassed?

About what?

You were embarrassed by my explanation of bodily fluids…

I see. I thought it was proof that we had become one and I became so happy that I couldn’t help it.

I get it. You couldn’t look because it was embarrassing.

Alright. I understand. I won’t do it if it bothers you.

I’m sorry.

Let’s become one again.

Please breathe out and relax.

It went in so easily.

Master… I’m completely inside you…

Ah… This kind of thing must be embarrassing too.

Do you want to run away again?

I’m not going to let you escape again though.

We’re so deeply connected, you see.

I love you, Master.

The inside of your body feels warmer than before.

It’s as if I’m going to melt.

You can feel my warmth too, can’t you?

I’m happy, Master.

I want to fill every part of you with myself.

Master… I love you, Master.

I’ll even fill this cute place with myself.

Your earlobes feel so soft.

They’re so cute when I’m licking them and kissing them.

I can’t stop myself.

You like it when I lick your ears, don’t you?

You see… When I lick your ears like this, your body tightens up.

I’ve found another place that makes you feel good. I’m happy.

Hey, Master. Your right ear feels good, so won’t your left ear feel good too?

You don’t need to answer.

Just make sure you feel really good.

Master… Which feels better, your left ear or your right ear?

They both feel good?

Then I’ve got to kiss them both equally.

Master… I love you.

Master… I won’t just kiss your ears. I want to kiss your lips too.

Look this way.

Master… I love you. I really love you.

I love being connected to you by a kiss.

Master… The inside of your body feels amazing.

It’s trembling so much. You’re about to come, aren’t you?

I’m coming too. I can’t take it any longer.

I’m about to come again.

Master… I’m going to send my love into your body.

I want you to accept all my love.

I love you, Master.

I love you. I love you.

It’s coming out… Every last drop is inside you…

It felt amazing…

Hey, Master. Did you measure my endurance?


Have you fallen asleep in the middle of work?


I won’t tell anyone about this either.

Track 6

Good morning, Master.

Yes, you were asleep.

It’s alright. It was only for thirty minutes.

It’s just the same as taking an afternoon break.

What’s the matter, Master?

Ah… You got some cum spilled on you.

It might be better to have a shower before you go back to work.

I came inside you so much that you might get pregnant.

Why not?

Is that so? I don’t have any reproductive functions?

That is… That is unfortunate.

While I watched you sleep, I was imagining how cute our child would look.

Master… Is it something we can overcome if we try our best?

Well… What if we had sex a hundred times, or even a thousand times? Could something happen?

Even though you’re saying that, I don’t want to give up.

Right… The idea that I can’t have children is strange to begin with.

I just have to keep having sex until you become pregnant with my child.

I’m going to try my best. I’ll come inside you again and again.

It won’t just be your womb that gets filled up, but the whole of your insides.

I’m sure you’ll bear my child if I come that much.

I love you, Master.

I’m looking forward to meeting our future child.

Track 7

Hmm? Going out?

For me?

I’m not really interested in going. I’ll stay here.

Yes. To tell the truth, I don’t want to go out.

You see… You’re not outside.

If you’re here, then I don’t need to go out.

There are lots of other things outside apart from you, aren’t there?

I can’t avoid seeing those things and they end up as new information which takes up space in memory.

Those things are just like noise to me. If I’m going to have to hear that noise, then I’d rather stay here and watch you work.

Your serious expression. Your pursed lips. The calm colour of your eyes.

Your beautiful eyebrows, which are slightly furrowed.

I’m always carried away by that wonderful sight.

Hmm? You want to go out?

I’ll go out then! Please let me accompany you!

Where are we going then?

Tell me where you want to go!

I can learn even more about you!

I’m happy. I really am happy.

This is…

No… I’m fine. I think I am.

But if I’m not careful, I’ll be carried away by all this information.

I’m automatically recording the content of all the signs and I can’t stop myself from searching for more detailed information.

I’m going to get carried away. If I had something to focus on…

At this rate, I’m going to start inputting the appearance, clothing and body types of everyone around me.

Master… I’m fine. I really am.

We don’t have to go back. All my bodily functions have returned to normal.

I’ve become able to choose which information I record.

It’s because you held my hand.

Yes! I can concentrate on the warmth of your hand, so I’m able to choose which information to record.

Master… It really is amazing. It’s amazing, Master!

Thank you!

Hmm? I shouldn’t hug you in front of other people?

I understand. I’m sorry. But let me at least hold your hand.


Ah… The pancakes were so delicious!

Hmm? That building looks really mysterious!

It stands out more than the other buildings around here.

You could even say that it looks out of place here.

What is that building?

Hmm? You have a troubled expression on your face.

I see. So there are things that even you don’t know.

I’m sorry. I’ll look it up by myself then.

Umm… I’ll check out the information about this area…

Wait a minute. I’ll know right away.

Umm… A love hotel?

Is that place different from a normal hotel?

A hotel especially for lovers?

That means…

Let’s go! We should go!

This is a hotel especially for lovers…

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is a hotel just for you and me!

You see, we’ve been holding hands ever since we arrived in the city.

This is a date. Lovers go on dates. That means we’re lovers.

Isn’t that right, Master?

The bed is so big! I’ll be able to love you more passionately on this bed.

Right… I could tie you up or lock you up.

Come on, you sit down too!

Oh? Are you already going to sleep?

It’s only natural that you’re tired.

You’re always working hard.

I want to use my hands to help you relax.


This is my reason for existing?

I see… That’s right. If this is what I was born to do, then I’m happy.


Master… I love you.

Master… Do my kisses feel good?

Thank goodness.

I’m making you feel relaxed, aren’t I?

Master… Your hips are trembling.

That shows you desire me. I’m happy.

Master… I want you to relax.

Let me touch the parts of you that long for me.

Master… You’re already wet.

I can tell without seeing underneath your panties.

I don’t want to embarrass you. I’m just really happy that you desire me.

I’m going to touch you directly, Master.

Cum is flowing out from down there.

My kiss made you feel this good.

Then you’ll feel even better if I kiss you while touching you.

Let’s try it, Master.

It’s amazing, Master. Your cum keeps on flowing out.

My fingers are covered in it.

Come on, open your legs.

You’re soaking wet. That’s cute.

Listen to this indecent sound you’re making.

You don’t like this sound?

Even though it’s really turning me on…


You’re trembling on the inside…

Master… Are you…

You came, didn’t you?

Your body is all sweaty. Did it feel that good?

You like being caressed while I kiss you.

I’ve input that information into my memory.

Your cute expression too…

Master… That’s no good…

If you touch me like that… I won’t be able to take it…

I’m happy, Master.

Alright. Let’s feel good together then.

Until we reach our limit…

Relax. I’m going to enter you now.

Master. I’m completely inside you.

You were really wet, so you accepted me gently.

I’m so happy.

It’s so cute that your body is turned on.

It gently throbs and sometimes gets tighter.

It trembles sweetly…

I love you, Master. I love you.

I want to fill you with myself even more than this…

The inside of your body feels so good.

It’s so warm that I’m about to melt.

I can’t stop my hips from moving.

I love the inside of your body.

Master… Master…

Do you feel good too?

I’d hate it if we didn’t feel the same.

I want us to feel good together.

I want us to share our feelings.

Like feeling pleasure and warmth…

Love too…

I want us to share all those things…

No… I want us to become one, Master…

I want to hear more of your cute and sexy voice, Master.

Let me hear it, Master.

You really do like it when I touch this tense and trembling place.

Your body tightens up when I touch you there.

It’s so sexy how tight you are. You’re gently embracing me.

I can’t stop… I can’t stop my love for you…

Master… I love you… I love you…

I love you, Master.

I’m about to come…

Master… Let’s come at the same time.

Master… I love you.

Master… Master… I’m coming…

Inside you…

So… Let’s come together… Master…

Master… I love you… I love you…

Master… Was I able to make you feel good?

Thank goodness. I’m happy… I’m happy I made you feel good.

I want to make you feel even better…

So let’s just stay like this a little while longer.

When I’m hard again, I’ll continue to excite your body which is trembling from having come.

I love you, Master.

Even if you get tired and fall asleep, I’ll continue to help you feel relaxed.

I’ll never let go of you. Okay?

See… I’m hard again now.


Mechakucha Shitai 2 Stellaworth Tokuten


Criminale! 3

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  1. yohoho

    Boi. When he was like “Do you feel my semen in the womb?” I was like “BOY. WHO WROTE THIS SCRIPT? WHO WRITES BODY PARTS SO SPECIFICALLY???”

    First drama CD ever where I hear a seiyuu straight up say “Semen” tbh

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