Mechakucha Shitai 2

CV: Tetrapot Noboru (Furukawa Makoto)

Thank you Anonymous for your commission!


Hey… Wait a minute! Shut the door!

I’m sorry. I overreacted.

It is embarrassing! You wouldn’t think you’d get caught doing it.

Why? You were fast asleep. It’s not like I could wake you up just because I was feeling horny.

So I tried to do something about it myself.

It’s embarrassing that you still noticed.

How much…

I’m asking how much you heard!

Did you hear me making any weird noises?

Ah… You should’ve said you didn’t hear anything, even if you were lying!

You didn’t hear anything? Really?!

Hmm… So it’s okay if I do it while thinking about you.

I haven’t come yet. So… Can you help me out?

I’ll make it warm in here. Take off your clothes and come in.


Hey. Or maybe I should’ve said “good morning”.

You just woke up, so your body feels warm.

Your skin is smooth and warm. Even holding you like this feels really good.

Shall I wash your body?

It feels soft and is really beautiful. It smells good all the time.

That tickles? Just hold on.

What’s happening down here?

Look… It’s soaking wet.

I’m talking about here.

Hey! Don’t run away.

Hold on tight to me so you don’t slip.

It feels good, doesn’t it? See…

Your clitoris feels hard. That’s so cute.

I guess it’s better to use my mouth instead of my fingers for somewhere sensitive like this.

I’m going to lick you down there.

Hmm? If it’s dirty, then that’s all the more reason to clean it up.

I was joking. It’s not dirty at all.

You look really cute down there.

You don’t like me kissing you down there?

That’s not right, is it?

Even your hips are trembling.

You look like you’re really enjoying yourself. Your hips are moving as if you’re begging to be kissed.

Do you want me to keep going until my tongue makes you come?

It’s alright. I’ll keep going so you can come.

Don’t hold back. Just let yourself come.

Did you come, Miss?

Are you okay?

Why don’t we rest for a while?

Hey… You surprised me when you touched me all of a sudden!

Is that okay? If you touch me like that… I won’t be able to take it…

I’m wet too.

Yes… Your hands feel good. This is much better than doing it myself.

Miss… Is this what you want?

Okay. Make me feel even better inside you.

Turn this way. Sit on top of me.

Amazing… It’s gradually going in.

Your body feels so warm inside.

What is it?

You like this position?

I like it too.

It feels good to do it while embracing each other tightly.

We can’t move that fast though.

Letting our bodies sway like this…

Does it hurt when I thrust inside you like this?

It’s okay. I’m feeling good too.

You’ve let me deep inside you…

You’re so sexy, Miss…

You feel so tight… Are you about to come?

Your body keeps on getting warmer.

It’s okay…

Hey. Kiss me. I want you to come while you kiss me.


You came again.

You felt so tight just now. It was cute.

Are you tired?

I’m sorry. I can’t hold on any longer.

Put your hand against the wall.

I’m going to enter you now.

Miss… Miss…

I’ve only just entered you and it’s already flowing out.


I can’t stop myself anymore.

Can you tell that it’s bigger than usual?

If you cry out in a cute voice like that, you’ll make me want to come inside you…

You just imagined me coming inside you.

I know. Your body just felt tight.

Are you excited? That’s so indecent.

But I can’t do it. Once I become a responsible man…

I’m going to come. I’m coming…

I won’t come inside you…


Miss… You were amazing.

I’m sorry I pushed you too hard.

Wait… I’m going to wash your body.

Doesn’t a lukewarm shower feel good?

That’s good.

I’m soaking wet too, so I’ve got to wash it all off properly.

I’m just washing it off. There’s no need to tremble like that.

Hmm… That’s right. I’m just making sure your body is clean.

Are you getting turned on again?

No… Don’t touch me like that. Otherwise this will never end.

We’ll continue this in bed, okay?

Shall we get out then? I’ll dry your body.


Your body feels warm all over.

Ah… Have you ever done it by yourself while thinking about me?

Huh? What do you mean you don’t know?

No way… Are you trying to trick me?

Hmm… You’re the school nurse, but you won’t answer a question from your student seriously.

I’m really interested, Miss!

How do you do it? How many times a week? Tell me!

Hey… That hurts!

It’s no big deal! I don’t want to know about other women, I want to know about you.

I want to know everything about you.

Did you know this? When I get close to you, I love you even more.

The more I know about you, the more precious and beautiful you become.

I can’t leave you alone.

So tell me everything about you. Okay?