Mechakucha Shitai 2

CV: Tetrapot Noboru (Furukawa Makoto)

Thank you Anonymous for your commission!

Don’t just ask me what’s wrong! Haven’t you got something else to say?!

You think doing that to someone else is no big deal?

Like I said… I saw you just now. You gave something to the science teacher.

That was a packed lunch, right? You’ve never made one for me, so why’d he get one?!

Were you doing a favour for a single guy?! Or is this your part-time job?!

How much do they cost? I can pay as much as you want!

It’s not like that?

Then what is it?

Are you cheating on me? You’re already tired of me?!

Don’t laugh! Of course I’d be worried!

I don’t want you to smile at anyone else like that!

You were… You were smiling really happily!

You haven’t smiled at me like that recently.

Look at me.

That’s the kind of thing that’d make me jealous!

No… Keep going…

Use your tongue. Give me a sexy kiss like you always do.

You look so cute.

You can’t say you don’t want this. You were the one who started using your tongue.

You’re such an indecent woman. It was you who got me turned on.

You’ll take responsibility for that, won’t you?

Let me take off your clothes.

Now that we’ve started kissing, I want to do it.

I love your lips.

Hey… I asked you this earlier, but are you tired of me?

You see… We’ve always been having sex like this.

You’re not tired of me? You’re just overwhelmed…

You’re uncomfortable with me always wanting sex?

You think it’s immature of me to make a move on you right here?

I see… I’m just like a kid anyway!

When I’m with you, I can’t help wanting you.

Right now, I want you so much that I can’t bear it.

Okay… Miss…

No… Touch me more than that…

It feels good… It’s good…

It’s okay. Do it harder.

Miss… That’s…


That’s right. It’s already really hard.

It’s because your hands feel really good.

Your fingers are beautiful.

It’s no good if I’m the only one enjoying myself.

Come here, Miss.

Huh… So you’re already wet too.

You’re getting turned on by touching me.

I’m telling the truth. Look.

It’s flowing out just like this.

It’s dripping down in a line. That’s so indecent.

Hmm? It’s not dirty at all. It’s fine.

Yours tastes delicious.

How about this then?

My finger went in so easily.

Can you feel my middle finger inside you?

The inside of your body is so tight, but it’s soaking wet.

It feels really warm.

Is this okay?

Amazing. When I caress you here, it flows out from inside you.

I’m the only one who knows your body this well right now, aren’t I?

Hey… I’ll never forgive you if you let another man touch you.

Don’t forget that, Miss.

You’re trembling. Are you feeling good?

You’re so cute. Your ears really are sensitive.

Do you want it now?

That’s right… There’s usually something much bigger than my finger inside you.

But we can’t do it yet.

I want you to suck it before we start.

Miss… Use your saliva to make it really wet.

That’s good… I like it when you do that for me.

Your mouth feels really good.

If you suck it that hard… I won’t be able to take it…

I won’t be able to stop myself if you make indecent noises like that…

Then I’ll have to enter you…

That’s alright, isn’t it, Miss?

What should we do today? How do you want to do it?

I think so too. I’ve always wanted to see your face while doing it.

Wait a minute.

Okay, I’m ready.

Here goes…

I’m inside you now.

Are you okay? Does it feel too tight?

I’m going to start moving then.

You’re so wet inside.

Your voice sounds so sexy.

Do you like having sex with me?

I’m happy. I love doing it with you too.

I want to do it again and again.

I’m not going to let any other man have you.

You’re so tight that I’m going to come.

It keeps getting tighter. Does it feel that good?

You look as if you’re about to cry.

It’s okay. I’ll get you to come.

Can you feel me deep inside you?

Amazing… It feels so good…

Kiss me…

Why don’t we come together?

I’m going to come…

Miss… Miss…

I love you.

That was really amazing.

I’m serious. I can’t believe how compatible we are.

So why did you make him a packed lunch?

Huh? His wife dropped it off here?

You were just giving it to him.

Oh… It’s your fault for misleading me with how happy you looked.

You’re envious of a newly married couple?

You dummy! What are you talking about?

I won’t make you wait that long. Can you just wait a little longer?

I promise to make you into a happy wife that everyone envies.

I’m not lying! Even I wouldn’t get carried away and say something like that.

I love you.

Miss… I love you.

Until I become an adult… Just be my very own teacher for a little while longer.

I love you, Miss.