Mechakucha Shitai 2

CV: Tetrapot Noboru (Furukawa Makoto)

Thank you Anonymous for your commission!

Track 1

Hey, Miss!

You look beautiful again today.


Hmm… I felt tired, so I left halfway through.

I just couldn’t sleep yesterday. So the beds here seemed really inviting.

Will you take a nap with me then?

Tch. You’re so mean.

Do I look like the kind of shallow guy who stays out late at night?

Hmm? I wouldn’t be skipping class if I was a serious student?

Okay, okay. I’m just a perpetual slacker.

These crisp white sheets will send me to sleep in seconds.

Hey… I’ll go back to class in the afternoon, so can you wake me up at lunch like you always do?

Goodnight then.

Track 2

Oh? Is that you, Miss?

You had so much make-up on, I didn’t recognise you for a minute!

You’re the kind of person who changes a lot if they wear make-up.

Make-up is so scary.

So what are you doing here? I didn’t think you’d come to a party like this one.

But you’re wearing that dress!

To tell the truth, it’s super weird! You’re not used to wearing clothes like that, right?

Hey… Don’t get angry! I was right, wasn’t I?


Ah… I guess you could say I’m here on a field trip.

It’s not like I came here to eat that roast beef!

See… That important looking guy talking to someone over there is my dad.

I’m not interested in parties like this, but my dad forced me to come here because I’ll be working for this company eventually. That’s why I really can’t say anything about you being here!

I’m wearing this jacket which doesn’t even suit me. I’m such a loser.

So did someone else bring you here?

Hmm… Is that your boyfriend?

He doesn’t look so impressive.

Were you offended?

It’s the truth though.

Just like that dress, he doesn’t really suit you either.

Hmm? An arranged marriage?

Does that kind of thing happen these days? Are you from some rich family or something?

Hmm… So your parents chose him as your partner.

No… I was just thinking that was unusual.

Ah… Your fiancé is looking round the room.

Maybe he’s trying to find you?

Didn’t he look annoyed just now?

I see… You don’t have to hurry though! He left you all alone for this long, so why don’t you tease him a little?

Come on. Come here, Miss!

Are you surprised?

We use this event hall pretty often, so I know all the hiding places.

It’s a little dark, but this balcony is hidden by a curtain and no one can see it from over there.

It’s not like being inside that room.

The breeze is cool and feels good, right?

Oh? Are you feeling dizzy from being around all these people in a place you don’t know?

Your face is kind of red, Miss.

You look cute.

I can’t help wanting what belongs to someone else. I wonder why that is.

Why don’t you break up with him and go out with me instead?

Why not? I’m pretty serious about this.

Having your parents choose your partner is so boring!

You think so too, don’t you?

My age? That doesn’t matter.

I’ve got a bright future ahead of me.

And I’m sure I can satisfy you more than he can.

Ah. Did you just laugh?

That kind of attitude is annoying!

Are you making fun of me because I’m younger than you?

I’m not lying. If you don’t believe me… Should I try something?


Miss… More…

Your kisses are pretty childish considering you’re an adult.

But it’s actually cute.

What did you think? My kisses weren’t bad, were they?

Huh? It’s not that convincing when you say it with tears in your eyes.

Isn’t that dangerous? You kissed a student when you’ve already got a fiancé.

You didn’t reject me, so that makes you equally guilty.

I don’t mind, but what would happen if everyone found out?

You want me to keep it a secret?

Of course you do!

Okay then. So I won’t tell anyone at school that we met here today.

I’ll get angry if you go around telling everyone I was wearing a suit that just didn’t look right.

Why do you look so disappointed?

What is it?

Did you think I’d threaten you to do something even more erotic?

This isn’t some erotic manga, so I’m not gonna do something annoying like that!

I’m tired, but I should go out soon. My dad is gonna tell me off.

See you later.

Track 3

What is it? You scared me!

Aren’t you being too pushy towards a student who’s resting because they don’t feel well?!

Let me sleep a little longer, Miss…

It’s more than that! I’ve been put through so much stress that my mind and body are a mess!

Even though I don’t have a single inconvenience in my life…?

So that’s what you think of me.

What do you even know about me?

You think that I’m thoughtless and look as I’m always enjoying myself?

You don’t know anything about me, so don’t act like you do!

Hey. Why are you always bothering me like this?

You’re the only one who does this. Just leave me alone.

Going out of your way to do that is just annoying.

The other teachers don’t care when I skip class.

But… But you…


What’s with that look on your face?

If you don’t like it, then you should put up a fight and push me away!

Ah… What? Is that all you’ve got?

That’s not going to stop me.

I’ve got to tie up your wrists tightly.

That’s good enough.

Ah… You’re in trouble now, Miss.

It’s because you always underestimate me, even after what happened at the party.

I’m not the kind of kid you think I am.

I’ll prove that to you now.

Don’t struggle. Your stockings will get ripped.

You don’t mind that?

Amazing. You’re tied to the bed with your skirt rolled up.

It’s so sexy. I guess you get this kind of scene in adult movies.

I’m going to take a picture to remember this.

I’m joking. I don’t have time for that.

If I had that kind of time, then I’d want to spend every second of it enjoying myself.

I’ve got to make sure your clothes don’t get dirty.

Your neck is pale and beautiful.

Miss… I’m getting turned on.

You’re trembling. Are you feeling good?

You’re not?

That’s right… You’re not an easy woman who’d get turned on by someone forcing themselves on her.

What about here?

Your breasts are so soft.

Hmm? You don’t like being teased?

Then I’ll kiss you here too, just like you want me to.

It’s gotten hard.

Your pink and hard nipples are really cute.

Why are you looking at me like that when my tongue and fingers are making you feel good?

You should just be happy about it and let yourself feel good.

Are you feeling humiliated about a younger man who’s also your student doing this to you?

That doesn’t matter. Don’t think about anything unnecessary. Just let yourself feel good.

You’re trying so hard to hold back your voice. You really are stubborn.

Then how about I touch you here too?

I didn’t expect you to wear such cute underwear.

I’m not making a fool of you. It’s really turning me on.

I’m just going to take them off though.

Hmm… So this is how it looks down there.

This is a beautiful colour too.

It’s no good struggling like that. I can see it completely.

It’s soaking wet. It’s even showing through your panties.

You’re so indecent.

I wonder what it tastes like. I’m going to try it.

Amazing… It just keeps flowing out.

Huh… It’s even dripped onto your butt.

It’s going to get the sheets dirty. Is that okay?

I told you so.

Do you want me to use my fingers?

Huh? No way. You’ve been trembling down here for a while.

I’m going to lick your clitoris while I use my fingers.

Then you won’t be able to hold your voice back, will you?

It’s okay. Let me hear your voice.

Your voice is amazing…

I want to hear even more of it.

It’s here, right?

You like it when I make you all wet here, don’t you?

That’s right… You can feel something hard against you.

It’s because you’re crying out like that.

It’s okay if you come. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Let my fingers make you feel good.

Come on…

Did you come?

No way. You’re breathing hard and your heart is beating fast.

I’m sure you came, didn’t you?

Don’t lie to me.

Even if you look at me tearfully, it won’t change the fact that I made you come.

If you didn’t want this, then you should have resisted in the beginning.

I told you that, didn’t I?

Look. All you have to do it pull it a little…

Are you surprised?

I made this necktie easy to undo if you gave it a little thought.

Were you panicking too much to think about it?

That’s not it.

So adults can be like this. They give up from the beginning, thinking that something is impossible. They don’t try to give it their all.

Ah… Or did you think you had no choice because you were tied up?

You just wanted an excuse to sleep with me.


That’s right. You should have hated this and resisted me.

Track 4


Hey… Why are you…

Huh… I looked dizzy?

That’s got nothing to do with you!

Leave me alone!

Are you an idiot? After what I did to you…

You get it, don’t you?

Don’t you have any sense of danger?

Just leave me alone!

Don’t drag me along like that! Let go!

Okay! I get it! So just let me go!

Miss… I’m gonna fall…

Let go of me! Jeez!

What are you doing making tea like that?

It seems like you’re actually welcoming me here.

Do you want the same thing to happen again?

You’re actually an indecent person.

What’s with that look on your face?

Don’t look at me that way!

I thought you’d be angry. I thought you’d be angry and slap me again.


I’m sorry. My head is a mess right now.

I don’t even know what I’m trying to say or do.

Even though I don’t want to hurt you.

I just seem like a helpless kid.

I haven’t been able to sleep for a long time. I’ve always had insomnia.

My family is strict and my parents never relaxed. There wasn’t anywhere I could rest.

We never struggled for money, but they weren’t the kind of parents who would stay by my side when I wanted them to.

Even so, they put a lot of pressure on me and would never give me a break.

At some point, I couldn’t stop thinking about the things my parents said, even when I closed my eyes.

Most of the time, it was morning before I knew it.

These white sheets are the only place I can sleep deeply.

My bed at home is bigger, but this one is much nicer.

It feels good to hear you humming and I can sleep well.

Didn’t you notice?

You hum while you’re writing up documents.

Hmm… So you did it unconsciously.

I don’t know the song, but it stayed in my mind for some reason.

The first time I heard it, I fell asleep right away as I listened.

At that time, this place… Being by your side became the one place I could relax.

Hey… Did I really look that terrible when you stopped me?

I looked so bad that you’d call out to me, even after the terrible things I did.

It’s really serious, isn’t it?

Hmm? You’re telling me to rest? But why?

I did all those things to you…

Are you… Are you going to forgive me?

No way… You’re too naïve!

You’re too kind. That’s why you get caught up with people like me.

Alright… Just let me rest for an hour.

Miss… Will you hold my hand?

Your hands are cold and it feels good.

The first time I kissed you, I was actually really nervous.

That’s because I’d always been thinking about how it’d feel.

Miss… I’m sorry… I love you…

I love you… Miss…

Track 5

Miss! You look beautiful again today!

Nothing really, I just thought I’d have my lunch here!

Is that okay?


Don’t worry. I’ve been at school since morning.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been able to sleep well at home recently.

Miss! Can I get myself some tea?

Huh? You’re going to lock up? Are you leaving?

Why? Have you got a date or something?

Don’t tell me it’s got nothing to do with me.

I’m asking you because it does!

You said he’s your fiancé… But have you decided when your wedding is?

You might be at the age where it’s natural for you to be married, but I can’t accept that!

Give up on your fiancé and be with me instead.

Haha… What am I even saying?

But if I cried and begged you not to marry someone else… Would you do it for me?

I don’t know what to do when I’ve found something that I truly want.

That’s because I’ve never wanted something so much before.

Hey… I can’t just watch enviously while you end up with someone else.

I love you. I love you, Miss. So don’t go.

Huh? You broke off your engagement?!

I don’t get it… You haven’t seen him since the party?!

What’s going on?!

You don’t love him anymore? Huh?!

I didn’t know anything about that!

So what you’re doing this afternoon has nothing to do with him?!

But your parents arranged for you to marry him, didn’t they?

There’s no way you can give up so easily…

Huh… Miss… What’s going on?

Have you realised my charms now? Or are you just feeling sorry for me?

Do you think I’m a pathetic person?


Miss… I love you.

I see… So you’re saying that you’ll be mine.

No… I don’t know. What kind of expression have I got?

I’m feeling pretty confused right now.

I’m happy though.

I can’t believe it. This isn’t a dream, right?


Track 6

Miss… How much longer before you have to go?

Thirty minutes? That’s not enough!

I don’t know what to do… I can’t hold back my feelings.

I know. You’ll be able to make it in time.

I promise that I’ll let you go in time.

So… Let’s do it, okay?

That’s okay, right? Or don’t you want to do it with me?

I don’t want to force you. I won’t do anything you don’t like either.

How about if I don’t use my hands this time?

See… I’ll keep my hands behind me like this, so you kiss me.

Your kisses feel so good. Kiss me more.

Miss… I love you.

A sexy kiss like that is too much.

Miss… Turn around.

Your neck is sensitive.

Miss… I’m going to take off your dress.

I’ve unzipped it. You can do quite a lot with your mouth.

You can kiss someone… Take off their clothes….

Your eyes are filled with tears. You’re making me want to leave a mark on your neck.

I’m joking. Didn’t I say that I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t like?

From now on, I want to make sure that you smile, laugh and feel good.

I love you, so I want to protect your happiness.

I can’t help feeling impatient though.

I’m sorry I treated you roughly. I regret that I still did stupid things, even after you said you’d forgive me.

Please forgive me again.

I want to embrace your body, if you’ll let me.



Let’s go to the bed, Miss.

Your body is really soft. It feels good.

You fit perfectly into my arms.


I feel really tense too. It hurts.

Take my clothes off for me.

Can I touch you gently here?

Ah… You’re so wet down here. It’s flowing out.

It’s so indecent…

Yes. I’m feeling amazing too. I can’t stop myself.

Let me see your breasts.

I want to kiss you where you’re sensitive.

Your breasts are beautiful.

I’m a man, so it’s only natural that I’d be captivated by such cute breasts.

But… Your nipples are getting hard too.

I’m going to kiss them.

They’re so delicious.

It feels good when I suck them?

I want to keep kissing them, but we don’t have time for that.

You want me to touch you here too, don’t you?


Miss… How come you’re so wet?

Hey… You got really turned on when I played with your nipples, didn’t you?

See… It’s flowing out again.

I think it’ll feel amazing if I enter you.

I feel as if I’ll come as soon as I do.

I’m ready… Can I enter you now?

Lift your leg up then.

That’s right.


Can you feel me inside you?

So this is what it’s like to be inside you.

Wait… I can’t take it… Just a little longer…

I was saying that it feels even better than I imagined. I’ll come if I move.

Don’t make me say that! It’s embarrassing.

Just thinking that I’m connected with you… is unbearable…

Don’t look at me so desperately!

I’ll make sure you get to feel good too.

It feels so warm… Like it’s melting…

It’s amazing…

Miss… If you wrap your legs around me like that, it’s difficult to move…

I’ll get to all the places that make you feel good, even without you asking.

Don’t close your eyes. Look at me.

Let me kiss you.

Miss… You’re really cute.

Me too… It’s okay…

You can tell that you’re all tense inside, can’t you?

It’s no good… I’m going to come…

Is it okay if I come?

I’m sorry…

It feels so good…

Don’t worry. I’m not going to come inside you.

You’re the only one I love.

I love you… I love you…

I’m sorry… I tried to hold back, but some of it got onto your leg.

Wait. Don’t move.

I’ll clean it up.

It’s okay. It didn’t get onto your clothes.

You’ll have to go once you wipe off your sweat and fix your hair.

Wait a minute… There too…

Turn that way.

That’s right. Your collar isn’t straight.

There you go.

You’re really going?

I know…!

Despite what we were just doing… You seem so calm.

What is it?

I’m not sulking at all! I was just a little disappointed.

I’m not a kid! Don’t try and cheer me up.

I know… I promised that I would let you go.

Miss… Kiss me one more time before you go.

No… More…

What? Afternoon classes?

Fine. I’ll go.

Make sure you’re in school tomorrow too.

See you tomorrow then, Miss.

Track 7

Miss! I’ve finally found you!

I didn’t think there’d be so many people here.

Sorry, Miss.

I shouldn’t call you that. You’re here as my partner today.

The dress I chose really suits you.

It’s not too much! The way it shows off your neck and collarbone is really sexy!

I’d want to bite you, even though I’m not a vampire.

Hmm? What’s the matter? Your ears are all red.

Ah… Come over here!

There’s someone I have to say hello to. Come with me as my chaperone.

Oh? Are you nervous?

You just have to smile and stand beside me.

It’s okay! I’ll make sure to escort you, so don’t worry about a thing.

This is my first time bringing a woman with me though.

I’ll do my best not to embarrass you.

First of all, let me take your hand, my lady.

Ah… The wind feels great! I actually don’t like crowds.

We can be alone for a little while on this balcony.

Hmm? I didn’t seem that way?

So I was playing the part of my father’s successor perfectly?

Well… I’ve got to do things properly when you’re watching me!

I know I was asking a lot, so thank you for today.

I’m sorry you had to meet my dad all of a sudden.

Were you nervous?

I know, right! Your face was a little tense.

But I meant what I said to my dad earlier.

You’re someone special to me.

I’m serious about taking good care of you.

I’ll be even more responsible when I graduate…

Ah… Was I moving too fast?!

I can’t wait though.

I don’t want to let go of you.

I don’t want to see anyone else hold your hand, like at the party where we first met.

You’re mine now.

Track 8


It’s okay. Everyone’s still at the party.

They won’t be back for a while longer.

So… It’s alright, isn’t it?

Let’s do it, Miss.

I’ve wanted to do this since we got to the party.

Huh? You want to take a shower?

You don’t need to do that.

You’re wearing perfume today, right?

I can tell. It smells really good.

The scent of your sweat mixed with perfume is sweet and humid.

I don’t know what to do… I’m really turned on.

I want to embrace your body right now.

Can I?

I’m so happy.

Come here. I’ll take off your dress.

Turn around.

I’ll take off your necklace so it doesn’t get caught on the dress.

Don’t struggle… Does it tickle that much?

I’ll take off your earrings too.

You’re too ticklish.

I’ve been thinking this for a while now, but you’re so sensitive all over your body.

See… You start trembling like that as soon as I kiss your ears.

Do you like it when I bite your earlobes and run my tongue over your ears?

Your earlobes are all red. You’re really cute.

Take off all your underwear. I’ll take mine off too.

You have a beautiful body. I can’t help being captivated.

I want to make your pale skin sweat and cover it in love bites.

Hey… If you touch me all of a sudden…

Doing it like that is too much…

Miss… It feels so good when you rub against my frenulum.

Touch me even more.

That’s right. Hold on tight.

It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt.

That’s good.

Why… Wait a minute… No…


I was trying to take the lead.

If you use your mouth like that…

I don’t hate it… But if you suck it like that…

It’s nothing!

Just get away from me!

I’m going to cry out in a weird voice… It’s embarrassing.

Seeing your face like that… I can’t take it…

Why are you so good at this?!

It feels so good. If you keep on going, I really won’t be able to take it…

Let me do it for you too.

Sit down there.

Huh… You’re all wet too.

You got turned on when you were giving me a blowjob.

You get such an indecent look on your face when I lick you.

It really is sexy.

Your clitoris is getting bigger.

Miss… You like it when I lick you here, don’t you?

Your thighs are trembling. It’s okay if you come.

I’ll make sure to lick it all up.

Go on…

You just came. It’s flowing out from inside you again.

It’s hot and wet.

Hey, Miss… Can I enter you now?

Wait… I’ve got them with me today.

I’m going to put a condom on.

I’ve done it. Turn your back this way.

Put your bottom out.

I’m going to enter you now.

It’s so tight…

The inside of your body feels really good.

Is it okay if I move?

How do you want me to do it?

Tell me, Miss…

I know. But I like hearing it from you.

You’d never normally say things like that, so I really like hearing it when we have sex.

I don’t have time to be teasing you like this though.

It’s no good. I’m going to start moving, Miss.

Do you like it when I enter you from behind and thrust deep inside you like this?

You like it when I kiss your neck and thrust at the same time, don’t you?

See… The inside of your body feels so tight.

Are you feeling good?

I can tell you are.

I’ll never forget the first time you reacted that way.

I want to know all the places where you feel good.

Look this way. I want to kiss you.

I feel as if I’m going to melt.


You’re sensitive now that you’ve already come once.

It’s like your reactions are more intense than usual.

Are you about to come?

It’s okay. Go ahead.

Go on…

Your body is tightening around mine…

If you do that, I won’t be able to take it…

Your body feels so hot.

It doesn’t matter. No one will hear it above all the crowds.

Let me hear even more of your voice.

I’m going to come… Miss…

I’m coming…

You were really good, Miss…

Hey… Miss…

You were amazing.

Wait… Why are you pushing me away?

It’s fine! Just a little longer…

I like being naked with you like this.

Your skin is soft and smooth. It feels really good.

I want us to sleep together naked everyday when we live together.

Ah… Did you just laugh?

It’s not that far off. I’m sure we won’t care about our age difference soon enough.

Today is probably just the beginning.

Let’s keep on kissing each other.

Open your mouth more.

I love you, Miss.

I love you.

Hmm? Are you feeling sleepy?

Your eyelids look so heavy.

Shall I hum a song for you this time?

It’s okay. I don’t mind doing it a little. Just go to sleep.

I’ll wake you up if someone comes back.

I promise.

You’re so cute.

Goodnight, Miss. Sweet dreams.