Shiritsu Tokiwazaka Gakuin – immoral game – 4

CV: Higeuchi Waruta (Takeuchi Ryouta)

Thank you Anonymous for your commission!

Track 1 – A Red-Eyed Knight

In this world, there are some people who just can’t be reasoned with.

Even when they’re from the same country and speak the same language.

No… They probably have no intention of listening anyway.

My response to them would be to keep quiet and use my strength to make them surrender.

This place looks miserable as usual. It’s much more like a prison.

Huh? Who are you?

What’s a woman doing here anyway?

The new homeroom teacher?

So you were waiting for me to leave the rehabilitation centre and come back to school today?

You’re a pain in the ass.

You’d better get out of my way unless you want me to hit you.


Quit staring at me. Get lost.

They’re like a bunch of wild animals.

So what do you want?

Why’d you ask me to come to the guidance office?


Oh, that thing…

The vice-principal ended up in hospital after I hit him.

So you know about the game then.

That’s got nothing to do with this.

Everyone gets all worked up about it, but I don’t care about the game or the prefects.

I hit the vice-principal because he annoyed me when he just wouldn’t stop talking.

That’s all it was.

Why don’t I make you a target too?

No… Maybe you’re already a target.

You’re a weak woman who could easily be forced to quit. The other guys wouldn’t be able to ignore that.

So I’m right?

Are you done talking? In that case…

What is it?

You still want to say something?

Stop being violent?

And what?

I’m going back.

Being lectured by teachers makes me sick.

I’ll let you off this time. You won’t get another chance though.

It looks like you still don’t understand.

You’re trembling. All I did was grab your wrist.

Are you scared of me? Why?

Is it because I’m strong? Or is it because of how I look?

Dark skin and red eyes.

That’s not normal at all, is it?

If you’re scared, then don’t come near me again.

Got it?

Track 2 – overplay

Several days later.

I skipped class and spent all my time getting into fights.

No one cares if I’m not there.

The teachers’ reactions are the same as usual.

They say something about letting sleeping dogs lie.

There was one teacher who wasn’t like the rest though.


It’s you…

Tch. What are you doing here?

You’re looking for me?

You can tell by looking, can’t you?

I got into a fight.

I was walking through the forest when those guys lying there picked a fight with me.

So I fought back.

I don’t know. They probably wanted to take my place as prefect though.

It’s easier for them to get there by beating me instead of playing something complicated like the game.

So they thought they could win with numbers, huh?

Only losers would come up with a plan like that.

Don’t follow me. There’s nothing for us to talk about.

You’re annoying me! You’d better stop following me around, or else!

Huh? What’d you say?

You think I’m running away from you?

Don’t say such arrogant things.

It doesn’t matter what I say to teachers like you.

That’s why I don’t bother talking to teachers.

You really are an annoying woman!


You want to understand me?

That’s why you want us to talk?

I bet you don’t even mean that.

You’re just trying to get a troublesome problem sorted out quickly.

You must think that a delinquent student like me is nothing but trouble.

I’m not wrong. It’s obvious.

That’s how teachers think.

You’re still going to say that?

Hey… Be quiet already.

I told you to be quiet.

Can’t you hear me?

Shut up. Shut up!

Shut up!

You’re annoying me.

I let you off at first because you’re a woman, but I can’t put up with this any longer.

I’ll show you what happens when you get close to me.

This will work better on a woman than beating her up.

You acted proudly as a teacher, but once I hold you down like this, you won’t be able to do anything.

Come to think of it, you said something about the game the other day.

This is the perfect opportunity. I’m going to destroy you right here.

Hey. You call that trying to fight back?


You’re no match for me in terms of strength.

And just look. Your nipples are already hard.

You’re not fighting back. It’s more like you’re telling me to keep going.

Come on. Open your legs.


Oh? You’re already wet down here?

Did you feel good after I sucked your nipples?

Amazing… It’s soaking wet.

It’s even dripping down onto the grass.

Looks like my finger will go in pretty easily.

It’s just as I thought. Your body gradually swallowed my finger.

One isn’t enough, right?

Look. I’m going to put one more in.

It really went in. Two of my fingers are inside you.

It feels so wet inside you.

It’s so warm that my fingers feel as if they might melt.

You act like the perfect teacher, but you’re a woman after all.

Why are you crying?

I’m surprised you can say that when you’re so wet.

It doesn’t matter if you cry or scream. I’m not going to stop.

Not until I destroy you.

Amazing. Your body tightens up when I move my fingers.

Where’s your weak spot?

Is it here? Or here?

It seems like I’ve found the right place.

This is the place I’m going to focus on then. I’ll take you by force.

Hurry up and come. You want to do it, don’t you?

I can tell you’ve been wriggling your hips for a while now.

Or can you still hold on for longer?

You want me to treat you more roughly?

Come on.

Come on!

What are you spacing out for?

I’m going here next.

Put your hands on the ground and raise your hips.

What? Of course I’m not going to stop.

The game is only just beginning. Alright?

How does it feel to be violated and treated like an animal?

Are you crying again?

It’s your fault things turned out like this.

You didn’t listen when I said you wouldn’t get another chance.

This was all your choice.

I’m going to screw you until you’re worthless.

Make sure you’re ready.

Track 3 – Night Tour


It’s you again, huh?

I’m skipping class. Quit asking me questions all the time.

How long are you going to stand there?!

Are you scared? I’m not going to do anything while we’re standing in the middle of a staircase.

If you’re going to walk past here, then hurry up!


Hey. You dropped something.

A resignation letter?

Were you about to go and hand it to the principal?

It must be because of what happened the other day…

Hmm… So you were worried about a lot of things and were wondering whether to carry on working as a teacher. You made up your mind to resign because of what happened.

You look so depressed… Go ahead and quit then!

You’ll feel better if you do.

Here you go. Hurry up and hand it in.


One of your buttons is about to come off.

Those clothes! Look at your chest.

Are you going to meet the principal dressed like that?

You didn’t notice? Jeez…

Have I got it with me?

What? As you can see, it’s a needle and thread.

Don’t worry about unimportant stuff like that. Come here.

Hurry up!

Just stay still.

A metal button? I’ll need to consider the direction the pattern is facing…

Hey, don’t move! You almost pricked your chest with the needle.

I won’t be able to sew it on if I don’t get close!

It tickles? Are you trying to tell me not to breathe?

Just put up with it for a while.

Huh? Not really.

I’m just used to it because I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.

My mother is a single parent. Since my mother works late, I have to take care of things around the house. That goes for doing sewing too.

That’s why I can’t ignore a loose button or socks with holes.

What is it? There’s nothing unusual about a single mother.

I see. So my school documents say that I’m the eldest son of the Kido family.

Just as if I’d always been a member of that family.

Alright. I suppose that’s good enough.

Now… Damn it. I forgot the scissors.

I guess I don’t have a choice then.

There you go. It’s done.

There’s no reason for you to thank me.

Anyway… I ruined one of your shirts the other day.

It’s nothing.

Hurry up and hand in your resignation!

She ended up not handing in her resignation.

Several days later, she suddenly came to me and said she wanted to give me extra lessons.

She said something about catching up with the classes I’d missed by studying in the dining hall in the time between having dinner and going to bed, but of course I ignored her.

However, she kept on approaching me day after day.

She really is here…

Have you been waiting here all this time?

Even though there was no way I’d come.

I just came here out of curiosity. The lights in the dining hall were still on when I passed by, so I wondered who it could be.

Extra classes? What if I said I didn’t want them?

Come on. Hurry up and start.

I can’t put up with you following me around everyday.

I’ll go along with this for a little while.

I can’t do it! I don’t understand a single question.

No one even uses Latin anyway.

What’s the point in learning it?

I’m getting a headache.

Huh? A break?

Chatting to you? You’ve got to be joking.

If you want a conversation, then have one on your own.

Hey… Why are you still at the school anyway?

You looked half-dead the other day. You still do now.

Huh? What are you talking about?

That doesn’t make any sense.

What makes you think I’m not a bad guy?

I beat up people I don’t like. I use my strength to control other people.

That’s what kind of person I am.

You were scared of me at first too, weren’t you?

What are you smiling for?

What?! You think I’m an honest person?

Is there something wrong with you?

Maybe you should see a doctor!

Cut that out! Listening to you creeps me out!

Like I said… Damn it!

You won’t be able to talk if I cover your mouth like this.

The way you suddenly smile at me and compliment me… I don’t even get it!

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but let me tell you something.

I want to make you quit. I can make it happen anytime I feel like it.

If you’ve forgotten, then I’ll make you remember.

Right now…

Lying on this table really makes you look like nothing more than prey.

I’m feeling hungry because I don’t study that often.

Perfect timing. I’m going to help myself to some food.

Open your mouth. Let me inside.

What are you talking about?

You actually like what I’m doing…

You were satisfied when I touched you here before, weren’t you?


It’s too late for you to be embarrassed.

It’s obvious how you really feel.

You look like you’re quiet, but you’re actually the kind of erotic woman who likes it rough.

You’re so wet down here.

I can even feel it through your underwear.

You must feel uncomfortable like this.

Take them off. Show me your most important place.

Just as I thought, it’s soaking wet.

Hey. I can hear your voice.

What if someone else heard it too?

Hmm? Did you say something?


No… I haven’t changed at all.

I’ve always been like this.

Even if you’re right, I’m not going to tell you.

There’s no point in telling a teacher, you see.

No one will understand what I say. There’s no way it’ll happen.


It’s dripping out so fast. Were you feeling hungry too?

In that case I’ll give you something good to eat.

Right here…

I’m not going to wait.

Come on. Accept me instead wasting your time talking.

You don’t seem pleased.

But I’m going to make you unable to think of anything soon.

Amazing… You’re tightening around me.

Did you remember the shape of my body this quickly?

You’re a teacher, but you’re so indecent…

Hmm? Forgive you?

In that case… I should be able to go even further inside you if I hold you like this.

I’m not going to forgive you. Hold onto me tightly so you don’t fall.

This feels pretty good… I’m going to get carried away…

Are you trying to rip it off?

I told you not to make any noise.

You can’t take it anymore?

You’re feeling so good because of how deep I’ve gone?

I suppose I don’t have a choice then.

Look up a little.

You can’t hold back your voice, can you?

In that case I’ll have to keep your mouth occupied until you come.

You’re so tight…

You came so much. But we’re not done yet.

I’m going to devour you until I’m satisfied.

Track 4 – On Horseback

There’s no way I can do extra classes on a Sunday too.

There’s nothing wrong with having a change of pace, is there?

You’ll understand if you follow me.


That’s right. It’s a stable.

The horses used by the riding club are kept here.

No. I’m not a member.

I’m going in here because I’m allowed to.

Jeez. You just don’t stop asking questions.

Hey. How’ve you been?

Well… I guess you could call him my partner.

I’m the only one who rides this thoroughbred horse.

It’s a special privilege prefects get.

Sitting on his back really does feel great.

I think I’ll go for a quick ride.

Ah… But before that…

Don’t look so surprised. Hurry up and take my hand.

I’m telling you that you can ride too!

I won’t be able to leave if you stand there spacing out.


Let’s go. Hold on tight.

Ah… Riding against the wind like this really does feel great!

Hmm? You seem really tense.

Are you nervous?

I know. You don’t like heights, do you?

What is it then?

I see.

It feels strange when you’re quiet.

You’re always so noisy…

What do you think? Are you surprised?

Huh? Why?

Isn’t this great?

It wouldn’t be any fun if we took things slowly in a open space like this.

Your reactions are interesting too.

The way you shout out loud and look shocked.

I’m being mean?

I don’t care what you say.

Come on, don’t let go of the reins. It’s not safe.

I’ll slow down, so let’s hold onto them together.

What’s the matter now?

You felt something on your neck?

Oh… It must have been this.

It’s a necklace. The stone is an unusual colour, right?

My mother gave it to me when I left home.

Not really. It’s not as if I’m keeping it a secret.

It wouldn’t take that much effort to find out.

I don’t mind you asking about it.

As you can tell by looking at me, my mother is a foreigner.

She met a man when she came over here to work and gave birth to me without getting married.

That man was the eldest son of the Kido family.

But my father abandoned my mother. My mother didn’t want anything to do with a huge family like the Kido family either.

So she moved to the countryside, gave birth to me in secret and raised me.

Our life wasn’t easy, but I never felt unhappy.

I thought that I would always live with my mother, the two of us supporting each other.

That was when someone from the Kido family came to get me.

The Kido family had been struggling without a successor.

So the grandfather of the Kido family focused his attention on me, my father’s secret child.

I was taken away from my mother by force and made to promise never to see her again.

They said they couldn’t leave a child of the Kido family in the care of a woman when they didn’t even know where she came from.

It makes me laugh that they hated that woman so much, but had no choice but to rely on her child.

That was how I became a member of the Kido family.

From then on, I was made to learn about etiquette and other things everyday.

One of those things was learning how to ride.

When I’d become good enough, I was sent off to this school.

But I had no idea I’d meet anyone more rotten than the Kido family.

It’s got nothing to do with you.

The one thing I can tell you is that all the teachers are trash.

Come on. We’re here now.

Take my hand. You probably can’t get down on your own.

I’m going to take the horse back. You go ahead.

What is it? Why’d you suddenly hold out your little finger like that?

A promise? With you?

It doesn’t matter if I hate the teachers, but I shouldn’t take part in the game any longer?

I shouldn’t do anything violent either?

Is that what you want?

I don’t care about that.

Hey… What are you doing?

Tch. Making a pinky promise all on your own is really pushy!

Jeez. I guess I don’t have a choice.

Track 5 – tears of knight

The incident happened several days later.

I said it wasn’t me!

You’ve come at just the right time…

There was a violent incident at the school yesterday, wasn’t there?

The teacher who got hurt said I was the one responsible…

He said I suddenly lost my cool and started punching him.

And then…

My father was at the office when the principal summoned me.

I didn’t do it though!

The person who did it is trying to make me take the blame!

I saw the guys who got into a fight with me in the forest talking about something together.

They were saying they’d make it look like it was my fault.

They’ve got a grudge against me!

What about you? You’re my teacher, so what do you think?

See… You heard her, didn’t you?

I made a promise with her. That’s why I haven’t done anything violent!

What? What’s that supposed to mean?!

You think I’m lying?

No one else saw what happened…

I was the only one there. But…

That’s right. I was acting violently for a while after I came back to school.

I don’t look as if I’ve changed, do I?

But I didn’t do it this time!

I’m telling the truth!

Why… Why’d you mention that now?

I got angry and hit a teacher when I was a second year student because that teacher was…

Huh? What is it, dad?

So you feel the same way the principal does?

You looked the other way before, but you can’t cover for me any longer?

Damn it!

They didn’t listen in the end.

Not to what I had to say… Or you trying to convince them…

So I’m being kicked out of the school…

What? There’s no point. The teachers won’t listen.

I know that. It probably won’t make any difference.

No matter what I say, they won’t understand.

They won’t hear what I have to say.

Shut up! It’s your fault I gave up too quickly!

You teachers made me lose hope!

It was the same back then… When I was in the second year, they didn’t listen and made it out to be all my fault. You’re going to be like that too.

You must be tired of getting caught up in trouble. You just want to make someone out to be the bad guy and get things sorted out quickly. I’m sure you’ll turn out that way in the end.

I’m leaving. I’ve always wanted to leave this school.

If I’m being told to leave, then I’ll do that right now.

What is it? Don’t get in my way!

Hey, you… Move!

Right… I’ve got a good idea.

I’m going to bring you to the principal after I’ve ruined you.

I’ll tell him that I did it.

Then you won’t be able to cover for me any longer.

I’ll devour you completely this time.

I’m going to leave bite marks all over your body like this.

So that you understand just what kind of position you put me in…

Come on. Don’t close your legs.

It won’t be good enough proof if I don’t leave a mark here too.

Amazing. You’re lying on the sofa with your legs wide open, while you tremble down there.

Isn’t there a better job for you than being a teacher?

I’m angrier than usual today. I’m going to enter you without any warning.

Just face forward in the direction of the window.

Look. Your indecent face is reflected in the window.

Watch carefully as I thrust into you and defile you.

You can’t tell me it won’t go in. I always go deeper than this.

Look. It happened so fast, didn’t it?

You’re already tight too.

Did you really want me to defile you that much?

In that case, I’m really going to do it.

I’ll do it until you come so much that it drives you crazy.

Hey. Don’t close your eyes.

Or are you trying to defy me?

In that case…

I like the way you scream.

Now I’m going to thrust as deep as I can.

I’ll thrust into you again and again and make you scream even louder.

Amazing… Just look. Come on.

Look at your shiny wetness and your body swallowing mine.

You can see it all.

What’s the matter? Are you embarrassed?

You don’t want to come in this position?

That’s good. Just wriggle about on my lap like that.

Go on. Come.

We’re not done yet. I’m going to come inside you next.

I’m going to defile your body and make you cry until your eyes are red, then I’ll bring you out in front of all those important people while you’re naked.

Why are you looking at me like that?

What? I was wondering what you’d say…

Don’t make me laugh. You think I wouldn’t do something so cruel?

Shut up! What do you even know about me?

I’ve come this far. I forced myself on you and ruined you.

But you’re still going to say crazy things like you think I’m a good kid?

The promise…

I’m… I’m going to break it right now!

I’ll teach you what a stupid and naïve woman you are!

Why can’t I do it?

What’s happening to me?

Defiling someone should be simple, it’s something I’ve done plenty of times before!

But… Why…

Damn it!

What are you talking about?

You’re the one who’s suffering.

You ended up like this because you kept covering for me.

Cut that out already!

You should just give up and let yourself be free.

Just like all the other teachers!

You don’t want that?

What are you saying?

Why do you have to protect me?

You’re weaker than me… You’ve got much less strength than I’ve got…


Damn it…

Don’t pat me on the head.

Don’t treat me like a kid.

Track 6 – Something I want to protect

After that, I went to the principal’s office with you and apologised to my dad and the principal for everything that happened.

I didn’t like that they’d suspected me to begin with, but instead of complaining, I gave an earnest apology, just like you had advised me to.

While we were returning from the principal’s office…

The principal arrogantly said something about suspending my punishment.

Well, I’m not going to be expelled anymore, so I suppose you could say everything worked out in the end.

Hey. Do you want to go for a ride?

I’m talking about a ride on the horse! I’m really in the mood to go for a ride right now.

I’ve cleared my mind, so I think I’ll be able to enjoy the ride.

Come with me if you’ve got time.

Before that…

You see… Umm…

Thank you.

I said thank you!

Damn it! Don’t make me repeat myself!

I didn’t think you’d do this much to cover for me.

You believed in me until the end and took my side.

This is the first time a teacher has done that.

So… Thank you.

And… Sorry for everything until now.

Right… There’s something I haven’t told you yet.

About that time I fought with a teacher when I was in the second year.

At that time, I was stressed because of what was happening with my family and I was always angry.

Then there’s the way that I look. Everyone kept their distance and spread rumours that weren’t true.

Like saying that I’d hang out at the emergency staircase taking drugs or that I beat up my seniors.

That was around the time that the violent incident happened at the school. Just like this time, I was treated as if I had done it.

No matter how many times I said it wasn’t true, no one believed me.

Even my class teacher who should have protected me decided that I had done it.

He said bad things about my mother too. He told me I was showing that I came from an underprivileged background.

I couldn’t forgive him. The only thing I felt was anger.

Before I knew it, I was beating up my class teacher.

After that, I moved on and gave up talking about it.

No one would listen, no matter what I said.

If they wouldn’t listen, I’d deal with things by beating them up.

It’s strange for me to say this, but I guess I ruined the mood.

Why are you apologising? I was the one who decided to talk about this.

Don’t look so upset.

That’s not going to happen anymore now though.

I’ve made up my mind. I’m not going to do anything violent again.

I’ve made a promise with you too.

Not everyone is going to believe me like you do.

But there will be people who believe me the way you do.

You taught me that it’s too soon to give up.

That’s why I’m not going to do anything violent again.

I won’t hurt anyone.

But using my strength to protect is a different matter!

The game won’t stop just because I’m not playing it anymore.

There’ll be plenty of people targeting you.

You need some way to protect yourself from them, don’t you?

You protected me. So I’m going to protect you this time.

That’s my new promise.

Come on. Put out your hand.

You were the one who came up with the promise last time. Now it’s my turn to make a promise that will never be broken.

It’s a pinky promise, Miss.