Watashi no Okashi na Naito ~Kekkon wo Isogisugiru Minase Toshiharu no Baai~

CV: Sawa Mannaka (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Thank you Kurin for your commission!

Track 1

The dinner we had this evening was delicious, wasn’t it?

I’m glad you always recommend good restaurants.

All my co-workers are men, so we don’t really talk about that kind of thing.

They know all the restaurants where you can get an extra helping for free though!

Huh?! I was acting weird this evening?

Hmm… I think I’m the same as usual though…

Well… It might be because I’m nervous about walking around a park at night with you like this.

Ah… Umm… You see…

I was really happy when we became a couple, three months after we met at a marriage matchmaking party…

When we went out for tea after the party, we got so carried away talking to each other that we didn’t even notice how much time had passed. We ended up talking until the last train, didn’t we?

Ah… Yes…


I’m sorry! I spoke casually all of a sudden.

You don’t mind that?

I see… I’ll just speak normally from now on then.

No… I’m happy you feel that way, but I’m still embarrassed…

Thank you. You’re right. I’ll just speak naturally, without worrying about being formal or casual.

Just like I’ve done until now.

Yes… We went out to eat together a few times after that. I always had such a good time and the food was always so delicious. I felt like I could relax when I was with you. It was almost like we hadn’t only just met at a marriage matchmaking party. I thought that I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you.

I feel even more drawn to you every time we meet. I hope that we can continue our relationship!

I want us to date with marriage in mind.

Right… We met at a marriage matchmaking party, so it’s only natural that we’re dating each other with marriage in mind!

So… How should I say it then…?

Umm… I’m a firefighter, which makes my work schedule unpredictable.

That might cause you some difficulty and make you worried…

But I love you! So…

If I’d be happy with you…? I don’t want to be with anyone else.

Ah… So that’s what you meant…

So you really will become my partner then?

Alright! I’m so happy!

No way… I’m really happy!

Umm… May I hug you?

Thank you!

Thank goodness…

I hope we’ll be a good couple.

Track 2

Ah… The food at that restaurant was delicious too!

Yes, I’m completely full now!

Let’s go there again.

The portions are big and the food is delicious! It was amazing!

What about you?

You only ate a little…

Ah… So I was eating too much!

I played basketball while I was in school and my work is physically demanding, so I just can’t help eating a lot.

Did that bother you?

Thank goodness… You were happy to see me enjoying the food.

Yes… I’m relieved to hear that.


You should walk on this side.

Don’t walk next to the street.

It doesn’t matter that there’s a fence. It’s no good letting your guard down.

You should pay attention to your safety at all times.

I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to the person I love.

Alright! Let’s hold hands or link arms.

So you prefer to link arms… You’ve been doing that since we started dating.

What shall we do next?

We’ve both got the day off tomorrow. That doesn’t happen too often, does it?

You have the day off on weekends, but I do shift work, so there isn’t a particular day that I have off.

We could relax at the cafe we usually go to? Or…

This is our 100 day anniversary, so…

No, it’s not just because of that!

I’ve always wanted us to be together for longer.

I love you even more than before, you see.

I want us to be together forever.

If possible, I want to go somewhere we can be alone.

This room looks nice.

Umm… I was just wondering what the bathroom was like…

Ah… I see… So city hotels just have a normal looking bathroom.

I’ve only ever stayed at business hotels, so I didn’t know.

I thought there’d be a big bath.

No… It’s too forward of me to expect us to take a bath together on our first night together!

I’ve got to relax and escort her like a mature man would!

It’s nothing!

The bathroom is nice too!

It might be a little small though.

You’re going to take a shower first?

Or would it be better if I went first?

Alright then… Just wait a moment.

Ah… You had a refreshing shower?

Right… We should have something to drink!

Like tea…

Here you go.

I’m fine. I had some earlier, so I’m okay at the moment.

Is it okay if I embrace you?

You always look beautiful, but you look even more attractive after getting out of the bath.

My feelings for you are even stronger now.

Is this really okay?

Let’s go to the bed.

Hold on tightly to my neck.

I’ve always wanted to carry the person I love like a princess.

You’re not heavy at all. You’re really light.

Can I take off your bathrobe?

I’m going to take off your bra too.

You look beautiful. Really beautiful.

Can I kiss your body too?

I’m happy. Really happy. Because I can do this with you…

Does that feel good?

Thank goodness.

I’ll keep going then.

Can I take off your panties too?

I’m going to touch you down there.

You’re wet…

Does it hurt?

It feels good…

Isn’t it difficult to breathe when you’re covering your face with your hands?

What is it?

Ah… I see…

You’re embarrassed.

But I can’t kiss you if you do that.

I’d like it if you took your hands away.

I don’t want to force you. But if you can…

Thank you.

Yes… I can’t take it any longer.

I want to become one with you.

It’s alright…?

Just wait a moment.

I’m going to enter you.

I’m sorry. I got too carried away and I went in all at once.

Did it hurt?

It really didn’t?

I’m going to take good care of you.

I’ll love you forever.

I love you.

Tell me where it feels good.

Here? Or here…?

It’s here, isn’t it?

I love you.

I want you to come.

I want to make you come.

I can’t hold on any longer either.

If we come together…

Was that okay?

I’m happy that I could become one with the person I love.

Just wait a minute.

Sorry I kept you waiting.

Let’s talk then.

Ah… Right…

You can lie on my arm.

My muscles are the only good thing about me.

Go ahead.

How is it?

Do you think you’ll be able to fall asleep right away?

Goodnight then.

I’m so happy.

Track 3


You got my message, didn’t you?

Yes… I was suddenly asked to change my day off… I’m sorry to do this, but I was wondering if we could reschedule our date tomorrow.

Thank you. You really are a kind person.

You don’t complain about dating me, even when I can’t make time to meet because of my work.

Yes. You’re right. Next time…

Ah… Yes! I’ll be right there.

Sorry, I have to hang up now.

No, it’s not a callout. My supervisor just wanted to talk to me.

I’ll contact you again later. I might not be able to call you, but I’ll definitely send you a message.


See you later then.

Ah… It’s so delicious!

This steak tastes really good!

Right… Let’s share it! You have some too.

It’s delicious, isn’t it?

Ah… We haven’t had much time to see each other, so there was something I wanted to show you…

Have a look at these!

Don’t you think this wedding hall looks nice?

It’s on a private resort right next to the beach. There’s a chapel and reception hall too!

A Japanese style wedding would be wonderful too… This is a residence from the Meiji era that was remodelled into a wedding hall.

Ah… I’m sure you’ll look beautiful wearing a wataboshi. [1]

Where should we go on our honeymoon?

I think I’ll be able to get a reasonable amount of time off, so relaxing on a Caribbean beach or touring around Europe would both be wonderful…

I think we should start looking for a place to live, so I’ve brought some brochures for some newly built apartments. But if we’re thinking of the future, then maybe we should go for a house instead…


Doing things in order? What do you mean?

They’re all as important as each other. The wedding, honeymoon and house are equally important, so we should prepare for them equally too.

Getting married is hard work, but it’s fun too! Discussing it with the person I love like this…

People say that cutting the cake at the reception is your first act as a couple, but preparing for married life is the real one!

Have I forgotten something? I wonder what it is…

Ah… I’m sorry, my work is calling me.

It’s my day off, so I wasn’t expecting anyone to call me… What could it be?

Excuse me for a moment.


I’m sorry. It was an emergency.

That’s right. Just like I explained before, the fire station I work at wouldn’t request an emergency callout on my day off unless there had been a considerable incident. There is a three shift system which includes firefighters who are on duty, off duty and scheduled for a day off.

If there aren’t enough firefighters on duty, then the off duty firefighters will be called. I’m ashamed to say this, but several of the on duty firefighters became unwell and there aren’t enough off duty firefighters, which is why they called me.

We had to reschedule this date because my day off was changed the other day and now this has happened… I’m really sorry!

Thank you! I’ll be going then!

Ah… I should pay for dinner…

Hmm? You’re right… I should hurry.

We’ll work it out later.

You can take your time eating!

It’s me, Minase. Good evening.

Umm… It’s really difficult for me to say this, but I was wondering if we could reschedule our plans for tomorrow…

No… It’s not because I’ve changed my shift. I haven’t gotten busy either.

Umm… I hurt myself at work today…

I’m fine! It’s nothing serious. It really is just a little injury!

I just can’t use my hand for a while and I thought it’d affect our date.

I really want to see you, but I don’t want to cause you any trouble either.

I think we should go out on our date once I’ve recovered.

I haven’t been able to see you a lot recently. I haven’t replied to your messages as often either.

We’re both busy, so I suppose that we can’t really help it.

Anyway… I’m really sorry, but we’ll have to reschedule tomorrow too.

Hmm? You don’t have to come and see me!

I’d feel bad if you had to… I would like to see you though.

Thank you. I’ll do my best to get better quickly.

You really don’t need to come and see me.

I’ll show you that I’ll be fine on my own.

I’ll eat lots of healthy food and go to bed early!

I’ll be on inside duty for a while, so don’t worry about me.

Anyway, I’m going to get better quickly! See you!

[1] The wataboshi is a white hood which is worn together with the shiromuku, a white kimono traditionally worn at weddings.

Track 4



Umm… There it is!

I guess this is good enough.

I was in a rush and almost went out there in my sweatpants.

You came here because you were worried about me…

You even bought some food with you… Thank you so much!

Come inside.

Ah… I’ll carry the food for you.

You’ve bought so much! It must have been heavy, right?

I’m just happy that you came. Thank you.

As you can see, my right hand is wrapped in bandages, but it really is just a little scratch!

I can’t attend callouts like I usually do, but I can do the office paperwork.

Though since I can’t use my right hand, I’m stuck typing with my left hand and it feels like I’m pretty useless…

Ah… That’s not important…

No… I suppose it’s better to see me as I am.

Umm… I didn’t think you were coming to see me, so my place is a mess.

I’d done my best to tidy up when I asked you to come round before, but today…

If only I cleaned up more often…

No… If I’d kept it like it was before, then I wouldn’t be worrying in emergencies like this one.

Thank you for saying it’s not that bad.

It certainly is difficult to tidy up when I can’t use my right hand, but it only got like this because I don’t usually think about cleaning up.

Huh?! No… Just coming here to visit is more than enough! I can’t let you clean up too!

Ah… But I suppose you can’t relax when it’s like this.

But, still…

Alright. I’ll let you clean up.

Okay. I’ll sit on the sofa and wait.

Umm… You can just put that pile of wedding magazines and brochures over there.

I’ve been buying them every month since we started dating.

I picked up all the brochures I saw too…

Ah… I really am careless.

Even though we can finally go on a date, I got hurt and you ended up coming to see me at home.

I’m really happy to see you though.

Shall I get you some tea?

Ah… But I only have cold tea.

I’d feel sorry for you if you did everything by yourself though…

You’re right. I can’t use my right hand at the moment.

You only came to see me, but it’s more like you’re looking after me.

I’ll let you get on with it then.


Yes, the tea is in the fridge.

You can use any of the glasses that are there.

But it really is wonderful to see the woman I love standing in my kitchen.

It’ll be like this everyday after we get married. My injury will have healed by then, so I can be there with you too.

We’ll cook together and feed each other. Then we’ll wash up the dishes together. After that…

I’m sorry! I was just thinking about something.

Alright! I’ll sit down quietly.

Ah, thank you for the tea.

Hmm? It’s embarrassing when you look at me like that.

Ah… You sit down and drink your tea too.

You can sit next to me if you like.

Did you hear me talking to myself earlier?

Ah… I knew it!

You’re not bothered about it?

But that wasn’t the only thing I’ve done. Last week, I had to leave in the middle of dinner. Even though I thought we could see each other today, I had to cancel because I ended up getting hurt.

I thought you might have hated me. When I hung up the phone after telling you I got hurt, I worried that I was always inconveniencing you. On top of that, my job…

No, I’m proud of my job… But you work in an ordinary company, so my schedule never lines up with yours.

No matter how careful I am, I think there’ll always be times when I make you worry in the future.

So I was scared that you might not want to see me anymore. I wondered if I was thinking too far ahead by talking about the wedding hall and so on. Now that I think about it, you did seem a little taken aback. I was scared to see how you felt, thinking that you might break up with me.

That’s why I was reluctant for you to come and see me. Even now, I want to do something to make sure you won’t be inconvenienced any longer, but I just keep imagining married life with you.

I’ve never been afraid at work and I don’t think I’m easily scared, but since falling in love with you, I’ve been really afraid that you might end up hating me.

When I met you at the matchmaking party, we had no connection at all. Our hometown, school, workplace and where we live are all completely different. I thought that it really was fate.

Will you let me confess my feelings to you again?

I love you so much. So I hope that you love me too.

Huh? You’ve loved me for a while now?


But it seemed as if you were having second thoughts.

Because of the wedding hall and those other things…

Ah… I see. I was moving things too fast when you wanted to take it slowly.

You wanted to talk about those things gradually, after we’d taken our relationship further.

I’m sorry. We met at a marriage matchmaking party, so I thought we’d be considering marriage as soon as we officially started dating.

No… I just wanted you to be mine right away.

And I wanted to be yours too.

Umm… I also wanted everyone else to recognise it.

Let’s keep moving forward together from now on.

We’ll go at the same pace.

This isn’t the right time… I just said we’d do things at the same pace. I’m being too selfish!

Umm… You see…

Now that I’ve kissed you after realising our feelings are mutual, I want to feel you even closer to me. I can’t hold back.

Can we go to the bedroom?

I can’t use my right hand, but I can still show my love for you.

I’ll be careful not to make it worse.

Track 5

Can you take your clothes off by yourself?

Thank you…

Don’t be embarrassed.

Show me everything.

Take off your skirt too.

What about your underwear?

Should I take them off for you?


I’m not sure whether I can do it properly with my left hand though.

I love you.

I love you so much.

May I kiss you everywhere?

You’re embarrassed again.

When you react like that, it makes me want to kiss you even more.

Your breasts. Your stomach. Your thighs.

Here too…

Please open your legs.

More than that. Even more.

Don’t cover your face. Show me everything.


The way your face looks when you’re feeling good too…


Are you about to come?

Tell me that you’re about to come.

I want to hear it in your pleasured voice…

You’re cute. You really are.

Everything about you is cute.

I can’t hold on any longer.

Can I enter you now?

I can’t open it if I don’t hold it in my mouth.

I’ve done it.

It feels amazing to be inside you.

I’m happy. But I want us to be even happier.

You feel even better when I thrust while kissing you.

Tell me more. I want to know everything about you.

Your body is tightening around mine.

I want you to come while I’m inside you.

I’m happy I could get you to come like this.

Ah… This time I want you to come while I’m embracing you.

Hold onto me. Put your arms around my neck.

That’s right. Sit on top of me while facing forwards.

I want to feel you while holding you closely from behind.

Lift up your hips.

Sit down slowly like that.

It feels amazing being inside you.

Because you just came…

Look at me.

The expression on your face while I’m making you feel good… It’s really cute.

I love you so much that it’s driving me crazy.

The inside of your body just… You’re about to come.

I can’t hold on any longer either.

Let’s do it together.

Let’s come at the same time.

I want to kiss you.

Look this way.

I love you.

I really am happy.

I can’t believe I’m lying here in bed embracing you.

I should stop talking so formally?

I’ll try not to do it from now on then.

It’s quite difficult though.

Hmm? Is there something else wrong?

We’re doing things in the wrong order?

What do you mean?

Ah… We slept together before getting married! Is that what you meant?!

Maybe, but there must be something else too?

Hmm… Ah… What could it be?

Oh? A proposal?

A proposal…

I see… I got so caught up with choosing a ring and planning to have an impressive proposal somewhere nice, that I felt as if I had already proposed!

Umm… Let me propose to you another time.

Stop laughing so much!

I want to have a proposal like the ones in movies and TV shows.

I want it to be a surprise if possible.

So could you wait a little longer?

Thank you.

I want you to look forward to it. I’ll try to make it a proposal you’ll never forget.

It’s my dream to propose to the person I love like that.

Look this way.

Ah… I’ll do all I can not to speak so formally.

I mean… I’ll try my best.