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Criminale! 2

Criminale! 2 – Lucia

CV: Kondo Takashi

Track 1

8PM. Syracuse, Sicily. [1] In the room of a resort hotel.

Don’t move. Don’t make a sound either.

Sit still. You can tell what’s pressed up against your throat, can’t you?

I’d prefer you to call it a dagger instead of a knife.

It’s not fake. It’s completely real.

You’re being held from behind and a blade is pressing against your throat.

You know what you should do right now, don’t you?

I’ll kill you if you struggle.

That’s right. Stay quiet, just like that.

Come on, show me your left hand.

This bracelet… There’s no doubt about it.

Hmm? You think I’m a thief or something?

Do you think I’d come all the way to a hotel room just for the sake of money?

There’s no way I’d do something so troublesome.

Just keep quiet. You haven’t forgotten about the blade next to your throat, have you?

Things got complicated because you decided to go on a trip. I had to come all the way to the southernmost island in Italy. Finding you was nothing but trouble too.

Well… I’ll go anywhere for the sake of a mission. That’s because it’s my job.


I’ve already investigated you. You seem like a pretty tough girl. It’d be annoying if you escaped too…

Now you won’t be able to get away from me.

What are they?

They’re handcuffs. The other end of these handcuffs is attached to me.

We’re handcuffed together and it’s impossible for us to be apart.

That’s the retrieval complete.

Ah… I suppose I should tell you my name.

We’re going to be together for a while anyway.

My name is Lucia. I already know your name, so I don’t need to ask what it is.

Come on, let’s go.

Are you trying to escape?

Hey… These chains are made from steel. Pulling them isn’t going to do anything.

Stop that. There’s no point in struggling. Come over here now.

Don’t shout! You’re so noisy.

It looks like you’re going to be trouble, just like the information said.

I told you not to make a fuss if you didn’t want to get killed, didn’t I?

Then why don’t I test how well this dagger cuts?

Knives are my speciality, so I’ll be able to cut you without killing you.

I’ll start from your shoulder, go down your arm and stop at your wrist.

How about I slide the dagger along your skin until you can no longer talk?

You don’t want that?

You understand now, don’t you? I’m going to cut you the next time you do something troublesome.

Why do you look so pale? You’ll find out what’s going to happen to you if you follow me.

I’ve got these handcuffs. You can’t run away, no matter what.

Come on, just give up.

The hotel staff?!

It’s your fault for shouting!

This is troublesome, but I’ve got no choice.

You’re lighter than I thought you’d be. I won’t have any trouble carrying you.

That doesn’t change the fact that you’re baggage though.

Stay still. Do you want me to drop you?

We don’t have time to fool around. Let’s go.

That’s right. We’re going to escape from the window.

I believe in avoiding trouble.

I know that. We’re not going to jump straight down from the seventh floor.

It’s a wire. It’ll help us get down to the ground safely.

Don’t struggle. Do you want us to mess up our landing and hit the ground?

We’d end up like a wonderful mixed gelato. I definitely don’t want that.

I don’t like sweet things either.

Make sure you hold on tight. We’re going to jump!

There are a lot of people passing by here.

Hey, walk properly.

Was jumping from the seventh floor that much of a shock?

Or is it because you got kidnapped all of a sudden?

It doesn’t really matter what it is. Just don’t cause me any trouble.

Even if this is my job, walking alongside someone else doesn’t suit me.

That’s right. This is my job.

That’s enough talking. Why don’t you start moving?

We’re going into that side street. Come on.

If we get out of here and come out on the other side of the main street…

It’s no good. There’s a policeman.

Is he on patrol? This is why I hate touristy places.

Are you an idiot? Asking for help from a policeman of all people!

That’s the stupidest thing you could have done. This is just like some ridiculous comedy show.

Look. A whole group of them turned up.

They appeared pretty quickly. Unnaturally quickly.

You think you’re going to be saved, but it’s actually the opposite.

That’s not right. I’m not in trouble. We’re in trouble.

Run! We’ll get hit if we stand around here!

Even though we’re running with our backs to them, they don’t seem to be bothered!

They’re worthless policemen!

Just look ahead when you’re running! You’ll only get slowed down!

This way!

That was close! That bullet would’ve hit you if we hadn’t dodged it.

These streets are pretty complicated. We’ll be able to lose them.

Ah… Don’t try to use this as a chance to escape. You won’t be able to get away from me as long as these handcuffs are on. Just follow me obediently. Let’s go.

You’re asking why the policemen were shooting at us?

It was your fault! Because you were asking for help from just about the worst people in Sicily to ask help from!

Whoa! Why’d you fall over?!

Hey… Don’t forget that I get dragged down when you fall over.

There’s a pretty bad scratch on my wrist. Come on. Get up.

It’s not like a scratch on your knee is going to stop you running.

Even if it hurts, you’ve got to run.

Come on, we don’t have time to take it easy.

This isn’t good. They’re going to catch up.

What are you doing? Hurry up.

Come on! Give me your hand.

Huh? Something fell down?

This isn’t the time to worry about that. Run!

[1] Syracuse is a historic city on the island of Sicily, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Track 2

10PM. Syracuse, Sicily. A chapel inside a church. Two hours have passed.

We’ve managed to lose them. Let’s hide here for a while.

A rundown church like this one isn’t going to attract any tourists.

Anyway, no one would willingly come to a creepy place like this at night.

You’re sitting down because you’re tired? You’re so weak.

You don’t have to talk. You’re annoying.

Never mind that, come over here.

Stop? I’m only pulling you because you can’t move.

Just come here. If you stay there, we won’t be able to escape if something happens.

We’ll also know what’s happening outside if we stay by the wall.

Things are calm right now. We’ll be able to rest a little.

Come and sit next to me.

Just sit down!

Hmm? Why are you afraid of looking at me?

I’d understand being scared of those policemen though.

What’s going to happen to you now? I’m just going to take you with me.

Kidnapping? I can’t believe you’d say that.

I’m not kidnapping you. It’s the complete opposite.

I’m taking you with me to protect you.

Your life is in danger.

Why are you surprised?

You don’t understand?

Ah… I did take you away without any explanation…

But it’d take too long to explain, so it doesn’t really matter.

Explaining it would just be annoying…


Have you heard of Amphisbaena? [1]

They’re mafia. A large organisation which has control over the criminal underworld.

But they’re in a bit of trouble right now.

The head of the organisation was murdered, so there’s no one to lead it and everyone is fighting over who will be his successor.

I’m a member of that organisation.

That’s right. I’m a member of the mafia.

Killing is my speciality, so I’m not interested in protecting anyone.

This time is an exception. As he was dying, Father asked me to protect you.

Why? That’s obvious. You’re his daughter.

Your eyes are wide open. Is it really that surprising?

Ah… You were told that your father died in an accident when you were a child.

That wasn’t true.

That’s right. It was nonsense.

Father actually distanced himself from you when you were a child.

The struggle for power got worse and he didn’t want you to get caught up in it.

Judging by that look on your face, you really didn’t know anything, did you?

Well… We didn’t know anything about you until recently either.

That bracelet is proof. The seal engraved on it is a mark of Father’s trust. Not that many of them exist.

There’s no doubt that you’re his daughter. That gives you the right to choose his successor. That’s what the rules of the mafia say. That’s why you’re being targeted.

If you die without the successor being chosen, then the organisation will no longer exist.

Members of the mafia who are trying to make that happen are secretly targeting you.

Even Father probably didn’t want you to be involved, right until the very end.

The way things are, it’ll be safer for you to stay with us. You just have to come to our hideout. If you choose the successor there, that’ll put an end to this conflict.

I’m going to escort you there.

Not really. It’s up to you whether you believe me or not.

But there’s one thing that’s definitely true. You’ll be killed if you don’t do anything.

So come with me. If you don’t want to die, that is.

Huh? You think it’d be better to go to the police?

Are you serious?

You’re such an idiot.

If they were going to help you, then they wouldn’t have fired their guns at you.

This is probably unfortunate news to a normal person like you, but you should try to remember it.

The police have been bribed by rival organisations. In other words, they’re working for the mafia. They’re not going to help you. They’re your enemies too.

You don’t believe me?

Well, that doesn’t matter. You’ll realise it soon enough.

At any rate, you can’t escape from me thanks to these things.

I thought I’d take them off if you were an understanding person, but it seems like that’s impossible.

No. I can’t take them off. For as long as you won’t follow me obediently…

Don’t move. Stay still.

Yes. I’m sure that they’re police officers who’ve been following us.

They’re close. I can hear them talking.

I’ve got a good sense of hearing. It’s an important part of my work.

Can’t you already hear their conversation too though?

Yes, that’s what they said. Why don’t we capture her and hand her over to them?

So if they find you, you’ll be handed over to a dangerous organisation which is an enemy of Amphisbaena.

After that? Hmm… I don’t know.

You might be killed or you might be used for something. I’m not sure.

They’ve gone. We’ll wait a little longer before we go out.

It wouldn’t be good if we stayed here too long either.

What’s that expression on your face supposed to mean? Have you decided to believe me?

Hmm… So you’re worried.

But you want my help, don’t you?

You’ll have to understand who you should be relying on right now then.

I think you know the answer though.

12AM. Syracuse, Sicily. In a hotel. Four hours have passed.

This hotel looks ancient… Well… This is a tourist spot, but I guess this is what things are like outside the city.

What are you looking around for? Don’t complain about the room. You should be glad we’ve escaped without being discovered.

It’s safer to be inside at night. We can save our strength for later too.

What? Where are you supposed to sleep?

The bed, of course.

Do you want to sleep on that little sofa?

If you were on your own, you could do whatever you wanted, but we’re handcuffed together.

I’m not going with you. I’d rather sleep somewhere comfortable.

To make sure you don’t run away while I’m asleep, I’m not going to take off the handcuffs.

It doesn’t really matter if we share the same bed, does it?

Why are you trying to escape?

Aren’t you thinking too hard? You think I’m going to push you down on that bed?

This single room wasn’t exactly cheap. A double room would be impossible.

Jeez. Even this cheap room was overpriced.

I suppose we can rest here for a while though.

I gave them all that money. I’d be in trouble if they talked.

Ah… Stay still.

That’s right. Show me your knee.

The injury you got when you fell over… It’s been too dark for you to see it properly, right?

It’s worse than I thought.

Yes, you scraped it pretty badly.

It’s stopped now, but it seems like it was bleeding.

Let’s wash the wound in the bathroom. It’ll get infected if you leave it alone.

I don’t want to end up carrying you if you can’t walk.

You can wash it yourself?

You mean you want to go to the bathroom alone?

Alright then. Don’t try anything while the handcuffs are off.

Those policemen who work for the mafia are wandering around out there.

You won’t be able to escape by yourself. Everything will be over if you get caught.

You understand, don’t you? I’ll kill you if you even think of escaping from me.

Alright. I’m going to take off the handcuffs.

Hmm? Oh?

They’re not here…

The keys to the handcuffs, of course!

Maybe… What is it?

When did you see me drop them?

Ah… When you suddenly fell over and almost tripped me up too.

I had a feeling I’d dropped something then… So it was that time, huh…

There’s nothing we can do then. We’re going to be like this for a while.

Why are you worried? There’s no point in doing that.

It’s not the kind of key that an amateur can copy. I don’t like unnecessary effort.

It doesn’t really matter if we’re handcuffed together, does it? Thinking about every little thing is just an annoyance.

Right… In that case, we won’t be able to go into the bathroom separately.

[1] The amphisbaena is a mythological ant-eating snake, which has heads at both ends of its body.

Track 3

12:30AM. Syracuse, Sicily. In a hotel bathroom. Four and a half hours have passed.

Come on. Roll up your clothes if you don’t want to get wet.

Put your leg out.

You’re so persistent. You can’t get away from me, so why are you even trying to struggle?

Why are you bothered about this?

We’re in the bathroom together, so it’s faster if I wash it.

Come on. Stand up and stay still.

All I did was hold onto your leg!

Make sure you roll your clothes up properly. I’m going to wash your leg now.

Why are you moving your leg? I can’t wash it without touching it.

I’ll kill you if you don’t do as I say.

For your information, I don’t plan on being polite to you just because you’re Father’s daughter. We’re together because this is a mission. That’s all it is. So don’t forget that.

I hate pointless things. When I tell you to do something, just do it obediently. Got it?

I suppose that’s enough.

Hey… Your face looks kind of red.

Are you embarrassed? Even though all I did was wash your leg.

You’re embarrassed by something like this… You’re such a child.

It’s the truth, isn’t it? You’re a child.

Huh? It’s true that I’m the same age as you, but don’t treat me like a child.

Are you making a fool of me just because I seem too young to be in the mafia?

I might not look like it, but I’m one of the elite.

Father himself taught me about assassination. Killing people is my speciality.

I’m completely different from a naïve girl like you.

You are naïve. You got shocked just because a policeman fired his gun at you. I feel depressed just thinking about how much you’re going to complain from now on.

This mission to be your bodyguard really is a bother. I have to walk around carrying this baggage with me.

Huh? You’re saying you’re not going to be like that?

So you won’t get scared when something happens?

Hmm… In that case… Even if a dagger is pressed against your throat like this?

Oh… You’re not saying you’re not scared?

How about now?

You ducked out of the way… If you’re scared, then why don’t you say so?

All I did was rip the hem of your clothes, but you definitely felt it, didn’t you?

The sensation of a blade tearing into something…

You’re so stubborn. I’m going to make you feel it even more intensely then.

I ripped the hem on the other side. Do you understand?

Why don’t you just give up already?

You won’t just be scared, your clothes will be torn to pieces too.

It doesn’t matter if you become even more defenceless in front of someone like me.

Shall I run the dagger along your body next?

Slowly moving downwards from your chest.

If I use a little force, then your skin will be cut along with your clothes.

Can you still say that you’re fine?

Did you get that courage from your father?

I wonder how long you’ll be able to put up with this…

How about I try this?

Hmm? I’m going to tie your hands to the tap. I’ve got some chains here too.

Come on. Put your hands behind you.

It’s no good struggling.

Now you can’t move. I can’t move my left hand either though.

Right… Seeing as we’re in the bathroom… I’ll wash your body for you.

I’m only going to wash you, so just stay still. I can only use one hand because of the handcuffs, so don’t move.

There aren’t any towels, so I’ll be touching your skin directly. That’s alright, isn’t it?

I suppose I’ll start with your stomach.

I’m going to use soap, so you should be thankful.

You’re fine, even when I caress you like this, aren’t you?

Why don’t you try and put up with it then?

Now I’m going to wash the sides of your body. Your back too.

Why are you moving?

Is that going to help you when you’re in trouble?

If you’re not going to become a burden, then try and put up with this.

Come on.

Why does your voice sound strange?

You don’t like this?

I see…

Why don’t I lick some other places too, instead of just your ears?

Like your neck…

You’ve worked up quite a sweat, even though we’re in the bathroom.

It’s around your collarbone…

I’ll have to wash this again.

It’s no good. Both your hands are tied up.

If you want to escape, then why don’t you try and free yourself?

Alright. I’m going to use the shower to rinse you off.

I can’t wash you properly when you’re still dressed, so I’m going to put the shower underneath your clothes too.

Can’t you just use a dryer to dry your clothes?

Hey. How does it feel having the shower pressed directly against your skin?

Does it tickle? Then how about if I slide the shower along your skin?

Slowing moving upwards from your stomach…

Hmm? You don’t like being touched here?

Ah… I’m going to take my time teasing you with this shower then.

What do you think?

I don’t understand when all you say is “I don’t like it”.

You’re confident when you talk, but you’re not fighting back at all.

That’s why you’re naïve.

Do you understand? You’re a burden who can’t do anything when it counts.

If you understand, then don’t say anything strange again.

You just have to keep quiet and follow me.

It’s my job, so I’ll definitely get you to Rome.

That’s right, Rome.

Didn’t I tell you?

Now I remember… I’ve got a feeling that I didn’t tell you anything because it would’ve been annoying.

Amphisbaena’s hideout is in Rome. We’ll also be able to get these handcuffs off once we get there.

That’s why I’m trying to take you away from Sicily. We won’t be able to make our way to Rome straight away though.


That’s because the police have been bribed. They’ve been placed along all the different routes to Rome. Communication with Amphisbaena’s headquarters might have been intercepted too.

That’s right. Even an ordinary person like you can understand, can’t you?

Travelling to Rome will be difficult. But we can’t call for help either. Do you think this is a dangerous situation where escape is impossible?

It’s not like that. This is just what I expected. I made an agreement with my allies in advance. We’ve chosen somewhere to meet. If we don’t contact them within two days, then a helicopter will automatically be sent there.

Two days… That’s just over forty hours. We’re going to escape from the police on this island.

Well… It won’t be easy though.

Alright. You’ve had a shower, so let’s go already.

Huh… I got wet too. Never mind. It’ll be fine if I just leave it to dry.

I should’ve taken off my glasses before going into the bathroom though.

Track 4

3AM. At a cheap hotel in Syracuse, Sicily. Seven hours have passed.

Are you still going to stay awake? Why don’t you get some sleep?

It’s the opposite. It’s because of this situation that we have to sleep. Even if we’re not tired…

Otherwise things are just going to be difficult later on. You can do whatever you want, but I’m going to sleep.

Also… You’re going to fall. You’re too close to the edge of the bed. Why don’t you come this way?

It’ll hurt my wrist if you fall. Just come over here.

Why are you so tense? Is that how you react when you’re sleeping beside someone?

Hey… What’ll happen if I hold onto you now?

Hmm… So nothing really happened.

In that case… I suppose I’ll go to sleep like this.

If I hold onto you, then I might not have to worry about you falling.

Hmm? You’re going to run away after all. How ridiculous.

What? You’re asking why I’m so calm?

What do you mean?

Oh, I see…

If the police find us, then I’ll just fight them. I’m not stupid enough to just let myself get caught.

That’s why you’re too nervous to sleep?

I’m sure I told you that I’m a professional.

Even if several policemen attack all at once, I’ll deal with them.

You look as if you want to say something. How about I try and guess what it is?

Hey… You still don’t trust me, do you?

You can’t depend on the police. You don’t know what the member of the mafia who’s with you might do.

Isn’t that why you can’t sleep well?

You nodded… You’re just too honest.

Well, that’s fine. You shouldn’t trust me too easily. I don’t trust you anyway.

I’m just protecting you because it’s my job. I’ve got a duty towards Father, but I don’t have a sense of devotion towards you.

Yes… That’s right, I have a duty towards Father. It’s one of the mafia’s rules. The Father’s word is absolute. But that’s not all it is to me.

Long before I joined Amphisbaena, when I was a child…

I had either been orphaned or abandoned by my actual parents. I was found by someone and taught how to kill people. One day, I was given a mission as usual. It was an assassination, of course. The target was your father. The head of a mafia organisation. But I failed the mission when the target was in front of me. I was in a situation where it would’ve been natural for Father to kill me. Of course I thought I was going to die.

However, he chose to let me live.

He said that I had potential, so he would use my abilities for his own sake. He was an odd person. He made someone who tried to kill him into his right-hand man. He was crazy.

I was also given the name Lucia during that time. I got these glasses back then too. Because of how I was brought up, my eyesight wasn’t that good. After joining Amphisbaena, Father taught me a lot of different skills. It’s thanks to him that I’m still able to survive as a skilled assassin. That’s why I’ve got a duty towards him. He also protected me from the policemen who tried to silence me.

You’re asking me what the police had to do with it? It was the police who hired me to begin with.

That’s right. They hire assassins to secretly get rid of the people inconvenient to them. Not just now, but in the past too.

I told you this, didn’t I? The police are secretly working together with the mafia. Especially the Sicilian police. Through their connections with the mafia, they are finding orphans who might have potential.

Do you get it? The police have been rotten for years. The police and the mafia are partners in crime. Anyone who gets killed isn’t even in a position to complain.

This time is the same. I’ll kill anyone who gets in the way of my mission.

So now you understand that the police aren’t on the side of justice, don’t you?

Who should you trust right now?

That’s right. It seems that you understand. You’ll die if I don’t fight off the police.

I’m going to do my job perfectly though. I’ll make sure to protect you.

I’m tired of talking. That’s enough, isn’t it? Go to sleep already. We’re wasting our time.

I’m going to sleep before I start feeling awake again.

You can forget about my past. It’s a pointless story which is completely uninteresting.

Alright. Make sure you go to sleep. Good night.

Are you awake?

Good. Can you hear those footsteps?

Yes. They’ve found us.

Don’t make a sound. Come here.

This is the worst timing possible. I wish I could at least get some proper sleep.

Stay still. You don’t need to do anything.

Stay behind me until I tell you to move.


That’s great. You’re carrying a knife too.

At least you’re considerate enough not to use your guns in public places.

Or are you scared of causing trouble and getting told off by someone important?

That knife won’t hit me!

You should move with me, otherwise I’m going to get pulled by the chains!

I told you to stay still? Didn’t it occur to you to consider the best action for this situation?

There’s nothing I can do. Going up against all of them wouldn’t be a smart move.

Now! We’re getting out of here! Run!

Why do you look so pale?! Just run!

Track 5

8AM. In an urban area of Syracuse. Twelve hours have passed.

8AM, huh? So the city has finally woken up. We’ve managed to run until now, but I want to get this mission over with quickly and go back to sleep.

Hey. Can’t you walk faster?

Why have you got that expression on your face? You can’t be tired, can you?

Ah… Are you hungry?

You’re not? I’m glad to hear that.

Then are you feeling bad about seeing someone’s blood spray everywhere right after you woke up?

Am I right?

I see… So that was your first time seeing someone get killed. I guess that’s only natural.

Is being calm about it really that strange? This is my job, so of course I’m calm.

I’ll kill anyone if I’ve been given a mission to do so. I’ll eliminate anyone who gets in the way of a mission, whether they’re an ally or an enemy.

Huh? Don’t I feel bad? About what?

Death makes people feel sad because they feel a sense of attachment. Whether that attachment might be towards themselves or other people. When something special to you disappears, you feel pain and you fear your disappearance too. I’m not attached to anything. I don’t have any particular feelings towards killing.

Don’t tell me murder is something bad. If I don’t kill, I’ll end up dead.

Anyway, these people are dying because of you. If you don’t want to see any more bloody scenes, then running away would be the smart thing to do.

Hmm… I thought you’d make more of a fuss. It seems like you’ve got enough sense to understand the situation you’re in. Anyway, let’s just hurry.

Where are we going?

We’re going to leave Syracuse.

We’ll go to a different city which isn’t so crowded and then make our way towards the location where we can meet my allies.

We’re meeting them somewhere far from here, where there are mountains and countryside. I’ll use this to signal the helicopter after we arrive.

It’s a manually operated infrared strobe light. A strobe light gives off a large flash of light at regular intervals, doesn’t it? This is an infrared version.

You can’t see it with the naked eye, so only my allies who’ll be wearing night-vision goggles will know where we are.

But first we have to get past the people surrounding us. We won’t be able to reach the meeting place unless we leave this city.

A plan? Of course I’ve got one.

The tourist ship which goes around Sicily. That’s how we’re going to leave Syracuse.

That’s right, a boat. It’s not that fast, but we’ll be safe once we’re on board.

A large group of policemen won’t be able to just walk onto a ship together.

The port the ship leaves from isn’t that far away. But it’ll be a while before the ship leaves.

I’m sure that the first boat leaves at 10AM. Until then, we’ll have to keep moving so that they don’t see us. That’s our problem.

Let’s head in the direction of the port for now…

Speaking of those guys, here they are now.

I’m talking about the police. Don’t just stand there, hide behind that tree!

We can’t take the street ahead of us. Let’s go from here instead.

It’s no good. There are police here too. We’ll go over there.

They’re here too?!

Damn it… We’re surrounded.

Tch… Just how many policemen have they got on this island? The Italian police really have got too much time on their hands.

And we’re on a main street of all places… This is dangerous.

Fighting on a main street would be difficult with this many people.

What are you doing? Let go of my arm.

It’s not just the police, I’ll kill the people around me if I have to. It’d be stranger not to do something to keep people quiet if they witnessed a murder.

It’s no good? But there’s no other way, is there? How else are we going to escape from them without killing anyone?

Huh? Hey, what are you doing?

Why are you shouting all of a sudden?

Huh? Shake hands with you?

You want my autograph? What kind of nonsense are you talking about?

Don’t make so much noise! If you do…

See! There are people all around us!

Huh? Why are they all women?

Why do they want my autograph too?

No! I’m not an actor or anything like that!

Hey! Do something about these women! They think I’m a celebrity!

This is your fault! It’s all because you were making a fuss about getting my autograph!

No way… You did it on purpose?

This is a tourist spot, so it wouldn’t be unusual for an actor to come here.

The police can’t make a move either. That makes sense. With all these ordinary people here, they can’t just fire their guns carelessly. If we leave with these women following us, then we can get past the police who are surrounding us.

Jeez. I’m surprised you thought up a ridiculous plan like this one. I never would’ve thought of a crazy plan like that.

Just look at their faces though. The police look like mice caught in a trap. This doesn’t feel so bad.

You’re more impressive than I thought. How interesting.

You’re still pretty cheeky though.

Alright, let’s find our way to the port now.

If we find a good hiding place, then it’ll be easy for us to shake them off.

Both the police and these women.

Fine, fine! I just have to give you my autograph, right?

Haa… I think it’d be easier to escape from the police than these people.

Track 6

10AM. By the sea. At a port for sightseeing ships. Fourteen hours have passed.

Now that’s all of them. Alright, let’s go.

I didn’t kill them. I just knocked them out. It’d be annoying if the boat couldn’t leave because some people got murdered. Thanks to your plan, we got to the port safely. We wouldn’t want to get caught by the people keeping watch around the boat now, would we?

I don’t want to be caught for getting on the boat without paying and get handed over to the police.

Come on, hurry up and walk. If we hang around at this service entrance, we’re going to attract the attention of the other employees.

We’re going to get on. Watch out on those steps. They’ll make a noise.

The boat has started to leave. We’ve escaped from the police surrounding us.

What are we going to do next? We’ll look for a chance to escape from this store room. We’ll be safe once we’re with the rest of the passengers.

What? You can’t relax?

Well, I understand how you feel…

Just as I thought, this place is a storage room. Someone could turn up here at any time. Being in a small space bothers me more than feeling nervous though.

Hmm? That’s right. I’m used to hiding in small spaces, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dislike it.

Let’s look for a chance to get out of here soon.

Quite a lot of people are passing by here. They should stop eventually though.

It seems like there’s no one around. This is our chance. Come on.

That’s right. We’re going out into the hallway.

I’m going to open the door.

Right… What’s the quickest way to where the passengers are?

Hmm? I haven’t been on this ship before, so of course I wouldn’t know.

Considering the direction that the crew members went in, I think it’s this way.

Let’s just go that way for now…

Hurry up!

There was still someone here?

I know. We’re going to hide.

But they’ll find us right away if we just hide behind something.

Over there? Ah, there’s an open door…

Let’s go inside that room for now.

We’re going to slip into that room through the gap. We can’t make a sound.

It’s cold! We went into a freezer room of all places!

That’s right. A room for storing food.

Look. There’s some frozen meat hanging there.

This is no good. We can’t stay here too long.

We’ll freeze to death if we don’t leave once those footsteps have passed.

They’re here! Hold your breath. I know it’s cold, but just put up with it.

Hmm? They’ve stopped in front of this room.

No way…

That sound just now… We might be in trouble.

Not that! There was another sound after the door shut, right?

It’s no good.

The door won’t open! It was locked from the outside.

Don’t ask me! They probably thought someone forgot to shut it.

We’re in trouble now.

That’s right. We’re locked inside this huge freezer.

Track 7

11AM. Inside the freezer room of a tourist ship. Fifteen hours have passed.

It’s no good. No matter how many times I try, it doesn’t make a difference.

This isn’t the type of door that’ll break easily. It’s locked tightly and doesn’t seem to be opening.

This is the first time I’ve got locked in a freezer while working.

My body feels cold. At this rate, we’re going to freeze to death.

Huh? If only you were a polar bear?

Don’t say that. If you were a polar bear, you’d eat me and that’d be the end.

Now’s not the time to be saying that.

Yeah… I don’t like this either. I don’t want to end up like that frozen meat hanging there.

I’m going to break the door open. Stay back, I’m going to use a knife.

This definitely won’t open that easily though.

It’s no good. There’s nowhere I can push the dagger in to break the lock.

Hmm? There’s an emergency button, but just look… It’s frozen solid and there’s no way you can push it. It’s like there’s no point in having an emergency button. They should really check these things out!

There’s no other way out either. Hoping that someone comes to this room might be our only option. That depends on whether we can keep warm enough though. There’s not much chance of that.

My skin is starting to hurt. It’ll be dangerous for us to stay in the cold any longer.

Huh? You don’t have to do anything. I’ll sort this out somehow, so you just stay there.

You’ll just get in my way if you try to do anything. You know you’re a burden, don’t you?

Don’t do anything unnecessary then.

What can you even do anyway? Are you going to destroy this door? Or are you going to call someone who can help us?

Don’t show off like that when you can’t even do anything.

There’s something you can do?

You’re going to melt the ice on the emergency button?

That’s impossible. Your body temperature won’t be enough to melt it.

You’ll get frostbite if you keep touching it with your hands. If things get really bad, you might even become unable to use your hands. Your fingers could get frozen onto the button too. Can you still do it?

You’ll be fine if you cover the button with your handkerchief?

That’s not going to change how cold it is though, right?

You’re going to try it if there’s a possibility it might work?

Are you serious? Even though it might not work out…

Hey… You…

You’re serious about doing it… That’s ridiculous.

See, it’s not melting at all.

Your hands are just getting cold. Just stop it already! Your hands are turning red.

You feel cold, don’t you?

Jeez! I told you to stop, didn’t I?

Your fingers are so cold… You’re lucky you didn’t get frostbite. Do you understand?

Huh? It was better than just dying?

Even if your hands hurt? Or you become unable to use your hands?


What are you talking about? You get scared when there’s a dagger pointed at you and turn pale when you hear the sound of gunshots, but you’re brave at times like this.

No… I don’t mean it in a bad way. I don’t mind people who are reckless like that. I thought you were the kind of girl who’d just get scared without doing anything. Your actions are interesting.

When you’re in danger, you react confidently.

Come on, come over here. Show me your hands. You should warm them up.

We’re both cold, so we can’t warm up much.

Well… I guess this is a little better.

I know you had your handkerchief, but it must have hurt. I’m surprised that you kept going without letting go. You probably wouldn’t have stopped if I hadn’t taken your hand away. You really are a strange woman.

It feels cold when you’re not moving around.

It’s not okay! You’re trembling too.

Yes… You look like you’re half-dead.

Come closer to me. We’ll be able to stay a little warmer if we do this.

The temperature is below zero. This’ll only buy us a little time.

Hey. You haven’t given up yet, right?

You don’t plan on dying here, do you?

Then try and come up with another plan. If your plan can stop us from freezing, then I’ll take back what I said about you being a burden.

Yeah… It’s a promise.

So have you got an idea?

Hmm? That thing?

Ah… The thing hanging from the ceiling. It’s a temperature sensor, right? It regulates the temperature in this room.

Huh? Are you serious about that? You’re going to break the sensor?

That might be possible… The cold air could turn off if the sensor breaks.

It’s only a possibility though! It could also do the opposite and make the room colder.

If that happens, we’re just going to die quickly.

Are you still going to try?

Hmm… Great. Let’s do this then!

What? You thought I’d say something different?

A peaceful idiot wouldn’t choose a dangerous option right now. There’s no advantage in taking a chance like that one. But the right answer is the opposite. Do you know what the most important thing is at a critical moment, when you might live or die?

It’s intuition. It’s just like flipping a coin.

Will it be heads or tails? Only someone willing to bet their life can survive.

That unpredictable side of you isn’t so bad.

Alright. I’m going to place my bets on you too. So let’s hurry up then.

We won’t be able to reach it by jumping. There’s nothing we can stand on either.

You’re going to sit on my shoulders?

Hmm… So you’re going to use me like a ladder? That’s pretty brave of you.

That’s fine. I’ve decided to help you out. I’ll do it.

I’m surprised you keep coming up with all these ideas. I’m impressed with your quick thinking. Your reckless energy too.

Here. Use my dagger to break it.

The blade won’t get chipped.

Look at this mark. It was specially made by Father. So make sure you keep hold of it.

It’s getting difficult to breathe. We really are going to freeze.

Hurry up! It’ll be dangerous for us to get any colder than this.

Alright. I’m going to stand up.

I’m fine. It’s hard to use your strength when you’ve lost warmth though.

I can just about manage.

Your hands are trembling. Hold on tightly with both your hands!

The handcuffs are in your way?

There! I’ve stretched my arms out as much as I can, so you should be able to reach somehow!

Use all the strength you’ve got left!

That sound… It’s stopped…

You’re right. Just wait. I’ll let you down now.

Are you alright? Your legs got cold, didn’t they?

It’s okay if you hold onto me like this.

It looks like the cold air stopped completely.

You did well. It was all thanks to you. We’re safe now. There’s no need to worry.

Yes… It looks like we won the bet. We managed to avoid being turned into blocks of ice.

We really did survive.

Why’d you suddenly lose all your strength? You were so determined earlier!

You really are an interesting person.

I’ll take back what I said, just like I promised. You’re not a burden.

I thought this was a troublesome job, but I might actually have gotten lucky.

Track 8

2PM. The island of Sicily. Near the port of Agrigento. [1] Eighteen hours have passed.

Agrigento, huh… It’s taken quite a while to reach the first port. I guess that’s what you’d expect from a luxury passenger ship.

Thanks to your efforts, we’ve survived and reached land.

I’m glad to have the sun shining on us now.

Yes… I think we managed to get off without anyone suspecting anything. We hid the handcuffs the best we could. There were lots of other passengers getting off too, so we were able to blend in with the crowd. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we got moving right away.

Come on, this way. Let’s get away from the port quickly.

Huh? Your hand? I’m just holding it. What’s wrong with that?

Why? I don’t have a particular reason…

You’re probably still tired. You won’t slow down if I drag you along, will you?

What’s with that reaction? Are you embarrassed?

Ah… If you’re not embarrassed, then you won’t mind holding hands.

Come on, let’s go.

I didn’t say where we were going?

We’re going to Enna [2] first.

That’s right, it’s in the centre of Sicily. It’s a town on top of the mountains which has a historical atmosphere. That’s where we can meet my allies.

It’d be more accurate to say that we’re going to the mountains near Enna. I think it takes about two hours to get there by train.

The police will probably be keeping watch around the buses and trains though. We’ll just have to get there by finding a car somewhere.

Don’t worry. We’ve got thirty hours before we need to meet them. We’ll have plenty of time, even if we hitch-hike all the way there. Our problem is how to keep running during that time.

Hmm? That’s…

This isn’t good! Come here!

It’s the police. Looks like they’re on guard duty. A whole group of them…

There’s no way this is a coincidence. Doesn’t it seem like all the police in Sicily are out on duty?

Using all those police just to chase two people… The Italians who are on the side of justice always amaze me.

We’re on a island without any way of escape. A crowd of police are following us. We’ll be killed if we get caught. This situation really is troublesome.

Right… What would you do in this situation?

That’s right. Let me hear your idea. You understand the situation we’re in, don’t you?

It’ll be difficult to deal with them all because I’m handcuffed to you.

If we try to run, we’ll get shot and that’ll be the end.

By the way, I’ve only got a limited number of throwing knives. Of course I don’t have enough for all of those policemen.

So what would you do?

You’d only target one of them? Which one?

The man arrogantly giving out orders?

Hmm… So you’re pretty smart for an ordinary person.

That guy is the captain of the police around here.

You should target the person in charge at times like this. The plan will be to take advantage of the confusion to escape. If you realised that instinctively, then you really are interesting.

Let’s go with that plan. Leave it to me. I won’t miss.

Those guys have started running around in confusion. This is why people who can’t even make a single decision by themselves are useless.

Let’s go while we can! Run!

Of course some of them noticed us!

It’s troublesome, but we’re going to hide for now!

They’re still wandering around. I hope we can keep on hiding here…

Ah… Just put up with this position! The two of us won’t be able to hide unless I hold onto you.

The storage compartment of this truck is too small.

Don’t be scared. Come closer this way, otherwise we’ll get discovered.

You’re all tense. Are you that worried?

I’m fine. I’ve been in plenty of desperate situations.

I’ve always worked things out by myself somehow too. It’s always been that way since the time I was hired by the police. I was nothing more than a tool to them. If an assassination was successful, then things would be fine. If I failed, then I’d be abandoned.

They didn’t care if I died because there’d be plenty of people to replace me. The only person I can rely on is myself. Things are still the same way now. I won’t even trust my own allies.

Wait. A few policemen are close by.

You don’t have to be nervous. No one will find us as long as they don’t check every truck. It’ll be fine.

Or not… They’ve started checking every truck.

Are they bored or something? They hardly do any work most of the time!

They’re coming this way. We’ve got no choice. We’ll just have to make sure we’re ready.

What is it? Why are you stopping me?

They’re definitely going to find us if they look inside the truck!

We’re going to miss our chance to attack if we don’t jump out right now!

Huh? What?

What about the driver? You’ve got to explain properly…

This is bad! They’re heading straight for this truck.

I’m going to have to stab them as soon as they find us.

I don’t know how far we’ll be able to run though.

They’re coming!


The truck started moving?

The policemen are already so far away. We’ve been saved by Lady Luck and managed to escape somehow. Were you able to see the driver getting ready to leave?

We should be thankful to the driver too then. It was perfect timing. We’d have been surrounded if we jumped out then. That means you made the right decision.

I owe you one. You really are brave at the strangest times.

Hey… Are you okay?

Wait… Why do you look so tired?

Huh? You’re relieved?

I really don’t get you.

We’ll stay on this truck a little longer. Luckily, we’re going in the right direction. I hope the policemen chasing us won’t find us again though…

4PM. The countryside town of Caltanisseta, Sicily. [3] Twenty hours have passed.

I got tired of riding on that truck because the driver kept on taking breaks!

Well, it’ll take us about another hour to get to Enna.

We’re in the countryside, so I guess that’s why there’s no sign of the police.

I suppose we should spend the night here.

It’d be dangerous to stay at a hotel, so we’ve got to find an empty building.

Hmm? What is it?

Well, you’re staring at me pretty intensely.

Ah… So you’re thinking about what I said on the truck.

That I can’t even trust my allies…

Things are fine as long I complete a mission, even I do it alone, aren’t they? When I’ve killed the target, my work is done. There’s no need to team up with someone else, is there?

You’re asking if it gets lonely? You really do ask some strange things.

It would be a miracle if I teamed up with someone else.

Anyway, we should stop chatting and hide these handcuffs.

Come here.

You’re being pretty obedient for a change. Have you got used to this?

I guess you haven’t. Your ears are still bright red.

Act more normally. So that we look like a romantic couple standing close to each other.

Your face looks tense. Your movements are awkward. People are going to get suspicious.

It looks like that’s the best you can do. It’s actually cute, like I’m walking with a little kid.

That’s true, isn’t it?

If you’re able to get angry about it, then I guess you’re okay. Let’s go.

There are some things I want to get, like food. I wish I could eat some fish at a restaurant, but I don’t want to stay in one place for too long.

Ah, there’s someone selling arancini. [4] Why don’t we have some while we’re walking?

Medicine, bandages, food… I’ve got most of the things I want.

All we’ve got to do now is find somewhere to stay.

Hmm? Ah… They’re selling this kind of thing too…

Which one do you want?

Don’t women like these kinds of accessories?

Hmm… Or what about this stuffed toy?

Why? I’m telling you that I’m going to buy something for you.

You look so surprised… You came to Sicily on holiday, right?

You haven’t done much shopping, have you?

Once we start driving to Enna, we won’t be able to visit any other shops. Is that okay with you?

Anyway… It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t pay you back for the favour you did earlier.

I see. If you understand, then choose something. We can’t carry a lot, so just one thing.

This is the first time I’ve given someone else a gift. Don’t choose something weird.

Why are you looking surprised again? I just felt like it. There’s no particular meaning behind it.

Well… I suppose you’re a little special.

[1] Agrigento is a city on the southern coast of Sicily and is known for being the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas.
[2] Enna is a city in central Sicily which is located on top of a plateau, nearly 1000 metres above sea level.
[3] Caltanissetta is a town near the city of Enna.
[4] Arancini are stuffed rice balls which are coated in bread crumbs and deep fried. The usual fillings are ragù, mozzarella and peas.

Track 9

11PM. The countryside town of Caltanissetta, Sicily. Inside an empty building that we sneaked into. Twenty seven hours have passed.

Are you feeling sleepy?

Well, you’re spacing out.

You’re tired, aren’t you?

I need a little more time to work on these daggers. You can go to sleep.

You’re not sleepy? It doesn’t look like it though.

You look tired and worn out.

The helicopter will arrive at the meeting point in about twenty hours.

Early tomorrow morning we’re going find a car and make our way to the base of the mountain in Enna. Then we’ll climb to the meeting point at the top of the mountain. The path will be a rough one, so you should conserve your energy.

Hey… Have you…

Stay still. I’m just checking something.

Your temperature, of course. Is there any other way to do it apart from touching your forehead?

I knew it. It’s warm. You’ve got a fever.

You didn’t even notice? You’re such an idiot.

Go to sleep. You got a fever because you’re tired. We don’t know when those guys chasing us might find out about this place. This might be your only chance to rest.

You haven’t slept much since we got attacked yesterday, right? It’d be no good if you got completely exhausted.

I’d get bored if your interesting reactions to everything stopped.

If you understand, then get some rest for now. Even just lying down is enough.

I’ll stay with you for a while. But there’s nothing in this empty building, so we’ll just be lying on the floor.

Have you slept on the floor before?

I thought so. Well, it’s possible to sleep anywhere when you’re tired.

Come on, lie down.

Come closer.

I’ve just realised that this situation isn’t so bad.

Do you remember when we were in the bathroom together?

The way you reacted back then was interesting too.

Maybe I’ll do whatever I want, just like before.

I’m not going to let you escape. I’m holding onto you tightly. You won’t be able to escape that easily. Have you also forgotten that we’re handcuffed together?

Even if you run away, I’m just going to catch up with you. Just give up and let me hold you.

Maybe it’s because of your fever, but you feel warm. You’re gradually getting warmer too.

Why is it my fault? I haven’t done anything to make your temperature rise.

Holding onto you is nothing special. If I was going to do something…

I’d have to do something like this.

You reacted just like I thought you would. How interesting.

Even your neck is bright red.

That kind of reaction makes me want to tease you.

What is it? You look like you want to say something.

Why am I doing this?

Well, isn’t it because I’m interested in you?

What about it?

Didn’t I tell you?

Ah… I think I didn’t tell you because it’d be troublesome.

I’m interested in you.

Well… I didn’t feel that way at first. We were only together because of my mission. You were an annoying person. A burden. That was how I felt.

Have you noticed something about yourself? When you’re in a desperate situation, you get a defiant look in your eyes. You really are Father’s daughter.

I kind of like it when you show strength at times like that. It’s interesting.

I don’t get bored when I’m with you, you see. This kind of thing isn’t so bad.

This dramatic escape is going to be over tomorrow though.

Once we leave Sicily, you’ll be taken somewhere safe. You’ll stay with me until then.

Yes. Good girl.

You didn’t listen to me at first, but now you’re pretty obedient.

What’s different now?

Huh? You trust me?

That means you’re relying on me?

Hmm.. I see.

I don’t know whether you can count on me. I haven’t ever spent that much time with anyone else. This is the first time someone has said anything like that to me too.

I guess it doesn’t feel too bad though. If you’re counting on me, then I’ve got to make sure I get you back to Amphisbaena’s hideout. Not because it’s my job, but because I want to.

Let’s go to sleep. Good night.

I hope your fever will have gone down when you wake up.

Track 10

7AM. The countryside town of Caltanisseta, Sicily. Inside an empty building that we sneaked into. Thirty five hours have passed.

Wake up! Come on! Get up!

How are you feeling?

I see. That’s good.

I wish we could have some coffee to wake ourselves up, but we can’t take it easy.

I’ve got a feeling there’s someone outside. It’s probably the police. It seems like they’ve followed us.

Don’t worry. There’s a way we can escape.

Didn’t you notice? There’s a sewer here.

There’s a small entranceway in the garden.

If you look out this window, it’s covered by the trees in the garden.

We should be able to escape if we can get in before they notice us.

Then we’ll wait a while before picking up a car and going to the meeting point.

Don’t be scared. I’m sure we can do it. Let’s go.

2PM. Sicily. Among the mountains of Enna. Forty two hours have passed.

Are your legs okay?

I guess they can’t be… We’ve been walking for more than an hour.

The path is rougher than I thought it’d be too.

I thought we’d be able to drive until we were halfway up the mountain. It’s not much further, so just keep going for a little longer.

We’ll come to a lake if we keep going north. That’s where we’ll meet my allies.

Come on, give me your hand. I’ll help you, so hold onto me.

Your hand feels warm. Your fever hasn’t gone down yet?

You’re not okay! We can’t rest here though.

When the helicopter gets here, we’ll use the infrared strobe light to send them a signal.

Now that we’ve got this far, we just have to keep going for a little longer.

You’re not the kind of person who’d complain about this, right?

Yes. Let’s go.

Wait. There’s someone coming.

There’s more than one person. Hide!

The police? They followed us all this way?!

No… They might have figured out where we were going from our escape route.

There are too many of them… Let’s take a different path.

It’d be too difficult to run through them.

I can sense them over here too!

They’ve seen us?! Let’s run!

Watch out!

I’m fine.

It’s dangerous. Let’s get out of here.

They’re still looking for us.

It’s no good. Even if we try to run, this place is swarming with police officers.

It looks like we’re completely surrounded.


Have they gone?

We won’t be able to stay hidden in these bushes forever.

We’ve got to come up with a plan.

I’m fine. An injury like this is no big deal.

Never mind about that…

I knew it.

Yes. It’s the infrared strobe light.

It broke when I fell over earlier.

Now there’s no way of contacting my allies.

It’s not your fault. If we hadn’t gotten out of the way earlier, we would’ve ended up full of bullets. There wasn’t anything else we could have done.

Don’t look so worried. Things will work out somehow.

No… I’m going to make them work out.

We’ve finally come all this way.

There’s no one around, so they’re not holding back at all.

They haven’t found us. They’re just shooting at random.

They’ve lost their cool.

They’re planning to kill us, no matter what.

We’re not safe here either. Let’s go.


It’s no good. They’re hiding around here too.

They’re probably gathering around here because they’ve found us.

The more time passes by, the closer they get.

Are you okay?

Don’t apologise.

Your legs are at their limit. You couldn’t help it.

Are you scared?

You don’t look okay, but you’re still putting up with this.

I like that about you though.

Yes. I like it.

I told you I was interested in you, didn’t I?

I didn’t care whether other people lived or died.

I’d eliminate my targets. Otherwise I’d end up dead.

That was the only thing that existed inside me.

There were times when I got rid of my partner because they held me back.

I wasn’t interested in other people either. But I don’t want to lose you. No matter what.

Not just because it’s my mission. I don’t want you to die.

I’m not going to die here. I’m going to take you back with me.

We’ll be able to escape if we can signal the helicopter somehow.

Think about it.

The two of us have come this far. There must be something we can do.

Isn’t that right?

I’m counting on you.

Yes. I’m counting on you.

This is my first time relying on someone else, so I can’t find the right words to say.

We definitely won’t lose if we’re together. That’s what I believe.

You’ve got that usual look in your eyes back again. That’s how things should be!

Yes. Things wouldn’t feel right if we gave up.

We’re going to outwit those policemen. Got it?

I really do like that expression on your face. I’d even show it to you if I had a mirror.

Hmm? What is it?

You’ve remembered something? What?

That’s… What we bought before…

7PM. The countryside town of Caltanisseta. At a shop. Going back to when twenty three hours had passed.

So… You said anything would be fine, but what do you want?

I’ll buy it for you, so don’t worry about the price.

What? You’re okay with a compact mirror?

Well… It does have an impressive printed image which makes it look like a souvenir.

You could choose something cuter. Not that emblem with short swords…

I don’t know that emblem. Does it have some kind of meaning?

The symbol of Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia… That’s who I was named after.

You went out of your way to choose something like that… That seems pretty deep.

But… Well, that’s fine.

If that’s what you’ve chosen, then I’m happy to give it to you.

Make sure you take good care of it. It’s a precious mirror that connects us two, you see.

The mirror of Saint Lucia… We might be able to use it!

Luckily the sky is clear.

If we use the mirror to reflect the sunlight, I’m sure the helicopter will see it.

Even if the police notice us, we’ll work something out before we get on the helicopter.

I’m here with you. You should count on me.

Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll notice this light.


Yes, I’m sure of it!

It’s the helicopter! They’ve noticed us!

Whoa… You idiot! You’re getting too worked up!

I understand how you feel, but just calm down.

You’ve probably forgotten that I’m injured.

I’m happy too. It’s not like I’ve got to explain it, right?

But… I’m not like a kid who’d hug someone else all of a sudden.

Jeez. I didn’t think something like this would end up being useful…


I see. I was wrong.

It was just what I’d expected from the mirror that connects you and me.

It was useful after all.

Let’s go while the police are too busy worrying. All we have to do next is reach the meeting point.

At Amphisbaena’s hideout in Rome.

Track 11

8PM. At a room in Amphisbaena’s headquarters. Forty eight hours have passed.

We finally got the handcuffs off. We’ve been wearing handcuffs all this time, so my wrists feel much lighter now.


Ah… It was my fault for losing the key to begin with, was it?

That doesn’t really matter. Looking for it would’ve been a bother.

Why do you look so shocked? I’ve always had this personality.

I’m not going to change, no matter what you say.

It’s 8PM, huh?

Did you notice? It’s been exactly two days since I met you. Forty eight hours.

Just two days. It really doesn’t seem like that though.

Yes. Same here. It was a really long time.

All the jobs I’ve had recently weren’t that interesting, but that was an amazing two days.

It was all because of you. You were always surprising me.

Don’t run away. It’s too late for that, isn’t it?

I’ve touched you in all kinds of places over the past two days.

This isn’t the first time I’ve touched your cheek either.

It’s difficult to hold myself back anymore…

Hey… My mission is finally over.

We’re going our separate ways… But I don’t plan on letting you go.

I told you, didn’t I? I’m interested in you.

I’m sure there’d only be one woman capable of being an equal to me, even if I searched the whole world.

You’re the only one who can be my partner.

Stay with me.

You understand what that means, don’t you?

What’s your answer?

That’s not a bad answer.

I’ll never get bored if I’m with you. I’m looking forward to the future.

Ah… But you might not be happy with me.

Why are you surprised? I’m going to keep working from now on.

You won’t live a normal life if you’re with an assassin.

I can tell you this though. I don’t know whether you’ll be happy, but I definitely will.

So you’ll be happy if you’re with me?

Jeez. That’s what I like about my partner.

I’m not going to let you escape then. I’ll make sure you’re never bored.

Hmm? It’s no good?

The bed is soft, so your back won’t hurt, right?

That’s not what you meant?

I didn’t do anything while I was working, so it’s alright, isn’t it?

I’m the type of person who completely desires something they’re interested in.

So I can’t hold back when you’re right here in front of me.

You really do get embarrassed easily.

I’m going to leave a mark to show that you’re mine.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, is it?

Don’t be so tense. It’s difficult to do when you’re nervous.

Are you scared of being touched by an assassin like me?

You didn’t hesitate to answer. You were so scared when I pushed you down before though.

But you become braver when you’re in a tough spot, don’t you?

Don’t get angry! It was a compliment.

That’s right, a compliment.

Come on, look up.

Does that tickle too?

Your neck is so sensitive.

You’d die if I bit your throat, wouldn’t you?

You think I can’t do it?

I won’t sink my teeth in, but I can bite you gently.

You’re so cute.

I’m not teasing you. I’m telling the truth.

Hey! Don’t take my glasses away!

Jeez… Are you that annoyed about me looking at you?

Come on. If you don’t give them back…

I’m going to do something terrible to you.

Jeez. You’re so stubborn.

I’m going to make a mark here too.

Did you think you could beat me?

I’ll make sure you understand.

Come on. If you can’t bear it, then why don’t you give up?

Got you!

It’s too soon for you to trick me.

Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t like me teasing you?

I see. So you feel the same way as I do. I’m happy.

This might be the first time I’ve felt honestly happy like this.

That’s because this is also the first time I’ve desired something.

That’s right. I’ve held a knife in my hand for as long as I can remember.

Work was the only thing in my world and all I would do is kill everyday.

There wasn’t really anything that I desired.

But now I can make this clear. I want you so much that I can’t bear it.

I’m not going to let you escape, even now that the handcuffs are gone.

Make sure you keep me entertained.

What’s your answer?

Yes. I’m looking forward to it.

If you’re going to keep me entertained, then I’ve got to do my part too.

That’s not it. I’m not talking about my job as an assassin.

I’ve got to take good care of you so that you’ll always rely on me.

I love you.

Several days later. In a room at Amphisbaena’s headquarters.

How long are you going to spend looking in the mirror?

You’re ready enough, aren’t you?

It’s not weird! That dress was made for you, so it should fit perfectly.

I don’t know what you’re so worried about.

Haa… Parties are so annoying.

I know it’s something to celebrate! The new Father was chosen and the fight for control is over. Amphisbaena is safe. There’s nothing else to worry about.

It’s thanks to you choosing the right person.

Even I’m grateful and glad that someone was chosen. But this is a different matter. I don’t want to attend a party. It’s so boring.

Haa… It’s tradition. The mafia’s respect for formality is nothing more than a bother to me though.

But that dress really suits you.

You look so cute that I want to take it off.

I love you, so isn’t it natural for me to think that way?

I don’t want other men seeing you look this beautiful either.

Hmm? It doesn’t matter if we’re a little late.

The most important guest is the new Father. It’s not you.

I’ve got no interest in anyone else apart from you though.


No, I’m not going to let go. You’re mine, aren’t you?

Yes, that’s right. You’re my partner.

But at the same time, you’re also one of my possessions.

Something that only belongs to me. I’ll never let go of you, so make sure you’re ready for that.


Tsukiyasha 3


Luciole no Hime 2


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