Luciole no Hime 2 – Neuro Paptesma

CV: Masuda Toshiki

Thank you s.e.kwan for your commission!

Track 1

Hey, Princess. Are you there?

It’s me, Neuro. I’m coming in.

Hmm? I see you’re already awake.

You weren’t around, so I came here to call you. You should be glad.

Why do you look so confused? We had plans to go hunting today, didn’t we?

Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.

What? If you’re not the princess, then who is?

Are you trying to play some kind of game with me?

I think going hunting would be much more interesting.

My mother has gone to the trouble of preparing some lively rabbits for today.

We’ll be able to hunt as many as we like. You’re looking forward to it as well, aren’t you?

Hmm? What’s that?

What have you got in your hand?

The battery…? Have you got hold of another strange toy?

Get rid of it! Let’s go.

My goodness! What are you doing? Hurry up!

Let’s go.

Is something wrong? You’re looking around everywhere restlessly.

What are you talking about? This is the carriage belonging to the Paptesma family, which you’ve ridden on many times before.

It’s nothing unusual now, is it?

We’re going hunting, so we need servants and guards to accompany us.

It’s only natural that there’d be more people with us.

I’ve also brought everyone you asked to be here. I’m completely prepared.

Are you trying to act innocent?

Well… An intelligent move like that is just what I’d expect from you.

It certainly would be an annoyance if someone overheard us.

Princess! Are you alright? Did you get hurt anywhere?

I see… Thank goodness for that.

Hey. What’s the matter?

I can’t believe you stopped the carriage because of something like that.

If there’s nothing wrong, then hurry up and get moving!

I thought it was a bear or some other animal, but it was just a branch that fell and scared the horses.

It’s nothing to be concerned about.

Wild bears aren’t the only thing in this forest. There are wolves too.

It was only three days ago that one of the servants encountered a wolf.

He came back with injuries all over his body and barely escaped death.

I’m surprised that he found his way back to the castle while being chased by a wolf around this deep forest. He’s quite fortunate.

If you were to accidentally go deep into the forest, you’d lose your way and be unable to leave. That’s what this forest is like.

There are even many things that the Redford family, who manage the castle, aren’t aware of.

That’s how dangerous and complicated it is.

We cannot go beyond this forest. No matter how much we want to leave, the thick mist blocks our path. Not one person is allowed to leave.

I always have this doll with me. Why are you asking me that now?

It’s just a doll.

You’re interested in something that I have… It seems that you’re in quite a good mood today, Princess.

We’ve arrived. The hunting ground is just ahead of here. The carriage can only take us this far. We’re going to walk.

I’m going to leave this behind. I’d hate for it to be dirtied with blood.

Come on, Princess. We’re getting out. Give me your hand.

You’re still saying that you aren’t the princess?

Ah, I see. You didn’t like the way I spoke?

In that case… Please let me take your hand, Princess of the Vincent family.

You should have said that sooner. We have the kind of relationship where we don’t need to hide anything from each other.

Track 2

Well… I suppose we’ll get started.

Listen carefully. We must make sure nothing terrible happens in this forest.

Don’t leave this hunting ground.

Here. This is your hunting gun.

You know how to use it, don’t you?

Don’t worry. I’ve kept it in good condition.

Let the rabbits loose. We’re going to start hunting.

Look. The rabbits have come this way.

Aim carefully and shoot.

Hey. What are you doing? Hurry up and hold the gun.

The target is small, but this won’t be difficult. Just watch.

See! It was a piece of cake!

Aim a little further ahead of where the target is going.

What’s the matter? You’d normally take hold of the gun quite happily.

I see… I’m sorry I didn’t notice.

You wanted me to do this, didn’t you?

You wanted me to hold you and place my hands over yours.

You even lied about not being able to hold the gun… How cute.

Listen carefully. This is the trigger.

Put your finger on it and hold the gun like so.

There’s a rabbit in front of us by the roots of that tree.

Aim for that one. Understand?

Here we go.

Look! It’s easy, isn’t it?

Hey, why are you so angry? All I did was help you.

Hey! Where are you going?

Why are you touching that dead animal?

It’s not my fault if your clothes get dirty.

Tch. You’re usually happier about this than anyone else, but now you’re feeling sorry.

Are you just saying that to annoy me?

It looks like I was wrong when I thought that you were in a good mood.

I’m going over there. Come back to the carriage when you’re ready.

Make sure you don’t go too far away.

Hey. Why did you scream?

It’s not as if I’m a wolf or a bear.

Anyway… Why don’t you hurry up? What are you doing?

Mourning the rabbit that you shot? You’re quite an eccentric.

Well, you can do whatever you like. I’m already finished. Let’s go.

So you didn’t shoot any rabbits in the end.

Never mind. Even if you don’t shoot them, they won’t find their way back to the castle when we’re this deep in the forest. They’ll die eventually.

What’s the matter? Did something bother you?

You felt sorry for them getting killed…?

Weren’t you the one who said you wanted to go hunting?

You said that we should just shoot them all at the same time! That’s why I killed them. That’s all it was.

I’ve had enough of you playing dumb!

I did this all for you! Was I wrong?

Anyway, let’s go back to the castle. Hurry up and get in the carriage.

We can ride the carriage as long as there’s a coachman.

It’s no good waiting for the people who came with us.

In the first place, weren’t you the one who wanted to kill everyone who was in the way?

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

What’s going on?

This isn’t what we talked about.

It was the princess who said she wanted to go hunting!

Didn’t we talk about killing the servants who were in our way?

We were going to kill everyone who was in our way!

But she said she didn’t know anything about it! That she didn’t say anything like that! She felt sorry!

She looked as if I’d made all those decisions by myself!

That look in her eyes… It was as if she was trying to say I was mistaken…

A critical expression, as if looking at something disgusting…

What was wrong? Where did I make a mistake?

When? When did I put her in a bad mood?

That’s right… It was the rabbits. She seemed different after she saw the rabbits.

She wasn’t happy with those lively rabbits being used.

Wasn’t it Mother who prepared those rabbits?

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Mother… I always do as you say! I always follow your advice!

Isn’t that right? Mother…

But instead of being happy, the princess said terrible things to me!

She said that killing rabbits was cruel!

It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!

Damn it! Damn it!

It’s all Mother’s fault! Because I did what she told me to…!

Why… Why does this always happen to me?

It can’t be… Is it because of me? Am the reason?

Is… Is there someone else?

Damn it!

You’re the only one who accepts my feelings.

Ah… Your arm is about to fall off. I think I’ll ask for another one.

It’s almost time for the party. You’ll stay here.

There’s something else I’ve got to bring, you see.

I’ll try to make the princess’s wish come true this time.

Track 3


Would you dance with me for one song?

There’s no need to be so reserved.

Come, dance with me.

Please let me take your hand, dear princess.

I would like to request a song for the princess and I.

Princess. Tonight will be a special evening for the both of us.

Not even the poison you gave me before could kill me.

I believe that it is my duty to promise my love to you and devote myself to you.

Hmm… I do apologise. It was impolite of me to mention the poison at this moment.

Don’t concern yourself with that. I want to give myself completely to you.

I promise to love you forever.

Oh my. Your cheeks are quite red.

In that case… May I presume that you’ve accepted my feelings?

I’ll offer you a symbol of your love then.

This is for you. It is a symbol of love from me. Please accept it.

Thank you very much. I’m honoured by your happiness.

This diamond ring was discovered through the combined efforts of the whole Paptesma family.

An exceedingly clear and beautiful diamond of the highest class is particularly suitable for you.

I’m going to place the ring on your finger. Please give me your hand.

You can’t accept it?

What is the meaning of that?

Isn’t this the very object that you said you wanted before?

What a stubborn person you are.

What is it that you want then?

Tell me what you would like. I will prepare it immediately.

There’s no need to hold back. You are a demanding person who always desires something.

Nothing…? What do you mean?

I see.

Well… You must excuse me for that.

I’ll come to your room after the party then.

So you couldn’t say what you wanted in front of all these people. Isn’t that right?

I’ll see you this evening then. I’ll take my leave now.

Princess. It’s me, Neuro. I’m coming in.

I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have given you that ring in front of everyone.

It appears that I didn’t consider your feelings.

I’d like you to accept this now. I obtained it for your sake.


You don’t want it?

You’re saying that again…

Stop joking around. If you’re not the princess, then where is she?

There’s no other princess than you, who is in front of me at this moment, is there?

You are the only heir of the honourable Vincent family. A noble princess.

You can have anything that you desire.

However, you’re saying that this diamond ring is too luxurious for you?

I see… So that’s how it is.

So it must not be an object that you want then.

This is what you prefer, isn’t it?

Very well. I’ll keep you company this evening until you no longer want me to.

There’s no need to struggle like that. I’m not going to be rough.

Hmm? That small bottle… You still have it with you?

I haven’t forgotten. It’s the same colour as the soup from that day.

The deadly poison which brought me close to death.

Do you want to see me suffer again?

We’re alone, so why are you pretending to be innocent?

As you know, I took that poison. However, I’m still alive.

At one point, I wandered between life and death. Yet, I was able to return from the depths of the underworld as I was someone who ought to serve you, someone who had given up everything to you. That’s greater proof than anything, isn’t it?

In other words, it proves that I am the only man suitable for you. Isn’t that right?

Hmm? You’re reacting quite innocently today.

I’m surprised that you’re blushing after a mere kiss. Even though you’ve always allowed it before…

Come on. Just like always…

What is it?

You were always the one to make the first move. What’s the matter?

What? What did you just say?

Why? The incident with the ring… What happened just now…

Tell me the reasons behind them!

That’s right. It’s as you say.

Being the centre of attention at a party is a tiresome task.

I understand. I’ll leave for now.


Why? Why won’t she accept the ring? Why?!

Have I… Have I done something to put her in a bad mood again?

What should I do? What should I do? What should I…

No, that’s not important! She was in a bad mood after I asked her to dance.

Right… So that’s what it was?

She didn’t like it when I gave her the ring while we were dancing.

That’s right! That’s right… She didn’t like all those things?

In that case, isn’t it Mother’s fault?

Wasn’t she the one who directed the orchestra from behind the scenes and told me to give the ring away during the party?

It’s Mother’s fault. It’s not my fault.

I haven’t done anything wrong.

Damn it!

Track 4

So this is where you were, Princess.

Have you got a moment?

Sorry about everything that happened yesterday. It seems that I wasn’t able to meet your expectations.

I wanted to propose to you one more time. That’s why I did those things yesterday.

But if that wasn’t what you wanted, then it must have been an inconvenience.

I’m sorry.

I’m glad you’ve forgiven me. I had to tell you my feelings, no matter what.

I want you to tell me something. If luxurious things don’t suit you, then what would? What would you like? I really want to know.

Hmm? The flowers growing in the corner of the garden?

Those blue roses are…

Stop it! Don’t put those disgusting flowers in your hair!

Those wouldn’t suit you at all!

Why? Why? Why?! Why?!

This is ridiculous! Completely ridiculous!

Those worthless blue flowers can’t be better than the diamond ring I gave you!

Those roses grown by the Redford family aren’t flowers! They’re no different from the grass growing over there! They’re weeds!

Wearing those will only make you look cheap!

My diamond ring is far more suitable for you than those weeds!

But… But… You prefer those weeds?

Tell me. I want to hear it from you. What do you want?

What kind of gift will satisfy you?

I’ve prepared the finest present for you. I certainly wasn’t lying when I said I’d even give my life to you.

Even so… Even so…

Why won’t you say that you love me?!

Why… Why won’t you say anything?

I can’t believe I’ve lost to those weeds!

I’m sorry.

Damn it! Damn it!

I can’t believe that the Paptesma family would lose to the worthless Redford family, whose job is nothing more than managing the castle!

I can’t accept that! I definitely can’t!

It’s all Mother’s fault!

A mere middle class noble married into the Paptesma family… Because that rotten blood is inside me… Because of that woman…

It’s all Mother’s fault!

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Why did this happen?

The princess and I have always been together… Why doesn’t she understand my feelings?

Princess… You’re here…

Ah… I’m fine.

What is it? Do you want something?

You ran after me so you could apologise?

I see. If you’re saying that you really aren’t the princess… If you’re insisting that you really have forgotten… Then I’d like you to remember somehow.

I did all those things because I wanted you to reconsider our marriage again…

We’ve been engaged since the time we were born, haven’t we?

Of course, the Paptesma family isn’t as important as the Vincent family. However, it is the second most important family after the Vincent family.

I was born into that family as their eldest son. It was promised that I would marry a princess and become king in the future.

However… One day, you suddenly said that you had no plans of getting married, didn’t you?

At that time, I thought you were just teasing me like you always did, however, an official cancellation of the engagement came from the Vincent family the next day.

There was something you said to me, wasn’t there? If you really want to get married, then destroy everyone who is in your way. Once you destroy them, I might just reconsider.

My sister was the first. My sister would spend time taking care of her long hair everyday. The beauty of her hair was known all throughout the country.

When you became aware of that, you said I should marry my sister if she was more beautiful than you. That my sister would be a better match for me. That’s why I killed her. I cut off a piece of the hair she had been so proud of and gave it to you.

The queen was next. Your mother… It didn’t matter to you whether the people I had to kill were family. They were just in the way, weren’t they? You said that the queen was pretending to cooperate with my mother, but was actually trying to stop the wedding.

It was difficult to kill a member of the closely guarded Vincent family, however, I had no choice but to do anything you said.

I killed the queen and burned her body in the forest. When I brought you her ring, you happily put it on your finger, didn’t you? It was a bright red ruby ring, as red as fresh blood. I’m sure it’s still somewhere in your room.

You also said that my father secretly opposed the marriage. He was jealous that I would someday become king. He seemed happy that I would become a member of the Vincent family, however, since you said that wasn’t true, that must have been right. That’s why I also killed my father with my own hands.

But you weren’t happy with just receiving my father’s pocket watch, were you? No matter how many times I explained things, you kept on asking who I had ordered to do it.

You wouldn’t listen to me at all. Soon after that, you ended our engagement.

Hey… Do you remember the small bottle of poison you had last night? That was something you proudly showed me. You had found a rare and deadly poison. Anyone who drank it would be in agony for three days. You wanted to see what that would be like.

During one meal, my soup was the only one that had a strange colour. That was when I realised you were trying to test me. I knew that it contained a deadly poison, but I still ate it. I didn’t mind dying, if that was what you wanted. I immediately developed a high fever and my body was in so much pain for several days that I thought it might break.

Didn’t you come to check up on me because you knew the poison was working? You were quite happy, weren’t you? You poked my hollow cheeks and smiled, didn’t you?

Hey, Princess… I did everything you asked me to. Won’t you reconsider now? Will you look at me now? I was born to marry you. You’re my only reason for living. It’s always been that way. It will continue to be that way from now on too.

When I brought you the things you wanted, you always told me that you didn’t want them. In that case, a physical relationship just like the one we’d always had would have been more than enough.

However, you rejected me last night.

What on earth should I do? I don’t even know what to do anymore.

What should I do? It doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten or you don’t know anything. All you need to do is become mine. Please. Please!

I see… I’ve been turned down again.

Damn it!

Track 5

Mother! Mother! Where are you, Mother?

That woman… Even though she always scolds me immediately if I don’t report to her about the princess and myself… She’s not here at the most important time…

Mother! Mother!

This is strange. I’m surprised I haven’t found her after looking for this long.

Has she gone out?

No… She always wanted me by her side. She wouldn’t go somewhere else without saying anything.

I must marry the princess as soon as possible.

I was rejected by the princess. What should I do now?

What can I do to make the princess accept my proposal?

I must see my mother soon…

Damn it!

Wait… Until now, I’ve done everything my mother told me to do.

However, things haven’t gone well at all, have they?

Why should I listen to what my mother says?

Things have always gone wrong…

Maybe that was her intention from the very beginning?

It can’t be… That woman… She wanted me to fail?

Now all the failures I’ve had make sense.

I understand. I understand…

I understand. I understand. I understand!

Hey! Where’s my mother?

My mother isn’t here. Where have you hidden her?

I know! She’s in this room, isn’t she?

That’s right, isn’t it?

I’m talking about my mother. You’ve hidden her, haven’t you?

Fine. Just keep pretending not to know anything. I’ll look for her.

Where is she? Where have you hidden her?


No, that’s not right. It’s not here.

Did you burn her in the fireplace?

So she’ll be here then?

No… She’s not here either…

What about the bookshelves then?

Hey… Where have you hidden her? She’s not here.

I see… Maybe she’s in the dressing table…

There she is!

Mother! There you are!

These gloves and this bracelet… There’s no doubt that this is my mother.

You really are here!

Is something wrong?

You screamed out loud even though you were the one who did this… Isn’t that strange?

Anyway, listen to me. I finally understand. I’ve finally realised.

The last person in our way was my mother.

You got rid of her for me. That’s just what I’d expected from you!

What are you talking about? Look carefully.

This is a precious symbol of our love, isn’t it?

Isn’t this bracelet definite proof that the last person in our way has been killed?

My mother always wore these gloves and had this bracelet on her wrist.

No matter how you look at it, this is my mother’s arm.

You said that there should be proof when someone was killed.

I was sure that part of her body was in this room.

So… You chose her arm, just as I’d expected.

My mother always held onto your hand tightly, pretending to be friendly with you. It was painfully unbearable to you. You were sure that she actually despised you.

I had believed that she was giving me advice about our marriage. I had no idea that she was also one of the people trying to stop us. But now everyone who was in our way is gone.

You got rid of her for the sake of our marriage. I’m really happy. Now our love for each other is finally mutual.

You don’t have to hide anything now. You kept on refusing my proposal so that you could complete the final task. You even lied about not being the princess, didn’t you?

Thanks to that I was able to notice the last person in our way!

That’s what makes you my precious princess.

The demon of Luciole, who inherited the cursed blood of the Vincents, which resulted from a series of marriages between blood relatives.

You are a nobler princess than any other. That’s why you’re incredibly dear to me.

I love you. I love you. More than anyone else does. I love you more than anyone else in this world.

Ah… What should I do? You’re unbearably dear to me. Tell me.

I love you so much that it hurts. What should I do?

How can I respond to your love?

Hey. Tell me.

Why aren’t you saying anything? I want to hear you say it.

Tell me. Hurry up and say it. Tell me.

For your sake, I won’t let anyone else get in our way from now on.

I want to feel your love forever.

I love you. I love you. What should I do?

You love me…?

You’ll marry me…?

I see… I see!

It definitely is true! There’s nothing wrong with two people who share the same feelings promising their love to one another. It’s actually perfect!

In that case, we must hold a ceremony immediately.

That’s right! Tomorrow! Tomorrow will be a good day.

I need to prepare. I threw away the ring I had, so why don’t we use the queen’s ring which is somewhere in this room? It’s a beautiful ring. The brilliance of the ruby is just like your strange blood.

I should be able to find it right away.

Right! Where is the dress? Is it in the wardrobe?

There it is. A luxurious wedding dress with a long history, which is perfect for the princess of Luciole Castle. Just thinking about you wearing this is enough to make me tremble.

That’s the dress sorted. Next is…

No… There’s no need for any guests.

No one else is going to get in our way. I won’t let anyone get in our way, no matter who they are.

This wedding is just for the two of us.

Ah… That’s right. I don’t need this anymore.

From now on, you’ll be the one to accept all my unpleasant feelings, jealousy and my weak mind. You’re going to stay with me forever, so I don’t need this princess doll anymore.

Isn’t that right?

Track 6

Ah… You’re here.

My bride looks truly beautiful.

What’s that?

A crown you’ve prepared for me?

Ah… Your hands are covered in blood.

How lovely of you to go as far as hurting your hands for this.

Now that I can see it closely… Didn’t you make this from those awful roses?

Ah… That is wonderful.

A pure white dress and gloves dyed with blood.

It’s a beautiful sight, perfect for the Princess of Luciole.

A crown made by the princess, covered in noble blood. How wonderful.

Put that crown on my head first.

This crown you’ve made is perfect for the king of Luciole Castle.

Now I’m going to offer the ring of promise to the new queen of Luciole.

A ruby ring on bloodstained fingers. It suits you very well.

No… Not yet.

The ring of promise and the king’s crown are merely part of the ceremony. We never know when they might end up being lost.

I want proof that you are mine. Proof that can never be lost.

A scar is what I mean. We’re going to carve each other’s names onto our bodies. A mark of love that will never fade.

I’m going to carve my name onto your skin first.

How beautiful… My name is written in bloody letters on your pale skin.

It’s so beautiful that it makes me want to sigh.

Now it’s my turn.

Alright, kneel down first.

That’s right… Carve your name there…

I love you, Princess. Now the two of us truly belong to one another.

Your heart and body both belong to me.

Ah… I’m so happy that you’re beside me.

It’s amazing. We’ll be together forever.

I love you.

I want us to have children together soon.

Our very own children…