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Criminale! 4

Criminale! 4 – Chiave

CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Track 1

2AM. A car travelling through the mountains, somewhere in Italy.

It’s pitch black. The moonlight doesn’t reach this deep into the mountains.

I know we started driving at night, but what time is it now?

She’s being pretty quiet too. It’s making me fall asleep.

Hey, you… You haven’t cried or screamed at all. You must be pretty brave.

Hmm… So it’s not as if you won’t react.

Considering you’re so scared, you must have just been too afraid to move.

Well, it’s only natural to be scared when someone suddenly pushes you into a car in the middle of the street.

On top of that, you’ve been blindfolded and don’t know where you’re being taken to.

You understand that you’ve been kidnapped, don’t you? Miss…

You’re an intelligent hostage.

Well… I can tell you why you were kidnapped.

Have you heard of the name “Amphisbaena”? ((The amphisbaena is a mythological ant-eating snake, which has heads at both ends of its body.))

You haven’t?

It’s the name of a large mafia organisation which has its headquarters in Rome.

And we’re some rising stars who are trying to use that power to change.

I’m telling the truth. You see, we finally killed their boss recently.

Now they’re in a state of panic over who will succeed him.

We kidnapped you in order to interrupt the fight over succession.

You don’t understand what this has to do with you?

You probably didn’t know this, but you’re the daughter of the boss who was murdered.

I’m not lying. Your father was the boss of a large mafia organisation.

The next boss can’t be chosen without his daughter. That’s how the rules are.

In other words, there’ll be no boss and no sense of organisation without you.

We’ll be free to destroy them or take over the organisation.

You won’t be able to return home. You’re going to be our pawn.

Hmm? You need the bathroom?

Of course you’ll never find a bathroom in the middle of the mountains.

Jeez… I suppose we don’t have a choice.

Hey. Stop the car.

We’ll be in trouble if you try to escape.

Come on. Show me your hands.

What are they? You don’t need to see them to know what they are, do you?

They’re handcuffs. I’ve got to make sure you and I are properly chained together.

Ah… I suppose you’ll have a hard time walking with a blindfold on.

Hmm… You’re actually a pretty girl, now that I can see you.

Huh? Don’t look away.

Come on, we’re getting out.

Start walking. This forest is good enough, isn’t it?

Right… I suppose here is fine.

Ah… What do you think you’re doing?

Don’t move. You were looking for an opportunity to escape, weren’t you?

Your body is all tense. You’re so easy to understand.

You’ve got handcuffs on. There’s no way you’ll be escaping.

You lied to make us stop the car, didn’t you?

That’s completely obvious.

Well… What should I do about this bad girl who tried to escape?

Haha. I’m only joking.

There’s no need to be scared. My name is Chiave. ((Chiave means “key”.))

I’m on your side, Miss.

Shh. Don’t make a fuss. They’ll notice us if you do.

I’m sorry for threatening you, even though it was just an act.

It’s only natural that you’d be suspicious of me. I want you to trust me though.

I’m not working with those guys who kidnapped you.

Well… I’m still a member of the mafia though.

I told you about the boss of Amphisbaena being killed earlier, didn’t I?

I’m a member of Amphisbaena. I infiltrated this organisation as a spy some time ago.

But the boss was killed without my knowledge. I was careless. I couldn’t stop it from happening.

That was when I heard about the plan to kidnap you. So I joined the team carrying out the kidnapping in order to save you.

Are you really his daughter though?

No… We didn’t know about you. It was only revealed after the boss died.

Of course I was telling the truth earlier. You’re the daughter of the boss, who has the right to choose his successor.

Well, even if I tell you about this now, it won’t seem as if it has anything to do with you. We can take our time talking about it after we escape.

You don’t have to trust me completely, but will you trust me enough to come with me?

I’ll definitely rescue you.

Negotiation complete. Now you’re mine.

We should get moving right away. Let’s escape before they notice.

This isn’t good… Have we been away too long?

It seems like they’re checking up on us because we’ve been away so long.


I wish they’d stop… I’m no good in this kind of situation.

Come on, take my hand!

You don’t have to worry. We’ll definitely escape.

Track 2

6AM. Northern Italy. In the remote countryside of Verona. ((Verona is a city in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. It is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.)) Four hours have passed.

We’re finally somewhere with people around. I felt like I wasn’t alive.

Are you tired? We’ve been running for a while now.

The sun will be up in an hour. There’ll be more people around too.

They won’t find us if we get lost in the crowd.

There’s no harm in being cautious though.

Right, I didn’t explain…

We’re in Northern Italy. This is in the southern part of Verona.

Here, look at this map.

It’s a GPS.

Don’t worry. I’m not using a frequency that anyone else can hack into.

This is our current location.

Where are we going next? Of course, I have somewhere in mind.

Just like I said, you’re our boss’s daughter. That’s why you’re a target.

Have you understood so far?

Well, it doesn’t matter if it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

It means that you’re someone important to us.

The best way to ensure your safety is to go back to our main headquarters in Rome.

But of course the others know that too, so the main routes must all be under observation.

We can’t go all the way there on the local roads though. That’s why we’ll go by sea.

That’s right. We’re going to travel by boat.

I knew there’d be someone chasing us, so I’d planned to go that way from the beginning.

I’ve worked everything out.

Somewhere in the Adriatic Sea, ((The Adriatic Sea is a body of water which separates the Italian peninsula and the Balkan peninsula.)) I’ll meet up with my allies twenty-four hours after your kidnapping.

That’s right. We’ll cooperate with my allies and go back to Rome by boat.

Which is why we need to be on the boat by a certain time.

So where do you think we’ll be going first, Miss?

That’s right. We’ll go out onto the Adriatic Sea from Venice, ((Venice is a city in Northeast Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is built on top of 118 small islands which are separated by canals and linked by bridges.)) the city of water.

That’s the most reliable route. Things will be fine as long as we find a way to reach Venice.

We’re going to hitch-hike. Isn’t that the best way to take the local roads and avoid our enemies?

Once the sun is up, even this country road will have some cars passing by.

It’s alright. Just leave it to me.

You’re right. It’d be no good if I didn’t take off the handcuffs.

Just wait a minute. The key…

Hmm? Ah…

I think we’re in a bit of trouble.

When I put the handcuffs on, I left the key behind in the car.

Don’t look at me like that!

This is no good. Someone at our hideout will be able to get them off, but we’ll have to stay like this until then. Fortunately, the chain on these handcuffs is pretty long. Of course we’ll have to hide them when we’re hitch-hiking though. It’d look really suspicious.

So how are we going to do this?

Ah, I’ve got a good idea!

Why don’t we pretend to be lovers?

Hey! Thank you for stopping.

We were having a hard time because there weren’t any cars passing by.

I’m grateful for your kindness. We’re on our way to Venice right now.

Would you be able to give us a ride?

Of course, it’s good enough if you can just take us somewhere nearby.

As you can see, we only came out with the clothes we’re wearing.

I guess you could say we’re running away together.

Come on, you play along with it too.

Get closer to me too. They’ll see the handcuffs.

Don’t be embarrassed. You’re a good girl, so make sure you hold onto my arm.

Hmm? Me? I suppose you could call me an upcoming artist.

I’m working as an illustrator abroad.

Aren’t you an artist too?

Ah… So you’re a painter.

No, I’m good at reading other people!

I can tell, even though this is your personal car.

What kind of job are you doing at the moment?

Something big?

I know that place! Isn’t it the leisure centre that’s due to open next year?

Hmm… So you’re even in charge of the design!

I envy you. My teacher has had his works displayed, but the same can’t be said for me.

It’s amazing that you’re involved in that project! You must be quite talented.

Come to think of it, the clothes you’re wearing are fashionable too!

I’m telling the truth! I’m an artist, so you can trust me on that.

I’d love to hear more about your work. I think it’d be good inspiration.

Ah, but I shouldn’t bother you for too long. That’s too bad.

You don’t mind? It would be amazing if you could talk about it during the journey, but we have to go to Venice.

Really?! You’ll take us part of the way there?

Thank you! You really are a good guy.

We’ll never forget what you’ve done for us.

Track 3

10AM. The city of Venice. Eight hours have passed.

We’ve finally arrived in Venice.

It’s already 10? We would have got here sooner if more cars had passed by.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

I don’t remember doing anything to impress you.

Ah, the hitch-hiking. You’re welcome.

I’m a good liar. Intelligence and negotiation is my speciality, you see.

I say things to get the other person to let their guard down and trust me.

That man wasn’t used to receiving compliments. But he liked feeling proud.

That’s why I tried to flatter him. He cheered up right away, didn’t he?

It was easy to tell that he was a painter too.

He smelled slightly of paint and there was paint on his nails.

It proved that he was using paint, possibly for his work.

That’s why I pretended to be an artist and brought up conversation that might have interested him.

Thank you for the compliment.

I wouldn’t say I was intelligent, I’m just used to doing it.

Well… There’s still a while to go before I have to meet up with my allies.

We’re in the city, so we might as well buy some things we need.

Arranging for a boat? Don’t worry about that.

My allies are dealing with it. All we have to do is arrive at a specific port.

So let’s gather the things we need now.

It’s convenient that we can blend in with the crowd here.

And seeing as we’re here, I’d like to go on a date with you.

What are you panicking for? It’d be no good if I didn’t do anything when there’s such a cute girl in front of me.

I’m telling the truth! You are cute.

Even if I wasn’t on this mission, I’d call out to you if I saw you in the city.

It sounds like an insincere compliment?

So I suppose my negotiation techniques don’t have any effect on you.

Even though I was wondering whether you might really fall for me…

Judging by your reaction, I’ve still got a chance.

Alright then! I’ve got to do a good job of showing you around, to make sure you fall in love with me. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by the sight of this city.

Take my hand then, Miss.

Of course we’re going to hold hands. We’re lovers right now.

Isn’t that right?

We’ll start with Piazza San Marco. ((Piazza San Marco is the main square in the city of Venice. At the eastern end of the square is St Mark’s Basilica, one of the most famous churches in the city.))

If we walk along the Grand Canal ((The Grand Canal is the main waterway in Venice and became a centre of trade during the Middle Ages. It is just over 2 miles long and is crossed by four bridges.)) from there, we can go shopping.

That’s because this fortunately happens to be the main street in Venice.

You can get a good view of it when you come this far.

Ah, that’s the Grand Canal.

It’s a big canal, isn’t it?

The scenery actually looks best during sunset. It’s unfortunate that it’s only morning.

Is that so? If you like it, then I’m glad I brought you here.

Ah, there are street stalls by the canal around here.

They’re selling general goods and traditional crafts.

Shall we have a look seeing as we’re here?

Look, that stall has some handmade accessories.

Ah… There are necklaces made from Venetian glass.

Which one do you like?

That one? So you like pale colours.

It definitely would look good on you.

Can we take it as it is? You don’t need to wrap it up.

Here’s the money for it.

Of course it’s for you.

Don’t say that. Let me give it to you.

I want to see you wearing it too.

I’ll put it on for you.

Just stay still for a moment.

Ah, I’m sorry. Did that tickle?

I’ll be done soon, so just hold on a moment.

Hey, don’t move. I didn’t do it on purpose.

Is the nape of your neck that sensitive?

Hmm… In that case…

I’m sorry! Your ears are sensitive too.

I got to do something pretty good.

Don’t sulk like that. That necklace goes really well with your skin tone.

I’m glad that you like it. I’m happy if you’re happy.

Don’t worry about it. This is a date, you see.

Look, there’s a market over there. Shall we get something to eat?

Wait, come this way!

I think they’re here.

I’m not sure yet, but those two men over there with black hats…

Stay still. If it is them, then they haven’t noticed us yet.

We’ll draw their attention if we run away carelessly.

They’re coming this way! It’d be no good if they saw our faces.

I’m sorry, but let me hold you for a moment.

Come on, you have to hold me too. We’re pretending to be lovers.

I’m going to bring my face a little closer, so don’t run away.

We’ll look like we’re kissing like this, so just stay still.

They’re coming!

No! You’ve got to look this way.

Don’t panic. It doesn’t matter that we’re close enough to feel each other’s breath. If you start acting suspiciously, then I’ll end up kissing you.

I don’t have a choice. We’d be doing it to trick our enemies.

Come on, close your eyes.

It looks like they’ve gone.

Thank goodness. It seems that I mistook them for someone else.

I was sure that those guys had chased after us.

My heart almost skipped a beat. But it’s better to be careful.

We shouldn’t let our guard down yet.

Hmm? Your face is bright red.

Did you think I was really going to kiss you?

That’s too bad. I wouldn’t have stopped if I knew you were expecting it.

I’m only joking. There’s no way I’d do that.

You’re the Father’s precious daughter. I couldn’t force you to do anything.


Ah… I suppose that doesn’t make sense to you.

You don’t know anything about your father.

I see. So you were told that he died when you were a child.

Well, it seems that he cut ties with you because he didn’t want you to get involved.

Your father was an amazing man though.

A lot of people trusted him. I respected him too.

No… I still respect him now.

You could even say that he’s the reason I’m in Amphisbaena.

Without him, Amphisbaena is just…

No, let’s not talk about my work. We’re on a date now, you see.

I’ll buy you something sweet to apologise for my mistake earlier.

What would you like?


Got it. I’ll buy plenty of sweets that you like.

Track 4

4PM. The Adriatic Sea. Fourteen hours have passed.

We’re almost out of the Bay of Venice.

We’ve finally reached the Adriatic Sea.

The waves are pretty high. Are you feeling sick?

I see. I’m relieved to hear that.

I was worried that it might have been my sailing, but fortunately, this seems to be a comfortable cruiser.

Our destination? We’re almost there.

I’m sure I’ve got it right.

The lights on the shore are showing the way.

We’re almost there. I’m going to stop the boat, so just wait a minute.

Here we are.

Hmm? It looks like my allies aren’t here yet.

I planned to arrive an hour early just in case.

We really are the only people here.

Why do you keep looking at the ocean?

You’re a little scared?

I was wondering what could have scared you. So it was the colour of the ocean.

Well, the sun sets earlier these days. It’s pitch black by 5 o’clock.

If you fell in right now, you’d sink to the bottom without being able to do anything.

Alone, without anyone able to find you.

I’m only joking. Don’t look so scared.

Come over here. I can understand being scared while you’re on this dark ocean, but there’s no need to be afraid. That’s because I’m going to kill you right here.

Hmm? You don’t understand?

This is what I mean.

Do you understand that the gun pressed against your head is real?

I can blow your brains out just by moving my finger slightly.

Do you want to try it?

You look as if you’ve got a piece of pizza stuck in your throat.

Your cute face is all ruined.

I was lying when I said we were meeting my allies here.

I had no intention of protecting you from the very beginning.

I planned to kill you from the start.

You don’t understand what I’m saying?

I’m telling you that I tricked you.

I thought that Amphisbaena was done for after Father died.

A new Father won’t fix that mess. So I thought betraying them for a more powerful family would be the wiser move.

It’s important for people to improve things for themselves, right?

That’s why I went to negotiate with another powerful family.

They let me join the family on one condition.

The condition was that I kill you here on this day and at this time.

I would kill Father’s daughter with my own hands and betray the family.

They must be watching somewhere. To see whether I definitely cut ties with the family.

Do you remember the people who kidnapped you?

I used them too. I was actually the one who planned the kidnapping.

I wouldn’t be able to escape Amphisbaena on my own, you see.

Poor you. You probably followed me all the way here because you trusted me.

I secretly laughed when I saw you like that. It was so funny that I couldn’t bear it.

You didn’t even consider that a person might have another side to them. Just like a fool.

I’m cruel? Of course I am.

Do you know the meaning of the word “spy”?

Betraying and tricking others is my job.

I told you that I was good at telling lies, didn’t I?

I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve fooled until now.

I can’t even remember the first person I betrayed.

But I remember the first time someone betrayed me.

People who trust others too easily are fools.

With a man, on the ocean at night, unable to escape.

Isn’t your father crying up in heaven?

Why are you moving backwards?

You’ll fall into the sea if you go any further.

Come to think of it, you said you were scared of the dark ocean.

Shall I push you in now?

I’ve heard that dying from drowning is quite painful.

Do you want to try it?

Hey… You call that trying to resist?

Your strength is no match for mine. Don’t underestimate me.

You’ll fall over the rail if you lean on it any longer.

Why don’t I test how long you can put up with this?

Oh no. I’m not going to do that.

We’re handcuffed together. I don’t want to fall too.

Well… To put it another way, with the handcuffs on, it’d be impossible for you to swim away, even if you had the chance.

Have you noticed? I deliberately put these handcuffs on to stop you running away.

If I kill you, then it’d be easy to take them off.

Hmm? Ah… Come to think of it, you looked quite happy when I bought it for you, but since you’re going to die soon, you don’t need it, right?

The chain was a thin one, so it broke easily.

It’s nothing like the chains on these handcuffs.

Ah… It sunk into the ocean.

You won’t be able to find it in the ocean.

You have a wonderful expression on your face.

That hurt look of despair…

That’s the true pleasure of betraying someone.

Ah… Your neck is all red now?

There’s a slight scrape here.

Does it hurt when I rub it?

Doesn’t it actually feel good?

Even though I’m caressing it so gently… How strange.

I’m not going to stop. I like seeing that unhappy expression on your face.

It’s no good struggling. You look so unsightly.

Give me a break and be quiet.

See… It was so easy for me to push you down.

Now that I think about it, you were bright red when my face was close to yours before.

That was a cute reaction.

I was lying when I said that someone might have been chasing us.

It’s easier for someone to become close to another person when they’re in a dangerous situation.

I was acting in order to make that happen.

I wasn’t able to do it then, so perhaps I’ll kiss you now.

I wonder what kind of expression you’ll show me.

Hmm? You’re not going to get embarrassed this time. That’s too bad.

Ah… You started breathing harder. That’s cute.

I really do think you’re cute.

I’m playing around with you and I’ve got you under my control.

Come on… Try and tell me how you’re feeling right now.

You’re afraid. You don’t want to die. You’re upset that you were tricked.

I’d definitely like to hear what you’re thinking.

How hurt you’re feeling…

Why are you glaring at me like that?

Are you trying to fight back?

Hmm… In that case…

This is just a scarf, but it’s going to be pretty useful.

See… Try and raise the top half of your body.

If I tie it up like this… There you go, the blindfold is done.

You feel scared when you can’t see, don’t you?

Of course you’re starting to panic.

I’ll shoot you if you try and take it off.

You didn’t know I was over here?

Now I’m behind you.

Come on… Why don’t you be cute and complain to me?

Tell me how pathetic you are for getting tricked.

You still can’t say anything…

If you stubbornly refuse to talk, then I’ll force you to open your mouth.

I want to hear your voice. Come on, open your mouth.

It’s better if you don’t bite down on them. I’m sure that the chains of these handcuffs don’t taste good.

Now you won’t be able to close your mouth.

Let me hear your pathetic voice while you hold those chains in your mouth.

I’ll make it easier for you to cry out…

That’s right… Aren’t your neck and ears your weak spots?

You can’t take it when I caress you like this either?

You flinched… You’re so easy to understand.

How about this then?

That’s right. That’s the kind of reaction I wanted.

Shall I do something even better now that the blindfold has made you more sensitive?

See… The sensation of something moving slowly up your arm, starting from your wrist… Can you tell what it is?

The answer is… A gun.

Can you tell where it is now?

A gun fires when you pull the trigger.

Isn’t it exciting when your whole body is being caressed?

Right… Maybe I’ll decide where to shoot you as I trace the gun all over your body.

There’s no need to tremble. I’ll do it gently.

I’ll do it slowly and gently enough to make you cry out, unable to bear it.

Well… I wonder where to shoot you.

Right… I’ll stroke it against your back, so stop me wherever you like.

From your waist until your neck, just like this…

Why are you wriggling like that?

I’ll caress you somewhere else if you don’t stop me.

You don’t mind that?

See… You can tell that I’m stroking it against your throat, can’t you?

Shall I go with this place? Or somewhere lower down?

Maybe your heart would be a good place?

You’ll lose track of where the gun is if you don’t follow it properly.

Ah… But if you only concentrate on the gun, then you won’t pay attention to this.

I’ve made up my mind. This is where I’m going to do it.

It’s going to hurt, but that doesn’t matter, does it?

Goodbye then.

You thought I shot you?

I aimed somewhere else.

You don’t feel as if you’re alive, do you?

Do you want me to kill you quickly?

Or shall we have some fun for a little longer?

It serves you right. You only ended up like this because you trusted someone else too easily, didn’t you?

You can just regret it when you’re in heaven.

You trusted me right away just because I was kind to you. You really are a fool.

Well… I suppose that’s enough.

Come on, you can take the chains out of your mouth.

Now this really is goodbye.

My mission will also come to an end.

My betrayal will be complete once I shoot you.

I can also happily leave Amphisbaena.

People who get tricked are pathetic. They really are.

You dragged me over by pulling the chains… You’ve underestimated me, haven’t you?

Is that your last struggle before you get killed?

You can’t even escape anyway.

Ah… I seem sad?

What makes you think that?

Look carefully.

There, I’ve taken off the blindfold.

You can see that I’m pressing the gun against you, can’t you?

If you can still say that now, then go ahead.

Why am I feeling sad?

What for?

No matter who I betray now, I won’t have a guilty conscience.

Don’t move. You can’t go any further anyway.

Just be quiet…

What’s that?

It can’t be…

Don’t move! Don’t touch it!

It’s the box behind you…

You don’t know what it is?

A box hidden in the stern of a boat is definitely no good!

Don’t move. I’ll open it.

I knew it… This is…


It’s a bomb.

Track 5

6PM. On the Adriatic Sea. Sixteen hours have passed.

It’s a time bomb.

It’s been on this boat from the beginning.

This isn’t like the clockwork bombs you see in the movies.

It doesn’t have any gunpowder in it.

There are two different chemicals inside the bomb.

The two chemicals are separated by a partition that gradually melts away.

When the partition disappears completely, the chemical reaction will cause the bomb to explode.

It’s old school, but it does a lot of damage.

It’ll easily blow up this boat.

They probably chose this knowing that a time bomb would get disarmed.

What is this doing here?

Are you trying to annoy me by asking that?

There’s only one reason to set up a bomb.

They did it to kill us.

I’ve been tricked. The family who gave me this job never had any intention of accepting me.

They were going to get rid of the both of us.

I was just a pawn. That’s how it is.

I did my research and collected the evidence.

I was sure that I was careful.

But I’m going to be tricked in the end?

I said I didn’t trust anyone, but I trusted what they said in some way.

I betrayed Amphisbaena and kidnapped the Father’s daughter.

I was naive though. In the end, no one trusts a traitor.

Is that how things are?

That’s impossible. They wouldn’t use something you could just throw in the ocean.

I’m sure that it must be set to blow up if you try to remove it.

There are only a few minutes left before the time I was supposed to kill you.

There’s a good chance that it’ll blow up in that time.

We don’t have enough time to get back to the shore.

We can’t escape by swimming in this ocean either.

It looks like the two of us will just have to be blown to pieces.


What? You say some ridiculous things.

You’re telling me to defuse the bomb?

It’s better to do all you can instead of giving up, but do you think we can do it in the middle of the ocean without any equipment?

And even if you escape from this bomb, you’ll still be killed.

The family that used me will continue to target you.

You don’t know what I’ll do with you either.

This is a desperate situation for me too.

I’ll use anything I can. You don’t know how terribly I might treat you.

It might be more comfortable for you to die quickly like this.

You still don’t want to give up.

You’re serious about that, aren’t you?

About defusing the bomb…

In that case, it’s simple. This bomb has a device to defuse it.

The bomb can be stopped if someone touches it.

However, it’s surrounded by a high voltage electric current, so you could die if you’re not careful.

So you’re not going to give up, are you?

Go ahead then. It’s beside that box.

Come on. Hurry up and do it.

Why are you looking pale?

You’re going to take a chance instead of giving up, aren’t you?

Wait a minute. Would you normally seriously try and touch it?

Of course I was lying. What kind of bomb would have a strange thing like that?

You trust someone even though you got betrayed. Are you some kind of idiot?

You really don’t want to die.

I suppose not. I feel the same way.

I don’t want things to end here.

I know. There’s nothing worse than dying here.

I’ll work with you for now.

I won’t be able to defuse this bomb alone.

I don’t know whether it’ll stop the bomb, but I know how to defuse it.

I’ll need a spare pair of hands to do it though.

And you’re here…

I know that you’re not experienced. I don’t want to ask for your help either.

If you make a mistake, then we’ll get blown up.

I don’t have a choice though.

Come on. Hold onto that.

First I’m going to undo this screw.

Of course I’ve got a screwdriver.

I carry around a pocket knife just in case.

Make sure you hold onto the inner lid and don’t move while I’m undoing the screw.

It’ll be over if it slips. It’s made to explode if you defuse it the wrong way.

First I’m going to remove that mechanism.

Alright. The screw is off.

I’m going to open the inner lid.

Next are these wires. If you don’t remove them at the same time, the stopper inside will fall out of place and everything will be over.

Okay. Pick up those pliers. We’re going to cut them at the same time.

Your hands are trembling. Please pull yourself together.

Damn it. When I think that my life is in the hands of someone inexperienced like you, this doesn’t even seem like a funny dream.

Hey. Stop for a minute. You’re too tense.

Take a deep breath.

I’m not asking you to calm down. It’d be stranger if you weren’t scared.

But you need to concentrate on cutting the wire. Here goes.

One, two…

It looks like it’s alright.

My heart skipped a beat just then.

Now we can finally see the bomb’s core.

Is this it? Just as I thought, it’s an analogue bomb.

You can see the partition in this narrow tube, can’t you?

The chemicals are inside there.

The partition is starting to disappear.

Damn it. What am I supposed to do?

You’re right. Let’s get everything we’ve got.

We might find something useful.

Phone. Wallet. The pocket knife I used earlier.

Not one of these things is going to help.

What about you? I don’t feel that optimistic though.

A handkerchief and some chocolate?

Chocolate… We might be able to use that!

Break it up into small pieces.

Just do it! That’s the chocolate you bought at the market earlier, right?

You really did buy something useful.

Break it up as small as you can, so that it turns into a powder.

If I’ve got this right, then that chemical is sulphuric acid.

That’s what’s making the partition disappear.

If we put the chocolate in, the chemical reaction should stop that happening.

It’s our only option. It’s going to explode in a few minutes. If this doesn’t work, then we’ll get blown to pieces.

I’ll add this to this liquid… Where the partition is beginning to disappear…

I hope this works…

It’s starting to work. If the chemicals harden…

The reaction stopped… The partition isn’t disappearing either.

This means… It worked! It’s not going to explode!

We were able to stop it somehow…

I was sure we were done for.

I can’t believe chocolate saved my life. This is just like a comedy.

It’s so funny.

This isn’t the time for you to be laughing, is it?

I attacked you and almost killed you. You’re too easygoing.

Ah… That’s right. I got tricked by the person I was negotiating with.

I suppose this isn’t the time for me to be laughing either.

Yes… I got tricked again.

It’s nothing… I was just saying that I’m glad I knew how to defuse the bomb.

Thank you for the compliment.

But do you really think that?

It’s not like that. A long time ago, I read a comic that said chocolate could make sulphuric acid less effective.

I wasn’t certain that it would have worked.

Maybe the chocolate which melted and hardened is barely holding it back.

It might explode this time if we leave it alone.

You look so pale. Are you scared?

Let’s hurry back to the shore. I don’t want to stay on a boat with a bomb for too long.

Is that…?

No… There’s a boat.

Right… They were watching us from somewhere.

Yes… It’s the people who tricked me.

They came over here after noticing that the bomb hadn’t gone off at the time it was supposed to.

They’re coming this way.

What are you doing? Hurry up!

We’re going to start the motor. Let’s go!

Look. They’ve sped up too.

There’s no doubt about it. We’ll be able to escape.

We’ll manage it somehow at this distance.

Well… Even if we escape, something even worse will be waiting for us.

They’re not our only enemies. I betrayed Amphisbaena too.

Everyone around me is an enemy right now.

Never mind. I’m used to being surrounded by enemies.

You’ll be coming with me. Now that I’m being chased, you’ll be the ace up my sleeve.

I’m going to go faster.

I wonder how long we can survive on the run.

Track 6

11PM. Trieste, ((Trieste is a city and seaport in Northeast Italy which is close to the border of Slovenia.)) a town in Northern Italy. In a hotel room. Twenty one hours have passed.

We got to the hotel somehow.

We don’t seem to have been followed either. I suppose it’s thanks to us losing them on the cruiser.

They’re probably looking around somewhere though.

Ah… I’m not interested in playing chase.

Oh… Did I pull the chains? I’m sorry.

Come on. Why don’t you sit down too?

You sit down obediently when someone invites you to do it.

You understand that I tried to kill you, don’t you?

I’m being chased, but I’m still going to use you as bait.

I might try to kill you again if I need to.

You don’t mind having someone like that right beside you?

Hmm… So you think I can’t do anything terrible?

I’ll sell you out if necessary.

You’re nothing more than a trump card, you see.

For example… If they found this room, then I could leave you behind to make sure I survive.

I could even leave you tied to that bed.

I can do it. See…

That’s right. It’s the key to the handcuffs.

I was lying when I said I left them in the car.

I actually had them with me all this time.

You’re an important bargaining tool, so I couldn’t let you escape.

All I did was handcuff you to me.

I could chain you to the bed and leave you here all alone while I escape.

I could reveal where you are to buy myself some time.

If they find you here, you’ll be killed without any chance to fight back.

No… You’d be lucky if all they did was kill you.

I don’t think they’d be able to resist if there was a cute girl handcuffed to the bed.

Of course the expression on your face has changed…

Come on, hold out both your hands. I’m going to handcuff them here.

There’s no way you can escape.

You’re struggling desperately.

You’re a fool. Of course I’m lying.

I can still use you. There’s no way that I’m leaving you behind.

Sorry, but I don’t plan on removing the handcuffs from now on.

But it’d be better if you didn’t forget that there are things I can do if I want to.

I’m the type of person who can easily do those things.

I’m used to betraying others and being betrayed.

Why are you looking at me like that? You want to say something, don’t you?

Try and say it.

What? Why do you think I look sad?

I don’t know what you’re saying. I told you that I’m used to tricking people, didn’t I?

There’s no way that I’d hesitate or feel sad.

I’m going to rest now. Things will be difficult later if I don’t get my strength back.

You should lie down too.

But you won’t be able to complain if something happens to you while you’re sleeping.

Be careful.

10AM. The town of Trieste. In a hotel room. Thirty two hours have passed.


Ah… You’re awake.

Did you sleep well?

I see. That’s good.

You really were fast asleep.

Even though I was next to you…

Hey. I told you that you might get killed, didn’t I?

You looked so relaxed while you were sleeping. Don’t you have any sense of danger?

Ah… Is that so? You were so tired that you fell asleep without realising it.

Well, you did have a rough day yesterday.

Just how bold are you? You’re with someone who tried to kill you…


Ah… This computer?

I hid it in this room in advance.

I’ve got a lot of different connections.

They can bring something I need to a specific place as long as I pay for it.

I’ve already had the room checked for transmitters and microphones.

It would be difficult to find my way with just a phone.

That’s right. It’s dangerous for me to stay in Italy now that I’ve made a mistake.

I’m going to escape to another country.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to escape sooner?

You’re the ace I’ve got up my sleeve, so of course you’re coming too.

I can let you go if I manage to escape safely.

Or I could kill you later on to keep you quiet.

What? You think I can’t kill you?

It annoys me how calm you are. I want to change that.

Right… You won’t be able to see the screen clearly from there.

You can come over here.

Come on. Sit on my lap.

I told you that it’s no good resisting.

Hey. What do you think? You can see the screen clearly, can’t you?

You’ve got a VIP seat.

Hmm? Is something wrong?

Ah… Your ears are your weak spot.

Then this must be a difficult situation.

I won’t let you escape, even if you struggle.

It hurts even more, doesn’t it?

Of course I’m teasing you.

You look cuter when you’re in a panic because of me pushing you around.

Anyway… I’m going to be serious now. Make sure you listen carefully.

We saw lots of suspicious people on the way here, didn’t we?

That’s right. They’re from the family who’s trying to capture us.

We’ll get caught right away if we try to do things the usual way.

That’s why we need to find a safe route. I’m going to get the information we need.

In other words, I’m hacking into something.

Well, this screen probably won’t make sense to an amateur, but I’m trying to get into their data system.

Is it something to be that surprised about? I can do this much.

Alright. I’ve done it.

Yes… I’ve hacked into the system.

They’re such fools. How kind of them to provide a map.

Even you should be able to understand this.

It’s a map of this area.

I’ve seen something awful.

Look at this. It says to kill them within 24 hours.

It seems like those are the orders that’ve been given.

They’re the type of people who won’t go back on their word if they say they’ll do something.

If we’re not careful, we’ll end up floating in the Adriatic Sea.

It wouldn’t be strange if they were even targeting us from somewhere at this very moment.

Of course I won’t get killed that easily.

That’s why I’m looking for a gap in the net.

The network is here… And here…

They’ve got control of some terrible places.

The border with Slovenia will be impossible.

They predicted that I’d try to escape abroad and have got me completely surrounded.

They must be using the support of a politician to exert their influence.

I can assume that they’re in touch with the whole of the government.

This situation is more difficult than I first thought.

They really don’t have any weaknesses.

No. I can’t leave by boat or plane.

Look at this. The routes outside of the country are cut off.

In other words, we’re on an inescapable piece of land.

That’s right. I need to think of another way to escape.

Hey… Why are you trying to work with me?

I told you to come with me, but I didn’t ask for your help.

From your point of view, I’m no different from a kidnapper.

We certainly are on the run together, but does that really mean we need to be friendly to each other?

I don’t trust you at all. I don’t plan on working with you either.

It doesn’t matter why. I know from experience.

Trusting other people is a foolish thing to do.

I don’t think you’ll be much use either.

If you think you can be useful, then why don’t you come up with a plan?

Come on… Have you got any good ideas, Miss?

A way to break through the net that surrounds us…

What? A route without any checkpoints?

I wouldn’t have any trouble if such a thing existed…

No… There is one. The US Air Force Base.

Track 7

1PM. In a train departing from Trieste. Thirty five hours have passed.

You should look a little happier. Although this is a private room, people are passing by in the hallway.

People will get suspicious if you look so worried.

You’re being so awkward. Make sure you don’t give us away before the end.

We can get to Pordenone ((Pordenone is a former province of Italy. Its capital city is also called Pordenone and is an ancient port on the River Noncello.)) if we stay on this train. The US Air Force Base is there.

We’re going to escape to a different country by getting on a cargo plane.

They’ve made a lot from putting military equipment on the black market, so it won’t be difficult to get them to help.

If they’ve got control over the Italian government, then our only choice is using a route the government has no control over.

As long as we can get there, everything will fall into place.

But I don’t think they’re just going to wait.

Kill them within 24 hours, huh… What a dangerous order.

They’re probably desperately searching for us.

How does it feel being in a situation where you could get killed at any moment?

Don’t even the normal passengers walking through the hallway begin to seem like they could be assassins?

That’s right. We have to think of the people around us as enemies. We don’t know when someone might point a gun at us.

Make sure you keep your guard up.

Well, there’s a limit to what you can keep an eye on by yourself though.

What? You’re not alone?

You’re counting me as someone that’s with you?

Hey… I’m your enemy too.

We’re together, but I don’t have any intention of getting along well with you.

Don’t think of us as friends, okay?

It’s getting noisy on this train. Is it in the next carriage?

I’m sure that the next carriage also has private rooms.

I’m going to check it out. Get up.

It seems that there are some strange men looking in the rooms.

That’s… Don’t look out! Go back to the room!

I’ve seen them at a meeting before. They’re the enemy’s faithful dogs.

They’re even searching inside the train… You’ve got to be kidding.

It’ll be over if they look into this room.

I don’t have a choice. It wouldn’t be a smart move to use violence here though.

Get out of my way! If we can’t escape from them, all we can do is kill them.

It’s no coincidence that they’re here.

Looking around the rooms means that they’re trying to find someone.

This gun has a silencer. If things go according to plan, then I can deal with them all.

There’s not much chance of winning though.

What? Of course there’s no way of doing this peacefully.

We’re at a disadvantage in numbers and weapons.

Letting them pass by would be the best thing, but they know what I look like.

There’s no way I can trick them.

You’ll be fine because they haven’t seen your face…

Right… If it’s you, then…

No, it’s nothing.

I said it’s nothing! I didn’t come up with any ideas.

Shut up!

That’s right. We’ll be safe if you can fool them.

But I don’t plan on letting you try.

There are plenty of reasons for you to betray me.

You could give me up to save yourself.

It’d be impossible to trust someone like that.

They’re coming closer!

You’re being annoying! Have you got any proof that you won’t betray me?

That’s right. Prove it to me. If you think we can work together, then you trust me, don’t you?

I’ll think about it if you trust me.

Why are you closing your eyes? I was aiming at the door behind you.

It’s fine if you trust me, isn’t it?

Well, you’ll end up with a bullet in your head if my hand slips.

I could shoot you right here for holding me back. It’s completely possible.

You still think you can trust me?

You look pale. You’re scared, aren’t you?

There’s no way you can trust anyone else.

What? You’re not going to move?

You’re so stubborn! Of course you’ll run away before you get shot.

No one seriously trusts anyone else!

You really did it… Are you an idiot?

Why aren’t you running away?

You would’ve been shot if I hadn’t missed.

I can’t kill you? How can you believe that?

Aren’t you afraid of being betrayed?

What? You were scared? Then why did you do that?

To get me to trust you?

You thought it would be no good if I didn’t trust you now?

Just what kind of person are you?

Please… Make sure you don’t betray me!

I’ll work with you! Now you’ve said that, you’ll go along with my plan!

Come on, take off your clothes.

Not like that! You don’t have to take them all off!

You just have to look as if you are.

I’m expecting a good performance from you.

It’s alright. Just let me hold you down for a little while.

Come on. Put your arms around my neck and pull me closer to your chest as if you’re embracing me.

I’ll be in trouble if they see my face.

When they get here, act embarrassed and say “No, it’s not like that!”.

They’re here. I’m counting on you.

Have they gone? Those guys really are idiots.

I can’t believe they said “Thanks for the show. Sorry we disturbed you.”

Well, I suppose no one would think you were faking it when they saw you blushing like that.

You’re a terrible woman for tricking men.

Alright, alright. Don’t get angry. You can put your clothes back on.

It would’ve been dangerous if I’d been alone.

Hmm? What’s that annoying smile for?

You want me to compliment you and say it was all thanks to you?

Jeez… Come on…

What? I’m only pinching your cheeks.

That cheeky expression annoys me.

I had to stop and catch my breath.

It felt like I’d bet everything in a game of poker, with only one pair of cards in my hand.

I don’t want to put myself in someone else’s hands ever again.

Of course! I worked with you this time, but I’m not seriously going to rely on you.

What was that?

Watch out!

Ouch… Why did I have to be the one protecting you?

Well, I’m glad you didn’t hit your head.

Has there been an accident? The train has stopped moving.

Shh! I can hear voices from the hallway.


They suspect that someone has smuggled something on board and forced the train to stop.

This isn’t good. We’re going to escape. We’ll leave from the window.

A search for smuggled goods wouldn’t happen just like that.

It wasn’t just those members of the mafia. The police were keeping an eye out too!

We won’t be able to trick them like before.

We’ll go into the mountains to lose them!

Come on!

Track 8

4PM. In the mountains near Pordenone. Thirty eight hours have passed.

Hey, just stay still! Come a little closer.

I know there’s not much room here. I won’t accept any complaints though.

It’s a miracle that there’s even a cave here.

The only thing we can do is wait for our pursuers to leave.

Just as I expected, the mafia and the police are wandering around here.

I wonder just how many of them came to this mountain.

That position must be uncomfortable.

Lean this way a little more.

Just do it. You won’t be able to hide for long in an uncomfortable position.

Well, isn’t it alright?

There’s no reason to thank me.

That’s not what you meant? What are you talking about then?

In the train earlier?

Ah… You mean that plan I had.

That doesn’t mean I trusted you. I just thought it was the best thing to do.

There’s no way that I’d trust someone else.

I probably seem like a stubborn person. But even I have my reasons.

That’s right. I have my reasons.

A long time ago, I trusted someone and was cruelly betrayed.

I still remember that. I don’t feel like trusting anyone.

You believed what I just said, didn’t you?

You’re a fool. Of course I’m lying.

Stories like that only happen in movies.

What? I said it was a lie, didn’t I?

Why are you being so serious about it?

It didn’t sound like I was lying?

Are you an idiot? I don’t know why you trust me.

It’s nothing you should take so seriously.

I got involved with the mafia when I was ten years old.

My parents weren’t normal people. I left home right away.

I didn’t plan on living a normal life.

I started gathering information for the mafia.

I’ve always been good with computers.

Father was also quite fond of me.

There was someone I was good friends with too. He’d talk to me cheerfully, even though I had a horrible personality.

I gradually became able to open up.

We went on missions together, talked about our dreams for the future and opened up to each other about our worries.

Best friends was the perfect word to describe us.

But what happened next was a joke.

One day, there were reports of a spy in the family.

I was ordered to find out who it was and deal with them.

I found the place where the information would be handed over and waited there.

However, I was attacked in the dark by that spy.

I really thought I was going to get killed.

I desperately fought back and I was miraculously able to kill them.

The shot that I fired hit them in the head. That was the first time I killed someone.

I was shaking, but I still went to look at who the spy was.

The face of the person who had betrayed Amphisbaena and tried to kill me.

You already know, don’t you?

It was him. The person I thought was my best friend…

He didn’t have any hesitation about trying to kill me.

He pretended to be friends with me in order to obtain information.

I had been used all that time. I stopped trusting people after that.

Things like friendship and trust don’t exist in this world.

Other people can’t be trusted. That was what I thought.

Well? Do you believe that story?

Do you think it’s not true?

So you believe it. You’re such a good natured person.

Even though it might be a lie to get your sympathy…

You look so sad. Someone like you wouldn’t last long in the mafia.

Thank goodness Father kept on hiding you. As you know, Father was assassinated.

That wouldn’t have been possible without some rebels in the family.

Even important people who are well trusted can be betrayed.

The world really is a terrible place.

I wonder how happy I could become if I was able to forget everything and not live in fear.

You’re looking at me like that again. Even though there’s no need to feel sorry for me.

Hey. I tricked you and tried to kill you. So how were you able to trust me?

I was trying not to let it show on my face though.

Did I really look that sad when I betrayed you?

In that case, I’ve failed as a spy.

Betraying terrible criminals is one thing, but doing it to an oblivious woman is shameful.

I’ve always been too careless.

Is that so? You prefer me this way?

You really aren’t a good judge of men.

I wasn’t lying just now. I really think that.

I’m sure you have bad taste in men. I’d be willing to swear on it.

That sulky expression on your face looks ridiculous. Jeez.

Shh! They’ve come here looking for us.

I suppose we can’t keep on hiding.

Hold out your hands.

There you go. The handcuffs are off now.

I’ll give you this too. It’s the phone I use for work.

You can ask Amphisbaena for help. If you tell them where we are, they’ll turn up eventually.

Hide until then. Alright…

What? It doesn’t matter where I’m going, does it?

I can’t go back to Amphisbaena. I’m a traitor, you see.

But they should take good care of you.

This doesn’t mean I care about you. I just don’t need you around me any longer.

Come on. Hurry up and use that phone to call them.

Ah… The password for the lock screen is…

What? Why’d you put the handcuffs on by yourself?

Take you with me? You won’t gain anything from escaping with me.

We can survive if we work together?

Are you serious about staying with me from now on?

Alright. Now I won’t be able to leave you either.

Now you’ve said that, make sure you help me out.

I’m going to work with you too, you see.

Yes. Let’s go together.

It’ll be dangerous to stay here if we’re not going to call for help.

We’re going to run!

I knew they’d notice us! Just keep running!

Don’t stop!

A cliff… This is too much bad luck!

We can’t jump into the river from this high up.

What?! You’re going to jump from here?! You’ll be done for if you hit your head somewhere.

You have more chance of surviving that than being shot in the head… But still…

I know we don’t have any other options!

I understand, so at least come over here!

Just stay in my arms. I told you, didn’t I? It’d be fatal if you got a head injury.

We’re going to jump, so make sure you hold on tight.

Pray that we don’t die either. Here we go!

8PM. Pordenone. On the riverside in the mountains. Forty two hours have passed.

We’ve drifted quite a long way. Where are we now?

But we escaped somehow.


I’m fine. I got hit in a few places, but I’ll only end up with bruises.

What about you? Are you hurt anywhere?

I’m going to get angry if you pretend you’re okay!

Right… That’s good…

Ah… I forgot we had the handcuffs on.

Shall I take them off? Wait a minute.

Oh no… The key… It looks like I lost it while we were drifting along the river.

I’m not lying this time. Now we really are stuck together.

Never mind. Now that I don’t have to worry about us getting separated…

Are you cold?

Well, you did get completely soaked. The mountains are cold at night too.

I’m cold, but I’ll be fine. I didn’t have an easy life like you.

I’ve had to do missions in the pouring rain.

It was raining hard on the day the traitor almost killed me.

I wonder which of these situations is worse. I suppose they’re no different from each other.

What is it? You look sad.

If you feel that sorry for me, then why don’t you warm me up?

Hey… Wait a minute… You’re seriously going to do it?

Umm… That kind of hurts…

Never mind, just do whatever you want.

You’ll probably warm up too if we stay like this. I’ll be able to keep my warmth as well.

You’re a strange person. You’re the only one whose thoughts I can’t predict.

Even though I was more used to pushing others around, instead of being the one getting pushed around.

We lost the keys to the handcuffs, so you really won’t be able to escape, but that doesn’t matter to me.

You were the one who said you’d come with me. I want you to keep your energy up until the end.

Hmm? Let’s get away from here then.

Can you stand?

It’s dangerous for us to be sitting around here.

We have to get to the air base.

Hmm? Wait a minute… That’s…

We’re in luck! I can’t believe it was this close.

Yes! We’ve escaped!

Track 9

9PM. Pordenone. The US Air Base. Forty three hours have passed.

This is nicer than I thought it would be.

I’m surprised they prepared a room for us to rest in.

They said they’d find some tools to unlock these handcuffs too.

All we have to do now is leave Italy.

They said we’ll be leaving early in the morning, so why don’t we rest until then?

I thought it’d been a long time since we first met, but it’s only been two days.

We don’t have to be on the run any longer, huh.

You’re happy too, right? We can finally go our separate ways.

What are you staring at me for?

Of course we’ll go our separate ways once we cross the border.

I don’t think I’ll need to keep you from talking, so I’ll let you go.

It felt longer than it actually was. You helped me out for a while.

What? I’m lying? About what?

I look sad? I’m sad about leaving you?

You seem pretty overconfident.

Then what would you do if I said “Don’t go! Stay with me from now on!”?

Would you come with me?

What? Don’t nod in agreement!

Would you seriously come with me?

Hey… Even if you plan on doing that, I don’t really…

Damn it. This is no good. I don’t think I can trick you.

That’s right. It’s just as you guessed.

So… You see…

I’m feeling sad about leaving you.

I want to stay with you from now on.

Don’t look so surprised. It took a lot for me to tell you how I really feel.

I thought I would never trust anyone again. I wasn’t going to trust you either.

Before I knew it, I didn’t want to be apart from you. I’m sure there’ll never be another person who I can feel relaxed around.

So will you stay with me from now on?

You’ll do it? Really?

You haven’t misunderstood the meaning of staying by my side?

It means we’ll be together from now on… Do you understand?

You really don’t ever hesitate.

It’s not like that. I’m really happy.

You’re pretty impressive too. I can’t believe you trusted a terrible man like me.

I’m not a terrible man? Are you trying to trick me?

If you say something like that, then I can’t really tease you.

For your information, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to treat you kindly.

This is my first time touching someone as my true self.

Come on… Here…

Can you hear my heart beating?

That’s right. I’m nervous. Even I feel as if I’m being pathetic.

Why are you smiling like that? It’s not funny that it’s only me who seems to be crazy about you.

Don’t you know that it makes me feel like troubling you when you look so calm?

If you want to be by my side too, then say it out loud.

You’re not going to say it? In that case…

It’s waterproof, so I don’t think it’s broken.

Hmm? I’m talking about the phone I use for work.

I’m going to put it on vibrate.

Your neck is your weak spot, isn’t it?

Have you realised what I’m doing?

No. I’m not going to let you escape.

I’m going to caress your neck like this.

Try and say it now. That you want to stay with me…

I don’t believe it yet. I think I’ll caress your collarbone now.

I’ll go a little lower too.

Your reactions are cute. If you want me to believe you, then say it without being embarrassed.

So I can understand that you don’t want us to be apart…

What? Why did you tell me you liked me?

I did understand your feelings, but would you normally do that?

I really can’t predict what you’re going to do.

What? My answer?

You’re going to make me say it too?

Why do things always get turned around whenever I think I’m the one taking the lead?

It’s not like that. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to say it.

Don’t look so hurt.

I love you. I love you.

Hmm? So even you get embarrassed when someone says that to you.

It’s no good hiding it. You’re bright red.

Your skin feels warmer. Can you tell?

Why are you looking away?

Are you embarrassed that I’m looking at you?

It’s alright, isn’t it? Don’t think you can get away after you’ve exposed someone else.

So show yourself to me even more.

Your shoulders are really small.

Don’t run away! All I did was caress you a little.

If that’s the way you’re reacting now, then I’m not responsible for what happens next.

That reaction is cute. Let me see even more of your expressions.

Don’t rush. We’ve got plenty of time if we’re going to stay together from now on.

I promise that I’ll always show you my true feelings. I’ll make sure to trust you.

So let me stay by your side.

Thank you.

Track 10

2AM. Pordenone. US Air Base. Forty eight hours have passed.

It’s almost time for take-off. Are you ready?

I suppose you have some regrets, but we can’t go back any longer.

I’m sorry, but make sure you’re prepared for this.

No… I’m fine. I don’t have any regrets.

Don’t look at me like that.

I know. I promised that I wouldn’t lie to you.

I’m concerned about Amphisbaena.

Even though you’re supposed to choose the next Father, I kidnapped you.

My allies probably believed I’d bring you back with me.

I thought I’d thrown away my trust and devotion for Amphisbaena a long time ago.

Maybe I was never cut out to be a spy to begin with.

I felt that way after I revealed my true feelings to you.

I’m sorry. Can I ask you one thing?

Just wait a minute. This is good enough.

Look at this screen. These are the members of Amphisbaena.

They’re young, but they’re all leaders.

Choose one of them.

Here you go. Point to one of them and say you’ll choose that person.

Thank you.

Hello. You heard that just now, didn’t you?

That was Father’s daughter. She chose one of them.

That’s good enough to decide on the next Father, right?

It’s got nothing to do with me what happens next. Goodbye.

I was talking to my allies in Amphisbaena on a video call.

That call and the video have been saved.

That’s right. Choosing the new Father. It should be fine now.

It’s alright. The reason they couldn’t decide was a simple one. They just didn’t have a way of stopping the people who wanted Amphisbaena overthrown.

If they can keep those people quiet, then everything else will work out fine.

They can just use that video call they saved.

I’m sure they can do that much without me.

It’s the decent thing to do for the people who trusted me.

It won’t be enough for them to forgive my betrayal though.

What’s that? A message?

Why? It’s from my allies in Amphisbaena.

This is… An explosion?!

It’s serious… It’s them, the ones who were chasing us!

They must be idiots if they’re attacking the army!

If they’re serious about fighting them, then we won’t last long!

We’re going to escape! Come this way!

Are you okay? Come on, give me your hand!

We’ll run along this hallway… No! They’re coming at us from the front!

Come this way! Go inside that storeroom!

Hold your breath and stay still.

You’re trembling. Are you scared?

It’s okay. I’m here. Stay close to me.

We’re surrounded with no way to escape.

It looks like things are going to be difficult from here on out.

I understand. We’ve lost. We didn’t think you’d come all the way to an army base.

I’ve shown that I’m careless again.

Hey. Let me talk to her for a while. This is our last chance, you see.

I’m sorry, Miss. I wanted to leave this place with you.

I’m happy that you trusted me though.

I love you.

One year later. At a small house in a rural village of a certain country.

I said I was sorry! The two of us have survived. That’s good enough, isn’t it?

Can’t you compliment me for saving us with my plan back then?

2AM. Pordenone. US Air Base. Going back to when forty eight hours had passed.

A message?

Why? It’s from my allies in Amphisbaena.

This is… They’re coming closer. Be careful.

It’s some information from my allies.

Why? Are they trying to get me back for that video of her?

What idiots. It seems like I wasn’t the only one in a forgiving mood.

They gave me information… They’re not the only ones with good hearts.

They really are idiots.

Let’s trust the information they’ve given us.

If this information is correct, then they’ll be here in less than five minutes.

If we’re going to do something, we need to prepare.

It’s alright. It’s more than enough.

We’re at an air base, so we should find what we need if we look.

I’m sorry, Miss. I wanted to leave this place with you.

I’m happy that you trusted me though.

I love you.

Got you.

Hey, you! Do you know what this is?

A grenade? That’s not right. It’s a stun grenade.

It would’ve been impossible to fight them all, but making the enemy let their guard down and running away when we got the opportunity was good enough.

Our opponents were planning a surprise attack, so pretending that they had us cornered was simple.

But it wouldn’t have gone according to plan without your help.

Thank you for agreeing to my plan back then.

Living peacefully like this really is like a dream.

But the way you pretended to be scared was really convincing!

I didn’t know you had a talent for deceiving men.

I’ve got to be careful to make sure I don’t end up getting tricked too.

I’m sorry! I know. You did your best even though you really were scared.

Come on, cheer up.

I’m not trying to trick you with a kiss!

You’re the only person I’ve got… I don’t want you to tease me too much.

That’s right. You’re the only person I’ve got. I’m fine as long as you’re with me.

I love you. I’ve loved you ever since that time.

I’ve abandoned my past and my name. Everyone thinks we’re dead.

The man named Chiave died back then. Now I’m just a nameless man who loves you.

I want to stay by your side from now on. I want to reveal everything and live honestly.

I can do that because you’re my partner.

So I’ll be counting on you from now on.

Track 11

Hello, I’m Toriumi Kousuke, the voice actor for Chiave. Thank you for listening.

This is the free talk, where I’ve been given some topics to talk about.

It won’t be for long, but I’d like you to accompany me for a while.

First of all, please give your thoughts on the recording.

There were two discs this time and the length really is amazing.

It’s hard work for the person doing it too. I wonder whether the listeners are also satisfied?

Please excuse me a moment.

Alright. I’m fine now.

Well… When you speak into a dummy head mic a lot, you actually end up mumbling.

It affects your throat more than you’d think. Please remember that everyone.

The recording itself was hard work, but I think it went well.

Were there any similarities between you and Chiave?

I don’t think we’re similar at all. Even our jobs are completely different.

I haven’t killed anyone yet either. That’s because I haven’t worked as a member of the mafia.

It’s because the environments we were raised in aren’t the same.

We don’t have any similarities, but there are parts of him that come from myself, so I suppose we are similar in a way? What did everyone else think? I’m waiting to hear your thoughts.

What would you do if you were handcuffed to Chiave?

What would I do? Hmm… I wouldn’t do anything. I’d ask for the handcuffs to be taken off quickly. I wouldn’t want to be handcuffed to another man for a long time. I think I’d say “I’m not into that kind of thing!” I’d try my best to get the handcuffs off quickly.

Last of all, please say something to the listeners.

This two disc series Criminale! is still going strong. Perhaps you felt how long it was. I went to many different places. I don’t know what the rest of the series is like, but this volume was like a road trip movie. I even felt hungry.

It would be good if it made people think “So this is what happens when a man and woman are together in a special situation?” I like happy endings, so I was pleased that everything turned out fine. I’d also be glad if you enjoyed it too.

This was Toriumi Kousuke, the voice actor for Chiave. I hope we’ll meet again somewhere else. Goodbye!


Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 6


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