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Wasurena Gakuen High School Division ~Student Council VS Disciplinary Committee~

Maeno Tomoaki
Tachibana Shinnosuke
Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Shimono Hiro
Midorikawa Hikaru
Hirakawa Daisuke
Takahashi Naozumi
Morikawa Toshiyuki

Yamazaki: Wasurena Academy. A well-established school for boys comprised of elementary, middle and high school divisions. However, as a result of the low birth rate in recent years, the school’s management has decided that female students will be admitted from next year and it will operate as a co-ed school.

You are the school’s only female student, who is provisionally enrolled in the high school division. As a result of that, you are incredibly popular with teachers and students alike in your daily school life. Naturally, even I, the school nurse, have secret affections for you. In fact… It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you’re already mine.

That’s because there’s no doubt that I’m the one who knows you best. You’re destined to fall in love with me eventually.

Hmm? What was I talking about? That’s right! I was talking about Wasurena Academy! Anyway, you join the student council in the high school division as its only female member, making the most of your high school life as you balance the student council with your studies. One day…

Shinpachi: You’ve been playing with your phone too much, Souji.

Souji: Don’t talk to me. You’ll distract me.

Shinpachi: Hey… Is it really okay for you to talk to the student council president like that?

Heisuke: You’ve been playing with your phone all this time. What are you doing?

Souji: I told you not to talk to me!

You’re still stuck using a flip phone, so it’s got nothing to do with you.

Heisuke: You’re so cold! This always happens though!

Sano: Let me see.

Oh, that’s Tsun Tsun. I play that game too.

Souji: I know. There’s always someone called Sanoko-chan in the weekly rankings.

What’s with that name? It annoys me when I see it.

Sano: I used to pretend to be a girl when playing online games.

Heisuke: What are you talking about? This is the first time I’ve heard that!

Pretending to be a girl?

Sano: That’s right.

Shinpachi: Ah, you’re good at doing that. We played online games together and it was so funny how lots of guys bought in-game items for him because they believed he really was a girl!

Heisuke: Whoa…

Sano: But it’s more efficient to pretend to be a girl.

It doesn’t matter when I’m playing Tsun Tsun because you can’t send items to other players, but I always use Sanoko-chan as my name. I don’t get confused that way.

Heisuke: I’m disappointed in you.

Shinpachi: But I’m sure you’d be fooled if you played with Sano and didn’t know about his name.

Sano: I’m sure he would. It’d be easy to fool Heisuke.

Heisuke: Scary… I’m never going to play online games.

Souji: I couldn’t beat my high score…

Sano: You were so close to beating it. Why didn’t you buy items to give you more time?

Souji: I want to get a good score without relying on items.

Sano: What? How annoying. It’s easy to beat your high score if you spend money. Not spending money makes you an ineffective player.

Shinpachi: Being an effective player is the most important thing to you.

Sano: Why did you make a combo with the mouse character? The duck would’ve been much better.

Souji: Shut up. Don’t make comments about the way other people play.

Heisuke: I don’t really get what’s happening, but they seem pretty into it.

Shinpachi: Come on, you two. We’re supposed to be doing the student council work right now.

Sano: Were we even talking about anything in particular?

Shinpachi: Not really. To be honest, there’s nothing we can talk about.

Heisuke: Hey, what’s “Tsun Tsun”? Is it a game like “Puru Puru”? Can I play it too?

Souji: I told you that it’s got nothing to do with you!

Why don’t you just entertain yourself by using that flip phone as a pair of castanets?

Heisuke: What?! There’s nothing wrong with flip phones!

I like being able to press the buttons. The sub-display is convenient because it it has a clock and you can read the news!

Sano: I haven’t heard anyone talk about a sub-display for a long time. I’m surprised you can keep using that phone.

Shinpachi: Hey, Little Bird. Thanks for your hard work.

Sano: You’re late. Everyone else is already here.

Heisuke: It’s no big deal! It’s not like we’ve got any work to do.

Come and sit here.

Souji: You say something to Heisuke too.

Ask him how long he’s going to keep using that fossil as his phone.

Shinpachi: Stop that. You’re putting Little Bird in a difficult position.

Sano: Wouldn’t it be better to say it straight?

Heisuke is the only one who doesn’t have LANE, so it’s difficult to contact him.

Shinpachi: Ah… Well, you’re right about that.

Oh? Can’t you use LANE on flip phones too?

Heisuke: It uses up too much memory on my phone.

Shinpachi: I wonder why you’re so into having a flip phone.

Sano: Isn’t he just being stubborn?

I think Heisuke would listen if you told him to throw away his flip phone.

Go on. You can call him as many names as you want.

Heisuke: It’d hurt if you called me names like that… You won’t do it, right?

Heisuke: Really? You understand how great flip phones are?!

Shinpachi: But you have a smartphone, right, Little Bird?

Heisuke: Huh?

Sano: Smartphones are more convenient, aren’t they?

Why don’t you upgrade your phone, Heisuke?

Heisuke: You’re right. Maybe I’ll get a smart phone soon…

Souji: Didn’t you say that on the field trip too?

I’m sure you said it when you were looking at a map.

Heisuke: I didn’t bother because I couldn’t make up my mind, but I’ll think about it seriously this time!

Souji: Hmm… You’re finally going to do it?

In that case I’m going to tweet about you getting your first smartphone soon.

Heisuke: Why are you always tweeting my name like it’s no big deal?!

Souji: You think you deserve privacy, Heisuke?

Heisuke: Why do you treat me like that?!

Souji: It’s fine. My followers like reading about you.

Heisuke: Didn’t you say that you’ve got 50,000 followers?

Souji: I’m almost at 60,000 followers.

But my follower count just doesn’t seem to go up.

I just don’t know what to do.

Sano: There’s no doubt that Okita is a Twitter addict.

Souji: Thank you for the compliment.

Shinpachi: I just remembered that when I checked your Twitter during the times you skipped student council meetings, you were usually having offline meetings with your followers.

Souji: Isn’t that just a coincidence?

Shinpachi: Is that so?

Heisuke: There’s no way that it’s a coincidence!

Don’t just accept it!

Souji: It’s not really a big deal, is it? We hardly have any work to do anyway.

Sano: I suppose not. The student council has nothing to do all year round.

Heisuke: I think that’s because I’m doing Souji-kun and Sano-senpai’s work!

Sano: Aren’t you just imagining things?

Souji: You definitely are.

Heisuke: How come you’re only ever in sync at times like this?!

Shinpachi: Calm down, Heisuke.

Heisuke: You could be a little tougher on those two, Shinpachi-senpai!

Shinpachi: I’ve been warning them for a while now!

I told Souji he was playing with his phone too much.

I also reminded them that this was a student council meeting.

Heisuke: That’s not being tough at all! You’ve got to be stricter!

Shinpachi: But it’s true that we don’t have any work to do.

Heisuke: That’s only because I’m working hard!

Shinpachi: Don’t get so angry!

Heisuke: I’ve been shouting so much that my throat hurts.

Shinpachi: Anyway, are you guys hungry?

Sano: Ah. I’m hungry.

Shinpachi: Go and buy some potato chips, Sano.

Consommé flavour, alright?

Sano: Why should I do it?

Shinpachi: It’s an order from the student council president.

Sano: Okita. Go and buy some potato chips.

Nagakura wants consommé flavour.

Souji: What?

Sano: Get me some lightly salted chips too.

Ah… I’ll get thirsty after eating potato chips, so I want an orange juice.

Souji: Why are you asking me that?

Didn’t he ask you to do it, Harada-senpai?

Sano: It’s an order from the vice-president.

Souji: Heisuke.

Heisuke: I knew you’d ask me.

I won’t do it! A secretary isn’t meant to be a slave!

Souji: I want sour cream flavour, so get one of those too.

I also want a popsicle. Keep buying them until you get a winning popsicle stick.

Heisuke: Don’t just ignore me and keep talking!

Also, you don’t know if you’ve got a winning popsicle stick until you eat it!

Souji: Then this is an order from the student council accountant. Please get me a winning stick.

Heisuke: What?! There are some orders that are just impossible to carry out!

Shinpachi: Ah. Maybe I’ll give Little Bird an order from the student council president too.

Come here, Little Bird. Can you sit on my lap?

Sano: I’ll give an order from the vice president then.

If you’re going to sit on Nagakura’s lap, then I want you to hug me.

Shinpachi: Ah, that’s not fair. I want a hug too!

Sano: Then she can sit on my lap instead.

Shinpachi: Hmm… I can’t give up on either of them…

Souji: Hey. What are you talking about? Let me join in too.

If her top half and lap are already taken, then what’s left for me?

Shinpachi: Souji. Little Bird isn’t an object.

Souji: I don’t want to hear that from you, Nagakura-senpai.

Sano: You’re a second year student, so why don’t you just put up with it?

Souji: What? I won’t let you act like my senior at a time like this.

No. I’m definitely not going to give up.

Heisuke: You should ask her if she actually agrees with this first…

Shinpachi: There’s no way that Little Bird would say no to me, right?

Sano: You wouldn’t reject me either, would you?

Souji: Of course the same goes for me, doesn’t it?

Heisuke: I don’t know what to do… This seems a lot like an abuse of power!

Yamanami: Excuse me!

Heisuke: That scared me!

Itou: Hello, student council members!

Saito: Hello.

Shinpachi: Oh? It’s Sannan, Itou and Hajime from the disciplinary committee.

What are you doing here?

Yamanami: We’ve come here today to talk about the student council’s lack of morals!

Shinpachi: What?

Yamanami: Read out the information, Saito.

Saito: Of course, President.

We’ll start with the student council president.

Shinpachi: Me?

Saito: That’s right. You over there.

Did you know that you have been nicknamed “Walking Sexual Harassment” despite holding the title of student council president?

Shinpachi: Yes, I do.

Saito: If you have the chance, you will try to make a move on any girl.

Your shirt is unbuttoned down to the third button.

Whenever you open your mouth to speak, you talk about girls 90% of the time.

You admit all of that, don’t you?

Shinpachi: I suppose so.

But isn’t Itou worse at leaving his shirt unbuttoned?

His shirt is unbuttoned down to the fourth button.

Itou: That’s not true.

Shinpachi: He did up the buttons!

Saito: We’re talking about you right now.

Can I continue?

Shinpachi: Oh, sorry!

What were you saying?

Saito: As a result of the above reasons, we believe that you have significantly affected the public decency of this school. This also applies to the vice-president.

Sano: Hmm? Me too?

Saito: You wear your uniform properly. As a member of the disciplinary committee, I commend your dedication to the school rules.

Sano: Thank you.

Souji: Just how is Harada-senpai dedicated to the school rules?

He slacks off and doesn’t do any work at all.

Heisuke: You slack off all the time too, Souji-kun!

Souji: Don’t say anything unnecessary.

So what does that mean?

Shinpachi: I see. You don’t know about it, Souji.

Sano is well-known among the third year students for how strict he is about the school rules.

He’ll even tell someone to commit seppuku just because they were running in the hall.

Itou: I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s warned me.

Yamanami: As a member of the disciplinary committee, you ought to care about how many times you’ve been warned! You should be ashamed! You need to reflect on your actions!

Itou: I think Sano-chan’s warnings are his way of communicating, so I don’t pay any attention to them!

Sano: I’m not trying to communicate. I seriously think that people should commit seppuku.

Things would be peaceful if everyone who broke the school rules died.

Heisuke: Your way of solving things is too violent!

Souji: Hmm… That’s unexpected. You’re never serious about the student council, but you’re strict when it comes to the school rules.

Shinpachi: That’s right. Sano is an extreme person.

Anyway, I like that he’s more laid-back than someone who’s strict about everything.

Yamanami: Why’d you look at me when you said that?

Shinpachi: No reason.

Saito: Can I continue?

Shinpachi: Of course. Sorry.

What were you talking about?

Saito: The vice-president has a bad mouth.

He’ll say things like “Are you a fool?” or “Why don’t you die?” to students who break the rules.

Many students have taken a leave of absence from the school after being hurt by his sharp words.

This is a terrible problem. The number of students might even be reduced by a whole class.

Sano: They won’t be able to keep on living if they’re that mentally weak.

School is practice for the outside world, so students without a sense of cooperation who can’t even keep to the rules are better off dead. Am I wrong?

Heisuke: I never thought I’d hear Sano-senpai use the term “a sense of cooperation”.

Itou: Never mind whether you’re wrong or not. I don’t think you should hurt them unnecessarily.

You need to choose your words carefully.

Souji: Nagakura-senpai doesn’t warn him about it much either. Doesn’t that make things balanced?

Yamanami: The fact that Nagakura doesn’t warn him is another problem.

The student council should be setting an example for the other students. What good would it do for its president to be like that?

Shinpachi: You’re so strict.

Itou: I’ve also got something to say to Okita-kun, the accountant.

Souji: Me? I don’t remember doing anything to disturb the public morals.

Itou: Your problem is that you abuse the power you have.

Souji: What?

Itou: You sometimes make mistakes when calculating the budgets for things like club activities and school festivals. But there’s a rumour that you explain them all away as being for sweets.

Souji: If the accountant says there aren’t any miscalculations, then that’s how it is.

Isn’t that good enough?

Heisuke: You can’t admit that, Souji-kun.

Saito: Another problem is that there’s a rumour going round that you tell students you don’t like to lick your shoes if they ask for an increase in their budget for club activities.

Itou: That’s no good at all!

Souji: I couldn’t help it. It was their fault for being arrogant with me.

I’m sure those students must be grateful for me teaching them the life lesson that you shouldn’t oppose authority figures. I’ve already forgotten their names and faces though.

Yamanami: So none of you feel any shame?

Itou: Looks like they don’t.

Saito: How unfortunate.

Yamanami: We’ll be giving out your sentence then.

As a result of the above reasons, the disciplinary committee will…

Heisuke: Wait! You didn’t say anything about me!

Yamanami: We don’t have anything to say about you.

Saito: If we had to say something, it would be that you’re too stressed.

Try not to take too much stomach medicine.

Itou: Talk to someone about it before you get depressed.

Heisuke: You really are worried about me…

Yamanami: You’re doing your best in this student council.

Heisuke: Thank you…

Yamanami: But you’re our enemy.

Heisuke: Huh?

Yamanami: Listen up, you two. Put on your armbands.

Itou & Saito: Alright!

Yamanami: We made a promise when we were given these armbands.

That we would defend the morals of the school!

Right now, we’re announcing our intention to fight back against the student council.

It will be the disciplinary committee who rules over the students and keeps the school in order.

Heisuke: What?

Souji: Huh? How can you say whatever you like?

Sano: Why is the disciplinary committee interfering like this? They’re asking too much.

Shinpachi: You three need to calm down a little.

Even if you make a one-sided declaration like that, the students won’t follow your lead so easily.

Yamanami: I wonder about that… Itou!

Itou: Alright!

Excuse me a moment.

Heisuke: Kashitaro-senpai… Why are you carrying her in your arms?!

Itou: I’m going to take this girl away.

Heisuke: What?!

Shinpachi: Hey! What are you going to do with Little Bird?

Yamanami: She’s the only girl in the high school division.

All the male students and even the teachers are crazy about her.

Do you understand what that means?

Sano: It can’t be…

Yamanami: That’s right. Ruling the school will be a piece of cake with her on our side.

She’s going to leave the student council and join the disciplinary committee.

Itou: Goodbye, student council members!

Yamanami: See you later.

Souji: We’re not going to hand her over without a fight!

Shinpachi: Let’s chase them and get Little Bird back!

Heisuke: Alright!

Saito: No. I’m not going to let you pass.

Heisuke: Hajime-kun! Get out of the way!

We’ve got to follow her…

Saito: No.

Shinpachi: I always thought Hajime was the serious type.

Don’t you think it’s strange to kidnap a girl from the student council?

Sano: Don’t you understand that it’s impossible for the disciplinary committee to be at the top?

Saito: But it’s true that the morals of the student council are a mess.

We have to keep that under control.

Souji: Do you need to do it this way?

Saito: I think it’s too much, but anything less than this wouldn’t worry the student council.


Heisuke: Also…?

Saito: It would be better if she joined the disciplinary committee.

Heisuke: So that’s what this is about?!

Saito: No. It’s just one of our reasons for making that decision.

I’ll be going then. Please disband the student council immediately.

Souji: Hajime-kun is our enemy now?

Heisuke: Seriously? I’m really shocked.

Shinpachi: They’re serious about destroying the student council.

Sano: What are we going to do?

Shinpachi: It’s going to be all out war, of course.

It’s no good if we don’t get Little Bird back first of all.

Souji: Right. Then we’ll make them regret opposing the student council.

Heisuke: You mean we’ll destroy the disciplinary committee?

Sano: That or we’ll have the disciplinary committee merged into the student council.

It would be easier if all the power was concentrated into the student council.

Shinpachi: That sounds good. We could do that too.

Souji: Let’s teach them a lesson.

Heisuke: Whoa… We’re definitely the evil ones.

Itou: Here goes.

This is the disciplinary committee room. It’s the committee with the most power after the student council, so it has its own room.

Anyway, I’m sorry we kidnapped you so suddenly. You were surprised, weren’t you?

Yamanami: It’s better for you to be here instead of that den of strange people.

Most people in the student council end up the same way.

They become corrupt as a result of disturbing public decency and abusing their power.

Or they turn out like Heisuke, who is always bothered by stomach pains.

Yamanami: He is incompetent, but feels a great sense of responsibility.

He should just leave the student council.

Itou: I agree. But he can’t leave because he knows the student council would fall apart without him.

That’s what kind of person he is.

Yamanami: But you haven’t been influenced by the student council.

There’s still a chance for you.

Itou: That’s right. So now you’re going to be one of us!

Welcome to the disciplinary committee.

Ah. Excuse me a moment.

Yamanami: Why did you undo your buttons?

Itou: Because it’s uncomfortable!

Sometimes you’re too strict, Sannan.

Yamanami: I’m being strict because you’ve always got your shirt wide open!

Don’t you realise that you’re a member of the disciplinary committee?

Itou: I do. That’s why I keep the fifth button fastened.

I wouldn’t even wear a shirt if I wasn’t a member of the disciplinary committee.

Yamanami: What is someone like you doing in the disciplinary committee?

On top of that, you’re the vice-president!

Itou: I suppose it’s because I’m popular.

Yamanami: Shut up!

Itou: Don’t get so angry. I’m worried that you might burst a blood vessel and collapse.

Yamanami: You just have to make sure not to corrupt the morals!

Saito: I’m back.

Itou: Ah. Welcome back, Hajime-chan!

What happened? You were away for a while.

Saito: On the way back from the student council office, I found a student riding their motorbike in the schoolyard, so I gave him a warning.

Yamanami: What’d you say?

Saito: Then I found this in the schoolyard.

It’s a four leaf clover. I thought she might like to have it.

Itou: Oh? You’re already serious about winning her heart?

You get to work unexpectedly quickly.

Yamanami: How can you be so laid-back?

We planned to win her heart and get her to join the disciplinary committee, didn’t we?

Why don’t you make an effort too?

Itou: I don’t need to do anything. She’s been in love with me from the start!

Isn’t that right?

Yamanami: Can’t you see she’s obviously confused?

Itou: Oh no! She’s just embarrassed.

Isn’t that right?

Yamanami: How can you be that positive?

Saito: Hey. Do you want this clover?

I’m glad that you’re happy.

I wonder if that will make you fall in love with me?

Itou: Ah! That’s not possible, is it?

It’s naive of you to think that she’d fall for you just because of a single clover, Hajime-chan.

Saito: It’s no ordinary clover. It’s a four-leaf clover.

That’s why it’s a high value gift.

Itou: Oh? Is a four-leaf clover such an amazing object?

Saito: I’m not trying to make you fall for me with a gift.

But I heard the president and vice-president discussing how to make you fall for them. I just couldn’t ignore that.

I would like to form a relationship with you. Please go out with me!

Yamanami: Hey! You’re getting into this too quickly!

Saito: That’s not true. I’m just telling her my true feelings.

First of all, by telling her about my intention to form a relationship, it shows that I’m sincere.

Itou: You’re so serious! We’re so different that it’s dazzling, Hajime-chan!

Yamanami: Why are you afraid?

If Saito is being serious, then I just have to appeal to her in the same way.

Yamanami: Hey. If you’re going to date someone, then choose me.

There’ll be plenty of advantages for you if you date me.

Like this…

Saito: That’s the cloth which the president always keeps at his waist.

Itou: It’s well-known as the cloth which you can use to tell the time because it’s white in the morning, but covered in dirt by the time school ends.

Saito: That’s it.

Yamanami: I’ll use this cloth to clean your desk and chair first thing every morning.

It feels good to start the day on a clean chair. What do you think?

Itou: It’s no good asking her that… You’d have to hesitate, wouldn’t you?

Yamanami: You mean this isn’t enough?

Very well. Then next up is this!

Saito: Those are the nail clippers used when the president checks the students’ appearance at the school gate every morning.

Itou: The students fearfully talk about how if their nails are even 1mm longer than what the school rules state, they are forced to cut their nails short.

Saito: That’s it!

Yamanami: I’ll use these nail clippers to cut your nails everyday. I’ll file your nails too.

It feels good when your fingers are clean. How about that?

Itou: Hey, Sannan. She looks shocked. Are you really trying to win her affection?

Yamanami: Of course.

Itou: I see. I won’t say anything then. Do your best.

Yamanami: You don’t need to tell me that!

You’re not even satisfied with the nail clippers. What a greedy person you are.

In that case… What about this?

Saito: That’s the portable iron which is used on the students who come to school with creased uniforms!

Itou: Where did you get that? It looks too big to fit in your pocket.

Saito: It’s a mystery. The president is famous for being able to produce a mop and duster out of nowhere.

Itou: You’d be a good member of the beautification committee.

Yamanami: Taking care of the beautification of the school is an important part of preserving its morals. You should be carrying this much with you too.

We won’t talk about Saito. A disciplinary committee member like you is…

Itou: You can’t scold me like that!

Anyway, you should be trying to win her affection!

Yamanami: Right, I was talking about the iron.

If you date me, then I’ll use this handy iron on your uniform every day.

You’ll be able to experience the comfort of putting on a uniform without creases every day!

Is there anything more wonderful than that?

Yamanami: Isn’t that right? It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Saito: Could it be that the president is a step ahead of us?

Itou: What are you talking about? She looks really confused.

This is nothing more than flattery.

Yamanami: What?

Itou: You two have no idea how to charm a woman.

Clovers and ironing clothes are so dull.

You have to do something to excite a maiden’s heart.

Saito: A four-leaf clover is not dull!

You should take that back.

Yamanami: You should take back what you said about the iron too.

I think any woman would be excited about a man ironing for her.

Itou: The two of you don’t understand at all. Just watch me.

This is how you capture a girl’s heart.

Yamanami: Hmm? Let’s see what you’ve got then.

Itou: Hey. Now that you’re a member of the disciplinary committee, I’ll check your appearance.

Stay still, okay?

Saito: Vice-president… Why are you touching her skirt?!

I won’t forgive you if you put your hand underneath it!

Itou: I won’t do that. But now I know how you see me.

Isn’t that quite hurtful?

Saito: Is that so? I’m sorry.

Itou: Be careful from now on.

Yamanami: Hmm? Why’d you take out a tape measure?

You wound it around her… Are you trying out bondage?!

Itou: I understand just how you see me.

You know, I’m a normal person, so I would go to a love hotel if I was going to do that kind of thing.

Saito: Love…

Yamanami: Love…?!

Itou: Ah, it was careless of me to let that slip.

I suppose Sannan and Hajime-chan aren’t ready for things like that yet.

Sorry about that.

Itou: Of course I won’t do anything like that to you. Don’t worry.

This tape measure is for measuring your skirt.

This is no good. It’s a big problem. Your skirt is too long.

Listen carefully. You have wonderful legs.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that following the school rules and keeping your thighs covered is a violation of beauty.

Your beautiful legs exist to be seen. The best length for a skirt is twenty centimetres above the knee.

Go on. Try to lift up your skirt by yourself.

Show me your thighs.

If you’re too embarrassed to do it, then I’ll lift it up for you.

See. Do it like this.

You enjoy grown-up games like this one, don’t you?

Here goes!

Saito: Itou-senpai!

Take your hand off her skirt right now!

Itou: What is it? What’s the matter?

Yamanami: Itou. Are you insane?!

Don’t you realise how many of the students are going to lose their minds if she wears her skirt like that?

Itou: Why? Won’t it be relaxing to look at?

It’s just like looking at some beautiful art!

Yamanami: You’re the only one who thinks that way!

Saito is already at his limit. Just look at the pitiful sight of him trying not to look at her!

Itou: Sorry. You really aren’t used to it…

Saito: There aren’t many people like you who are comfortable with girls.

Can’t you be more careful?

Itou: Alright. I understand.

I thought it was a good way to check her uniform and make her heart beat faster at the same time.

Yamanami: What good would it do if you guided her in a way that disrupted the morals of the school even more?!

If you ever try something like that again, I won’t come to the art classroom with you anymore.

Itou: What? Why are you being so cold when you’re supposed to be an art-lover?

Even though you’re just like me because the smell of paint calms you down!

Yamanami: I never said anything like that!

Don’t just say whatever you want!

Itou: But didn’t you say that the art classroom was a relaxing place?

Yamanami: I’m never calm when you’re around, no matter where I go!

I’m going to make this clear now. You talk to me too much!

Try and put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re talking to!

Itou: But there aren’t many people I can talk to about art…

Yamanami: I’m the type of person who enjoys art on their own.

I’m not like you.

Itou: Don’t be like that. Let’s be more friendly about this!

Yamanami: You’re annoying!

Saito: It’s started again.

I’m sorry. The president and vice-president always clash like that.

By the way… Are your legs okay?

The vice-president touched your legs, didn’t he?

I see. What do you want to do about the length of your skirt?

That’s good.

No. I only saw you with a short skirt for a moment, but I think it looked good.

You’re an unmarried woman though.

It’s better not to show your skin.

Itou: Stop that, Hajime-chan.

If you keep going, then I’ll be purified by your seriousness too.

Saito: I don’t really understand what you’re saying.

Yamanami: The world will be a better place if Itou gets purified!

There’ll be plenty of girls who fall victim to his frivolous personality.

Itou: That’s not true. There’s only one woman I want.

Hey. I’m talking about you.

Did you know that?

Yamanami: You’re doing that again.

Hmm? What is it?

You’re going back to the student council?

Itou: Why? You’re already a member of the disciplinary committee, so there’s no need to go there.

What are you talking about? You are a member! Isn’t that right, Sannan? Hajime-chan?

Saito: No. We’ve only got as far as inviting her to join.

Itou: Is that so?!

Yamanami: That’s why I’ve been working hard to get her to fall in love with me and join the disciplinary committee!

Itou: But weren’t we saying that she’d already joined the disciplinary committee because she’s in love with me?

Saito: I don’t think she was ever in love with you.

Itou: That’s impossible! Then have I been rejected?

Saito: You weren’t rejected. I think it would be more accurate to say that nothing had even happened.

Itou: How shocking! I can’t believe it…

Yamanami: You really are an optimist.

I’m surprised you kept going with such a ridiculous misunderstanding.

Itou: I just can’t agree with that!

Isn’t she just pretending not to be in love with me because she’s embarrassed?

Saito: She’s not a tsundere.

Yamanami: Itou. You just don’t know when to give up.

Itou: Fine. I’m going to be serious about making her fall for me, so it doesn’t matter if other people are watching, does it?

I’m going to start by pushing her down!

Yamanami: What?!

Saito: Vice-president! Please calm down!

Itou: There’s no way I can do that! She’s got to understand how serious I am!

Yamanami: What does that have to do with knocking her over like that?

I’m not going to let you do that!

Saito! Grab hold of Itou!

Saito: Alright!

Itou: Why are you getting in my way?!

Yamanami: It would be wrong if we didn’t do this!

Saito: Get away from here! It’s dangerous!

Itou: Ah! Don’t go!

Yamanami: Saito! Why’d you let her escape?

What’s going to happen if she gets back to the student council?

Saito. I’m sorry. I was distracted by the vice-president’s lively spirit!

Yamanami: Damn it!

We’re going to split up and find her!

Itou: Oh? Why are you leaving me behind?

Wait, you two! I’m coming too!

Yamazaki: Oh? I can sense someone underneath the stairs.

Is someone there?

Ah! So it was you!

What are you doing there?

You want me to help you hide?

It seems that something terrible is happening.

I understand. Shall we go to the nurse’s room first?

I see. So that was what happened…

My goodness. You were caught in between the student council and the disciplinary committee. It must have been hard for you. Poor you.

This might be the perfect chance though.

Today, all the other teachers are out on a training course this afternoon.

In other words, I’m the only adult you can rely on.

You’ll fall for me if I stay with you as a kind-hearted ally!

I’m sure of it.

Ah. I’m sorry. I was just spacing out.

Don’t worry about it. It happens a lot.

Would you like some coffee? It’ll help you relax.

I’ll make some right now.

It smells good.

Here you go. The milk and sugar is over there, so just help yourself.

Is it good?

I’m glad to hear it.

Are you feeling hungry? I’ll bring some snacks for you to eat.

You’re welcome.

Please don’t be concerned about my ulterior motives.

I’m sorry. I might say some odd things because I’m just so excited, but please ignore them.

I would recommend that you go home for now.

Where is your bag?

The student council room… That is troublesome.

If you go there, I’m sure you’ll be captured by the student council and questioned about whether you betrayed them for the disciplinary committee.

It might be better for you to stay put until they all go home.

But I wonder what I should do as your teacher.

I can pat your head if it will comfort you after the difficult experience you’ve had…

Perhaps a hug… No, maybe sleeping beside you would be safest?

Ah… What is it?

I wasn’t thinking of anything suspicious at all!

Getting the student council and the disciplinary committee to reconcile…

From what I’ve heard, that would be quite difficult…

You’re so kind though! Despite being caught up in their selfish quarrel…

You care about their friendship! How wonderful!

I’m going to help you.

However, don’t forget that you could also join the health-care committee if they don’t become friends again and you get tired of them all.

If you join the health-care committee, you’ll have the special role of secretary to the school nurse.

You’ll need to be with me after school and during breaks. It’s a worthwhile position…

Heisuke: Ah! There she is!

Shinpachi: We’ve finally found you.

So this is where you were, Little Bird.

Souji: We went to the disciplinary committee, prepared to spill blood and we just got disappointed when it was completely empty.

Heisuke: I’m relieved no one was there since it seemed like they really were going to spill blood.

Everyone was so angry that I don’t think I could have held them back.

Sano: What are you doing in the nurse’s room of all places?

It’s dangerous here.

Heisuke: Didn’t you know anything?

There’s a rumour going round that the medicine Zakki-sensei uses really is suspicious!

Souji: He didn’t make you take any strange medicine, did he?

Sano: Ah. There’s a coffee cup.

Shinpachi: No way… Did you drink this, Little Bird?

Yamazaki-sensei. Get us the antidote right now.

Depending on what you gave her, I won’t hold back, even though you’re a teacher.

Yamazaki: Wait a minute. I only gave her coffee!

Heisuke: You’re lying.

Yamazaki: I’m telling the truth!

She’s the only one I wouldn’t give any medicine to.

Heisuke: Only her?

Yamazaki: I want her to choose me willingly, without being influenced by medicine.

Sano: That sounds like a lie.

You won’t actually tell the truth until we do whatever it takes, like burying you.

Yamazaki: Burying me?

Sano: That’s right. In the ground.

Yamazaki: I got her to take some medicine, but I haven’t done anything yet, so it’s no problem!

Heisuke: So you did make her take something!

And what do you mean you haven’t done anything yet?

Were you planning to do something?

Yamazaki: The only thing I gave her was a sedative. It wasn’t something suspicious!

Shinpachi: Giving it to her without her consent is already bad enough!

We really should bury you.

Sano: I think the under the hydrangeas in the school yard is a good place.

If you bury a corpse underneath a place where blue hydrangeas are growing, pink flowers will bloom. Wouldn’t that be nice and colourful?

Souji: That sounds great.

Sano: It’s because the earth changes from acid into alkali.

Heisuke: You’re so knowledgeable, Sano-senpai!

Sano: I think I heard God’s voice.

Souji: What are you talking about?

Shinpachi: Shall we go and bury Yamazaki-sensei then?

Yamazaki: Wait a minute! I just wanted to help her calm down!

And if there was a chance, I’d get her to become my secretary…

That’s no reason to bury me!

Souji: What? Why would she become your secretary?

She belongs to the student council.

Sano: It would be more accurate to say that she belongs to me, rather than the student council.

Souji: What?

Shinpachi: Sano. I can’t ignore what you just said.

Say that again. Who does Little Bird belong to?

Sano: She belongs to me.

Shinpachi: There’s no way that she does!

Yamazaki: That’s right! She’s mine!

Heisuke: Be quiet, Zakki-sensei!

You’re going to make things even more complicated!

Souji: You’re all just saying whatever you want.

She’s in the student council because she’s mine.

Sano: What are you talking about, Okita? Don’t decide things on your own, alright?

Shinpachi: Little Bird. It’s amazing that you can capture the hearts of all these men.

You can be honest though. I’m the one you love, aren’t I?

Heisuke: You’re too close, Shinpachi-senpai! Go away!

Can’t all of you calm down for a minute?

Heisuke: Are you okay? If you’re troubled, then you should say so!

They’ll only listen to what’s convenient for them…

If you put up with it, you might end up with stomach pains…

Yamazaki: Hey! Stop that, Toudou-kun!

It’s my duty to be a considerate ally to her!

You can just let your ugly fight play out and cover the school in blood!

I’ll take that opportunity to have a good time with her.

Heisuke: You’re being too upfront about your true feelings, Zakki-sensei!

Yamazaki: What?!

Shinpachi: You haven’t been taking part… Is that really okay?

Heisuke: What are you talking about?

Shinpachi: I’m asking you if you’re really okay with doing nothing instead of declaring your feelings for Little Bird?

Souji: That kind of person just gets friend-zoned.

My followers always say that about Heisuke.

Heisuke: Is that so?

Sano: Aren’t you just nothing more than a kind person?

To put it more simply, you aren’t seen as a man.

Even if you become a best friend, you won’t become a boyfriend.

Shinpachi: But isn’t that a good way to stay friends with Little Bird for a long time?

I couldn’t bear not being seen as a man though.

Heisuke: Of course I want to be seen as a man!

Shinpachi: Is that so?

Heisuke: You see… I believe that I’m able to keep going when things are tough because of her!

I want us to spend more time together! I want us to hang out on our days off!

Sano: Hmm… So you felt that way…

Heisuke: Of course! I like her too!

She’s number one on my speed dial!

Souji: You’ve never used the speed dial, have you?

Yamazaki: I understand how you feel!

Once you’ve got the number of someone you like, you put them on speed dial, whether you call them or not!

Then it becomes a phone number that you might use often and the illusion that you’re actually close to that person makes you smile! I completely understand!

Heisuke: You don’t have to explain all that!

Shinpachi: Being innocent for so long is just like you!

Heisuke: Never mind! Forget what I just said!

What are you doing on your phone, Souji?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this!

Souji: You took too long to notice.

I just tweeted it as “The cries from the soul of Heisuke Part Five”.

Heisuke: Why?! Delete it!

Souji: Amazing! Everyone’s retweeting it.

It’s going viral. Congratulations!

Heisuke: I’m not happy at all! You’re so cruel!

Shinpachi: If people are reacting like that, then doesn’t it mean people were moved by your experiences? Isn’t that actually a good thing?

Heisuke: I know they’re not moved by it, they’re just laughing at me!

My embarrassing secrets are out in the open!

Sano: Heisuke… Is he going to give up?

Shinpachi: It hurts, but we have to beat any rivals for Little Bird’s affection.

Souji: In that case, Nagakura-senpai and Harada-senpai will be the next ones who get beaten.

Shinpachi: That’s impossible. I’ll be the one who wins Little Bird’s heart.

Sano: No. I’ve been the clear winner from the beginning.

Yamazaki: Umm… Hello? Am I the only one being left out?

Have you even realised that you’ve got another tough rival here?

Yamanami: There she is!

Saito: So this is where you were.

We’ve been looking for a while now.

Itou: I’m hurt that you ran away!

But it seems that you haven’t gone back to the student council room. Thank goodness!

Yamanami: The disciplinary committee room is your place. We’re leaving.

Shinpachi: Wait right there!

Yamanami: What is it?

Shinpachi: How dare you kidnap Little Bird earlier.

Yamanami: She doesn’t belong in the student council.

Shinpachi: I think the disciplinary committee is an even worse place for her.

Yamanami: What’d you say?

Sano: We’re taking her back, so you disciplinary committee members can leave.

Itou: You should be the ones to leave. The student council is already done for.

Now it’s our time.

Souji: It’s bold of you to try and oppose us.

The student council won’t be defeated. We won’t let you take her away either.

Saito: We won’t know unless we try.

I think a fight is unavoidable if I want to win her heart.

Yamazaki: Don’t turn the nurse’s office into a danger zone!

I keep a lot of medicine here. Some of them can explode when they’re exposed to air.

Heisuke: Why’ve you got medicine like that in the nurse’s room?

Anyway, shouldn’t someone be comforting me when I’m lying here in pain?

Shinpachi: Let’s just go back to the student council room, Little Bird. Come on.

Yamanami: I won’t let you do that! She’ll be coming back to the disciplinary committee room.

I haven’t had a chance to explain the work we’ll be doing.

I’m going to tell her all about how wonderful it is once we get there.

Souji: Why are you just letting them take your hand like that?

I’m the only one who can touch your skin like that, aren’t I?

Hurry up and push them away.

Shinpachi: Hey, Souji. Why are you trying to push my hand away?

You’re in the student council, aren’t you?

Souji: In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the student council or the disciplinary committee.

Yamazaki: I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we compromise by letting her help out in the nurse’s room?

Saito: Just how is that a compromise?

Souji: Exactly! An old man like you shouldn’t get involved.

Yamazaki: Old man?! How rude! I’m young and lively!

Heisuke: That’s exactly what an old man would say.

Sano: This is getting annoying.

Hey, you. Why don’t we make a different committee and you can work there?

Heisuke: I thought things couldn’t get any more complicated!

What’d you say that for, Sano-senpai?!

Itou: The formation of a new organisation?

That sounds like fun!

Why don’t you and I make an underground student council or disciplinary committee?

Heisuke: Things are getting complicated again!

Yamanami: Itou! How can you betray me so calmly?!

Shinpachi: I definitely won’t allow another organisation to be set up!

I won’t let anyone else have Little Bird either!

Little Bird?

Yamanami: What’s the matter?

Heisuke: She snapped…

Sano: Scary… She’s like a demon.

Itou: She’s so powerful…

Shinpachi: What? It’s no good asking us to be friends…

Yamanami: That’s impossible now.

Souji: Everyone wants you. Things won’t calm down until you choose someone.

Saito: It certainly was a choice between the student council and the disciplinary committee at first.

You weren’t asked to choose one of us.

Yamazaki: No! I’m sure it was between the student council, the disciplinary committee and the nurse’s office!

Heisuke: Zakki-sensei. It’s not good to make things up.

Itou: It seems that you’ve already made up your mind.

Yamanami: Let me ask you something then. Are you going to choose the student council or the disciplinary committee?

Yamazaki: What? Not the nurse’s office?

Itou: I thought you were already a member of the disciplinary committee…

Shinpachi: Of course not. I’m glad you chose the student council though.

Heisuke: Yes, that’s great! I’m relieved.

Souji: There’s no need to feel relieved. It was only natural.

That’s because you’re a member of the student council.

Sano: It would be unthinkable for you to switch sides to the disciplinary committee.

Yamanami: So you’re choosing the student council, which you’re already a member of?

I can’t agree with that. Are you going to turn a blind eye to the disruption of public morals?

Changing things for the better? I don’t think you’ll be able to do that.

Heisuke: You’ll quit the student council if it doesn’t change for the better?

That’d be terrible!

Sano: Nagakura. Let’s improve the morals of the student council right away.

Do up the buttons on your shirts.

Don’t make excuses about your accounting mistakes from now on, Okita.

Souji: You can’t call people idiots or tell them to die either.

Sano: I’ll try my best.

Shinpachi: When was the last time I went all the way up to the second button?

I’ve had my shirt open since I was in middle school. It feels strange.

Itou: They improved themselves instantly…

Saito: The student council can do things when they try.

Yamanami: Tch.

Shinpachi: Huh? Being friends again?

Are we going to do that?

Yamanami: If the student council is going to be reborn as an organisation that sets a good example for the other students, then we can withdraw.

Shinpachi: Alright. If that’s what Little Bird says, then we’ll try our best to be a proper student council.

Yamazaki: Wonderful! Then Nagakura-kun and Sannan-kun should shake hands!

Shinpachi: Ugh!

Yamanami: Shake hands?

Yamazaki: That’s right! Reconciliation means shaking hands!

Hold the other person’s hand tightly and promise that you’ll lead the school while also supporting each other!

Shinpachi: Alright… Shake hands…

Yamazaki: Congratulations on your reconciliation!

Heisuke: Sannan-senpai has a demonic expression on his face…

Souji: Shouldn’t you be smiling while shaking hands in this kind of situation?

Itou: Isn’t Nagakura-kun smiling?

Saito: It’s not showing in his eyes.

Sano: They’re holding on so tightly that their veins are showing.

Yamanami: Don’t think that we’ve given up. We’ll definitely make her a member of the disciplinary committee.

Shinpachi: She’s always going to be a member of the student council.

We’re not going to hand her over.

Yamazaki: Ah, how wonderful!

The student council and disciplinary committee are shaking hands in a friendly manner as they reconcile after their disagreement!

What a wonderful sight! This truly is a youthful experience!

Yamazaki: That was how the student council and disciplinary committee reconciled successfully.

The sight of the two organisations joining hands once more after hearing your words was incredibly moving!

I was incredibly happy to witness a moment from your and their youth.

Your influence will make Wasurena Academy an even better school than it already is.

I’ve finished the eighth diary that I’ve written since meeting you.

I’m going to buy another one. I think I’ll have plenty of memories with you from now on.

I’m going to write about my love for you and my memories at the school in great detail.

This is the end of the eighth diary written by Yamazaki Susumu, the school nurse at Wasurena Academy’s high school division.