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Oresama Residence -Love or Fate- 1

Oresama Residence -Love or Fate- 1

Takeuchi Shunsuke
Yashiro Taku
Saitou Souma
Morikubo Shoutaro

Thank you s.e.kwan for your commission!

Track 1

All: Oresama Residence, Love or Fate.

Mahiro: Hello?

Tachibana: Hello, Kirishita-san. It’s me, Tachibana.

I’ve sorted out that matter from before. I’ve sent my report by email.

Mahiro: Just what I’d expect from you! You work quickly.

What did you find out?

Tachibana: As we had predicted, your sister is currently working at the Saionji family home and seems to be quite close to the three sons.

Mahiro: I see.

Tachibana: She’s also had some encounters with the sons from the Arisugawa family recently.

Mahiro: I see. Thank you for doing all that when you’re so busy. I’ll look at the report for the rest.

Tachibana: Alright. Just call me if there’s anything else you need. Goodbye then.

Mahiro: This is more bothersome than I thought it’d be.

Even though I’m glad to be back…

I want to see her soon.

Gen: I’m so sleepy. Good morning.

Ran: Good morning, Gen!

It’s already past noon though.

Gen: Hmm? Have you got a day off today, Ran-kun?

Ran: That’s right! My first day off in a while.

You don’t look so good. Are you okay?

Gen: I’m not okay. I feel like I’m dying.

I said I’m not okay! I’m completely worn out.

Hey, make me some coffee.

Ran: Were you up late studying again?

Gen: I was up until about 3AM.

Ran: Whoa… You’re working hard.

Gen: It’s difficult because there’s so much to remember.

Ran: Hmm… I can’t believe you’re planning to become a lawyer though.

Gen: Why do you look as if you don’t believe it?

Ran: You see, you always used to say “There’s nothing I want to do in future. Going to work is impossible.”, didn’t you?

Gen: I didn’t say it in such an annoying voice.

Ran: You did. You sounded as if you had no interest in the world either.

Gen: I suppose so.

I’ve changed my way of thinking about a lot of things.

Ran: Hmm?

Gen: I’ve got you to thank for that.

Ran: Me?

Gen: When I saw you working as a secretary after you and Fuji-kun decided to take over the Saionji Group, I wondered if there was something I could do too.

There’s no way I could do nothing when my two older brothers are working hard for the family, right?

Ran: Gen… Oh no! Big brother is going to cry!

Gen: What?! You’re so creepy!

Ran: You see… You were always so cheeky, Gen! I’m happy that you’ve become so mature!

People really do grow up! I’m so moved!

Gen: Don’t compare me with my younger self!

I’m already an adult! So of course I’d think about the future!

Ran: I think Fuji-kun is going to faint if he hears about this.

He’s no good at conversations like this.

Gen: Don’t tell Fuji-kun about this! It’s embarrassing.

Anyway, isn’t he supposed to be coming back from Chicago today?

Ran: Ah, that’s right!

I think he might have arrived this morning. He should be home soon…

Gen: Didn’t you have to go with him?

Ran: No. He said there was something he wanted to look into by himself this time.

Gen: Something he wanted to look into?

Ran: I don’t know anything about it. He wouldn’t tell me if it was something to do with his work or whether it was a personal matter. Fuji-kun is secretive about the strangest things.

Gen: You’re right. He never mentions the important things.

Ran: It’s fine as long as he doesn’t try to do it all on his own.

I told him to rely on me if anything happens, but Fuji-kun tends to let things pile up.

Gen: Well, I’m sure the both of you will be fine.

Ran: You think so?

Gen: The two of you are a pretty good team.

Ah, thanks.

Ran: Oh, here he is! Welcome back, Fuji-kun!

Gen: Welcome back.

Fuji: Yeah.

Gen: What’s that big bunch of flowers?

Fuji: This?

Well… I bought it to give to our maid.

Gen: Is there something special about today?

Fuji: It’s her third year working here, isn’t it?

Gen: Is that so?

Ran: That’s right, it’s today!

She came here in early spring! That brings back memories…

That’s amazing, Fuji-kun. You actually remembered.

Fuji: Is there something wrong with that?!

Gen: He’s showing off too much.

Ran: Right! What a surprise.

Were you ever the kind of person to give flowers to a woman?

Fuji: Shut up!

I thought that the owner of the house should at least celebrate their employee’s anniversary.

Ran: Great job, Fuji-kun!

Fuji: I told you to shut up!

Gen: Anyway, that means today is worth celebrating!

Fuji: Hey, Miss. Make sure you get better at cooking in your third year.

Ran: Hmm… I think you’re fine as you are now.

Don’t you agree, Gen?

Gen: I suppose so…

Isn’t it good enough if you do the best that you can?

Anyway, I’ll be counting on you again this year.

Fuji: The Saionji family is a conglomerate which is one of the most prominent manufacturers in the world. The three of us are the sons of the current family head, Saionji Ryutaro.

As we were born into this family, there’s nothing that we can’t obtain. To tell the truth, we did whatever we wanted.

Ran: But one day, a certain girl appeared. She started working at our house as a servant and she was the type of person we had never met before.

Gen: At first I thought she was another stupid woman who was only interested in money, so I had fun teasing her like I did with the other servants. I thought she’d quit right away.

However, she was different. She confronted me without holding back.

Fuji: She made it clear what was good and bad. When it was necessary, she’d even sacrifice herself to be kind.

Ran: She always looked at our hearts, instead of our money or our appearance. She was the first person to be like that. At some point, we were crazy about her. Before we knew it, we couldn’t live without her. She ended up being the centre of our world.

Gen: I don’t know why, but our relationship as siblings naturally improved and we’re actually enjoying living together.

However, the one troublesome thing is that Fuji-kun, Ran-kun and I all have special feelings towards her.

Ran: If she ends up with one of us, then our current relationship will be ruined. Everyone understands that in their mind, but they’re too scared to say anything.

Fuji: So maybe that’s why it didn’t take much for that man’s presence to upset the balance we had.

Track 2

Ran: Fuji-kun. About the schedule for today… There are three company meetings starting at 10AM. We have a lunchtime meeting with a client at 2PM. We’ll return to the office at 4PM to discuss the budget.

Fuji: Got it.

What about that construction issue?

Ran: Right! We have to check it out next month.

There’s quite a bit of work to be done before that.

Anyway, what should we do about the schedule?

The middle of next month should be…

Fuji: Hey.

Ran: What is it?

Fuji: Don’t push yourself too hard.

Ran: Why not?

Fuji: You’ve had too much work recently, haven’t you?

I know you’re a capable guy, but pushing yourself too hard will take its toll on you.

Ran: I’m fine. I’m pretty tough.

Fuji: That’s the kind of person who ends up collapsing.

Letting your guard down is your greatest enemy.

Don’t forget that.

Ran: Thanks for your concern.

I’m good at keeping things balanced, so I’ll be fine.

Fuji: Alright then.

Ran: Anyway, I can’t rest during our busiest time!

You’ll be the one who struggles the most without me, won’t you?

I’m right, aren’t I?

Fuji: Well… You’ve been a pretty big help since you joined the company and started working with me.

Ran: That’s great! I’m glad I’m useful.

Fuji: Are you really okay with this?

Ran: Hmm?

Fuji: From time to time, I still think about whether you should have kept going with your photography.

Ran: Not that again… I’m fine.

I don’t have any regrets. I’m still taking photos as a hobby.

That’s more than enough.

Fuji: But…

Ran: What is it now? Stop looking at me with a face full of regret!

I said it’s fine, so it’s fine!

To tell the truth, I’m having a lot of fun.

Fuji: What?

Ran: The two of us have taken over Saionji, with you as the boss and me as the secretary.

I think things are fine this way.

This is the most relaxed I’ve felt in my life.

I’m enjoying it.

So don’t deny the way I am now.

I’m happy right now, so I’m fine.

Fuji: Alright.

Ran: Let’s work hard again today!

I’m counting on you, boss!

Fuji: People change without you even realising it.

Ran: The same goes for you too, doesn’t it?

Fuji: I haven’t changed at all!

Ran: You got a bouquet of flowers for our maid.

I wonder where you learned about that.

Fuji: What? Giving a bouquet is perfectly normal!

Ran: How wonderful! You’ve grown up so much, Fuji-kun!

Fuji: Shut up.

Ran: So it’s already been three years since our maid started working for us?

It feels long and short at the same time.

A lot of things happened, didn’t they?

Fuji: You’re right about that.

At some point, it became natural for her to be there.

Ran: It feels like she’s at the centre of our circle now.

It would be nice if we could all keep living together happily like this.

Fuji: You feel the same way, don’t you?

Ran: What are you talking about?

Fuji: What do you think of our maid?

Ran: Hmm? What do I think about her? Well…

I really do like her. As a woman.

Fuji: I thought so.

I don’t even have to ask Gen, because it’s written all over his face.

Ran: Gen’s so easy to figure out.

Anyway… What made you ask something like that, Fuji-kun?

Fuji: No… I’ve just been thinking that it’d be impossible for the four of us to keep living together like this. When will this relationship come to an end?

Ran: Well… We don’t have to think about it right away, do we?

Isn’t it fine if we’re happy living together at the moment?

Fuji: I suppose so.

Ran: Oh no! Don’t be like that, Fuji-kun!

Let’s not talk about serious stuff like this so early in the morning!

Fuji: We’ll have to think about it eventually.

For our sake and for the sake of our maid.

Ran: I suppose so…

Gen: You bought so much food.

Do you really need all this for dinner?

I get it. You want to make something good in return for the flowers.

Hmm… So women really are happy to receive flowers?

It definitely was a surprise. Giving flowers is more like something Ran-kun would do.

That was unexpected.

Hmm? It’s fine.

It was my day off today. I’ve been doing nothing but studying, so I felt like a change of pace.

What? I’m not kind at all! This is just normal!

Anyway, there’s no way you could have carried all this stuff on your own, right?

Why are you laughing? That’s so annoying!

Hmm? What’s that car?

Mahiro: So this is where you were!

You weren’t at home, so I was looking for you everywhere.

Gen: What? Who’s that?

Someone you know?

Mahiro: You got it! I’m Mahiro-kun!

Long time no see!

Oh? Was that too much of a shock?

Gen: Wait a minute! How do you know each other?

Mahiro: Sorry for not introducing myself.

I’m Kirishita Mahiro. Her older brother.

Gen: Her older brother?

Mahiro: You’re Saionji Gen-kun.

You’ve been a great help to my sister.

Gen: Hey, you! Is he really your older brother?!

No way… So you had a brother?!

Mahiro: Hmm… So you didn’t say anything about me.

Gen: Hey… Are you okay?

You don’t look so good.

Mahiro: Maybe she’s shocked about our sudden reunion.

Hey, Gen-kun. Can I go to your place right now?

I’ve got something important to talk about with you and your brothers.

Gen: Something important?

Track 3

Fuji: So this man in front of us is our maid’s brother?

Mahiro: Kirishita Mahiro, 27 years old! Pleased to meet you!

Ran: Hmm… You don’t look like each other!

You’re good looking in a different way to our maid.

Mahiro: I’m her step-brother, so we’re not related by blood.

Ran: Step-brother?!

Mahiro: I’ve also been away in London for two years since leaving our parents’ house.

So this is a moving reunion with my little sister.

Fuji: Hey! This is too much information to keep up with at once!

Mahiro: Well, our family is pretty complicated. Right, sis?

Fuji: So what does her brother want with us?

Mahiro: Right! Let’s get down to business.

I actually have a favour to ask.

Fuji: A favour?

Mahiro: That’s right. I don’t like to beat around the bush, so I’ll get straight to the point.

I want you to let my sister come back home.

Gen: What? Let her come back home?

Mahiro: She’ll leave the Saionji family and come back to our home.

Ran: Wait a minute. It’s no good saying that all of a sudden…

Gen: That’s right! She lives with us now!

Mahiro: It’s already been decided though.

Fuji: Hey. I don’t care if you’re her brother or whatever, but don’t make decisions all on your own!

Our maid signed a contract when she started working here.

You can’t break the contract without the permission of her employer.

Mahiro: Of course I know that. That’s why I’ve got a plan.

Fuji: A plan?

Mahiro: Don’t worry. There’ll be something in it for you too.

It’s not too sudden! I’ve wanted to come and find you for a while.

I just needed time to prepare.

But everything’s alright now. The time has come for me to rescue you!

My sister came to work here because your father financed our family business when it was about to go bankrupt. Isn’t that right?

The value of that financing was one billion yen. Thank you for that.

My father’s company was able to continue as a result.

Fuji: So what’s your plan?

Mahiro: I’m going to return the one billion yen that was borrowed.

So can you let my sister go?

Fuji: You’re calling that consolation money?

Mahiro: Well, pretty much.

Gen: Do you even have that much money?

Mahiro: Well, I’ve got a decent amount of money.

Here’s my business card.

Ran: Try Innovation? That company…

Gen: What? Is it famous?

Fuji: It’s a foreign IT startup which has rapidly expanded in the last two years.

Its market cap is said to be 4 billion yen.

Gen: Are you serious?!

Mahiro: Well, I wasn’t the only one who worked to get it this far.

It took a long time and things were tough.

But now I’ve finally been able to return to Japan.

Mahiro: I told you just now, didn’t I? I did this all so I could come and find you.

I’ve already prepared a cheque. Here you go.

Fuji: You don’t seem to be bluffing.

Mahiro: Of course not. I don’t want to resort to being rough, so I thought it would be best to solve a money related problem with money.

If possible, I’d like to settle things without any trouble.

I think this plan will be good for the Saionji family.

So let me take my sister in exchange for the cheque.

I’m sure the contract says that this can be ended once all the money is paid back.


Fuji: I refuse to accept this.

Mahiro: Why?

Fuji: I don’t want to. That’s all.

Ran: I don’t like this either. To tell the truth, I don’t care about the money.

I can’t imagine her not being here everyday.

Gen: I agree! That’s how it is, so just give up.

Fuji: Her life isn’t something that can be bought with money.

Mahiro: Hmm… So you say she’s more important than money?

Ran: Of course. There’s only one of her in this world.

Mahiro: Ah… You say some quite interesting things.

Fuji: What?

Mahiro: I don’t believe this could be true… But you aren’t actually serious about liking my sister, are you?

Ran: What if we were?

Mahiro: Hmm… I see.

You are… You’re serious about liking my sister!

I see.

So what do you think about it?

Do you like one of them?

Hmm? Your face is bright red.

You’re a bad liar. Did you know denying it is just like shooting yourself in the foot?

I see. They seem to have got you under their thumb pretty well.

Alright. Let’s do things differently then.

Gen: Do things differently?

Mahiro: That’s right. I’m going to be living in this house from today.

Fuji, Ran, Gen: What?!

Mahiro: What is it? It’s not okay?

Fuji: Wait a minute! I don’t even get what you’re saying!

Mahiro: Is that so? Isn’t it only natural for an older brother to check whether his sister works somewhere safe?

Of course I’ll leave once I’m satisfied.

Right… How about a two week time limit?

I’ll leave immediately if my sister chooses one of you three.

But if she chooses to leave, then I don’t want any of you to get involved with us again.

There’s no reason for you to refuse, is there?

Isn’t that alright?

Ran: It’s no good saying that… Two weeks isn’t long enough! It’s impossible!

Mahiro: Why? You don’t feel confident? You don’t think she’ll choose you?

Gen: Just what are you trying to do?

Making your sister complex even worse is just going to cause trouble!

Mahiro: Sister complex, you say?

Do you think I’m like that, sis?

Ran: Miss?

Fuji: What’s wrong? You look pale.

Gen: Why are you apologising? You haven’t done anything wrong!

Ran: It’s your fault? What do you mean?

Mahiro: No, no. You can’t say too much, sis.

Are you going to hurt me again?

Fuji: Hey. What are you talking about?

Mahiro: It’s just between the two of us. It’s got nothing to do with any of you.

Anyway, I hope we’ll get on well for the next two weeks!

Gen: Don’t make that decision on your own!

Mahiro: Which one of us has been doing whatever they please until now?

My sister should have been enjoying her life at home while attending university.

She got caught up in our family troubles and was made to work here.

What do you see my sister’s life as?

Ran: Well…

Mahiro: Think carefully about what would really make her happy.

Would it be working here at the Saionji family home or becoming a normal girl and living her own life?

Isn’t the answer obvious?

I’ll accept that you like my sister, but isn’t it selfish of you to tie her to this house?

Gen: Selfish…

Mahiro: I don’t think truly loving someone would be something so worthless.

So show me your love and sincerity.

How serious you are about my sister.

Fuji: Alright.

Ran: Fuji-kun?!

Fuji: We don’t have a choice.

If we don’t accept these conditions, then I’m sure he’ll say something even more bothersome.

Mahiro: Just what I’d expect from Fuji-kun! You’re smart!

Ran: I see. So we’re not the only ones who are serious about this.

Gen: It’s not just us… What do you mean?

Ran: Mahiro-san. I know you’re more than just a siscon.

Mahiro: I see.

Fuji: We’re going to use our abilities to convince you.

You’ll have a hard time if you underestimate us.

Mahiro: I’m looking forward to it.

What’s the matter? Are you worried?

Thank you. I’ll be fine though.

I thought this would happen sooner or later.

There’s no time left, you see.

Alright, sis! Show me to a room I can stay in!

Let’s go!

I hope we’ll get along well from now on!

Fuji: What an awful man.

Mahiro: I get that a lot.

But isn’t this quite convenient for you?

Fuji: What?

Mahiro: There’s no way all of you would be getting along happily forever, is there?

Ran: Getting along happily…

Mahiro: The idea of three men sharing one woman is ridiculous.

Aren’t you all just holding back because of each other?

Fuji: Well…

Mahiro: If you really want something, then you’ve got to say that you want it.

You’ve got to hold out your hand and get it.

If you hesitate, then someone like me will turn up and take it away.

If you don’t want to lose out, then you’d better give up on living together happily.

Good luck everyone!

Come on, sis. Let’s go.

Gen: What’s with that guy?!

Damn it! He’s a complete annoyance!

Ran: We’ve got a strong opponent. Her step brother, hmm.

I couldn’t have imagined there being someone like that.

Fuji: Watch out for him.

Gen: Watch out?

Fuji: That Mahiro is more dangerous than you think.

I can’t say why, but I have that feeling.

Ran: I think so too. He seems like trouble.

Gen: I’m more concerned about her though.

Ran: The maid?

Gen: When she first met her brother, she looked really scared.

She was acting really strangely earlier too.

Ran: You’re right. It seemed as if she was looking for Mahiro’s reactions.

She’d react every time he said something.

Fuji: I’m curious about why she blamed herself too.

She only says that kind of thing when she really believes that she’s in the wrong.

Gen: I think those two are hiding something.

Ran: You’re right. Mahiro-san is holding the key to that information.

Fuji: Yes. At any rate, it’s obvious what we need to do.

We must make sure that she chooses to stay here within the next two weeks.

Gen: Fuji-kun. Were you serious about what you said earlier?

Fuji: Yes. At the very least, I’m serious.

Ran: So we shouldn’t be working together right now?

Fuji: That’s right. We’re going to be rivals from now on.

Gen: Why? We should just help each other!

We can’t fight each other!

Fuji: Things would’ve turned out this way eventually.

Gen: Huh?

Fuji: That man was right. The time has come for us to choose.

The maid. All of us too.

Ran: Alright. Then I’m going to be serious about making her mine too.

Gen: Ran-kun!

Fuji: You’re not interested in her, Gen?

Gen: Well… I like her…

Fuji: Then you shouldn’t be concerned about us.

If you want her, then you need to give it all you’ve got.

Ran and I will do the same.

Gen: Are you two serious about this?

Ran: Yes. We’re serious.

Gen: Alright. I won’t hold back either then.

I’m going to make her mine.

Fuji: Now you’re talking!

In that case, the battle starts now.

Track 4

Wow, this is a nice room!

Just what I’d expect from the Saionji family.

It must be nice living in a mansion like this.

Wow, the bed is so soft. Amazing!

What’s the matter, sis?

You’ve been looking upset for a while now.

I told you earlier! I came here to take you back.

That’s right. I needed money to bring you back home.

That’s why I prepared myself by setting up a business overseas.

But setting up that business was my dream too.

Didn’t I tell you that I wanted my own company?

What is it? You look as if you’re not convinced.

Is that all? What do you mean?

Oh? You were worried about that?

It’s alright! My body feels fine.

Was that why you looked upset?

Hey, don’t cry.

I like seeing you smile.

Come on, big brother will give you a hug. Alright?

Oh no. I don’t want you to apologise.

But if you can’t forget about me because of that accident, then I might feel happy.

You see… It means that I’ll always be in your memories, doesn’t it?

I’ll always be on your mind.

I see. So that’s what you were thinking about.

Then you can stay that way. Don’t forget about the accident.

You were the one who made my body this way, you see.

Only joking!

Thank you for showing me to my room. You can go back now.

What is it? You still have something to say?

I told you, didn’t I? I don’t want you to apologise.

If you’re feeling sorry, then hurry up and come home with me!

I might be able to cheer up a little if you do.

What is it? You really don’t want to leave them?

Family… You only have one real family, don’t you?

You seem to have a pretty high opinion of them, but I honestly don’t understand why.

Don’t they all seem to be selfish idiots?

They’re arrogant and annoying.

They’re typical rich kids. What’s so good about them?

They’re good people? They don’t seem that way to me.

I wonder if they’ll prove that to me in the next two weeks.

You think I’ve changed? Me?

What are you talking about? That’s so funny!

You really do say some funny things.

I wonder which one of us has actually changed.

I think you know this, but it’s impossible for you to escape from me.

Ever since that day.

Alright! I think I’ll go to sleep soon.

Why don’t you go back to your room?


Right! There was something I forgot to say.

I’m home now.

See you tomorrow.

Track 5

Fuji: Damn it! How do you do this?

This knife is too difficult to use.

How can she even do such complex work?



You were awake?

No… I just thought I’d make some food.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Don’t look as if you don’t believe me!

That’s right. I’ve never done it before, so I wanted to try.

You’re always cooking, so I thought I’d make something for you too.

Just so you know, I’m not trying to earn points!

Well… I just wanted to see you look happy.

Don’t be so surprised! Wanting to see someone you like look happy is only natural.

Don’t look so happy when I haven’t even done anything yet!

No. I want to make it for you properly.

What? We’ll make it together?

You’re going to teach me how to do it?

So it’s easier if the person teaching you is used to cooking?

But wouldn’t that be pointless?


Hey! Listen to me!

That’s just like you.

Alright then. Teach me how to cook.

Once I get the hang of it, I’ll get better than you right away.

Ouch! Don’t hit me!

What do you mean I was being rude? You’re so violent!

What? What exactly makes me a pervert?

Everything? Now you’re the one being rude!

You’re making a stupid face and laughing…

Well, I feel pretty calm when I see you looking that way.

It’s not so bad when you’re smiling beside me like this.

Just listen to me for a while.

It’s been three years since you came here.

I teased you all the time and made you sad. I made you cry too.

I even made you worry. I thought that I’d always be able to live alone.

That Saionji Fuji was strong and invincible.

But I learned I was wrong when I met you.

I’m actually weak, fragile and clumsy.

Perhaps I never wanted to acknowledge that about myself.

I think I was scared of losing at something.

But you were the one who said there was nothing to be afraid of.

Then I was finally able to feel calm.

I noticed that I relaxed and found my life easier after meeting you.

It was all thanks to you that I had no reservations about taking over the company.

So I’m afraid of losing you.

Your disappearance is what scares me the most.

I’m sure I can do anything for you.

No… It’s because you’re here that I can do anything.

You’re someone that I need. You’re an irreplaceable person.

Saionji Fuji truly loves you.

You don’t have to give me your answer now. You don’t need to say anything.

So… It’s no good. I couldn’t hold back.

I just felt like telling you that now.

Because I might not have another chance to tell you.

You’re the only woman I’ll ever be crazy about.

Miss… I love you.

I truly love you.

I’ll always wish for your happiness, even if you don’t choose me.

So don’t worry and just follow the path you want.

Even if we’re apart, I’ll help you right away if you’re ever in trouble.

Why? That’s because I like you, of course.

That’s the proof of my love.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming to the Saionji family.

This is a little embarrassing.

It doesn’t suit me.

Alright! Why don’t we concentrate on the cooking now?

Mahiro: Hmm… So the eldest brother can make that kind of expression too.

Proof of his love?

Just what a mature man would say.

Well… I wonder what kind of show I’ll see next?

Track 6

Ran: Miss!

You’re cleaning the garden? Thanks for all your work.

Hmm? The flowers?

Ah… Now that you mention it, the garden seems to have become more colourful since you got here.

You grew those flowers, didn’t you?

Thank you so much.

It feels like the house got much brighter after you arrived.

Yes! Really!

So… I came here because I’ve got a favour to ask.

Yes. Will you let me take a photo?

That’s right. I felt like taking some as I haven’t for a while.

I thought I’d take a photo of you.

Thank you!

You can just act normally.

I’d like to take a photo of the way you normally are.

Alright! Let’s do this!

Ah. We don’t have to go outside.

I’ve decided where I want to take the photo.

Umm… Inside the house is good enough.

I like seeing you working as the Saionji family maid best.

Are you embarrassed?

Well, you wouldn’t normally get your picture taken while cleaning up.

It’s alright though. You look cute no matter what you do.

It’s not just an empty compliment. I really think you’re cute.

The cutest person in the world.

Okay! I got a picture of your blushing face!

I’m not trying to trick you! I really do think you’re cute!

You’re angry! I’m going to get a photo of that expression too!

I like that expression! So cute!

I’m not teasing you! I want more pictures of the way you are now.

Did you know that the human brain overwrites a large amount of information everyday?

Even if you know the things you don’t want to forget, they naturally disappear with time.

I don’t want to forget you, no matter what.

Your smile. Your angry face. Your embarrassed face. I want to remember them all.

I want proof that I saw you in front of me.

I can always remember it if I have this photo, can’t I?

It’s nice to look at a photo and think “So that was what we talked about back then”.

Why are you laughing?

What? Cute?

I’m not really the cute type…

If I look so brilliant, then I don’t think it’s because I’m talking about photos.

It’s because I’m with you. I’m happy because you’re here with me.

It’s fun because I’m with you.

Miss… I like you.

I like you so much that I can’t help it.

I love you. I love you so much that I won’t lose to anyone.

I want you to stay with me from now on.

I didn’t want to say something silly like that.

But if I can make you mine, then I’ll say it as many times as it takes.

I can’t live without you.

There’s what I show everyone, then there’s the real me.

Thanks to you, I was able to like both sides of myself.

Now I think both of those are the real me.

You’re the one who gave me that strength.

So if I’m with you, I think I can become an even more different version of myself.

I’m no good without you.

I love you, Miss.

You’re really embarrassed. That’s so cute!

Amazing! I want to get a photo of that expression too!

I think I’ll keep this expression all to myself after all.

I’ll make this moment a secret just for me.

Hey, Miss. Will you choose me?

Ah… I’m sorry! This kind of thing is unfair, right?

Ran-kun made a mistake!

Ah… No matter how much older I get, I’m still no good.

Even though I know that I shouldn’t be emotional at times like this.

But I just can’t help it when I’m with you.

Even though I’m supposed to be the reasonable and intelligent type.

I just can’t seem to be like that when I’m with you.

I become like any other man.

It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

You’re right. This might be another, different side to me.

I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad though.

But I don’t mind showing that side of myself to you.

This has gotten embarrassing, right?

Come on! Let’s keep taking pictures.

Which room should we go to next?

Mahiro: I see. I thought Ran-kun would be more confident.

He didn’t look like that kind of person.

I thought he’d be the most interesting one, but he’s actually quite a pure person.

Hey, Gen-kun!

Gen: What do you want? Don’t talk to me.

Mahiro: I love that rebellious attitude!

I don’t mind guys like you.

Gen: Go and die.

Mahiro: Wait.

Gen: What?

Mahiro: I’ve got a warning for you.

If you want to beat your brothers, then you might be in danger if you don’t do something to stand out.

Gen: What are you talking about?

Mahiro: Fuji-kun and Ran-kun seem to be doing pretty well, you see.

Gen: I see.

Mahiro: Unlike your older brothers, you’re just an ordinary guy.

Gen: What?

Mahiro: I’ve done my research, so I know.

I know the way all of you grew up.

You’ve got a complex about your older brothers and it’s difficult living together, isn’t it?

Gen: What are you trying to say? I’m gonna kill you.

Mahiro: Scary!

I hate how kids these days lose their temper right away.

But don’t you have to work a bit harder?

At this rate, you’re going to lose like you always do.

I’m on your side, young man.

You can do anything in your position.

At times like this, you can just do things forcefully instead of thinking too hard.

Gen: What?

How do you know about Fuji-kun and Ran-kun anyway?

Mahiro: Good luck!

Gen: What’s with that guy?

I wonder why he came to tell me about the other two.

What a jerk.

Track 7

Mahiro: At times like this, you can just do things forcefully.

Gen: That guy really annoys me! I wish he’d get lost!

Who’s there?

Oh, it’s you.

What’s the matter?

A snack… Thank you.

You’re up this late?

So you stayed up this late to prepare some food because I said I’d be studying at night?

Are you an idiot?

You don’t have to work hard too.

You just want to support me?

Why would you say something like that?

That kind of thing will make me misunderstand, so don’t do it.

That’s right. You’ll make me think you’re interested in me.

Huh? Why’d you start blushing then?

What I said was perfectly normal!

Huh? Wait a minute!

Don’t go yet. Stay here.

I mean… Stay here for a while longer.

Just stay here for a little while.

Listen to what I’m going to tell you.

I heard that you’re getting on well with Fuji-kun and Ran-kun.

Your brother said so.

Hmm… So it’s true. Did they already confess to you?

Are you going to choose one of them?

I see. You haven’t made up your mind yet.

How about you choose me?

I can do everything you want!

I’m happy to do all that I can.

I can embrace you if you cry.

I’ll stay beside you until you smile again and support you.

I can do anything for you.

I’m not smart like Fuji-kun or charming like Ran-kun.

But there’s one thing I can beat them at.

I love you so much that I can dedicate myself completely.

I might act like a child at home and seem like I’m not thinking about anything, but I actually am thinking.

I’ve become able to tell the difference between good and bad things on my own.

I’ve changed a lot in the past three years.

I’m not like I was back then.

I’m not the powerless person I was back then.

Hey. Do you remember?

When you first came here, I pushed you against a wall like this.

I’m different from back then, aren’t I?

I’m taller. My body has changed too.

I’ve grown into a man without you realising it.

Wait? Why?

You always say that, don’t you?

I’ve waited long enough though.

I love you.

I can’t accept you choosing another man.

I want you to choose me. I only want you to look at me.

I only want you to think of me.

I’ll make you so happy that you say it’s enough.

I’ll love you everyday, even after you’re happy.

I’ll keep on loving you.

I’ll keep on giving you my love until I’m no longer here.

So please choose me.

What is it? Is there something holding you back?

You’re always like that. You always hesitate.

Anyway… Aren’t you lonely?

Don’t you feel sad?

You don’t care about leaving us behind?

I don’t want it. I’ll never allow that.

Mahiro: At times like this, you can just do things forcefully.

Gen: Would you choose me if I gave you no other choice?

I think your brother is right.

Maybe you would’ve become mine if I took you by force.

But… But… I wouldn’t be happy if you chose me that way!

Even if I take you by force, I might as well have lost if you don’t feel anything for me!

What is this feeling anyway?

Why’d I act like this just because of what he said?

Even though I don’t want to do this…

Why on earth was there a time limit?! It’s ridiculous!

A game like that wouldn’t work out so easily!

I think things are different after all.

I got carried away and agreed with him, but this is strange!

It really is wrong!

Mahiro: Hmm? Things were just getting interesting!

People like you always act soft in the end, so you’re no good.

You were doing so well until then.

Maybe you’ve begun to feel some affection for your brothers?

You said that you’ve grown up, but you’re actually still a baby.

Gen: You…

You got me worked up knowing this would happen, didn’t you?

Mahiro: You found out?

Gen: Don’t be ridiculous!

Mahiro: Ouch…

You’re so rough.

Let go of me, Gen-kun.

Gen: I won’t be satisfied unless I get a punch in!

Ran: What’s going on?!

Fuji: What are you doing, Gen?

Mahiro: So you’re all here now, are you?

Ran: What’s the matter, Gen?

Gen: What are you trying to do?

Mahiro: What are you talking about?

Gen: You had no intention for her to choose any of us!

Mahiro: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Gen: Don’t try and play dumb!

You just want to ruin our family, don’t you?

You want us to fight and hold grudges against each other.

You just wanted to destroy our relationship!

That’s why you told me unnecessary things and secretly looked at what the others were doing.

Isn’t that right? Answer me!

Mahiro: So what if I did?

Fuji: Who are you anyway, Kirishita Mahiro?

Ran: Why did you want to destroy the Saionji family?

Mahiro: Rich kids really are idiots.

I didn’t have any particular aim.

I just wanted to mess with your relationship.

Fuji: Why did you do that?

Mahiro: Why? It’s because I hate all of you, of course!

You act so proud, even though you stole what was important to me.

You annoyed me.

Just like Gen-kun said, I had no intention of handling my sister over to you.

We can never be separated!

In other words, you’re in our way.

So that’s why I wanted to ruin things for you.

You’re no good. You’re even more pure and foolish than I thought.

Your brotherly love was strong enough to make me sick.

Fuji: What are you talking about?

Mahiro: All of you said you love her, but none of you could abandon your family.

Ran: Couldn’t abandon it?

Mahiro: You don’t actually love her.

You love this family, don’t you?

Gen: You’re wrong! We really do love her!

Mahiro: Then can you abandon the Saionji family?

Gen: Abandon it?

Mahiro: Do you have the courage to abandon the destiny of being one of the Saionji family, something anyone would desire, and gain her love?

Ran: Well…

Mahiro: It’s impossible, isn’t it?

Of course it’s impossible.

That just shows the depth of your determination!

I can’t let worthless guys like you have my precious sister.

Fuji: Then what exactly are your feelings for her?

Do you love her? Or are you just being clingy? Answer me!

Mahiro: That’s got nothing to do with any of you.

You don’t need to know.

Alright. I’m done playing.

I didn’t think I’d find out the result this quickly, but I’m glad that the Saionji family are the useless cowards I expected them to be.

Ran: Wait! What are you going to do with her?

Mahiro: What am I going to do?

This is what I’m going to do.

Fuji: Who are you?!

Mahiro: Make sure you keep hold of them.

Don’t kill them by mistake.

Take them to the usual place.

Man: Got it.

Do it!

Men: Yes, sir!

Gen: What’s going on? Let go!

Man: Shut up!

Fuji: Gen!

Damn it! Let go!

Ran: It’s no good! There are too many of them!

Fuji: Damn it! Those guys…

Mahiro: See you later.

We’ll see each other again soon enough.

Next time we meet, I’ll bring your friends along too.

Look forward to it.

Shall we get going too?

Ran: Miss…!

Mahiro: Don’t be like that. Let’s go.

Fuji: Miss! Damn it!

Gen: Let go!

Let go of me!

Man: We told you not to struggle!

Hurry up and take them away.

Men: Yes, sir!

Man: Go inside already.

Fuji: Ouch…

Ran: What? This car is so small…

Fuji: Are you okay, Gen?

Gen: I guess so.

My stomach hurts from getting kicked.

Fuji: What about you, Ran?

Ran: The cuts inside my mouth really hurt.

Hey, where do you think they’re taking us?

Fuji: I don’t know.

Judging by Mahiro’s actions, we’re going to be locked up somewhere for a while.

Ran: He said he’d bring our friends too. Could that be…

Gen: No way… The Arisugawa family?

Fuji: Damn it. He’s going to do something like that next?

Hey. Have you guys got your phones?

Gen: I don’t. They took it away earlier.

Ran: Same here.

Fuji: We’re done for.

Ran: Things went pretty smoothly, as if he had planned this for a while.

It’s like we were just following his script.

Gen: It’s not just like that. It was what actually happened.

I’m sure this is just the beginning.

He’s planning something even bigger.

Fuji: I see. So we’re just pawns in his game.

I’m even more annoyed. I want to kill him right now.

Ran: I wonder if she’s okay.

Ichiya-san and the others too…

Gen: I’m worried about them.

Fuji: Kirishita Mahiro… What on earth are you thinking?

Track 8

Don’t look so sad.

There’s no need to worry. I haven’t killed them yet.

You’ll be able to see them again soon. Alright?

What am I going to do?

What do you think I’m going to do?

You scared me! Don’t get so angry.

Well… To put it simply, this is a game for fun.

That’s right. An enjoyable game which involves the whole world.

You know, I’m really jealous and the type who’ll hold a grudge.

That’s why I think I’ve got to punish anyone who makes me angry.

That’s right. Someone who made me angry.

Who do you think that was?


No, that’s not it!

It wasn’t the Saionji family!

Of course it wasn’t the Arisugawa family either!

You were the one who made me angry.

You only have to think of me from now on.

We don’t need anyone else in our world, do we?

Hey. That’s right, isn’t it?

That’s why I started this enjoyable game!

A game where I steal everything my sister loves!

What do you think? It was a wonderful idea, wasn’t it?

Mahiro-kun is a genius! I want you to compliment me like that!

What? It’s too late for you to apologise.

It’s alright. The fun is about to start.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting to get rid of them all at once, with a bang?

Shall we go then?

Our destination is the next enemy’s camp.

I wonder what kind of show we’ll see next.

I’m looking forward to it.


Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa Tower Records Tokuten


Hakozume 1


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