Hakozume 1 – Trapped in a Box with a Knight

CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Thank you glubglubglub for your commission!

Track 1

How can I apologise to you?

I can’t believe this happened even though I promised to always protect you as a knight!

The princess of the kingdom was attacked and captured.

I made a mistake that brought about this unthinkable situation.

It must have been the thieves who have been causing trouble around here recently that trapped us in this small box.

I’m sure they found out that you would be attending a peace conference in a neighbouring country and lay in wait for you.

The reason is…

Yes. I think it’s as you say.

Our kingdom has rich resources and successfully trades with other countries.

It wouldn’t be unusual if someone kidnapped you in an attempt to gain some of those profits.

Although the knights who were chosen as your guards would even sacrifice themselves to protect you, how can I call myself a knight when I gave the thieves an opportunity to attack and put you in danger?

No. Please do not offer me any words of comfort.

I’m not a respectable knight who is worthy of your praise.

Just trying to protect you isn’t enough!

I have to be the kind of person who is able to protect you.

Getting captured and trapped in a box with you was an incredible failure!

What? A knight’s duty, you say?

Well… I suppose that would be staying with the princess at all times and protecting her.

I certainly am by your side right now…

Thank you. I feel a little better after hearing that.

However, I’m incredibly frustrated that things have gone the way that the thieves planned.


This isn’t the time to be telling jokes, Princess.

But as you’ve said, my presence probably wasn’t part of the thieves’ plans.

They planned to kidnap you alone, but I ended up being brought along.

I promise that I’ll protect you, no matter what happens.

Even though I’m supposed to stay with you… I would normally be a few steps behind you.

Please forgive me. It seems that this box is too small.

I’d like to keep my distance as much as possible, but I can’t go any further.

Did I touch your clothes?

Are you alright?

Thank goodness.

No… Although this box is small and dark, I mustn’t do anything impolite like touching you.

Hmm? The reason we’re trapped in this box?

I think it’s so that no one on the outside will see us.

The guards were separated during the attack earlier, but the ones who escaped should have reported to the kingdom.

If the king and the ministers hear about this, they’ll send a troop out to rescue you immediately.

I’m sure that the other knights are looking for you.

The thieves put us in a box to trick the knights. They’re pretending that we’re just an ordinary box filled with objects.

The rescue troop shouldn’t be tricked that easily, but if we can’t be seen, then they won’t have reports of sightings from the people living nearby, which will buy time for the thieves.

During that time, they’ll try to carry us somewhere far away.

It seems that the carriage carrying this box has started moving.

Princess. Are you hurt anywhere?

This box is too small for you, never mind a grown man like me.

I can’t even draw my sword.

The two of us are here, so even staying in position must be difficult.

If I were a little smaller, there would have been more space for you.

You’re right. A thin and scrawny man wouldn’t make a good knight.

In that sense, I should be thankful for the body I was born with.

A knight needs the strength to protect the princess at all times.

He also needs the quick wit to support you when you fall from your horse.

You just fell into my arms the other day.

I can remember the sight of you pouting.

I’m well aware of how much you love horses.

You’re not particularly good at riding them though.

I’m sorry. It is the truth though.

Being by the king’s side everyday, getting involved in political affairs.

Entertaining many visitors from noon until night.

Sometimes you visit other countries as a representative during meetings.

Riding horses is one of the few times you can be free from your heavy responsibilities.

I have no intention of telling you to stop.

It makes me happy to see you riding a horse with your hair floating in the breeze.

I really am worried though.

I feel anxious when I think about the precious princess getting hurt.

The king is incredibly worried too.

It’s all well and good that your energy puts men to shame, but perhaps you are far too valiant.

So please be careful when you’re riding.

Riding is an unpredictable activity.

If you don’t hold onto the reins tightly with both hands and move in time with the horse, you might fall off, lose your grip on the stirrups or bite your tongue when you move up and down.

Yes. I understand that you’re aware of it.

But I can’t help worrying about it.

It’s nothing. I just seem to have bitten my tongue a little.

Don’t laugh like that.

How embarrassing.

I let you see me in a pathetic state right after I gave you a warning.

Anyway, travelling around by horse like this is dangerous!

Please be careful when riding a horse.

Of course I’ll hold out my arms and catch you if anything happens.

That’s what I’m here for.

The carriage seems to have sped up.

They’ll get to their hideout before anyone catches up with them and then either use us for something or kill us.

Ah… I shouldn’t have said that! I’m sorry for saying something thoughtless.

A cruel act like that will not happen to you.

Please do not worry.

No… I am not lying…!

That’s right. You’re an intelligent woman.

You have a strong will and prefer to look closely at reality, rather than being meaninglessly comforted.

Despite knowing that, I didn’t give you a clear explanation.

I’ll tell you the truth.

Unfortunately, depending on what their aim is, our lives may be in danger.

If their plan was to kidnap you and ask for a ransom of money or precious stones from the king, we can remain calm until that aim is achieved.

However, if this is politically motivated, someone could invade the kingdom while it is in a state of confusion that has resulted from targeting the princess who is loved by the people and is suited to succeed the king.

Our national army, which is composed of retainers who have devoted themselves to you and the king, as well as skilled officers and soldiers, will not fall in battle.

As a result of that, if they could not win by attacking the kingdom directly, they would plan to cause a civil war. Then it would be perfectly possible for them to target the princess’s life by using thieves.

However, I’ll be sure to protect you as long as I’m by your side.

I won’t let you come to any harm.

But my inexperience led to the dangerous situation we’re in.

I’m such an unreliable knight.

I’m not worthy of those words, Princess.

Though if my achievements are enough to meet those expectations…

Not many candidates are able to make it into the guard troop.

Only the best individuals among those candidates can become knights.

I do not think I have done enough to be worthy of that honourable position.

It has been several years since I became a knight, but I am incredibly…


I saved your life?

Princess… If I may say something…

I think it’s too soon to consider yourself rescued in the current situation.

Of course I will protect you.

However, believing that I’ve saved your life while you remain trapped in this box…

Hmm? That’s not right?

I’m sorry!

Then the time that I saved your life was…

Six years ago?

When I met you while I was studying at the military academy?

Track 2

I wonder when my father will be back from the meeting.

I know that generals are busy people. But still…

I was hoping he’d teach me about sword-fighting while I’ve got time off from school.

Perhaps I should go back to the lodging house and study?

I’m still a long way from the achievements everyone is expecting me to make in sword-fighting and studying.

That’s what I’ll do.

I won’t have time to rest if I want to be a brilliant soldier like my grandfather, uncle and father.

This garden really is big.

I wonder how many times I’ve been to the castle with my father now.

I feel as if I’ll get lost no matter how many times I go.

Hmm? There’s a girl there.

I wonder if she’s one of the servants’ children.

If she’s alone in the back garden like this…

No… There’s someone there.

But… A sword?!

Are they bandits?

You need to run!

You won’t make it?

I don’t know what you’re doing in this castle, but you should be ashamed of attacking a defenceless child!

They’re strong…

Maybe I should retreat for now…

Get away from here! Hurry!

At this rate… No, this isn’t the time to be a coward!

I’ve got to do something to protect that girl!

Did I defeat them?

Are you hurt?

I see. Thank goodness.

Oh? It’s my father… And people from the palace…

I suppose they came here when they heard all the fighting.

Father. I’ve just captured two bandits.

I have a feeling that they’re thieves.

However, they weren’t carrying anything with them, so perhaps they failed to steal anything.

They must have taken their anger out on that girl.

My goodness. What awful men.

Hmm? They weren’t bandits?

Then who were they?

What? They were trying to kill the princess?

Come to think of it, their sword-fighting was quite good for a pair of bandits.

So this girl…

I mean, this person…

Track 3

I really was surprised at that time.

I never thought that the person in front of me could have been the princess of my kingdom.

Although I rarely saw you, I should have recognised you as I was applying to attend the military academy.

I didn’t just talk to you casually, I ordered you around too. It was an impolite thing to do.

I feel like hitting myself when I remember that.

The person you owe your life to… That’s not true at all.

Yes. I was greatly praised by the king.

He even told me to become your knight immediately, instead of attending the military academy.

I was incredibly honoured by that.

The reason I didn’t accept the mission at that time…

I thought it would be better to serve in the army as I was attending a military academy.

Yes, not everyone serves in the army after leaving the military academy…

But out of consideration for my father, who is a general, I thought it would be better to graduate.

Yes. You’re right. Some of the students start to work without even graduating.

How should I say this? I just don’t think I’d be satisfied if I didn’t graduate now that I’m here!

I didn’t mean that I was uncomfortable with the idea of becoming your knight…

It was actually the opposite…

What was that? They’re being quite rough!

The box was shaking so much… They must have taken a different path to try and lose the people chasing them.

Princess! Please be careful!

Please forgive a mere knight for touching you this way.

It seems that we’ll be continuing along this rough path.

Princess. Please be patient for a while.

Hmm? I must apologise again, Princess!

It seems that your hair is caught on my badge.

It’s tangled up quite badly.

This clasp… And this part here…

Then the edge of this button…

It would be easier to take off the button, wouldn’t it?

I’ve got it. I just hope your beautiful hair didn’t get pulled out or dirty.

It wasn’t just a polite compliment. Your hair really is shiny and gently blows around in the breeze.

It shines just like a gold thread.

As I follow you while you walk under the light of the sun in the rose garden at the palace, I can’t help falling in…

I can’t see your beautiful hair in this dark box.

It’s incredibly unfortunate.

Hmm? The button I took off is right here.


I can’t let you put the button back on.

I’ll be able to do it myself, so please don’t worry about it.

My hand? No, it’s nothing at all.

To tell the truth, I injured the palm of my hand.

I might have hit it somewhere when the box was shaking earlier.

It’s nothing serious.

It’s not your fault!

These hands are made to protect you, so I’ll offer them as many times as necessary, as long as it protects you.

You’ll hurt your head on a shaky carriage like this one.

Please let me hold you like this for a while.

Princess. I hope that I can return you safely to the castle.

Ah! I’m sorry!

Did that hurt?

I made a mistake because I didn’t know my own strength!

How about this?

What about this then?

Or this…

It’s not my fault?

Perhaps… You couldn’t breathe?!

You’re in a small, enclosed box, so that’s only natural!

It would be good if there was some kind of opening…

Hey! Can’t you open this box?

Can you hear me?!


You’re not having trouble breathing?

So what was that pain you were feeling?

Hmm? Because we’re alone?

Me?! I… Well…

I suppose that I am a little tense…

Princess… Please don’t look so closely at my face.

I can tell you’re looking this way, even if it’s dark!


Yes, I’m nervous.

There’s no way that I wouldn’t be nervous with your face this close to mine!

Why? That’s obvious…


No… I said it was unfortunate that I couldn’t see your beautiful hair inside this box, but I’m actually glad that it’s dark.

That was how I felt.

I’m relieved that I’m not showing my face in your presence.

I probably have a pathetic expression on my face.

Although I’m a knight who should be calm and unemotional at all times…

I’m sure that my emotions are written all over my face now.

The feelings that I had always hidden inside my heart…

No… It’s nothing. Please excuse me.

Whether you have the same feelings…

I don’t know how you feel. But I think it’s different to how I feel.

My feelings are… Well…

What did you just say?

Princess… Like… What do you mean?

And who are you talking about anyway?

Wait! I’m a knight and you’re a princess!

No… No… I’m not upset at all.

Deep within my heart, I’ve always…

Princess. When did you start to feel that way about me?

The day I saved you in the courtyard?

Is that so?

I’m really happy you feel that way. But I’m a knight, and I’m not a suitable partner for you.

So please…

Princess?! What are you doing?

You can’t do that, Princess!

No, I’m not angry.

Being unable to hold your feelings back. I understand how difficult that is.

I understand it painfully well!

You’re the king’s precious and only daughter.

One day you will lead this country.

Someone like that mustn’t have feelings for a knight like me.

How do I feel?

I truly love you.

Yes. As a knight.

Don’t look at me so closely.

I told you earlier that I can see, even if it’s dark.

Your clear and beautiful eyes looking at me…

Just imagining that look on your face is enough to confuse me.

Yes. I can’t get used to it, despite how long I’ve been by your side.

On that day six years ago… When you thanked me in a lovely voice, just like a little bird.

That honest and wise expression you had, despite your young age.

That image was burned into me.

Even after I returned to the military academy, there were times I felt distracted by it.

What is the Princess doing now?

What is she thinking about?

You thought about me…

Well… That is an honour.

Mutual affection?!

Just wait a moment!

Even if we were thinking of each other, you mustn’t claim that…

The carriage stopped?


I’m sorry. We’ll talk about this later.

Track 4

They’ve got a hideout nearby?

No… We should be close to the border.

There are plenty of guards around and it’s not a good place to hide.

I can hear the bandits talking!

I’m not sure what they’re saying.

It’s difficult to hear them through the box.

Shh! Just wait a moment.

The pursuers from the kingdom?

Before that…

What about it? I can’t hear it properly.

I’m sorry!

I couldn’t help getting angry because it concerned your safety.

You must be worried too.

I’m sorry. Please be patient for a little longer.

It seems that the people looking for us know which direction we’re going in.

The kingdom is aware of this and may send the military police to create checkpoints.

The bandits will be done for if they get caught in that trap.

When they pass the checkpoints, the local people will have gained some information.

If even one person sees them, the search team should get to hear about it.

If they come here, the bandits won’t be able to fire a single arrow.

We’ll be able to leave this uncomfortable box right away too.

This is strange though.

If they were aware of the people following us, then they should have gone straight to their hideout.


Execution? The reward is the kingdom.

Were the bandits hired by a rival country?!

Princess. Please try to calm down.

It seems that they were looking for a special place to execute us.

If the rescue team gets here before that…


As a member of the royal family, you are always prepared to sacrifice your life.

Princess? You are always a proud person.

You don’t complain and behave just like a princess should.

That’s why I want to protect you.

Truly, with all of my strength.

Even if it means giving up my life.

Princess… Please forgive me this once.

Princess. Princess.

Please. I want to protect you no matter what happens.

I’m sure there’ll be a chance. I’ll try to get you to escape the moment they let their guard down.

So please don’t say that you’re prepared to die. Hold onto the hope of surviving.

The things happening at this moment are my responsibility as a knight.

That’s why I cannot give up. Let me protect you.

I’ll accept any punishment for putting you in a frightening situation after we are rescued.

Until then, please…

That’s right. As the princess of the kingdom, you will face this situation boldly and not fear the bandits’ actions.

However, it must be different for you as a woman.

Your slender and delicate hands have been trembling for a while now.

Yes. I noticed.

I’m always by your side. I notice even the slightest change.

The things you like. The times when you smile.

I know those better than anyone.

How uncivilised of them to kick the box.

No… I’m fine.

They seem to have kicked the part of the box I was leaning against.

Princess! I’m fine, so please do not get angry.

It seems that they don’t like us talking.

Let’s be quiet so we don’t get them worked up.

We’re moving again.

They’re probably trying to go further away so they can keep their distance from the rescue team.

At that place, they’re going to…

Princess. You’re trembling more than you were earlier.

You don’t need to pretend to be strong in front of me.

Give me your hand.

Your fingers feel so cold.

You’re scared, aren’t you?

It’s alright. It’ll be fine.

I’ll make sure to protect you.

Please don’t lose hope.

Ah… Why don’t we talk about something to distract ourselves?

We can’t talk that loudly…

But what kind of story would you like?

Why don’t I tell you about a journey I took with my mother long ago?

What I was talking about earlier?

Well… I told you how I felt just then.

I truly love you as a knight.

I’m here to protect you.

That’s right. To protect you.

Anyway, the reason I became a knight to begin with…

Yes. I haven’t told you about it before.

After graduating from the military academy, there was an opportunity to join the army.

Everyone else thought that was the natural thing to do.

My grandfather, father and uncle were all born into a family of soldiers.

They all turned down a favourable offer from the king to become knights.

It was because they were focused on graduating from the military academy.

You thought so too?

I mentioned this earlier, but the reason I was so focused on graduating from the military academy was out of consideration for my father who is a general.

I wouldn’t have been satisfied if I gave up halfway through either.

But the most important reason was that I wanted to become stronger.

On the day that I saved you, I was trembling in front of the bandits.

I became painfully aware of my inexperience with a sword.

I didn’t have a better strategy that would have prevented you from getting hurt.

My father praised me and the king said I had saved your life.

However, there was something that I knew well.

My victory was nothing more than a coincidence.

At that time, I was incredibly overwhelmed and my desperation had made me barely victorious.

I didn’t have enough experience or strength to protect you.

In order to enter the royal guard and be chosen as a knight, it is necessary to have intensive training in swordsmanship, as well as learning strategies and military arts.

That was why I turned down the offer from the king and returned to the military academy.

Not to become a soldier, but to become a knight.

I made up my mind on the day I met you.

I wanted to protect the princess who had faced danger since she was a child.

I wanted to become a knight and devote everything I had.

Are you surprised?

Yes. I was surprised by how naturally I made that decision.

Since I was a child, I had thought it was natural for me to become a soldier, just like the other men in my family.

The people around me were expecting that too.

But when I met you, for the first time, I realised there was a different way to live.

I clearly remember when you spoke to me that day.

“Thank you for protecting me. Are you hurt?”

Your hand was trembling, just like it is now.

You must have been very afraid to have been targeted like that.

However, you were concerned about me instead.

You had the responsibility and awareness of the kingdom’s princess despite being so young.

I was truly moved when I saw you like that.

I strongly felt that I wanted to be responsible for the way that I lived.

Until that moment, I had only thought of doing well at my studies and becoming a capable soldier.

I’d become a soldier, just like my father, protecting the country and its people.

However, I found someone who I wanted to protect with my own hands.

Then I had a strong feeling that I wanted to take the path that would help me achieve that aim.

I’ve never regretted following this path.

I won’t have any regrets from now on either.

I’m going to protect you forever.

As your knight.

My answer won’t change, no matter how many times you ask.

I cannot tell you my feelings. I’m sure you’ve been aware of them for a while now.

Even if you’re the one asking me, I cannot tell you.

Princess. Please forgive me.

I can’t take this…

Princess! My face is dirty.

Don’t touch it.

A fever?

I don’t have one! The reason my face feels warm is…


Yes. That’s right.

My face is red right now. Bright red.

I don’t need to tell you the reason, do I?

Come on. Let’s not talk about this any longer.

You must be tired. If you don’t rest a little…

If you can forgive the impoliteness of me touching you, then please lean against me.

I’ll support you.

That’s right. Rest your head on my shoulder.

You’re not heavy. Please relax.

I’ll hold onto you tightly.

Are you cold?

Go on. Close your eyes.

Track 5


I should tell you my true feelings at the end?

At the end…

Princess. Please don’t say things like that.

I haven’t given up. I don’t want you to lose hope either.

Is that so? Thank goodness.

Hmm? You want to know how I feel once we get out of here?

Must I do it?

But… Princess… I’m a knight.

I should be aware of my place at all times.

Before leaving this place… And even after I leave…

My position means that I cannot say how I feel.

But I’m sure that will be impossible.

When you say that with such an honest expression on your face…

It’s impossible for me. I think I might just surrender.

These feelings that I’ve kept inside my heart for many years…

I would like to tell them to you.

Even if I am criticised for not knowing my place.

I understand. I can’t let myself be defeated without telling you my feelings.

Princess. I’ll definitely protect you.

And when we are rescued…

What was that? The carriage suddenly…

Princess. Please hold onto me.

I can hear the sound of horses coming from behind.

Princess! It’s the rescue troop that was coming after us.

The sound of spurs… It’s the knights!

We have to stop. At this speed, it wouldn’t be strange if the box fell to the ground.

Hey! The princess is here!

They can’t hear us?

If we knew what was going on outside…



We’ve stopped.

Princess! Are you hurt?

Your head? Your face? Your arms and legs?

Are you hurt anywhere?

Thank goodness.


Ah… My arm is bleeding.

I can see it clearly… That means…

Princess! The impact made a crack in the box…

If I force this open…

It just won’t move…

If I use my sword…

It’s open!

Let’s leave while we can.

Princess. Give me your hand. Watch your step.

The ground is muddy.

Excuse me a moment.

Hold onto me.

Put your arm around my shoulder so you don’t fall.

We should be fine if we stay in this grass.

Wait here. I’m going to summon the rescue troop.

Princess! Watch out!

Princess. Don’t leave my side.

Princess. Are you hurt?

I’m glad you’re fine.

Ah… It seems that the fight over there has ended too.

Now we can finally go back to the castle.

Please allow me to accompany you on the way home.

Your side is the only place that I belong.

My feelings? Now?

I certainly did promise to tell you if we were rescued…

Right now?


Princess… I…

Please don’t stare at me so intently.

I’ve always told you that I’m no match for that expression.

If you look up at me like that… It’s too adorable.

Princess. I’m going to tell you how I feel.

No… Please let me tell you.

I’ve always felt a sense of affection for you.

You’ve truly been dear to me since that time.

I want you to let me protect you from now on.

As a knight and as a man who loves you.

I’ll always be by your side.

Track 6


Hakozume CD 1. In a box with a knight.

I’m Toriumi Kousuke, the voice actor for the knight.

Now I’m going to do a short free talk.

I’ll give my thoughts on the recording.

Well… I had quite a few opportunities to use the dummy head mic.

Today it was this person. Dummy-san.

This one has hair.

It’s been a long time since we last met.

The recording was a lot of fun.

But it’s come to this now.

There are many works where the dummy head mic is used, but this one involved being stuck in a box.

The situation of being stuck in a box together.

Well… I’ve thought about it a lot.

Doesn’t recording with a dummy head mic have many hidden possibilities?

Today I was a knight. At first I wasn’t sure what to do.

The way the knight speaks is really formal.

Speaking the lines smoothly is particularly important.

I would have been happy if it was the kind of role where he spoke more roughly.

I’m a professional voice actor!

So I naturally didn’t stumble over my lines at all.

I suppose that’s good enough for giving my thoughts?

Let’s get onto the topic of the free talk.

Talk about a situation that made your heart beat faster.

A situation that makes your heart beat faster…

I don’t know whether being stuck in a box would make your heart beat faster, but I suppose that would depend on the situation.

Right… A situation that makes your heart beat faster.

What could it be? A situation that makes your heart beat faster…

Well… There’s that. Wouldn’t your heart beat faster if you were alone with the person you liked?

What about everyone else? Would it happen to you?

Ah, I see.

Well… The most important thing is spending time together first.

Something else that would make your heart beat faster…

Hmm… It would be a little different from normal.

Accepting something that is slightly different.

Wouldn’t that make your heart beat faster?

What kind of thing?

Let’s say your girlfriend was a bad cook and she said “I’m going to cook today!”

Then you’d say “Alright, I’ll leave it to you” but keep an eye on her because you’re worried.

Watching her use a knife makes your heart beat a lot faster.

You’d wonder if she was okay or if she might hurt her fingers.

You’d tell her to be careful not to cut herself.

I wouldn’t want my heart to beat faster like that.

I’d want her to be careful while cooking.

What else could there be?

Something that makes your heart beat faster…

If you were running at full speed together, that would make your heart beat faster.

After you finished running. I haven’t been doing much exercise recently, you see.

I’m getting older, so I want to be more careful about it!

Thank you very much for listening until the end of my meaningless free talk.

It seems that there will be a continuation of this series, so please support it along with this CD.

I hope you will support the rest of the series.

This was Toriumi the knight. Goodbye.