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Hakozume 5

Hakozume 5 – Trapped in a Box at School

CV: Kimura Ryohei

Thank you glubglubglub for your commission!

Track 1

Ah… I’m sorry about that.

I don’t hang out with girls.

No… That doesn’t mean I’ve got a girlfriend.

Ah… I’m sorry! I just remembered I’ve got something to do!

I’ve got to go!

That was close. I’ve got to hide somewhere.

Sorry! I didn’t think there was anyone here…

Oh… It’s you. Thank goodness!

Oh? You’re wearing a swimsuit.

Right… The girls were using the pool just now.

Let me hide here!

Sorry there isn’t much room here.

You smell like the pool.

You’ll smell like chlorine if you don’t shower right after class.

You were late because you were helping tidy up, right?


Have they gone?

Thank goodness.

I know they’re not bad people, but they’re persistent.

Sorry for coming in here all of a sudden.

I’ll leave soon.

That scared me. I guess I shouldn’t leave right away.

Let me stay here for a while.


Well… They’re the girls who come to watch soccer games and practice sessions.

I’m grateful for their support, but being asked on dates is a little too much.

You see, I’ve got such a cute girlfriend.

It’s okay. Don’t panic.

There’s no one here. We won’t be heard.

I understand. You don’t want anyone to know that we’re dating.

That’s why we don’t talk much at school. I’m going to keep my promise.

I’d really like to tell everyone though.

Don’t look at me like that.

My fans… I know it’s strange coming from me, but are you holding back because of them?

Are you scared they might say something to you?

They won’t do anything to trouble you, so don’t worry.

It’s okay. I’ll make sure to protect you.

It’s so strange. We avoid each other at school, but we met here by chance.

Doesn’t it feel like destiny?

It might seem like a small thing, but when there are coincidences like this, it feels like our little fingers really are tied together.

The red thread of fate.

I’m not being silly! I was just saying what I really felt.

It’s not like I say silly things all the time!

I’m not a shallow guy. Have you ever felt that way about me?

So that’s why you didn’t accept it when I told you that I liked you.

But since we’re dating, that means you trust my feelings, doesn’t it?

It hasn’t been long since we started dating, but I think you’re special.

I’m telling the truth.

There are lots of girls around me like my classmates and fans, but I can recognise you right away, even when you’re not near!

The reason my gaze keeps following you… Isn’t it because you’re special?

I try to be careful because my friends will find out if I look at you too much.

But it’s alright now, isn’t it? There’s no one here, so I can look as much as I like.

Why? You look cute in your swimsuit!

It’s okay for you to be confident about yourself.

There’s no need to hide.

Show me everything instead.

I thought you’d say that.

But it’s actually good that you’re hiding it.

If I see anything, it might be too much for my heart to take.

I’d rather be somewhere I could take a good look at you in your swimsuit.

Hey. Why don’t we go to the beach this summer?

A far away beach that no one from school will go to.

Then we’ll be able to hold hands without thinking about anyone, right?

We can’t talk much at school and we don’t usually get to meet at the weekend because of club activities.

Talking on the phone and sending messages isn’t enough!

I want to go to the beach with you during summer and spend lots of time there!

What do you think?


I’ll bring an inflatable dolphin too.

We’ll be able to get on it together, won’t we?

Have I fallen off before?

Well, it’s difficult to get your balance and there’s a special technique to it when it’s windy.

It’s not just letting the wind take you wherever it’s going…

Right… Turn around.

First we line up like this and get on the dolphin’s back, right?

Then while rowing…

Right, can you swim?

It’s alright. I’ll hold you from behind so you don’t fall.

Just like this.

When there are waves, don’t go against the movement of the waves.

On top of the waves. Right. Left.

Slowly rolling.

On windy days, you’ll also go up and down…

Just like this.

You can hold onto me if you get scared.

Move in time with the waves.

Well done.

What do you think? Will you be alright?

It’s a promise then. We’ll go on a date to the beach this summer!

I’m not going to let go yet.

We’ve got to practice riding the waves for a little longer.

It might be windy on the day we go, right?

Come on. Let’s practice.

Hold on tight.

If there’s a big wave, I’ll hold onto you tightly…

Sorry! I’ll turn it off right now!

The water got into my mouth.

Ah… My clothes are soaked.

Look at this. Even though I’m wearing my uniform…

Sorry. Your swimsuit had started drying…

Have you got a towel you can use? Dry yourself now.

I’m fine! It’ll dry right away.

You should dry your hair first!

Alright. I’ll borrow half the towel then.

Use the other half for yourself.

That was a surprise! We suddenly got soaked.

Was I really panicking?

Ah… I looked so uncool.

Thanks for the towel.

It’s alright. It’s hot today so the rest of my clothes will dry quickly.

Anyway, you haven’t dried yourself at all.

Give me the towel.

Ah. Your neck is wet.

The other side too.

Not yet.

Look up.

Why is your face so wet?

Did you dry it properly?

This is the first time I’ve seen your forehead! It’s so cute!

I’ve already seen it.

Having your bangs down is fine, but you look different and mature with them up.

Put them up when we go to the beach. Do the same for the rest of your hair too!

It’ll really suit you.

Okay. That’s done.

That’s the bell. We should get back to the classroom.

People might say something if we go back together.

I’ll be going ahead then.

I don’t actually want us to be apart though.

We don’t usually get to be close like this at school.

I’m looking forward to the summer break. Get back to the classroom quickly.

See you later!

Track 2



Hmm? I’m taking a nap!

Not many people come to this storeroom after class.

I wasn’t trying to skip the preparations for the cultural festival though.

But there’s going to be a match soon, so practice is getting tough.

Anyway, what’s the matter? Did you want something from the storeroom?

An exercise mat?

Right… We use them in some of the displays.

Let me help you.

Is that mat okay?

Just wait a minute.

It’ll be difficult to carry it alone, so I’ll help.

It’s more weird to carry a big mat like this all on your own.

Why don’t you just say you happened to bump into me in the hallway?

Or should we stay here and skip out on the preparations?

No one’s going to come here, so it’s fine.

Why don’t I put it differently?

How about we stay here for a little while?

You’ll listen to my request, won’t you?


You never come to me, except for times like this.

Even though you could call out to me sometimes…

If you’re feeling reluctant when it’s just the two of us, then why don’t you come and talk to me when I’m with my friends?

You’re thinking too hard about it. I don’t want to think about it too much, I’d rather just have you all to myself.

I want to hold you in my arms like this and say that I won’t let go.

Summer break was fun. We were together the whole time.

But we were apart again as soon as school started.

I’m really lonely too. So let me hold you a little longer.

You give me energy, so I’ll lose my energy and collapse if you’re not with me.

Jeez! How can you be this cute?

Hmm? Is that one of your friends?

I suppose they’ve come here to look for you because you’ve been away too long.

No way! That’s the soccer club adviser!

Get inside that vaulting box! I’ll open the top!

He won’t find us here… There he is!

It really is the club adviser.

What’s he looking for?

Please don’t notice us!

He might see us if we stay here. Come this way.

That’s right. Stay close to my chest.

He’s really strict. Especially towards regulars like me.

He says that being included in the line-up means you need to balance your club activities and school work, as well as being a model student.

If he finds out that I skipped the festival preparations, 100 laps around the field won’t be enough punishment.

Shh! Don’t breathe too loud.

Did you hear that?

The net… Was that the one beside the vaulting box?

No way… He might see us from in-between the gaps.

Move further inside.

Slowly, so you don’t make a sound.

Wait. Your skirt might be caught somewhere.

Can you get it loose?

Wait a minute. Just a little more…

Sorry! Sorry…

I pulled a little too hard.

Alright. Got it.

That was scary. Shall we go now?

Oh? It won’t open?

How come?

Ah… The teacher put stuff on top!

I think they’ll fall off eventually if we shake the lid…

Jeez! He should’ve cleared up before leaving.

What do you even use the nets for?

Ah… Something fell down.

Just a little more…

Do you know what his class is doing for the cultural festival?

A play? Lucky. I wanted to be in a play too.

Right… A play with a princess, like Cinderella or something.

I’d play the prince.

Thank you.

I thought that role would be perfect for me too.

You see, when you think about the princess, there’d be no one else better.

Isn’t that right, Princess?

Hmm? Your surprised expression is cute too.

You’d be the princess. Who else is it supposed to be?

Of course it’d suit you!

You’d put makeup on and wear a dress… I’m sure you’d look beautiful!

Cinderella dances at the ball, doesn’t she?

In that case, I’d have to escort you as the prince.

I’d hold your hand just like this, support your back and hold you gently…

You put your hand on my arm too…

Come on, do it properly!

Then turn around in time with the music…

I’m fine! I forgot we were inside the vaulting box.

It’s difficult to dance here, right?

It’s too small. But it looks like everything on top of the box fell off.

I’m pretty awesome.

Ah! If we were going to do a play, then Sleeping Beauty might be better than Cinderella.

I’d be able to kiss you, as the prince who wakes up the princess.

I could do it confidently in front of everyone.

Like this…

Hmm? Your forehead is all red…

Did you hurt yourself?

Sorry, just now…

The panel? You hit your head on it?

Did it happen while you were working on something for the cultural festival?

What are you doing? Let me see!

Jeez… Don’t get hurt when I’m not around!

Let’s get the school nurse to look at it.

I’m not exaggerating! I can’t just sit still when my girlfriend is hurt like this.

I guess they might put a compress on it…

Alright. We don’t have to go to the nurse’s room.

But… Here’s a charm to make you get better soon.

One kiss might not be enough.

You’re clumsy, so I’ve got to put charms everywhere to make sure you don’t fall and get hurt.

Can you give me a charm too?

So I won’t get hurt in the next match…

Yes. Right here.

That might be the first time you’ve kissed me.

I’m happy. I think I’ll be able to work really hard during the match.

Shall we go now?

I’ve got to help out with the cultural festival a little!

Watch your step!

Hey. Will you come and see the next match?

I want to be cheered on by you instead of my fans!

Really? I’m going to work super hard!

Right! I’ll give you a sign that only you’ll recognise during the match.

How about blowing you a kiss?

Alright. I won’t do that then.

Hmm… Something natural that no one else will notice…

Ah… How about putting my hand on my chest?

That’ll be my sign for you. That my heart belongs to you.

I won’t just do it during the match. I’ll do it outside the match too!

Then we won’t feel lonely, even if we can’t touch.


Track 3

Hello? It’s me.

Yes. Everyone else went back to their rooms for a while.

Me? I’m in the hallway.

I wanted to hear your voice. I couldn’t wait, so I called you.

It’s a field trip, so it doesn’t matter if we have a bit of fun.

Our teacher is too strict.

All the guys are complaining.

The girls too?

Yeah. It’s almost time for lights out.

Hmm? You’re already in bed?

You’re really looking forward to sleeping.

Wait a minute. I want to say goodnight after the lights are out.

I’m going to hang up for a minute.

Shh! It’s me. I came to say goodnight.

Did you think text messages and phone calls would be enough?

I’m staying at the same ryokan as my girlfriend, so I’d want to say goodnight to her in person, right?

Just sending messages isn’t enough, is it?

We’ve covered ourselves with the blanket, so no one can hear us.

Everyone’s fast asleep too.

We had a free day today, so we were going around everywhere.

The hallway was so cold! Let me come a little closer.

I got cold when I took the long way round so the teacher wouldn’t see me.

My fingers are trembling because of the cold.

Your hands feel warm.

Having a field trip when it’s cold isn’t so bad.

I can burrow into the duvet and you can help me get warm.

I wish we’d been in the same group when we were allowed out on our own.

Where did your group go today?

Right… Oh… Huh…

You went there? It’s a famous place.

My group went to…

Oh? I’m surprised you know it.

Your group went there too.

Huh… You should’ve said hello.

Then we could’ve spent a little more time together, right?

Well… Some girls really wanted to take photos with me…

So it might have been difficult for us to be alone.

You saw that?

That’s right. Girls from a different school.

I was kind of surprised.

They asked to shake hands with me. It’s not like I’m an idol.

I’m happy that they’re interested in me.

But I prefer the kind of girl who won’t fall for guys all the time.

I’m more interested in a girl who works hard at club activities and studying.

Just like the girl in front of me right now.

But that kind of girl is the only one who won’t approach me.

When I was hanging out with everyone earlier, she was sitting far away.

I tried my best to get her to come closer…

Ah… You didn’t notice.

I was doing my best to make eye contact with you.

You were busy talking to your friends and you didn’t look my way at all.

I was really shocked.

Don’t look at me. I’m sulking right now.

I was trying my best when I changed seats and grabbed your hand while everyone was having fun.

Are you sorry about it? Then kiss me.

That’s right. Your friends are sleeping beside you.

They might hear the sound of you kissing me.

I still want you to do it.

You can’t? I’ll kiss you then.

No one would hear the sound of a kiss.

I’m sorry. That was mean, right?

I just can’t help it because your reactions are so cute.

I’m really sorry. Forgive me because I love you.

Thank goodness.

About what I said earlier, don’t hold back because of the people around me.

You’re my girlfriend, you see.

I’m going to take this opportunity to ask you something.

Are you keeping our relationship a secret because you think you’re not good enough for me?

Look at me. I can tell if you’re looking at me, even underneath the duvet.

Come on, look at me.

Am I heavy? I’m not going to move though.

You’ll look away unless I do this.

Listen up. I love you.

I love you. No one else.

Be confident that you’re loved.

Don’t think about my fans or not being good enough for me.

You’re the only person I think is special.

I’ve always said that. Should I say it more often?

You’re the most important and special person to me.

I feel happy when I see you in the morning at school.

Just making eye contact is enough to excite me.

Just being with you… Can’t you feel my heart beating faster?

Did you hear that? My heart is saying that I love you.

It’s still not enough?

If you don’t feel confident, then that means you don’t believe in my love.

Are you still going to say that you’re not good enough for me?

You’ll try not to say it?

That’s enough for me right now.

You’re thinking about it positively.

I’m sorry. I must be heavy. I’ll move.

Just take things slowly. I hope you’ll be able to hold my hand and say “This is my boyfriend!” one day.

“So don’t come near him!”

You’re right. You wouldn’t say that much.

I think I might like it if you were possessive of me.

But I’d want to be possessive of you too.

I was jealous of the other guys when you were hanging out together earlier.

Seeing you after you’ve taken a bath is something reserved for your boyfriend, right?

You looked cute in your pyjamas.

Pink and red checked pyjamas. Can I see them one more time?

I can’t see them properly here because it’s dark.

I’m going to look, even if you say no.

Shh. Don’t say anything.

They really are cute.

Sometimes I think it would be nice if you and I were the only ones in this world.

A country just for you and me. Don’t you think that’s great?

What is it?

It’s okay. Just say whatever you’re thinking.

I want to hear it.

Is that so? I’m not really trying to trick you.

I’m just saying what I really think.

I’m not embarrassed. You’re just being embarrassed all on your own, aren’t you?

Even now, your neck is bright red.

You’re so warm that I can feel it through your pyjamas.

It’s not just your neck, your stomach feels warm too.

Why do girls have such soft bodies?

I feel as if I’m going to melt just by touching it.

Hey. Can I stay like this a little longer?

Just a little more.

You have the same scent that I do.

Did you use the soap at the ryokan?

Your shoulders and arms…

It’s like we’ve become one, with the same scent.

I feel really happy just holding you like this.

Why don’t we fall asleep like this?

I know. The teacher would be really angry if they found us.

I’ll go back to my room soon.

If only I could touch you directly, without your pyjamas in the way.

Of course I’m a pervert. That’s because I’m a guy.

It’s only natural that I’d want to touch my girlfriend.

Did that tickle?

Your neck is your weak spot, isn’t it?

Your ears are another weak spot.

You trembled. Did that feel good?

Shh! The girl next to you will wake up if you’re too loud.

Sorry. Just a little more.

Your skin is soft and it feels good when I touch it.

Okay, okay. That’s enough.

I won’t be able to hold back any longer if I keep going.

I’m going back to my room.

We’ve got time to buy souvenirs tomorrow, right?

Let’s go out together for a while.

We’ll make sure no one sees us.

Let’s take some photos.

I don’t need photos with other girls.

I want to take a photo with you.

Let’s have a sleepover together sometime.

See you tomorrow. Goodnight.

Track 4

I’ve cleaned the blackboard and written the new date.

Should I get some more chalk?

The only thing left is the daily records.

This is too much.

Today’s latecomers and absentees.

There was someone, but I can’t remember their name.

Hmm? Oh?

What about your club activities?

Hmm, you forgot something?

That’s unusual for you.

I’m doing the day duty. I completely forgot about it.

I ended up having to do them all after class.

I really want to go to my club activities right now.

I’m sure the club adviser will be angry.

I can’t be late now that I’m a third year student.

Right! There’s one part of the daily report I couldn’t fill in.

Will you help me? Don’t worry.

It’s just the two of us in this room.

Come here.

You have to write the name of the student who was absent in this column.

Someone was off school today, right?

That guy from the basketball club…

Yeah, him!

I haven’t remembered everyone’s names yet.

Have you?

Of course. It’s been a week since we moved up a class.

I’m glad we’re in the same class again.

I was so happy when I saw your name on the notice board.

When I came into the classroom and saw you from behind, I thought I’d call out to you loudly.

We’ve been in the same class for two years, so there’s nothing weird about saying “Hey, we’re in the same class again!”

I thought that kind of thing would be okay. But still…

That’s right! It happened again…

I wanted to call out to you right away, but I got surrounded by the other girls.

That’s why I couldn’t call out to you again.

So I didn’t give up though. You noticed, didn’t you?

That’s right. I secretly touched your cheek when I passed by you while you were sitting down.

Just like this, lightly with the underside of my finger.

It was only for a moment so the other girls wouldn’t notice, but I put all my feelings of love into that touch. Did you sense those feelings?

You’re right. There’s no way you wouldn’t have understood.

That’s because I’ve done it plenty of times.

Touching your face or neck while telling you that I love you.

Where else did I touch you?

Is there even anywhere that I haven’t touched?

What were you imagining? Your face is bright red.

Sorry. I just got a bit carried away.

Don’t pout like that. It’s so cute that I’ll end up kissing you.

Okay, okay. The daily report…

I’ll write it properly.

The classes went ahead as scheduled and there was nothing else to report.

What’s next?


Ah… The classroom’s transfer form.

Blackboard was cleaned.

No problems with any equipment.

Lights all switched off.

That’s done now!

Thanks for helping me.

You’re going back to your club activities, right?

I’m going to take the report to the office so we can walk part of the way there.

Ah… I need to bring some new boots to practice.

I left my textbooks in my locker too.

Wait a minute!

Ah… World History and Math…

Hey, do you always bring your books home?

Oh… I always leave them at school.

I’ve got to carry a change of clothes so I’ve got too much stuff to carry.

We’ve got our university entrance exams this year, so I bring home the textbooks for subjects I’m not good at…

Of course there are some subjects that I’m not good at!

The only reason I get good grades is because my club supervisor is strict about balancing studies and club activities.

It’s a lot of work! But I can keep going because of this.

Want to have a look?

I always keep this in the bag I use for my club activities.

The photo I took with you on the field trip.

I cheer up when I see it.

Yeah. I wanted to see a bigger version of it, so I printed it out.

There’s no point in leaving it at home, right?

Looking at this when I’ve got a match to play gives me strength.

I’ll make sure no one finds it, so let me keep it. Okay?

Alright. Good girl.

I’m not being silly! I just want to pat you on the head because you’re cute.

I just felt like kissing you because you’re cute.

Come on. Put your forehead against mine. Then you’ll see I’m not being silly. Right?

It’s fine. No one can see us from the hallway.

I like that troubled look on your face. I really feel like kissing you.

Like this…

Open your mouth.

Someone’s coming! Get inside the locker!

It’s one of my friends. No way…

I didn’t shut the locker carefully, so they might have heard it.

Hurry up and go away!

I was sure they’d find me…

What is it?

No way… They’re still in the hallway?

You’re right…

What should we do?

They might not notice if we go out carefully.

Right… I messed up. Maybe I shouldn’t have hidden carelessly like this.

I panicked because they suddenly appeared when I was about to kiss you!

Does your arm hurt?

Mine hurts too. We rushed into the locker, so we ended up in an uncomfortable position.

Your arm is pushed up against the side, right?

Sorry. It’s gotta hurt. Try and move it.

That’s right. Go to the side.

No. Maybe I should move first.

Put my right arm back…

Did I step on your foot? Sorry!

Wait a minute. Our legs got caught…

We might get muscle cramps…

Take your arm away from my side.

We managed to get into a more normal position.

But our faces are still too close.

We’re always this close at special times though.

It’s almost been a year since we started dating.

I fell in love with you, confessed and tried to win your heart.

I can clearly remember the time when you said yes.

I don’t want you to think I’m too confident, but to tell the truth, I thought you’d say yes right away.

Instead I got a huge shock.

Why? I confessed because I liked you, but you didn’t smile at all.

I thought you hated me.

Later on, I knew you were just embarrassed.

Didn’t you think I was kind of shallow too?

But now I’m sure you understand how serious I am about you.

You like me as much as I like you, don’t you?

Ah. Maybe not as much? I’m sure I like you more.

No, I definitely like you more. It’s amazing! I…

Ouch! I forgot we were inside the locker.

I like you so much that I can’t open my arms wide enough!

Doesn’t it make sense?

How about this then? Try to understand it from how tightly I hold onto you.

This is how much I like you.

You try and hold me too.

I can’t feel the strength of your love at all.

Maybe you can’t hold onto me that tightly because you’re a girl.

Ah… You’re pretty strong. But you’re not there yet.

You really do like me. Right?

You might break if I hug you any tighter, so I’ll stop.

Hey. Don’t you think that we get along really well?

Anyone who sees us would say we look good together.

So… So can’t we tell everyone else soon?

Should you really be this tense?

I thought I’d wait until your feelings were in the same place as mine.

I know I was a little too forward at first.

You said you didn’t have the confidence to stand beside me either.

But it’s been a year since we started dating.

Well… The girls around me might say something.

Anyway, I’m not that special.

I’d be kind of troubled if you cried. I don’t want to make you cry either.

Well… I’m happy that you’re kind to me. I know you do your best making snacks for me.

I’m grateful that you cheer for me during matches. But…

No… Never mind about this! Let’s stop talking about it.

By telling you I’m happy and thankful, I just seem like I’m trying to be cool.

I love you the most. That’s why I can’t keep it a secret anymore.

The other club members have asked about you too.

They were asking if you had a boyfriend.

Do you know how much I worried about that?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t stand out or you’re plain.

Guys pay more attention than you think.

They notice things like if a girl is responsible or cute when she smiles.

I can’t let my guard down.

No buts. You’re the only one for me and I’m the only one for you.

I don’t want to let anyone else have you.

You can understand why I’m worried, right?

Let’s agree on telling everyone.

You finally said yes!

How should we tell everyone?

I’ve got to show all the other club members that you’re mine.

I’m going to show everyone our pictures too.

We can wait for each other at the school gate and go home together, right?

Let’s meet each other at the gate after club activities are done!

Today, of course! I’ve been holding on for so long.

I’ve always wanted to tell everyone as soon as possible and be together confidently!

Oh? You didn’t feel the same?

Hmm… So my love really is stronger than yours.

In that case, shall we go and tell our friends now?

We’ll leave the locker and then…

Wait a minute!

Alright. Your feelings are just as strong as mine.

Shall we go and tell everyone now?

I’m going to introduce you as my girlfriend.

Or should I just say that we’re dating?

We’ll always be together from now on.

Track 5

That’s enough, right?

Don’t tease a girl like that!

She looks troubled. Right?

Look. She’s bright red.

We’ve been dating for almost a year, but that still hasn’t changed.

That’s cute.

That’s right. I’m telling stories about my girlfriend.

There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? She’s so cute.

She’s mine though.

Let’s take a different route home.

We’ve got something to do, so we’ll see you later.

We’re going on a date. You guys will just get in the way, right?

Yeah, see you later!

They really did tease us.

Sorry. I might have got too excited.

We finally told everyone that we’re dating, so I wanted to show off.

Hey, want to go to that crepe shop?

Excuse me, can I get a caramel cream crepe?

What about you?

This one? A blueberry and strawberry crepe too.

It’s alright. I’ll pay for it.

I’ve always wanted to come to this crepe shop.

I thought it’d be nice to walk home together while eating crepes.

But there was a chance we’d meet someone from school here.

It would’ve been terrible if anyone found out, so I thought it’d be impossible.

Now I’m finally able to do it! I’m so happy!

They’re ready!

Ah, the caramel one is mine.

The strawberry one is for her.

Shall we go?

It’s delicious!

Want to taste mine?

Here you go.

What do you think?

I know! It’s delicious, right?

Can I try yours too?

It tastes more refreshing than I thought it would.

Maybe it’s the strawberries?

This is so much fun! I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

Hey, there’s a cafe opposite the station, right?

I heard their strawberry smoothies are delicious.

Let’s go there one day.

We can have lots of different dates on the way home from school.


Hmm… I’m going straight home.

I’ll be taking you with me.

Come to my room. No one else is at home.

So you can stay over too.



Hakozume 1


Criminale! F 2


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