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Criminale! F 1

Criminale! F 1 – Gerardo

CV: Midorikawa Hikaru

Track 1

10PM. Barcelona. At an abandoned building in Eixample. [1]

Hey! Are you okay?

That confused look on your face… Did you only just notice?

What’s the matter? Those guys didn’t do anything to you, did they?

You’ve been imprisoned in this abandoned building. They’ve got you tied up too.

Just wait a minute while I untie you.

Being tied up this tightly must hurt.

You’re okay? There’s no way that’s true!

The colour of your fingers is a little different.

Huh? You still haven’t understood the situation you’re in?

Your memories are all mixed up?

You know who I am, don’t you?

You do recognise me!

Yes, I’m Gerardo. So do you remember coming to Barcelona on holiday?

When you ended up alone in Barcelona, somebody… No, it was an enemy. That enemy attacked and kidnapped you. That’s why you’ve been imprisoned here.

Can you remember where you were attacked?

You’re right… I’ll rephrase that question. How much do you remember?

You left the airport and took a bus or taxi, didn’t you?

Do you remember getting off a bus or out of a taxi?

So that’s when it was. You were attacked as you got off the bus.

In that case, there’s no doubt that the enemy had been following you.

A considerable amount of planning went into your kidnapping.

Tch… They’re a dangerous opponent. You don’t seem to have any injuries, but does it hurt anywhere?

So your only injuries are the marks from where you got tied up?

You might not have noticed it yet. Tell me right away if you feel any pain.

I’m just glad you’re safe. When I thought that something might have happened to you…

Ah… We should get out of here first. We can’t stay here too long.

It’s crawling with enemies. We’d immediately be surrounded by enemies if I was careless about firing my gun.

We’re going to escape without being seen.

Can you stand?

That’s a reassuring answer! I like that bold side of you.

Try not to make a sound.

You’re a good girl.

Let’s go then!

Stop! Stay close to the wall and hold your breath.


Have they gone now?

There are more guards around now… Does that mean they found out you’ve been rescued?

This whole place is full of enemies. So they’re giving us the VIP treatment, huh?

There are guards or alarms around every possible escape route.

Damn it. What are we supposed to do?

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Tch! There’s someone coming from that direction?

Is there a room we can hide in?

We’ve got no choice. We’re going in there!

You don’t know where? That locker full of equipment!

It’s no good saying it’s too small! We’re going in, even if we have to force ourselves!

It definitely is difficult for the two of us to fit in here.

I can tell that you’re trembling.

Come on. Come closer and relax more.

It’s alright if you lean on me.

Why are you embarrassed? There’s no reason for you to be doing that now.

I’m going to get closer to you.

It’ll be easier that way. Come on!

This is fine. Now we just have to pray that the enemy passes us by.

It’s okay. Don’t worry. I’m sure that God will save us.

Even if he doesn’t save a member of the mafia like me, he won’t let you get killed. So just relax.

Calm down. You might make a noise if you’re trembling that much.

I’m scared of this situation too. I even thought I’d drop my gun because of how much my hands were sweating on the way here.

Don’t misunderstand though. I’m not scared of being killed by the enemy. I might not be able to protect you. I might lose you. That’s what I’m scared of.

Please. Don’t stop here.

Good girl. Stay quiet.

They’ve gone. You did well.

When we’re this close, I feel like making a move on you before we get out of here.

Of course I was joking. We should get out of here first.

So what should we do now?


Ah… How did I know you’d been kidnapped?

It was simple. They told Amphisbaena [2] about it. They said “We’ve kidnapped the daughter of the previous Father. Do as we say if you want her released.”

They probably want to take control of the criminal underworld away from Amphisbaena.

Anyway, this doesn’t have anything to do with you. I’m sorry you got caught up in a fight between mafia. It’s more important that we think about what we’re going to do next though. I came here alone, so I don’t know if we can count on help from the others…

Shh! Don’t shout. I know I shouldn’t have come alone, but I couldn’t just do nothing when I heard you’d been kidnapped.

We should get out of here first. We can take our time worrying after that. Let’s go over there. Come with me. I’m counting on you to watch our backs.

We can’t leave through the front entrance. We’ve got to find a place where there aren’t any guards.

Yes. I came in from one of the top floors. There were cracks in the building, so I used them as footholds to climb up.

It’s impossible for us to leave that way. Climbing down is much more difficult than climbing up. I’m not sure if a thief like me could even do it.

What’s the matter?

Hey… They came from behind?!

Damn it! They didn’t even hesitate to shoot inside this building!

We’re going to run! Come with me!

Turn into that corner!

They’re here too? We’ve got no choice, we’ll have to push past them!

Have we lost the enemies who were behind us?

Let’s hide for now. We’ll just go into one of these rooms.

Hey. Did you notice that the enemies we bumped into earlier were aiming at you instead of me?

Even though I was carrying a gun, they aimed at you, who was unarmed.

You don’t understand? It means that the enemy isn’t trying to make a deal with Amphisbaena. A hostage is no good unless they’re alive. Would they really shoot at a hostage?

They were probably looking for the opportunity to kill you. The enemy’s situation might have changed, or there’s a reason for this that we can’t even imagine.

Don’t worry. I’ll protect you, no matter what.

Why are you apologising? You haven’t done anything wrong.

You’ve caused me trouble? I don’t feel that way at all.

Don’t worry about unnecessary things.

Sit down for a while. I should also change the magazine while I’ve got time.

I’ve used up a lot of bullets. I wonder if I’ve even got enough with me?

If things get really bad, I could come up with some makeshift bombs. Things will be difficult if I can’t get any more bullets though.

Hey… Where are you going all by yourself?!

Tch! They were right outside?

What are you doing? We’re getting out of here!

Damn it! Looks like we weren’t able to avoid getting into a gunfight.

We’ve got no choice. We’re going to force our way through!

Make sure we don’t get separated!

I’m going to break though that wall with a grenade!

Keep your mouth open. Otherwise you’ll end up biting your tongue!

We’re getting out of here! Run!

We made it out somehow. I was really scared.

Hey. What were you trying to do earlier?

Did you want to die?

You don’t want to cause trouble for me and Amphisbaena?

Did you think that sacrificing yourself would help?

Hey. Do you remember what happened before?

The time when we were hiding out in my childhood home during those 48 desperate hours.

When we were surrounded by enemies and I had given up, you were the one who told me to keep going. Then I made a promise to you and myself. That I’d protect you, Amphisbaena and everything else. I don’t plan on abandoning my resolve.

You can see what they are. They’re handcuffs.

I’m going to protect you.

[1] Eixample – A district of Barcelona which was designed during the middle of the 19th century and expanded into space that was previously kept empty for defence outside the city walls.
[2] Amphisbaena – A mythological ant-eating snake, which has heads at both ends of its body.

Track 2

11PM. Barcelona. On a street in Eixample.

These guys just don’t give up!

Are you okay? You almost tripped.

Should we rest for a while?

You don’t have to pretend you’re okay.

You almost tripped, so you must be tired.

It seems like we’ve lost the people who were following us.

Having to run without being seen must be difficult for you.

I’ve always been chased by the police, but things are completely different when someone is trying to kill you.

Damn it. There’s something interrupting the phone signal.

No… Maybe the signal is deliberately being blocked.

At this rate, our phones are going to be useless. They’ve really planned this carefully.

Are they really just members of the mafia?

It’s no good if we can’t contact Amphisbaena.

We’d be just like a mouse getting toyed with by a cat.

If we can’t count on anyone’s help, then we’ll have to come up with a different plan.

Should we wait until later before we do that? Let’s just get out of this place for now.

Yes. Did you notice? This place is arranged in the shape of a grid. The layout of the city is a simple one, so it would be really dangerous if we got discovered. The enemy has the advantage in numbers too.

In other words, we have to move without being seen. This is another life-threatening game of hide-and-seek.

Just after I said that, another enemy turned up.

It’s okay. It’s dark here. Stay close to the wall. Don’t make a sound.

If you’re scared, then close your eyes and pray.

This isn’t good. Is there a group of them?

We can’t let them find us here.

Don’t get scared. I’m not going to start shooting.

This is the empty magazine from earlier. I’m going to throw it at them.

I hope it fools them.

They’ve gone.

I can’t tell how many of them there are. I’m not even sure what they want. They kidnapped you and tried to kill you.

For starters, it’s strange that they would even take you as a hostage. Although you’re the daughter of the former Father, you’re just an ordinary person. In normal circumstances, Amphisbaena would just abandon you. I can’t figure this out. It’s just like we’re up against a ghost.

Sorry. I made you worry, didn’t I?

You look like a frightened puppy. I’ll pat your head, so just smile like you always do.

I’m the Father, as well as your lover. That’s why I’m going to try and protect everything.

It doesn’t matter who my opponent is. Anyone who targets you is an enemy.

Hmm… There’s another one of those guys? We can’t stay here any longer.

Can you keep going for a little longer? Just hold on until we get out of here.

Good girl.

Are you ready to go then?

12AM. Barcelona. Passeig de Gràcia. [1] Near Casa Batlló. [2]

Although it’s almost midnight, it’s so bright that you wouldn’t believe it was night-time.

Just look. Even though it’s not Christmas, the streets are full of decorative lights.

And all these people… I knew this place was a tourist attraction, but it’s still a surprise when you see it with your own eyes.

What’s the matter? Are you scared that someone will find us?

It definitely is bright here, but you won’t be found so easily when you’re among all these people.

At the very least, they won’t be able to shoot at you. We can actually relax a little.

Hmm? Is there something you’re curious about?

That building is a pretty odd shape, isn’t it? The walls have a wavy pattern.

It looks beautiful when it’s all lit up.

Casa Batlló? It’s a World Heritage Site, huh?

Hmm… Gaudi? [3] The man who designed La Sagrada Familia? [4] You know quite a lot about him.

Huh… I guess there’s nothing strange about that though. You should have been taking your time to look at things like this. It’s unfortunate things turned out the way they did…

Can’t you go inside?

I see. So you can only go inside during the day. That’s too bad.

Well… You looked so happy while you were talking about it. I kind of wished we could go inside together. It’d be nice to take our time looking. If we get another chance…

Don’t look so worried again. It’s okay. I’m going to protect you.

Right… Let’s pretend to be tourists and keep on walking.

We’ll just take things slowly. We’ll try and go as far as we can.

Look. Even though it’s really late, the shops are still open.

It’s impossible for us to go inside and look around, but we can at least do some window shopping. Now that you think about it, this is a pretty fancy thing to do. Walking around in a foreign country together like this…

Is there something you want?

Something that matches?

Don’t make jokes like that!

I can see us getting laughed at by the rest of Amphisbaena if we do that.

Ah… How about I give you one of my guns then?

The others won’t laugh at us and it’s something memorable too.

I’ve got spare guns, so it won’t cause me any trouble.

I’m joking. I couldn’t entrust someone else with a weapon I’ve always used. That’d be an unlucky thing to do to a keepsake of mine. Anyway, even if you use a gun…

Don’t look up. There’s a drunk man walking in front, diagonal to us, but the way he’s walking doesn’t look natural. He’s carrying a gun.

No. He doesn’t seem to have noticed us. He might be a plain clothes policeman who’s patrolling this area.

Well… In the movies, there’s something people always do in this kind of situation.

Come closer to me. Look this way, as if we’re window shopping.

What? You’re being surprisingly slow.

There’s something we can do naturally, without our faces being seen.

This is what I mean.


I missed? That guy is pretty sharp.

I’m surprised he can keep shooting with all these people around!

Sorry, but we’re going to have to run for a little longer.

These guys are crazy! How are we going to shake them off?

When there’s all this light…

Ah… Right! There must be a maintenance cover somewhere!

There it is!

There’s a car we can use to hide behind too!

We’re going to hide in its shadow!

One minute… No, thirty seconds is enough! Just buy me some time.

You don’t have to think about hitting anything.

As long as you shoot, the enemies should stop moving.

There’s a lid down by your feet, isn’t there? To put it simply, it’s a switchboard. Just like the ones in Rome. This is a tourist area, so the cables are buried underground.

We’re going to pull it open and blow up what’s inside. Then the electricity around here should switch off. I’ll leave the enemies to you!

What? Is it rusty?

Alright, it’s open!

Just a little longer! Keep holding on!

It’s done! Let’s hurry up and get away from here!

It’s just as I expected! Running in the dark will be easy! Let’s go!

[1] Passeig de Gràcia – A major street in Barcelona which is one of its most important shopping and business areas.
[2] Casa Batlló – A house designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi and commissioned by the textile industrialist Joseph Batlló.
[3] Gaudi – A Spanish architect who designed many buildings in Barcelona.
[4] La Sagrada Familia – A Roman Catholic church in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction began in 1882, but was incomplete when Gaudi died in 1926 and is estimated to be complete around 2026.

Track 3

2AM. Barcelona. Near the Passeig de Gràcia.

Looks like there’s no one following us. Things worked out somehow.

This isn’t good though. I used up a lot more bullets than I thought I would.

Hmm? A florist?

This is perfect timing. I know it’ll be inconvenient for the manager, but we’ll go in for a while. It’ll be a good way to rest too.

Of course we can get in! Just who do you think I am?

You sit down there and rest. I’m going to put together a makeshift bomb.

Chemical fertiliser and a lighter… These ingredients are fine.

I’ll use this to make up for being low on ammunition, while the rest depends on us running.

There are several ways we can get back to Rome together.

Plane. Boat. Train. Car.

Well… Our opponent won’t be making our journey easy, but the safest way is probably by car.

Once we get into France, they won’t be able to chase us so easily. However, getting a car will be a problem.

We could go by RENFE, the Spanish railroad, but there might be guards at the stations. If someone sees us, then we’ll be like a mouse caught in a trap. It’d be a different story if we had the courage to jump from a moving train though.

Right now, our phones don’t have any signal for some reason. There’s nothing we can do except for hiding a little longer.

What is it?

No. I can’t take off the handcuffs.

You haven’t forgotten what you did in that rundown building, have you?

You might think that everything will work out if you sacrifice yourself, but that’s not right. At least in my opinion anyway.

Why? You don’t know the reason?

Alright. I’ll explain it to you then.

It’s true that we’re not sure what our enemy wants. But kidnapping you and trying to kill you must have some kind of advantage for them. There’s no doubt about that. If it’s an advantage for them, then it will be the opposite for Amphisbaena.

If you really are considering what’s best for everyone’s sake, then you should try to survive, no matter what. Even if it means using me as a shield.

What is it? You don’t mind sacrificing yourself, but you don’t want someone else to do the same?

You’re right. I’m the leader of Amphisbaena. But that doesn’t mean someone can’t replace me.

The mafia is built upon the condition that people will die. Even if I die, that doesn’t mean Amphisbaena will be destroyed.

I’ll say it as many times as it takes. You’re not allowed to die.

Well? Do you understand now?

That’s right. I’m a little annoyed. Annoyed that I have to give such an impersonal reason.

All this talk about allies, enemies and what they stand to gain are all impersonal things.

Of course Amphisbaena is important to me. I also promised to protect everything. That feeling is something real.

But the reason I don’t want you to die is because you’re my lover. Even if I wasn’t the leader of Amphisbaena, I’m sure I would have done the same thing. Even if everything could be solved by you sacrificing yourself, I wouldn’t let you do that. I wouldn’t be able to accept it.

Or aren’t my feelings enough to convince you? Do you need another reason?

I’m sorry. I should apologise. I ended up saying something that scared you.

It’s no good getting angry at you when our enemies are the ones at fault.

Come closer to me.

It’s because of the situation we’re in.

Our enemies are so persistent that it’ll be another dangerous game of hide and seek once we get out of here. That’s why I want to feel you right now.

When I look at you, it seems as if you really will break if I hold you tightly. How can someone as fragile as you think about sacrificing yourself?

Don’t move so much. It seems like you don’t realise it, but if you wriggle around like that, it makes a man want to tease you even more.

I know your ears are your weak spot. Or would it be better if I went lower?

Your neck? Alright then…

Keep your voice down too. If you make a suspicious noise, the people living around here will notice and it’ll be troublesome.

This is your punishment for trying to sacrifice yourself without thinking how I’d feel. I’ve got to punish you completely. It’s too late for you to apologise.

That’s right. Let me be the only one you feel, just like that.

I’ll make you understand just how much I care about you.

I’m definitely going to protect you.

Track 4

5AM. Barcelona. Near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes. [1]

It’s beginning to get lighter?

I know this isn’t the time to be saying this, but Barcelona looks pretty nice in the morning.

What we’re going to do next?

Right… Getting in contact with Amphisbaena is our priority, but at any rate, staying in one place is dangerous. Trying to get to the border would be the best thing to do. We need to think of a way to get there though. I don’t see any of our enemies around right now, so I guess we’ll just borrow a car from somewhere.

We don’t have a choice. This is an emergency.

I hope we’ll be lucky enough for the enemy to lose one of their vehicles, but I don’t think things will work out that conveniently.

This can’t be happening! Get down!

Don’t look up! Just stay as you are!

Jeez! They’re going up against us, without even caring about the time or place!

They’re going to drive into us again?! Don’t underestimate my shooting skills!

It’s alright. You can look up now.

I pulled the handcuffs hard when I was taking cover earlier. Did you hurt your arms?

Thank goodness.

Anyway, it looks like we got lucky.

We’re going to take this bike. If things go well, then we won’t have to stop on the way.

Have you ridden on the back of a bike before?

I guess not, huh.

Put your arms around me, where my stomach is, and stay close. Hold on tight.

It’ll be a long journey, but I hope you can handle it.

6AM. Barcelona. Near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.

They really are insane! They’re going to have a car chase on an ordinary street in Barcelona?!

I thought we’d gotten lucky with the bike, but then this happens!

They’re buzzing around us like flies!

Damn it, there’s more of them!

I tried to lose them by turning into different streets, but now I’m not even sure about the direction we’re going in!

Hmm? What is it? On our left?

They’re coming from that way?

They just keep coming!

They really are trying to kill us.

It seems like they don’t plan on letting us leave Barcelona.

Tch! They’re coming from the front this time?!

All of them?!

Hey… Keep your head down!

Are you hurt? I mean… Can you move?

Considering how far we were thrown, we got off pretty lightly.

They’ve passed us for now, but we have to start moving again soon.

That explosion was pretty intense though.

Ah… I dropped the makeshift bomb I put together earlier.

We’ve got to find somewhere to hide.

The way things are, even if we disappear into the crowd that’s gathered, they’ll just shoot the people around us.

What is it?

An underground path? This isn’t Rome, you know.

There really is one…

There’s a crack in the ground where the bomb fell. I think we’ll be able to get down there too.

It seems like a good place to hide, but since we don’t know where it goes, we’d be taking a risk…

Hmm… Let’s go.

[1] Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes – A large square in Barcelona which is home to a shopping centre, as well as being the venue for one of the city’s most well-known open air markets.

Track 5

7AM. Barcelona. A mysterious underground path.

It really is an underground path. I thought this was something you could only find in Italy.

So they’ve got something like this in Barcelona too… Did you know about it?

Right… I’ve never heard about it either.

I wonder where it leads to…

Let’s just follow this path for now. It’s difficult to walk in the dark though.

Come to think of it, I’ve heard that the ground around here is quite weak. It’s close to the sea and construction in the city made it even worse. The bomb I made also broke through the ground because it was more powerful than I thought it’d be.

Ah… Are you hurt? We were in a hurry earlier and we didn’t get to check it out, right?

Stuff like bruises can get worse later on. Tell me if it hurts.

Me? One of my arms feels numb. I guess it happened when we got thrown off the bike.

Hey… You’re worrying too much. My body is stronger than that. We can’t do anything about it in the dark anyway. Let’s just keep moving forward.

This doesn’t come out at a dead end, right?

It’s going to be okay? How do you know that?

You’re right. Even if we come out at a dead end, I’m going to do something. That’s obvious, isn’t it?

Ah! Are you okay?

You didn’t trip over something, did you?

Are you feeling tired?

Come on, give me your hand.

Come closer. I’ll support you. You’ll fall over again if I don’t.

Don’t apologise. This isn’t your fault. You’ve been on the move all this time.

Although we aren’t out of Barcelona yet, we can relax for a while.

It’s not strange for you to let your guard down and trip.

Hmm? I’m fine.

I couldn’t call myself a member of the mafia if I started complaining now.

What? It tickles? It’s not like I touched you somewhere strange. You’re just sensitive.

Or it could be something else… I see… This is another of your weaknesses.

I’ll make sure I don’t forget.

Don’t get angry! I’m sorry!

Fine! I’ll just hold you somewhere else then.

Is this alright?

Let’s go.

Hmm? This path leads into another one.

When you’re lost, take the left path.

Hey. Have you noticed anything?

That’s right.

I didn’t notice because it was so dark, but this path is strangely wide.

The ground is stable and easy to walk on. It doesn’t seem like an ancient underground path.

Where on earth are we?

Yes… It’s shaking. I can see light in the distance too.

No way… An underground railway?!

That’s why it was so well looked after!

If we don’t do something about this, then getting out of Barcelona is the least of our worries!

There’s no way out?!

Damn it! It’s too dark to see anything!

What can we do?!

We don’t have a choice! We’re going to lie down on the tracks!

There’s nothing else we can do! Just make the sign of the cross or something!

Hey! Are you okay?

We did it! I was sure we were done for this time!

I said the same thing at the florist. I did it because of the situation we’re in!

It’s a miracle that we’re even alive!

Hold me even tighter. I want to take my time feeling your warmth.

Ah! What’s going on? We didn’t have any signal until now…

Huh? We picked up a wi-fi signal from somewhere… It’s probably from a nearby station.

I see… We’re underground, so the enemy can’t block the signal?

It’s a message from Amphisbaena. It looks like they’re making their own arrangements. It’s just what I would’ve expected from my allies.

It seems like they know pretty much what’s happening.

They’re going to send a helicopter to pick us up tomorrow evening. It’ll arrive at 10PM.

The enemy will be trying to stop us, but they’re going to do something about it.

Amphisbaena is waiting for your return too. So don’t keep saying that you’re an inconvenience or that you’ll be going alone.

Yes. If we do our best to stay hidden until then, we’ll be able to escape from Barcelona.

Right… The place they’ll be meeting us at is… La Sagrada Familia?

Track 6

12PM. Barcelona. At a bar. Fourteen hours have passed.

They’ve got seats on the terrace at bars in Spain too.

The weather is nice, so it feels good to be out here.

Yes, there’s no problem with sitting out in the open. Amphisbaena are going to distract our enemies.

The place where we’re at now is safe. We’re finally able to really relax.

But someone from Amphisbaena will meet us tomorrow evening, so we’ve got to be at La Sagrada Familia. We’ll have to be patient until then.

Let’s have breakfast first. We’ll get something from that stall there.

Churros [1] and hot chocolate. A lot of people eat that for breakfast in Spain.

You dip the churros in hot chocolate and eat them.

That’s right. At the time of the conclave, we couldn’t have gone on a trip, even if we wanted to.

This is better than that, right?

Come on, say “ah”. It’s no good looking embarrassed now.

We did this when we were running around Naples too, didn’t we?

Come on, say it.

You’ve got chocolate on your mouth.

Hey… Don’t sulk because of something like this.

Alright. I’m sorry.

Come on. As an apology, I’ll wipe your mouth.

I told you not to get so embarrassed.

There you go, it’s gone.

It tastes pretty sweet.

Your face is bright red.

You always seem to have such a reliable expression on your face, so I’m happy to see this kind of expression.

I’m teasing you?

Of course I am! Guys just can’t help teasing a cute girl.

Don’t look away. I’m sad that I can’t see your face.

Now that I think about it, we haven’t been able to do the things lovers usually do.

I became the new Father and things got pretty chaotic.

I was able to meet your mom though…

That’s because you’re strangely sensible about things.

You could actually complain to me more often.

Hey… Aren’t you actually holding things back from me?

You’re really scared now, aren’t you?

I can tell you are. Your gaze isn’t relaxed.

You might not realise it, but you’re forcing yourself to hold things back because you might end up slowing me down.

Don’t apologise. It’s okay for you to depend on me more often. Not just now, but everyday. That’d make me happy too.

Also… A man feels more relieved when he sees that kind of vulnerability. At least I do anyway.

No… I suppose relieved isn’t the right word. I’m just happy. I feel as if you’re relying on me.

I suppose this isn’t really something you’d suddenly talk about if your life was in danger.

But it’s because of this situation that I’m able to say this.

We don’t know if we’ll still be alive tomorrow. It’s at times like this that you can say things you’d normally be too embarrassed to say.

I don’t usually compliment you this easily either, do I?

It doesn’t matter if you deny what I just said though.

So… Despite this situation… Or maybe even because of it… I want you to depend on me now.

Come on, say “ah”.

Do it for me too then. Ah…

It’s pretty sweet, but it’s also delicious. It seems like it’s filling too.

Let’s walk around here for a while after we’re done eating. We’ve still got time.

Wandering around Las Ramblas [2] seems like fun, but I’m curious about that place too… That tower…

Hmm… The Columbus Monument, [3] huh… The thing right at the top looks like a statue of a person…

So that’s Columbus? It’s the highest monument around here. Can you go up to the top?

There’s an observation platform? That’s great. Let’s go up there then.

There’s something I want to check out.

2PM. Barcelona. The Columbus Monument. Sixteen hours have passed.

Hmm… So this is the top of the Columbus Monument that we were looking up at earlier.

The sky is clear, so you can see a long way.

You can see all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to La Sagrada Familia.

Hmm? The injury on my hand?

It’s fine. I always use my gun with one hand anyway.

No matter when an enemy turns up, we won’t have any trouble.

I know. You’re not thinking about whether I can fight or not, you’re just worried about my injury.

Thank you.

When you look at it again, it really is a beautiful city. Isn’t it as beautiful as Naples?

It makes sense that movies are often set here. I wish we could’ve come here on a proper date.

You’re disappointed that you haven’t been able to do some proper sightseeing too, right?

Next time we get the chance, we’re definitely going around together. What would you like to see then?

Me? I’d be fine seeing whatever makes you happy.

Right… La Sagrada Familia.

It’s the most famous tourist attraction. We won’t be able to take our time seeing it now either.

It’s just going to be something we see on our way out.

Jeez. They picked a really crazy place.

Oh? Didn’t I tell you?

It seems that our opponent is no ordinary organisation. They’ve got quite a collection of weapons.

If the helicopter gets close to the ground, then it might get shot down.

A place in Barcelona which is far from the ground and accessible by helicopter, but within our reach too. La Sagrada Familia fulfils all those conditions. We should be thankful to Gaudi.

That’s right. I’ve heard that the stained glass is amazing. I wish we could see it, but we’ll be arriving there at night. It’s impossible to go there earlier, as we might get discovered.

We’ll have to pray that La Sagrada Familia isn’t attacked by our opponents.

If we end up getting into a fight, then all that wonderful stained glass will be broken.

Even if that doesn’t happen, we can’t let a world heritage site get damaged.

When you smile like that, I feel as if I want to protect you. I won’t lose hope.

I’m not exaggerating! You just don’t know how many times I’ve been saved because of that.

We’ve got to survive.

Alright… Let’s go and do what we came for.

It’s the digital zoom on my phone. I’m looking at the area around La Sagrada Familia.

It’ll be easier for the helicopter to approach us during the rescue if I send these to Amphisbaena in advance.

Why don’t we take a look at the surroundings while we’re at it?

The streets of Barcelona really are set out beautifully.

Is it safer to avoid that diagonal main street just in case?

Are you going to have a look too? La Sagrada Familia looks beautiful.

Of course!

Before that… Say cheese!

Yes. I got a good picture with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

You had a cute expression on your face, so it’s fine!

Check this out. You couldn’t look this surprised, even if you tried.

Sorry, but I’m not going to delete this picture. I’m going to keep this a reminder of today.

You came all the way here, so you’d want to act like a tourist, right? This is part of that.

Okay. Let’s act like tourists for a little longer. Where do you want to go next?

The weather is nice. Why don’t we walk down by the beach? Or how about La Barceloneta? [4]

That’s alright. Let’s just go.

It’s alright if we act a little like we’re on a date, isn’t it?

Come on, hold my hand. It’ll be obvious that we’re wearing handcuffs if we stand too far apart.

Isn’t your hand a little warm? I hope it’s just my imagination.

Alright, let’s go down.

[1] Churros – A snack made from deep-fried pastry dough. They’re normally eaten for breakfast, dipped in champurrado (a chocolate flavoured drink also made with corn dough), hot chocolate, dulce de leche (sweetened milk heated slowly to give it a similar appearance and flavour to caramel) or coffee with milk.
[2] Las Ramblas – A pedestrian street in central Barcelona, which separates The Gothic Quarter and another neighbourhood called El Raval.
[3] The Columbus Monument – A 60 metre tall monument to the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.
[4] La Barceloneta – A neighbourhood in the Old City district of Barcelona which is known for its sandy beach.

Track 7

9PM. Barcelona. Las Ramblas. Twenty three hours have passed.

There are a lot less people around. I guess it’s around dinnertime now?

All the restaurants are full.

I’d like to eat, but we’ve got handcuffs on, so I don’t want to go inside a restaurant.

Looking for another terrace seat wouldn’t be a bad idea…

No. I can’t take off the handcuffs. I know this is difficult, but I want you to be patient.

It’s not the best, but we’ll get something to take away and then find a place we can hide.

Like an empty house or something.

What’s the matter?

You don’t look so good…

Why didn’t you tell me sooner if you weren’t feeling well?

You couldn’t tell me?

I’m sorry I didn’t notice. I’ve been pushing you so hard that it’s only natural something like this would happen.

You’re trying to be tough again. Just let me help you a little.

We’ve got to find somewhere to hide.

I can’t take you to a doctor. We’ll get some medicine and food at the market.

You can’t do that. You have to eat, even if you don’t feel like it.

It’d be difficult to go to a hotel. I hope we can find an empty building…

Just keep going for a little longer.

This way!

Hmm? That’s strange…

They’re following us, but not chasing us.

They either haven’t noticed us, or they’re waiting for backup.

Yes. I think they’re enemies. I’m not certain. They seem to be hiding guns though.

They made eye contact too.

All the members of Amphisbaena are skilled men. There’s no way that they’d fail to distract the enemy.

Those men we just saw didn’t seem to be looking for anyone. Even if they are our enemies, they probably ended up here by chance. We just can’t catch a break.

They’re talking to someone on the phone. They’re definitely waiting for backup.

Wait… It’s not like they know we’re the ones they’re looking for.

The people looking for us should be somewhere else.

They’re different though. So they’re just looking at us because we seem somewhat familiar.

That’s right. If we try to slip away unnoticed…

Tch. It looks like they’re coming to check us out.

We’ve got to lose them no matter what. We’re going to pretend to be tourists.

This is Barcelona though.

Things don’t look so good. What are we supposed to do?

You can run? Don’t try to be so tough.

Just leave everything to me.

Anyway, if we start running now, that’d be like announcing that we’re the target.

Hmm? That man and woman in front of us are probably tourists.

They went inside a busy restaurant. Let’s go inside there too.

It’s got to be better than walking along here.

If things work out, then we’ll be able to disappear into the crowd.

We’ll be able to get away from them without a fight.

What if we get found out?

We’ll do the same thing as we’ve done until now.

The only thing we could do is put all our effort into running.

Barcelona. Las Ramblas. At a tablao.

What is this place? It’s pretty noisy.

Ah… It’s a tablao, huh.

It’s a restaurant which also has flamenco performances for tourists.

This place is pretty dark, so we might be able to stay.

I’ll get us a table for two.

You look pretty uncomfortable. Just keep going for a little longer.

It should be better when you’re sitting down.

The menu?

Hmm… I’ll have this then. As for the drinks…

They followed us! Just give up already…

Don’t worry. Just watch the flamenco. It’s so dark that even if they see us, they’ll be too far away to recognise us.

Tch. It was no good.

Hey. Come here. It should be fine as long as they don’t see you.

Hide under the table, down by my feet.

I told you, didn’t I? They won’t find out in the dark.

If they’re so dedicated that they’d even look under the table, then we’d have to give up.

If that did happen, then I’d just take out my gun faster than they could take out theirs.

Come on, hurry up!

What is it?

I’m a tourist. What about you?

Hmm… So you’re from Spain?

What are you doing at a tablao?

I thought places like this were meant for tourists.

You’re looking for someone? I see.

You got separated from your friends?

Was there someone with me?

There was, but she probably went to the toilet.

Yes. She’s the type of person who disappears when I’m not paying attention.

That’s what I meant when I said she probably went to the toilet.

I left for a moment and she was gone.

Even if something happens, she’s the type of person who can deal with things by herself.

I’m sure she’d even be fine without me. I’m helpless without her though.

But that’s a pathetic thing for a man to say.

They’ve gone, huh.

Come out. It’s safe now.

I thought we were done for when he started talking to me.

Maybe he knew that we were handcuffed together. In that case, he’d think he got the wrong person if only one of us was here.


Ah, the drinks. Thanks.

I just remembered that we’d ordered some.

Let’s have a toast to our safety. It’d be nice if we had something fancier than mineral water though.

At least we found a good place to go. We managed to trick our enemy. We’ll be able to get something to eat too.

The customers are paying attention to the flamenco, so none of them should notice our handcuffs.

We’re going to relax here for a while, then we’ll look for somewhere you can lie down.

What is it?

What I was saying earlier?

You mean that conversation I had?

I didn’t say anything strange, did I? It was all true.

I’m helpless without you, but I’m sure you’d be fine without me.

I’m serious.

It’s true that hiding from the mafia would be impossible if I wasn’t here.

But then again, you wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for me.

You might not have gotten involved with this world.

If you weren’t my lover, then there would be almost no contact between you and Amphisbaena.

I’m sure you would’ve had a normal holiday in Spain.

I know. If I really care about you, then I should break up with you.

But I still don’t want to let go of you. I want to stay by your side.

I want it to be my duty to protect you. Even if that ends up hurting you.

I know I’m being selfish. That won’t change my mind though.

That’s because I love you.

Hey… Should I take off the handcuffs?

I see…

Track 8

2AM. Barcelona. Las Ramblas. Twenty eight hours have passed.

It’s good that we managed to shake off our enemies, but how are we going to pass the time?

We can’t walk through Barcelona all night.

I can still get signal on my phone.

So those guys haven’t found out that we’re here.

We probably won’t meet anyone else like those guys from earlier.

I’d prefer not to stay at a hotel. We don’t have time to look for an empty house either…

Hmm? This place is… An apartment for short-term rent?

It’d be good if we could find our way in somehow.

We’d be staying for a day without permission, but I guess we can just leave a tip.

We’ve got to walk a little, but just try to keep going.

Let’s hope there isn’t much security.

We’re going to stay at a five star hotel the next time we’re here. In a top floor suite too.

We’ll see the Mediterranean Sea at night.

So just bear with this for now.

Tomorrow… We’ll be able to leave this city tomorrow.

12PM. Barcelona. The Gothic Quarter. [1] Inside an apartment. Thirty eight hours have passed.

You’re awake? You slept really well.

When you’re worked up about something, you tend to forget you’re tired.

You actually pushed yourself pretty hard.

How are you feeling?

That’s good. You might have to work hard again later.

Will you be able to do that?

You always give a reliable answer!

Let’s eat the food we bought on the way here.

You slept a lot, so you must be hungry.

Yeah. My hand is better now. It feels fine.

I’ll be able to use a gun in both hands.


It’s nothing special, but it’ll fill us up.

There’s some fruit too.

I wish we could have eaten paella though.

It’s better than being hungry, right?

Right… Make some paella for me when we get back to Italy.

I’d be more interested in that than having it Spanish style.

Hey… Can we talk about what I said at the tablao?

I wanted to apologise for showing you a weak side of myself.

Do you remember those 48 hours around the time of the conclave?

You got angry at me when I complained that it was impossible to protect everything.

You also said that you believed in me.

Do you remember how many opponents I faced back then?

You don’t remember?

That’s so mean. I worked really hard…

I’m only joking. To tell the truth, I don’t really remember either.

I was just so caught up in the moment. It really got to me when you said you believed in me.

I became a different person then.

No… That’s not exactly right. I needed to change.

Since I promised you that I’d protect everything, I tried to become a man who’d be right for you.

After all the things that’ve been happening, I don’t feel so confident about that.

This is no good at all.

I know it’s useless for a man to depend on someone else at times like this.

But can you tell me that you believe I can do it, just like you did before?

Thank you.

Yes… I’m going to protect everything!

I’m sure that I’m still going to cause you trouble. Your life might even be in danger too.

I know telling you that I’ll protect you isn’t enough when you’re trusting me with your life.

But I still want you to stay by my side from now on.

I love you.

Hey. Don’t run away.

For the sake of the future, I want you to reassure me even more.

I can’t count the number of times you’ve saved me like this.

It’s just that you haven’t realised.

Men are weak creatures to begin with.

Did you know that three of the ten rules set by the mafia are about their wives?

No… I suppose saying all men are like that is just an excuse.

I’m helpless without you because I’m weak.

I feel calm when I’m holding you like this. I can feel that you really are here.

That I’m still able to protect you… That I haven’t lost you yet…

You’re not used to this yet. You still haven’t changed.

Even though we’ve spent all this time together…

You still blush like you always do.

Or maybe you still don’t really think of me as your lover?

I’d be surprised if you felt that way.

I want you to kiss me first then. Can you do it?

It’s an interesting experience, but I think I should take the lead.

Whenever I like… Wherever I like…

This place has always been your weak spot.

I don’t want you to look so troubled, but it’s your fault for always having such cute expressions.

I’ll want you even more if you try to escape. I’ve told you that before, haven’t I?

Or are you doing it on purpose?

No matter who my enemy is, I won’t sacrifice you or Amphisbaena.

The promise I made won’t change.

It’s because of this situation that I desire you completely.

Would you accept me if I said that?

[1] The Gothic Quarter – The centre of the old city of Barcelona.

Track 9

8PM. Barcelona. Near La Sagrada Familia. Forty six hours have passed.

What’s going on?

The closer we get to La Sagrada Familia, the more suspicious people there are around.

They’re letting us pass by because there are still other people around, but I won’t be able to relax at this rate.

Also… Something strange is happening.

Yes. They’re not trying to draw attention to us.

Just like that man who was at the tablao.

It’s as if we’re caught right in the middle of their territory.

Tch. Not again…

They’re about 10 metres ahead of us.

I’d prefer not to bump into them.

It’ll take us longer, but we’re going to turn here.

They went straight ahead… I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

It’s me.

Yes. I know it’s impossible to change the location of the escape now.

That’s not why I’m calling you. I want you to analyse the images I sent you.

These guys aren’t normal. I can tell that without even analysing the images.

We often do the same thing. A construction site is the perfect hiding place for a base of operations.

There’s a lot of space and no matter who goes in or out, no one will be suspicious.

Where is the largest construction site in Barcelona?

You got it!

That’s right. La Sagrada Familia. That’s our enemy’s base of operations.

9PM. Barcelona. In front of La Sagrada Familia. Forty seven hours have passed.

Those guys are still wandering around. We made it here somehow though.

Yes. That’s La Sagrada Familia.

It really does look huge when you see it from here. But it’s still not finished yet, is it?

The building that Antoni Gaudi spent his life creating…

The helicopter is going to stop above that building.

Amphisbaena just contacted me about the enemy’s base of operations. It seems that I was right.

Their base is located on the lower level of La Sagrada Familia. It’s impossible to change our escape plan now though. We’ve got to sneak in there somehow. If that’s impossible, then we’ll have to force our way in.

I’m sorry things turned out like this. I didn’t think it’d get this complicated.


Yes. There’s a spiral staircase in one of the towers. That’s how we’ll get to the top.

We could’ve used the elevator during the day, but we’ll just have to put up using the staircase.

We’re going to sneak in from the Fachada del Nacimiento [1] on the eastern side. Going in the Fachada de Pasión [2] on the western side feels like a dangerous choice.

I’m only joking. There’s a spiral staircase in the Fachada del Nacimiento. We don’t have any choice. There’s no other way. It’ll be a dangerous bet to make.

It might be unfair to ask you this now, but will you make this bet?

We’ll be putting both of our lives at stake though.

You believe in me… Now you’ve told me that, there’s nothing for me to be afraid of.

Let’s go then.

Well… I had a feeling things would turn out this way.

Watch your step! Make sure you don’t fall!

We can’t let ourselves get caught by these bullets.

They just keep coming. They’re trying to fill us with bullets!

Hey! Get behind me!

Tch! So these guys have no problem damaging a world heritage site?!

This is going to be a long set of steps in a different sense!

You’d normally be able to reach the top of the spiral staircase in 20 minutes, as long as nothing got in your way. I hope we’re going to make it!

I didn’t know they’d be coming down from the top!

They’re coming from below too?!

I’ll show them that I’m not just carrying two guns for show!

No matter how many of these useless guys there are, it won’t make a difference!

It’s no good pretending to be tough…

There are still more of them?!

Gradually sending out his men like this… I guess their leader isn’t so smart.

If he was any good, he’d know that I can use bombs.

I can’t rely on the bullets I’ve got left.

No… I’m not just running out of bullets. I haven’t got much time left either.

We’re going to have to do something desperate! Alright?

You’re right. I didn’t need to ask you that. You trust me.

I’ve dealt with those men, but they’re not going to stop coming.

This way! We’re changing our plans!

Yes. We’re not going up the spiral staircase anymore.

We’ll take a different route from here.

Why do you think I was taking pictures of La Sagrada Familia?

We can get out from that window.

We’re going to climb the scaffolding!

Make sure you don’t get blown away by a strong wind!

That sound… Hey, can you hear that? It’s the sound of a helicopter!

I guess it’s difficult for them to see us from here. At any rate, we’ve got to run.

Let’s go up to the top!

A safety rope? We’ve got the handcuffs, haven’t we?

Don’t worry. The enemy won’t be able to chase us here like they did earlier.

But we’re done for if we fall. Be careful.

What’s the matter? Why isn’t the helicopter coming closer?

The enemy is attacking it? If only we could go a little higher…

Right… If we jump onto the tower crane in front of us…

I think it’s about five metres away… How can we get that far?!

We’re going to have to jump that far?

No… We’ll have to take this chance…

We’re going to jump!

We can do it! Trust me!

When I give you the signal, run as fast as you can. Grab hold of the crane in front of us.

The enemy won’t be able to follow us if we do.

Then we just have to climb to the very top of the crane.

Once we’re on the helicopter, it’ll be our victory.

It’s okay. God will be behind us.

Let’s go! Now!

We made it!

We survived.

[1] Fachada del Nacimiento – A façade which is dedicated to the birth of Jesus and is decorated with scenes of life.
[2] Fachada de Pasión – A façade dedicated to the Passion of Christ. In contrast to the Fachada del Nacimiento, it is decorated more plainly.

Track 10

10PM. In the skies above Barcelona. Forty eight hours have passed.

Goodbye, Barcelona!

It definitely is a beautiful city when you see it like this.

You really did trust me. Even though I asked you to do something crazy like jumping towards a crane.

We probably wouldn’t be on this helicopter if you’d hesitated back then.

Back then…

Going back to 9:55PM. Outside La Sagrada Familia.

When I give you the signal, run as fast as you can. Grab hold of the crane in front of us.

The enemy won’t be able to follow us if we do.

Then we just have to climb to the very top of the crane.

Once we’re on the helicopter, it’ll be our victory.

It’s okay. God will be behind us.

It’s a concussion grenade. The same type of grenade that destroyed the wall of that rundown building we escaped from. It won’t release any fragments, it’ll just create an explosion that blows away the wall and our enemies.

This bomb is going to give us a push.

Let’s go! Now!

Yes. We’re above the Mediterranean Sea now.

Look. We can even see La Sagrada Familia from here.

It’s easy to see because it’s lit up in gold.

You’re right. It’s a good thing there wasn’t any damage to the outside.

Barcelona is a beautiful city.


Ah… The handcuffs…

You’re right. I can take them off now.

These handcuffs are actually the ones from the time of the conclave.

They’re like a memento, aren’t they? I’ve been carrying them around like a protective charm.

Yes. That’s why I had a pair of them with me.

So because they’re just a protective charm, I don’t actually carry the key around…

Hey… The reason I was so determined not to take them off was because I couldn’t do it.

Well… For starters, you ran in front of the enemy all by yourself!

Don’t get angry! I’m sorry! It’s my fault!

Hmm… We might be able to break them with some of the tools in the helicopter though.

What is it? We shouldn’t do it?

You’re right. These handcuffs are a memento.

Being handcuffed together like this until we get back to Rome isn’t so bad either.

Track 11

Hello. I’m Midorikawa Hikaru, the voice of Gerardo.

Was I too close? Sorry about that.

Umm… I’m using a dummy head mic, so I thought I’d have some fun with it.

Okay. I’m going to move to a normal distance.

Alright… First of all, please give your thoughts on the recording.

Hmm… Just like the previous series, this was a two disc CD.

It was difficult as I put all my effort into it, but I think there’ll be plenty of content for the listeners to experience. I wonder what they thought of it.

Next question… Which scene left the greatest impression?

Right… Personally, there are a lot of memorable scenes, but the one that left the greatest impression was… Hmm…

Well… Gerardo became the Father, didn’t he? He feels a strong sense of responsibility as he’s the leader. When he came alone without a plan, I wondered if he’d be okay…

To think about it in a positive way, you could say that he really loves the heroine. However, what might happen next still makes you nervous. Personally, I’m glad if he’s matured as a person.

Okay… What comes to mind when you think about Spain?

Right… There are several examples written here… Flamenco, bullfighting, football, history, food, world heritage sites…

Hmm… I’m personally quite fond of old buildings. Places like La Sagrada Familia made an appearance in the story and I’m interested enough to want to visit it. The building itself also has an unconventional appearance. I’d definitely like to see it with my own eyes.

Talking about this has made me think that going abroad and seeing magnificent scenery and historical buildings would be a moving experience for the reasons I gave earlier. But I’ve got bad eyesight, so I’d have to see it with my glasses on. Then doesn’t it seem no different from seeing it on television? You might feel a little empty.

However, if I even move my glasses a little, then I can’t see anything. There are times when I’ve though “What am I even looking at?” There’s a certain feeling you can’t experience unless you visit somewhere though. I hope I can visit Spain someday.

Now… Please give a message to the maidens who are listening.

Hmm… Right… I personally think this series is visually interesting. It’s as if you’re watching a movie.

It could become an animated work or a live-action movie. I’m not going to make an appearance if it gets made into a live-action movie. I think this series would be even more attractive if you could see it visually, so I’d definitely like you to support it.

It’s a series that I’m personally interested in, so I hope that it’ll continue. Maybe I’m too persistent about this, but if the series gets popular, then there’ll be merchandise too. I’m sorry about doing this every time. I’m happy though. I’m looking forward to your support!

This was Midorikawa Hikaru, the voice actor for Gerardo. I hope we’ll meet again. Bye bye.


Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 2


Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Gerardo


  1. s.e.kwan

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    • Saki

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! ♥

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        I’m looking forward to your translation of Lucia’s volume! Will you be translating Gerardo’s X volume in the future? I’m also hoping that the Criminale! series will continue. When Midorikawa said that he hopes that Criminale! will be created visually (anime or game(?)), I hope that comes true!

        • Saki

          I would definitely like to translate Gerardo’s X volume! Maybe after I finish the other volumes of the first series. I would be happy if Criminale! continued too. Either an anime or a game would be great!

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    I don’t know if they will be continuing the series, but we’ll just have to wait for the summer announcements. I really hope this series becomes a game and eventually an anime! I’d love to see the guys in action!

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      I would also love a game and/or anime! More of the drama CD would be nice too, but I don’t have any idea what kind of plot/storyline they could explore next with regard to Criminale.

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