Criminale! F Animate Tokuten

A Normal Day With A Dangerous Boyfriend (Gerardo)

Hey… This pasta…

This salad too…

You really think so?

They’re pretty different to the food I had before.

To be honest, it doesn’t taste good. That’s strange.

I’m sure this is the right cafe.

Yeah… It’s been a while, but I wouldn’t forget!

I’m sure we ate pasta and salad here while we were on the run around the time of the conclave.

We were sitting in these exact seats too. We even sat facing each other like this. I was teasing you because you were having trouble eating the salad.

I was excited to come here and try that seafood pasta again because I expected something great from Naples, but this is no different from eating in Rome.

I can’t believe we came here just for this. Did we order something different?

You’re right. The ingredients don’t look any different.

How about you try a little?

Come on, eat up.

You don’t know that. It might actually taste different like this.

Come on, open your mouth. You’ll get covered in tomato sauce if you don’t open it wide.

Say “ah”.

You’re blushing.

You were embarrassed like that before too.

Maybe I should give you so much that you end up coughing.

You looked cute when you struggled with tears in your eyes.

Don’t get angry! I’m not going to do that.

So what did you think? Does it taste the same?

Huh? What do you mean you don’t know?

You should at least know whether it tastes the same or not.

What? You were so embarrassed that you couldn’t tell how it tasted back then either?

That’s just what I’d expect from the Father’s daughter. You’ve got nerves of steel.

Don’t get angry! I’m impressed.

That’s what makes you the way you are.

The mystery just keeps on getting deeper though.

The same cafe. The same food too. The situation… Well, I did my best to make it the same.

The food tastes completely different though. What happened to the flavours I tasted back then?

What do you think has changed since then?

If I had to name something else that has changed since then… How about our relationship?

I don’t actually think something like that would make any difference though…

I see. A different chef would mean the food tastes different too.

But I can’t agree with that after all.

This cafe is as crowded as before.

There are plenty of people who look like regulars. It would seem strange if the food wasn’t as good as before.

Hmm… Maybe we’ve actually come to the wrong cafe?

There are plenty of similar cafes.

It could be the roadside cafe next to this one…

That’s right… I still remember those 48 hours clearly.

I’m sure it was this street and this cafe.

But another possibility is…

Huh? It didn’t taste good because we’re not wearing handcuffs?

Give me a break. You must be tired of wearing handcuffs too.

No… We should try it…

We can’t put on handcuffs, but let’s try eating while holding hands.

Let’s also get close together, like the time we were wearing handcuffs.

Alright. Try and eat now.

Well… Of course that wouldn’t be true.

Hey… What are you doing?

Is it really that difficult to eat just because we’re holding hands?

It’s not like that. I’m not good with my hands, you’re just clumsy.

Hey… Don’t sulk because of something like this.

Come to think it, you did the same thing when I teased you back then.

You really haven’t changed.

I’m done eating.

We’re just going to end up leaving without figuring things out.

What should we do? Why don’t we finish our coffee, then get something at another cafe to take away the taste of this food?

Hmm… I suppose it’d be too much for you to eat.

Ah… Be careful, that coffee is hot.

Hey. I told you it was hot.

That weird side of you hasn’t changed either.

Well… It’d be no good if we went back to Rome right away, so why don’t we wander around here for a while?

We might remember what we’ve forgotten.

I wonder why I don’t remember though?

I wouldn’t say that it tasted bad. It just didn’t taste as good as before.

I came all the way here to try it…

You’re right. Going out for a meal with you in Naples was more than enough for me.

Complaining won’t do any good.

Alright… Let’s do some sightseeing around Naples instead of complaining.

We weren’t able to walk around and see things before.

You know you’re in Naples when you see narrow and winding streets like this one.

You remember this street? Really?

I’m surprised you remembered it, considering that our lives were in danger when we passed by.

No… Maybe that’s exactly why you remember it.

It’s said that your memories become clearer when you come close to dying.

It’s not like that? You weren’t talking about a street we ran through?

Ah… I guess I did save a kid. It’s no big deal though. Hurry up and forget about it.

Anyway… I’ve got a much better memory of what happened after that.

I remember that I held hands with you like this and sneaked around to keep the handcuffs hidden.

You’d been trembling until then, but you said you weren’t scared.

Even though I’m a member of the mafia, you said I was a kind person.

I thought you were pretty amazing. You were just what I would’ve expected from Father’s daughter.

That’s not right though. It’s not just because you’re Father’s daughter, you’re amazing in your own right.

Those 48 hours around the time of the conclave… You didn’t complain at all, even though you were handcuffed to a member of the mafia who was a complete stranger to you and got pushed around by that person.

You actually cheered me up when I was the one complaining.

I’m not exaggerating! You changed Amphisbaena’s destiny. You were smart enough to save the members of Amphisbaena who got caught.

I feel as if I can overcome anything as long as I’m with you.

You’re still not used to this. That’s another cute side of you. How about I keep kissing you until you get used to it?

I can’t believe things turned out like this after those 48 hours. Not even God could come up with something like this.

It’s amazing that you can call it a good memory. It’d normally be something so scary that you wouldn’t try to remember. I’m happy though.

Talking to you like this feels kind of special. Isn’t that alright?

It’s something that no one else knows about.

That’s right. It’s our secret.

The time from when we were imprisoned together until when everything was over is a secret time that just the two of us spent together.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy looking back on those hellish 48 hours this much. It must be because I’m with you.

I’m surprised that we survived. We were prepared to lose something.

I’ve got everything in my own hands now though.

I should be the one saying that. I’m really glad you survived.

You’re with me. I’m glad I realised something ordinary like that could make me happy.

Even though it seems like a miracle when I look back on it…

Why are you smiling so happily?

I can’t believe how happy I am with you.

That kind of thing doesn’t suit someone from the mafia.

So this is what happiness is like?

It’s gotten dark. How about we go back to Rome soon?

I wonder why the pasta didn’t taste good…

You really don’t know either, right?

I’m glad we came to Naples together though.

This place has memories that only the two of us know about.

That’s right. I’ll always remember this city. Even though the pasta didn’t taste good, there are even better memories than that. Knowing that is enough to give it meaning.

Let’s come here again. It’d be fun if we had another chance to go around the places we went during those 48 hours.

I know. I’m sorry about what happened on the boat. Just forget about that right now.

We’ll go somewhere different from that place!

I’m so hungry!

It’s been a while since we had that pasta, right? Make me something when we get back to Rome.

Just use whatever we’ve got at home. Can’t you make something that way?

Like pasta or pizza…

I’m not going to complain if it’s not something fancy!

I’m sure the pasta you make tastes better than the one from that cafe.

I’m so hungry that anything would taste good…

Ah… Maybe the pasta from that cafe tasted good because we were too hungry to even move?

I’m sure we’ll never get to eat pasta as delicious as that again!

Why don’t we go to Naples when we haven’t eaten for a whole day then?

I can’t believe that was the reason. Maybe we could go back and eat some pasta?

You’re right! We’ll save that for the next time we’re here.

We’ll travel around Naples on an empty stomach!

The food was definitely good, right?

We’d finally gotten lucky after being on the run all night and never knowing if we’d survive being shot at.

Okay… Let’s go back home.

I’m looking forward to having dinner when we get back. I wonder what kind of delicious food it’ll be!

I’m not trying to tease you. Don’t worry. Everything you make is delicious.