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Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Gerardo & Lucia

Criminale! F Animate Tokuten

The Mafia’s Day Off (Gerardo & Lucia)

Gerardo: Inside the weapons storage room at Amphisbaena’s headquarters.

Lucia: Hey, Gerardo. Can’t you do something about this already?

Gerardo: I’m doing my best to think about it.

Anyway, don’t make so much noise right next to my ear! It’s annoying.

Lucia: I’m the one who feels annoyed. Of all the places it could have been, it had to be this dusty one.

Gerardo: You were the one who asked me to lend you the key to the weapons storage room because you wanted something, Lucia!

Lucia: Ah~ I can’t hear you~

Gerardo: Quit messing around and think of something!

What are you going to do about this?

Lucia: My left hand and your right hand are chained together. That’s impossible.

I wonder if it’ll turn out to be a dream if I go to sleep.

Gerardo: I wish that were true. This would even be too much for a nightmare.

Lucia: Exactly.

Anyway… Don’t we have too many accidents with handcuffs?

Gerardo: Definitely. How many times has it been now?

Lucia: How about you try counting? I can’t be bothered, so I’ll leave it to you.

Gerardo: How did this even happen in the first place?

Lucia: Everything started when we entered the weapons storage room together…

Inside the weapons storage room at Amphisbaena’s headquarters. Two hours ago.

Gerardo: Come on. Hurry up and finish what you need to do.

This place is normally off-limits, you know.

Lucia: I’m following the right procedure, so that doesn’t matter!

I just wanted to see if there were any new daggers.

Gerardo: I don’t know anything about that kind of weapon.

Do daggers get worn out?

Lucia: Much more than guns do.

They get blunt.

I don’t pick up every knife I throw either.

Hey… What’s something like this doing here?

Gerardo: Ah… Handcuffs, hmm?

Well… They’re good for restraining people when we take a few prisoners.

It’s better to have them just in case.

Lucia: I don’t want to see any handcuffs again though.

Take this box, Gerardo.

Gerardo: Don’t throw it!

Lucia: Ah… Sorry.

But… Why couldn’t you catch something like that, Gerardo?

Gerardo: It was your fault for throwing it.

Come on, help me clean it up. Everything’s all over the floor.

Lucia: You’re asking too much! I’m busy looking for a dagger right now.

You’re not doing anything, are you?

Ah. I found the daggers.

Oh… There aren’t any good ones here.

Gerardo: Lucia…

Lucia: You’re the Father, so you should make an effort to collect all weapons equally.

Gerardo: Lucia…

Lucia: Never mind, I’ll buy some daggers myself.

I’ll claim the money back as an expense.

Hey… What are you doing?

Gerardo: That should be obvious.

I tried to tidy up the handcuffs and they clicked shut.

Lucia: Huh? How can the Father do something like that?

Gerardo: Isn’t there a key near the box the handcuffs were in?

Lucia: There’s no key here. Isn’t it in the box?

Gerardo: In the box, hmm? It doesn’t look like it…

Lucia: Let me see. I might be able to force them open with a dagger.

Gerardo: That’s impossible. We don’t have anything cheap like that here.

Lucia: Cheap handcuffs…? There must be more important equipment to worry about.

Gerardo: By the way… You…

Lucia: What’s with these handcuffs?! Why are they locked around my wrist?!

Gerardo: Ah… It’ll be fine as long as there’s a key.

We’ll be able to get the handcuffs off easily if we have a key.

Lucia: Why were the handcuffs left around without a key anyway?

Gerardo: I don’t know.

Anyway, as the Father, I’ve decided that handcuffs won’t be allowed in Amphisbaena from now on. Let’s make sure that happens.

Gerardo: Some time later. Inside the weapons storage room at Amphisbaena.

Lucia: How long has it been now?

Gerardo: About two hours.

Lucia: We haven’t made any progress since then?

I’m seriously feeling depressed.

Gerardo: I feel the same way.

If you want some other handcuffs, then I’ve found plenty more.

Lucia: Just how many do we have?!

Gerardo: I was joking. Don’t get so angry!

Hmm? This is…

Lucia: Did you find the key? Thank goodness.

I’ve got something to do later. Could you hurry up and take the handcuffs off?

Gerardo: It’s a one euro coin.

What is it doing here?

This is why the accounts don’t add up. Jeez.

Lucia: Hey! Finding something like that won’t be any help!

Gerardo: I suppose I don’t have a choice. I’m going to give you this one euro coin.

Lucia: I don’t want it! Were you listening to me? I said I’ve got something to do!

Gerardo: I’ve got something important to do too!

I can’t waste my time here.

Give me back that one euro coin then.

Lucia: No way. You gave it to me, so it’s mine!

Gerardo: Give it back.

Lucia: No way.

Gerardo: Give it back!

Lucia: No way!

Lucia & Gerardo: Ah…

Gerardo: Where’d it go?

Lucia: In the space between those shelves…

Gerardo: I can’t reach it.

Lucia: You’re right.

Gerardo: Stay calm.

We won’t be able to get the handcuffs off like this. I’ve got to get out of this situation quickly and fulfil my promise.

Lucia: What a coincidence. I’ve got a very important promise too.

I wouldn’t have hesitated to kill if you weren’t the Father.

Gerardo: As the Father, I’m happy to have such a considerate ally.

Lucia: Well, of course I was joking about killing anyone.

It’d be fine as long as your hand was separated from the rest of your body.

Gerardo: Okay, okay. I’m tired of responding to your jokes already.

Anyway… Are you sure there isn’t anything we can do?

You can open the locks with one of those knives, right?

Lucia: You use those on normal doors. They won’t fit in such a small lock.

Gerardo: There’s nothing we can do then.

It’ll take 48 hours to get another key.

Lucia: Your brain is like gelato again! I think there’s a problem with you saying we’ll be able to get another key after 48 hours! Aren’t you just trying to get in the way of my important appointment?

Gerardo: I’m not! I’ve got an important appointment too. It’s just as important to me as Amphisbaena.

Lucia: I’ve got an important arrangement I need to carry out, even if it means killing ten people!

I can’t stay here wasting time.

Gerardo: Huh? Just ten people?

It’s nothing compared to my arrangement then.

Lucia: O-One hundred! Not even killing one hundred people would be enough!

Gerardo: Hmph. How many people do you think there are in Amphisbaena?

My arrangement is important enough for me to give all of them up.

Lucia: Don’t sell out all your subordinates! You’re the Father, aren’t you?

Anyway, it’s an important arrangement! I don’t have time to be talking to you like this!

Gerardo: The same goes for me!

Every minute is important! I won’t make it in time to that arrangement without the key.

In other words…

Lucia: You should have done that from the beginning.

Cut off your arm and cut open your noisy mouth.

Gerardo: That’s exactly how it is.

I’m going to fill you with bullets and shoot off your arm.

Lucia: Sorry, but I’ll do anything, no matter what it takes.

It really is an important arrangement, you see.

It’s unfortunate that you ended up handcuffed to me.

Gerardo: Us men both have something we can’t give up.

Let’s settle this, Lucia!

Lucia: Huh? What are you doing here?

Gerardo: What happened? Why do you look so angry?

Lucia: It’s not like that! I wasn’t messing around!

I was just about to go and meet you…

Gerardo: These…? As you can see, they’re handcuffs.

No… I wasn’t messing around!

Lucia: That’s right! We ended up in handcuffs and we were pointing our weapons at each other, but it’s not like we were messing around!

Gerardo: Exactly! It’s just as Lucia said!

Lucia: Hey, Gerardo… Your arrangement was…

Gerardo: Yes.

Lucia… Your arrangement was also…

Lucia: Then… Weren’t you just going to be carrying stuff?!

Why’d you say you’d give up everyone in Amphisbaena for that?!

Gerardo: You can’t really say anything either!

Lucia: Hmm? That’s…

Gerardo: That’s… The key to the handcuffs, isn’t it?

You’re amazing! It’s only natural that Father’s daughter would find it as soon as she arrived!

Lucia: Give me that key.

Then I’ll carry your things, or do anything else you want…

Gerardo: Eh? Did you just say no?

Lucia: Wait a minute!

I don’t know about Gerardo, but I was desperately trying to find the key so I could go and meet you.

Gerardo: What do you mean by that?!

I was looking for the key so I could keep my promise to you!

Lucia: You were saying crazy and unrealistic stuff, weren’t you?

Gerardo: For starters, it was your fault for throwing the box with the handcuffs in it!

Lucia: You were the one who got caught in the handcuffs! I just got dragged into this!

Gerardo: Huh? Then give me back that one euro coin!

Lucia: The one euro coin has nothing to do with this!

You… Are you angry?

Gerardo: Calm down! It’s not like we forgot about you!

We were trying our best to make sure it didn’t seem like that!

Lucia: That’s right! So take off the handcuffs and we’ll start over.

Gerardo: I’m sorry about what happened to our arrangement. I’m sorry, so give us the key.

Lucia: Hey… Let’s go and have something delicious to eat!

Gerardo and I will pay for it! So don’t be angry!

Gerardo: The key…

Lucia: What should we do, Gerardo?

Gerardo: We’ll have to run after her and apologise!

Do you want us to be chained together forever?!

Lucia: No way!

Gerardo: You idiot! Don’t run wherever you like when we’re handcuffed together!

Lucia: You were the one who said we should run after her! Follow me!


Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Gerardo


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