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Dear Vocalist Riot 3

Dear Vocalist Riot 3 – A’

CV: Kimura Ryohei

Thank you koda for your commission!

Track 3

There you are! I’ve missed you, my dear honey!

Come on, sit down! I’ve got a special seat just for you, my honey!

What do you think? You can see the whole of Center-Gai [1] from here and check out all the cute girls!

Hmm? You don’t seem that excited.

Are you jealous?

Jeez… You’re such a troublesome girl, my honey!

Don’t worry! I thought I saw a super hot girl coming this way, and it turned out to be my honey!

Ah… You’re not convinced…

A-tan only has eyes for you, my honey!

Right! We’ve got to have something to eat if we’re going to enjoy our day off completely!

The fries are super soft!

Of course, I got plenty of ketchup!

WcDonald’s has the best fries!

They’re delicious when you cover them in ketchup.

Okay, say “ah”.

What do you think? Delicious?

What was that just now?

Your angelic smile hit my HP really hard, honey!

It’s no good. I think I’m gonna die.

Will you feed me too? Then I’ll be revived right away!

That’s right. Cover them in ketchup.

Ah… So delicious!

They tasted five times better thanks to you!

A’ has completely recovered!

Hey! Where should we go after this? What are we gonna do?

I’ve said this before, but Shibuya is like my backyard!

I can come up with anything you ask for!

Think about it while you’re eating.

I got a large coke, so I’m gonna drink that right now!

Your smile even makes this flat coke taste good!

You still want to look at clothes?

But there won’t be much to see at Porco [2] because it’s being renovated.

Should we go home?

Ah… A game centre, huh.

I haven’t been to one of those for a while. I haven’t taken any purikura of us kissing either!

Why don’t we go there then?

Alright! Let’s go right now!

Huh… Where are the purikura machines?

Ah… They’re on the second floor, honey.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Ah, I know! You want that soft toy, right?

Don’t be shy! Your darling will get that huge Yurukkuma [3] on the first go!

Let me see… Hmm…

Just watch! I’m going to concentrate 100% for my honey!

Damn it! It’s a pretty stubborn bear, considering its name is Yurukkuma!

This is going to be a long game.

Okay… Pull yourself together!

Ah… I’m about to run out of change!

Get me some more change, honey!

Hmm… This position is even more difficult than the last.

In that case, I’ll just have to aim directly at his neck!

Damn it! I’ll get it, even if it kills me!

Keep going, just like that… Please!

God! Buddha! Ciel! It doesn’t matter who!

Give me strength!

I got it! Alright, my honey!

A-tan did it!

I know, right! This was all thanks to the power of love!

Just kidding.

Sorry I kept you waiting! Here’s a present from your darling!

My honey is holding that huge Yurukkuma…! It’s a miraculous collaboration!

It’s too cute for me to handle!

That look on your face is amazing…

Let’s take a purikura of us kissing right now!

We’ve got to take a picture with the bear too!

Right! When I opened my wallet earlier, I remembered that I had a discount coupon for Karatatsu. [4]

How about we do some karaoke after this?

Alright! Let’s go and take purikura right away!

Maybe I’ll do a rehearsal for the concert!

I’ve got something to tell you too!

Hey! I’m A’, the charismatic vocalist of NSFW!

Thanks for coming today! I hope you’re having a good time with that bear!

Before I start the next song, I’m going to send a secret message to a certain person.

I’m thinking of sending you a message during my next concert, honey.

Just like this. This means “eight”. This means “two”. This means “one”. Did you get it?

I learnt it from a special about sign language I saw on TV the other day.

This is number eight. This is number two. And this is number one.

So it’s 8-2-1, meaning honey! [5]

I’m definitely going to do it on stage, so make sure you don’t forget about it!

Alright! I’ve got to do my best at making music so the concert can happen!

Hmm? Are you curious?

Of course, it’ll be an amazing song!

We haven’t recorded it yet, but the song is done! So it’s all going fine!

It’s such an amazing song that you’ll feel it right away!

So just look forward to it.

Hey, hey, hey! Pay attention, Mr Bear!

Don’t keep sitting on my honey’s lap! You’re ruining my sweet time!

Be good and wait over there.

Now there’s no one in our way.

I’m going to sing for you, so make sure you’re at the concert, honey.

[1] Center Gai is a street in Shibuya which is home to many department stores, fast food restaurants and nightclubs.
[2] Porco = Parco
Parco is a chain of department stores in Japan.
[3] Yurukkuma = Rilakkuma
Rilakkuma is a character created by San-X. The “rila” in Rilakkuma is short for “relax”, while the “yuru” in Yurukkuma means “laid-back”.
[4] Karatatsu = Karatetsu
Karaoke no Tetsujin (Karatetsu for short) is a well known karaoke box.
[5] 8-2-1 can be pronounced ha-ni-i, which spells out “honey”.

Track 4

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Just sit down a minute!

Ah… Umm… Well…

Let’s have a short break!

I got distracted because I need to go to the bathroom!

Not again…?

But I can’t help it if I need to go!

Sorry, I’ll be right back!

Answer the phone, honey! Please…

Hey… Honey?

It’s nothing really.

I just felt like hearing your voice.

We were just recording the new song.

Huh? It’s going great, of course!

I told you I’d sing for you, didn’t I? That’s what the song is for!

Wait a minute! I’m sorry!

But we’re on a break, right? It doesn’t matter if I use my phone.

I’ll be back really soon!

Huh? It’s not like that, I’m serious about this too!

Sorry, I’m going to hang up now. See you later!

Hmm? Honey?

Oh? What’s the matter?

It’s unusual for you to come over so suddenly.

Ah… I’m sorry. I didn’t look at my phone at all.

It’s nothing! Just a little trouble with the new song.

I made everyone angry. So we decided not to do any more recording today.

Everything else had to be rescheduled too.

They said they’d cancel all the studio sessions we’d booked.

I can’t sing. So we didn’t have a choice.

I said it was nothing!

I’m sorry… I’m a terrible person. There’s no point in me taking my anger out on you.

You were worried about me. But I…

I wish I was dead. If I’m going to be like this, then it’s better if I’m not around.

I did make that promise.

But… Wait!

Wait! Don’t go! I’m sorry!

I’m sorry, alright!

Ah… I made her really angry.

What am I even doing?

I’ve always known that everything is meaningless without her.


I’m going to do it this time!

Amazing… Sparks came from the electrical outlet!

I’m glad the room is dark.

I guess that’s good enough.

So where should I hang it from?

Is this even going to hold anyway?

Ah… If I knew things were going to turn out like this, I would have died sooner.

After what happened, I had made up my mind to die when I turned twenty.

But I got carried away and started singing again.

Either way, I can’t even sing. She’s gone too.

There’s no point in singing.

There’s no point in living either.

I thought I could keep living because she was with me.

She was the most important thing to me.

I really didn’t want to hurt her.

But… I can’t believe things are ending like this.

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, honey.

I love you. Even now, I love you so much I could die.


This is… I was determined to die this time.

I couldn’t do it though.

You see… You’d be even angrier if I did.

You got so angry when I said I wanted to die, so if I really did die, I’m sure you’d never forgive me.

I don’t want that. I’d hate it.

I’m sorry for not telling you anything.

Some things happened to me in the past, not long before I met you.

Sometimes I still remember those things when I try to sing.

Then I find it difficult to breathe. That’s what happened during the recording today.

But I couldn’t tell the others. So I tried to laugh it off like I always do, but I ended up making everyone angry.

I even broke the promise I made with you by saying I wanted to die.

I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be alone anymore.


Really? You’re not angry?

You’ll still forgive me, even if I don’t tell you what happened in the past?

I see…

Everyone else’s misunderstanding?

But that’s…

You’re right. I’ve got to sing if you’re with me.

I’ve got to do the concert too.

Because I promised I would make it the most amazing song.

Because I promised I would sing for you. I’ve got to send that message too.

Got it. I’ve made up my mind.

I’ll apologise to the staff and the other band members tomorrow.

I’ll buy them some cakes and make a serious apology.

I’ll tell them that I wasn’t feeling so good.

I don’t want to tell them everything, but I’ll say I was having a hard time because the pressure of coming up with a new song was more than I imagined it would be.

I’m telling the truth though.

I’ll tell them that I want to keep making music with them.

I’ll do it until they understand.

That’s what I’m going to do!

Thanks to you, I feel as if things are going to work out.

Thank you for coming back.

I’m glad I didn’t die.

I love you.

Track 5

Found you, honey!


Hmm… Seeing you after work really is the greatest.

My tiredness goes away instantly!


Come on! It’s alright, isn’t it?

We haven’t seen each other for a while!

We did talk on the phone, but there’s no way that’s enough, right?

Ah… I really didn’t get enough of my honey…

But thanks to that… The new song is finally done!

We filmed the video too!

Whoa! I’m such a hard worker!

I’ll get embarrassed if you compliment me like that!

Now I’ve gotta wait for the concert.

I’m going to keep working hard for my darling honey!

By the way… I’m sorry I made you come all the way to Shibuya, but can we continue our date at my place?

Why don’t we rent a movie at Tsuriya [1] and make out until morning?

Really? That’s awesome!

Actually… The first version of the music video just got completed.

I put it on a disc before I left the agency, so do you wanna watch it?

You’ve got to watch it, right?!

I know, right! I knew my honey would say that!

We haven’t seen each other for a while, but you’re still getting hyped up!

Ah… The lights turned green while we were talking!

Let’s go get a movie and go home!

I didn’t get to watch “Dog’s Hero” when it was out in the summer. Shouldn’t it be on DVD by now?

Let’s start by looking at the shelf with the new movies!

We’re all ready now, so let’s get started with the first showing of NSFW’s music video!

Hmm? That’s weird…

Huh? How come it’s not working?

Did I mess up when I copied it?

Give me one of the DVDs we rented. Any one is fine.


I’m going to see if this one works.

Oh? It can’t play this one either.

Maybe the disc is fine and there’s a problem with the computer instead?

Why’d it stop working just like that?

Ah… Umm…

I ripped out the cord the other day and the computer fell over at the same time.

Maybe that’s when it broke…

No way… I haven’t even finished paying for it…

Ah… What am I even doing?!

No, no, no! We can’t leave it for next time!

I’ve made up my mind to watch this music video with you today! I’ll even go out and buy another computer right now! Got it?!

Ah… Right… I’ve got a good idea!

Let’s go out!

It’s okay! Just be quiet and follow me!

Ah… I thought I had a great idea, but the couple rooms just had to be fully booked tonight!

In this stupidly huge cafe? Are you kidding me?!

Huh? I don’t care if anyone hears me.

The way the tables are set up makes it impossible to have a good time!

The first showing of my music video is ruined!

But it’s my fault for breaking my computer…

Shall we just watch it anyway?

Look, honey…

Sorry we have to do this here, but put these headphones on.

Okay, here we go!

What did you think?

I want your honest opinion on the music video that I’ve given 100% of my effort to!

I know, right?!

It’s super cool, right?

I especially liked…

Hmm? What is it?

We didn’t order anything, right?

Oh? Ah… I’m sorry. We got a bit carried away.

They got angry… Even though I was actually holding back. This is ridiculous!

I’m trying my best not to shout out loud!

Jeez… This is so annoying. I was just about to say something awesome.

Well… This music video wouldn’t have existed if you weren’t here.

That was what I wanted to tell you.

Thank you for being with me.

There are things I haven’t told you. I know I’ve caused you a lot of trouble too.

Thank you for not abandoning me.

Since then, I’ve been thinking that I should tell you everything that happened.

I’m not ready yet though.

But I’ll definitely talk about it one day!

I’ll tell you about it when I’ve had time to organise my thoughts.

So can you wait until then?

In return for that, I promise that I’m going to live.

I’m not going to think about dying again.

If you’re with me, then I’m not alone at all.

I see. Thank goodness.

Anyway… I’ve got to get through the concert first. I’m seriously going to give it my all.

The other members and the staff are really excited too, so I think it’ll be NSFW’s best concert ever!

Of course! I’m going to do vocal training everyday!

I’ve got try my best at sign language to make sure my passionate feelings for you are heard!

It’s only saying 8-2-1 though!

Ah… But before that… You’re in front of me right now, so I’m going to tell you directly.

Shh. We were told to be quiet, right?

So I’m going to kiss you.

Amazing… As long as I have your lips, this cafe immediately feels like heaven.

It’s been a long time too. I’ve got to make sure we don’t get kicked out.

But I’m sorry if I get too carried away and things get too intense.

You be careful not to make too much noise either.

Got it?

[1] Tsuriya = Tsutaya
Tsutaya is a chain of bookstores and video rental shops.


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