Kyuuketsuki Night Parade 3 – Lutz

CV: Kurose Taka (Kuroda Takaya)

Thank you Kurin for your commission!

Track 1


Where are you going?

You haven’t found a partner yet, have you?

I heard this party was meant for finding a marriage partner.

Isn’t it a bit too soon for you to give up and go home?

Hmm… You even look beautiful up close.

Why don’t you choose me?

As a bridegroom, I mean. You have to choose someone, don’t you?

Ah… So I suppose you can’t decide that easily.

It’s the person you’re going to marry after all.

Me? My name is Lutz.

I’m just an ordinary human.

There’s no need to be so formal. Nice to meet you.

What’s the matter?

You don’t have to be so cautious. I just want to shake your hand.

Once again, it’s nice to meet you.

Your hands really are cold.

It’s nothing…

This evening party seems to be quite grand. Do you know how many people are here?

There are lots of different people here, so I was just curious.

I see. So you don’t know either.

Hmm? What is it?

The same goes for you too, doesn’t it?

Weren’t you trying to leave just now?

I was just doing some exploring around here.

I don’t get many chances to come to places like this, you see.

Are you really going to leave now?

Is it alright for you to go home when you haven’t chosen anyone yet?

In that case, you’ll have to decide soon, won’t you?

If you can’t decide, then why don’t you choose me after all?

I’m not going to ask you to marry me so suddenly.

We’ll be lovers first. No, we can even start as friends.

It’s no good asking me why.

Well… The two of us talking together like this must be some kind of fate.

You look as if you don’t believe me.

Ah… Well… Would you believe me if I said it was love at first sight?

You might think this sounds unbelievable, but when I saw you earlier, I was drawn to you immediately.

How can I put this… I felt as if I saw something within you that I didn’t have.

And now we’ve met once more.

I don’t think this is just a coincidence.

That’s true. But even if you don’t choose me, you’ll choose another man, won’t you?

That doesn’t exactly please me.

Is there something else you’re concerned about?

Hmm… So that’s what it was.

I know you’re a vampire. I know all the other women here are vampires too.

There was an explanation during the first greeting, wasn’t there?

You being a vampire is just one thing I like about you.

Don’t you think this is a sign?

I’m sure we can have a good relationship in the future.

It might not be something strong yet, but it will eventually become a feeling that passionately consumes your heart. I’m certain of that.

I’ll give up if you don’t feel anything when we’re this close together.

That’s decided then. I hope we can get on well.

Track 2

Ah… What a wonderful room.

Of course. But is it really okay to use this room?

Thank you. That’s a great help.

Hmm… So where is your room?

Over there? Where is that?


Ah… You see, I thought it would be nice if my room was next to yours.

It’d be easier to come round and tease you at night, wouldn’t it?

What an amazing reaction! You really are cute.

Hmm? You would’ve preferred if it wasn’t a joke?

Okay, okay. I’ll be using this room then.

Hmm? What is it?

Well, you’re looking intently in this direction…

I’m thinking of getting changed now. Do you want to see my naked body?

That was an interesting sight just now.

She was blushing and looked so unsettled. I didn’t think she was that innocent.

Well… That makes certain things more convenient.

Alright… I’m going to start getting ready.

Track 3

Are you cooking?

What are you making?

Shall I help you?

Is that so?


Nothing really. I was just wondering what kind of equipment you had.

I’m talking about your kitchen equipment.

I wondered what you might be using, but it seems that vampires cook more normally than I thought they would.

Don’t you drink blood?

You’re a vampire, so it’s only natural for you to drink human blood.

Then where do you get blood from?


No, not really. I’m just interested.

I want to know everything about you.

It’s quite natural for someone to want to know more about the person they’re interested in, isn’t it?

Amazing… You really do start blushing right away.

I’m sorry. I really do want to know about drinking blood though.

I’ve heard that it feels really good.

It makes your whole body shiver with pleasure.

It only hurts at the beginning and that pain gradually turns into pleasure.

That’s what I’ve heard. Was that wrong?

Ah.. I suppose you wouldn’t know how the person having their blood drunk feels.

Then how does it feel to drink someone’s blood?

I see… So you haven’t drunk blood before. I suppose you wouldn’t know then.

Vampires drink blood whenever they have the urge?

Can they drink blood without losing control?

That is a problem. Depending on that…


The problem is… No, it’s nothing.

Hey… Will you drink my blood after dinner?

I want to see what it’s like. I’m just interested in the kind of pleasure that makes your body tremble.

Why is it impossible?

You just haven’t done it before. But you can do it if you try, can’t you?

Hmm… I can’t understand it.

You were born as a vampire, but you’re defying your instincts.

Ah… It’s already done?

Let’s eat right away then.

Ah… That was delicious. It’s been so long since someone last cooked for me.

Yes. It makes you happier than you think it would.

Everything was delicious. Especially the soup.

I feel like it’s been a long time since I last ate something warm.

It’s not just home-made food. I haven’t had anything freshly cooked just for me in a long time.

It was when I was a child, so I suppose it would be almost twenty years ago now.

My parents died when I was a child. I haven’t eaten anything like this since then.

I haven’t really eaten with anyone else like this either.

No… Never mind about me!

Let’s start clearing up.

Thank you for making all this delicious food.

Right… I want to give you my blood to thank you for the meal.

Yes. I’m serious.

I’ll give up if you really don’t want it.

This is the only thing I can think of to do for you right now.

Don’t you want to drink my blood?

In that case, I want you to accept my feelings.

I really was happy that you cooked for me.

We can go to my room if you like. Okay?

Track 4


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Aren’t you coming over here?

I don’t know how much strength I’ll lose when you drink my blood, so it’s better to stay on the bed, isn’t it?

I might even lose consciousness.

How are you supposed to do it?

Don’t you just bare your fangs, bite into the skin and drink the blood that flows out?

It looks painful? You really are an odd vampire.

Of course it hurts. But vampires don’t worry about that, do they?

You’re scared? How interesting of you to say that.

I’m serious too. I really do want you to drink my blood.

Come on. Come here quickly.

Why are you so scared of drinking blood?

What’s the matter? Is this your first time sitting on a man’s lap?

I see. How does it feel?

You seem to be worried. You should relax a little.

Otherwise you might get carried away and kill me.

I’m sorry for teasing you.

Your reactions are so cute that I couldn’t help enjoying it.

Alright… Where are you going to drink from?

I don’t mind where.

Look… I’ll be fine.


Is that the place you’ve chosen?

The place your lips are touching…

Of course. I can handle a little pain.

You don’t have to hold back.

Go on.

How is your first taste of blood?

This is your first time drinking someone else’s blood, isn’t it?


I see…

Of course. I’d be troubled if you didn’t drink a little more.

This is nothing more than a small sip.

Keep on drinking until you’re satisfied.

My mind is going blank…

Amazing… I feel as if I’m going to go crazy…

This feels kind of strange.

How much have you drunk?

Have you had quite a lot?

No, it’s fine.

I didn’t want you to hold back.

I’d like you to have more. I won’t be able to learn what I want to know if you don’t.

No… I think I can somewhat understand how much pleasure you can feel.

So I want you to drink a little more.

Don’t worry about me.

Hurry up and keep drinking.

Look. It’s dripping down because you didn’t drink it.

It’s a waste, isn’t it?

Amazing. It seems as if the sensation of my blood being drunk is stronger than before.

I suppose it doesn’t feel that bad. It feels good.

Hmm? I thought I’d make you feel good too.

It really is amazing.

This pleasure that runs throughout my whole body…

I think you couldn’t help becoming addicted.

This is also the first time a man has been on top of you, isn’t it?

Hmm… I’m happy to hear that. I want to take all your first times.

What’s the matter? You don’t like me kissing and touching you?

Well… There are lots of things I want to know.

Don’t think about it too deeply right now.

You’ll enjoy this more if you empty your mind and don’t think about anything.

I can clearly hear your heart beating in your chest.

If I were able to kiss your chest, then I think it would beat even faster.

I know you’re embarrassed, but please relax your legs.

This won’t take long.

You started blushing again right away.

You really are cute.

This might hurt a little, but can you bear with it?

I think it will be quite painful at the beginning.

I don’t mind if you bite my neck and drink my blood at the same time.

You might not feel the pain that way.

You’re not going to drink my blood?

You’re an innocent person, but you’re still tough.

Is it really okay for you to trust me?

I see…

No, it’s nothing.

Tell me if it hurts then.

I’m not as kind as you think I am.

I’m going to do something terrible to you now.

Thank you…?

You really are an odd person.

Just relax.

Are you okay?

You’re lying. This must be painful.

Look at me. Open your mouth.

I thought you’d get distracted from the pain if you concentrated on the kiss.

You’re bad at kissing.

Why don’t you think of this as practice and respond to my kiss?

You’re such a fool. You swallow the saliva when you kiss.

You can accept me completely, can’t you?

I’m sorry. This must hurt. You can’t breathe properly?

It seems that I was the one who got carried away.

You’re so brave.

When you react like that, I end up being troubled too.

I’m telling you that you’re too cute.

Are you okay?

I’m sorry.

You must be tired.

Am I going to sleep here?

Of course I am.

You let me have this room, you see.

I’m sorry for pushing you too hard.


Track 5

What are you making?

Why are you so surprised?

I don’t mind, but I haven’t done anything yet, have I?

Why are you blushing just because you looked at me?

You’re so strange.

So are you making that for me?

I’ll wait as long as it takes. Your cooking is delicious, you see.

Right… I’m going to my room, but I’ll be back when the food is ready.

Hmm? You want me to help you?

Or is it because you’d be lonely without me?

You looked as if you wanted something.

It’s okay. I’ll be back right away.

What are you doing?

I said I’d come back right away, didn’t I?

You couldn’t wait over there?

Could you give that back to me?

Yes. It’s a gun.

It’s dangerous, so give it back quickly.

I didn’t think you’d see this. I wanted to leave this place peacefully.


There’s no way I could stay here forever.

I was collecting information on vampires so I could come up with a way to kill them.

I want to get my revenge against vampires.

By some twist of fate, I was invited to that ball and thought it was my chance. I approached a woman who seemed nervous and easy to convince.

That’s right. I’m talking about you.

I’m a vampire hunter. I was incredibly grateful for the books that are in this house.

Thanks to those books, I have plenty of information.

About this world and about you vampires too.

I’m thankful that you’ve also given me a lot of information.

I wanted to stay here a little longer, but I don’t have a choice now that I’ve been found out.

I wish I could have eaten your cooking before I left.

Well… You probably don’t want to be around a vampire hunter any longer than this.

I’ll be leaving right now, so don’t worry.

Why have you been so quiet all this time?

Isn’t there anything you want to say?

I used you. Aren’t you angry about that?

Say something.

There was one mistake in my plan.

It was choosing you at the ball.

I could have used my body to make you surrender to me.

Making you unable to move like this…

If you won’t tell me anything, then I’ll ask your body.

No… There was a much quicker way to get that information…

But even though it was my job, I couldn’t do that to you.

Please say something.

Not even I know what to do.

I told you, didn’t I?

Choosing you was a mistake. If it had been any other woman, then I could have left without hesitation.

Because I chose you. Because it was you.

I realised that there are vampires like you among the vampires I hated enough to want my revenge.

It’s still the same now. You could have left without saying anything when you found the gun.

Instead you’re foolishly honest enough to talk to me about it.

I must be a fool if something like this can make me question my resolve.

That was how I always felt. It’s for the sake of my parents.

They were hunters too. A hunt went wrong and they were killed by vampires when I was a child.

Since then, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity for revenge.

I thought I would avenge my parents’ deaths one day.

But now that I think about it, that was nothing more than an attempt to satisfy myself.

I’m sure my parents would be angry if they saw me now.

They’d tell me to give up on revenge.

I know because I’ve found someone important to me.

There’s nothing as unfortunate as someone you love not living for their happiness, is there?

You might not understand though.



Stop that. You’re mistaken.

Don’t say anything else. Don’t say it!

I’ve tricked you! It’s because you don’t have experience with any other men!

It’s just like imprinting.

I’m sure your feelings are nothing more than a misunderstanding.

They’re a misunderstanding!

What are you crying for?

This is my first time being in love with someone else too.

You see… Someone like me won’t make you happy.

I’m a hunter. I’ve been tricking you all this time.

You idiot! Don’t say it doesn’t matter that you were tricked.

I’d hate it if the person I loved wasn’t anything but truly happy.

I’m sure someone else can make you happy.

I feel the same way too.

It’d be impossible for me to be without you too.

I wouldn’t have hesitated this much if I hadn’t met you.

I don’t…

I don’t know what to do anymore.

Responsibility? What are you talking about?

You’re so brave.

Even though you’re small, nervous and easily convinced.

I think it’s normally the man who says he’ll take responsibility and make someone happy though.

Yes. It’s strange.

But I’m happy. I thought this was something I could never have.

Will you become my family?

You belong completely to me now.

Your hair… Your eyes… Your lips…

Your chest… Your pale skin…

Even your bellybutton.

Everything belongs to me.

Don’t drink the blood of any other human. Just mine.

Of course, you’re the only one who can drink my blood too.

It feels good. Drink even more.

There’s no need to hold back.

It feels really good.

I think I’m going to lose my mind.

I can’t take this any longer.

You too… Were you getting impatient down here too?

It’s so loud.

I’ve got to make you feel good in return too.

Hey… I won’t be able to hear your voice if you cover your mouth with your hand.

I want to hear your embarrassed voice too.

Don’t look away from me either.

I want to see and hear everything when you cry out.

Come on. Look this way.

I’m almost at my limit.

I’m going to enter you now.

Are you alright?

You’re really wet, so I went in all at once.

Me? I’m feeling really good.

Amazing. All I did was enter you and kiss you…

Can I start moving now?

If you need something to hold onto, then take my hand instead of holding onto the sheets.

Entwine your fingers in mine and don’t let go until the end.

Hmm? Did you just say something?

No… If you tell me you love me at a time like this…

It’s so tight.

Damn it… You see… I also…

I love you too.

Every part of you is unbearably dear to me.

I love you too.

I didn’t just say it in the heat of the moment. I’m serious.

It’s fine as long as you understand.

Yes… I know.

We’ve only just met.

We might not know each other well yet, but by living together as family, I’m confident that the more I know about you, the more I’ll love you.

I promise to love you forever.

I’m actually worried that you might end up hating me though.

Promise me that you won’t ever hate me. Please.

Of course not. There’s no way that I’d ever hate you.

I’ll abandon my current self and give the rest of my life to you.

You’re going to take responsibility, aren’t you?

Let’s stay together forever.

Track 6

Sorry… But do you have a moment?

Hmm… Were you asleep?

I see. I’m sorry about that. I thought I’d come here earlier, but I didn’t feel as if I was ready.

Anyway… I’ve got something important to tell you.

I know I’ve said things without much thought, but I want to propose properly.

That’s why… Well…

I’m only going to say this once, so I want you to listen carefully.

I want you to be my family. So will you marry me?

Just like I said before, I lost my parents at a young age, so I don’t know what the happiness of a family is like, but I’m going to work hard so that you’ll be happy with me.

And… This is for you.

Can I put it on your finger?

Yes. It’s a memento from my parents, so it’s quite old.

It’s something precious. That’s why I want to give it to you.

Hold out your hand.

I promise to love you forever.

I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to you.

What’s your answer?

What are you crying for?

Okay, okay.

Right… We’re husband and wife, so I think we can share a room.

It’s strange for a husband and wife to sleep separately, isn’t it?

Then let’s start right now!

Hmm? You’re not ready for this?

You can’t say that now!

You’re embarrassed?

I’ve heard your voice sound much more embarrassing than that.

Well… This is our all important first night.

I think I’ll get to hear plenty more embarrassing voices from you.

Wait? For how long?

Ten seconds. Five seconds.

You don’t need to be mentally prepared anymore, do you?

And I know that you don’t really mean it when you tell me to wait.

You actually like it when I kiss and touch you, don’t you?

Is this where you like to be touched on your chest?

What about caressing your hips?

Do you prefer being licked rather than being touched?

But this is the place you like the most, isn’t it?

It was like this even before I started touching it.

See… It’s gradually flowing out.

Hmm… If you’re going to keep saying that, then maybe I’ll take a closer look.

It’s just like I said. You like it when I touch you here, don’t you?

Of course you like being licked too.

Wait. Don’t come just yet.

I want to come at the same time as you.

Can I enter you now?

Hey… Wait! Don’t tense up just yet!

I wanted to take things more slowly.

It doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to do that.

Is it alright if I go deeper than this?

What’s the matter?

That’s good.

I want to see you going wild too.

I love you, no matter how you are.

Just like you came to love me.

I’m going to come inside you now.

Are you alright?

When will you be okay to start moving again?


Well, we’re not done yet, are we?

It’s our first night as husband and wife.

What good would it do to lie about that?

I’ve trained everyday to become a hunter.

To tell the truth, I’m struggling because I’ve got a lot of pent up energy recently.

I still have plenty of energy left right now.

And now that we’ve decided to get married, I find you even more lovely. I can’t bear how dear you are to me. I want to make you mine forever.

See… That kiss was enough.

I’m still inside you, so you could tell, couldn’t you?

I’m sorry. I don’t think I’ll be able to let go of you all night.

You’re feeling worried all of a sudden?

How unfortunate though.

I won’t let go of you until morning…

Or perhaps I meant to say that I’ll never let you go…

Track 7

Hello, everyone! This is Kurose Taka.

The recording has just finished. Kyuuketsuki Night Parade Third Candidate, Hunter Groom Lutz.

Hmm… To tell the truth, Lutz was quite a tiring character to play.

Ah… There were so many romantic scenes and I felt really tired.

Also, unlike in a lot of other vampire series, the woman was a vampire and the man, Lutz, was a human. I’ve lived quite a long life, but I’ve never had the experience of someone drinking my blood, so I did my best to imagine how it felt.

How was it for everyone listening?

I imagined that when someone drinks your blood, it leads to an unknown world and unknown pleasures.

At first, he approached her as a vampire hunter, but their love gradually deepened.

I would be glad if you enjoyed the progression of their wonderful romance.

Thank you everyone. I hope you’ll support Lutz.