Aizoku Blood Birth 1 – Takatsuji Riku

CV: Tetrapod Noboru (Furukawa Makoto)

Thank you Anonymous for your commission!

Track 1

You suddenly stopped walking… What’s the matter?

You thought the light shining through the leaves looked beautiful?

Hmm… So that kind of thing moves you.

That’s amazing. To tell the truth, it doesn’t mean anything to me.

I’m not even interested. I’m more concerned about my work.

Why did I start my current job?

It just happened. I’ve been programming games as a hobby since middle school and I accepted work from abroad out of curiosity at first.

Then I got given even bigger jobs. Because I couldn’t do them alone, I ended up recruiting enough people to set up a company.

Well… It’s not unusual for people to work while they’re studying these days.

Hey, come closer.

Why do you look surprised?

Look down at your feet. There’s a puddle.

Were you going to splash around in it like a kid?

No way. Did you think we were like a lovey-dovey couple and that I’d do something romantic?

Well… That’s fine though.

By the way, I’m going to the office on my way home, so you come too.

Sorry if you get bored while I’m working, but there’s no one to escort you today.

I can’t let you go home alone.

There’s no need to apologise. We’re partners, so it’s only natural that I protect you.

Come on. Let’s hold hands.

I’m worried because you’ve got a bad sense of direction.

Track 2

Sorry I’m here so late. Are you asleep?

I just wanted to see your face.

You’re lying on your bed wearing a yukata.

So you really were getting ready for bed.

Sorry about that. Just stay as you are.

I’ll sit beside your bed.

Is it strange that I wanted to see your face even when we were together until the evening?

You’re right. But I just felt like seeing you before I went out.

Yes. A little bit of trouble came up after that.

It’s a bit later than planned, but I’m going out to work now.

You don’t have to wait. I’ll be back late.

I think you know this, but I’m talking about my other job.

My job as the eldest son of the Takatsuji family of executioners.

Don’t worry. My opponent isn’t someone strong.

Although I’m not particularly friendly with them, someone I’ve known for a while is one of the targets. They’re still pretty young too. That’s why I didn’t feel like going.

Even though they committed a severe crime, I don’t think they meant to do it. They just got carried away. That’s what made me hesitate.

Someone who can take my place? Of course there isn’t anyone.

I’m sure you know this. The Takatsuji family have been executioners for generations. That’s how things are.

Even if I run away, someone else from my family will be forced to do it.

Isn’t it unfair to force someone else to do it just because I don’t want to get my hands dirty?

There’s no need for you to apologise. It’s not something for you to worry about anyway.

You don’t have to comfort me like that.

You want to do something for me?

Don’t be silly. You don’t have to help with the executions.

Just stay here.

I’m feeling a little nervous though.

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to kill them.

If I hesitate and make a mistake, then they’ll suffer unnecessarily.

So… Will you hold me for a while?

Why are you showing your skin like that?

Are you going to give me your blood?

I told you, didn’t I? I might give into my desires and do something to you…

Damn it… Why do I feel so thirsty?

I see… It’s the mating season. There are two days until the full moon.

That’s why I’m feeling so thirsty…

No… Your powers of attraction as a Lilith are getting stronger too.

You idiot! Cut that out!

Stay away from me!

Not now. No matter how much I try to hold back, my fangs won’t stop aching.

No… Don’t offer me your neck!

I… I didn’t want to do this…

It’s no good… Your blood makes me forget my sense of reason.

I can’t stop myself…

The blood that’s flowing out… No…

The feeling of flesh soaked in blood against my tongue…

It’s so sweet…

You’re an idiot. You really are.

You willingly offered yourself up as a meal.

Then I’ll become a beast who greedily devours you with his fangs.

Are you feeling good?

Is that alright?

What was that just now?

The feeling of blood running down your chest was enough to make you tremble.

You felt so good when I only had a little blood.

There are red drops of blood on your body. If I lick them up…

It’s too late for you to try and run away now.

What are you doing? Are you trying to escape from my tongue?

You were the one who offered me your body.

I’ll compliment you for not getting up and running away.

You felt so good that you’re scared of your body?

Are you an idiot? You’re not well prepared enough.

You were the one who drove me crazy.

You probably aren’t even prepared to experience pain.

I’m going to try something, so let me see your left arm.

Your sleeves are in the way.

Your upper arms are soft, so it’ll probably hurt.

Ah… I want to hear the answer from your lips.

Let me hear it… Even a scream would be fine.

Don’t hold back.

It’s fine. Do whatever you want.

Even if you don’t cry out, your blood still has a strong scent.

Your pain even feels like pleasure.

You acted like you wanted to give me your blood for my sake, but didn’t you actually just do it for your own pleasure?

Amazing… It’s as if you’re Lilith herself.

That’s just like saying you’re an indecent person though.

A Lilith who is desperate to have their blood drunk is just like a woman desperate to have sex.

Your powers of attraction are gradually getting stronger.

You’re the one who is tempting me.

I won’t hesitate to drink your blood.

It’s your fault. I can’t stop myself any longer.

Hey. What’s the matter?

Ah… You’re feeling dizzy.

In the end, I’m no different from a demon. I’m just a beast.

I’m taking good care of you?

You’re just saying that.

This cruelty is who I am.

To you… And as an executioner…

I don’t want to drink blood. I don’t want to kill.

I say that, but I lose to my desires.

Because I was tempted. Because I was ordered to do it.

I would never say it was my fault.

I’m a terrible person.

It looks like the bleeding has stopped. Go to sleep.

I hope you’ll dream about something more pleasant than having your blood drunk.

It’s time for me to hunt.

Track 3

Ah… You’ve made some coffee.

Thank you.

I think I’ll call it a day for now.

I’m working too hard?

I actually prefer to keep busy though.

It stops you from thinking about unnecessary things, doesn’t it?

I don’t have anything I could call a hobby either.

But I’ve been wanting more free time recently.

I’d like more time to spend with you too.

By the way, aren’t you going to have some coffee?

Why don’t you come over here and have some with me?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a chair. Just sit on my lap.

Hey… Don’t get embarrassed about a little thing like this.

It’s going to make me get embarrassed for saying it.

Shall we sit on the sofa then?

The sofa is better than sitting on this small desk chair.

Come on, sit down.

What is it?

I’m not particularly upset about it though.

I just didn’t have anything like that in my life before.

I mean, the kind of interactions that lovers would have.

So I’m not used to it, which makes me hesitate some of the time.

But I want to embrace you right now.

I like the feeling of you being in my arms.

What’s important to me… What I need to protect… Is right here in my arms.

It makes me relieved.

Don’t apologise, you dummy.

I’m not relieved because you make me worried or anything like that.

It’s not your fault that you’re a Lilith, who is the target of demons and other magical creatures.

That’s not what I’m saying. It gives me peace of mind.

Maybe it would be better to say that I’m comforted by it.

Like I said… Don’t get so embarrassed just because I kissed your cheek.

It makes me embarrassed that I did it.

The phone is ringing?

Just wait a minute.

Hello. This is Takatsuji.

Yes. That’s fine. Please put me through to him.

My call was put through to you. This is Takatsuji.

No… It’s unusual for you to call me at the office.

Is it something urgent?

Ah… That person.

Yes, I’ve heard.

Alright. I understand. I’ll deal with it right away.

It’s fine. I’m used to it. Don’t worry.

So it’s tonight… That’s sooner than I thought it’d be.

Why do you look so worried?

I looked unhappy?

It was just your imagination.

Anyway… Something came up. I need to go out.

We’ll have to go home soon.

I’ll go out after I take you back home.

I don’t think I’ll be home until late at night, so you can go to sleep first.

Where am I going?

It’s another job. You don’t need to know about it.

Never mind that… Just let me hold you for a little while.

What am I doing?

I’m just recharging myself.

I can’t relax at home because someone might be watching.

And the rooms are all Japanese style, so they can’t be locked.

You never know when someone might come in.

I don’t want us to be a lovey-dovey couple like other people are, but I still want to keep you in my arms as much as possible.

And when I’m away from you for too long, I feel as if I’m missing whatever it is that you give me.

No… I’m not talking about your blood. It’s something different.

Are you embarrassed?

Why don’t you close your eyes then?

I’m going to do what I want.

What? Are you going to keep your eyes open now?

I see. That’s fine.

Maybe it’s because of the setting sun… But your face and neck are coloured red, as if your blood is showing through your skin. It’s really beautiful.

Let me see it more clearly.

I’m sorry. I think I want to drink some blood.

No… It’s okay. I’m not going to drink any.

Just let me feel your scent and warmth for a while.

Can I remove your clothes a little?

Your skin looks beautiful. It’s coloured red by the setting sun shining on it.

I’m not going to drink your blood. Just let me kiss your skin.

Is that okay?

Thank you.

You really do smell good.

Your neck…

I can feel your pulse through my lips.

It’s really sweet.

What’s the matter? You held onto me all of a sudden.

Was this enough to make you feel good?

It’s too soon. We’re only just getting started.

I’ll touch you more and make you feel good.

Lie down on the sofa.

Are you trembling a little?

Is it because you feel cold?

It’s okay though. You’ll feel warm soon enough.

I’m going to warm you up.

Your breasts have the colour of a mysterious fruit.

This feels more real than your neck.

Your tongue and lips also have a comforting taste.

Maybe it’s because I’m close to your heart.

I’m going to press my fangs against your skin slightly. I won’t break your skin though.

Your skin feels so soft when my fangs brush against it.

You trembled just now, didn’t you?

That place is no good?

Here then…

Hey. You’re wriggling too much.

You felt my fangs slip, didn’t you?

I’m being gentle, but my fangs might break your skin if you move.

Look. I didn’t break your skin, but there’s a mark from my fangs on your chest.

I’m going to kiss it now.

You cried out in a cute voice. Maybe it’s because of the shock you got from my fangs just now.

Amazing… It’s wet with my saliva, so it looks like it’s bleeding.

And a sweet smell is gradually coming from you.

That’s cute. Your whole body is getting warmer.

So is mine.

I want to love your body even more.

But I’m not going to go any further right now.

I don’t have time. I don’t want to burden your body either.

Am I okay with that?

I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said I was satisfied.

That’s because I’m a man.

But… This is enough.

Your body… No… Lilith’s body is a special feast.

Vampires, demons and other magical creatures think of it as the perfect body.

Anyone could make you the target of their vulgar desires.

I don’t want to be like them.

I want to protect you.

I don’t want to hurt you.

Love and desire aren’t the same thing, you see.

I want to take good care of you.

Track 4

You’re awake…

I was just about to wake you up with a kiss.

You’ll let me kiss you, even if you are awake, won’t you?


No… I was just thinking that you looked cuter than usual.

You always look cute, but there’s something different…

Maybe because we made love to each other?

I’m sorry. I might have pushed you too hard.

But you looked really happy.

If you’re always going to look like that, then let’s do it again.

You don’t want to?

I see. I’m glad you do.

Let me kiss you.

Not just a good morning kiss, but a proper kiss.

I really want to give you one.

You even taste delicious early in the morning.

Thank you for the meal.

You don’t have to rush to get up.

Well… I was going to wake you up because we have to go to class.

But when I saw how cute you looked while you were sleeping, I didn’t care about that anymore.


Just five more minutes then.

No matter how much you struggle, it won’t make a difference.

I’m going to completely enjoy embracing you.

Just like this…

Don’t mess around?

I’m not messing around at all.

I’m always serious about you.

I love you.

Track 5

Who’s there?

Oh… It’s you.

What are you doing over there?

You were waiting for me?

Out there in the corridor all this time?

Are you an idiot?

It’s almost dawn. Go back to your room and sleep.

You must be feeling weak after I drunk your blood.

Go on. Go back to your room and sleep.

Don’t come near me!

I’m not in the mood to be with you right now.

The scent of blood?

Of course. It’s not my blood though.

It’s the blood of the target I executed.

I only got a small scratch. There aren’t many vampires stronger than me.

I don’t show any mercy when I fight either.

Why do you look so upset?

If you’re thinking about my feelings, then you’re mistaken.

Why don’t you greet me with a smile instead?

Say something like “isn’t that great?”.

I had a good time. I’m covered in blood because I was having too much fun.

The moment I cut into the target’s flesh, it feels as if electricity is running through my whole body.

I suppose you could say it’s like the pleasure of drinking warm blood.

If that were to happen, then you’d kill several more people, wouldn’t you?

Everyone and everything in your sight.

The more I get covered in blood, the more excitement I feel.

The Takatsuji family have been called the descendants of Asura [1] for generations.

They’re strong. They have a fondness for war and destruction.

They’ll even attack other vampires without mercy.

No… There are even some who enjoy drinking the blood of their fellow vampires.

That’s why they were given the role of executioners.

You could say the Shichike are feeding us so that we don’t become uncontrollable.

We are hunting our own kind as it benefits us.

I get most excited when I hunt vampires and end up covered in their blood, rather than demons and other magical creatures. You could even say that it gives me pleasure.

Even now, the blood inside my body is restless.

So you don’t need to worry about me.

I told you not to come near me!

Don’t you get it?

Seeing me the way I am now won’t be pleasant.

If you come near me, you’ll be tainted too.

You’re not like me. Even my soul is tainted by blood.

You should just remain pure.

What? You don’t think I’m tainted?

Are you a fool?

Were you even listening?

Because I’m suffering?

It’s not just your head that’s messed up, but your eyes and ears too!

What makes you think that I’m suffering?

Are you trying to take me somewhere by grabbing my arm?

You’re going to treat my injuries in your room?

You’re an unbelievable fool.

Vampires can heal their injuries by themselves.

I don’t need any treatment.

A vampire and an executioner who is in high spirits after returning from a mission.

You’ll be sorry that you approached someone like that carelessly.

Listen up. I told you to stay away from me several times.

I won’t take responsibility for what happens.

[1] In Buddhism, the Asura are demigods which have an obsession with violence, wrath and anger, as well as a hunger for fighting.

Track 6


You’re looking right up at me, without taking your eyes off me.

You should be more afraid.

You’re showing me your skin again.

Do you understand?

Your powers of attraction are getting stronger.

I won’t take responsibility for you getting killed.

You trust me?


You go ahead and trust me, while I suck your body dry and break you.

Your underwear is in the way. If you’re going to show your skin, then show it completely.

You actually wanted me to do it myself, didn’t you?

Your legs are trembling.

Are you finally scared of me?

Look… Right here…

I can feel it more intensely with the tips of my fangs.

Your body is honest, you see.

Even if you try to hide it…


What is it?

You’re scared of yourself?

You’re more scared of the Lilith within you rather then the starved vampire in front of you?

Don’t worry. I’ll make you forget your fear soon enough.

I’ll use myself to make it go away.

There’s blood on your thighs. Show me your legs.

Both of them. I need more blood.

I don’t want to waste a drop of it.

Ah… It’s in quite a dangerous place…

How embarrassing for you…

Why did your hips tremble like that when I licked you?

I suppose that what’s on the inside is more embarrassing than your outward appearance.

Do you want me to lick your thighs too?

Then I’ll do exactly what you want.

Right here… That’s where you want me to lick you, isn’t it?

Ah… That’s fine…

Just say it’s Lilith’s fault…

The way you’re moving your legs is making my fangs scratch your legs. You want my fangs to go deeper, don’t you?

I’m going to bite you hard.

Don’t move your hands. They’re getting in my way.

Or do you want me to drink from here?

Your little finger will be fine. Show it to me.

This is what happens when you put it in front of my fangs.

You should understand that already.

So… What will you offer me next?

You’re showing me your stomach. Is that where you want me to bite you?

Come on. Don’t let your hips move around like that.

Do you want to be eaten alive?

Your hips have such bad manners, struggling like that.

I can’t go deeper if you keep struggling.

Hmm… You suddenly became obedient.

No… That’s not it…

My fangs made you come.

Did it feel that good?

You didn’t pass out, did you?

You’re still conscious.

You’ve got an amazing look on your face.

How strange. Why are you worried about me?

Because I look hurt?

Stop trying to be such a kind person.

There’s no way that I’m hurt.

I’m just devouring you until I’m satisfied.

I’ve calmed down a little because you said something strange.

But don’t relax just yet. This doesn’t mean my hunger is gone.

Your powers of attraction are still intense.

Right… It hurts lying on the tatami mats, doesn’t it?

Go and lie on the bed.

Thank you? What are you talking about?

There’s no reason to thank me.

I’m still thirsty, but not as much as before.

However… Your Lilith still desires me.

I can tell by looking. So let me drink a little more blood.

I’ll make you feel even better.

Your neck… Is there still an injury there?

I’ll drink from here then.

I’ll do it gently. I’ll take it slow by warming up your skin.

The way you’re crying out is amazing.

Even though my fangs haven’t even touched you yet…

Does that mean you’re feeling good?

Don’t be embarrassed. It’s my fault.

I stirred up a Lilith’s emotions during the mating season.

Relax. I’m going to bite you with my fangs now.

Yes, that’s right.


My fangs went in so easily.

You… Your body wants to swallow my fangs…

It’s ready, isn’t it?

The blood that’s flowing out feels different against my tongue too.

What is this flavour…?

When I taste it, I love you even more.

You came again… I see… You felt good too.

I want you.

Not just your blood. I want you completely.

But I’ve got to drink a little more…

You still look as if you’re in pain.

Your breasts have gotten bigger.

They’re so big and beautiful…

I’ll drink from here after I make them feel so good that you forget about the pain.

You can hold onto me if it hurts.

I feel like a small child with you holding my head while I’m sucking your breasts.

What I’m doing makes me a beast though.

Are you ready now? I’m going to drink your blood.

That’s good. Don’t let go.

I’ll drink as much as you want me to.

Your hands are trembling. Just how tense are you right now?

Let both your arms relax for a minute and take a deep breath.

We’ll rest for a while, so try and catch your breath.

If you can take a deep breath properly, I’ll give you something.

A kiss from me, made warm by your blood.

What’s the matter? You want it right now?

Wait a minute. It’ll be too hard on your body if you don’t rest a little.

I’m drinking your blood instinctively. You’re tempting me. We both desire each other.

We’re just like beasts. We’re not lovers in the sense that humans are.

I’m a vampire and you’re a Lilith, you see.

But I feel as if our bond becomes stronger every time we embrace each other.

It feels as if we’re unable to be apart from each other.

It’s a frightening…happy…and strange feeling…

I suppose this is what it’s like to be mates… Or is this loving each other?

No… I’m afraid, but I’ve never thought about running away.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to know, somewhere in my heart.

What it would be like to have something more important than yourself…

Thank you. You’re the one who taught me how it feels.

There’s something that still bothers me though. I instinctively devour your body.

That makes me no different from everyone who watches for an opportunity to take your blood and body. I wish those greedy people would disappear.

Why’d you stroke my back?

Are you going to comfort me again?

It’s not like that? What do you mean?

You’re doing this because you want to and not because you’re a Lilith?

Of course. I wouldn’t do this to any other Lilith, even if they happened to be here.

I see… That’s why you’re saying I’m different from the others.

I love you and you love me too.

So… Hmm…

It seems like you’ve got your breath back enough to talk.

Are you ready then?

Open your legs. I’ll try not to touch your injury.

That’s cute. This colour… It seems like you were waiting for me…

I know. I won’t say anymore about it.

I just have to show my love with my body instead of my words.