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Diabolik Lovers More Blood 1

Diabolik Lovers More Blood 1

Sakamaki Ayato (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

Track 1 – Trapped in a Prison

Damn it.

What are these? Chains?

What is it, chichinashi [1]? You’re here too?

Ouch! My head feels dizzy too.

Hey, what’s going on?

What is it, chichinashi? Are you worried about me?

You really are stupid.

Come on, come here.

What? We’re chained together?

Tch! They’ve made a complete fool of me.

I definitely won’t forgive them!

We look terrible though. We’re both a mess.

Huh? Where are we?

A prison? Damn it! What are we doing here?

Tch! These chains are really annoying. They’re short too.

Hey, chichinashi. Come closer. I won’t be able to lie down comfortably if you don’t.

Hurry up!

Damn it. We won’t get anywhere if I don’t do something about these chains.

Jeez. Damn it! Why’s this happening to me?

This is no good… I can’t think straight.

I’m sure I was walking home from school with you.

Ah, that’s right. Someone knocked you over, demanding your blood.

At that time, someone attacked me. I was like this when I came to.

Damn it. They didn’t hold back at all. I can’t believe they did all this to me.

Hey, chichinashi. How much time has passed since then?

Tch! You really are useless. You should know that kind of thing!

Huh? What is it? You’re asking me who did this?

Hah! I wouldn’t be having trouble if I knew.

It hurts to lie down because of my injuries.

Damn it!

There were about four of them. I know they were very interested in my family and you.

Huh? Why? You really are an idiot. We’ve been locked up and beaten, but they haven’t killed us. That trash had the same scent as I do. I’m sure they’re just like me. In other words, they’re vampires.

Well, I’ve had plenty of experience being envied by others. Especially by other vampires.

The Sakamaki family is quite well-known in the world of vampires. It disgusts me that we are though.

Damn it. My injuries are hurting. Why’s this happening to me?

Damn it! This is the first time this has happened to me. I hate to admit it, but they’re probably pretty strong.

They’re so arrogant! I’m definitely going to make them into dust!

Hey, chichinashi. They didn’t do anything to you, did they?

Your clothes are a little dirty, but you’re not hurt, right?

Hey. What’s your answer?

Huh? That look on your face… No way…

Chichinashi. Give me a straight answer!

[1] Chichinashi translates as “flat chested”, but there wasn’t an equivalent English nickname that I was satisfied with, so I’ve left it as is in the translation.

Track 2 – Imprisoned Body

Hey, chichinashi. Are you listening?

Answer me!

Huh? I’m not acting like myself?

Shut up! I’m angry right now. You should be able to realise that!

Huh? Answer me, if you don’t want me to hit you too!

Come on! Tell me what they did to you.

Huh? You can’t talk about it?

Quit screwing around! Just say it straight.

They fooled around with you and drank as much of your blood as they wanted.

You enjoyed it just like you enjoyed me sucking your blood, didn’t you? You feel pleasure when someone sucks your blood, don’t you? Pleasure is a special treat, you see.

Why are you looking at me like that? Huh?

Don’t cry. If I’m wrong, then just tell me everything.

Hurry up and say it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t listen to what I say. I’ll use my body to make you talk.

Ah, I see. So that was your true motive? That was what you were waiting for.

You wanted to make me angry and treat you badly.

That’s right, isn’t it?

Jeez. You really are very perverted woman.

Well, I’ve known for a long time that you were like this. So it’s too late for you to be acting like a princess, with an embarrassed look on your face.

Because you’ve already been defiled by my fangs. You’re nothing more than a corrupted girl, so don’t get ahead of yourself. I don’t mind giving a woman like you to them.

They’ve misunderstood that you’re someone special to me.

Hey, chichinashi. Don’t get carried away. You’re just a human!

Track 3 – I’m going to suck out all your blood

Come on. Say it. What did they do to you and where on your body did they do it?

Damn it! This is so irritating! In that case, I’m going to check for myself. I’m going to rip off all your clothes.

Huh? What is it? You’re only just getting embarrassed now? How many times do you think I’ve done this to you? Get used to it already. I don’t usually mind that kind of reaction, but I’m not in the mood for it now!

Come on. Show yourself to me even more. If nothing happened to you, then it doesn’t matter how much I look. I’m going to start with your neck first.

Come closer. Closer! That’s right. Stay still. Something terrible will happen if you don’t.

Their scent is really strong. There were several of them. There’s no need to rip off your clothes and check. I realised it a while ago.

Damn it!

Damn it! My body feels heavy because I haven’t eaten or drunk for a while. I don’t even have the strength to deal with you. You feel good when I’m like this, don’t you?

What a joke! I’m feeling sick. That terrible scent won’t go away. It’s like they’re still somewhere nearby.

Why are you looking at me like that? You think it hurts to be hated by me?

Don’t look as if you’re about to cry. It’s pathetic that I’d feel even more pain after teasing you.

Ridiculous. Damn it. I’m definitely going to kill them!

What is it, chichinashi? I don’t have time to be playing around with you right now.

Huh? You’re worried? Is there something wrong with your head?

Worry about yourself instead. If they’re interested in you, then you don’t know if they might approach you and do something to you.

Don’t touch me! I told you not to bother with me.

Damn it! My hunger is really irritating me! I’m hungry enough to suck you dry, even if you cry, scream or it kills you.

My throat feels so dry.

If you bother with me any longer, then it means you don’t mind what happens. That’s why you’re here, aren’t you?

But I’ve got no use for you when their scent is on you.

What do you mean you don’t mind getting killed? You don’t have the courage for that. Don’t play around with a vampire.

Damn it. I’m feeling really dizzy now.

You really are a stubborn girl. I’m telling you I can’t control myself right now. I’m not interested in you the way you are now either!

Or do you want to me to suck your blood until you shrivel up and die?

Huh? You’re telling me to suck your blood?

I’m not joking around, chichinashi!

Damn it! You don’t understand my feelings. You’re so easygoing.

Huh? You feel sorry for me?

Sympathy won’t work on me. Did you think I’d be interested if you tried to tempt me in such a pathetic way?

Damn it! You’re really making me angry! Stop bothering me. Get lost right now!

Can’t you understand I’m telling you to get lost, huh?!

Just do something to sort out the chains! How about I rip off your legs? The chains would come off that way. I think it’s a much better solution than staying here forever.

Damn it! You’ve got such a calm expression on your face. You seem to think I wouldn’t do something like that.

I get it. An annoying hypocrite like you probably won’t stop bothering me until something bad happens. You’re going around with that disgusting scent on you. I won’t forgive you any longer. You’re nothing more than my food. Prepare yourself.

I’m going to suck out all your blood, chichinashi.

Track 4 – Thirst

How about I pierce through your neck with my fangs?

Damn it! I really can’t get enough. No matter what I say, your blood tastes good.

Your blood drives me crazy.

Damn it! Things have gone completely as they planned. They hurt you, knowing this would happen to me. I knew that as soon as I sucked your blood.

The reason why they did that? Like I’d know that! I’m sure they did something strange to your body. They did it while pretending to drink your blood.

Damn it! I’m really irritated! So everything went according to their plan?

Damn it! But… My thirst won’t go away. More… More… This isn’t enough. Give me more! It annoys me to be doing exactly what they want, but I can’t think about that now!

I’m going to suck blood from your earlobe next. They don’t seem to have noticed that place.

At this rate, I’m going to want to have all your blood.

It tastes good. It really irritates me to think that they tasted this too. My head feels as if it’s about to explode.

Don’t misunderstand. Don’t make me repeat myself. I’m not interested in you. I just can’t get enough of your blood. That’s all.

What’s the matter? Was it that good? You’ve got quite a foolish look on your face. Do you want more?

Don’t cover your ears. There’s no point in doing that now. Hurry up and realise that.

Well, despite what I say, I haven’t had enough, so I’m going to drink more. I’m so thirsty I could die. This time I’m going to bite your other ear.

You’re trembling. What is it? You want even more? All I’m doing is eating. You shouldn’t be feeling good.

I feel a little better thanks to your blood. But it’s definitely not enough. My body aches more than ever. What did they do to you?

Damn it! Hey, chichinashi. Tell me what they did to you!

Tch. You’re staying silent again? Is it something you can’t say?

I don’t have a choice then. I’m going to make you talk this way.

Well? Your mouth is open, so you can talk, can’t you? Hurry up and say it.

When you’ve got such a tempting look in your eyes, your true intention is obvious. Tell me about the trap they’ve placed on you.

I’ll punish you cruelly if you don’t tell me.

That scared look on your face is pretty good.

Why am I wrapping these chains around your neck? It’s obvious. I’m going to tighten these chains around your neck. Don’t worry, I won’t do it all at once. I’ll slowly make you unable to breathe. You’ve got to tell me the reason you’re protecting them.

Huh? You still can’t say it?

I see.

They touched you all over, stealing your body and heart. That’s why you followed their orders and deliberately got me to drink your blood. Isn’t that right?

It’s not? Then tell me what is. I’ll be able to trust you if you’re going to reveal everything to me and look like you want me to suck your blood even more.

You can’t do it, can you? You’re always betraying the instincts inside you.

You’re so loud! Shut up! Don’t cry either!

Shut up. I feel like biting you with my fangs right now and throwing you out in front of them. I really will do it if you keep crying.

Hey. You understand, don’t you?

You’re obedient, aren’t you? You’re afraid of these chains, huh? Or is it all an act? You think I’ll be happy and touch you if you pretend to be scared.

Huh? You think suspicion only creates more suspicion? Don’t say stupid things. You were a problem before they came around. I don’t trust you either. I can’t get enough of that hurt expression on your face.

I think that’s when your face looks the cutest. Human reason doesn’t work for us vampires. The fact you misunderstood and got arrogant proves that you’re a fool.

Never mind. I’ve said a little too much. I’m feeling thirsty again. My body feels like a desert right now. It’s going to dry up soon.

Track 5 – Collar

Now your neck feels tight, doesn’t it? This is your punishment for not being honest with me. When I tighten the chains around your neck like this, the blood will flow out more strongly. Then I’ll drink your blood. Even you wouldn’t mind that, would you?

Does it hurt? You should feel even more pain. More and more! You should regret betraying me.

You didn’t betray me? Then why is their scent on you? Huh?

Are they like dogs marking their territory? How interesting it would be if they marked you with their scent and claimed you as their own… I’ll pull even tighter if you don’t talk. You should be in quite a lot of pain. You look as ugly as a bubble eye goldfish.

Well, it’s got nothing to do with me whether you die or something else happens to you. Ah, at least I’m going to enjoy your delicious blood.

I guess I’ll go here next. I’m going to drink from your shoulder, chichinashi. It’d be good if I did it while strangling you, right? Fortunately, they didn’t bite you over there.

Why do you look so upset?

You want me to hurry up and do it? Alright then. I’m starving today. I’m so hungry.


It tastes good.

I’m going to bite even deeper. I’m going to defile the places they can’t reach.

It’s hot. Really hot.

You’ve finally stopped crying thanks to these chains. If you like chains so much, then I should have always put a collar on you like this.

Hey. Pull yourself together. You can still keep going, can’t you?

I’m feeling pretty hot too.

Forgive you? For what? You didn’t betray me. Didn’t I say that?

Huh? It hurts? Of course it does. I’m making it hurt. You like the feeling of the chains tightening around your neck, don’t you? I’ll tighten them even more.

How indecent. Close your mouth. Your face looks ridiculous.

But you wouldn’t be able to breathe if you did that.

I like how your face looks. You’re enjoying it so much you’re drooling. You’re like a dog now.

You dog!

But I can’t get enough of your blood, dog.

Damn it. Your blood tastes even stronger now. Don’t react…

This flavour…

It’s really sweet. Your blood seems to taste especially good today. When I drink your blood, it’s easy for me to understand your feelings.

I told you before, didn’t I? I don’t need to ask about how you’re feeling.

Your shoulder has bites all over. If I put my mark here, I might be satisfied.

Track 6 – Jealousy

There you go. I’ve loosened the chains.

You’re gasping for breath. You don’t look attractive at all. Well, I never expected that from you anyway.

Huh? What’d you say? Say it again.

I’m jealous?

That’s ridiculous! You’ve gone crazy because of them, haven’t you?

Quit screwing around! How many times have I told you I don’t think about childish things like that?!

I’m angry that they stole my food. That’s all!

If you can say such disobedient things, it means you’re still pretty calm. So you’re just trying to make me attracted to you, aren’t you?

Alright, I’ll accept that. I won’t forgive until you accept that you’re my food.

You look as if you’re expecting something. I see. You seem to misunderstand that you’re in love with me, but that’s wrong.

Let me tell you something. You don’t love me. You love me sucking your blood.

See. That indecent look on your face. You love it so much you can’t bear it.

I’ve known that for a long time. So you are a traitor after all.

Damn it! Your blood began to taste bad all of a sudden.

What’s the matter, chichinashi? Doesn’t it feel good?

Huh? The blood won’t taste good unless you feel good too.

You of all people, is feeling hurt?

Well, never mind. When I bite into your skin with these fangs you love so much, your blood will taste good right away. That’s how human emotions are.

You’ll soon be lost in the pleasure of that moment. I’m feeling that way too. I feel dizzy. But I still want your blood. No matter how much I drink, I still want even more.

Was this a trap they set? Did they intend to numb my feelings and make me kill you? So they’re trying to torment your whole body with my fangs. It seems like the kind of thing losers would think up. I don’t like it. Although I know what’s happening, I feel as if I have more desire than usual. They’ve done something to me too.

I can’t stop.

It’s like they’re controlling me. Damn it! Just what are they planning?

Hey, chichinashi. Open your eyes.

Come on, look at me. You look as if you’re feeling good. I can tell, even if you look so passive. How many times do I have to tell you? I can tell from the taste of your blood. It’s flowing from the bite marks left by my fangs.

Damn it. It’s no good. This isn’t enough.

Hey, chichinashi. You don’t even have the energy to reply?

Well, that’s only natural. You were with all of them before me. How many were there again? I think it was about four.

That’s amazing, chichinashi.

Did you think I hadn’t found out? I knew. You were covered in bite marks that weren’t mine.

Ahh. I’m so angry I could laugh. I can’t believe I want your blood despite how angry I am.

Damn it! Even though I know I’m being controlled, I…

I still want your blood.

Track 7 – I know your body completely

Well, where should I go next? I’ll listen to your request. Tell me what it is. I’ll drink from your favourite place.

Huh? You’ve had enough? That’s not what I’m asking. You’ve got no right to refuse. Food is meant to be eaten by its owner. I’m telling you, my food, to do as I say. I’m a kind master, aren’t I?

Huh? What did you just say?

Huh? A kiss? You really are a stupid woman.

Fine. I’ll give you one. I’ll drink blood from your lips, alright? I don’t hate doing that. It’s unusual that we share the same opinion.

Blood is flowing out from the cut on your lips.

This is a reward. Your blood won’t taste good if I always treat you badly.

Jeez, women are such troublesome creatures.

Another kiss? Jeez, you’re such a bother.

Well, that’s alright. Come on.

I wonder what’s so good about this.

Are you happy? I prefer to suck your blood because I think that tastes better. Your blood tastes better when I kiss you though. I can taste your blood because of the cut on your lips. It tastes good. But the kiss we just had made my body thirsty again.

Damn it. I’m so thirsty. I’m not satisfied, no matter how much I drink. It’s the opposite. I’m thirstier than I was before. I feel dizzy.

Chichinashi. Give me more blood. More. More. I really am about to kill you.

Take off your clothes.

How does it feel to reveal everything to me? You’re almost naked in this prison. You’re nothing more than a pervert.

Well, where should I drink from next? I listened to your request earlier, you see. This time I’m going to go wherever I like.

Go on. Try and imagine the pleasure of my fangs deeply biting into you, then being torn and devoured.

Have you remembered? You’re an idiot, so you forget right away. That’s why I have to make your body experience my fangs so you don’t forget. Even if your memory forgets my fangs, your body will remember them.

See. Right now, I’m going to give you as much as you want of my fangs that you love. You want me to bite deeply, don’t you? You look as if you want me to bite you all over. These fangs know your body completely. There isn’t one place they don’t know. Isn’t that right?

Why do you look as if you’re about to cry? Isn’t it all true? Shall I say more? Like something I could do to your favourite place that’d please you.

Track 8 – Thirst burns my throat

These handcuffs and shackles are really getting in my way! I hate that clinking sound they make. It’s difficult to move around too. Damn it!

I’m tired of your neck, shoulders and lips. Give me some blood from a different place.

Damn it! Damn it! They won’t budge at all! Is this part of their plan too? They deliberately made it so my fangs couldn’t reach.

Damn it! My throat is feeling dry again. What is this?

Damn… I want blood. More blood. Blood. Blood!

This isn’t right. I want your legs. I want the blood from your legs. This isn’t sweet enough. Give me something strong enough to burn my throat!

Damn it! I won’t be able to reach your legs this way!

Hey, put your legs where I can reach them.

Huh? What am I going to do? Never mind that, just hurry up and do it!

Damn it! This is going to be quite difficult too, but that doesn’t matter.

Huh? You’re so noisy! I’m going to rip your legs off. These chains won’t come off otherwise. You won’t be able to get out if I don’t.

I’ve got no choice. You won’t miss losing your legs.

Stay still! I’m going to end up ripping something else off by mistake!

Huh? You don’t want me to do this?

You’re not allowed to defy me! If you don’t like pain, I’ll make it feel good. I’ll rip them off while you’re feeling good. That’s alright, isn’t it? I’ll finish up while I’m still caressing you. So stay still.

Is a kiss alright? Then I’ll kiss you as much as you like.

Track 9 – Amidst the pain

Come on. Close your eyes. Only look at me.

It won’t hurt, alright? It’ll only feel good.

Huh? You’re scared after all?

You’ll only feel pain for a short while.

What if you end up unable to walk? Right… Then I’ll carry you as I walk.

Damn it. This has gotten really bad. I don’t even have the strength to rip off your legs.

Damn… Never mind. I’ll drink from wherever I can.

Right… This might be a good place. I haven’t drunk from here yet. I’ll give my fangs to your heart. It must taste really good.

Huh? Can I bite into your heart with my fangs?

You dummy. Of course I can. I’m going to sink my fangs in deeply. Luckily, I should be able to manage it, even with these chains on. If I can’t, then I’ll rip off your legs after all. But that alone wouldn’t be enough, so I’d do your hands too.

What? Don’t cry when I haven’t done anything yet. You’re so annoying.

I’m sure that biting into your heart will feel really good. You’re happy too, right? You’ll feel pleasure and you’ll be giving something precious to me, the one you love. You might become more important than just food.

Hahaha. Are you trembling? It’s alright. You won’t die from if I drink blood from your heart.

Well, it’s alright to be afraid. Come closer. I’ll hold you. It doesn’t feel good to hold you at all though.

Alright, let’s go. Give everything to me.

Relax. Accept me.

That’s right. Yes. I’m going for your heart now.

Stay still! Give up your body and don’t reject me!

Damn it. What is this taste? Damn it!

Damn it. At this rate, I’m going to rip your heart to pieces. But I can’t stop.

It feels good, doesn’t it, chichinashi? I feel great too. It’s as if I might melt too.

You want me to bite harder? You perverted woman. It’s got nothing to do with me if you die like this.

Damn. It feels like my stomach is burning. I don’t know what to call this feeling on my tongue. The one thing I can say is that your blood tastes amazing. It’s something special.

That’s right. More. More.

Hey. Stay awake. I’ve got to take off these chains so we can get out. It might hurt, but you’ll be able to bear the pain, won’t you? I’ll give you something powerful, like I just did. I’ll make you feel nothing but pleasure. I’m going to do it in one go, alright?

Here I go. I’m going to bite into you more deeply.

Stop struggling! It’s difficult for me to drink your blood!

It’s alright. Just a little longer. The only thing you need to feel is my fangs.

Track 10 – Death Ecstasy

Now we’re free from those annoying chains.

Hey, chichinashi. Are you alive?

You aren’t feeling any pain, huh? It seems that I drank so much of your blood, you can’t even reply.

Hey, chichinashi. Look this way. Your face looks terrible.

Huh? The chains? I took them off. It didn’t hurt, right? It should have actually been intensely painful though.

Right… Reiji said that pain goes away when you’re in an intense situation. But even though pain disappears, pleasure doesn’t, huh? Humans are really interesting. Hmm… I don’t think it’s all humans. You’re the only one this interesting.

You’re covered in blood. Well, I guess that’s no surprise. You’re exhausted too. But even though I’ve calmed down, I still feel thirsty. This isn’t over yet. Thanks to them, we’ve got plenty of time. I suppose I should be thankful for this.

Hey, chichinashi. There’s no need to hurry, right? First of all, I’m going to drink all the blood flowing from your heart so it doesn’t go to waste. The scent of blood almost chokes me. I can’t stand it. I’m feeling dizzy. It’s no good. The scent of blood is so strong, I feel as if my mind is going to melt too. I can’t think at all.

Damn it. My body feels numb. Show me your legs, chichinashi.

This would look shameful if someone was watching us. A woman and a vampire both covered in blood, together in a pool of blood.

I’m satisfied. How are you feeling, chichinashi? You’re happy, aren’t you? I’m completely soaked by your blood. You’re so happy you can’t talk?

Well, I’m not surprised. You’ve lost so much blood that it’s difficult for you to even breathe. There’s blood coming from your wound. What a waste. A real waste. Licking it isn’t enough. You think so too, right? You want to feel my fangs go deeper, don’t you?

Hey, chichinashi. Say something.

Are you asleep? Hey! Damn it!

I guess I don’t have a choice. This should wake you up.

That’s no good? You’ve lost too much blood. But I still haven’t had enough. I’m really thirsty.

Even when I suck out all your blood, I feel thirsty again right away.

You finally reacted a little.

Huh? What is it? Say it louder! Damn it! You’re so annoying.

What is it? Huh? What are you saying?

Huh? You want me to kiss you?

Alright then. I said this earlier, but I can kiss you as many times as you like. I’m sure you can see that you’ll get covered in blood too if I do.

Well, I suppose that doesn’t matter right now. We’re completely caught in their trap and no matter how much we struggle, we’ll be destroyed. So we should do what we like and go as far as we can.

Chichinashi, put out your tongue. Desire me, just like I desire you.

Now that you’ve got this far, you can’t escape me any longer. You can’t get out of here without me anymore. Right… Maybe I should rip off your arms too.

You’re getting into it too, huh? That’s right… Desire me even more. Let’s do our best to show them what our relationship is. You’re going to be my food forever. You’re special too. Right?

Come on. Let me drink more. That’s the only interesting thing around here. I’m still thirsty too.

It tastes sweet. More. More.

I won’t let anyone else have you. Do you understand?

That’s right. You belong to me, even if you end up dying here.


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      The part where he said “you can’t get out without me” also makes me wonder what exactly happened. I thought the same! It sounded like it’d be a pretty uncomfortable/awkward position? XD

      I definitely understand that Kanato could be the scariest one! Kaji does that type of character really well. I’ve enjoyed his Kannou Jikan CD too.

      I don’t know if I liked it that much. But I’m not a big fan of DiaLovers to begin with. I like it, but am not crazy about it. But I can completely understand being biased to Sakupyon :p

  5. Hello Saki, this is Alice. I want to ask for the authorization of your Dialovers translation. Do you mind if I translate your translation into Chinese and post them on my blog or other websites? My Japanese is poor. I hope to get your permission. Thank you.


    • Saki

      Hello, Alice 🙂 Sure, I don’t mind if you use my translation for that.

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