Halloween Town Happy Box

Hino Satoshi
Kimura Ryohei
Yusa Kouji

Halloween Town Happy Box

Track 1

Shiro: The human world and the magical world. Many people don’t realise that these two worlds are closer than they think.

Kuro: Residents of the magical world who live among humans, away from that world

Miya: and humans who are somewhat different from the normal.

Shiro: We’re all different beings and we met at different times, but our daily lives are always busy, exciting and fun.

Shiro: A great change is taking place right now. The demon king who ruled the magical world declared that he was leaving the crown to his daughter and disappeared from the magical world.

Shiro: You’re his daughter. In other words, you’re a princess from the magical world.

Kuro: You’re the only heir to the throne. But because your mother, the queen, is human, your magical powers haven’t awakened yet. For that reason, there are many people who think you shouldn’t rule the magical world.

Miya: But it’s alright. One of us will become your knight and protect you.

Kuro: I’ll do everything I can to protect you.

Shiro: Me too! I’ll never let anyone hurt you.

Shiro: Come on, choose one of us. Who will be your knight?

Track 2

Got you!

Don’t go home by yourself. It’s going to get dark soon, and you never know when you might be in danger. Tell me whenever you’re going home.

Okay! It’s fine, as long as you understand. I’m sorry too. I let you out of my sight. I’ll be together with you day and night, as your knight!

I’m saying that, but I actually just want to stay with you all the time. Like I did in the past.

Huh? You don’t remember? It’s me, Shiro Okami! We used to play together when we were kids in the magical world, didn’t we?

You really don’t remember? I wonder if the demon king sealed away your memories of the magical world?

Then you don’t remember our promise to become partners and get married?

I see… I thought you picked me because you remembered me, but I misunderstood.

No… It’s not your fault, so don’t worry!

Ah! Maybe you’ll remember when you see my other form.

This is what I look like at night. I’m a member of the wolf clan of the magical world.

Do you remember?

You really don’t remember the past.

Oh well. We’ve got plenty of time from now on. Even if you’ve forgotten, I’m sure I’ll make you love me once again. Prepare yourself.

Track 3

Ah! There are so many stalls!

Hey, where do you want to go first? Let’s look around the stalls before the fireworks start.

But I’m really happy I could come see the fireworks with you!

Your yukata is really pretty too. You look more grownup than usual.

I really do think so! I’m holding back my instincts and staying in my human form, but because I’m with you tonight, I’m not confident I can keep doing that.

Ah, it’s nothing!

Hmm? I can smell something sweet…

It’s shaved ice! Let’s go and buy some!

There are a lot of people here, so let’s make sure we don’t get separated.

It’s so cold and yummy! The shaved ice seller had a lot of interesting flavours of syrup. I couldn’t decide which one to have, so I ended up with a rainbow of colours. I’m going to enjoy these seven flavours!

Will you try it too?

Alright then. Say “ah”!

Hey. It’s tasty, right?

Okay. One more bite.

Oh? Your face is bright red.

You’re embarrassed? You shouldn’t make such a cute face!

Oh no… I can’t hold on any longer! My ears and tail are going to appear!

Let’s go somewhere less crowded… Over there!

I guess here should be okay.

I’m still feeling twitchy.

Ah, the fireworks started…

I’m sorry we ended up having to watch them here because of me…

Really? You’re still as kind as you always used to be.

Yeah. Let’s watch the fireworks in this special place where no one else is around.

They’re beautiful. Amazing!

Since I got to see you again and spend time with you, I’ve been really happy all the time.

I realised a lot of things and found confidence. Fun things like this firework display became even more enjoyable.

Umm… I got excited too. Now that I’m alone with you, I’m trying my best to keep my ears and tail from appearing.

My feelings haven’t changed since the first time we met.

Thanks for today. Let’s watch the fireworks like this again next year. I want us to be together, not just next year, but after that too…

Track 4

Thank you very much!

Ah, it’s already time for a break?

Our class is doing really well!

I didn’t know what a transformation café would be at first, but it’s really fun!

Thanks for making my costume.

How do I look dressed as a member of the Shinsengumi?

Really? I got a compliment! I’m so happy!

This sword is cool too, right?

A replica of Kondo Isami’s favourite sword, Kotetsu!

You went to the trouble of making my outfit, so I wanted to go all out.

Right, I’ll take it from its sheath!

Surrender! I’ll cut you down if you resist!

Hmm… Holding a sword like that makes me want to take up kendo. If I did, I’d be even stronger and able to protect you, right?

When someone was flirting with you earlier, even though they were a customer, I thought they went too far. If I had more strength, I’d have less trouble, right?

And I can’t become the alpha if I don’t get stronger.

The leader of a pack of wolves is called the “alpha”. The leader is a very important part of the pack. Becoming the alpha is my dream. I want to make my dream come true and protect the person I love. I’ll be the only one to ever protect them.

Just watch. I’ll show you that I’m going to become the alpha one day.

Track 5

Sorry for bringing you out in the middle of the party. Come this way.

Look! It’s a big Christmas tree. I wanted to show it to you. I thought it’d be amazing to see it up close.

See, the shining tree decorations are like stars.

I didn’t bring you out of the party to show you the tree, I just wanted to have you all to myself.

You look more beautiful than ever today. It makes me a little nervous to say that, but this excitement feels good somehow. That’s because you’re the person I’m destined to be with.

I’ve always been waiting for the day I’d see you again. So when I became your knight, I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep. I thought I would be able to create lots of memories with you from now on.

The days when I played with you everyday as a child are precious to me. That still hasn’t changed. When I see you, I find even more things that are precious to me.

So you don’t have to remember the past. I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to return my feelings.

Oh? Snow?

It’s a white Christmas! Amazing things really do happen when I’m with you!

Ah, give me your hand.

When you put your hand on my cheek like this it feels warm, right? Can we stay like this a little longer?

Even your ears are bright red. I won’t be able to hold back when you look like that.

I really do love you.

I loved you since I was a child and I’ll continue to love you from now on.

Track 6

Are you awake? I want to talk to you.

Is it okay for me to come in?

You don’t know what might happen if you let me in. Think a little more carefully.

I was joking.

Thanks for the chocolate you gave me earlier today.

You gave me chocolate on Valentine’s Day… Does that mean you want to be with me too?

If not, then make it clear to me.

Could it be that you’re worried about not having your childhood memories?

You dummy. I want to know if you like me now. Whether or not you remember your past, I need you now. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. So tell me how you feel.

You’re finally being honest. I’ve been waiting for the day when I’d be able to hold you in my arms like this.

Now you’re mine and I’m not going to let go of you.

Track 7

It’s amazing, right? A whole field of white clovers!

There are lots of places where clovers grow, but here there are lots of flowers growing too!

I’m glad you’re happy!

It’s like I’m dreaming. There was somewhere like this in the magical world, and I met you there when we were younger. We played chase and made crowns and rings from the flowers. It was fun.

Ah! I didn’t talk about it because I wanted you to remember. I was thinking that if you couldn’t remember, we’d make the past into the present.

I brought you to this field of flowers because I wanted to make some memories with you now.

So let me give this to you now. It’s in return for your Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a four-leaf clover ring.

Umm… A long time ago, we made a four-leaf clover we found in a field into a ring and as I put it on your finger, I said “I want you to be my partner when we grow up”.

Give me your left hand.

Great! It fits perfectly. I’m going to make you a promise once more.

I love you, so I’ll always take care of you. I want you to stay by my side forever. Please be my partner.

Thank you.

You look so cute when you’re embarrassed. Look at me properly, okay?

If you don’t hurry up and show me your cute face, I won’t be able to give you a kiss of promise.

You finally looked up. I love you.

Track 8

Thank you for choosing me! I’m Tohru Ichinomiya. From now on I’ll be protecting you as your knight.

Ah! Just call me Miya. Let’s be good friends, alright?

Hey, wait a minute! Why are you looking at me like that when I said I’ll be protecting you? It’s alright! I’ll get rid of the enemies with my powers of invisibility.

Well… I guess I can understand why you’re worried. I used to be human too. I can’t go back to being a normal human though. I can’t become invisible without drinking a potion either. I’m not a magical being or a human. I’m like you.

So I think I can give you some advice when you’re troubled, as a person in the same position as you.

What I’m trying to say…is that I can become a knight who protects you from worry and confusion. Don’t hold back when you’re having a hard time.

Alright! It looks like you’ve calmed down a little. Maybe it’s because you know I’m a man you can count on?

Haha. I suppose that won’t happen just yet, will it?

I hope we’ll get on well. I’ll try and prove that I’m a man who can support you. Let me stay beside you and protect you. Okay?

Track 9

Sorry I kept you waiting.

Firework displays really do have big crowds. I had a hard time coming here.

What’s the matter?

Ah, this yukata? I borrowed it from Kuro-chan. Thanks to that, I can have a yukata date with you, Princess.

Ah… I look cool wearing yukata?

Hey, I should be the one saying pick-up lines like that…

I wanted to be the one to say you looked cute in your yukata first!

You’re cute. Really cute! Too cute! I can’t look directly at you.

Whoa… Why am I saying such embarrassing stuff?

Ah! The fireworks are gonna start! Let’s find somewhere to watch them from!

Right! Let’s hold hands so we don’t get…

Ah, never mind. Hold onto my sleeve.

Let’s go.

Whoa, amazing! I guess this is the end? The big fireworks are being let off one after another.

It’s over. Are you sad?

I thought you’d say that.

Ta-dah! It’s a pack of fireworks. I wanted us to stay together a little longer. Let’s keep things going with this!

I’m glad there was a river nearby! It’s the perfect situation.

Here we go! Five handheld fireworks at once!

It’s been a while since I’ve had fun with fireworks with someone else like this.

Hmm? It’s unexpected?

Well, a lot of people come up and talk to me, but I’m shy.

We’re doing sparklers next, right?

Knowing everyone a little is easiest.

So you don’t have to socialise with people more than necessary.

That was what I thought, but I wonder why I wanted to come closer to you.

I suppose because you’re in a similar position to me.

Or maybe…

Ah, they burned out.

Did you have fun, Princess? Shall we go home?

Ah, right!

Hey… Let’s hold hands on the way home.

I don’t want us to be apart.

Track 10

Hey! Wait!

Wait up, Princess!

I finally caught up with you! I wanted to thank you for coming to watch my play, but you left right away.

Oh? Are you angry?

Ah… It’s about what happened earlier, right?

Don’t look so annoyed! We’re at our cultural festival, so you’ve gotta smile!

I’m sorry. Calling you up onto the stage and making you play Alice all of a sudden wasn’t right.

You were nervous, right?

I couldn’t help it! You were the first one I saw from the stage.

But it was a little fun, right? A performance of Alice in Wonderland where the members of the audience participated! And aren’t you perfect to play Alice, surrounded by the residents of Wonderland?

My Cheshire Cat was great too, wasn’t it?

Hey, Alice. You and I are both a little mad. If you the real Alice, you won’t be able to leave Wonderland. You’re prepared for that, aren’t you?

I had no intention of letting go from the start. Just like this.

Hahaha! Your face is bright red, Princess. All I did was put my arm around you.

I even thought so on the stage… But you’re cute.

Okay, I’m done acting. I’ll stop putting my arm around you too. You’re so mean.

I was being serious though.

Hmm? It was nothing!

I said it was nothing!

Jeez. I guess I don’t have a choice. I’ll tell you.

When I said to you “I’m not going to let go” in the play, I really meant it.

I’m not teasing you! Did you think I was acting?

Come on. Look at me.

Won’t you see whether I’m serious then?

Hey…hey! It’s not fair for you to look at me with tears in your eyes just because you’re troubled!

It’ll make me look bad.

This is no good. I can’t keep calm in front of you.

Never mind! There’s been a change of plans.

Are you doing anything after this, Princess?

If you don’t, let’s go around the cultural festival together. I’ll make sure you know whether I’m being serious. Shall we go then?

Track 11

It’s so cold!

Ah! Look, Princess. It’s snowing.

Ah… It’s beautiful. The party was really lively and today is a wonderful white Christmas.

It’s even better when you’re smiling beside me like this.

Hmm? There might not be anything better than the best, but I wanted to say that it’s too good to express with words.

You looked like a real princess at the party too. Ah…you’re a real princess.

That’s why we’re able to be together. It’s been quite a while since I became your knight, hasn’t it?

About half a year?

It’s pretty strange. Now it feels like protecting you is part of my life. At first, I wouldn’t have thought I’d do it.


That’s right. I used to be an ordinary human.

A princess of the magical world didn’t seem like something real to me. I became a knight because I’m not a complete magical world resident, so I can understand your feelings.

When I realised I wasn’t a normal human, even I was a little… I suppose “little” isn’t the word. I really panicked a lot. But I met Shiro and Kuro-chan, who helped me a lot.

I thought maybe I could be there for you, just like the others were for me.

That was what I thought, but now it feels like there are a lot of times where I’m the one being supported by you. Because you’re positive and you don’t care about whether someone is human or a magical being, you paid proper attention to someone incomplete like me.

At first it was easy being with you because you were someone I could relate to, but now that’s not the reason I want to be with you.

You feel the same way?

Ah… As a knight, hmm?

I wonder if I’ll ever be more than a knight.

No, I was just talking to myself.

Thank you for the kind words.

Anyway, I’m really happy you feel that way. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

I… I’m happy to be your knight too. I can’t think of letting you go

I can’t think of letting another man protect you now. Not just because it’s my job.

Right? Can you come closer?

Merry Christmas. You’ll always be my princess.

Track 12

Hey, Princess. Haven’t you been acting strange since earlier?

When I called you after class, you were looked like you were confused or unhappy about something. What happened?

I’d like you to be able to tell me anything.

And it’s no good pretending. I understand you right away. Just accept it.

Eh? Ah… Yeah…

Today is Valentine’s Day, right?

Ah, you knew. Of course you would’ve found out.

Eh?! You’re feeling down because of me?

I’m sorry! I didn’t think you’d feel that bad.

Huh? Ah… I’m grinning?

Well, I’m happy! That’s jealousy, right?

You’re an unexpectedly jealous person, aren’t you?

Uh… I’m sorry. I got too carried away. But I want you to listen. It’s true that I got called on a lot of times today. But I didn’t accept any chocolate. Even if they said it was giri chocolate [1], I turned them all down. Up until now, I accepted them because I had no reason to say no, but I won’t do that this year.

Now my honest feeling is that I only want to receive honmei chocolate [2]. There’s only one person I want to get chocolate from…

Huh? This is… I wasn’t asking for chocolate just now!

No! It’s not like I don’t want it! Of course I do!

Thank you. This is the happiest Valentine’s Day ever.

But it should be the guy who confesses, right?

Umm… Because I’ve kept my distance from other people until now, I’m not used to facing someone seriously like this, but I want to be able to face you properly.

I want to make you mine and never let go of you. I want you to go out with me. Please be my girlfriend.

I’ll be the first one to do that, okay?

[1] Giri chocolate – Chocolate women give to male co-workers, casual acquaintances or others who they’re not romantically attached to on Valentine’s Day.
[2] Honmei chocolate – Chocolate given to men that the giver has romantic feelings for.

Track 13

We’re finally alone!

What’s going on today anyway?!

I know! It really was a busy day!

When we went on a date, I got texts from Shiro and Minami. Kuro-chan called me too. Dai-chan turned up with Pumpkin. Even though I was timing things!

Hey… What am I saying?

Well… You want us to be alone, right?

Here, it’s in return for your Valentine gift.

Umm… This is my first time giving something to a girl I like on White Day. I didn’t know how to give it to you and was aiming for a chance the whole time.

Hey, open it up.

They’re cute, right? Pastel coloured macaroons.

I’m glad you’re happy. They should taste pretty good too.

Alright, Princess. Open your mouth.

A normal White Day would be boring, wouldn’t it? So say “ah”.

Is it good? Let me try it too.

Yes, it’s good. It’s really sweet too. One more time.

I love you. I’ll always take care of you.

Track 14

I’ll introduce myself again. I’m Takaya Kuroki, and I’ll be your knight. Give me your hand, Princess. I’ll stay by your side and protect you from now on.

That kiss was a sign of loyalty. As the next leader of the Kuroki family of vampires, I’ll do my best for you.

Is this your first time meeting a vampire? Don’t worry. I won’t drink your blood. I don’t like to hurt others. But be careful. The royal blood which runs through your veins is very sweet and it excites me.

I was only joking. Your responses are so cute, I felt like teasing you. Please forgive me.

Eh? My polite speech?

But even if you want me to stop… I’m talking to a princess, so…

I’m younger than you too.

Ah… It’s not fair for you to ask with a smile like that.

I understand.

Got it. I hope we’ll get on well, Princess.

Track 15

It’s really busy here.

Shall we look at the stalls before the fireworks start?

That yukata really suits you. That design was the right choice. Your hairpin looks really cute too.

I’m telling the truth!

So where do you want to go first?

Ah, there’s a lot of people here, so don’t go too far from me!

Are you okay? I’m sorry, I should have said something sooner.

Hold my hand. You’ll be fine if you do.

Eh? Your hairpin?

Maybe it fell off just now? I’ll go and look for it!

It’ll be no good if we get separated, so you wait here. I’ll be right back!

Ah… Umm… I know the fireworks have started…

Right! Just wait a moment.

Sorry I kept you waiting. Excuse me a moment.

I couldn’t find the same one though.

Yes. It looks beautiful. I suppose because it shines from within. No matter what flower you put on, you look beautiful.

The fireworks look beautiful.

What’s the matter?

I don’t think it was troublesome. I’m your knight, so it’s only natural for me to do something for you. It’s fine as long as you’re happy.

Alright, I get it.

Thank you. I’m happy as long as I’m with you. It even surprises me.

The fireworks look more beautiful than usual because I’m watching them with you.

I guess that makes me a failure as a knight for having those feelings.

But right now, I want to see you smiling as we watch the fireworks.

Track 16

I’m so tired!

Thanks for your hard work too.

So now the cultural festival play is finally over, huh?

I’m really surprised. I can’t believe you were playing the main role of Alice.

No, it’s not like that. It was amazing.

Umm… Oh… Thank you.

But I’m not really that happy to hear that rabbit ears and tail looked good on me.

And I think Alice suited you more. It was really cute.

Someone called you cute earlier, right?

They were from your class, weren’t they?

Why are you so oblivious?

They’re your classmates, so they could have just said it when they saw you in class!

They’ve got more chances than me because I’m in the class below!

I guess I’m angry because you saw me like this.

Huh? You really wanted to see what I was doing?

Jeez. I can’t say anything else if you tell me that.

I’m sorry. I was never angry to begin with. I was just a little embarrassed. I felt jealous too.

Shall we go around the cultural festival together later?

That’s decided then! I’ll go and get changed.

Hmm? What is it?

Huh? A photo? Give me a break! I don’t wanna!

Please stop! It’s no good!

A selfish princess like that… Caught you!

You can’t take a photo when I’m holding both your hands like this, right?

You’re still not going to give up? If you don’t, I’ll take you away to Wonderland right now. Or shall I give you a kiss?

Track 17

Merry Christmas, Princess.

Sorry I kept you waiting.

Welcome to the Kuroki family home. Everyone’s already here.

Your dress is really beautiful.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Ah, if you’re curious about the Christmas tree in the garden, then why don’t you have a closer look?

It’s okay. I’m sure no one will mind if you look at it for a little while before the party.

I’m glad you like it.

You’re shivering. It’d be no good for you to catch a cold, so shall we go inside soon?

Huh? That branch?

Jeez. Are you intentionally saying that?

It’s called mistletoe and people who kiss underneath it will be happy forever.

You didn’t know after all.

Will you take a closer look?

You don’t have to look like that.

The knight who’s supposed to protect the princess wouldn’t harm you.

But I suppose I’m pretty jealous that you’re only looking at the tree.

We’re alone, so I want you to look at me too.

Ah. I did want you to look at me, but you don’t have to stare that hard.

Jeez. When you do that, I…

I can’t hold on any longer.

I only kissed your hand. That’s alright, isn’t it?

When I met you, I realised the happiness of protecting something important for the first time.

If possible, I want to protect you by your side from now on.

And I want to move on from being your knight someday, if I can.

Track 18

Sorry I kept you waiting!

Are you asleep?

Jeez, I can’t believe the princess of the magical world fell asleep here.

You really are careless when I’m not with you.

I’ve got to stay closer than anyone else and protect you.

This is… The wrapping is pretty elaborate…

It even has a rose on it… Right! It’s Valentine’s Day…

The princess is going to give this to someone…?

Ah… Hello. You were fast asleep, weren’t you?

Valentine’s Day is almost over.

Weren’t you going to give that to someone?

I’m waiting here if you’re giving it to me.

Eh? You’re giving it to me?

Ah… I’m sorry. I misunderstood. I was sure that…

What am I doing?

Thank you. I didn’t think I’d get chocolate from you.

Umm… I’m really happy.

Are you okay? Was there still a thorn left on the rose?

You’re bleeding. Stay still.

That was first aid.

Your blood really is sweet.

What am I doing? I’m your knight, so…

No, that’s not right. Being your knight isn’t enough. I don’t just want chocolate from you, I want all your feelings too. I can’t hold back my feelings any longer.

I see. You felt the same way. From now on, I’m going to protect you as a man, not just as your knight.

Because you’re more precious than anyone else in the world.

Track 19

The night scenery was really pretty at the restaurant, wasn’t it?

I’m glad that you’re happy. But that’s not my only White Day gift.

Stay still. I’ll put it on for you.

Yes. Just as I thought, that necklace suits you.

What do you think? The jewel on top which is in the shape of a rose is made from garnet.

A more luxurious stone might be better for the princess of the magical world, but I thought it would look good on you when I saw it.

You’re welcome. I’m happy you like it.

I never would have imagined being with you like this when I was in the magical world…

Things I couldn’t have imagined happen everyday I’m with you and the pace of my life has changed. That feels kind of fun though.

When you’re happy, I feel happy too.

Oh no. Don’t make such a cute face.

I don’t want anyone else to have that smile. No matter what happens from now on, my feelings aren’t going to change.

Because I want you to always smile beside me.

I love you. You’re mine now.

Track 20

Shiro: Ah! I’m done swimming!

Miya: I got carried away too! Hanging out at the beach with the princess is a great summer vacation!

Shiro: It’s all thanks to Kuro!

Miya: Yeah! It’s no surprise Kuro has a holiday home on a private beach.

Miya: I was just wondering where Kuro-chan had gone…and he’s sitting under that umbrella!

Kuro: Hey. I’m glad you’re having fun.

Miya: Shiro! Why is Kuro-chan in such a bad mood? He has a really strong dark aura!
And what’s with those stuffy clothes? You can’t wear long sleeves at the beach!

Shiro: Hmm… Vampires are sensitive to strong sunlight, so he can’t really help it.
But he wasn’t in such a bad mood earlier.

Miya: Kuro-chan! You seem to be in a really bad mood… Are you hot?

Kuro: I’m not. I’m wearing this to protect myself from the sun.
Right… Can you bring the princess a jacket?

Miya: Huh?! The princess doesn’t need one of those!

Kuro: You should make her wear one. She’s showing too much skin right now.
Even if this is a private beach, that swimsuit is far too bold!

Miya: I see. So that’s why you’re in such a bad mood…
It’s no big deal! She looks cute.

Shiro: Yeah! White is perfect match for the deep blue ocean! It really suits her.

Kuro: I know that’s true. She looks just like a mermaid swimming in the sea.

Miya: A mermaid…?

Shiro: Yep! She’s like a mermaid princess from a picture book!

Miya: I really respect you guys for being able to say that without being embarrassed.

Kuro: You don’t care about everyone seeing the princess?

Miya: Hmm… You’re being strict, but don’t you just want to keep other guys from seeing the princess in a swimsuit?

Kuro: I won’t deny it…

Miya: I think the princess should be more aware of her own beauty, but doesn’t that make her cute too? Being openly possessive isn’t cool.

Shiro: Miya! You said too much!

Kuro: Then are you saying it’s okay for her to look so defenceless in front of others?

Miya: I’m not! I just want her to relax! I don’t want to control her!

Shiro: Umm… You two… Stop!

Miya: Ouch! A beach ball? Where’d you get that from?

Shiro: No fighting! We’re all together today, so we’ve got to have fun! I’m sure the princess feels the same way too.

Shiro: So what shall we do? Beach ball? Beach flags? Snorkelling?

Miya: Hmm… I guess the best thing would be to think of something the princess would enjoy, like Shiro did.

Kuro: Yeah.

Shiro: Alright! Let’s do them all!

Shiro: Come on! You’ll get left behind if you don’t hurry!

Miya: Wait up, Shiro! Don’t get a head start!

Kuro: I’ll come too!

Shiro: Yeah! Let’s all go together!

Track 21

Miya: Princess! What were you mumbling about?

Miya: Ah, I see.

Kuro: What are you talking about?

Miya: Ah, it’s you guys! The princess can’t decide what to wear at tomorrow’s costume party.

Shiro: I see! I think you’d be cute no matter what you wear.

Miya: Shiro! That’d make things even harder for the princess.

Kuro: Hmm… I wonder what’d look good on you… Do you have any ideas?

Miya: Ah… Let me see…

All: Huh?!

Shiro: A wolf girl…

Kuro: Vampire…

Miya: And an invisible girl wrapped in bandages… This is…

Kuro: I don’t think we’ll be able to answer right away…

Miya: What’s the matter, Shiro?

Shiro: I thought a wolf girl would look good. I’m sure you’ll be the most beautiful one in a clan of wolves. Oh dear… I think I’ll go for that.

Miya: Hey! Don’t make that decision yourself.

Shiro: Ah! But then I’ll have more rivals… I don’t want that!

Miya: Hey! What are you doing taking advantage of the situation to hug the princess?!

Kuro: Calm down, Shiro-san. Come on, let her go.

Shiro: Hehe. I’m sorry.

Miya: So Shiro agrees with the wolf girl, but what about you, Kuro-chan? I guess you’ll go for the vampire?

Kuro: I don’t mind, as long as the princess is happy.

Miya: Whoa, what’s with that confidence? Aren’t you thinking that the princess is going to choose the vampire?

Kuro: Well, I wonder about that?

Shiro: Hey! I’m sure the wolf-girl will be fun! You’ll have a fluffy ears and tail!

Miya: You’re talking about what you want too much! Jeez! Doesn’t anyone have a fairer opinion?

Miya: Right, what will you guys be wearing tomorrow?

Kuro: Huh? I hadn’t really thought of anything…

Shiro: Same here.

Miya: You don’t have to prepare anything and can just go as a wolf, right?

Shiro: Huh? That’s not a costume, it would be the real thing!

Miya: Other people will think it’s a costume.

Kuro: Ah!

Miya: What’s the matter, Kuro?

Kuro: Looking like a costume, even though it’s the real thing… There’s an outfit perfect for her!

Miya & Shiro: Ah!

All: Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!

Kuro: Welcome to the Halloween party, Princess.

Shiro: Ah! That dress really suits you!

Miya: You wouldn’t have had to worry if we’d prepared your costume from the start!

Miya: Yeah! Dressing as a princess really does suit you the most.

Kuro: It’s true!

Shiro: That’s right! That’s because you’re our princess!