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Hamatora Drama CD 1

Hamatora Drama CD 1

Ohsaka Ryouta
Hatano Wataru
Fukuyama Jun
Nakamura Yuuichi
Kato Emiri
Yasuno Kiyono

Track 1

Nice: Put this piece here like this… Alright, it’s done! Have a look, Murasaki!

Murasaki: What is it? A keychain with a pair of glasses and a doll wearing headphones…

Nice: I made it with you and me in mind! It’s a lucky keychain which solves cases! I think our clients would be really happy if we gave them it.

Murasaki: Who would want a piece of trash like this? Anyway, how come you’re a doll but I’m just a pair of glasses? Is that all I am?

Nice: Huh? I thought it was a good idea though. Right, Hajime-chan?

She’s so into eating that big plate of curry that she’s not even listening.

Murasaki: I must have some other characteristic!

Nice: Umm… Your glasses are cool!

Murasaki: Forget about my glasses!

Koneko: Stop making a noise in the café! The master will be angry when he gets back.

Nice: Where is he anyway?

Koneko: He ran out of ingredients for Hajime-chan’s burgers, so he went out shopping. By the way, her food is on your tab.

Nice: Hajime-chan! Did you order again without asking me?!

Hajime: It’s Kuroge Wagyu! [1]

Nice: You got something expensive too!

Birthday: You’ve free time on your hands as usual, you two!

Ratio: Chew your food more slowly, Hajime. It’ll be bad for your digestion.

Koneko: Birthday! Ratio!

Nice: We haven’t! We’re having a meeting to discuss how to improve business.

Murasaki: Are you two doing handyman work?

Ratio: No, I was called here by Birthday too.

Birthday: That’s right! I came here because I have a wonderful suggestion for you all!

Murasaki: A suggestion? What is it?

Birthday: It’s spring, Murasaki. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom right now, so we should act like Japanese people by checking out the cherry blossoms at night while we party! In other words, we’re going to have a flower viewing party tomorrow night!

Everyone: A flower viewing party?

Hajime: A party?

Ratio: Hamatora Drama CD 1.

Birthday: The cherry blossoms we saw one day.

Murasaki: No way. Sounds like a bother.

Birthday: You’re turning down the idea already?!

Nice: Murasaki is always like that. I’m sure he wants to go with us, he’s just being stubborn!

Birthday: No way, he’s being tsundere?! That’s his usual self? But that’s just cliché!

Murasaki: Can I just punch you both? That’s alright, isn’t it?

Koneko: You took off your glasses! Aren’t you getting serious? The café will be destroyed if you use your Minimum!

Birthday: Huh? You’re more worried about the café than us?

Ratio: I’m against the idea too. At this time, all the flower viewing spots will be crowded. I don’t want to go somewhere like that.

Birthday: Unfortunately, you’ve got to take part! You’ve got no right to say no!

Koneko: Ah, you’re being really insistent.

Birthday: You agree, don’t you? Hajime-chan. This event only happens once a year, so there’ll be a feast. All you can eat!

Hajime: A feast… All you can eat… Anything!

Thanks for the food! Come on, let’s go!

Koneko: Hajime-chan got into it so quickly! We definitely can’t stop it now!

Nice: The flower viewing is tomorrow, Hajime-chan!

Murasaki: Using food to convince Hajime isn’t fair.

Ratio: Give up, Murasaki. I won’t be able to stop this now either.

Koneko: Let’s take this opportunity to go, Murasaki-san!

Murasaki: Fine, we’ll go.

Birthday: You’re in charge of the cooking, Murasaki. I’ll invite Art and some other friends, so prepare enough for at least ten people.

Murasaki: I’m going to cook the food?

Birthday: Nice and Hajime, you’ll help Murasaki. Don’t forget Hajime’s favourite food – curry, hamburger and spaghetti, Murasaki.

Hajime: You mustn’t forget.

Murasaki: Looks like I’ll end up doing all the work.

Birthday: You take care of the party entertainment, Koneko. Have a really awesome sketch ready!

Koneko: Huh? That’s impossible! Definitely impossible!

Birthday: I believe you can do it!

Koneko: It’s no good staring at me like that! It’s impossible!

Birthday: So Ratio and I will find a good spot for the party!

Ratio: Why me too?

Birthday: The reason is simple. I’ll get bored on my own!

Ratio: So I’m just there for your entertainment?

Birthday: Alright, let’s go! See you all tomorrow at 7pm! Ratio, we’ll meet at 7am tomorrow to find a spot for the party.

Ratio: In the morning? We’re going to wait 12 hours?!

Birthday: Waiting is all part of flower viewing. I’m counting on you all! See ya!

Murasaki: He just said all he wanted and left.

Ratio: My schedule doesn’t concern him at all.

Koneko: A sketch… A sketch… How about imitating Master?

Hajime: Are you going to make yourself bald?

Koneko: He’ll get angry at you, Hajime-chan!

Nice: Oh, right!
Birthday! I’ve got something good for you!

Birthday: Hmm? What is it?

Nice: A Hamatora keychain which brings good luck! If something happens while you’re looking for a spot, take this with you while you sort it out. It’ll be a good turn of events for Hamatora!

Birthday: Whoa… I don’t want this!

Nice: Hey! Don’t throw it away!

[1] Kuroge Wagyu is a type of high quality Japanese beef.

Track 2

Koneko: Umm… I’m sure this is the park where they’re looking for a spot… I wonder where Birthday is…

Birthday: Oh, Romeo! Romeo! My Romeo… You are Romeo and I am Juliet. Please whisper your words of love to me as you always do. Come on! Come on!

Ratio: Oh, Juliet! I’ll whisper into your lovely ears again and again. Because you are the only one I see! No matter what happens, I won’t leave you. I love you.

Birthday: Romeo.

Ratio: Juliet.

Birthday & Ratio: Fall in love.

Koneko: What are you doing this early in the morning?

Birthday: Ah, Koneko-chan! What’s up?

Koneko: I’ve got a job for you two, but you seem to be busy.

Birthday: I got bored of looking for a spot. We had some spare time, so I thought we’d make some money by acting.

Koneko: It didn’t go down well at all!

Birthday: It’s difficult for others to understand art.

Koneko: Jeez! I can’t believe you went along with this, Ratio!

Ratio: Don’t say anything. He’s always been like this. He’s gotten lost while taking me to an unfamiliar town for an adventure. When he took me into the mountains to watch the sunrise, we encountered a bear. He always ignores what I think.

Koneko: You were completely into acting though!

Ratio: Once I do something, I give it 100%!

Koneko: I don’t know whether to call you serious, or what…

Birthday: Anyway, what’s the job you’ve got for us?

Koneko: Ah, right! I want to you two to run a takoyaki stand.

Ratio: A takoyaki stand?

Koneko: The client is a man at a transport company in the city who is in his fifties. He opens a food stand around this time as a side job, but he hurt his back while preparing to open up shop.

Birthday: So we’re gonna run the stall for that old guy?

Koneko: The stall is right next to this park, on a street lined with cherry blossom trees. It’s a popular place with lots of stalls.

Birthday: What’ll we get paid?

Koneko: 30% of the profits and the leftover takoyaki. Depending on how well you do, you could make a fortune! How about it?

Ratio: It’s impossible. Do you think something made by beginners like us will sell that easily?

Koneko: Don’t be like that! The client said it would be enough for you just to come today. Please!

Birthday: Let’s go for the fortune!

Ratio: You’re actually into this?!

Birthday: It sounds interesting! We’ll make some money and get takoyaki!

Koneko: Hajime-chan will definitely be happy to eat takoyaki too!

Birthday: That’s right! I want everyone to enjoy the flower viewing. Isn’t it admirable of me to work behind the scenes?

Ratio: What’s your real reason?

Birthday: I’m tired of looking for a spot for the party.

Ratio: I guess that’s just how you are.

Koneko: Umm… If you’re going to take the job, then I’ll look for somewhere to have the party instead.

Birthday: Is that okay? Sorry to make you find a spot for the party and organise the entertainment too.

Koneko: I told you it’s impossible for me to do the entertainment!

Ratio: Alright, I’ll take the job too.

Birthday: I knew you would! You’re an understanding guy.

Ratio: I’d rather let you push me around then have you causing trouble by yourself.

Koneko: Well, I’ll be counting on you then! The stall has already been put up.

Birthday: Ah, it’s so lively!

Ratio: I can’t believe anyone would eat while walking around this dusty place. It’s enough to make me shiver.

Birthday: I guess you don’t understand how fun it is.
Well, where’s our stall?

Ratio: It can’t be that one, can it?

Woman: Hey… What’s with that stall?

Man: Whoa, it’s so dirty!

Birthday: It’s all greasy and beat-up.
Who are you calling?

Koneko: Hello, this is Koneko.

Ratio: We’re not taking the job! There’s no way we can sell anything at this messy stall!

Birthday: Ratio-chan?!

Koneko: What?! You can do something about that! The client said he was planning on cleaning up. There should be some cleaning materials underneath the stall!

Ratio: But…

Birthday: You mean this sponge and detergent?
Give me your phone, Ratio-chan.

Ratio: Hey!

Birthday: Hi, Koneko. It’s alright, we’ll manage it somehow.

Koneko: Okay! I’m counting on you!

Ratio: Birthday! Don’t hang up without asking!

Birthday: Calm down! We’ll clean up in a flash and get down to business!

Ratio: In a flash? Get down to business? Just how long do you think it’ll take to get all that grease off? I don’t even know what that stuff stuck on the iron plate is! And by the way, there’s only squid and konnyaku [1] in the cooler! What about the octopus? You can’t even call that mislabelling!

Birthday: Calm down! Squid is pretty tasty too!

Ratio: That’s not the problem!

Birthday: Anyway, it’s not like we can refuse the job we already accepted just because we feel like it!
You’re good at cleaning, right? I’m counting on you!

Ratio: We need that octopus.

Birthday: We’ll just call it a necessary expense.

Ratio: In that case…

Birthday: Why are you using your Minimum?

Ratio: There are bacteria hiding on the back of the steel plate too. I’m not going to let them escape! Bacteria are the cause of food poisoning, so I’m going to disinfect every last one.

Birthday: You can concentrate that much?!

Ratio: It’s a matter of feeling. Alright. Let’s start, Birthday! Bring gloves and masks!

Birthday: He’s gotten all fired up. I wonder whether we’ll even get to open the stall.

[1] Konnyaku is a jelly made from the yam plant and is used in stews.

Track 3

Birthday: It took us until after lunch to open up. That was too long!

Ratio: That cheap detergent wouldn’t disinfect anything.

Birthday: But you didn’t need to bring all the cleaning materials from your house!
We’re not getting many customers though. We’re so unpopular. The other stalls are all doing pretty well.

Ratio: Takoyaki made by amateurs wouldn’t sell that easily.

Birthday: In that case, we’ll create some interest so it does get popular.

Ratio: Interest?

Birthday: We’ll use something exciting to bring in customers and create interest with a fresh idea! How the takoyaki tastes won’t be as important.

Ratio: I suppose you have a point.

Birthday: So now’s your turn, Ratio-chan.

Ratio: My turn?

Birthday: Gather round! Our takoyaki isn’t like other takoyaki! You’ll see something amazing!

Ratio: Birthday. Birthday! Is this really okay?

Birthday: It’s fine! Leave everything to me.
Okay, okay! Everyone come here!
That’s right, come here! The butler robot our store is proud of, Octopus Man!

Ratio: Welcome home, Miss.
Will you have a sweet time with me using this takoyaki?

Woman: Wow, isn’t that guy kind of cool?

Woman: But what’s with him being a robot? The things he’s saying are weird.

Birthday: Hey, you! That boy looking over here! This butler robot doesn’t just carry takoyaki. Can you see Octopus Man’s shiny arm?

Boy: Wow! Something amazing is coming from his gold arm! So cool!

Birthday: Actually, the power arm he has can also be used to fly!

Ratio: Like hell it can! What’s with this crazy setup?! You probably didn’t need a robot!

Woman: They’ve got a funny way of bringing in customers. It seems kind of interesting, so maybe we should try this takoyaki!

Birthday: Thanks for your business. Come by again.

Ratio: You’re selling stuff that way?!

Birthday: I told you something exciting would bring customers in. So now it’s my turn to work.

Ratio: Hey, what’d you bring out a stun gun for?

Birthday: Here I go!
I guess that’s about right.
Alright, girls. Try eating at our stall. There’s no meaning in hanging around anywhere else around here.

Woman: Okay, here goes!
It’s the first time I’ve had this shocking feeling!

Birthday: I like to call this shocking takoyaki! A rare takoyaki you can only eat here!

Ratio: You put electricity in the takoyaki?!

Birthday: Just a little. It won’t cause any harm.

Man: That takoyaki stand over there is doing something strange! They said they’ve got some takoyaki you can only get there.

Man: Hmm? Sounds interesting. Let’s go over there!

Birthday: Here it is! A chance to make a fortune! Now the line should create an even bigger line! Okay, Octopus Man! Keep making that takoyaki!

Ratio: Who are you calling Octopus Man?!

Man: I’ll take some too!

Woman: Give me a bite!

Birthday: Having a stall isn’t so bad! How about we become wandering takoyaki salesmen?

Ratio: Don’t get carried away. How are you going deal with this line anyway? We can’t do it ourselves.

Birthday: You’re right. How about we get some help from Nice and the others?

Ratio: What about the flower viewing party? It was your idea.

Birthday: Why are you so mad? Are you hungry? Have some takoyaki.

Ratio: I don’t want it! Don’t make me eat the burned crap we made at the beginning!

Birthday: It’s okay! The shocking takoyaki will make you forget all about the taste!

Ratio: Doesn’t that just mean my tongue would be paralysed?!

Birthday: It’ll be interesting!

Huh? Ratio-chan?

Uh oh… He collapsed! Maybe that was too much of a shock?

Track 4

Ratio: Where am I…?

Birthday: Ah, Ratio! You’re awake. Nice and the others got lost, so Koneko went to find them at our meeting place.

Ratio: Birthday…

Birthday: Sorry! I just made a little mistake trying to control the electricity. I’m glad you’re still alive.

Ratio: You didn’t take that apology seriously enough. What about the stall?

Birthday: It fell down when you ate the takoyaki. Because of that we lost our customers, our reputation stinks and the stall is destroyed. It’s hard work running a shop. We had some tough luck.

Ratio: I’m the one who had the tough luck.

Birthday: How about I give you the leftover takoyaki as an apology?

Ratio: I don’t want it.

Birthday: Really? Guess I’ll have it then. It’s not bad or good. It’s less than average.

Ratio: Can I ask you something, Birthday?

Birthday: What is it?

Ratio: Why’d you suddenly get the idea to go flower viewing? Something refined like flower viewing doesn’t suit you. You’re more like the type who’d look at girls that were attending a flower viewing.

Birthday: That’s not right Ratio. I wouldn’t just look at girls, I’m the type who’d talk to them too. Get things straight.

Ratio: That’s not important now.

Birthday: It didn’t particularly mean anything. We just don’t know how often we might get to see cherry blossoms from now on. I wanted to see this with my friends. No one wants to have regrets when they die, right? I want to do everything I think of.

Ratio: Birthday…

Birthday: But it might be fun to go with regrets and appear in front of you as a ghost.

Ratio: That’s not a funny joke.

Birthday: Really? Imagining you terrified is enough to make me laugh though.

Ratio: There’s no way you’d die that easily. I’ll show you all the cherry blossoms, fireworks, autumn leaves and snow.

Birthday: You’ll show me them?

Ratio: I’m going to stay by your side for that reason.

Birthday: That sounds like a cheap pick-up line. Do you even realise that you said something embarrassing?

Ratio: You think it’s funny?

Birthday: No. Not at all.

Nice: Hey, Birthday! Ratio!

Murasaki: Nice! You help carry some stuff too!

Hajime: All-you-can-eat. A feast. All-you-can-eat. A feast.

Koneko: Ah! You’re drooling, Hajime-chan! And more than just a little!

Birthday: Ah, everyone else is here, so no more depressing talk! Let’s party until morning!

Ratio: You’re planning to drink all night?!

Birthday: You’re lucky! You were asleep until a moment ago, so it’ll be a piece of cake.

Ratio: I was unconscious. It was your fault too!

Birthday: Never mind that! Let’s go, Ratio! Be prepared for me to get rid of that frown on your face today! My life won’t be any fun if you’re always standing beside me with a face like that.

Ratio: You’re not even bothered that I get pushed around by you most of the time?

Birthday: That’s right!
Whoa, there’s lots of food! Can we finish this all? Didn’t you get carried away, Murasaki?

Murasaki: You told me to make a lot!

Hajime: It’s okay. Leave it to me.

Birthday: So I guess there’s no problem with Hajime here, huh. Honey and Three will be coming too.

Nice: Oh? Honey and Three are in Japan?

Birthday: Of course! I just bumped into them by chance. Honey has grown some more.

Koneko: That’s sexual harassment.

Ratio: Jeez, you haven’t changed at all.

Birthday: What are you doing, Ratio?

Ratio: Well, that’s alright. I’m probably the only person who can keep up with you until the end. I’ll always let you push me around from now on.


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  1. Hello, Saki! My name is Aiko and thank you so much for translate this Drama CD *O* I wanted to read it so much. I was wondering if I can use your translation to make one in my original language, Spanish. ¡I’ll be waiting your answer and thank you again!

    • Saki

      Hi there Aiko! Sure, it’s okay for you to make a Spanish version. I look forward to reading your translation 😀 I just posted the translation of the second drama CD as well, hope you’ll enjoy that one too~

      • ¡I’ll read your translation right now! I like so much Hamatora and thank you so much for your hard work! Thank you too for let me use your translation, I’ll do my best!

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